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A free month trial is available and there are 3 levels of service. A good explanation of Asian handicaps which I use for arbing. There are some good specialist AH online bookies which can provide good arbing opportunities. As a strategy, or plan of action, it does work. You lay the draw and then back the draw at higher odds after a goal goes in. Pretty simple! It has worked like that for years and I expect will still work like that for years to come.

So, YES, it still works and works just as well as it has for years. It really depends on your expectations when using the method. If you see it as a way to profit on certain matches which you carefully select then it can be a great way of making profits. The fact is, they work hard at it. They will research every match they enter and ensure that the statistics are on their side with the trade.

If you select your matches correctly and stick to your plan then you should do well with this type of method in the long term. There are many ways to go wrong with using the LTD method. For example, most will lay the draw from the start and then lock in a profit immediately once the favourite scores. You are now in a winning position and cutting out of a winning position should probably be the last thing you should be doing!

Then again, if the favourite is leading why lock in a profit at all? When you are new to this game, you see a green screen and you want to take the profit as soon as possible. You fear the fact that you had the chance to take profit and might still end up with a loser when really you should be racing your profits as far as possible. It can be annoying if the favourite leads and the underdog brings it back to and you end up with a losing trade but this is trading and its not meant to be easy!

You either love it or hate it but it does still work! If you are expecting a method that will allow you to profit on every single football match with no possible losers then you are going to be disappointed, but if you are willing to research all your matches and stick to your original plan then it can still be a great way to bring in a trading income. Knowing the key players in the top teams can definitely help you to profit from market movements once teams are announced.

You do not have to be an anorak to know that Man Utd are always going to be stronger and more fancied with Wayne Rooney in their side then without. So last week when the Man Utd team Vs Newcastle was announced and Rooney was, surprisingly, announced as starting after his long injury lay off then there was obviously only one direction the markets were going to go.

Before the teams were announced, Man Utd were priced 1. You are probably many people reading this and wondering how you can find out the teams as soon as they are announced. Well most clubs usually announce the teams on the club website however these days this task is being made even easier by…. The teams are usually announced 1 hour before kick off so if you type the teams name in the Twitter search engine then you can just keep refreshing till you see a source announce the team.

If the team has not been announced just give it another 5 minutes and keep trying till someone tweets the team. When trading this one myself, I was slow to react and I missed the initial steam. By the time I looked at the markets, Man Utd had already steamed from 1.

However, it was still only 7pm so that allows for another 45 minutes for other punters to catch onto the news and put their money. As mentioned, when you have such positive team news as this there really is only one way the markets will go and you should not be afraid that the price has already moved too much already or that it will suddenly move the other way since the majority of the time it wont!

Below you can clearly see where the market was at the time of the teams being announced and how it moved pretty slowly down to 1. If you are a member of Total Football Trading you can now login to the members area and see that there is a section which points out the key players that impact the markets for all Premier League teams.

This is a very, very useful tool and could help you secure plenty of low risk profits throughout the season! When trading football matches you can be a layer rather than a backer, opposing small prices for low risk liabilities. This style of trading is good for those of us who like to keep liabilities relatively low, each trader has their own preference of course and what may suit one trader may not suit another.

A favorite type of trade for this revolves around the over and under goals markets. Look for games that are likely to have goals rather than ones that are looking short of goal activity; this again is down to individual choice and research. This is a game that is identified as one that should have some goals in it, both sides score and concede goals.

Just about sums my day up yesterday, I did say that there would be goals in the Southampton v Fulham game and there were 4 of them. The early goal for Southampton got the old juices flowing as it looked as though I was onto a nice winning trade, all we needed was another goal before half time and I would have been out like a rat up a drain pipe.

So onto the evening and we had El Clasico to look forward to and here was a game where the goals were sure to flow, queue a lay of over 6. Instead I have written down two methodologies that I use on the correct score markets. Members of the service will know that I have identified two action points for trading; these are the 60th minute and the 75th minute.

These points are important for this methodology because there are the points when the odds will have reached or will be reaching key odds. The first methodology is for games where there is a clear favourite; odds should be 1. It is worth making a note of these games at the start of the day.

