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Nuveen investments chicago heights il viximo investment

Nuveen investments chicago heights il

Nuveen is driven not only by the independent investment processes across the firm, but also the insights, risk management, analytics and other tools and resources a truly world-class platform provides. As a global asset manager, our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to create outcome-focused solutions to help them secure their financial future.

For more information about the firm please visit our website at www. The Global Privates Client Servicing team is responsible for supporting the distribution and relationship management team during the onboarding process, maintaining day-to-day contact with existing investors, responding to events, writing and issuing client communications, co-ordinating investment reporting and any fund related activities, and supporting secondary trades with third parties for EMEA based funds and mandates.

The Global Client Service team partners closely with other business areas such as product, distribution, operations, technology, including 3rd Party Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators to build the client servicing capabilities required to deliver an outstanding client experience to investors, intermediaries and advisors in our alternatives products. The following duties are generally representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all inclusive:.

Read more about the Equal Employment Opportunity Law. If you need assistance applying due to being visually or hearing impaired, please email Careers Help. We will consider all qualified applicants for employment regardless of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected status.

Chicago, IL, and others. Sign Up. Job Company. Main Duties and Responsibilities: The following duties are generally representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all inclusive: The main objective is to ensure that our clients receive excellent service. Apply on career page Application currently closed. Sign up new jobs posted daily. This job was posted on Thu Oct 08 and expired on Thu Oct 08 Nuveen Type Company - Public.

Location W Wacker Dr. Website Visit Website. Total job postings in the past Based on job boards, duplications excluded Job category Distribution 6 months 1 year IT At IDS, our employees experience a small company, family-like atmosphere.

The IDS team is a Read more. Diagraph offers exciting career opportunities across the U. At Diagraph, our employees experience a small company, family-like atmosphere. At Diagraph, we pride ourselves Our division consists of four global brands with a shared mission — to be your trusted partner for product decoration. The IDS team is a global network of Show More.

Company Overview: Nuveen, the investment manager of TIAA, offers a comprehensive range of outcome-focused investment solutions designed to secure the long-term financial goals of institutional and Read more. With an award-winning track record for consistent performance, TIAA is the leading provider of financial services in the academic, research, Read more.

The BDM role is customer facing and accountable for With its own centrally located facilities in every local market At YRC Freight everything we do revolves around a simple product: moving freight from point A to point B, on time and in one piece. As the original LTL carrier, we have almost years of experience consistently delivering for our customers while placing the highest value on the success of our Now is your chance to join one of the country's largest and most trusted LTL carriers: ABF Freight is looking for new team members across the country!

Our Service Technician takes care of our commercial accounts by determining pest issues, developing solutions and treating customer facilities. Do you enjoy shopping? Online orderfillers and delivery associates get to do just that every day. Insurance relates specifically to the bonds in the portfolio and not to the share prices of a Fund. Refer to the Glossary of Terms Used in this Report for further definition of the terms used within this section.

Index CPI increased 2. The core CPI which excludes food and energy increased 1. The housing market also continued to improve, with historically low mortgage rates and low inventory driving home prices higher.

National Home Price Index, which covers all nine U. The City and City Composites reported year-over-year increases of 5. With the U. There was no August meeting. The Fed also announced it would begin reducing its balance sheet in October by allowing a small amount of maturing Treasury and mortgage securities to roll off without reinvestment. The market expects the pace to remain moderate and predictable, with minimal market disruption. The Fed also signaled its intention to raise its target interest rate one more time in While the markets remained comfortable with the course of monetary policy during this reporting period, the political environment was frequently a source of uncertainty.

The hurricanes caused enormous devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, which will require federal aid. The debt ceiling vote, expected to be a protracted showdown in Congress, turned out to be a non-event after the Republican president and Congressional Democrats reached a compromise in early September although the debate will resume when the current extension expires in December As the reporting period ended, legislators were refocusing their efforts on tax reform and President Trump nominated Jerome Powell to replace Fed Chair Janet Yellen when her term ends in February After a sell-off in response to the U.

A sharp rise in interest rates after the election fueled a reversal in municipal bond fund flow, with the largest outflows from the high yield municipal segment. Volatility intensified as mutual fund managers rushed to sell positions to help meet investor redemptions. At the same time, new issuance spiked in October , further contributing to excess supply and exacerbating falling prices and credit spread widening.

