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I will sure be trying this! But I do notice at times that some areas on the clothes are dry when I take them out. Has anyone out there also experienced this? What should I do? Are your close coming out clean? I had this happen and called the manufacture and they told me that some items spin longer making them dryer like towels. This was normal. Just make sure the items are getting clean. But I think there were some comments here stating that the vinegar also cleans the clothes better?

You may be using too much detergent. HE machines only require tbsp MAX. I have been extremely happy with my Kenmore. It is gentle on the clothes and they have never been cleaner. I even tested a really black-soiled white rug in it and it came out super-white. Do an occasional load on the white or sanitizing setting to ensure no build-up and yuck forms on the gaskets, etc.

Great tips, thank you so much. I now do my towels with baking soda only and we have stopped using detergent all together for them. I agree, to much detergent is not a good thing! Okay it is easy leave the door open you. It will never start to smell. They use about 7 gallons of water compared to top loader that uses 30 to 40 gallons U used mine for ten years never had a problem cleaned fine no pretreating bought a Frigidaire loved it.

We always leave our door open, but mine has started to have that sour smell. I hate it. I will start trying the vinegar. I had a repair man out too. Nothing in the drain underneath…I use vinegar all the time, also tried adding baking soda and I tried tea tree oil.. I have tried vinegar, vinegar and baking soda..

I drain water out of drain weekly on bottom and tried to wash only in cold water for a while…. Thank you for your advice. But I found a way of my own. I hate those washer too. I believe that only enough water will clean clothes and remove stains and odour.

And only this way clothes get cleaned. Try this: once washing is finished do not take out clothes. Start extra rinsing cycle and pour enough water thru front drower. Could be two galons before you see the water level reaching a half of washer compartment.

Observe the foam and viscosity of water. I like the tip about adding more water sjoe. I also believe they need more water as I have found some clothes still folded and dry when the cycle finished. I use this also for years as a softner, I also use washing soda and borax along with my regular laundry soap. Also, I leave the door ajar and make I clean the bottom filter. I have been using vinegar in my clothes for a year now, I think it brightens colors, removes odors car oil , and really brightens whites.

I too have a Front Loading HE washer it will be my last! If my door stays open then that helps tremendously! But alas, I still have to use the expensive washer cleaners makes no sense to me HOW can a machine that cleans get dirty? It may have some bacteriostatic activity, but it is a wonderfully thorough killer of all kinds of mold and fungus, which are major culprits in causing odors. We use vinegar as fabric softener and also with the final spin cycle when doing cloth diaper loads.

Finding a good cloth diaper cleaning routine can be a task but the vinegar really helps strip the cloth so that it maintains absorbancy and rids it of odors. I balance my front loader with a piece of cardboard under one corner as mine to sounds like a space shuttle going off.

Thanks for the vinigar tip, mine too smells terrible and I am forever cleaning the mold out of the dispenser. Do you also need to add vinigar to the softening dispenser for that cycle. I hate my front loader. Have a LG one. Have the smell and the clothes are not clean. I have used vinegar for a long time. Still stinks! We do use vinegar for fabric softener and add some lavender essential oil to the vinegar.

We make our own liquid laundry soap, and we use hydrogen peroxide in the bleach compartment. We do drain in out at least once a week and clean out that filter at that time. We also leave the door open to air it out. For her it was the fabric softener build up causing her the problem. I bought a Samsung front loader about 2 years ago. I love it! I have never had an odor problem. I leave the door open and never use commercial fabric softener.

I make my own detergent. The salesman told me the way to avoid the odor common in front loaders is to never use liquid fabric softener. It builds up in the machine and then starts to rot. I sometimes use vinegar when I remember. I also run a cleaning cycle when the machine tells me to. I have a top loading machine that is one of the quiet machines where the clothes do not agitate back and forth but are pulled down.

It has 3 water levels but I have to clean it every month or so. I wish I had never got that type but you live and learn. It cost about as much to keep it clean as you pay for laundry detergent, I am glad to learn of the vinegar and will definitely try itl Thanks for the article! Thank you SO much for this information! Today I put vinegar in the bleach dispenser and now my towels smell fresh and clean for the first time in almost a year! I bought a frontloader HE about 10 yrs ago.

Their claim I could wash 20 pairs of jeans or towels was totally bogus. I used it several years and it finally died also, and I was forced to pick out another HE because that is all you can find now was told toploaders are not being manufactured any more. I insisted Lowes take it back, but was again forced to buy another HE. Thanks for the tip, I just needed to vent about these stupid washers.

I hope none of you ladies are ever forced to watch videos on how to wash clothes in a Lowes store like you are a moron. That is SO not right! I understand the HE top loading machines are just as bad and leave clothing dry with dry soap at the top of the wash load when the cycle is finished. The vinegar helps!

I also recommend leaving the washer door open when not in use for added freshness. I get white marks on my black clothes only. I have tried small loads and very little he detergent but still there any ideas how to rid my black clothes of this?? Nothing grosser than stepping out of the shower and grabbing a clean towel that smells like it had been sitting in a hamper damp for a week.

I still leave my washer door open too. Thanks so much for this advice. Hi, I cam upon your site because I have had a front loader for 15 years and I also from time to time have foul smells coming from this machine! I read every reply lol and went right to my machine and ran vinegar with a load! Hope it works out but i Just wanted to say too also use a cup of vinegar inside your dishwasher as well they will come out sparkling clean with no water spots! Thanks for the info! I despise it!!!

I posted my sentiment on fb and had an outpouring of shared feelings about theirs. Barely allows enough water to cover the clothing. I wondered about that but the salesman I should have known better and the company literature were reassuring. Finally, I realized the smell was not just on me , it was on my kids, unacceptable. Over time the odor worsened. It was keeping me awake at nights. Both the thought of it and then the reality of the odor in the linens too. They are not washed with clothes?

Hope the vinegar works or it time for another unit after only a year. I feel like Samsung ripped me off. I hope I can still buy an old fashioned washer that uses sufficient water. I am with you here Joe. Add dawn dish soap, top off container slowly with water.

Dawn helps to cut any grease on clothing. Fabric Softener: 1 gallon container oz of favorite scented cheapest hair conditioner 1 cup vinegar add both ingredients to container, fill rest of way with water. Vinegar does what vinegar does best cleans and deoderizes while also helping to get all soap out of clothing , and conditioner helps to cut down on the smell while working together to soften clothes.

I totally agree Janalin. Working in the construction field, sometimes my clothes have to be run through the wash 2 times, I never had to do this when I had a top load. I do use the white vinegar but not in every wash. Can I use it in the bleach AND softener compartment?

