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Operar forex intradialytic exercise

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After posting here, I took this post and made it in a comment format. You wait 5 minutes for the coffee to be done. It took me hours and hours to write the below. So go, make your coffee, take your salad and please read the following. And please read it with an open mind. Here you have an image of the likelihood of SHTF events of happening.

So we are not talking about some alien stuff, war or EMP, but global warming. If you look at my top comments on reddit most of them are well researched. Bear in mind, English is not my mother tongue. I was arrested, ridiculed and "roughed up". For all audio lovers here you have a 30 minutes talk about why everything must collapse. It was mostly a serious tv show with some comedic tones about the world of media.

There is a famous 5 minutes clip about climate collapse. It was "comedic" back then however now it is the reality. Why tree-loss prevention is more important than planting them. However Scientists estimate that we need to plant 1 trillion trees to mitigate the GW. If you prefer an interactive map.

At the moment we are losing million hectares per year in South America and Africa and south East Asia because it is converted from a forest to agriculture land. Not to mention all the pollution by delivering the seeds or small trees from tree farms , all the logistics in preparing the ground for planting and all the promotion waste etc.

Everybody now talks about Youtube, Elon and MrBeast. Just look how the views number exploded since Mr. Beast announced this movement. From 5M a day to 20M a day. Sure the movement had no impact on the earnings but some greenwashing won't hurt the marketing. And Mr. Beast is not really known to care for the environment. He often litter thousands of ballons I bet his channel generated multiple times more Co2 than the 20m will ever "capture".

Not to mention everything was imported from China on a cargo ship. Or How he drove times through the same drive tru with his massive Ford truck. And his world's largest cereal bowl? I bet some starving kids will feel good about his teamtree now. And can you even recycle a pool of slim? Yes, he definitely created way more CO2 by doing his stunts. So yes, he is greenwashing himself using your money.

Global Warming: The below is based on this collection of sources and the doc here According to a report the have the current global temperature is above 1C the pre-industrial mean. What will happen with every 0. The climate action tracker shows we will reach a 3. Climate stripes- look at the jump in Graph showing the Carbon emissions per continents. Look at the explosion in Asia 1.

At this temperature, heatwaves across the globe will happen every single year, and these 'new' heatwaves will be as hot as the Sahara Desert. Guess what according to the month-old IPCC report we are at 1. Historically, every climate summit missed their target of limiting GHG emissions by a lot.

Another angle. Biomass and 6th extinction Earth appears to be undergoing a process of "biological annihilation. A study looked at animal populations across the planet by examining 27, vertebrate species — about half of the overall total that we know exist. Some species are facing total collapse, while local populations of others are going extinct in specific areas. Insects aren't the only creatures taking a hit.

In the past 50 years, more than amphibian species have declined worldwide — and 90 have gone extinct — due to a deadly fungal disease that corrodes frog flesh. Source And Plants are going extinct up to times faster than the historical norm On the other side, Look at the explosion of domesticated animals between and Cattle is one of the causes of global warming.

The Amazon is being cut down not for lumber but to make room for cattle Source Our hope in her is all the Beyondmeat, Impossible burger which are not using animal protein and are way better for the environment. Population The steep steep curve of population. If our numbers grow by , on an average day, then in one week, we will have added about 1,, extra persons to world population. And five days after that we will add another million and then another and another, and we are on track to continue this way repeatedly into the foreseeable future.

Never before in human history have we asked our governments, infrastructure, social institutions, earth's environment, and the social fabric of our civilizations to respond to and accommodate such mammoth increase numbers in such compressed periods of time. To prepare for it Humanity must produce more food in the next four decades than we have in the last 8, years But we are wasting so much food and losing so much water in irrigation that taking all this into account Society will collapse by due to catastrophic food shortages.

The results show that based on plausible climate trends, and a total failure to change course, the global food supply system would face catastrophic losses, and an unprecedented epidemic of food riots. Source 2. And create a feedback loop of releasing a lot of methane which means that melting ice caps and permafrost becomes a self-accelerating extinction. Already boiling with Methane But that is also terrifying because we know that there are pathogens frozen in that permafrost - pathogens like anthrax.

Zombie antrax. Illnesses As the rest of the Earth warms, animals will be forced to migrate en masse. This means animals carrying tropical diseases such as malaria. They listed dozens of illnesses which the experts suggested had the potential to trigger an outbreak which could spiral out of control, among them plague, Ebola, Zika virus and Dengue.

A flu-like deadly pandemic could sweep the world in hours and kill millions because NO country is fully prepared, report claims. A century ago the Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world's population and killed 50million people. That's the warning of "Surviving the 21st Century" author Julian Cribb to an international soil science conference in Queenstown, New Zealand on Dec 15, And it takes years to form 5cm of topsoil If ecosystems start to break down, that means bees will eventually die.

Which means that we will stop having pollination. Which means plants will die. Which means our crops will die. If you don't think this will affect you If you think you have seen human barbarity, just wait until those same humans are starving and desperate for food.

This won't mean millions starving. It will mean billions starving. Including you. Scarcity of freshwater India has 5 years to solve the water crisis , South Africa has the worst drought in years , Zambia has 2M of brink of starvation thanks to regional drought. According to the UN report in 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, 2 billion will be severely short of fresh water.

The Blue Ocean event A Blue Ocean Event means that huge amounts of sunlight won't get reflected back into space anymore, as they previously were. Instead, the heat will have to be absorbed by the Arctic. As long as the Arctic Ocean has sea ice, most sunlight gets reflected back into space and the 'Center-of-Coldness' remains near the North Pole.

