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Terms used in cricket betting lines horse race betting strategies for kentucky

Terms used in cricket betting lines

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Some expressions you may already know while others could completely change your thinking so read up and be at the top of your game for sports recreational betting.

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Rauschert oberbettingen gmbh alter bahnhof 13 amendment In live betting, the innings runs betting line is constantly changing. Hook : A half-point. Customers who tend to bet in large amounts are terms used in cricket betting lines known as high-rollers. Top Match Batsman — The winning bet in this market is the batsman with the most runs in a match. Lock — A supposed easy winner or large favorite. The Sydney Morning Herald. Total : The perceived expected point, run or goal total in a game.

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Depending on the sport, the favorite will lay either odds or points. For example, in a football game, if a team is a 2. Fixed : A participant in a particular game who alters the result of that game or match to a completely or partially predetermined result. The participant did not play honestly or fairly because of an undue outside influence.

Futures bet : A long-term wager that typically relates to a team's season-long success. Common futures bets include betting a team to win a championship at the outset of a season, or betting whether the team will win or lose more games than a set line at the start of the season. Halftime bet : A bet made after the first half ended and before the second half begins football and basketball primarily.

Handle : The amount of money taken by a book on an event or the total amount of money wagered. Hedging : Betting the opposing side of your original bet, to either ensure some profit or minimize potential loss. This is typically done with futures bets, but can also be done on individual games with halftime bets or in-game wagering.

Hook : A half-point. In-game wagering : A service offered by books in which bettors can place multiple bets in real time, as the game is occurring. Juice : The commission the bookie or bookmaker takes. Standard is 10 percent. Layoff: Money bet by a sportsbook with another sportsbook or bookmaker to reduce that book's liability.

Limit : The maximum bet taken by a book. Middle : When a line moves, a bettor can try to "middle" a wager and win both sides with minimal risk. Suppose a bettor bets one team as a 2. She can then bet the opposite team at 3. She would then win both sides of the bet. Money line noun , money-line modifier : A bet in which your team only needs to win.

The point spread is replaced by odds. Oddsmaker also linemaker : The person who sets the odds. Some people use it synonymous with "bookmaker" and often the same person will perform the role at a given book, but it can be separate if the oddsmaker is just setting the lines for the people who will eventually book the bets. Off the board : When a book or bookie has taken a bet down and is no longer accepting action or wagers on the game. This can happen if there is a late injury or some uncertainty regarding who will be participating.

Also used in prop bets. Parlay : A wager in which multiple teams are bet, either against the spread or on the money line. The more teams you bet, the greater the odds. Pick 'em : A game with no favorite or underdog. The point spread is zero, and the winner of the game is also the spread winner. Point spread or just "spread" : The number of points by which the supposed better team is favored over the underdog.

Proposition or prop bet : A special or exotic wager that's not normally on the betting board, such as which team will score first or how many yards a player will gain. Sometimes called a "game within a game. Push : When a result lands on the betting number and all wagers are refunded. For example, a 3-point favorite wins by exactly three points.

Square : A casual gambler. Someone who typically isn't using sophisticated reasoning to make a wager. Steam : When a line is moving unusually fast. It can be a result of a group or syndicate of bettors all getting their bets in at the same time. It can also occur when a respected handicapper gives a bet his followers all jump on, or based on people reacting to news such as an injury or weather conditions. Straight up : The expected outright winner of the money line in an event or game, not contingent on the point spread.

Teaser : Betting multiple teams and adjusting the point spread in all the games in the bettor's favor. All games have to be picked correctly to win the wager. Total : The perceived expected point, run or goal total in a game.

For example, in a football game, if the total is 41 points, bettors can bet "over" or "under" on that perceived total. Tout service : a person or group of people who either sells or gives away picks on games or events. Underdog : The team that is expected to lose straight up. You can either bet that the team will lose by less than the predicted amount ATS , or get better than even-money odds that it will win the game outright. Skip to navigation. Betting: Glossary of common terms.