Thanks, Cathy. God yes, we had the same problem. I was overjoyed to get a set of these HE machines. I will try your suggestion of vinegar and the added borax for cleaning cycles. This reminds me of a situation where I was learning airbrushing form of art and my teacher asked me why I was paying 13 bucks for a small bottle of cleaning fluid for the tool. He said it was just white or uncolored windexwindow washer fluid. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate the tip about the vinegar and will be trying that but I wonder how much vinegar to use in an old style top loading machine.

I just today discovered your site and am liking it very much. I just purchased my first house and it has a very old top loader which smells bad when you open it. I am presently running a 2nd treatment of Glisten Washer Magic as the 1st treatment did not cure it. If this does not work I am going to try baking soda.

If you live in the country as I do you cannot use vinegar as it will destroy your septic tank. It dissolves the grout between the cement blocks. Great suggestions! I will definitely try the vinegar. Fyi, I mix vinegar with water and wash my blueberries before putting them in my fridge.

Never have moldy berries anymore. Vinegar has been found to be so useful in many ways. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with so many. Mine is a top loader Whirlpool and it stinks. Seems that some soaps are worse than others. Pursil powder laundry soap is very very expensive, but works better but not good. Is there any powder laundry soap still out there that are affordable? I will try the vinegar in the wash. Have my fingers crossed. I want to try adding vinegar to my loads but am concerned about putting that into my septic tank system.

Has anyone researched if there is any problem with vinegar and septics? OMG thank you! I heard using baking soda to shake in drum and add vinegar to the bleach dispenser would fix the prob. I also drain it monthly because I found out that I should have been doing this but I think the smell got 10x worse!!! I have ran it in sanitize, clean washer, cleaned the glass part and it has not helped.

I have also ran a cycle with bleach but I think I need to try the borax. Has anyone had this prob.? I am definitely going to have to try this out! This is a significant saving and probably one of the reasons you switched to a front loader. Unfortunately, it has also led to misunderstanding and confusion by consumers because manufacturers are not explaining the idiosyncrasies of these machines. Additionally, consumers are not educating themselves about their new style washer and the methods necessary to obtain a good quality wash.

Most people are simply assuming that the methods used in their previous washer will apply. Therefore we offer the following article to explain the four most common misunderstandings. Using the wrong detergent can result not only in a poor quality wash but also, detergent left in clothing fibers, water leakage, bad odors, mildew, and unnecessary strain upon the machine.

Using standard laundry detergent in a front loader will be a decision that can come back to haunt you. A good place to start is how much you used in your previous top-loader, and then half or quarter that amount. Try a quarter of a cup or less for the next few loads. Many of our customers who use liquid detergent report that they only use a tablespoon of detergent per wash. Most front loaders come with a detergent dispensing drawer where your laundry detergent, fabric softener, or bleach is inserted prior to starting the cycle.

Look inside the dispenser cups for a mark or line indicating a suggested amount to use. But even with these guidelines many consumers continue to grossly overfill the detergent dispenser. The detergent level markings seem so low many people think they are incorrect, or not to be taken seriously. They unwisely assume that such a small amount of detergent will result in a poor wash — this is untrue. Additional confusion can result when comparing the amount indicated in the detergent dispenser with the recommendations on the detergent box.

Suggestions that must encompass all makes and types of washing machine, all load types, all load sizes, fabric type, water temperatures, and the waters mineral content. The suggestions on the detergent box are in no way specific to front-loading washers, nor your particular needs. Even your water hardness affects the amount of detergent required. While harder water requires more detergent per load, a softer water needs less detergent per load. Additionally, detergent type affects the quantity needed per load.

For example, since liquid detergents are more concentrated they require less per load than a powder type. In fact, it should never be used full strength in a front-loading washer. Instead, the fabric softener must to be diluted with water before being added to the machine. A dilution ratio of 7 to 1 is suggested. That is: Seven parts of water to every one part of fabric softener. The easiest way to do this is to mix it in an alternate storage container. Something such as an old clean wide-mouthed juice container with a screw cap works well.

Add one cup of fabric softener to the container followed by seven cups of water, secure the lid, and shake the bottle to mix. This will provide you with enough of the proper mixture for about fifty loads of washing. This is because the combination of low water volume and cold water during the wash section of the cycle may not wash away all the detergent from the clothing fibers.

This can result in your clothes taking on a prematurely dull or worn appearance. Cold-water washing can also result in a deposit of detergent, fabric softener, and debris between the tubs that results in the production of very bad odors. Odors that may get so strong that they will even impregnate the clothes. Therefore, a hot wash followed by a cold rinse cycle is acceptable.

Or a warm wash followed by a cold rinse is also okay. A worst-case scenario is when consumers combine a lot of cold water washing with excessive use of detergent, followed by full strength fabric softener. This can result in the machine starting to produce a mildew odor that will be almost impossible to eliminate. But in my opinion they are definitely worth the rethink. Putting into action the above methods will allow you to use this machine to its maximum, resulting not only in clean and sparkling clothes but at a substantial cost saving to you and your family.

I have found my machine are expensive to repair, but I have been happy with the way cleans. If you put a pack of lemonade kool aid unsweetened in the powder dispenser. Run the machine the way you alwaz do. It takes the bad smell out. Put the setting on hot water. I do this once a month. My machine never had any odor. You may also want to consider having your machine leveled. Today I really smelled it. It was horrible. My next load will definitely include white vinegar.

Will let you know. Thanks for the great advise. Vinager will also get dog urine out of clothing too. We went through the puppy stage, and vinager in the HE machine saved one puppy from??? Thank you for this post…I have a Steam HE washer and drier and love it. Well HE machines are a bit of trick here. The true European machines front load first use small amount of water, better detergents.

Ours here use hot water from the tank but to have nicely bright laundry they needs to have cold water coming and then wormed up to 90C so the whole process is much longer. The truth is you do not need to much water with the right technology and detergent. It is not about the amount of water that is in. When you clean your stains you do not use gallons of water…. Of course, the price for these machines are much much higher and they are smaller so not necessarily HE but what is important to me is end result — nicely washed clothing.

Over the short period of time they look old, so I have my laundry out on the Sun whenever I can. Yes, tips about vinegar and baking soda are true and I use them just occasionally in my washing European machine even though I never have a smell but just to keep it in a good shape. As well as being a fantastic place for authors and Internet marketers to advertise their businesses through article marketing, we also offer advertising opportunities through our partner program.

Check the Better Business Bureau for listings, and see if you can find other blogs or forum posts from people that have ordered from that business in the past. For those of you who combine vinegar and baking soda, please remember your high school chemistry class.

Vinegar is acidic and baking soda is a base which neutralizes the effects of an acid. You may very well be minimizing the acidic properties of the vinegar which kills the bacteria with the baking soda. I would suggest using them separately, therefor benefiting from the bacteria-fighting properties of both.

