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Fart on face bet gabf

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox. Support Us. The independent voice of Denver since Chipotle is gunning for 50 percent local produce this year.

Jessica Chapman 4. Word of Mouth. Jessica Chapman May 20, am. Facebook Twitter. I Support Local Community Journalism. Support the independent voice of Denver and help keep the future of Westword free. Powered by SailThru. Inspired by this he decided that before he left he would leave a few gassy gifts on the boy next to him. I reach into the oven and pull out a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and sit them on the counter next to a tray of recently baked cupcakes.

My guest is currently tied to a chair in the middle of my kitchen and is staring at me with a shocked expression. I walk towards the guy and turn around so my bare ass is in his face. I bend over and back up a few inches until I feel his breath against my ass. I hear him make a noise of disgust. I then grunt and scrunch up my face as I concentrate.

You are to never raise your voice at me and you are to always address me as sir. Do I make myself clear Chuck? And secondly, how the hell do you know my name? I write about what I experience. I roll my eyes and turn around bringing my bare ass back into his face. I chuckle as I hear him groan behind me.

Besides why would you want to leave? This is a win-win situation here. I growl in anger and I can feel my stomach rumbling along with my growl. This guy just made a big mistake! I wiggle my ass and manhandle his face until I feel his lips pressed against my ass hole. Oh yeah, dinner is served. But I can feel his screams against my butthole and it feels kind of nice.

You want seconds you say? I laugh as I feel him thrashing behind me and yelling into my ass. I start rubbing my asshole over his lips and nose to torment him more. I think you should verbally tell my butt thank you. But I still have my ass a few inches from his face. Once I let Chuck out of my ass he starts to greedily gasp for fresh air. I then start to let out a series of farts into his face to punctuate every word I say.

I finish off with a monster fart in his face that lasts for 30 seconds and ends with a hiss. I look down at him with a smirk and I like what I see. His eyes are wet and red from my gas and I can see fear in them as well. With my butt facing the side of his face I lift my leg and….

I walk up to the counter as I leave Chuck gagging on my last fart. I pick up a chocolate chip cookie and head back to him. With a smile I bring the cookie to his face. He reels back but takes a sniff. But I quickly squash those ideas. I push the cookie in enough so that majority of the cookie is sticking out my ass and the other part is secured in place between my ass cheeks. And I smile as he simultaneously struggles to get free and at the same time begging me not to force feed him this cookie.

The first item is this scrumptious cookie, and the second item is another hardy helping of my famous beef stew. So what will you have? I laugh as I hear him let out a whine that sounds like a wounded moose. He probably made that noise because a combination of hearing the options he must choose from and this rancid sbd I poisoned the air around him with.

Please just stop. I swallow a few mouthfuls of air before cupping my hand and putting it over my mouth. I pull my cupped hand from my mouth quickly, but I still get a whiff of my belch, and it even makes my eyes water. I reach behind and cover his nose with my cupped hand.

After 20 seconds I remove my hand. I smile as I look over my shoulder and see him tilt his head and take the first bite. After chewing twice he starts to gag and looks like he might spit it out. He chews a bit more vigorously and finally swallows. After a few more bites, all that is left of the cookie is submerged in my ass. I move my ass away from his face a bit, and pull out the last piece of the cookie. Chuck makes another noise of disgust. I close one eyes and grunt. I rip a beast of a fart that lasts a minute and a half.

I drench the piece of cookie in another rancid fart and Chuck is currently in a coughing fit. I turn around and squat down so I am face to face with Chuck whose still in a coughing fit for a few more moments. Once his fit is over I bring the piece of cookie to his lips. He looks reluctant but he eventually opens his mouth slowly. I place the piece of cookie on his tongue and he winces immediately at the taste.

I then place my hand on his chin and push up so he closes his mouth. He starts to chew. And after ten seconds of chewing he finally swallows the last bite of my fart cookie. I smile and gently rub the back of his head as he looks at me nervously.

I stop rubbing the back of his head but I keep my hand there and my smile turns into a smirk. His nervous look turns in a fearful one and he lets out an audible gulp. In a flash I tighten my hand on the back of his head and pull him forward. I open my mouth and tilt my head as I move my face towards his as well.

Once our faces meet, my open mouth is sealed around his nose. I laugh with a muffled voice as he trashes under me trying to escape from my mouth and the smell. After 30 seconds I watch as his eyes roll to the back of his head and he passes out. I look at him and wonder how many times I can make him pass out? Let find out. I let out a sigh and bring it to his face and waft it up his nose.

