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Biomarkers of satiation and satiety.

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Scrypt based crypto currency exchange Methods: The paper will present a dodin vs hogenkamp betting expert discussion In this way, health promotion became dodin vs hogenkamp betting expert first priority and fundamental action for the modern society. The subject of this thesis is promotion of renewable technologies. The fraction of trials completed correctly by the monkeys increased linearly with reward size and was hyperbolically discounted by delay-to-reward duration, relations that are similar to those found in free operant and choice tasks. Australian Open. Poor oral health can have a detrimental effect on children's quality of life, their performance at school and their success in later life. Man United vs Man City.
Guanyar bitcoins definition Pro Basketball Info. Background Recent nutrition recommendations advocate a reduction in protein from animal sources pork, beef because of environmental dodin vs hogenkamp betting expert. Pro Tennis Info. It is sensitive to external factors e. A slower eating rate, however, did not lead to a significant reduction in the amount of food consumed or level of satiation. Results: This prospective study included 48 subjects 20 males, 28 females with a mean age of
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Cordoba v barcelona betting preview The nonfood odors decreased general appetite. Protein intake also stimulates metabolic hormones that communicate information about energy status to the brain. Yet, how pregnant women perceive and describe fetal activity is under-investigated by qualitative means. Subjects were instructed to eat a test meal kcal. Although decision making is a ubiquitous function, the understanding of its underlying mechanisms remains limited, particularly at the single-cell level.

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Victor Lesser, Charles L. Pages Front Matter Pages The Radsim Simulator. Challenge Problem Testbed. Visualization and Debugging Tools. Target Tracking with Bayesian Estimation. Juan E. Vargas, Kiran Tvalarparti, Zhaojun Wu. Dynamic Resource-bounded Negotiation in Non-additive Domains. Charles L. Rauenbusch, Eric Hsu, Regis Vincent. Distributed Resource Allocation. Distributed Coordination through Anarchic Optimization. Yogurt can be an excellent basis for designing satiating food as it is protein-based food product.

Five different set-type yogurts were formulated by adding extra skim milk powder MP , whey protein concentrate WPC ,. Analysis of Behavioral Indicators as a Measure of Satiation. Providing noncontingent access to a stimulus until an individual displays behavioral indicators of satiation has been used to determine when an abolishing operation is in effect, but there has been variation in its application in the literature.

Four males diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder with tangibly maintained challenging behavior participated in this study. Three presession conditions were manipulated including restricted access to the tangible stimulus for 30 min, access to the tangible stimulus until the display of one behavioral indicator, and access to the tangible stimulus until the display of three behavioral indicators.

Each presession condition was followed by a tangible condition of the functional analysis to measure challenging behavior. Results indicated that presession access to a tangible stimulus until the display of three behavioral indicators produced a greater abative effect on challenging behavior than one behavioral indicator. The adaptive value of gluttony: predators mediate the life history trade-offs of satiation threshold. Animals vary greatly in their tendency to consume large meals. Yet, whether or how meal size influences fitness in wild populations is infrequently considered.

Using a predator exclusion, mark-recapture experiment, we estimated selection on the amount of food accepted during an ad libitum feeding bout hereafter termed ' satiation threshold' in the wolf spider Schizocosa ocreata. Individually marked, size-matched females of known satiation threshold were assigned to predator exclusion and predator inclusion treatments and tracked for a day period.

We also estimated the narrow-sense heritability of satiation threshold using dam-on-female-offspring regression. In the absence of predation, high satiation threshold was positively associated with larger and faster egg case production. However, these selective advantages were lost when predators were present. We estimated the heritability of satiation threshold to be 0.

Taken together, our results suggest that satiation threshold can respond to selection and begets a life history trade-off in this system: high satiation threshold individuals tend to produce larger egg cases but also suffer increased susceptibility to predation. Multimodal Neuroimaging Differences in Nicotine Abstinent vs. Satiated Smokers. Research on cigarette smokers suggests cognitive and behavioral impairments. However, much remains unclear how the functional neurobiology of smokers is influenced by nicotine state.

Therefore, we sought to determine which state, be it acute nicotine abstinence or satiety, would yield the most robust differences compared to non-smokers when assessing neurobiological markers of nicotine dependence. Smokers were scanned after a hour nicotine abstinence, and immediately after smoking their usual brand cigarette. The neuroimaging battery included a stop-signal task of response inhibition and pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling to measure cerebral blood flow CBF.

Cluster-correction was performed using AFNI's 3dClustSim to achieve a significance of pSmokers exhibited higher brain activation in bilateral inferior frontal gyrus IFG , a brain region known to be involved in inhibitory control, during successful response inhibitions relative to non-smokers. This effect was significantly higher during nicotine abstinence relative to satiety.

These hypo-perfusions were not different between abstinence and satiety. These findings converge on alterations in smokers in prefrontal circuits known to be critical for inhibitory control. These effects are present, even when smokers are satiated , but the neural activity required to achieve performance equal to controls is increased when smokers are in acute abstinence. Our multi-modal neuroimaging study gives neurobiological insights into the cognitive demands of maintaining abstinence and suggest targets for assessing the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

Expected satiation after repeated consumption of low- or high-energy-dense soup. Soup was served in a fixed amount on days and ad libitum on day 5. Ratings on sensory attributes were associated with expected satiation. Results on expected satiation coincided with those of study 1.