Thank you for the great article on vinegar. I use it for just about everything but my HE washing machine. My next load will include vinegar! Wanted everyone to know, I use white vinegar in my dishwasher rinse agent cup. My dishes are nice and shiney and no chemicals or polishes are being applied to my dishes. Tried the vinegar and was pleasantly surprised! I wash my washer and dishwasher with those tablets and they sort of work.

Can I use the vinegar in my dishwasher also? Trying the baking soda on my towels now. Wish me luck. Yep you sure can use vinegar in dishwasher. Just put it in your rinse area right next to where you put the detergent. We also suffered from the problem of clothes smelling very unpleasant immediately after then were washed.

It was obviously the Washing Machine that has something wrong. Much research on the interest and the suggested treatments did not help. I reverted to my swimming pool knowledge and after viewing a video showing what caused the problems, we treated our machine in the following way. Our Machine has a Trommel Reinigung program drum cleaning program — we are in germany.

So using this program we put the machine through 4 consecutive cycles:. Cycle 1 : using a supermarket drain cleaner caustic soda would also work. Some of the liquid cleaners may cause a foam problem. This product is very good at removing fat …. Cycle 4 : using a cheap supermarket powder designed for dishwashers. We used quiet a lot, about 1 full tea cup of powder. Why are we consumers stuck with HE machines??? I consider myself an experienced, meticulous laundress.

Got my first front loader in I used the recommended cleaning products but could not get rid of the smell. Replaced the set in December and once again the odour issue was back. I cleaned and cleaned, read advice online. Baking soda, Borax and vinegar were all supposed to remedy the problem but were not effective for me. Last week I came across a post that recommended switching to a powdered detergent.

The theory being that liquid detergent is similar to fabric softener in that it can cause build up. I immediately ran out and bought powdered soap. I can now walk into my laundry room without being assaulted by that nasty odour. Not sure if this is the solution for everyone but I thought I would put it out there as another option.

Thank so much for the tip. If we had not paid so much for it …. I would be going back to a top loader. I use to soak my clothes by opening the cover and stopping the wash cycle. The clothes sat in the detergent for a half hour or so. Worked wonders. Front loaders will not let you soak your clothes and it is so disappointing. I also find i have to re-rinse bleach loads defeating the purpose of saving water. If anyone had found a way to soak in a front loader…please let me know.

I can see a soiled item, but you could soak it in the sink. You can also try using a prespotter such as Zout. Read the posts in this column, especially the very detailed one from Andrew in Sept. Since I found the vinegar suggestions here,. I will know soon enough if it does the trick. Thank you for sharing!!! I will try vinegar but I think I would prefer my money back and buy another. I too dried the machine and left the door open in hopes it would rectify the sour smell -to no avail.

I wanted to say thanks for this post. We just bought an HE washer yesterday and that was my first question, Can I still add vinegar to my laundry? I have 7 dogs and many, many doggy blankets. I use vinegar with these loads and all our bedding.

Keeps my linens smelling fresh. It would seem that there is an agreement in most of the sites I have looked at that you should use powdered detergent and use vinegar in the wash in place of chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Then softener sheets in the dryer. I inherited a Maytag Neptune many years ago and it gets my clothes beautifully clean, however, it does get an odor and requires a monthly deep cleaning to get it out.

I used your tip of vinegar in the wash and now I am happy to say I no longer have to do the monthly cleaning!! So will probably go with the matching washer, and a ton of vinegar for it as well!! My HE washer had never washed properly. It was a very simple adjustment to add more water to every load. Now my clothes come out just as clean as my old top loader while still using less water.

It will not wreck your machine. Simply put the washer discharge hose into a large tote and you can see how much water the machine will use. Originally mine used less than 40 litres of water which saves nothing when you need to wash everything 3 times.

Dean do you have a link on how to do this? I am sure others here would like to research this. Great tip, did not know you could do this! I was going to purchase an old style top loader when I found out you could raise the water level. I washed a large comforter dog barf infused today. It came out nice and clean. I did not realize how crappy my machine cleaned until I did laundry at my inlaws.

The water in their top loader was almost black. For those of you that are done with HE machines, and wants something that actually works without the BS and the headaches, try Speed Queen. Simple, mechanical, old school washer, gets the job done in 25 minutes. Hello, I am having an HE top loading machine delivered next week as my old workhorse agitator died. So sad. Dreading any problem with the smell, this seems so rampant.

Gld i found your article. Question 1: I hate the smell of vinegar, makes me absolutely sick. Question 2: Some people said to add it to the bleach compartment, some said fabric softener compartment. What is the difference? I know if you add regular fabric softener, that you to add a fabric softener setting to the wash cycle. I just want to know which place is better to add it, bleach or FS? Thanks for the tip! Well, I have to say that I have tried all of the many suggestions mentioned in this and other posts and none of them work.

Vinegar, baking soda, borax, bleach, fabric softener, etc. I wear my clothes and 15 minutes into a slightly hot day and they smell! Too late to bring the washer back. Anyone have other suggestions? I have not tried the vinegar trick but did find every time I ran our front loader on warm or hot water the smell was worse. I had read detergent buildup was most likely the culprit and with two teenage daughters switched us to the pods to avoid overuse. I also had tried the cleaning agents they sell for he washers to no avail but found that the instructions for cleaning out the gunk called for cold water which kept me thinking why cold?

I started doing all laundry on cold. I also switched from liquid fabric softener to dryer sheets but still use liquid bleach on the whites scented or unscented does not seem to make a difference. I use All Free pods not sure this matters as I had always used All free but still had odor before cutting open the pods.

I have not used any cleaning methods in at least a year. I was like many on this site hated my he washer but these changes have made all the difference! I had a whirlpool he washer and dryer, a new pillow with the edge to it cannot think of correct name for this was shredded to pieces and ruined not only the pillow but the rubber door seal.

I got a new seal, and continued using it until I went to Lowes and bought a pair of maytag he washer and dryer. Judged mainly on the seal looking so much better than the whirlpool. I always take out the dispenser drawer and flip it over in the washer and leave washer drawer open all the way between wash days. No smell, never have cleaned it yet. Am going to try vinegar and maybe some hair conditioner if vinegar smell prevails even though I always use extra rinse.

Also will try 7th generaltion clear? Loved Lowes sales people and bought what the clerk bought and loved also. She got me the best price also.. Ok, so I stopped using fabric softener to reduce the bad smell because the sticky residue molds the new HE washer. I now use white vinegar instead no more stink and I use fabric softener sheets in the dryer.

My clothes come out of the dryer smelling like nothing in particular and having 2 stinky boys and a husband, when I open the dryer door I still smell a light sent of body odor from their gym clothes. Using vinegar and no softener in the wash and dryer sheets in the dryer is not working. Any advice?