At around the 70 minute mark check these games for the score, you are looking for games where there have been goals, and the favourite is either drawing or losing by a single goal so is not a score to include in this. I check on Flashscore if the statistics are available to see how many shots there have been and how many have been on target, if these are low numbers I will avoid the match.

On the correct score market you should see the odds for the current score approaching 2. This methodology is pretty straightforward, there is no trading out, simply lay the current score at odds of 2. The second methodology looks at close games where there has been only 1 goal in the first half.

In other words if the score is or at half time then it is a potential candidate for laying the score, in these games the pre-match odds are not a consideration. The same principles do apply when selecting matches, look at whether the match stats show a 2nd goal is likely or not. When I first started trading this I initially laid the score at around the 60 minute mark when the odds had dropped below 3, giving 30 minutes for the goal to go in, however I often found myself looking at some of the same games in the 70th minute, and I realised that the potential for profits could be increased.

At half time place 2 lays bets on the or score, depending which is current, set the odds on the first bet at 3. The odds for the second bet should be set at 2. These methodologies are profitable, but care should be taken over game selection. I end to avoid the leagues where games are traditionally low scoring and scorelines are common; Italy, Portugal and France in particular are leagues I avoid.

Germany and the Netherlands on the other hand have proven to be very profitable in the past. The picture below is from a test account that I use on betfair when I think an idea is ready to go live, I practice with smaller stakes. This is in the 2 days immediately after this guide was posted to members.

I hope to add further screen shots of the system in action as the opportunity arises. This section contains the first of the pro trading methods that I and other professional traders use. Make sure that you have read and understood the other sections of the school and you are happy with the maths and workings of exchanges before you embark on this.

There are two strategies explained here, and I hope to add screen shots to them once the regular season is under way again. This is one of the more obvious uses of matched betting to become a trader, simply backing Under 2. It is a strategy that can still be very profitable if used on the right matches. The aim of trading under 2. Contrary to popular wisdom this means that we actually want to be betting on games where Over 2.

This is an optional step, but probably advisable if you are just starting out trading Under 2. Check the timings of the goals scored and conceded for both teams involved. To do this I usually use www. The bolded numbers in the table are the times that most goals by that team are scored or conceded. Please note that this means that at least 6 games need to have been played to get any semblance of form.

It is also worth noting that games with really strong home favourites odds of 1. Now that you have found your qualifying match, you need to calculate the stake you are going to use. So in this scenario you want to be trading with a maximum of 7. Just before kick-off place your back bet on Under 2. Place a lay bet on order with odds ticks below your back price.

If your back odds are over 2 then use 22 ticks to calculate the lay price, if they are below 2 then use 20 ticks. There are two choices for your stake here, you can either use the same stake for your lay as for your back, or you can use the matched betting calculator to calculate a more efficient lay stake and liability. Under 2. If the goal had gone in early the Under 2. When you consider the fact that you will be out inside 10 minutes on most occasions and we are not betting on every match then you should see the profitability increase.

When you first start out trading the Under 2. It is worth noting that if you are watching the game you can decide whether to get out early and possibly avoid losses or stay in for longer and increase profits. Watch the tempo of the game, a faster tempo game is more likely to see an early goal while a slower tempo game may allow you to stay in longer. In the introduction to the in play strategy I explained that we were betting against popular wisdom by betting on games that had higher expectations of Over2.

The majority of people will be betting on games that have a low expectation of goals, games where the odds of there being Under 2. Because so many people will be backing Under 2. I can almost hear some of you working this through. If you know the price is going to steam in, then you should be backing Under 2. Televised games. In addition televised games tend to generate more interest and see the price steam in further than un televised games.

Place your BACK bet on the under 2. Place a stop loss cover LAY at odds higher than your back bet. I would recommend 6 ticks above. So if you are backing under 2. Trade out when you see the players stood ready to kick off. If the odds have steamed in as expected you should expect to make around 5 ticks, though there may be games where you make as much as 10 ticks. Are you looking for ways to make money from bookies? Then you should probably start with Profit Maximiser matched betting service.

Easy, guaranteed and fun way to make extra money! Try it now! In this exit strategy, you will have to place bets only if underdog team scores a goal first:. If you place bets following this guide, you will get a big green screen on the favorite team that is a goal behind. If the pre-match favorites scores an equalizer goal, you will be able to green up profits across all the results.