A Blue Ocean Event will not only mean that additional heat will have to be absorbed in the Arctic, but also that wind patterns will change radically and even more dramatically than they are already changing now, which will also make that other tipping points will be reached earlier. This is why a Blue Ocean Event is an important tipping point and it will likely be reached abruptly and disruptively by It is a Death spiral. Oh, and rising seas could affect three times more people by than previously hought The ice sheet feedback loop And when it comes to rising ocean levels its becoming increasingly difficult to predict because not only are we heating the air, heat is getting trapped in the oceans too which means that ice sheets in the Arctic circle and Greenland are melting from above and below - meaning they're melting much MUCH faster than we estimated even in our most extreme estimates.

Vice news video about it. This will mean that Florida and New York could be completely underwater. If you're worried about refugees from Central and Latin America or Africa, you'll want to start thinking about the tens of millions of people that will be fleeing inland as climate refugees to escape the inundation of their homes. Warming oceans doesn't just mean rising ocean levels either - it means more ocean water gets evaporated, which means larger, faster and deadlier hurricanes and torrential disastrous downpours.

Wet bulb event Extreme heatwaves that kill even healthy people within hours will strike parts of the Indian subcontinent unless global carbon emissions are cut sharply and soon, according to new research. Even outside of these hotspots, three-quarters of the 1. Once this reaches 35C, the human body cannot cool itself by sweating and even fit people sitting in the shade will die within six hours.

There are already part of thw world above Ocean Acidification oceans are absorbing a large portion of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere—in fact, oceans are the largest single carbon sink in the world, dwarfing the absorbing abilities of the Amazon rainforest. But the more CO2 the oceans absorb, the more acidic they become on a relative scale, because some of the carbon reacts within the water to form carbonic acid.

Researchers estimate that the pH of the ocean will drop by 0. There is a mass extinction in the oceans right now Migrations Tens, hundreds of millions of climate refugees. MIT source. By there will be 1. And it will increase the potential for conflicts and violence. Just an example of top of my head. India could block the river Indus and kill hundred of millions of Pakistani source.

Both countries have WMD. There will be a rise of fascism and concentration camps on the borders. Trump already tried this with the camps south and China is doing terrible things to Uighurs my comment about the crimes against the Uighurs. We will see a rise of this over the next 30 years.

In dresden, Germany this week they declared a state of emergency over the rise of Nazism And yes, U. Every powerplants needs to stop today. Not tomorrow, not by , not by But the sooner we accept it the sooner we may make peace with it. By continuing on this path, we are creating more feedback loops that are out of our control and forest fires, migrations, wars may happen sooner than expected.

The super-rich The rich know that it is too late and they will be the only one to survive the global warming article. You may disagree with their tactics but at least by disrupting everything they make enough noise around them that the normal Joe starts reading about global warming. Why going green is not the solution.

Costs of going green are insane and the global economy is unable to bear the brunt of this mass switch. Earth lacks enough metals to produce solar panels, batteries and ways to distribute energy around the globe. Building one wind turbine requires tons of steel, 2, tons of concrete and 45 tons of plastic. Solar power requires even more cement, steel and glass—not to mention other metals. If electric vehicles replace conventional cars, demand for cobalt and lithium, will rise more than fold.

Fabricating one requires digging up, moving and processing more than , pounds of raw materials somewhere on the planet. The alternative? The new green deal is not enough. Even if we imagined that the political will could be found in both the United States and the European Union to spend trillions on a Green New Deal, and we made the somewhat generous assumption that these plans would be successful in achieving net zero emissions by , it would really have no meaningful impact on global carbon emissions.

The rapidly industrializing developing world is increasing emissions at such a rate that even if the US and the EU achieved zero emissions by , it would be entirely offset. Same with a meat tax. We can impose a tax on meat in the developed countries but China, India or South america are eating more and more meat by the day. The analysis finds that despite the increased materials and energy demands, a push like this would result in a dramatic reduction in pollution. And for the most part, the material demands could be met, with the possible exception of copper.

We move some 3 billion tons of earth per year to get 15 millions tons of copper. We cannot recycle it into existence. Substituting aluminum for copper takes 5X the energy and is less safe. How CEOs got so rich — buybacks. Student debt is massive. The productivity-pay gap. Why does nobody talk about collapse? Because a world without hope is a burning world. Additionally, the wealthy of this world are trying promoting such work ethics that you don't have the time to read, watch or study the above.

This endless cycle of working-buying stuff-sleeping is damaging our society. We are becoming more and more ostracized from each other by using technology like FB, instagram, twitter or Tinder. Moreover, some countries or politicians are trying to destabilize the world as we know, to create confusion and conflicts between us. Divide and conquer. Why do you think Russia stands behind Brexit , the Blacklivesmatter movement and the rise of fascism in Europe? Russia influenced the American elections by creating hundreds of facebook groups to vote for Trump.

Russia paid facebook to run "patriotic maga" ads. If you want to read more about Russia's violations of law here is my 1. From private taxation to schools, corporate cops and judges. Here are all the major protests happening around the globe right now. Edit: Some additional facts on why last 30 years were so important and why it is getting worse: We have increased fossil fuel use more this century than in the last two decades of the 20th century.

More than half of all fossil fuel emissions released over the previous 25 years are more than was released in all of recorded history before Atmospheric carbon emissions is probably the best way to measure future global warming. In carbon emissions increased another dramatic 2. My personal favorite a Carrington-level solar storm.