Kansas City Chiefs. For example, a leg spinner will deliver leg breaks moving from leg to off. Breaking the wicket the act of dislodging the bails from the stumps. Buffet bowling bowling of a very poor quality, such that the batsmen is able to "come and help himself" to runs, also Cafeteria Bowling. Bump ball a delivery that bounces very close to the batsman's foot, after he has played a shot, such that it appears to have come directly from the bat without ground contact.

The result is often a crowd catch. Bumper old-fashioned name for a bouncer. Bunny see rabbit. Bunsen A pitch on which spin bowlers can turn the ball prodigiously. From the rhyming slang: 'Bunsen Burner' meaning 'Turner'. Bye extras scored in the same way as normal runs when both the batsman and the wicket-keeper miss a legal delivery. Cap awarded by countries for each appearance at Test level. At county level, just one is given and is awarded not on a player's first appearance, but at a later stage when it is felt he has "proved himself" as a member of the team; some players never receive one.

Worcestershire have now abolished this system and award "colours" to each player on his debut. Carrom Ball a style of bowling delivery used in cricket, named because the ball is released by flicking the ball between the thumb and a bent middle finger in order to impart spin Carry if a hit ball is caught by a fielder on the fly, it is said to have carried.

If it bounces just short of the fielder, it is said not to have carried. Carry the bat an opener who is not out at the end of a completed innings is said to have carried his bat. Castled out bowled often by a full length ball or a Yorker. Catch to dismiss a batsman by a fielder catching the ball after the batsman has hit it with his bat but before it hits the ground. Charge when the batsman uses his feet and comes out of his batting crease towards the bowler, trying to hit the ball.

Also known as giving the bowler the charge, or stepping down the wicket. Century an individual score of at least runs, a significant landmark for a batsman. Sometimes used ironically to describe a bowler conceding over runs in an innings. Cherry The red cricket ball, particularly the new ball. Chest on also front on 1. A chest on bowler has chest and hips aligned towards the batsman at the instant of back foot contact. A batsman is said to be chest on if his hips and shoulders face the bowler.

Chin music The use of a series of bouncers from pace bowlers to intimidate a batsman. Historically, it has been used as a tactic particularly against sub-continental teams because of their inexperience of bouncers. Term taken from baseball. Chinaman a left-handed bowler bowling wrist spin left arm unorthodox. For a right-handed batsman, the ball will move from the off side to the leg side left to right on the TV screen. Chinese cut also French cut, Harrow Drive, Staffordshire cut or Surrey cut an inside edge which misses hitting the stumps by a few centimeters.

Chuck to throw the ball instead of bowling it i. All are considered offensive terms as they imply cheating. The Circle a painted circle or ellipse , centred in the middle of the pitch, of radius 30 yard 27 m marked on the field. The circle separates the infield from the outfield, used in policing the fielding regulations in certain one-day versions of the game.

The exact nature of the restrictions vary depending on the type of game: see limited overs cricket, Twenty20 and powerplay cricket. Clean bowled bowled, without the ball first hitting the bat or pad. Close infield the area enclosed by a painted dotted circle of 15 yard Used only in ODI matches. Coil alternative term for back foot contact. Collapse the loss of several wickets in a short space of time. Come to the crease A phrase used to indicate a batsman walking onto the playing arena and arriving at the cricket pitch in the middle of the ground to begin batting.

Corridor of uncertainty a good line. The corridor of uncertainty is a notional narrow area on and just outside a batsman's off stump. If a delivery is in the corridor, it is difficult for a batsman to decide whether to leave the ball, play defensively or play an attacking shot. The term was popularised by former England batsman, now commentator, Geoffrey Boycott.

County cricket the highest level of domestic cricket in England and Wales. Covers 1. A fielding position between point and mid-off. The equipment used to protect the pitch from rain. Cow corner the area of the field roughly between deep mid-wicket and wide long-on. So called because few 'legitimate' shots are aimed to this part of the field, so fielders are rarely placed there - leading to the concept that cows could happily graze in that area. Cow shot a hard shot, usually in the air, across the line of a full-pitched ball, aiming to hit the ball over the boundary at cow corner, with very little regard to proper technique.

