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Bookies betting odds investors betting on more ecb stimulus

Bookies betting odds

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Americans now have more access to more influencers than ever, diluting the impact of an individual endorsement, but it still remains a major key to watch when considering presidential betting gambling odds. That remains especially true of elected officials. For example, if a governor in a key swing state endorses a candidate, it means they may be willing to campaign directly for that candidate and possibly help them access resources for campaign rallies and other forms of campaign infrastructure such as field offices.

Endorsements also underscore momentum. No politician or celebrity for that matter wants to support a loser. An endorsement means that influencer sees their candidate has a path for victory. Those supporters tend to snowball, meaning just a few major endorsements in a short time can encourage more to follow suit. This gives, at the very least, the perception of a strong candidate.

That in turn can influence their prospects — and their election odds. Candidates love to tout any and all endorsements, proudly discussing them on the campaign trail and posting them on their election websites and literature. Check out a candidate's endorsement list when considering a bet, and also view odds on Bookies. Polls remain the lifeblood of any candidate's run — and a critical factor in presidential betting odds. Endorsements, debate performances, primary results and a host of other factors can influence poll respondents' answers, but the results of the polls themselves have major impacts on how bookmakers view a candidate's prospects.

Presidential election bettors will note shifts after most major polls are released. By and large, the odds tend to reflect these changes. A sharp bettor also knows that a strong debate performance, for example, could lead to a bump in the polls, and that they should place their bet quickly before their odds are slashed by the next poll. Sharp political bettors also know a shift in poll results without a shift in betting odds could mean bookmakers are taking in a different set of information or sharp money that is seemingly going against the polling data.

Polling remains a baseline for a candidate's chance of success, but there are more factors in the process, some that may be harder to discern. Still, bettors would be wise to follow major polls such as Quinnipiac, Mason-Dixon, Monmouth and reputable news organizations, among others. There are literally hundreds of types of political polls, but the most critical are favorability ratings and preferred candidate during the nomination process and for the general election.

It is essential to look at swing states such as Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as they often will determine who wins the Electoral College and the presidency. Worthwhile polls are released almost daily, so bettors should track these sources almost as closely as they check election betting odds. American presidential elections arguably depend on money more than another other factor.

A candidate's war chest not only helps him or her promote their message before voters, it also shows the degree of support. Someone willing to give their money to a presidential contender is perhaps the most significant sign of being literally invested in a candidate.

Media outlets love to report a candidate's financial situation, particularly in the context of their campaign's success, and candidates themselves must disclose, line-by-line, their income and expenditures quarterly. A particularly successful or unsuccessful fundraising haul makes headlines and goes a long way into how bookmakers view presidential election odds.

Both Republicans and Democrats will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the presidential election alone, so a well-funded campaign is essential to not just secure a nomination but win the presidency. A sharp political bettor always checks a candidate's finances before placing a wager.

With Americans unable to place legal bets on any political race, they will have to be content following along with developments and voting in their state's nominating contest. For bettors outside the U. As any sharp knows, a good bet isn't necessarily on who will win but the value that bettor receives. The grueling presidential campaign process sees massive betting odds fluctuation for all contenders.

It's almost impossible to predict which way the lines will go ahead of time, but there are key trends to monitor. Though campaigns famously can flip after one bad quote or photo, much of what makes or breaks a candidacy is scheduled ahead of time. Track debates, earning reports and major polls released before primaries , all of which are planned in advance. A politics bettor that thinks a candidate is going to do show well in any of these areas should place a bet before they happen.

Conversely, if a bettor believes a candidate will do poorly in these areas but still is a good bet overall, they should wait until afterward to place their wager. Like a smart investment in the stock market, presidential election bettors should buy a candidate's prospects when odds are undervalued.

America's elections take fundamental differences to the parliamentary-style process in most English-speaking countries. Parties don't select a candidate, but they instead accrue delegates through a state-by-state nomination process, with the eventual recipient of the most delegates earning the right to go to the general election. In another key difference, the general election isn't determined by raw popular votes, but by the Electoral College. Each of the 50 states is given a number of Electoral College votes based off its population, and the winner is the person who secures or more of those votes.

So while national polls may show an advantage for one candidate or another, the election will be decided by who wins the most votes in a specific set of states. In , and the election, those were in the American Midwest, most notably Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. With the majority of Electoral College votes essentially decided due to heavy partisan leans in most states, bettors shouldn't concern themselves with national trends, but look at polls, fundraising and support in that key handful of undetermined states.

It can't be reiterated enough that primaries are for a party's nomination not the general election. While primary wins are good to track for bets on the party nominee, it's important to understand that that a candidate can gain overwhelming support in their party's state nomination contest but have almost no chance in that same state's general election. For example, the winner of the South Carolina Democratic primary has that victory as a way to show the nationwide Democratic base that they are the best candidate for their party.

However, the South Carolina Democratic primary winner has virtually no shot carrying that state in the general election because of its overwhelming partisan lean toward Republicans. Again, just because someone touts support, no matter how lopsided, in a party primary, it doesn't have much of an impact on the general election.

Sharp bettors need to familiarize themselves with current partisan makeups and realize that in most states intraparty support means very little in the general election. Oprah, Kanye West, The Rock and other celebrities might make for a fun bet, but they are never good wagers, no matter the odds. People may point to another celebrity-turned-president in Trump after his improbable run to the White House, but his campaign still withstood the month crucible of a presidential run. Regardless the odds, reject any off-the-wall bet for a celebrity candidate — or anyone else not declared for the race.

Not only did they win, but they dominated their division rival, scoring 48 points on Sunday night. What is their reward for that impressive victory? Can Cleveland's defense make enough plays to keep this game close, or will they get exposed through the air as they did in the second half of the wild-card game?

Can Cleveland put together another strong performance to make this a contest? There is some concern in this game that the Browns could play a ball-control style of offense and the Chiefs come out flat on offense after two weeks off. In fact, we saw that exact scenario play out in the divisional game last season as the Chiefs dug themselves a hole against the Texans.

Unless the Browns get a bunch of turnovers, it's hard to envision them holding the Chiefs under 30 points. Cleveland allowed Look for Mahomes to torch their inexperienced secondary for several big plays down the field. For that reason, take the Chiefs to cover here as they are well-rested and ready to go on another run. Grab these odds over at PointsBet. One of the more shocking outcomes of the first round of the playoffs was the Rams thoroughly dominating the Seahawks in Seattle.

Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. However, their opponent in the divisional round will present a much different challenge as the Rams will face Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. The Packers finished the season hot, winning six straight games to end the year. But can they beat the Rams in likely the most physical game of the weekend? The Rams are one of the best-coached teams in the NFL and their defense is incredible.

But trying to stop Rodgers on the road, after Green Bay got a week of rest, is going to be difficult. The Rams also have failed to cover the spread in six straight games against the Packers. Green Bay presents so many difficult challenges for the Rams and it's hard to imagine that Jared Goff coming off recent thumb surgery can put up enough points to win this game. Look for the Packers to potentially win by double digits in this contest.

We grabbed these odds at FOX Bet. They have now won five straight games and the offense is clicking. Since Week 10, they are averaging Meanwhile, the Saints have had some trouble moving the ball since Drew Brees returned to the lineup. This should be a fantastic game with the winner likely going on the road to face Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

These are two evenly matched teams, but with the way Drew Brees has played recently in the playoffs makes it hard to bet on him in this game.

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