You might want to try a soak setting on your washing machine for an extra deep clean. You could also try baking soda to neutralize the smell. We Just bought a samsung H. I noticed that the machine did clean but left it without my normal clean laundry smell it was just blah no odor.

I didnt understand what was going on same detergent but no smell after being washed and dried. I like to smell clean lol. So i just did a load with this suggestion and the clothes came out the machine and the dryer smelling like laundry detergent!! So Thank You for the suggestion.

My Husband told me last night we are getting rid of our front loads and doing back to a top load with agitator. I have 2 washers and dryers. The whole family fights over who gets to use the old set which are not HE. I look forward to reading all of the posts to see what their solutions are. I had a front loader HE, and switch to a top loader HE and although it is better, I still miss the conventional older models.

They use more water and I just feel that they get cleaner. I have learned how to add more water to my top loader and that has helped tremendously. Have you tried contacting the company who manufactures your washer to see how you can add more water? I bought a Kenmore top loader that is He. It has no agitator. I fought with sears to return it after I discovered the smell and the fact that it does not use enough water to actually clean the clothes.

Sears would not take it back because it was over 90 days so I will never buy another thing from Sears. I recently went washer shopping looking for a machine that is not HE. In Canada you cannot buy one because of new regulations. I can smell the clothes when I have them on and it is sickening. I can also smell them on other people. Soon we will be forced to go down to the river and wash out clothes like they did way back when.

I feel your frustrations! Do you have a soak cycle on your washer machine? That has helped me and I also have a sanitize feature which helps me disinfect my clothes. Might be an option for you?? I have a HE washing machine and I had problems with bad smelling clothes too. It turns out the smell comes from bacteria. It is the synthetic materials that hold on to this bacteria, at least this is true in my experience.

I have a bunch of males in my home that play sports and their clothes absolutely reek. These clothes typically have to be pre-treated before they are washed. I soak this clothes in water and oxyclean for at least several hours if not overnight. This kills the bacteria. That is why the top loading washers seem to do a better job… the soaking kills more of the bacteria. Unfortunately, the top loaders are much harder on clothes and use a lot more water… much less energy efficient too.

I love my front loader now that I know how to get the smell out of the clothes. The extended wash cycles sometimes work, but not consistently… just easier to soak the synthetic stuff. I read that some soaps need to be alkaline in order to clean-and vinegar is acid. So, instead of putting the vinegar in the bleach section-I put it in the rinse section and program in an extra rinse.

This means the clothes are washed in soap, rinsed in vinegar, and rinsed in plain water. And I, too, leave the door open on the washer after I am finished with it. I wish your site would have been visible when I first set out to buy and HE front loader. My 3 week old LG washer-dryer combo has a terrible chemical Drum odor ever since the first use.

This is a chemical smell due to manufacturing and it has not gone away after multitudes of washing and drying. Will update soon. So Happy to have found you! And thanks to your readers! I can return it within 30 days, no questions asked. So I am running as many loads as I can right away. I want to give it every chance to perform well because the only old fashioned agitator machine I saw was a very small one. I did smell a horrible odor after only 4 loads—not time for mildew or mold to grow. The clothes themselves did not stink.

I immediately googled stinking HE washer and found this site. The next 3 loads included a cup of vinegar in the bleach dispenser. I did not smell the odor again—yet. Next came bed the sheets. Using Oxyclean in the tub and vinegar in bleach dispenser, and a commercial HW detergent.

Finally, I saw the water level come up to a reasonable amount and the clothes really did move around well. And finally the clothes came out clean. I have decided to keep the machine and program it like this every time. This worked for me. Why should we have to add anything to the washer but what we have put in the traditional Washers.

That is why there is a smell. I have owned an HE unit for 15 years and have fought this smell nonstop. We have used a variety of methods to combat the smell. However, why should we have to do this this is a washer for crying out loud! It is supposed to clean things not stink! Less water means less clean. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you an HE machine!

I just put my HE washer and dryer on craigslist and will be purchasing a traditional unit. I look forward to close that smell fresh instead of a strange tangy smell. I also look forward to never having to worry about a stinky washer! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The plastic that surrounds the glass top is broken around the hinge.

What a pain. PLUS, the machine is so noisy and starts to vibrate loudly toward the end of the cycle. Whirlpool Corp. Bought the Cabrio Washer in June Lid cracked in October and was not covered under the Lowe's extended warranty because they called it a "wear item. In December , the lid cracked again. I called Whirlpool customer service and they couldn't do anything. I called the Whirlpool corporate headquarters and was directed to a member of their executive staff.

After explaining my situation, Whirlpool agreed to send me a new door free of charge and even pay to have it installed which I told them I can do myself. Aside from the cracking of two doors, this washer is an exceptional unit. It's good to see Whirlpool stands behind its products this way, outside of the warranty period. I would guess that they always hear a lot of whining and complaining, but it seems if you explain things logically, people listen and are willing to help.

We purchased a Duet from Lowe's just a few months ago. Within 2 weeks we had an inoperable machine. After 2 phone calls a service technician came out and looked it over. He had to come back a total of three times to replace the motherboard. That worked for about six weeks and it died again. He came out again and replaced the motherboard again.

Fast forward two months and the machine is once again inoperable. When plugged in, it makes an ominous growling sound but nothing else happens. The idiot who designed this thing has no common sense. It's programmed so that it will LOCK on any failure. Not only has every one of these episodes left us with a load of clothes in there getting moldy, you can't even get to the model number or serial numbers; both of which are only visible inside the rim of the machine.

If it had only happened once, I'd laugh, but this is the third time and it's not funny. We bought this machine because it said "proudly made in USA". Next time, I'll support the Korean economy and buy a reliable, durable Samsung. The only positive I can offer is that the Whirlpool "live chat" person was able to set up the service call for me even though I can't get to the relevant data inside the machine.

Despite their legacy and US-feel-good associations, the sad truth is that they are poorly engineered and poorly manufactured. I bought a Whirlpool High Efficiency top load washer. It does not get the clothes clean. Dark clothes come out with spots all over them. There is not enough water to rinse out the dirt. It is left on the clothes in spots. I have to take my clothes to the laundry mat to wash them to get them clean. I am 74 years old and have used Whirlpool appliances all my life.

I have dt3 rental houses I keep Whirlpool appliances in. But I won't be buying any more. I had to call the repair man one month after I bought it. He had to recalibrate the machine. If all you want to wash or maybe rinse out is a pair of slacks or a shirt, it might be o. It is just a JOKE. We have owned this machine for about 2 years. I am very disappointed with the quality of this machine. I have 3 children and several pets.