Very powerful and a good way of hitting boundary sixes, but must be timed perfectly to avoid being bowled, or either skying the ball or getting a leading edge and so being caught. A type of slog. Crease one of several lines on the pitch near the stumps the "popping crease", the "return crease" and the "bowling crease" most often referring to the popping crease.

Cricket ball a hard, solid ball of cork, wound string and polished leather, with a wide raised equatorial seam. Cricketer a person who plays cricket. Cross-bat shot a shot played with the bat parallel with the ground, such as a cut or a pull. Also known as a horizontal-bat shot. Crowd catch a fielder's stop which leads to a roar from the crowd because at first impression it is a dismissal, but which turns out to be not out because of a no ball or a bump ball.

Cut a shot played square on the off side to a short-pitched delivery wide of off stump. So called because the batsman makes a "cutting" motion as he plays the shot. Cutter a break delivery bowled by a fast or medium-pace bowler with similar action to a spin bowler, but at a faster pace. It is usually used in an effort to surprise the batsman, although some medium-pace bowlers use the cutter as their stock main delivery.

Dead bat the bat when held with a light grip such that it gives when the ball strikes it, and the ball loses momentum and falls to the ground. Death overs the final 10 overs in a one-day match, in which most bowlers are, usually, hit for lots of runs. Also known as Slog Overs. Bowlers who bowl during the death overs are said to "bowl at the death" Declaration the act of a captain voluntarily bringing his side's innings to a close, in the belief that their score is now great enough to prevent defeat.

Occurs almost exclusively in timed forms of cricket where a draw is a possible result such as first class cricket , in order that the side declaring have enough time to bowl the opposition out and therefore win. Declaration bowling a phrase used to describe delibrately poor bowling Full tosses and Long hops from the fielding team to allow the batsman to score runs quickly and encourage the opposing captain to declare.

Delivery the act of bowling the ball. Devil's number also Dreaded number a score of 87, regarded as unlucky in Australian cricket. According to Australian superstition, batsmen have a tendency to be dismissed for The superstition is thought to originate from the fact that 87 is 13 runs short of a century. The English equivalent is Nelson. Diamond duck regional usage varies, but either a dismissal usually run out without facing a delivery, or a dismissal for zero off the first ball of a team's innings.

Dibbly Dobbly 1. Dink a gentle shot. Dipper a delivery bowled which curves into or away from the batsman before pitching. Dismiss to get one of the batsmen out so that he must cease batting. Direct hit a run out or run out attempt in which the throw from the deep fieldsman puts down the wicket without first being caught by a fieldsman standing at the stumps.

Dolly a very easy catch. Donkey Drop A ball with a very high trajectory prior to bouncing. Doosra a relatively new off spin delivery developed by Saqlain Mushtaq; the finger spin equivalent of the googly, in that it turns the "wrong way". From the Hindi or Urdu for second or other. Muttiah Muralitharan is an expert bowler of doosra. Dot ball a delivery bowled without any runs scored off it, so called because it is recorded in the score book with a single dot.

Double normally the scoring of a runs and the taking of wickets in the same season. Double Hat-trick bowler taking a wicket off each of four consecutive deliveries that he bowls. Achieved once in international cricket by Lasith Malinga at the World Cup.

Former Hampshire player Kevin James is the only player in first class cricket's history to take a double hat-trick and score a century in the same match, achieved against India at Southampton in Down the Pitch also Down the Wicket describing the motion of a batsman towards the bowler prior to or during the delivery, made in the hope of turning a good length ball into a half-volley.

Draw 1. Not to be confused with a tie, in which the side batting last is all out or run out of overs with the scores level. Drift the slight lateral curved-path movement that a spinner extracts while the ball is in flight. Considered very good bowling. Drinks a short break in play, generally taken in the middle of a session, when refreshments are brought out to the players and umpires by the twelfth men of each side. Drinks breaks do not always take place, but they are usual in test matches, particularly in hot countries.

Drinks Waiter a jocular term for the twelfth man, referring to his job of bringing out drinks. Drive a powerful shot generally hit along the ground or sometimes in the air in a direction between cover point on the off side and mid-wicket on the leg side, or in an arc between roughly thirty degrees each side of the direction along the pitch. Drop 1. Drop-in pitch a temporary pitch that is cultivated off-site from the field which also allows other sports to share the use of the field with less chance of injury to the players.