Thickness and intensity of taste were independently associated with expected satiation. Expectations may initially rely on sensory attributes and previous experiences, and are not easily changed. Full Text Available We examined gender differences in appetite sensations when exposed to Mediterranean diet MedDiet meals and determined whether there are gender differences in the change in the satiating properties of the MedDiet over time.

Thirty-eight men and 32 premenopausal women consumed a 4-week isoenergetic MedDiet under controlled conditions. Visual analogue scales were used to measure perceived appetite sensations before and immediately after each meal consumed over the course of one day Wednesday of the first and the fourth week of intervention. Women reported greater decreases for desire to eat, hunger, and appetite score than men in response to the consumption of the MedDiet meals gender-by-meal interactions, resp.

Fullness and prospective food consumption responses did not significantly differ between men and women. These results indicate gender differences in appetite sensations when exposed to the MedDiet. These results may be useful in order to have a better understanding of gender issues for body weight management.

We examined gender differences in appetite sensations when exposed to Mediterranean diet MedDiet meals and determined whether there are gender differences in the change in the satiating properties of the MedDiet over time. Modulation of taste responsiveness by the satiation hormone peptide YY.

La Sala, Michael S. It has been hypothesized that the peripheral taste system may be modulated in the context of an animal's metabolic state. One purported mechanism for this phenomenon is that circulating gastrointestinal peptides modulate the functioning of the peripheral gustatory system.

Recent evidence suggests endocrine signaling in the oral cavity can influence food intake FI and satiety. We hypothesized that these hormones may be affecting FI by influencing taste perception. We used immunohistochemistry along with genetic knockout models and the specific reconstitution of peptide YY PYY in saliva using gene therapy protocols to identify a role for PYY signaling in taste.

We show that PYY is expressed in subsets of taste cells in murine taste buds. We also show, using brief-access testing with PYY knockouts, that PYY signaling modulates responsiveness to bitter-tasting stimuli, as well as to lipid emulsions. We show that salivary PYY augmentation, via viral vector therapy, rescues behavioral responsiveness to a lipid emulsion but not to bitter stimuli and that this response is likely mediated via activation of Y2 receptors localized apically in taste cells. Our findings suggest distinct functions for PYY produced locally in taste cells vs.

Expected satiation after repeated consumption of low-or high-energy-dense soup. In study 1, participants consumed either a novel-flavoured LED n 32;. Comparison of oro-sensory exposure duration and intensity manipulations on satiation. Oro-sensory exposure OSE is an important factor in the regulation of food intake with increasing OSE leading to lower food intake.

Oral processing time and taste intensity both play an important role in OSE but their individual contribution to satiation is unknown. We aimed to determine the. Does food complexity have a role in eliciting expectations of satiating capacity? New strategies for formulating healthy, balanced food with enhanced expected satiating capacity are a hot topic. The present work tests the hypothesis that adding complexity to food will result in higher expectations of satiating capacity.

Different kinds of "visible" particles wheat bran, ground coconut, flaxseeds and oat meal were added to cheese pies with the aim of increasing the complexity of both their appearance and their texture. Two more basic recipes were also prepared with no particles added. Instrumental texture measurements, complexity and expected satiating capacity consumer scoring and sensory profiling of the six pie formulations were performed.

In addition, the consumers were asked to write down the characteristics they took into account in their pie complexity scores. For pies with very similar instrumental TPA hardness and resistance to penetration values, a clear trend that emerged was that the more complex the texture, the higher the satiating capacity expectations. The qualitative analysis of the terms mentioned by consumers was of great value for understanding the concepts underlying the appraisal of the samples' complexity.

Are people who have a better smell sense, more affected from satiation? Full Text Available Abstract Introduction: The olfactory system is affected by the nutritional balance and chemical state of the body, serving as an internal sensor. All bodily functions are affected by energy loss, including olfaction; hunger can alter odour perception.

Objective: In this study, we investigated the effect of fasting on olfactory perception in humans, and also assessed perceptual changes during satiation. Methods: The "Sniffin' Sticks" olfactory test was applied after 16 h of fasting, and again at least 1 h after Ramadan supper during periods of satiation.

All participants were informed about the study procedure and provided informed consent. The study was conducted in accordance with the basic principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. Results: This prospective study included 48 subjects 20 males, 28 females with a mean age of Scores were higher on all items pertaining to olfactory identification, thresholds and discrimination during fasting vs.

The olfactory system is more sensitive, and more reactive to odours, under starvation conditions, and is characterised by reduced activity during satiation. This situation was more pronounced in patients with a better sense of smell. Olfaction-related neurotransmitters should be the target of further study.

Energy-dense snacks can have the same expected satiation as sugar-containing beverages. Sugar-sweetened beverages SSBs are thought to be problematic for weight management because energy delivered in liquid form may be less effective at suppressing appetite than solid foods. This is relevant because expected satiation is an important determinant of portion selection and energy intake. Both experiments found that expected satiation was greater for meals containing caloric versus non-caloric beverages Notably, we failed to observe a significant difference in expected satiation between any of the caloric beverages and snack foods in Experiment 2 range: This finding suggests that it may be more appropriate to consider beverages and solid foods on the same continuum, recognizing that the expected satiation of some solid foods is as weak as some beverages.