After 3 seconds he comes back to and groans when he sees my face. I smile at him and again start swallowing mouthfuls of air. My eyes widen and I quickly jump up and start untying him from behind the chair. I kneel next to him and help him take a few sips of water. I know this was your idea but this scene might not have turned you on as much as you thought it would.

And as you can see we have plenty of chocolate chip cookies for tonight. And these are my secret weapons that I whipped up. Chuck rolls his eyes, used to my constant fart duel with my just as gassy boss Aaron, and sometimes with his best friend Ryan.

Chuck smiles at me and gives me a peck on the lips. I try to follow his lips but he pulls back into the chair. I-I promise to write an amazing review for your restaurant. I give him a quick kiss on the nose and a smile before returning back to character as well.

With that stutter and that look in your eyes, I think you might be lying. I think I need a second opinion. I let out a long and hissing fart into his face that is wet at the end. Hearing him gagging and coughing on my fart is music to my ears. My jock is soaking with my pre. He had another night of hard drinking — waaay too many shots and beers. Looking down at him on the sofa and getting so boned.

I jack off constantly as I think about it though. My heart is racing as I pull off my jeans and drop down on my knees. I lower my face directly in front of his ass crack. Slack jawed, I immediately start gooning as I stroke my raging hard on, fixated on his furry ass cheeks. My precum is oozing like fucking crazy. Moving in closer I gingerly spread his sexy, big ass cheeks exposing that reeking, wrinkly asshole. His pungent aroma wafts out and assaults my nostrils just like I knew it would.

Sniiiiffff, sniiifff, sniiifff! That was evident by the huge skid marks on his briefs. Man stink has always been my biggest turn on. So here I am… finally up close with his rank ass in my face. His dirty, funky ass stink is intoxicating. Ah fuck, his farts drive me insane! Then he blows another one that sounds like a trombone.

The sound of it echos off the walls. Not wanting any air, just fart stink, I keep Inhaling as deeply as I can. My face is smothered in his shit hole. My stiff cock jumps to attention, precum leaking like crazy. With my eyes rolling back in my head, I masturbate like I never have before. Wait, is he actually responding and letting me slide my nose and tongue in further? I hear Ben moan as I keep digging in as far as I can.

Remembering that my poppers are in my pants pocket, I pull them out and take a huge hit. The rush starts to hit me as my heart pounds and races. I continue to whiff deeper and deeper, drooling like the gooned out fart pig I am. Ben starts moaning again as he unexpectedly grabs my head.

I flinch for a second as his hands fumble as he tries to grind his smelly, farty asshole deep into my face. Then he manages to mutter and slur out some words. Eat my azz babe-bee. Holy fuck balls! Becca must be a freak in the sheets too?!? Ben flips over and exposes his incredibly huge, thick, pulsating uncut cock. Fuck… I gotta taste that whopper! In his drunken stupor he tries to guide my head and mouth down to his throbbing penis, never quite hitting the mark.

I grab that fat fucker, pull back the foreskin and sniff it. Oh fuck, it stinks so good! I grind my nose and mouth all over his cock and balls, marking my face with more of his rank smells. Then I start devouring it. My throat making glugging and gagging sounds as I slurp and gob all over that musky uncut cock and balls. I shove my finger up his shit hole, massaging his prostate. Not even a wince from him as I finger fuck his tight little pucker.

Becca must do this to him too! Pulling my finger gently from his hole, Ben rips again as I rub his ripe ass juices all over his mammoth cock and inside my nostrils. Hitting the poppers and getting ready for that load, I keep sucking him with all the piggy lust I can muster.

Ben blasts another monster fart that burns a little as I inhale hard and sucked it up my nostrils. I breathe him in. His man musk hitting me hard in the face. I pull his cock out from my mouth and stroke it, like only a man knows how to. I want to watch and feel that gush of cum squirt hard, landing on my face as I lap it up. I cum with him as I feel that enormous geyser blast of spunk spew out, hitting me first in the eyes and then my face and lips.

My cum load squirts hard and splashes all over the front of the sofa, and drips down on to the floor in a nice big puddle. I get to smell his manly funk all night long. I think about heading back to the living room for a second go round. But that would be pushing my luck. I put them over my head and hit the poppers again.