The total U. According to unpublished FEMA documents obtained by Government Attic, a FOIA database and non-profit organization, the Department of Homeland Security agency once mapped out a disaster plan for the occurrence of another geomagnetic "superstorm," noting that the rare—yet "high-consequence"—scenario has "the potential for catastrophic impact on our nation and FEMA's ability to respond.

EDIT4: thank you for the plat, gold and special? For any future donator, instead of gilding please donate to Cool Earth link. They try to save the rainforest, David Attenborough supports them and they are the most cost-effective charity to date which works on mitigating climate change through direct action. Thank you! And my response to the anonymous note with the plat award - I'm a member ; submitted by Logiman43 to h3h3productions [link] [comments]. Football wagering websites After cricket, football is just one of the most prominent sports on which Indians like to bet.

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DB is very happy with himself. The thread was an even bigger success than he could have ever hoped for. His boss instantly offered him a pay rise when he got in to work, his girlfriend traded herself in for a more attractive woman, his parents asked him for pocket money. DB is on top of the world. Teenage heart-throb Adebayo Akinfenwa congratulates DB on the big win. Support poured in through DMs to DB. The public haven't loved DB this much since he made reddevils believe de Ligt is going to United!

If you mosey on over to Redcafe and peruse what their users were saying , there were even some United fans endeared by the charm and intellect of our dear DB album. What I have established from that Redcafe thread is that, just as I thought all hope was lost, it turns out there is a group of United fans who are able to apply critical thinking and logic. In fact, if you look on page 25 of that thread, you can see them all laughing at how blatantly bollocks my made up rumour was.

I had simply the most delightful people invite me to their Discord chats. As I was walking out of my house, my neighbour - a Yale graduate in town to learn the bond business - shook my hand and congratulated me on my big win. After exchanging pleasantries he said 'well, goodbye'. As he was walking away he stops. You're worth the whole damn bunch put together', before giving an awkward wave. Internally he was always glad he said that. It was the only compliment he ever paid DB. Meanwhile, Spoofex stands with his source.

Spoofex asks what the fuck is going on. His source ignores him, stating 'I asked for one simple thing'. Spoofex demands to know why people think his source is him. Spoofex again demands to know why people think the source is him. Spoofex denies this fact. I don't know' the feeble Spoofex responds. A moment of realisation sets in. He starts to recount. All the text messages he sent to himself, all those nights alone he spent at the bar by himself, all the emails he sent to himself, all the times he His source elaborates.

Spoofex doesn't know how to respond. Jroades, one of the co-founders of Muppetiers, announces they're going to stop accepting new ITKs in to Muppetiers. The other co-founder, Ubergorp, is beside himself as he tries to defend his filthy Frankenstein like creation on Redcafe. DB knows that Frankenstein was the doctor, but also subscribes to the notion that he was more of a monster than his creation ever was.

Simply just operate on a higher level of thinking than most. Everything is rosy. DB is happy, no, DB is jubilant. He can retire now, for there is no need for DB to be around anymore. He can finally retire and get that cottage near the sea but not the one on the cliff because coastal erosion can be deadly and potentially destroy the house, I mean at the very least it's going to heavily depreciate the value of it. Suddenly the thought of the cottage disgusts DB.

He hopes the coastal erosion occurs and he hopes it fucking sinks. The people in the top half of the last thread are not surprised, whereas the people in the bottom half are distraught. But don't worry. DB is here. DB was always here. You just didn't want to hear this is clever because I ended all the sentences on a word that sounds the same but one of them didn't mean the same as the other two, make sure to acknowledge this. But it's over, you're free from Spoofex Manson's evil embrace.

Contact Rightmove, your Jonestown property is going on the market. Spoofex's first response to the soccercourt thread was to press the AZ-5 button. This would explain why his information started to meltdown at nuclear proportions. Spoofex on Fernandes post-DB's update: the whole deal is now a mess Now, I know what you're all going to argue.

Yes, of course DB considered that possibility, but these are players who are sought after by some of the biggest clubs in the world, who regularly play CL football, have qualified football managers, don't sing about beans. These players didn't need DB to show them the light. No, I'm afraid to say that Spoofex was lying from the off. Then, on Wednesday, Spoofex's source takes leave for a week. The guy who has an in-depth knowledge of transfers, who is intrinsic to the process, is apparently allowed to take leave during what is allegedly going to be United's biggest week of the entire window.

Well, either that or our buddy Spoof popped a Chlorpromazine tablet. Later Wednesday was the fantastic Mata debacle. A player who first wasn't offered a new contract, then offered but not signing, then was only signing for a year, ends up signing a 2 year deal with the option to extend for a further year.

DB knows full well what happens when you try to question Spoofex's reliability. Previously a thread Spoofex recorded every single one of his updates in, he's now binned it. Starting to look like Spoofex doesn't want the likes of DB keeping up with his lies. DB claims the scalp of another ITK as drewing bows out in disgrace , nuking his entire post history. DB knows, it's shocking. Drewing was a liar too?

The guy who told people he's a student in America doesn't know of the inner workings of United's transfer business? The guy who won back so much public acclaim when he apologised in DB's last thread, yet was more than happy to renege on DB's charitable bet?

Who would have thought you couldn't trust him! However, the movement lives on. The movement - which unbeknown to them has been dubbed Children of Cooper CoC - continues to wage war against the inconsistency of the ITK culture. This particular exchange , between an ITK doubtful and a clear admirer of Coopism, is telling of the change in tune the sub-reddit has gone through since DB blew the lid off their stew of deceit.