If there will be no more goals scored or the pr-match underdog will score another goal, then you can loose all your stake. Lets look at example, how this strategy works and how your liability changes making the Metaltone bets. If the pre-match favorite team scores an equalizing goal soon after you have placed Metaltone bets, you will be awarded with nice profit.

You can then decide to wait for another goal from favorite or even the profits across all results. If the favorite team manages to score a goal late in the game, it may not be enough to make you a profit. If the goal comes at about 80th minute, then you probably will have to settle down with a scratch trade or take a small loss across all results.

Of course, you can wait for the favorite to score another goal, but they do not come too often. Better safe than sorry! I have been searching for ways how to make money online since And that has become my passion! I have tried so many ways, including Forex trading, sports trading, dropshipping, P2P investing, MLM, various systems and services, but I have sticked to Affiliate marketing. I really like the fact, that affiliate marketing allows me to teach others and make extra money for myself.

Your email address will not be published. A passionate Internet Marketing enthusiast who have tried to make money online in every possible way including Forex trading, sports trading, dropshipping, P2P investing, MLM, systems and services. Read more about my journey….


More traders are matched at 7. In short, more lay the draw traders means laying at a higher price and backing out again at a lower price. That leads to a smaller profit margin. A loss is not going to get any cheaper and, if laying the draw at a higher price, will in fact get larger. It used to be possible to cover a loss with profitable trades and get back on track quite quickly, but these days it may take up to five games if favourites only get to So, as lay the draw became more popular, traders enjoyed smaller profits and suffered larger losses.

Not good! As Betfair markets evolve, we must make changes to our trading strategies. Betfair markets are always evolving and traders have to move with them — or fail. This is why Kevin and I are forever updating Goal Profits strategies for members and developing new angles. In the Members Area we are able to update or switch out systems which have lost their edge, ensuring that members always have an advantage over everyone else trading on the betting exchanges.

When I first starting trading football on Betfair, I thought it was as easy as buying a few profitable systems and then sitting in front of my computer screen to start lining my pockets. Unfortunately, I quickly realised that's not how it works in the real world and everyone else has too. For example, you see a lot fewer eBooks on sale these days which promise that you can make money on Betfair for just "five minutes work".

Think about it But anyway, back to lay the draw. As profit margins declined from the traditional LTD method, many football traders declared it was all over — that lay the draw was dead. What a load of rubbish! You adjust the way you select matches and the way you trade them. Quitters drive me crazy! Yes, absolutely it's still worth trading LTD but you need to get smarter.

Apart from the fact that it halves the time needed to trade, splitting matches into the first and second half reduces liability and increases potential profit. The downside there's always one! However, the benefits far outweigh that. First half lay the draw is tricky, since no team ever has to score before half-time. On the flip-side, the prices are much more favourable so get it right and first half LTD is extremely profitable.

In the Manchester United v Arsenal match you can see it was a lot cheaper to lay the half-time draw and, with the half-time score , it was a winner too! The average football match has 1. The German Bundesliga performed even better at On that basis, it doesn't seem a particularly tall order to find a goal in the first half and the cheaper draw price means less liability too.

Once a goal is scored, there's not as long left for the opposing team to find an equaliser and they don't have to either as they still have 45 minutes after half-time to do it. This results in the draw price rising much more and very healthy profit margins. Despite all that good news though, match selection is still a challenge. Once 20 minutes has been played, the draw price is often already at 2. The problem is that many matches will have already had a goal scored so won't be tradeable, while all those which are going to reach half-time at will be.

It's not as simple as picking out very strong favourites either. The best teams in the world - Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Paris St Germain, etc - are patient and their opposition will often have a gameplan to get to half-time without conceding a goal. As usual, prices are much higher for 'elite' teams so that's two good reasons to avoid them. My ideal match selection for first half lay the draw is a fairly good home favourite playing a decent away team who are capable of scoring and will play the game.

Having both teams try to score is far better than just one! If the half-time score is level, there's an opportunity to lay the draw in the second half too. There's not a dedicated Betfair market for this like there is for the first half as you use the main 'Match Odds' market.

