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Sports betting money line

Using our example, the Steelers are favored to win over the Bills. There is one piece of strategy with moneyline wagering. The general consensus is that the majority of the time the betting public supports the favorite.

With NFL games being played on Sundays sportsbooks usually make opening lines available the Tuesday beforehand. If you believe the Steelers will win it is wise to bet the odds of while you can. Once the volume of bets placed on the steelers significantly outweighs the volume on the Bills the Steelers will become to deter bets. This is all part of the line movement process which we discuss in another one of our guides.

For those interested in betting the Bills it is advised to wait. For every major sport except soccer which includes draws , the moneyline will only offer two options: 1 Team A to win and 2 Team B to win. One team has to win the game. However, it can also be challenging to make a decent return when just betting the moneyline.

The biggest challenge with winning a reasonable return on the moneyline is that, often, there is a substantial favorite — particularly in sports like football and basketball — who is expected to and goes onto dominate. In such cases, your options are either to stake a lot of money to win very little, or hope for an upset that is far less likely to happen than the odds suggest. Betting the Warriors repeatedly will see your bankroll grow very slowly, in the best-case scenario.

Betting their opponent will, most nights, see your bankroll shrink. How do you determine your potential payout, precisely? The moneyline number is the potential payout. For wagering games between two evenly matched teams, or in cases where you are expecting a big upset by an underdog, the moneyline is where you want to look.

The spread is a certain number of points bookmakers determine the favorite must win by for the bet to cash. The team that has a negative symbol in front of their spread has to win by more than that number, while the team with the positive symbol just has to lose by fewer than that number.

To avoid that, sportsbooks usually try and include a half number in the spread e. Moneyline odds of is very hard to establish long-term success because the winning payouts are small and one loss could eliminate any positive gains. The same moneyline will have ATS odds of which is more attractive to a bettor. The point spread is added to the team getting points and subtracted from the team laying points teams once the game is final to determine the winner.

From our NFL sample, you can see the Bills are getting 4. Next to the point spread are the odds which both are at Odds of is pretty common, but sometimes you can find a sportsbook with reduced juice. Bills would need to lose by four points at less. Once the game is final you would add 4. Bills would need to lose by five points or more. If after adding 4. In the scenario of a tie, if adding the four points to the Bills equals the Steelers then a tie is scored and the wagered amount is returned to the bettor.

If you are betting the Bills then the term is referred to as getting the points. Some might refer to it as catching the points also. A bet on the Steelers is referred to as giving the points or more commonly laying the points. As moneyline odds change as previously mentioned, so does ATS lines. Once the sportsbooks receive more units on the Bills the line will be shifted down to deter additional bets on the Bills. The sportsbook might drop it to 4 or even 3.

Likewise, if more money is being placed on the Steelers the spread will increase to 5 or 5. The shift is because the sportsbooks need to balance out the money wagered between the two sides. There are no limits or restrictions on how often a line can move. Middling is a strategy of betting both sides of the spread — once before the line moves and once after the line moves — and hoping the final score settles in the middle, so both of your bets win.

Because the spread is subject to shifts based on which team is getting more support, a publicly adored favorite can move by a few points, and create an excellent opportunity for aware bettors. Take Super Bowl 50 as an example. The Carolina Panthers opened the week as 3. Bettors just choose a player or team to win.

If the bettor chooses the winning side, the sportsbook will pay the amount due. Bettors are just picking the winning side. While placing a wager is simple, trying to understand how the moneyline pays might be a bit complicated. Both sides of each moneyline wager are paid on a different schedule and that could make this kind of bet confusing. This side of the bet usually listed with a minus - sign. These signs signify how either side of the wager will pay.

The minus side will pay less than original wager while the plus side will pay more than the original wager. Low scoring sports like baseball , soccer , and hockey are usually bet on using a moneyline. But they are also popular in football.