I use my machine a lot and need a quality item that will last. This machine is not that item. Within a few months, the machine was off balance and bolts had to be tightened. We have had problems with the belt, bolts coming loose and the machine not draining. More recently, the machine has become very loud For approximately the last 6 months. My husband has taken the machine apart and looked for anything to be wrong with it and has found nothing. Now the machine is not running.

I will turn it on and it fills with water and then stops. I will clear it out and restart it and it does the same thing. Another issue has been with spinning and draining. I have researched what could possibly be wrong with this machine and have found a vast number of items that could need replaced. With the money I have already put into fixing this machine in the past and the amount it will cost to fix it this time, I believe I will be further ahead if I buy a new machine made by a different company.

I will not be buying a Whirlpool product again. Whirlpool cabrio top load washing machine sounded like a jet engine taking off on spin cycle then started spewing grease on the floor. Called hotline with make mod ser. Repairman came out 5 days later. Whirlpool made a mistake, repairs not covered. Should have had him make the repairs then threw him out of my house.

Washing machines need to tumble your clothes or agitate in order to clean Spilled cream gravy on black scrubs at work. Gravy still on scrubs after heavy duty wash cycle using warm water on blacks. This scenario repeated time after time We relied on consumer reports as the primary source for a recommendation on this washer. Just under two years old, it started making a noise, which suddenly went away. Then one day the machine would not spin and drain, and we could not decipher the error code into anything useful.

This caused the belt to ride against the belt guard and wear right through it. I removed the belt and determined that the cause of the problem was that the large pulley on the drum was loose. For some reason the nut which holds that pulley on was slightly loose, causing the pulley to wobble. Not sure why they didn't use some Loctite on that nut. I put everything back together and tightened the nut. No problems and I checked it a month later, everything was still good. Fast forward to last week, when the machine was not yet 3 years old.

Same thing, washer would not spin and drain. Tipped machine over to find that the belt had fallen off, the drum pulley was again loose. But this time the belt had damaged the pulley on the motor. I figured, no problem, just order a new pulley. Well you can buy just the pulley on the drum, but the pulley on the motor is part of the motor, it cannot be ordered by itself. We decided to cut our losses and buy a new machine.

Our last Kenmore washer lasted 23 years. Oh but it had an agitator and wasn't listed as "HE" High Efficiency , so I suppose the environmentalists would get the dry heaves thinking about the impact of that washer on the environment.

But it was useful for 23 years. Now this "High Efficiency" Whirlpool is headed for the recycling pile. Sorry, I think this hurts the environment more than an appliance which just works year after year. The machine runs so loud on the spin cycle you can't have a phone conversation or hear the TV over it and is leaking grease from the bottom. My mistake to not purchase the extended warranty but you would think a machine would last more than 2 years. I contacted Whirlpool online and by mail and they do not stand behind their product.

I did contact a local repair shop and by our phone conversation was told it would be approx to fix it and I'm not putting that kind of money into a repair. Just want to let consumers know this machine is junk and spend your money on quality appliances, not Whirljunkpool.

We also purchased Lowes extended warranty. Washer was delivered on around pm. Connected washer. Washer filled with water. System started but would not wash. We clicked the cancel button for 3-seconds to restart. Same problem. Called Lowes - Lady name Kelly continued to tell us we did something wrong. She would not listen and continued to say it's Christmas "EVE".

Finally the workers came out to check it out around Confirmed washer is defective and new washer will be delivered on Confused as to the label on the machine says made with pride in America. Our 20yr. Never buy another Whirlpool product! This week noticed small cracks in plastic that surrounds and holds glass lid.

Now lid will not sit flat and glass is emerging from encasement. Called extended warranty claim center and was told it was a cosmetic issue. Called Whirlpool, and was told they were unaware of this flaw, even though countless websites, chat sites, and Youtube. My frustration is how they claim to be unaware of this flaw and refusal address it, after countless consumers have called. I would be willing to start a class action on this matter!

Bought this because it was a Whirlpool product and liked how it was supposed to work at the store, HhGregg in Downingtown. Anyway one week in we started having problems, clothes not being washed well, and constant problems of dripping wet clothes, like they were never spun at all. Would have to readjust all the clothes, respin, most times we have to that that every time we wash clothes and have to respin more than once and even then, clothes have too much water left in them, so it takes forever to get our clothes dry.

We have a service contract with Sears, we have repairmen out a few times. Get told, don't wash towels in it, only do very small loads, supposed to be a large capacity washer, nothing wrong with it. Now its worse than ever, terrible product. I want a different washer, it's rusting at the lid, it's only at the most 2 yrs old, it was expensive and am very, very frustrated!!!

I want what I paid For!!! Whirlpool, shame on you for putting out such crap. On to my next problem with a Whirlpool range, again bought it because it was a Whirlpool. We had our Kitchen remodeled and the range I had was white.

We needed a stainless steel range, Bought the Gold series AquaLift convection oven. This is the most horrible piece of crap. The convection oven does not cook as a convection should, food takes forever to cook on convection, reg feature works faster and hotter than the convection.

In my old range I used the convection feature always unless I was baking a cake. Then used the AquaLift feature to clean my oven, it was not dirty , but I like a sparkling oven, so followed the directions, set it to clean.

It looked the same after it supposedly cleaned the oven. Nothing was cleaned, tried it again, it was a little more dirty, something had spilled. I wiped out the oven, used the AquaLift self cleaning feature again, same results, old oven, self clean, the oven after a cleaning cycle, only ash was left, wipe it out, it was spotless. So I called for repair, the repair guy was here about different times, tried this and that, replaced a heating element in the oven, turned the temperature up in the oven, so now when I bake, I have to figure out what temp I need to put it on.

Tried that, even admitted that the AquaLift feature was a bust. I contacted Whirlpool, I want it replaced with a different model. This range is about I and a half years old, want to replace it but again was very expensive. It's a terrible product, it can't be a coincidence, that both newer appliances made by Whirlpool are terrible!!!! Combined they cost me almost I feel that I have been ripped off definitely did not get the great products that I thought I was buying.

No response from Whirlpool, no satisfaction. I want them both replaced or my money back, take them out of here, they are useless!!!!! Did not get extended warranty So very sad and angry that there is no recourse with Whirlpool. I have spent more in repairs than the machine cost originally.

After more than a dozen emails to customer service they have still not answered me even once. It's obvious they put as much pride in their customer service as they put into the assembly of their products. I got a Whirlpool washer front loader model number wfwyw. Every time I wash sheets, they go into a ball.

I called Whirlpool. They sent out a service guy. He said do not wash sheets in a front loader. I called the store. They said call Whirlpool again. Then the second service guy moved the legs down about 1 in. The machine still not right. I feel Whirlpool should replace the machine or give me my money back. Bought a Duet Whirlpool washer a couple of years ago. After about 6 months, it started to make a lot of noise like a jet taking off.