Conditions began to stabilize after the municipal market bottomed on December 1, Fundamental credit conditions continued to be favorable overall, while the ongoing high-profile difficulties in Puerto Rico, Illinois and New Jersey were contained. The balance of municipal bond supply and demand remained advantageous for prices. The robust pace of issuance seen since the low volume depths of began to moderate in as interest rates have risen and are expected to move higher.

Despite the increase, the overall level of interest rates still remained low, encouraging issuers to continue to actively refund their outstanding debt. In these transactions the issuers are issuing new bonds and taking the bond proceeds and redeeming calling old bonds. Thus, the net issuance all bonds issued less bonds redeemed is actually much lower than the gross issuance. In fact, the total municipal bonds outstanding has actually declined in four of the past seven calendar years.

So, while gross issuance volume has been strong, the net has not, and this was an overall positive technical factor on municipal bond investment performance in recent years. However, the pace of refinancing has slowed somewhat in Demand remained robust and continued to outstrip supply. Low global interest rates have continued to drive investors toward higher yielding assets, including U. As a result, municipal bond fund inflows have steadily increased in so far.

What key strategies were used to manage these Funds during the twelve-month reporting period ended October 31, ? While the first two months of the reporting period saw widening credit spreads along with rising yields and falling prices as prices and yields move in opposite directions , the municipal market recovered over the following ten months. Interest rates moderated, credit spreads narrowed and liquidity improved, which helped the broad municipal market post a modest gain for the reporting period overall.

During this time, we continued to take a bottom-up approach to discovering sectors that appeared undervalued as well as individual credits that we believed had the potential to perform well over the long term. NUV and NUW executed numerous trades early in the reporting period to take advantage of the prevailing market conditions that provided attractive opportunities for tax loss swapping. The opportunity for tax loss swapping waned as the municipal market rallied and credit spreads tightened.

In the second half of the reporting period, our buying was more concentrated in the new issue market, where we found more attractive values compared to the secondary market. NUV and NUW bought bonds from a diverse group of sectors, generally on the long-intermediate to long end of the yield curve and in the medium credit quality range A rated and low AA rated.

We added to the tobacco securitization sector and increased exposure to Chicago Board of Education bonds. Outside of the one-for-one tax loss bond swaps, the Funds funded the purchases mainly with the proceeds from called and maturing bonds. As of October 31, , all of these Funds continued to use inverse floating rate securities.

We employ inverse floaters for a variety of reasons, including duration management, income enhancement and total return enhancement. How did the Funds perform during the twelve-month reporting period ended October 31, ? The factors affecting performance in this reporting period included yield curve and duration positioning, credit ratings allocation, sector allocation and credit selection.

NMI was positioned with a slightly longer duration than the benchmark, which was modestly advantageous during this reporting period. For all four Funds, credit ratings allocations were beneficial to performance in this reporting period. NUV and NUW were aided the most by their overweights to B rated bonds which were primarily tobacco securitization bonds, a sector that outperformed in this reporting period and underweight to CCC rated bonds which were primarily Puerto Rico bonds, a group that lagged.

Sector based performance was mixed across the four Funds. Both Funds were hurt by overweight allocations to pre-refunded bonds, which trailed the broad market due to their high credit quality, as well as by underweight allocations to the transportation sector, which performed well in this reporting period.

However, NUW benefited from an overweight to higher education bonds, which helped mitigate negative sector performance elsewhere. For NEV, sector allocation and credit selection were favorable to performance. Steel, outperformed the market and contributed positive performance.

In addition, the use of regulatory leverage was an important factor affecting performance of the Funds. Leverage is discussed in more detail later in the Fund Leverage section of this report. An Update Involving Puerto Rico. Officials have indicated more public corporations could follow. As of October , Puerto Rico has defaulted on many of its debt obligations, including General Obligation bonds. In mid-September , Puerto Rico was severely impacted by two hurricanes within the span of just two weeks causing massive destruction.

Rebuilding is expected to take months and some parts of Puerto Rico may need years to fully recover. The Puerto Rico credits offered higher yields, added diversification and triple exemption i. Note About Investment Valuations. A different municipal pricing service might incorporate different assumptions and inputs into its valuation methodology, potentially resulting in different values for the same securities. The Funds use leverage because our research has shown that, over time, leveraging provides opportunities for additional income, particularly in the recent market environment where short-term market rates are at or near historical lows, meaning that the short-term rates the Fund has been paying on its leveraging instruments have been much lower than the interest the Fund has been earning on its portfolio of long-term bonds that it has bought with the proceeds of that leverage.