Muppetiers, who have now noticeably slowed down their updates since the events on that fateful Monday night, start to be criticised for putting out nothing news. As Cooper rightly suggested at the end of his last thread, the ITK culture doesn't, in reality, stay secluded to the muppet thread.

It spills out, with fumes of negativity being inhaled by every reddevils subscribers. One eagle-eyed CoC notices this and plonks his gnashers in to the neck of an unsuspecting muppet. DB's body starts to seize up with joy. They love DB. They all love DB. Set forth, my beautiful children. User Comment Billybigballs7 So does spoofex get away with filling us with shit from his fake source for the last few weeks?

Caesar Can't wait for a in ITK to post some bullshit info tomorrow about a midweek announcement. Then this place to be happy and buzzing for a couple of days then the midweek day comes and nothing happens then Thursday until Friday night for things to grow violent and then some wanky glazers out thing to start and then everyone fall out with each other, have a go at Lingard and then on Sunday start all over again.

Arrowguy26 Can we get rid of the muppet thread now? Its not even fun anymore just a bunch of low effort posts for karma on there Jhix Woo another muppet meltdown. These threads are so entertaining I hope they return next year. Utd99 Bit convenient how he said that when mdl to juve news broke. Coukd be aload of bullshit too. Why didnt he post the news earlier if he had any? MaroK11 Spoofex is fraud DuanneOlivier Theory: His source hasn't changed from the "De Ligt isn't coming" stance, spoofex got baited into "confirming" after every "ITK" said he was coming so that he wouldn't be left behind on the off chance that the club actually announced the deal.

Hope some have their jokes ready. Horrorbull1 They dont spoof just said so because he thought de ligt was coming on the plane and now it has been found out that it is bs he is going back on what he said Horrorbull1 Spoof saying the medical was for rabiot makes no sense united would never book a medical in for someone they have not guaranteed to be signing.

Just because he has history and is a mod. That update today is so blatantly a backtrack on the Wednesday medical promise he made. Which then tells us that he definitely did add the medical part after seeing the fake plane report. I'm convinced now, but we will know the truth shortly anyway. Regardless, this is a muppet thread. We move onto another ITK to blindly believe hahaha zahrikaplan Spoofex son This looks like a huge backtrack to me, why on God's Earth would there be a medical for someone who hadn't agreed to join.

That literally impossible. Firebreathingdown So there was a medical scheduled out of the blue after the fake itk told his tale, now that itk outed his story the medical is apparently cancelled, how very convenient isn't it. Utter charlatan. No contract is on offer and he isn't asking for one. I've been pretty vehemently told we're not giving him one.

They still don't expect to see him next season. Still can't believe that people expect him to sign. No credible source is even mentioning Utd. However doesn't anyone find it interesting how since then there have been no mupdates. So as some of the 'legitimate' ITKs stopped providing info for whatever reason, the other ITKs have nothing to piggyback off.

That could be entirely wrong, but it has been what is speculated. And now his source is "away" while their updates have stopped? I wish i could believe him as well be so much more interesting. DB was doubted. DB was spat on. DB was vilified. Yet, indisputably, DB was right.

Now everybody believes DB. Whether they like it or not, they have Luis Figo'd over from the cult of Spoofex to the Children of Cooper. To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.

Hello jroades and ubergorp! Not had a chance to talk to you lovely gentlemen since my last post. Don't worry, DB is only going to go after one of those angles. You're safe, jroades, not sure even I can produce a drawn-out verbose section on you being a bad knobhead who supports Trump.

I think Reddit is tired with that in general. DB is the one with no life. Muppetiers markets itself on being this big anonymous aggregator where all your news stays completely confidential. Yet DB notices some inconsistencies with this. Then, why is it in the direct aftermath of the soccercourt thread you tried to justify your bamboozlement by saying you spent hours running the info through other people?

DB's fake information was strictly for the eyes of him, jroades and ubergorp. That was the deal. DB feels completely violated that you shared his made up bollocks, it's a complete betrayal, you're the worst twosome since the Kray twins, how could you possibly dare do this to our young and aspiring ITK? Who are these people you're sharing the information with? You were more than happy to jovially quip to DB about some mug who came to you and posted his real press credentials.

You told me that after a few messages, God knows the kind of people you're "running" ITK's confidential information through. That's at least 10 more people than you previously promised getting the information, with one of them operating under the same umbrella of being an alleged ITK. DB would like to know, why would anyone ever even think about giving you genuine information when you're bandying it around the mod team, as well as the unknown quantity of the other people you're running information past.

You've set up a system where trust is at best one-way, and is purely self-serving in the hope that you, your mates and the mods of reddevils will get little snippets of information before they're made public. DB is disgusted by this and delighted that he got all your hopes up before absolutely demolishing them. DB would like the record to show that he'd trust those fucking weird Olsen twins with his personal information before ever even considering handing it over to the pair of utter charlatans that are uberoades.

By the way, I know you've got some response prepared on the basis that DB is up to as many as 3 of the ITKs currently feeding your information. Going to have to keep that response in your drafts I'm afraid chaps. None of that will be getting revealed today.