Where we live there isn't a repairman that's able to come and fix it. So we would be required to have it shipped away to have this done. The washer was purchased at The Brick when we bought our new home. When we told The Brick of our problem we were directed to call Whirlpool directly - this we did and like everyone else we were given the runaround with no compensation to come.

I will never buy another Whirlpool product again. Bought new Whirlpool duet washer 4. Started making load noise. Started checking and its the rear bearing and sounds of it will cost more to replace than to buy a new one. Found this page and after reading review after review, I will not spend a dime to fix the junk product from Whirlpool.

Going to put in the dumpster and never buy another Whirlpool product. I have never seen so many complaints about a product and many being the same bearing problem. Where is our recall process? It's ok to rip off people over and over with no consequence. And why do large chains keep their product? Guess they're in on the rip off. I am posting to help anyone else avoid the purchase of this machine! The lid has cracked and now warped into a position where it won't stay down. Obviously a washer will not work without being in the locked position, so we have to put several heavy things on top of it just to run a load of laundry.

I am so disappointed in Whirlpool, this was the entire reason we purchased Whirlpool products, to avoid stress of broken appliances. We wanted reliability for our busy family and instead we bought into more stress.


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Our Whirlpool washing machine repair manual can help you troubleshoot your machine. If your Whirlpool washer is leaking; what things do you check first? Why not save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money, and just go there first?

Diagnosis and repair procedures are included for the most common symptoms, such as leaks, no fill or slow fill, clothes too wet after the cycle ends, no agitate, no spin, no drain, timer, drive motor and other Whirlpool washer electrical troubles. Our Free Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair Manual was designed to assist the novice technician in the repair of home domestic washers that have been operating successfully for an extended period of months or years and have only recently stopped operating properly, with no major change in installation parameters or location.

Find which Whirlpool washer parts in your machine need replacing and how to do it yourself. Note: This manual does not cover Whirlpool front-loading washers; only Whirlpool top-loader washing machines.


And, as best as we can tell, it should be a fairly reliable machine. We also found that the WTC was fairly effective at washing huge loads of laundry, something that HE top-loaders can struggle with, despite their huge tubs. We loaded up an enormous, pound load and found that the WTC rotated the clothes pretty well. Plenty of HE top-loaders hardly rotate full loads at all, and in extreme cases the items at the top of the tub barely get wet.

In our tests, it cranked through a pound load in about 45 minutes, about half the time of a typical HE model. Its gentleness was a mixed bag. That means delicate fabrics could take extra damage over time. It did a little better on our stain-removal test than the other agitator top-loaders we tested.

With the Powerwash setting turned on, we found that it was much more vigorous, and it did better in our stain-removal test but also caused some of the most fraying damage we saw. The upshot: The MVWCHW washer and similar models can get a load of laundry clean enough for you to wear to work or school, as long as those clothes are not totally filthy. Like a lot of modern washers, the MVWCHW is reasonably efficient by default, filling the tub with just enough water to get all the clothes wet.

But it also has all kinds of controls that make it act more like an old-school washer. The owner ratings for this washer are solid, as it earns 4. For our part, we accidentally broke the lid sensor on the MVWCHW during testing as we tried to figure out a way to run the machine with the lid open.

You may or may not save money over time compared with choosing a pricier machine, when you factor in the extra utilities you might use and the clothes you might need to replace sooner. If you need to save money on a washer, you could try to wait for one of our other picks to go on sale, or even just get the cheapest front-loader you can find. We put together a pound test load of laundry considered a large load in the industry of mixed materials and fabric weights, including T-shirts, jeans, zip-up hoodies, blouses, socks, underwear, and more.

We made four nearly identical loads so that we could run multiple tests at once. And we ran all of our tests with 2 tablespoons of Tide Original, the best-selling detergent on Amazon at the time of our testing. We tested cleaning performance in a few different ways. We washed a new strip with the pound load in each washer, let it air dry, and then used a colorimeter to measure the intensity of the color post-wash. The lighter the color, the cleaner it was.

In addition to the AHAM strip, we also made up our own stain-removal test, using white cotton T-shirts and the five most common types of food stains: We used mustard a dye-based stain , vegetable oil oil-based , coffee tannin-based , spaghetti sauce a combination of tannin and oil , and egg yolk protein-based. As with the prestained strips, we measured the stains before and after a Normal wash cycle with a colorimeter.

These were harder to standardize, but we still saw some clear patterns. Unsurprisingly, none of the machines did very well with such a dirty garment. We tried the heavier-duty settings on a few models, and they did better. To measure gentleness, we ran two different tests. First, we used pre-damaged fraying fabric, designed to fall apart strand by strand, to assess how much stress the wash action put on clothes.

We also used Poka-Dot fabric PDF , a cotton swatch covered with blue dots that fall off when abraded; the rougher the cycle, the fewer dots remain after washing. We used a digital imaging system to analyze the density of the dots, but the differences were obvious to the naked eye. For the most part, the results of the fraying-fabric test were consistent with those of the Poka-Dot test. We ran these same tests on the Delicate and Heavy Duty cycles for a few washers, too, to get an idea of the differences between cycles.

In addition, we kept our eyes out for other signs of damage to our test loads which were made of low-quality clothing, as it turned out , such as shredded sweatshirt drawstrings or disfigured bras. For top-loaders, we also ran a clothes-circulation test.

We placed six red shop rags on top of our standard load and watched the washer try to move them we disabled the lid locks on a few models to get a better look. In addition, we looked at the wash time, how effective the accelerated wash cycles were if they were available , and how much water was retained in the load post-spin. We weighed our laundry loads before they went into the washing machine dry and immediately after they finished the cycle damp to determine the moisture percentage post-spin.

The wetter the load, the more time it needs in the dryer, which could mean more energy usage overall. We also looked at the cycle, temperature, soil, and spin options on each model and how easy they were to read, comprehend, and select. We paid attention to beeps or other audio indicators to determine whether any models were particularly annoying in that respect. To test dryers, we used the same pound mixed load of laundry that we used to test washers.

In order to see how well the Normal sensor dry setting worked on this unsorted load, we compared the weight of the load before washing to the weight after the drying cycle was complete, and we touched all the items at the end of the cycle to check if they still felt damp. To see how hot the dryers got during their cycles, we tethered a data logger which takes temperature readings every minute to the top of the lint trap of each dryer we tested and used it to track the temperature ranges over drying cycles.

To see what kind of effect the dryers had on tangling, and how effective sensor dry was with a sorted load, we also dried an 8-pound load of sheets three each, twin-size fitted and flat in each model we tested. None of the dryers we tested had issues with tangling on this medium-size load, but we may test for this more extensively for a future update of this guide. We timed the sensor dry cycles and compared the actual duration to the time displayed on the control panel.