Duck a batsman's score of nought zero , as in "he was out for a duck" or "she hasn't got off her duck yet". Originally called a "duck's egg" because of the "0" shape in the scorebook. Duck under delivery a short pitched delivery that appears to be a bouncer, making the striker duck to avoid from being hit; but instead of bouncing high, it has a low bounce which causes the batsman to be dismissed LBW, or occasionally bowled.

Duckworth-Lewis method a mathematically based rule that derives a target score for the side batting second in a rain-affected one-day match. The opposite of expensive. Economy rate the average number of runs scored per over in the bowler's spell. Edge or snick or nick a slight deviation of the ball off the edge of the bat. Top, bottom, inside and outside edges denote the four edges of the bat.

See also leading edge. Eleven another name for one cricket team, which is made of eleven players. End An area of the ground directly behind one of the stumps, used to designate what end a bowler is bowling from i. Expensive a bowler who concedes a large number of runs from his over s , i. The opposite of economical. Extra also sundry a run not attributed to any batsman; there are five types: byes, leg byes, penalties, wides and no-balls.

The first three types are called 'fielding' extras i. Farm the strike also shepherd the strike or farm the bowling of a batsman, contrive to receive the majority of the balls bowled. Fast bowlers also use swing. Fast leg theory A variant of leg theory in which balls are bowled at high speed, aimed at the batsman's body. See Bodyline. Feather a faint edge. Featherbed A wicket which is considered to be good for batting on, offering little, if any, help for a bowler.

Named because the ferret goes in after the rabbits. Sometimes referred to as a weasel for the same reason. See also walking wicket. Fielder also, but more rarely, fieldsman a player on the fielding side who is neither the bowler nor the wicket-keeper, in particular one who has just fielded the ball. Five-for also five-fer, Fifer, five wicket haul, or shortened to 5WI or FWI five or more wickets taken by a bowler in an innings, considered a very good performance.

Abbreviated from the usual form of writing bowling statistics, e. Sometimes called a "Michelle", after actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Fill-up game when a match finished early a further game was sometimes started to fill in the available time and to entertain the paying spectators.

Fine of a position on the field, close to the line of the pitch wicket-to-wicket ; the opposite of square. Fishing being tempted into throwing the bat at a wider delivery outside off-stump and missing, reaching for a wide delivery and missing. First-class cricket the senior form of the game; usually county, state or international. First-class matches consist of two innings per side and are usually played over three or more days.

Flash to wield the bat aggressively, often hitting good line and length deliveries indiscriminately. Often applied in a caribbean context, as in 'a flashing blade'. Flat throw a ball thrown by the fielder which is almost parallel to the ground. Considered to be a hallmark of good fielding if the throw is also accurate because flat throws travel at a fast pace.

Flat-track bully a batsman high in the batting order who is very good only when the pitch is not giving the bowlers much help. Flick a gentle movement of the wrist to move the bat, often associated with shots on the leg side. Flight a delivery which is thrown up at a more arched trajectory by a spinner. Considered to be good bowling. Also loop. Flipper a leg spin delivery with under-spin, so it bounces lower than normal, invented by Clarrie Grimmett. Floater a delivery bowled by a spinner that travels in a highly arched path appearing to 'float' in the air.

Fly slip a position deeper than the conventional slips, between the slips and third man. Follow on the team batting second continuing for their second innings, having fallen short of the "follow on target". The definition of this target has changed over time, but is currently runs behind the first teams score in a 5 day game, runs in a 3 or 4 day game, runs in a 2 day event and 75 in a single day.

Follow through a bowler's body actions after the release of the ball to stabilise their body. Footwork the necessary foot steps that a batsman has to take so as to be at a comfortable distance from where the ball has pitched, just right to hit the ball anywhere he desires, negating any spin or swing that a bowler attempts to extract after bouncing. Forward defence a commonly-employed defensive shot. Four a shot that reaches the boundary after bouncing, so called because it scores four runs to the batting side.