Responsive feeding has been identified as important in preventing overconsumption by infants. However, this is predicated on an assumption that parents recognise and respond to infant feeding cues. Despite this, relatively little is understood about how infants engage parental feeding responses. Therefore, the aim of this systematic review was to identify what is known about infant communication of hunger and satiation and what issues impact on the expression and perception of these states.

Papers published between and were included in the review. The review revealed that feeding cues and behaviours are shaped by numerous issues, such as infants' physical attributes, individual psychological factors and environmental factors. Meanwhile, infant characteristics, external cues and mothers' own characteristics affect how feeding cues are perceived.

The existing literature provides insights into many aspects of hunger and satiation in infancy; however, there are significant gaps in our knowledge. There is a lack of validated tools for measuring hunger and satiation , a need to understand how different infant characteristics impact on feeding behaviour and a need to extricate the respective contributions of infant and maternal characteristics to perceptions of hunger and satiation.

Further research is also recommended to differentiate between feeding driven by liking and that driven by hunger. The olfactory system is affected by the nutritional balance and chemical state of the body, serving as an internal sensor. In this study, we investigated the effect of fasting on olfactory perception in humans, and also assessed perceptual changes during satiation. The "Sniffin' Sticks" olfactory test was applied after 16h of fasting, and again at least 1h after Ramadan supper during periods of satiation.

This prospective study included 48 subjects 20 males, 28 females with a mean age of Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. A preliminary candidate genotype-intermediate phenotype study of satiation and gastric motor function in obesity. Stomach motility contributes significantly to fullness sensation while eating and cessation of food intake in humans. Fat mass and obesity-associated gene FTO is linked with satiety. Our aim was to examine the association of these candidate genes with stomach functions that signal postprandial fullness: GE, GV, and maximum tolerated volume MTV.

These biomarkers constitute a component of the intermediate phenotype of satiation. A total of 62 overweight or obese participants underwent genotyping of the candidate genes, and validated measurements of GE of solids and liquids by scintigraphy, fasting and postprandial change in GV by SPECT single photon emission computed tomography , and MTV by nutrient drink test. Genetic susceptibility to postprandial satiation can be identified through intermediate phenotype markers.

With independent validation, these markers may guide patient selection of weight-loss therapies directed at gastric motor functions. Relating the effects of protein type and content in increased-protein cheese pies to consumers' perception of satiating capacity. Since proteins have been shown to have the highest satiation -inducing effects of all the macronutrients, increasing the protein level is one of the main strategies for designing foods with enhanced satiating capacity.

However, few studies analyze the effect that protein addition has on the texture and flavor characteristics of the target food item to relate it to the expected satiating capacity it elicits. The present work studied cheese pies with three levels of soy and whey proteins. Since the protein level altered the rheological behavior of the batters before baking and the texture of the baked pies, the feasibility of adding several protein levels for obtaining a range of final products was investigated.

The results showed that the type and content of protein contributed distinctive sensory characteristics to the samples that could be related to their satiating capacity perception. Harder and drier samples high protein levels were perceived as more satiating with less perceptible sweet and milky cheese pie characteristic flavors.

Soy contributed an off-flavour. These results will contribute to a better understanding of the interrelation of all these factors, aiding the development of highly palatable solid foods with enhanced satiating capacities. Protein-induced satiation and the calcium-sensing receptor.

High-protein diets have been shown to be associated with weight loss and satiety. The precise mechanism by which protein-rich diets promote weight loss remains unclear. Evidence suggests amino acids, formed as a consequence of protein digestion, are sensed by specific receptors on L-cells in the gastrointestinal GI tract. These L-cells Communicating hunger and satiation in the first 2?

McNally, Janet; Hugh? Abstract Responsive feeding has been identified as important in preventing overconsumption by infants. Therefore, the aim of this systematic review was to identify what is known about infant communication of hunger and satiation and what issues impact on the expression and perception of these Therefore the aim of this systematic review was to identify what is known about infant communication of hunger and satiation and what issues impact on the expression and perception of these states.

Satiation or availability? Effects of attention, memory, and imagery on the perception of ambiguous figures. The prolonged-inspection technique has been used to demonstrate effects of satiation on the perception of ambiguous figures. We propose that the inspection phase, in which subjects view an unambiguous version of the stimulus prior to observing the ambiguous figure, does not create neural fatigue but rather provides a context in which the alternative percept is apprehended and gains perceptual strength through processes such as imagination or memory.

The consequent availability of the alternative organization drives the perceptual phenomena that have been thought to reflect satiation. In Experiment 1, we demonstrated that 1 preexperimental exposure to the target figures and 2 allocation of attention to the inspection figures were both necessary in order to obtain results similar to those predicted by the satiation model. In Experiment 2, we obtained similar results, finding that effects of prior inspection were greater the greater the amount and availability of information regarding the alternative percept during the inspection phase.