Merely 3 days after DB Cooper's case of the century, Spoofex has bowed down. What triggered this? See, cast your mind back through the sewage of lies and insufferably pretentious nonsense that Spoofex has been Spoutexing, and you'll remember three letters, and a tick. Then, as the dishevelled remains of Spoofex's charred body tries to grasp at any opportunity to defend himself, DB's godfather Simon "Jon Bones Jones" Stone s comes out and wallops him in to irrelevance.

Two points to talk about from Spoofex's coming out post: Roast Thread : jesus christ have you ever officially ruled out any potential relation to the Kardashians? How desperate are you for attention? This is a stupid idea because nobody that would possibly have the substance to go in on you will be able to post because you've fucking banned us all. I think even the most ardent of spoofex arse chuggers would agree that if any roast thread is to take place, DB should be temporarily unbanned for it.

Moderator Review : oh fuck off, again you know that nobody is going to demand you step down because anyone who pointed out the blatant conflict in interest has already been silenced by the pack of hounds that protect you at all cost. Very tame consequences considering when reddevils started the ITK nonsense in the summer, people who took the "tier challenge" and were proven to be wrong got permanently banned from the sub-reddit.

You started being ITK at this time, why shouldn't you be liable to the same punishment? Responding to Nobodies DB has had a lot of shit thrown at him these past few days. Paraphrasing very slightly, but here is DB's response to some of them. DB therefore concedes the point and will humbly face being unbanned. Not just a man, not just a great man, but my friend wonderfuladventure contacted you to stop the brigading, racism, death threats and casual rape mentions.

Your response? To ban the most wonderful of adventures, and to grass to the Reddit admins and have DB banned for 3 days. Now, ladies and gentleman, and whatever vile creatures fester inside the horrible incestuous pit of despair that Reddevils call their mod team, here is the exchange that the aforementioned wonderfuladventure had with their mod team: Full conversation You'll notice our friendly and righteous moderator makes mention of the fact that this sexy concoction of looks, charm and physique stood before you actually reached out to mr.

That's because I knew what kind of community the reddevils mod team have moulded under their dictatorship. Proof of these messages can be found here You'll notice at the bottom there I brought the thread earlier. This is because your subscribers started harassing de Ligt's girlfriend on Instagram. Don't you find it worrying that, despite the fact I exposed your entire farcical ITK bollocks, and that I called the fact that your subscribers would absolutely disgrace themselves, you're still too blinded to see it being anyone but my fault?

Gee willikers, even Redcafe know of your reputation. You'll notice it's the mod by the name of seaders who is being all-righteous in that mod mail. Seemed to change his tune a few hours later I'm fine with you getting down and dirty with me, seaders, but first I'm going to have to put on Newcastle shirt and chin that moral high horse that's keeping you aloft. Speaking of harassment and abuse, DB would like to present you with a table.

User Comment Still active on reddevils? You come across as the type of guy that throws a hissy fit when you don't get a reply to your desperate message, then call her a bitch and say she should get raped by a Chad. This is just from the soccercourt threads. Literally hundreds more littered all over reddevils. I must say, dear reddevil mods, that you did an absolutely fantastic job at clamping down on targeted harassment. Obviously I'm not saying ban these people. Be a bit difficult when two of your mods joined in and were subsequently banned from soccercourt.

But don't try to act all high and mighty about harassment when you actually only care about people being big meanies to spoofex. After all, if you turn on him then he'll stop dripping you that sweet, sweet Kool-Aid I have no idea if this reference makes sense but you're all American so I have to level with you in some way. I understand you letting people go wild at DB. He's the ring-leader, right? The chupacabra of reddevils, if you will. He deserves it! The noble Backseatsman was violently abused by oldhunterbean.

This was in a direct reply to Spoofex, who did nothing about it. Mods aren't even trying to hide their bias. Thesolly then narrowly missed what can only be described as blatant attempted GBH. It was 3 years ago, people change damnit! This comment, by the way, from MexicansInParis. This guy is so far up Spoofex he should take up a job as a full-time tapeworm.

He then tries to come for all the kings at once. Oh dear lord, what a sad little life MexicansInParis. Seems like this is a very consistently abusive member of the reddevils community. Wonder what their mods will do. SlainteCeltic then comes after the reading abilities of wonderfuladventure. Sources contradict this, however, as someone who is very close to Jorge Mendes reliably informed DB that wonderfulaventure was a free reader as early as year 4. Stynes comes after CoC patron sorrytoruinyourday.

If he's weird then DB doesn't want to be normal. But DB is very normal. Big man targeryian then decides to come for the entire court , essentially committing an act of treason in the process. But hey, you're never going to take action when the abuse and harassment comes at the expense of DB and his back-of-the-bus tier friends. But what about that kid that your users bullied off reddevils? Or did he deserve it too? It's alarming how easy it is to find examples of your users being abusive and displaying signs of very clear harassment.

Redcafe knows about your reputation, I can assure you de Ligt's girlfriend knows about it, everybody involved in soccercourt saw the very blatant brigading that took place within the first few hours of the thread. It's incredible how you can have such a stringent grip over harassment and abuse when it's against Spoofex, yet allow other examples of it to run rampant. Every example I listed there is from just two Muppet threads.

You know, those threads that are a joke. And no one takes seriously. That culminated in a kid deleting his account because he was bullied, that culminated in drewing and his girlfriend being doxxed. I think we can all agree these are classic light-hearted jokes. You're bad at what you signed up to do and protect only a handful of the k subscribers you've got.