Free hit a penalty given in some forms of cricket when a bowler bowls a no-ball. The bowler must bowl another delivery, and the batsman cannot be out off that delivery except by being run out. Between the no-ball and the free hit, the fielders may not change positions unless the batsmen changed ends on the no-ball. French cricket an informal form of the game. The term "playing French Cricket" can be used by commentators to indicate that a batsman has not moved his feet and looks ungainly because of this.

French Cut also Chinese Cut or Surrey cut or Harrow drive an inside edge which misses hitting the stumps by a few centimetres. Front foot in a batsman's stance the front foot is the foot that is nearer to the bowler. Front foot contact is the position of the bowler at the moment when his front foot lands on the ground just prior to delivering the ball. Front-foot shot a shot played with the batsman's weight on his front foot i.

Full length a delivery that pitches closer to the batsman than a ball pitching on a good length, but further away than a half-volley. Full toss also full bunger a delivery that reaches the batsman on the full, i. Usually considered a bad delivery to bowl as the batsman has a lot of time to see the ball and play an attacking shot.

Also, it does not have a chance to change direction off the ground, making it the ultimate crime for a spin or seam bowler. Considered facetious as there is not really a point to it. Gazunder a delivery that fails to bounce to the expected height after bouncing, thus beating the batsman and "goes under" the bat. Often results in batsmen being out bowled. Getting your eye in when the batsman takes his time to assess the condition of the pitch, ball or weather etc before starting to attempt more risky strokes.

Glance the shot played very fine behind the batsman on the leg side. A glance is typically played on a short-pitched ball. See also flick. Glove part of a batsman's kit worn to protect the hands from accidental injury. When a hand is in contact with the bat it is considered part of the bat and so a player can be given out caught to a ball that came off the glove hence "gloved a catch. Golden pair also King pair a dismissal for nought zero runs off the first ball faced in each of a batsman's two innings of a two-innings match see this list of Pairs in test and first class cricket.

Good length the ideal place for a stock delivery to pitch in its trajectory from the bowler to the batsman. It makes the batsman uncertain whether to play a front-foot or back-foot shot. A good length differs from bowler to bowler, based on the type and speed of the bowler. The "good length" is not necessarily the best length to bowl, as a bowler may wish to bowl short or full to exploit a batsman's weaknesses.

Googly a deceptive spinning delivery by a leg spin bowler, also known particularly in Australia as the wrong 'un. For a right-hander bowler and a right-handed batsman, a googly will turn from the off side to the leg side.

Developed by Bosanquet around , and formerly called a bosie or bosey. Gouging causing intentional damage to the pitch or ball. Grafting batting defensively with strong emphasis on not getting out, often under difficult conditions. Green Top a pitch with an unusually high amount of visible grass, that might be expected to assist the bowlers. Grip the rubber casings used on the handle of the bat. The term is also used to describe how the bowler holds the ball and how the batsman holds the bat.

Groundsman or curator a person responsible for maintaining the cricket field and preparing the pitch. Grubber a delivery that barely bounces. Taking Guard the batsman aligning his bat according with a stump or between stumps chosen behind him.

Typically, the batter marks the position of the bat on the pitch. See also LBW. Gully a close fielder near the slip fielders, at an angle to a line between the two sets of stumps of about to degrees. A poor defensive stance and lack of defensive strokes are also features of a hack. Can also be used to describe one particular stroke Half Century an individual score of over 50 runs, reasonably significant landmark for a batsman and more so for the lower order and the tail-enders.

Half-tracker another term for a long hop. So called because the ball roughly bounces halfway down the pitch. Half-volley a delivery that bounces just short of the block hole. Usually easy to drive or glance away. Harrow Drive also known as Chinese Cut or French cut a misplayed shot by the batsman which comes off the inside edge and narrowly misses hitting the stumps, typically going to fine leg. Hat-trick a bowler taking a wicket off each of three consecutive deliveries that he bowls whether in the same over or split up in two consecutive overs, or two overs in two different spells.

Hat-trick ball a delivery bowled after taking two wickets with the previous two deliveries. The captain will usually set a very attacking field for a hat-trick ball, to maximise the chances of the bowler taking a hat-trick.