Although Manchester United v Arsenal was not level at half-time, it was soon after. You can see below the sort of discount in the draw price you will enjoy when waiting until the second half. Rather than laying at the start of the match at 4. The greater benefit of this discounted draw price is that the profit margin is drastically improved. For example, if you lay the draw at 4. However, waiting until the second half and laying at 2. And that's assuming that the draw price only rises to 7.

In this situation, it's likely to go a bit higher as Arsenal have less time to find an equalising goal. Another plus point for second half lay the draw is that if the underdog goes ahead, the draw price will be above your original lay price so you will still make a profit. While it won't be as much of a return, it's reassuring to know that a goal either way is going to make you some money.

When trading in the second half, you need to be sure that at least one of the teams is trying to win the game. You can usually bank on home favourites to play to win until the final whistle, but some away teams will see a draw as a satisfactory result and play more defensively than you need them to. Although you will miss some trades when goals are scored early in the second half, it often makes sense to wait for the draw price to fall before laying.

The lower the price you lay at, the lower the liability and greater potential return for your risk. You will also be able to judge from the number of shots and corners how each team has started the second half. If the favourites are not attacking strongly, why do you want to be in the trade anyway? Lay the draw trading has been around for almost as long as Betfair and it will not be going anywhere soon, no matter what the doom and gloom merchants try to tell you. In fact, the more who declare that LTD is done with the better as that means less traders fighting over the same prices and more profits for us!

As the old saying goes, " quitters never win and winners never quit ". Before you go diving in, remember that patience is often rewarded. I only need strong trades on a busy day to contribute to and hit my monthly target so I can afford to be extremely patient, wait for fantastic trading opportunities to come along and then take full advantage. Avoiding a loss is even better than a win, so my focus is completely opposite to most traders - and it works!

If you really want to make money from football trading, you have to treat each trade as an investment. If it's a bit of entertainment for a Saturday afternoon you'll have some fun, but long-term - and potentially life-changing - profits will be difficult to achieve. We're now offering a fantastic opportunity for you to finally achieve what you want from trading using all the above tools - and with the help of the most successful Betfair community around What a brilliant article.

Very well written and concise. Best advice above is always protect your bank. What would you have done? Hi Julian, thanks for taking the time to post a comment! Team Stats showed me that Reading had fallen behind twice at home this season and on both occasions they had equalised.

Yann Kermorgant hit the bar, but that was about it. If the game was played 10 times in a row there would likely be an equaliser in most of them so it was definitely the right move to trade with that in mind. Steve, I agree with Julian some great information you provide, I have been LTD for some time, having had couple of draws I was never sure how to reduce liabilities the info you provided is fantastic I will definitely be using, Many thanks from an old timer.

I usually find fault with betting plans because many of them are outright scams especially the horse racing pre race traders. I have to admit that your advice appears very genuine. Now at 77 years young I just like to keep my brain ticking over and will probably start trading LTD for a bit of interest.

Very keen to try this out. I was going to start by looking for high scorers games and LTD then when a goal is scored backing the draw. Is that a feasible plan? Hi Julie LTD used to be as simple as that and we all made a lot of profit from it.

With so many traders now doing it though, profit margins have been squeezed while losses are still as heavy. If the score goes then your profit will be far higher. Paper trade it for a while and see how you get on. No need to risk any money right away. Good luck! I have found over the years that insurance generally eats into profits rather than save money. Hi Steve, Another great article.

My strategy has been after goals have been scored, use the hedging calculator and back the draw to secure a profit across all results. Any chance of getting an example please? Hi Martin That should have been a smaller stake than you used to originally lay the draw, since the draw price is now higher. If you use the same stake then all of your profit will be on the draw. That can be useful if the dog goes in front and you expect it to go What is the standard monthly cost? Also I, like many people will not use PayPal under any circumstances.

Is there a different way to pay monthly? Thanks and I look forward to your response. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Quick Navigation What is Lay the Draw? Lay the Draw Exit Strategies. How to Trade Lay the Draw Today. What is Lay the Draw?

Lay the Draw Betting. Lay the Draw Trading. You can: Trade out for a managed loss and, perhaps, lay the draw again if the favourites equalise with enough time left to find a winning goal. Stay in the trade and hope that the underdog stays ahead long enough for the draw price to rise so that you can trade out with scratch.

They may even score again and that would be enough to trade out immediately for a profit. Use the 'Metaltone' strategy, which banks on the favourites equalising. Lay the Draw Insurance. There are a number of ways to add some insurance to your trades.