Subjects who generated visual images of the noninspected alternative during inspection yielded results comparable to those from subjects to whom both versions were presented visually. Individuals with developmental disabilities may engage in automatically reinforced behaviors that may interfere with learning opportunities. Manipulation of motivating operations has been shown to reduce automatically maintained behavior in some individuals.

Considering behavioral indicators of satiation may assist in identifying the point at which an abolishing operation has begun to effect behavior. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of pre-session satiation of automatic reinforcement on subsequent levels of stereotypy and activity engagement during group activities for three males ages 5 to 13 years with developmental disabilities. Following functional analyses with analogue conditions, an alternating treatment design compared a pre-session access to stereotypy condition with a no-pre-session access condition prior to group activity sessions.

Results indicated that pre-session satiation of the putative reinforcer produced by stereotypy was effective in decreasing stereotypy and increasing activity engagement during subsequent group activities for all participants. These findings add to the literature supporting the effectiveness of abolishing operations to decrease automatically maintained stereotypy.

Are You Sure? Expectations about a food's satiating capacity predict self-selected portion size, food intake and food choice. However, two individuals might have a similar expectation, but one might be extremely confident while the other might be guessing.

It is unclear whether confidence about an expectation affects adjustments in energy intake at a subsequent meal. Subjects received ambiguous information about the preload's satiating capacity and rated how confident they were about their expected satiation before consuming the preload in its entirety. They were served an ad libitum test meal 30 min later.

Our results suggest that confidence modifies short-term controls of food intake by affecting energy compensation. These results merit consideration because imprecise caloric compensation has been identified as a potential risk factor for a positive energy balance and weight gain. These L-cells respond by secreting gut hormones that subsequently induce satiety.

In recent years, the calcium-sensing receptor has been identified in several cells of the GI tract, including L-cells, and suggested to sense specific amino acids. This review evaluates the evidence for protein-rich diets in inducing weight loss and how the calcium-sensing receptor may be implicated in this phenomenon. Commandeering the mechanisms by which elements of a protein-rich diet suppress appetite may provide another successful avenue for developing anti-obesity drugs.

Keywords: amino acids, energy regulation, obesity therapy, glucagon-like-peptide-1, peptide YY. Macronutrient manipulations of cheese resulted in lower energy content without compromising its satiating capacity. For cheeses, substituting fat with protein may provide such opportunity. We aimed at examining the acute effect of cheeses with different Sleeve gastrectomy effects on hunger, satiation , and gastrointestinal hormone and motility responses after a liquid meal test.

The relation between hunger, satiation , and integrated gastrointestinal motility and hormonal responses in morbidly obese patients after sleeve gastrectomy has not been determined. The objective was to assess the effects of sleeve gastrectomy on hunger, satiation , gastric and gallbladder motility, and gastrointestinal hormone response after a liquid meal test. Fasting and postprandial hunger, satiation , hormone concentrations, and gastric and gallbladder emptying were measured several times over 4 h.

No differences were observed in hunger and satiation curves between morbidly obese and nonobese groups; however, sleeve gastrectomy patients were less hungry and more satiated than the other groups. Antrum area during fasting in morbidly obese patients was statistically significant larger than in the nonobese and sleeve gastrectomy groups.

Gastric emptying was accelerated in the sleeve gastrectomy group compared with the other 2 groups which had very similar results. Gallbladder emptying was similar in the 3 groups. Sleeve gastrectomy patients showed the lowest ghrelin concentrations and higher early postprandial cholecystokinin and glucagon-like peptide 1 peaks than did the other participants. This group also showed an improved insulin resistance pattern compared with morbidly obese patients.

Sleeve gastrectomy seems to be associated with profound changes in gastrointestinal physiology that contribute to reducing hunger and increasing sensations of satiation. These changes include accelerated gastric emptying, enhanced postprandial cholecystokinin and glucagon-like peptide 1 concentrations, and reduced ghrelin release, which together may help patients lose weight and improve their glucose metabolism after. Eat and run? The study of vertical migrations in aquatic organisms has a long and colourful history, much of it to do with the effects of changing sampling technology on our understanding of the phenomenon.

However, the overwhelming majority of such studies carried out today still depend on detecting differences in vertical distribution profiles during some course of time, or acoustic echoes of migrating bands of organisms. These can not distinguish migratory activity of individual organisms, but can only assess net results of mass transfers of populations, which may integrate many individual migrations.

This is an important distinction, for without knowing the actual movements of individuals it seems unlikely that we will be able to understand their causes, nor the effects of vertical migrations on the environment or on the migrators themselves. This review examines evidence for individual vertical movements gathered from 'tracers', mainly gut contents, and reviews the evidence for the hypothesis that such movements are in fact driven by hunger and satiation.

The more recently appreciated vertical migrations of phytoplankters and their similarities in form and driving forces to those of zooplankton and nekton are also discussed. Finally, the role of vertical migrators in vertical fluxes of materials is discussed, along with the consequences of satiation -driven descent for such estimates.

Change in excitability of a putative decision-making neuron in Aplysia serves as a mechanism in the decision not to feed following food satiation. Although decision making is a ubiquitous function, the understanding of its underlying mechanisms remains limited, particularly at the single-cell level.