Hawk-Eye a computer-generated graphic showing the probable trajectory of the ball if it were not hindered by the batsman. Used by commentators to estimate whether an lbw decision was correctly made by an umpire, as well as to assess bowlers' deliveries.

Hit wicket a batsman getting out by dislodging the bails of the wicket behind him either with his bat or body as he tries to play the ball or set off for a run. Hoik an unrefined shot played to the leg side usually across the line of the ball. Hoodoo A bowler is said to 'have the hoodoo' on a batsman when they have got them out many times in their career. See rabbit II. Hook a shot, similar to a pull, but played so that the ball is struck when it is above the batsman's shoulder.

Hot Spot a technology used in television coverage used to evaluate snicks and bat-pad catches. The batsman is filmed with an infrared camera, and friction caused by the strike of the ball shows up as a white "hot spot" on the picture. Hutch the pavilion or dressing room, especially one that is home to a large number of rabbits. Incoming batsman the batsman next to come in in the listed batting order.

The incoming batsman defined thus is the one who is out when a "Timed Out" occurs. Indipper a delivery that curves into the batsman before pitching. Inswing or in-swinger a delivery that curves into the batsman in the air from off to leg. In-Cutter a delivery that moves into the batsman after hitting the surface. Infield the region of the field that lies inside the 30 yard circle 27 m or, in the days before defined circles, the area of the field close to the wicket bounded by an imaginary line through square leg, mid on, mid off and cover point.

Innings one player's or one team's turn to bat or bowl. Unlike in baseball, and perhaps somewhat confusingly, in cricket the term "innings" is both singular and plural. King pair also Golden pair a batsman who gets out for zero runs off the first ball he faces in both innings of a two-innings match see this list of Pairs in test and first class cricket. Knock a batsman's innings. A batsman who makes a high score in an innings can be said to have had a "good knock". Kolpak an overseas players who plays in English domestic cricket under the Kolpak ruling.

Kwik cricket an informal form of the game, specifically designed to introduce children to the sport. Comes from the English 'lap', and old term for a stroke somewhere between a pull and a sweep. Leading edge the ball hitting the front edge of the bat as opposed to its face, when playing a cross-bat shot such as a pull.

Often results in an easy catch for the bowler or a skier for someone else. Leave noun the action of the batsman not attempting to play at the ball. He may do this by holding the bat above his body. However, there is a clause in the LBW rules making him more susceptible to getting out this way. He may also not claim any leg byes, because if he does, the Umpire will call Dead Ball and runs will not be allowed Leg before wicket LBW a way of dismissing the batsman.

In brief, the batsman is out if, in the opinion of the umpire, the ball hits any part of the batsman's body usually the leg before hitting the bat and would have gone on to hit the stumps. Leg break a leg spin delivery which, for a right-hander bowler and a right-handed batsman, will turn from the leg side to the off side usually away from the batsman. Leg bye extras taken after a delivery hits any part of the body of the batsman other than the bat or the gloved hand that holds the bat.

If the batsman makes no attempt to play the ball with the bat, leg byes may not be scored. Leg cutter a break delivery bowled by a fast or medium-pace bowler with similar action to a spin bowler, but at a faster pace. The ball breaks from the leg side to the off side of the batsman. Leg glance a delicate shot played at a ball aimed slightly on the leg side, using the bat to flick the ball as it passes the batsman, deflecting towards the square leg or fine leg area.

Leg side the half of the field to the rear of the batsman as he takes strike also known as the on side. Leg slip a fielding position equivalent to a slip, but on the leg side. Leg spin a form of bowling in which the bowler imparts spin on the ball by turning the wrist as the ball is delivered, and for that reason also known as "wrist spin".

The stock delivery for a leg spinner is a leg break; other leg spin deliveries include the googly, the top spinner, and the flipper. The term leg spinner is usually reserved for right handed bowlers who bowl in this manner. Left handers who bowl with wrist spin are known as unorthodox spinners. This is also known as the Chinaman. Leg theory a style of bowling attack where balls are aimed towards the leg side, utilizing several close-in, leg side fielders. The aim of leg theory is to cramp the batsman so that he has little room to play a shot and will hopefully make a mistake, allowing the close fielders to prevent runs from being scored or to catch him out.