Most cycles took longer than advertised with our test load because the load was unsorted: Heavier, thicker items required more time to dry and would cause the moisture sensor to extend the run-time. Speed Queen washers and dryers are durable machines built for laundromats, but you can buy them for your home.

This Maytag Commercial machine should be durable over the long term, and we found that it performed better on cleaning tests than the Speed Queen TC5. But it was rougher on our fabrics, it has fewer settings to customize the cycles, it uses a little more water than the Speed Queen on its deepest-water settings, and has a slower spin speed, so your clothes will need more time in the dryer.

The reviewers at Consumer Reports even rated it as one of the worst products it tested , citing its poor efficiency and roughness. This same model is also sold under the Roper and Conservator brand names, among others. If you want a great washing machine for the best possible price, you could consider buying the cheapest front-loader that you can find. One of these will almost always outperform similarly priced top-loaders, and the expected reliability should be about the same.

Owner ratings are solid, as it currently has a score of 4. Although it was not one of the best performers in our stain-removal and roughness tests, it still handily beat out every top-load washer we tested. All that said, the owner ratings are solid so far, with the machine earning a mark of 4. The Samsung WF42H is usually the cheapest front-loader you can buy.

We had it as a budget pick in this guide several years ago, but we removed the recommendation after a spate of bad publicity about Samsung appliances, including some instances of exploding top-loaders and reports of terrible customer service. Its owner rating among Home Depot customers is a middling 4. Standard front-loaders are already enormous. Based on what we look for in a great washing machine, we think the higher-end Whirlpool and Maytag top-loaders and front-loaders are overpriced.

The most compelling GE washers are the lower-end top-loaders, such as the GTWA , which are similar to the Maytag and Whirlpool models that we recommend for our budget pick. However, the owner ratings for those GE and Hotpoint models are generally a few tenths of a point lower than the ratings for comparable Whirlpool Corporation machines.

It did fine on our stain-removal and roughness tests but finished a tick behind the LG model that we prefer. We had hoped to test a GE front-loader, but brand representatives informed us that the model we had selected would be discontinued soon. Several technicians we talked to said they considered GE to be one of the less impressive washer brands. Samsung is one of the best-selling brands of washers in the US because its models tend to look slick in showrooms, pack in tons of features that seem useful and innovative though are usually gimmicky , and often cost less than similar models by competing brands.

And they both provide excellent features for the money, such as short cycle times and high-temperature options. When you look at the stats, Samsung washers appear to be pretty reliable in the short-term, as J. Power and Yale Appliance report. But after a few years—as we mentioned above—Samsung seems to be one of the more troublesome washer brands.

Most of the feedback we hear about this brand comes from people who have had a bad experience with customer service or whose washer has broken after just a few years. Kenmore washers are just rebadged versions of LG washers.

But we do have guides dedicated to compact washers and dryers and washer-dryer combos. Modern, high-efficiency washing machines tend to need more maintenance than agitator washers. Use high-efficiency HE detergent. This is crucial!

But that adds as much as 20 minutes to the cycle and wastes a few gallons of water—and it might not wash away all the residue anyway. Over weeks and months, partially dissolved suds can leave behind a buildup of oily film on the door and drum of the washer. That film can smear onto your clothes and can also act as a breeding ground for mildew and mold. What a mess. Use 2 tablespoons of detergent per load at most. For most loads the average is about 8 pounds , 1 tablespoon is enough. This is the dosage that most washer manufacturers recommend in their owner manuals, and it seems to yield great cleaning results with minimal wear and tear on your clothes or the washer.

Detergent makers will tell you to use more: The minimum suggested dose inside a Tide bottle cap is about 2. Using less detergent was the easiest way to avoid oversudsing and all of its problems. However, representatives from LG told us that they still recommended 2 tablespoons at most, based on recent and regular testing of current detergent formulas. These are common issues. Readers write to us all the time complaining about these symptoms. Ofer Hubara, a repair technician in South Carolina, said that many of the long-term mechanical problems he saw in washers stemmed from people using too much detergent and causing residue to build up.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are probably using too much detergent. Just use less. Leave the door open between cycles. This will help prevent the washer from getting smelly. It lets the drum and gasket dry out between uses, which helps prevent mildew and mold from growing in the dark, damp crevices. You might just need to be more diligent with wipe-downs and drum-cleaning cycles. Some manufacturers have started to incorporate simple features that work around the downsides to closing the door.

LG washers including our main pick have a little magnet in the door latch that can keep the door propped open just a crack. This lets the drum breathe but stops the door from swinging wide open. Most washers have small drain holes at the edges of their gaskets so pooling water can drain out. Wipe under the folds of the door gasket. A dry rag or paper towel is fine, no soaps or sprays needed.

As long as you wipe under the gasket every few weeks, that should be plenty. If you stay on top of this, the gasket will never get too nasty. Lean toward the weekly wipe-downs if you use the machine frequently, if you add fabric softener to most loads, or if you keep your washer in a humid room. Run a self-cleaning cycle. This means no clothes, very hot water, and a boric-acid-based washing machine cleaner like Affresh. A drum-cleaning cycle will dissolve that residue.

Most washer brands recommend running a drum cleaning once a month, or every 30 to 40 loads. Really, though, two or three times a year should be enough preventive maintenance for most washers. Plan to run a few more than that if you run a lot of loads, use lots of detergent and fabric softener, or have a humid laundry room. Even if you wash with bleach, you should still run an occasional self-cleaning cycle with a boric-acid-based cleaner.

Bleach kills bacteria, but boric acid breaks up its breeding ground. Wash smaller loads. When your clothes move freely, they get cleaner. This also prevents a lot of wear on your washer. Beyond these basic preventive steps, expect that your washer will need service at some point. Repair Clinic has an excellent series of videos about what can go wrong and how you—a regular person with a simple set of tools—can fix many of the most common problems, including broken inlet valves, cracked hoses, and popped drive belts.

Once you start running into issues such as fried logic boards, busted filter housings, and dead direct-drive systems, call a technician and prepare yourself for a really big bill. Sort your laundry. Dryer moisture sensors work best with sorted loads—sorted by fabric weight and type and garment care. And the faster-drying items will end up overdrying if heavier, slower-drying items prevent the sensor from ending the cycle.

Clean the lint filter after every cycle. You can vacuum the lint out of and around the filter as well as any lint or dust around or under the dryer. If the lint filter seems especially dirty, wash it with warm water, and make sure it dries thoroughly before you use it again.

Clean your dryer exhaust hose every year. Use a wire brush to get the lint out. A leaf blower can help you clear it out, too. Pick one day each year to clean your vent—Labor Day, the first day of spring, the beginning or the end of Daylight Savings, whatever. Power, July 31, Lorain Furniture and Appliance , YouTube.