In this study, we used the decision not to feed that follows satiation in the marine mollusk Aplysia to examine the role of putative decision-making neuron B51 in this process. B51 is a neuron in the feeding neural circuit that exhibits decision-making characteristics in vitro, which bias the circuit toward producing the motor programs responsible for biting behavior. Twenty-four hours after satiation , suppressed feeding was accompanied by a significant decrease of B51 excitability compared to the control group of unfed animals.

No differences were measured in B51 resting membrane properties or synaptic input to B51 between the satiated and control groups. When B51 properties were measured at a time point in which feeding had recovered from the suppressive effects of satiation i. These findings indicate that B51 excitability changes in a manner that is coherent with the modifications in biting resulting from food satiation , thus implicating this neuron as a site of plasticity underlying the decision not to bite following food satiation in Aplysia.

Dissociable neural representations of grammatical gender in Broca's area investigated by the combination of satiation and TMS. Along with meaning and form, words can be described on the basis of their grammatical properties. Grammatical gender is often used to investigate the latter as it is a grammatical property that is independent of meaning.

The left inferior frontal gyrus IFG has been implicated in the encoding of grammatical gender, but its causal role in this process in neurologically normal observers has not been demonstrated. Here we combined verbal satiation with transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS to demonstrate that subpopulations of neurons within Broca's area respond preferentially to different classes of grammatical gender. Subjects were asked to classify Italian nouns into living and nonliving categories; half of these words were of masculine and the other half of feminine grammatical gender.

Prior to each test block, a satiation paradigm a phenomenon in which verbal repetition of a category name leads to a reduced access to that category was used to modulate the initial state of the representations of either masculine or feminine noun categories. In the No TMS condition, subjects were slower in responding to exemplars to the satiated category relative to exemplars of the nonsatiated category, implying that the neural representations for different classes of grammatical gender are partly dissociable.

The application of TMS over Broca's area removed the behavioral impact of verbal grammatical satiation , demonstrating the causal role of this region in the encoding of grammatical gender. These results show that the neural representations for different cases of a grammatical property within Broca's area are dissociable. Cholecystokinin regulates satiation idependently of the abdominal vagal nerve in a pig model of total subdiaphragmatic vagotomy.

Ripken, D. However, it is not clear to what extent CCK and GLP-1 increase satiation by stimulating receptors located on abdominal vagal nerve endings or via receptors located elsewhere. This study aimed to. Cholecystokinin regulates satiation independently of the abdominal vagal nerve in a pig model of total subdiaphragmatic vagotomy.

The effects of bulking, viscous and gel-forming dietary fibres on satiation. The objective was to determine the effects of dietary fibre with bulking, viscous and gel-forming properties on satiation , and to identify the underlying mechanisms.

We conducted a randomised crossover study with men and women. Subjects were healthy, non-restrained eaters, aged years and with normal BMI Physico-chemical properties of the test products were confirmed in simulated upper gastrointestinal conditions. In a cinema setting, ad libitum intake of the test products was measured concurrently with oral exposure time per cookie by video recording.

This effect might be due to an increased oral exposure time. Association of genetic variation in cannabinoid mechanisms and gastric motor functions and satiation in overweight and obesity. The endocannabinoid system is associated with food intake. We hypothesized that genes regulating cannabinoids are associated with obesity. Genetic variations in fatty acid amide hydroxylase FAAH and cannabinoid receptor 1 CNR1 are associated with satiation and gastric motor function.

Measuring and modeling the interaction among reward size, delay to reward, and satiation level on motivation in monkeys. Motivation is usually inferred from the likelihood or the intensity with which behavior is carried out. It is sensitive to external factors e. We trained macaque monkeys to perform a nonchoice instrumental task a sequential red-green color discrimination while manipulating two external factors: reward size and delay-to-reward. We also inferred the state of one internal factor, level of satiation , by monitoring the accumulated reward.

A visual cue indicated the forthcoming reward size and delay-to-reward in each trial. The fraction of trials completed correctly by the monkeys increased linearly with reward size and was hyperbolically discounted by delay-to-reward duration, relations that are similar to those found in free operant and choice tasks. The fraction of correct trials also decreased progressively as a function of the satiation level.

Similar albeit noiser relations were obtained for reaction times. The combined effect of reward size, delay-to-reward, and satiation level on the proportion of correct trials is well described as a multiplication of the effects of the single factors when each factor is examined alone.

These results provide a quantitative account of the interaction of external and internal factors on instrumental behavior, and allow us to extend the concept of subjective value of a rewarding outcome, usually confined to external factors, to account also for slow changes in the internal drive of the subject. Regional brain responses associated with drinking water during thirst and after its satiation. The instinct of thirst was a cardinal element in the successful colonization by vertebrates of the dry land of the planet, which began in the Ordovician period about million y ago.

It is a commonplace experience in humans that drinking water in response to thirst following fluid loss is a pleasant experience. However, continuing to drink water once thirst has been satiated becomes unpleasant and, eventually, quite aversive. Functional MRI experiments reported here show pleasantness of drinking is associated with activation in the anterior cingulate cortex Brodmann area 32 and the orbitofrontal cortex. The unpleasantness and aversion of overdrinking is associated with activation in the midcingulate cortex, insula, amygdala, and periaqueductal gray.