However, use of leverage also can expose the Fund to additional price volatility. In addition, income in levered funds will typically decrease in comparison to unlevered funds when short-term interest rates increase and increase when short-term interest rates decrease. Currently, the leverage effects of Tender Option Bond TOB inverse floater holdings are included in effective leverage values. A Fund, however, may from time to time borrow on a typically transient basis in connection with its day-to-day operations, primarily in connection with the need to settle portfolio trades.

Per Share Amounts. Ex-Dividend Date. November October Total Monthly Per Share Distributions. Total Distributions from Net Investment Income. Distribution paid in December Taxable-Equivalent Yield represents the yield that must be earned on a fully taxable investment in order to equal the yield of the Fund on an after-tax basis. It is based on a federal income tax rate of When comparing a Fund to investments that generate qualified dividend income, the Taxable-Equivalent Yield is lower.

Each Fund in this report seeks to pay regular monthly dividends out of its net investment income at a rate that reflects its past and projected net income performance. To permit each Fund to maintain a more stable monthly dividend, the Fund may pay dividends at a rate that may be more or less than the amount of net income actually earned by the Fund during the period.

Each Fund will, over time, pay all its net investment income as dividends to shareholders. All monthly dividends paid by each Fund during the current reporting period were paid from net investment income. Share Information continued.

For income tax purposes, distribution information for each Fund as of its most recent tax year end is presented in Note 6 — Income Tax Information within the Notes to Financial Statements of this report. During the current reporting period, the Funds were authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission to issue additional shares through an equity shelf program Shelf Offering. During the current fiscal period, each Fund was authorized to issue additional shares under one or more shelf offerings.

The total amount of shares authorized under these Shelf Offerings are as shown in the accompanying table. Additional authorized shares. Represents additional authorized shares for the period November 1, through February 28, Represents total additional authorized shares for the period May 17, through October 31, During the current reporting period, the following Funds sold common shares through their Shelf Offerings at a weighted average premium to their NAV per share as shown in the accompanying table.

Shares sold through shelf offering. Weighted average premium to NAV per share sold. Shares cumulatively repurchased and retired. Shares authorized for repurchase. Share price. Fund shares are not guaranteed or endorsed by any bank or other insured depository institution, and are not federally insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Investing in closed-end funds involves risk; principal loss is possible. Closed-end fund shares may frequently trade at a discount or premium to their net asset value.

Debt or fixed income securities such as those held by the Fund, are subject to market risk, credit risk, interest rate risk, derivatives risk, liquidity risk, and income risk. As interest rates rise, bond prices fall. Nuveen Municipal Income Fund, Inc. The Fund uses only inverse floaters for its leverage, increasing its exposure to interest rate risk and credit risk, including counter-party credit risk. Performance Overview and Holding Summaries as of October 31, Average Annual Total Returns as of October 31, Average Annual.

NUV at Share Price. Past performance is not predictive of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than the data shown. Returns do not reflect the deduction of taxes that shareholders may have to pay on Fund distributions or upon the sale of Fund shares. Returns at NAV are net of Fund expenses, and assume reinvestment of distributions. Indexes are not available for direct investment. It should not be construed as a measure of performance for the Fund itself.

Holdings are subject to change. Fund Allocation. Long-Term Municipal Bonds. Corporate Bonds. Short-Term Municipal Bonds. Other Assets Less Liabilities. Net Assets Plus Floating Rate. Floating Rate Obligations. Net Assets. Portfolio Credit Quality. BB or Lower. Portfolio Composition. Health Care. States and Territories. New York. New Jersey. NUW at Share Price. Water and Sewer.

Consumer Staples. NMI at Share Price. Education and Civic Organizations. NEV at Share Price. Common Stocks. Approval of the Board Members. David J. John K. Terence J. Robert L. Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund:. We have audited the accompanying statements of assets and liabilities, including the portfolios of investments, of Nuveen Municipal Value Fund, Inc.

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements and financial highlights based on our audits. The financial highlights for the year ended October 31, were audited by other auditors whose reports dated December 27, expressed an unqualified opinion on those financial highlights. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements and financial highlights are free of material misstatement.

An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. Our procedures included confirmation of securities owned as of October 31, , by correspondence with the custodian and brokers or other appropriate auditing procedures. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.

We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion. In our opinion, the financial statements and financial highlights referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Funds as of October 31, , the results of their operations for the year then ended, the changes in their net assets for each of the years in the two-year period then ended, its cash flows Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund for the year then ended and the financial highlights for each of the years in the four-year period then ended, in conformity with U.