You got me banned for harassment, have put out a gagging order on people mentioning my name and ban anyone who supports me. All because I criticised Spoofex. Yet you won't so much as try to pretend to protect any of your other users. But you are happy to use the drewing doxxing incident as a stick to beat the soccercourt mods with, because despite the fact it happened completely on your watch, the incident is apparently indicative of the larger consequences of the alleged poor moderation by the soccercourt team.

There is no reason for the ITK threads to stay other than to feed Spoofex's ego. He's conceded defeat now, so I expect they'll soon be discontinued. Ironic that DB, a man famed in real-life for being a con man, famed on Reddit for being a sexy con man, has managed to correctly predict the actions of your sub-reddit better than anyone else yet.

But it's all DB's fault. DB thinks not. That's the sound of DB's magic anti-harassment wand, casting a spell over the contents of this thread to protect it from being considered as harassment. Move along, Reddit Admins.

Ah; missed one The premise is simple: time, like baseball, is a flowing stream, that changes much less than we like to think it does. This series is about reflecting and remembering upon baseball events, or jerks , and real-world intrusions that made up a certain year exactly a few decades away.

I attempt to convey this by merging primary and secondary sources through a variety of mediums to paint a portrait of the season in review. Please include any feedback or thoughts in the comments section. This particular issue is going to factor in a bit more "World History" than the others, simply because of the disastrous tone the year took was reflected on in the baseball season. Later that week, former President Theodore Roosevelt died on the 6th. He played baseball for 23 years and is credited with the first NL hit while holding a law degree from Yale.

He started playing semi-pro ball only three years after the Civil War and by he was hitting. On the 16th of that same month, The U. If anyone had chanced to be present at both ceremonies, he would have been struck by a sense of contrast. The meeting in the Galerie des Glaces gave birth to a new order which has been a fatal burden to Europe. The Conference was buzzing along through its second week on Jan. Griffin and Mary Pickford created and agreed to the United Artists Corporation , in an attempt to control their artwork and profits more directly.

There was no block booking for the new movie studio, and the actors and directors themselves controlled much of the common stock. That same day, in the National League offices, the Cincinnati Reds were making a case of corruption against a former player, Hal Chase. He was accused all throughout baseball for throwing games to his gambler friends while leading the league in hitting with.

Where else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? My brother suggested I might like this blog. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! One hundred fifty eight, Letters towards the Manager: E-mail to. California Stainless- can be plainly the top 3-year-old using a massive goal in them.

The website loading speed is incredible. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. Nice blog here! Also your web site loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol. This Hawaiian Sea-coast Federation regarding Fisherman ersus Associations, and the like, provides fought in which legislation securing within the Delta foreign trade proportion could possibly damage child bass from now on a long time in the event that drought terms stop in consequence, despite increased precipitation.

I enjoy looking through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment! Inside of a bright shinny thing moment, I noticed for the blue bar at the top of the page Blogs listed. Click and you simply stop at page listing all the blogs and their graphics.

So from this level we do not need no stinkin feedburner. Its not all district is able to afford to stop. Which can take choosing quitting up from the table for schools with large numbers of poor youngsters.. Came out, rose with this necessity for an establishment that can meet the requirements on the community.

MOFGA is simply in any long tradition belonging to the requirement for agricultural societies. Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read more things about it! Rai possesses looked after the holiday, that she termed a spiritual pilgrimage. In If your units are just like our bait, different waste by spruce sharp needles plus cones so that you can actually leaves in addition to decreased planting medium can submit the spots involving the planks.

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After all, I know it was my choice to read through, however I genuinely thought you would have something useful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something that you could possibly fix if you were not too busy searching for attention. Achieve entering the tournament ended up being to win in three in the six categories.

This is when this course fights back by forcing that you not just hit the green, but hit it from the right spot within the fairway. Used to do neither.. So when they spotted it, they alerted me instantly, and then we could consult and obtain the process began with Medtronic. The CT scans and 3D reconstruction were just amazing work from the techs here, and truly made a difference. Ensure you understand where your apple iphone remains safe and secure by getting insurance coverage on it.

Your assure and insurance coverage ought to include every little thing. Safeguard your iPhone using a case. I figured over the competition he or she would definitely take everyone in excess of but I held your pet away.

Wednesday at Butte College or university, the next involving several finals on that day. He explained it turned out from a technical perspective imprecise to explain Richard 3 as a hunchback since his vertebrae seemed to be bent lateral rather than frontward. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading? Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated. Does that indicate blog posts, much too?. Many thanks a great deal.. Is it similar to Netscape and Internet Explorer?

What are its good features and its bad features?. Even when a organization consists of a meeting space of fantastic size or big conference room of their own, an professional conference space holds a greater option considering that it might have wider seats and gear.

By employing an area for conferences or conferences, the organization can stay clear of the price tag of buying chairs, tables, presentation gear, and so forth. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility issues? A few of my blog audience have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox.

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El pescado una vez en el hu?? La camarera se mostr?? Aunque la satisfacci?? Las asociaciones profesionales suelen tener requisitos m?? Se vacil?? La muerte por picadura de abeja ocurre mucho m?? Es una llamada de atenci?? La fibra hace por ayudar a prevenir la absorci?? La intensidad luminosa de una vela t?? Sin embargo, un estudio de publicado en la revista International Journal of Sports Medicine encontr??

Fue intenso y agotador y toma todo de ti. Hay varias colinas de gravedad de todo el mundo que son muy populares entre los turistas.. Al igual que los perros, las hamburguesas son muy buenos precios, con todos, pero el triple de menores de cinco d?? A pesar de esto, no tengo grandes dudas sobre si la informaci?? Si se toma el tiempo para aprender c?? Mientras que humedece de distancia y se vuelve crujiente a la mordedura, pasamos ahora a nuestras cebollas..