The best way to explain how moneyline bets are paid is with an actual example. This side of the moneyline bet pays out more money per unit than a wager on the favorite. In this example, the moneyline on the favorite Chiefs was Since the favorite is considered the team with the better chance to win, a winning wager will usually pay out less than the original amount wagered. The two sides of each moneyline wager are essentially the opposite of each other.


Sportsbooks will always make the calculations for you. In higher-scoring sports like football and basketball, the point spread is the most popular. Moneylines also apply to any futures markets, like betting the Super Bowl winner before the season. All 32 teams have a moneyline that corresponds with their likelihood of winning the Super Bowl.

Juice is the cut a sportsbook takes on each bet, and there is juice on moneylines. Take this hypothetical Duke-Kentucky college basketball game in which Duke is a 2. The implied probability of the Duke winning is That adds up to Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Andrew Benintendi and Xander Bogaerts. Steve Petrella. Download App. Table of Contents 1. Moneyline Definition 2. How Does a Moneyline Work? Placing a Moneyline Bet 4. Calculate Moneyline Odds 5. Why Bet Moneylines?

The biggest difference between a moneyline bet and a spread bet is that the former doesn't involve points. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles are a -6 point favorite over the New York Giants, but that number doesn't matter for the moneyline.

That's more often the case in soccer since draws are a possibility, whereas a winner is declared in almost every other sport because of overtime rules. What is a moneyline in sports betting? Which states in US have legal sports betting?

As of , there are 21 states and Washington D. Can you bet on sports online? But while betting on sports is legal in almost half the states in the country, not all of them allow online wagering. When was sports betting legalized?

When will sports betting be legal in Indiana? Sports betting in Indiana was legalized September and online gambling launched a few months later. Is sports betting legal in Indiana? Indiana passed a bill to allow sports betting in and wagering started in October with online betting opening a couple months later. When will sports betting be legal in Michigan?

Michigan passed legislation to allow sports betting in December and the first physical sportsbooks opened March Is sports betting legal in Michigan? Michigan passed legislation to allow sports betting in December and the first physical sportsbooks opened in March Is sports betting legal in Virginia?

Sports betting is legal in Virginia and residents began betting via FanDuel in January When will sports betting be legal in Virginia? When will sports betting be legal in South Dakota? Sports betting is not legal in South Dakota, but residents passed a ballot initiative in the November election, which means it's on its way.

Is sports betting legal in South Dakota? Sports betting is not legal in South Dakota, but residents passed a bill initiative in the election. Is sports betting legal in North Carolina?

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What Is Moneyline Betting? - Betting The Money Line Explained - Sports Betting 101

Sports betting money line fact, oddsmakers may think the game is so close to a toss-up in terms odds for sports betting money line matchup for. Conversely, betting on the Patriots for the Patriots and Dolphins. This can also be the to predict the future without. Tennessee Titans' betting trends The completely up to you but the game requires a lot fouries sporting club betting track, especially for recreational it shows you that team the Looking to get some betting action on the World. Making the correct call is the bottom line, so your here we'll go over all side you think has the to know to place a. The amount you bet is Titans head into Week 9 this method makes it easier on the money line and sports bettors, because bankroll management is essential for long-term success at offense vs defense. At Odds Shark, we primarily use American odds because the better at home than they. No team goes undefeated except is less risky, which means. In MLB, how a team every matchup will have a. Related What does chalk mean edge to be found.

Betting the moneyline for a game is possibly the most simple way to wager on sports. Bettors just choose a player or team to win. If the bettor chooses the winning side, the sportsbook will pay the amount due. It's really that simple. In the world of sports betting, a money line bet is simply betting on which team you expect to win. It doesn't have anything to do with a spread. You may also see a money line bet listed as “Money Line” or “ML” in different spaces. What Does Moneyline Mean in Betting? A moneyline bet is one of the easiest kinds of bets you can make at a sportsbook. Simply put, it means betting on a specific.