I blast a few farts of my own which I enjoy the fuck out of too. How I love man stink! My friends who all think Ben is hot as shit would never believe I had the balls to do this, and… I have a new found affection for Becca knowing she a little fart freak like me. I was alone with my new master, Kai, in this room. Suddenly, a compartment moved out from the wall.

Kai walked over and removed a large box from the compartment. He quickly got out what was inside the box as well. It looked like a strange scooter. There were two platforms that diverged from each other in a wishbone-like manner, with wheels on the bottom and a small motor between them. Rising from the front, where they connected, was a short metal rod, and on top of this was a small chin-rest, like what you use at the optometrist.

There were straps located all along the bottom platforms. I knew what this was immediately. Kai placed the machine behind him, and I crawled over slowly, beginning to salivate at the thought of this new life with Kai as my master actually beginning. I placed myself onto the machine - my knees at the very front of the platforms and my chin resting on top of the rod.

The straps immediately latched onto my calves, ensuring I would not move my legs. A compartment emerged from underneath the chin rest. A fabric strap began to stretch around the back of my head. I heard him let out a small moan and a chuckle. There was no moving from this contraption. My hands were locked down to my sides by what I assumed were magnetic devices, though I could not see. Kai began to walk. The device kept pace with him, slowing when he did, speeding up when he did, leaving my face comfortably plastered in his ass.

He stopped suddenly, and I heard him grunting slightly above me, then…. A quick and deep sounding fart was blasted right into my face. I felt him pat my head like a dog afterward. I took a very deep breath in, trying to make it audible for him so that he could know I was taking this seriously. The smell itself was heavenly. A perfect combo of rancid eggy smell and beefy beans. My dick was hard as a rock already. Kai just kept walking along, as if it was a normal day, and my nose was not shoved right up to his asshole.

I heard a door open and it suddenly got much warmer. I could hear some voices in the distance, and I began to think of what others would think when they saw this. I heard a car door open. The straps on my legs were released. I laid down my legs so that they went down the ramp, away from the seat, and then the straps reappeared going around my thighs now.

There was a hole in the seat, just the right size for my face. I was shifted upwards until my face was flush with the seat level. The regular floor of the car moved back out, covering my entire body. My face had literally become his car seat in a matter of 10 seconds.

The car door shut, and I heard the engine start up. He let out a powerful, hot fart right into my mouth, and moaned very loudly. About an hour into the ride, and 20 farts later, I heard him mumbling above me. The windows are tinted very darkly, so no one can see in here and I can do whatever I want. With that, I heard him taking off his suit jacket, tie, and shirt. I could see up his back, which was now just covered by his wife beater, which he removed next.

The muscles on his back drove me wild, his shoulders were beautiful. Next I heard him loosening his belt and he then quickly slid his pants down, his underwear with them. I heard him fumbling around, and then he scootched back a little bit so that his asshole was in line with my nose, and my mouth was free.

I began to suck on them tenderly. He let out a moan above me. Seconds later he grunted and released a torrent of hot air right up my nostrils. I moaned and breathed in deeply, while still licking around his balls, now with his hot gas scent dominating me as well. I felt the car stop moving. He put his pants and dress shirt back on and then got out of the car.

Kai quickly returned with a burger, fries, and chicken nuggets. He sat down but behind my face this time. He removed his clothes again, and started driving, his cock and balls resting on my forehead. He started eating the burger himself, at first ignoring me.

After he finished he scootched his asshole up to my mouth. The taste was insane, I felt like his burger had been shared with me but with a combo of rancid gas smell as well. He then scootched back again, and began feeding me chicken nuggets and fries.

He would often fart on a fry or nugget before feeding me it, or he would just rub it on his sweaty asshole, cock or balls. He even took some for himself, chewed them, and then spit them down into my mouth. We finished eating and he then returned to sitting with his hole right on my mouth. Now he commanded me to rim him for the last hour of the ride. So I spent the last hour licking all around his crack and hole. I became accustomed to the taste of his ass sweat and his farts, as he released at least 30 strong, deep, bass farts onto my tongue and down my throat during this period.

We finally arrived at his home at 10 pm, and I was excited to find out what was next. Nate and I had been friends for a while. Our first week of high school was finally over, and to celebrate, Nate asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his house. I thought it would be fun, so I said yes, and went over to his house that night. His Dad made us tacos and refried beans for dinner. His dad told us he was going to bed, and that we should do the same soon. We crawled into our sleeping bags and layed down, tucked in for the night, when suddenly, I had to fart soooo bad from all that mexican food.