Drinking activations in the putamen and cerebellum also correlated with the unpleasantness of water, and the motor cortex showed increased activation during overdrinking compared with drinking during thirst. These activations in motor regions may possibly reflect volitional effort to conduct compliant drinking in the face of regulatory mechanisms inhibiting intake.

The results suggestive of a specific inhibitory system in the control of drinking are unique. Controversies surrounding high-protein diet intake: satiating effect and kidney and bone health. Long-term consumption of a high-protein diet could be linked with metabolic and clinical problems, such as loss of bone mass and renal dysfunction.

However, although it is well accepted that a high-protein diet may be detrimental to individuals with existing kidney dysfunction, there is little evidence that high protein intake is dangerous for healthy individuals. High-protein meals and foods are thought to have a greater satiating effect than high-carbohydrate or high-fat meals. The effect of high-protein diets on the modulation of satiety involves multiple metabolic pathways. Protein intake induces complex signals, with peptide hormones being released from the gastrointestinal tract and blood amino acids and derived metabolites being released in the blood.

Protein intake also stimulates metabolic hormones that communicate information about energy status to the brain. Long-term ingestion of high amounts of protein seems to decrease food intake, body weight, and body adiposity in many well-documented studies. The aim of this article is to provide an extensive overview of the efficacy of high protein consumption in weight loss and maintenance, as well as the potential consequences in human health of long-term intake.

Satiated with belongingness? Effects of acceptance, rejection, and task framing on self-regulatory performance. Seven experiments showed that the effects of social acceptance and social exclusion on self-regulatory performance depend on the prospect of future acceptance. Excluded participants showed decrements in self-regulation, but these decrements were eliminated if the self-regulation task was ostensibly a diagnostic indicator of the ability to get along with others. No such improvement was found when the task was presented as diagnostic of good health.

Accepted participants, in contrast, performed relatively poorly when the task was framed as a diagnostic indicator of interpersonally attractive traits. Furthermore, poor performance among accepted participants was not due to self-handicapping or overconfidence. Offering accepted participants a cash incentive for self-regulating eliminated the self-regulation deficits. These findings provide evidence that the need to belong fits standard motivational patterns: Thwarting the drive intensifies it, whereas satiating it leads to temporary reduction in drive.

Accepted people are normally good at self-regulation but are unwilling to exert the effort to self-regulate if self-regulation means gaining the social acceptance they have already obtained. Fruit availability, frugivore satiation and seed removal in 2 primate-dispersed tree species.

During a mast-fruiting event we investigated spatial variability in fruit availability, consumption, and seed removal at two sympatric tree species, Manilkara bidentata and M. We addressed the question of how Manilkara density and fruits at the community level might be major causes of variability in feeding assemblages between tree species. We thus explored how the frugivore assemblages differed between forest patches with contrasting relative Manilkara density and fruiting context.

During the daytime, Alouatta seniculus was more often observed in M. Small-bodied primates concentrated fallen seeds beneath parent trees while large-bodied primate species removed and dispersed more seeds away from parents. However, among the latter, satiated A. Variations in feeding assemblages, seed removal rates and fates possibly reflected interactions with extra-generic fruit species at the community level, according to feeding choice, habitat preferences and ranging patterns of primate species.

Besides influencing vigilance, orexin neurotransmission serves a variety of functions, including reward, motivation, and appetite regulation. Participants were first trained on a choice task to earn salty and sweet snacks. Next, one of the snack outcomes was devalued by having participants consume it until satiation i.

We then measured the selective reduction in choices for the devalued snack outcome. Finally, we assessed the number of calories that participants consumed spontaneously from ad libitum available snacks afterwards. After satiety, all participants reported reduced hunger and less wanting for the devalued snack. However, while controls and idiopathic hypersomnia patients chose the devalued snack less often in the choice task, patients with narcolepsy still chose the devalued snack as often as before satiety.

Subsequently, narcolepsy patients spontaneously consumed almost 4 times more calories during ad libitum snack intake. We show that the manipulation of food-specific satiety has reduced effects on food choices and caloric intake in narcolepsy type 1 patients. These mechanisms may contribute to their obesity, and suggest an important functional role for orexin in human eating behavior. Study registered at Netherlands Trial Register.

URL: www. The effect of real-time vibrotactile feedback delivered through an augmented fork on eating rate, satiation , and food intake. Eating rate is a basic determinant of appetite regulation, as people who eat more slowly feel sated earlier and eat less.

Without assistance, eating rate is difficult to modify due to its automatic nature. In the current study, participants used an augmented fork that aimed to decelerate their rate of eating. A total of participants were randomly assigned to the Feedback Condition FC , in which they received vibrotactile feedback from their fork when eating too fast i. A slower eating rate, however, did not lead to a significant reduction in the amount of food consumed or level of satiation.

These findings indicate that real-time vibrotactile feedback delivered through an augmented fork is capable of reducing eating rate, but there is no evidence from this study that this reduction in eating rate is translated into an increase in satiation or reduction in food consumption. Overall, this study shows that real-time vibrotactile feedback may be a viable tool in interventions that aim to reduce eating rate. The long-term effectiveness of this form of feedback on satiation and food consumption, however, awaits further investigation.