Leg theory is considered boring play by spectators and commentators since it forces batsmen to play conservatively, resulting in few runs being scored. See also fast leg theory and Bodyline. Length the place along the pitch where a delivery bounces see short pitched, good length, half-volley, full toss.

Life a noun that refers to a batsman being reprieved because of a mistake by the fielding team, through dropping a catch or the wicket-keeper missing a stumping. Light short for "bad light. Limited overs match a one-innings match where each side may only face a set number of overs. Another name for one-day cricket. Line also see Line and length the deviation of the point along the pitch where a delivery bounces from the line from wicket-to-wicket to the leg side or the off side.

Line and length bowling bowling so that a delivery pitches on a good length and just outside off stump. This forces the batsman to play a shot as the ball may hit the stumps. List A cricket the limited-overs equivalent of first-class cricket. Long hop a delivery that is much too short to be a good length delivery, but without the sharp lift of a bouncer.

Loop the curved path of the ball bowled by a spinner. Loosener a poor delivery bowled at the start of a bowler's spell. Lower order the batsmen who bat at between roughly number 7 and 10 or 11 in the batting order and who are not very good at batting, being either specialist bowlers or wicket-keepers with limited batting ability.

Luncheon the first of the two intervals taken during a full day's play, which usually occurs at lunchtime at about p. Maker's Name The full face of the bat, where the manufacturer's logo is normally located. Used particularly when referring to a batsman's technique when playing a straight drive, e. Manhattan also called the Skyline. A bar graph the runs scored off each over in a one day game, with dots indicatingthe overs in which wickets fell. The name is alternatively applied to a bar graph showing the number of runs scored in each innings in a batsmen's career.

So called because the bars supposedly resemble the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline of Manhattan. Mankad the running out of a non-striking batsman who leaves his crease before the bowler has released the ball. It is named after Vinoo Mankad, an Indian bowler, who controversially used this method in a Test match.

This is relatively common in indoor cricket and is noted separately from run outs, though almost unheard of in first-class cricket. Man of the match In cricket, the Man of the Match award may be given to the highest scoring batsman, leading wicket taker or best overall performance. Marillier shot a shot played with the bat held parallel to the pitch in front of the batsman, with the toe of the bat pointing towards the bowler.

The batsman attempts to flick the ball over the wicket-keeper's head. The most famous exponent of the shot is former Zimbabwean international Douglas Marillier. Match fixing bribing players of one of the teams to deliberately play poorly, with the intention of cashing in on bets on the result of the game.

Match referee an official whose role is to ensure that the spirit of the game is upheld. Meat of the bat the thickest part of the bat, from which the most energy is imparted to the ball. Medium-pace a bowler who bowls slower than a pace bowler, but faster than a spin bowler. Speed is important to the medium-pacer, but they try and defeat the batsman with the movement of the ball, rather than the pace at which it is bowled. Medium-pacers either bowl cutters or rely on the ball to swing in the air.

Michelle five wickets taken by a bowler in an innings, named after actress Michelle Pfeiffer a "five-for". Middle of the bat the area of the face of the bat that imparts maximum power to a shot if that part of the bat hits the ball. Also known as the "meat" of the bat. Effectively the same as the sweet spot; however, a shot that has been "middled" usually means one that is hit with great power as well as timing.

Middle order the batsmen who bat at between roughly number 5 and 8 in the batting order. Military medium medium-pace bowling that lacks the speed to trouble the batsman. Often has derogatory overtones, suggesting the bowling is boring, innocuous, or lacking in variety. Mis-field a fielder failing to collect the ball cleanly, often fumbling the ball or dropping a catch.

Mullygrubber a ball that doesn't bounce after pitching. This term was coined by legendary player and commentator Richie Benaud. Nelson a score of , either of a team or an individual batsman, regarded by some as unlucky. To prevent bad luck, some people stand on one leg. Scores of and are called Double and Triple Nelson respectively. Nervous nineties the period of batsman's innings when his or her score is between 90 and During this phase many players bat extremely cautiously in order to avoid being out before they obtain a century.