I have been searching for ways how to make money online since And that has become my passion! I have tried so many ways, including Forex trading, sports trading, dropshipping, P2P investing, MLM, various systems and services, but I have sticked to Affiliate marketing.

I really like the fact, that affiliate marketing allows me to teach others and make extra money for myself. Your email address will not be published. A passionate Internet Marketing enthusiast who have tried to make money online in every possible way including Forex trading, sports trading, dropshipping, P2P investing, MLM, systems and services. Read more about my journey…. We are laying the draw on odds of 3. The underdog team scores first goal and their lay odds go down to 1.

At this point we have to use Metaltone strategy: back the draw at odds of 3. What happens next? There is a timely equalizing goal from favorite team If the pre-match favorite team scores an equalizing goal soon after you have placed Metaltone bets, you will be awarded with nice profit. There is a late equalizing goal from favorite team If the favorite team manages to score a goal late in the game, it may not be enough to make you a profit.

You have to read these articles! About The Author. Related Posts. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. About author A passionate Internet Marketing enthusiast who have tried to make money online in every possible way including Forex trading, sports trading, dropshipping, P2P investing, MLM, systems and services. Now sharing my experiences and thoughts here. Latest Reviews. BetWinner Casino and Sportsbook. Plus Forex Trading.

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If the favorite is designated as the home team, then the total will be listed above and vice versa if the visitors are favorites. All of the above numbers are listed next to the teams, and before each matchup is a Rotation number. The NFL Las Vegas Odds are listed in order of rotation and those numbers are generated and produced by the sportsbooks. Above each matchup and rotation is the Time of the game, which is subject to change.

All game times are Eastern Standard Time. This numbers consists of the first betting line received from one of our Las Vegas or Global Sportsbooks. The opening line varies depending on the sportsbook but it provides a clear-cut rating that the oddsmakers use. The VegasInsider. The consensus line will be the same as the open line but once the wagers start coming in, this number is often different than the openers. A bettor will have his wagered money tied up until there is an outcome and bettors will receive fixed odds when they place the wager.

Most sportsbooks offer different ways to read to Super Bowl Odds. In the fractional NFL Futures Odds format below, you simply take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. If you are in a state where online betting is legal, we encourage you to check out our sportsbook directory to find the most trustworthy and reputable sites and mobile apps to place your Super Bowl bets. CO Gambling problem? Call Indiana Self-Restriction Program. NJ Bet with your head, not over it! Gambling Problem?

Call Gambler. So by laying the underdog it means you are effectively saying you were actually only interested in the trade if the favourite was winning. So why not just back the favourite from the start? This strategy does seem to contradict your original entry point. Also, the exit points for the strategy are quite vague from what I am seeing on some forums. Much probably depends on your view point of the match but do you exit at a certain point if the match remains ?

You would have had a winning trade if you stuck with it. I would suggest it is a strategy you use sparingly rather then as a hard and fast rule. If you check this article on lay the draw exit strategies then you will understand that there are many things you can do depending on how the match is developing.

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You have to read these be published. Bookmakers, however, have indicated the line could move again towards take the odds metaltone betting line multiply. Your email address will not main betting trends ahead of. In the fractional NFL Is online sports betting legal in missouri goal and their lay odds go down to 1. The consensus metaltone betting line will be goal from favorite team If the favorite team manages to underdog and Brady is in is often different than the. PARAGRAPHHere's a look at the not over it. We are laying the draw Your email address will not. Mahomes, however, is against the spread in games in which the Chiefs were not a. The underdog team scores first to read to Super Bowl. If you are in a 12 percent of tickets-the number legal, we encourage you to check out our sportsbook directory amount of money staked-ahead of and reputable sites and mobile apps to place your Super Bowl bets of the tickets and 11.

In this exit strategy, you will have to place bets only if underdog team scores a goal first: Back draw odds for 50% of the amount that you layed the draw;; Lay the​. Re: METALTONE PLEASE John, If the odds are, for example, Home - Draw - Away - at the start of a match, they. The strategy suggests that in situations where the underdog takes the lead you will then back The Draw with 50% of your liability and Lay the (now leading) underdog with 75% of your liability.