Reflections of hunger and satiation in the structure of temporal organization of slow electrical and spike activities of fundal and antral stomach muscles in rabbits. Manifestations of hunger and satiation in myoelectric activity patterns in different portions of the stomach were studied in chronic experiments. The state of hunger manifested in the structure of temporal organization of slow electric activity of muscles in the stomach body and antrum in the form of bimodal distributions of slow electric wave periods, while satiation as unimodal distribution.

In hunger-specific bimodal distribution of slow electric wave periods generated by muscles of the stomach body and antrum, the position of the first maximum carries the information about oncoming food reinforcement, since this particular range of slow wave fluctuations determines temporal parameters of slow electric activity of muscles in all stomach regions in the course of subsequent successive food-procuring behavior. Under conditions of hunger, the pacemaker features of muscles in the lesser curvature are realized incompletely.

Complete realization is achieved in the course of food intake and at the state of satiation. Subjective feelings of appetite are measured using visual analogue scales VAS in controlled trials. However, the methods used to analyze VAS during the Satiation pre- to post-meal and Satiety post-meal to subsequent meal periods vary broadly, making it difficult to compare results amongst independent studies testing the same product.

This review proposes a methodology to analyze VAS during both the Satiation and Satiety periods, allowing us to compare results in a meta-analysis. A methodology to express VAS results as incremental areas under the curve iAUC for both the Satiation and Satiety periods is proposed using polydextrose as a case study.

Further, a systematic review and meta-analysis on subjective feelings of appetite was conducted following the PRISMA methodology. Seven studies were included in the meta-analysis. There were important differences in the methods used to analyze appetite ratings amongst these studies. The method proposed here allowed the results of the different studies to be homogenized.

This case study demonstrates, for the first time, that polydextrose reduces the Desire to Eat during the Satiation period. This may explain, at least in part, the observed effects of polydextrose on the reduction of levels of energy. Is portion size selection associated with expected satiation , perceived healthfulness or expected tastiness?

A case study on pizza using a photograph-based computer task. Increasing portion sizes over the last 30 years are considered to be one of the factors underlying overconsumption. Past research on the drivers of portion selection for foods showed that larger portions are selected for foods delivering low expected satiation. However, the respective contribution of expected satiation vs. In this study, we conjointly explored the role of expected satiation , perceived healthfulness and expected tastiness when selecting portions within a range of six commercial pizzas varying in their toppings and brands.

For each product, 63 pizza consumers selected a portion size that would satisfy them for lunch and scored their expected satiation , perceived healthfulness and expected tastiness. As six participants selected an entire pizza as ideal portion independently of topping or brand, their data sets were not considered in the data analyses completed on responses from 57 participants.

Hierarchical multiple regression analyses showed that portion size variance was predicted by perceived healthiness and expected tastiness variables. Two sub-groups of participants with different portion size patterns across pizzas were identified through post-hoc exploratory analysis. The explanatory power of the regression model was significantly improved by adding interaction terms between sub-group and expected satiation variables and between sub-group and perceived healthfulness variables to the model.

Analysis at a sub-group level showed either positive or negative association between portion size and expected satiation depending on sub-groups. For one group, portion size selection was more health-driven and for the other, more hedonic-driven.

These results showed that even when considering a well-liked product category, perceived healthfulness can be an important factor influencing portion size decision. Satiation deficits and binge eating: Probing differences between bulimia nervosa and purging disorder using an ad lib test meal. The current study evaluated satiation through behavioral and self-report measures to understand how this construct may explain distinct symptom presentations for bulimia nervosa BN and purging disorder PD.

Participants completed structured clinical interviews and questionnaires and an ad lib test meal during which they provided reports of subjective states. Significant group differences were found on self-reported symptoms, ad lib test meal intake, and subjective responses to food intake between individuals with eating disorders and controls and between BN and PD.

Further, ad lib intake was associated with self-reported frequency and size of binge episodes. In a multivariable model, the amount of food consumed during binges as reported during clinical interviews predicted amount of food consumed during the ad lib test meal, controlling for other binge-related variables. Satiation deficits distinguish BN from PD and appear to be specifically linked to the size of binge episodes. Future work should expand exploration of physiological bases of these differences to contribute to novel interventions.

Ramsay, Samantha A. Objective: To explore the verbal communication of child care providers regarding preschool children's internal and non-internal hunger and satiation cues. Results: Adults' verbal…. Satiating properties of diets rich in dietary fibre fed to sows asevaluated by physico-chemical properties, gastric emptying rate and physical activity. Measurements of gastric emptying turned out to be a practical tool for ranking of the ability of DF sources to reduce activity Development of satiating and palatable high-protein meat products by using experimental design in food technology.

Full Text Available Background and objectives: Foods high in protein are known to satiate more fully than foods high in other constituents. One challenge with these types of food is the degree of palatability. This study was aimed at developing the frankfurter style of sausages that would regulate food intake as well as being the preferred food choice of the consumer.