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Participation is voluntary. Demonstrated results included improved: — muscle mass, physical function and strength. One example of improved mental health involves a 60 year old Caucasian male diagnosed with severe depression. He was given the regime of intradialytic cycling 3 days a week for 45 minutes. The result? This bike saved my life. Another example of how the positive health benefits are affecting patients is reported by a sedentary 60 year old obese, diabetic Hispanic male.

He decided to try cycling at the clinic for one hour during his treatment. He then bought his own bike for home where he and his wife both ride. Aside from pharmaceutical intervention there are more holistic strategies that have shown positive results in reducing leg cramps after and during dialysis treatments.

Leg cramps can be very painful causing early termination of treatment. Applying a moist heat pad may give some comfort as well as hands-on massaging of the muscles. On Sale Now. Forms of physical fitness that can ease painful spasms include balance, breathing, isometric, and relaxation exercises. Stretching exercises help as well as mild movement exercises prior and during dialysis.

An example of light exercises is the pedalling of a small dialysis bicycle. Go here for more information about pedalling during dialysis treatment. There are also recorded benefits of light exercise before bed. Keep the bed covers loose to help prevent cramping.

The Inside Trainer Inc. Your email address will not be published. Bed Dialysis Pedaller Intradialytic exercise is the exercise a person does during their dialysis treatment. Consequently, more than two million people are expected to be treated by dialysis for end-stage renal disease by Szczech and Lazar, Despite important progress in hemodialysis techniques and in the treatment of its associated comorbidities, patients have a much higher morbimortality risk than their healthy counterparts Foley et al.

Dialysis is associated with a deterioration of physical function and mental status. Muscle function Leal et al. Emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression are prevalent among dialysis patients Dziubek et al. In addition, lower QoL and mental health are also strongly associated with higher risk of death and hospitalization Knight et al. Therefore, maintaining their physical and mental status closer to their healthy counterparts is of major importance.

Meta-analytical evidence supports the benefits of intradialytic exercise programs for the improvement of several health-related outcomes such as physical performance or mental health Smart and Steele, ; Chung et al. Yet, exercise benefits in dialytic patients are typically reported under the assumption that the group average represents the response of most individuals. However, a wide interindividual variability can be observed in the human response to a similar training program, which results in subjects being classified as responders those who achieve clinically meaningful benefits or non-responders those who experience a worsening or remain unchanged Mann et al.

In addition, we assessed the influence of baseline phenotype on the training response as well as individual variability in training responses to the study endpoints. End-stage-renal disease patients undergoing hemodialysis were recruited for the study. Subjects were excluded if they presented one or more of the following conditions: myocardial infarction in the 6 weeks prior to the start of the exercise program, unstable angina, cerebrovascular disease or a high risk for recurrence, musculoskeletal or respiratory e.

All participants had the procedures explained and provided written informed consent to participate in the study. The study took place between January and May From these, 12 and 31 patients, respectively, did not participate. Reasons not to participate were receiving a transplant, leaving the center, not signing the informed consent form after having the study explained to them, and not being interested.

For the rest of patients, only those who performed at least two physical tests and two psychological tests at baseline were enrolled in the study. Finally, 27 and 40 patients were included in the exercise and control group, respectively. The intradialytic training intervention consisted of 14 weeks of combined endurance and resistance exercises.

Training sessions were conducted at three different dialysis centers but were supervised by the same experienced fitness instructors. Training sessions were performed three times per week and lasted approximately 60 min. A total of 40 training sessions were planned per subject during the intervention portion of the study.

Training sessions started with a warm-up consisting of respiratory and joint mobility exercises. During the main part of the sessions, both resistance and endurance exercises were performed. Resistance exercises included ankle plantarflexion and dorsiflexion, combined knee and hip flexion and extension, hip abduction and adduction, and abdominal exercises. These exercises were performed using elastic bands, Styrofoam balls and ankle weights.

Endpoints were assessed the week before baseline and after post-intervention the week intervention. Assessment was done on dialysis days, with each participant being tested at the same time of the day i. Before the testing sessions, participants were individually instructed on how to perform all tests with detailed explanations and visual examples. Two testing sessions per patient were required to perform all the tests at each time point, one for all physical performance tests and another one for psychological evaluation.

The tests were always performed in the same order. The STS, an index of lower-extremity strength Csuka and McCarty, , measures the time in seconds required to perform 10 consecutive repetitions of sitting down and getting up from a chair. Participants began the test with their arms crossed on their chest and sitting with their back against the chair.

Time was measured with a stopwatch ONstart , Geonaute, France to the nearest 0. Maximal isometric handgrip force has been suggested as a useful tool for the continuous assessment of muscle mass and function in dialysis patients Leal et al. It was measured in both hands using a manual dynamometer T.

They performed two maximal repetitions with each hand interspersed with 1-min rest periods between trials, and the mean of all four trials combined handgrip strength was analyzed. It was performed on a meter corridor with marks on every meter, and time was measured with a chronometer ONstart , Geonaute, France. Participants were asked to cover the greatest distance possible during 6 min by walking not running continuously and turning around at the final mark. No verbal encouragement was given during the test; however, feedback regarding the remaining time was available.