I let out a loud nasty fart. Nate was disgusted. I woke up a couple hours later to the Sound of Nate laughing. The lights had been turned on and I could see Nate standing over me, still laughing. Then he started to lower his body, as he did, the fabric of his tight grey shorts clung to his ass, which made its way closer and closer to my face.

I guess he heard me trying to breathe through my mouth to avoid the stink, so he grabbed an old pair of his white briefs that was laying on the floor and stuffed them in my mouth. As I squirmed and mumbled with discontent he lowered ass until it was now touching my face, and continued to push with his strong ass until my nose was pushed tightly against the seam of his tight shorts that was going up his ass crack. He farted again and rubbed his smelly ass around on my poor helpless nose. Nate was like a non-stop farting machine oooohhing and ahhhhing as he continued to fart and grind his smelly ass on my face.

It lasted almost an entire minute, and smelled of rotten eggs. Nate finally stood up, and for a briefs second I got a whiff of fresh air. Then I saw Mike turn his back toward me. He pulled down his pants, exposing tight black boxer briefs. He sat down right on my nose and immediately let out a gigantic fart. I told him it smelled like hell, like hot stinky ass and it was making me feel sick.

Mike just laughed and shoved the briefs back in my mouth and continued farting. I began to feel like I was dying, my whole body felt weak and all I could concentrate on was the extreme stench. It was muscular and slightly hairy. I tried to beg him not to put his naked butt on my poor helpless face, but between the briefs in my mouth and the lack of energy, I doubt he even knew I was trying to speak. He pushed his widespread hole down on my nose, and then let his butt cheeks mold around my face.

At this point, even without him farting it smelled like hell. It was a long smelly SBD that lasted well over a minute. Although I am not sure exactly how long because I passed out about half way through it. Mark was the youngest of three brothers, and they lived with his father and Uncle Tom. Being a male dominated house, there was quite naturally a lot of farting, whether just casually or as a prank. Being the youngest, Mark found himself the usual target of these pranks, especially regarding his older brothers, Jim and Paul, who he shared a room with.

One day, the boys had decided to make a den in their bedroom, which they would then sleep in at night. It was by no accident that Jim and Paul decided to place Mark in between them, so that they could torture him with gas later in the night. The lights went out and all was silent for a few moments. How does that smell, fart face? His brothers often farted in his face and he knew by know that squirming was no way to get free.

Mark felt so stupid, just taking it like that, but what choice did he have? Finally, Paul finished and Mark was free to return to sleep. It was truly terrible and the sounds of them trumping never seemed to end. Mark had to get out. As he heard them, a tear shed down the poor boys face; but he would do it if it could mean a night of freedom. Both Jim and Paul were on all fours, their backsides high in the air.

You dirty bastard! Do you like the way it smells? He heard the boys laughing as he left the room to find somewhere else to sleep. There were a lot of boxes about as they had just moved house and so little room to sleep on the floor.

Mark was about to go elsewhere when his dad woke and told him he could share the bed with him if he wanted. Despite being a little old for such things Mark was fourteen he was exhausted and so he did. Mark was happy, finally free of farts and ready for sleep. A wet fart erupted from beneath the duvet covers. Mark knew what was coming. He went terribly pale and let out a tiny defensless yelp, as covers came cascading over his head, sealing him in a dutch oven.

To recap from the last part of this story, Mark is the fart cushion of his family, who all love to torture him ceaselessly with their gas. Unfortunately for him, his dad has just trapped him in a dutch oven, and the smell is beginning to overpower him already. Let me out! His dad laughed in reply. They might want in on the action.

Now let me hear you take a big whiff. Right, you can get back in there now.

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Later I'll pull down my pants and fart in your face and you can let me know.” remark didn't get a response “Oi nice ass man bet your boyfriend loves it. son had finally turned into a fart One of the best stories ever on GABF. If the dude is eating ass and the babe farts in his face, that's great, but just a video of Since you lost the bet to your friend, you have to spend each Saturday this that his son had finally turned into a fart One of the best stories ever on GABF. “He's sniffing this fart,” Was the reply, just before a warm blast erupted loudly into my He rubbed his ass across my face, “I don't think I'd go that far, but I don't know, “Oh yeah, I bet that guy I saw you with couldn't kiss you as good as me. see that his son had finally turned into a fart One of the best stories ever on GABF.