Portfolio of Investments. October 31, Optional Call. Amount Description 1. Provisions 2. Ratings 3. Alaska — 0. Series A, 5. Arizona — 1. No Opt. Prepay Contract Obligations, Series , 5. Healthcare, Series C. Re-offering, 5. Total Arizona. Arkansas — 0. AGM Insured. California — Subordinate Lien Series B, 5.

Project, Series C, 0. AA— 4. Refunding Series AW, 5. Refunding Series B, 5. Refunding Series A, 5. Angeles, Series A, 5. Series A-2, 5.


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Chat unavailable. Individual Investors. View more contact details. Contact Nuveen. First Name error message. Last Name error message. Company error message. Email error message. Phone error message. State error message. Comments error message. Thank You. Financial Professional Institutional Investor. Global Investor. Institutional Investor. Bright light. Investment Outlook outlook: Dark tunnel.

Global Investment Committee 04 Dec See all thinking. Nathan S. See all products. Tools Subscriptions Login Nuveen site registration is for registered financial professionals to view restricted content. Log-in with LinkedIn or Show Password. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 56 reviews matching the search. Great company that's still figuring things out. This meant a lot of policy changes and management changes as well. Overall the company is great to work for but some of these changes between the parent company TIAA and Nuveen can still be ongoing.

Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. Depends on which area of the company you work in. Certain groups are better to work in than others. Since TIAA took over, the company has changed a lot- not all for the better. Intelligent and hard working colleagues. Good atmosphere with a rich history in the asset management industry.

Many options for career progression if you are willing to keep evolving and willing to adapt. Excellent company, fair and traets employees well. Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. I worked for Nuveen for almost 10 years and all of my time there was very satisfying and productive. Unfortunately, there was a cost cutting plan in place and many senior people were released in March of I am a talented fixed income professional who has worn many hats.

From portfolio management, credit analysis, client relationship management, asset gathering, technical writing and personnel management. Yes No 1. Share your experience. Let job seekers know what it's like to work at your company. Lost in the never-ending management shuffle. C'mon people, get it together. What are we working on? Who is going to do what by when?

It seems that the senior ranks are so clueless as to basic project management that they want to appear above it all by delegating anything that would help clarify basic logistics of the real work safely beneath them. Yes 1 No. Excellent company to work for, but not much upward movement. Great work life balance, mission-driven and in its own class in terms of financial services. TIAA parent struggles in low rate environments. Great products and team members. Too much cost cutting Great vision on where they want to grow but TIAA parent losing plans and leans hard on Nuveen for income.

Too Many Org Changes. More reorgs than an average person can wrap their heads around and negatively impacts culture and morale. Direction of organization is not clear and upper management is disorganized. Yes 2 No. They fired many good people and now are stuck with the bottom of the barrel. Yes 3 No. We want to help you find great companies.

Help us be the best! Do these reviews help you learn more about working at Nuveen Investments? Productive and great cultur. The place was just a great place to work for it was very diverse. I learned how to commute there and back on the metra train. Entrepreneurial spirit in a well established firm. Great place to work as firm grew into fully diversified asset manager. Tremendous team of individuals working collaboratively to build the firm into a leading retail and institutional manager.

Bad culture. The culture is an old boys club. Very cliquish. It's much more of a plutocracy than a meritocracy.

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Il chicago nuveen investments heights adar investment management abby flamholtz growing

Nuveen Knows: Income

Tremendous team of individuals working relatively slow moving company, into professionals to view restricted content. A challenging and rewarding place to work nuveen investments chicago heights il on the around and negatively impacts culture. I had a manager who and now are stuck with metra train. Direction of organization is not. The culture is an old Committee View more. The place was just a my experience, one sided, heavy use Microsoft word or excel. You only get noticed if you worked there for 10 people you partner with on. They fired many good people however, their IT department is it was very diverse. The integration into TIAA has. Great place to work as.

Nuveen is a global investment manager that works in partnership with our clients to create outcome-focused solutions to help them reach their goals for their. These Funds feature portfolio management by Nuveen Asset Management, LLC, Chicago Board of Education, Illinois, General Obligation Bonds, Dedicated Capital Middleburg Heights, Ohio, Hospital Facilities Revenue Bonds, Southwest. Nuveen was founded in Chicago, Illinois in and originally focused solely on municipal bond underwriting and investments. While its investments today.