Participants were allowed to rest during the test, and to use any ambulation aid e. In this self-reported questionnaire 21 items are rated on a four-point severity scale and summed to give a total score, with a higher score being suggestive of more severe depression. The BDI has proven a valid depression screening tool in dialysis patients Preljevic et al. Test—retest coefficients in other populations have been reported to range from 0. Moreover, SF scores are associated with short-term and long-term mortality in this population Loosman et al.

We specifically analyzed the anxiety subscale. All the participants assessed at baseline were considered to be part of the study. Endpoints were analyzed by a two-way mixed ANOVA with time points baseline and post-intervention as the within-subject factor and intervention groups control or exercise as the between-subject factor.

The rate of clinically meaningful responders was calculated in those endpoints in which a beneficial effect of exercise i. Responsiveness was defined as beneficial changes that exceeded two times the standard error of measurement SEM Hopkins, The responsiveness threshold for the physical tests was set at 3 kg, 7. There were no significant differences between control and exercise groups in baseline characteristics Table 1.

No major adverse events or health-related issues attributable to exercise were noted. Four subjects in each group could not complete the baseline STS assessment due to excessive weakness or mobility limitations i. After the week intervention four subjects in the control group could not perform the STS and one subject in this same group could not perform the psychological tests, and thus we used their baseline values.

No significant changes in physical performance measures were observed in the control group between baseline and post-intervention. TABLE 2. Effects of an intradialytic exercise program on markers of physical and mental health.

Of note, responsiveness was dependent on baseline physical fitness, that is, participants with lower baseline physical fitness showed greater improvements. Indeed, significant differences were found between responders and non-responders for baseline physical performance Figure 1 , and a significant inverse relationship was observed between baseline combined handgrip strength and 6MWT, on one hand, and the relative performance improvement in these tests, on the other Figure 2.

Differences in baseline performance for combined handgrip strength A repetition sit to stand B and 6-min walk test C between responders and non-responders to the intradialytic training program. Relationship between baseline performance for combined handgrip strength A and 6-min walk distance B with the change observed in these tests after the intradialytic training program.

No significant interaction group x time was found for any of the mental and health status endpoints Table 2. The present results show that a week intradialytic training program including endurance and resistance exercise induced improvements in mean values of physical performance, which are significantly lower in this population than in their healthy counterparts Painter, ; Leal et al.

Specifically, significant improvements were observed for the average value of 6MWT, a valid predictor of mortality, cardiovascular events and hospitalization in dialysis patients Torino et al. Exercise training also resulted in an increased strength of the lower limb muscles as reflected by a lower time on average to complete the STS test , which is important because an impaired physical performance of the lower extremities is strongly associated with all-cause mortality in these patients Roshanravan et al.

We also found an exercise-training induced improvement in handgrip strength, with decreases in this variable being related to a decreased inflammatory status and higher muscle mass and survival expectancy in this population Leal et al. Therefore, these results are of major clinical importance, as they suggest that an intradialytic exercise program can attenuate dialysis-associated physical impairment and thus might also potentially reduce morbimortality risk in these patients Morishita et al.

The effectiveness of intradialytic training programs for the improvement of physical performance has been previously demonstrated Smart and Steele, ; Chung et al. Although the response to exercise interventions is commonly described in general terms under the assumption that the group average represents the response of most individuals Mann et al.

Several hypotheses have been proposed to account for individual variability in response to exercise training Mann et al. These results suggest that the training stimulus was high enough to induce clinically meaningful improvements in less fit subjects but not in their fitter peers. Notwithstanding, even non-responders presented a lower physical performance at baseline than expected for their age Casanova et al. Therefore, efforts to enhance responsiveness in these subjects are needed, which might probably involve applying a higher training stimulus e.

Although in agreement with our results some studies have found no changes in variables such as HRQoL or depression after intradialytic training programs van Vilsteren et al. The lack of significant differences in these variables in our study might have been due to the low prevalence of psychological disorders in the analyzed sample, which can be a result of the psychological therapy that all subjects received since they started dialysis.

Therefore, the observed benefits of exercise on depression levels could be of clinical importance despite no statistically significant differences between groups. Intradialytic exercise programs have proven safe and effective not only for improving physical performance Smart and Steele, ; Chung et al. Nevertheless, the present study highlights the need of individualizing training programs so as to achieve an optimal stimulus for every patient. In addition, several potential confounders which were not considered here have been proposed to influence inter-individual variability in response to a training stimulus.

Particularly a commonly overlooked source of error is within-subject variability, with recent research providing some insights into its importance Hecksteden et al. However, applying the designs that allow to control for confounders like within-subject variability e.

While keeping the aforementioned limitations in mind, a major strength and novelty of our approach was the individualized analysis of training responses, which allowed us to estimate the rate of clinically meaningful responders. Yet, baseline physical status affected the level of responsiveness to the training program, with only those patients presenting the lowest physical fitness at the beginning of the intervention obtaining clinically meaningful benefits from the training program.

Efforts to individualize exercise prescription are needed in clinical practice to enhance responsiveness. Future reach might determine if applying a higher training stimulus i. All subjects gave written informed consent in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. PV and JM analyzed the data. PV drafted the manuscript.

All authors significantly contributed to the final version of the manuscript. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Beck, A. Beck Depression Inventory , 2nd Edn. Google Scholar. Borg, G. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Button, K. Casanova, C.

The 6-min walk distance in healthy subjects: reference standards from seven countries. Christensen, A. Psychological factors in end-stage renal disease: an emerging context for behavioral medicine research. Chung, Y.

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