Twenty-seven subjects were recruited based on liking and frequency of sausage consumption. The participants ranged in age from 20 to 28, and in body mass index BMI between The students were served a sausage meal for five consecutive days and then filled out a questionnaire to describe their feelings of hunger, satiety, fullness, desire to eat an their prospective consumption on a visual analogue scale VAS starting from right before, right after the meal, every half hour for 4 h until the next meal was served, and right after the second meal.

Results and conclusion: The higher protein sausages were less juicy, oily, fatty, adhesive, but harder and more granular than with lower amount of protein. Some indication of satiety effect of added oil versus meat fat. No significant differences in liking among the four sausage varieties. Background and objectives Foods high in protein are known to satiate more fully than foods high in other constituents.

Results and conclusion The higher protein sausages were less juicy, oily, fatty, adhesive, but harder and more granular than with lower amount of protein. The high-protein sausages were perceived as more satiating the first 90 min after the first meal. Methods: A methodology to express VAS results as incremental areas under the curve iAUC for both the Satiation and Satiety periods is proposed using polydextrose as a case study.

Results: Seven studies were included in the meta-analysis. This may explain, at least in part, the observed. Impact of a non-restrictive satiating diet on anthropometrics, satiety responsiveness and eating behaviour traits in obese men displaying a high or a low satiety phenotype.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of a non-restrictive satiating diet in men displaying various degrees of satiety efficiency. Both diets were consumed ad libitum. Changes in body weight, BMI, percent fat mass, waist circumference, satiety responsiveness and eating behaviour traits were assessed following the intervention. Satiety responsiveness was markedly improved in the satiating diet, whereas no significant changes were observed in the control group.

To explore the verbal communication of child care providers regarding preschool children's internal and non-internal hunger and satiation cues. Adults' verbal communication with children at mealtimes emphasized non-internal cues: 1 cueing children to amounts without referencing children's internal cues; 2 meal termination time; 3 asking children if they wanted more without referencing their internal cues; 4 asking children if they were done without referencing their internal cues; 5 telling children to take, try, eat, or finish food; 6 praising children for eating; and 7 telling children about food being good for you.

Adults demonstrated an overriding effort to get children to eat. Training needs to be developed that gives specifics on verbally cueing young children to their internal hunger and satiation cues. Published by Elsevier Inc. A paleolithic diet is more satiating per calorie than a mediterranean-like diet in individuals with ischemic heart disease.

Full Text Available Abstract Background We found marked improvement of glucose tolerance and lower dietary energy intake in ischemic heart disease IHD patients after advice to follow a Paleolithic diet, as compared to a Mediterranean-like diet. We now report findings on subjective ratings of satiety at meals and data on the satiety hormone leptin and the soluble leptin receptor from the same study. In parallel with a four day weighed food record the participants recorded their subjective rating of satiety.

Satiety Quotients were calculated, as the intra-meal quotient of change in satiety during meal and consumed energy or weight of food and drink for that specific meal. Leptin and leptin receptor was measured at baseline and after 6 and 12 weeks. Results The Paleolithic group were as satiated as the Mediterranean group but consumed less energy per day 5.

Relative changes in leptin and changes in weight and waist circumference correlated significantly in the Paleolithic group p Conclusions A. Effect of a test meal on meal responses of satiation hormones and their association to insulin resistance in obese adolescents. The role of gastrointestinal GI hormones in the pathophysiology of obesity is unclear, although they are involved in the regulation of satiation and glucose metabolism.

To i examine glucagon-like peptide 1 GLP-1 , amylin, ghrelin, and glucagon responses to a meal in obese adolescents and to ii test which GI peptides are associated with insulin resistance are presented. Subjects were instructed to eat a test meal kcal. Plasma samples were collected for hormone and glucose analysis. Obesity and diabetes have been associated with increased consumption of highly processed foods, and reduced consumption of whole grains and nuts.

It has been proposed, mainly on the basis of observational studies, that nuts may provide superior satiation , may lead to reduced calorie consumption, and may decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes; but evidence from randomized, interventional studies is lacking. A total of 20 men and women with the metabolic syndrome participated in a randomized, double-blind, crossover study of walnut consumption.

Subjects had two 4-day admissions to the clinical research center where they were fed an isocaloric diet. In addition, they consumed shakes for breakfast containing either walnuts or placebo shakes were standardized for calories, carbohydrate, and fat content. Appetite, insulin resistance, and metabolic parameters were measured. We did not find any change in resting energy expenditure, hormones known to mediate satiety, or insulin resistance when comparing the walnut vs.

Walnut consumption over 4 days increased satiety by day 3. Long-term studies are needed to confirm the physiologic role of walnuts, the duration of time needed for these effects to occur, and to elucidate the underlying mechanisms. Coconut oil has less satiating properties than medium chain triglyceride oil. It is well established that the consumption of medium-chain triglycerides MCT can increase satiety and reduce food intake.

Many media articles promote the use of coconut oil for weight loss advocating similar health benefits to that of MCT. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of MCT oil compared to coconut oil and control oil on food intake and satiety. Following an overnight fast, participants consumed a test breakfast smoothie containing kcal of either i MCT oil ii coconut oil or iii vegetable oil control on three separate test days.

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