Nets a pitch surrounded on three sides by netting, used by for practice by batsman and bowler. Net run rate NRR the run rate scored by the winning team subtracted by run rate scored by losing team. The winning team gets positive value, losing team the negative value.

In a series, the mean of the NRR for all matches played by the team is taken. An edge 2. Recent consistent form, either good or bad, especially while batting. A batsman who has recently scored a lot of runs is in "good nick", a batsman after a run of low scores is in "bad nick". Nightwatchman in a first-class game a lower order batsman sent in when the light is dimming to play out the remaining overs of the day in order to protect more valuable batsmen for the next days play.

No ball an illegal delivery, usually because of the bowler overstepping the popping crease, scoring an extra for the batting side. Full tosses that pass above the waist of the batsman are also deemed no balls.

See beamer. Non-striker the batsman standing at the bowling end. Not out 1. Nurdle to score runs by gently nudging the ball into vacant areas of the field. Also called milking around eg: "He milked the bowler around". Generally the extra players were allowed to field as well as bat and so the bowling side had more than 11 fielders. One Day International ODI a match between two national sides limited to 50 overs per innings, played over at most one day.

Off break an off spin delivery which, for a right-handed bowler and a right-handed batsman, will turn from the off side to the leg side usually into the batsman. Off cutter an off break delivery bowled by a fast or medium-pace bowler which moves into the batsmanafter hitting the surface.

The ball breaks from the off-side to the leg side of the batsman. For the right handed batsman this is the right half of the pitch, looking up the wicket towards the bowler, and the left half for the left handed batsman.

Off spin a form of bowling in which the bowler imparts spin on the ball with the fingers as the ball is delivered, and for that reason also known as "finger spin". The usual stock delivery for an off spinner is an off break, but other off spin deliveries includes the arm ball and the doosra. The term off spinner is usually reserved for right handed bowlers who bowl in this manner.

Left handers are described as orthodox or unorthodox. On side the half of the pitch behind the batsman's body as he takes strike i. On a length describing a delivery bowled on a good length. On strike the batsman currently facing the bowling attack is said to be on strike. On the up describes a batsman playing a shot, usually a drive, to a ball that is quite short and has already risen to knee height or more as the shot is played.

One-day cricket an abbreviated form of the game, with just one innings per team, usually with a limited number of overs and played over one day. One down a batsman who bats at 3, a crucial position in the team's batting innings. One short the term used when a batsman fails to make contact with the ground beyond the popping crease, and turns back for an additional run. Opener 1. Orthodox 1. This imparts spin in the same direction as a right-handed leg spin bowler. See: Left-arm orthodox spin. Out 1.

Out dipper a dipper that curves away from the batsman before pitching. Outswing a delivery that curves away from the batsman. Outfield the part of the field lying outside the 30 yard 27 m circle measured from the centre of the pitch or, less formally, the part of the pitch furthest from the wickets. Over the delivery of six consecutive balls by one bowler. Over rate the number of overs bowled per hour. Over the wicket a right-handed bowler bowling to the left of the stumps, and vice-versa for a left-handed bowler.

Overarm the action of bowling with the arm swinging from behind the body over the head, releasing the ball on the down swing without bending the elbow. This type of bowling is the only type allowed in all official cricket matches. Compare with underarm. Overpitched delivery a delivery that is full pitched but not a yorker, bouncing just in front of the batsman.

Considered a poor delivery, as it easy for the batsman to get the middle of the bat to the ball. An overpitched ball is often a half-volley. Overthrows also buzzers the scoring of extra runs due to an errant throw from a fielder. Occasionally used erroneously for any runs scored after a fielder misfields the ball. Also the throw itself. Pace bowlers also use swing.

Pads protective equipment for batsmen and wicket-keepers, covering the legs. Pad away or pad-play use the pads hit the ball away from the wicket, only possible when there is no danger of LBW for example, if the ball pitched on the leg side. Using the pad instead of the bat removes the danger of being caught by close fielders.


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