Kirk Rivas , YouTube. Laundry , Reviewed, November 1, Chris Zeisler, appliance expert, Repair Clinic , phone interview, January Georgios Tjoumakaris, product manager of floor care, laundry, cleaning products, Miele, phone interview, February 27, Sarah Bogdan is a staff writer at Wirecutter covering appliances.

Previously, she tested cleaning products and appliances at Good Housekeeping. Her degree in mechanical engineering and product design helps her understand how products work and how people interact with them. Liam McCabe is a senior staff writer for Wirecutter, and has covered the wild world of appliances since After testing dozens of robot vacuums, he is neither worried about AI nor holding his breath for self-driving cars.

Stay far away. Whirlpool should come and replace this machine for us for free if they care anything about customer service and senior citizens but clearly they do not. In Florida we have an old Sears Kenmore machine that has lasted for over 20 years!! Purchased Whirlpool clothes washer Cabrio Platinum about one year ago.

Never sufficient water to clean items. Appears that there is no way to add additional water to ensure that items are cleaned. Many items come out dry and still soiled. I recently purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio washer and it is the worst product ever!! It does not wash the clothes, it tangles it in knots and has ruined all of my clothes because it leaves holes in the clothing. I have had multiple service calls and all of the diagnostics check out. It is a horrible product that should be recalled and Whirlpool customer service does not stand by their product.

Their supervisors and customer service is very rude and I will never purchase another Whirlpool product!!! I plan on posting my complaint everywhere possible. The bearings among other parts are shot. Angry is putting it lightly!!!

The main board panel lights turned all and the washer did not start. Called Whirlpool several times and nobody could help me and told me to look online for a distribution center to get parts. The customer service only knew about regular washers not coin operator.

The washer had only 3 months warranty from Home Depot and I was supposed to pay for all the repairs and Whirlpool would pay for parts. They replaced the actuator shift, the main board etc, etc and nothing. The technicians reset the washer at least 10 times, calling Whirlpool tech support and the washer worked for one load and the main board lights stayed on all over again, the start button did not work.

I sent a letter to the warranty department that I got online and they told me to call the same that I had called at least 50 times in the past year. Now it has been more than one year and the machine is defective. Technician said could be the soap that my tenants are using, or overloading the washer or an electric problem that they cannot identify. I gave up I will not buy a coin operator heavy duty washer from them again.

I requested a return authorization for a defective product and I did not get anywhere. Don't buy!! Recently have had error codes coming up - F35 for one. Could not get washer to reset. Had to keep unplugging and plugging back in. Service was called and the tech knew right away what was wrong. He ordered and installed an analog pressure switch. While he was working he mentioned that this was a known error and if we had called with this problem a couple years ago Whirlpool would have replaced the washer.

I'm not looking for a replacement but I feel Whirlpool should cover the part having been a known issue. This washer started out to be good. It's only 5 yrs old. We began to smell an odor. Went to Lowe's, spoke with someone in appliance dept. Purchased something for washer. We have tried bleach everything. Our clothes smell. I have skin rashes and I think it is related to mold and mildew. Called the service center. They said could be a sock stuck around the tub area.

They need to recall this washer. We spent a lot of money and it has ruined everything. Cannot get the odor out. We cannot afford another one. There is black mold around the rubber lining when you open up the door. For about 4 months this washer has sounded like a jet plane when spinning. I called Whirlpool to see if it was recalled or what they recommended. They provided 2 repair places near me. The repair shops recommended buying a new washer since the repair is so costly. A 4 year old washer used by 2 people should have bearings that last more than 4 years.

I had a 3 year old Maytag top of the line washer that left my clothes looking like someone had braided them together. The water level was so low sometimes some of the clothes had dry areas after washing. Fortunately, it refused to spin and since I was so unhappy with it we didn't fix it, we purchased a new one. Not a Maytag! My Whirlpool Cabrio is perfect. Not only does it do a great cleaning job, the clothes come out without being tangled.

I've washed everything from sheer curtains to stuffed dog beds and everything washed perfectly without tangling or going out of balance in the spin cycle. Within 4 years the motherboard went out. Whirlpool didn't want to fix it. They said it was past warranty. Clothes don't get clean; not enough water. Now I need a new Lid latch assembly. These washing machines are not worth buying.

Never again will I buy another Whirlpool!! My mom had an old Kenmore that lasted 20 years and only needed a replacement belt. No more fancy high end washers for me! We bought an expensive Whirlpool 3 years ago. Since then it has been serviced 4 times for the same error code each time. Eventually the whole control panel was replaced and it actually worked for 4 months. And then again shows the error code Now Whirlpool will do nothing to help because our extended warranty was up a few weeks ago.

How is that ok? I understand if you have the first problem after 3 years when the warranty is up. But how is it the same when you've had the same problem over and over and had it "fixed" 4 times??? I will never buy anything from Whirlpool again! Motor control board needs to be replaced, actuator needs to be replaced. We would pay labor. They gave us the model number, serial number, the diagnostic info. Long story short, customer service told me she didn't know why I was told to contact them.

They can not predict the life of a machine. Less than 3 years for this machine. Our old Kenmore never had a problem, but we thought that we should replace it in in case something happened with old machine. It was in a vacation home that was rarely occupied, therefore washer not used much. The washer may have been used 5 times during the year. The handle and rim also needed to be replaced.

I purchased my Whirlpool washer and dryer Cabrio Platinum model in September of from Lowe's and have never been so disappointed in a washer in my life. Not only was it the most expensive washer and dryer set I have ever purchased but it is the absolute worst in performance. It has destroyed most of my clothes and linens, doesn't get them as clean as my former Samsung front-loader, and is constantly twisting up the clothes, getting out of balance and requiring me to adjust the clothes once or twice during each wash cycle.

On recent research, I have found that I am not the only one experiencing these problems. And I intend to post this review every place I can to prevent future sales of this horrible product. We purchased 2 Whirlpool Cabrio washing machines in Both required service calls in June After 3. The other machine was spewing water out of the side of the machine.

The repair person took the machine apart and could not duplicate the problem. Pathetic pathetic service!!! Unsatisfactory service!!! First of all, I would like to tell everyone who ever reads this, that please please please never ever use any Whirlpool products, as their service sucks, their response sucks too, and zero co-operation from their people, which will make you regret to have used their products in future.

Please note I registered a complaint on the whirlpool no. I get a call from Mr. He arrived to our place without any new material, he sees the machine and interchanges the buttons, i. I had to pay a sum of rs. I expect a response from your side within next 4 hours, or I might have to escalate this issue!!! Please note Whirlpool team that I had submitted the same on your website yesterday, yet I have not received any response from your side. Whirlpool rating- 0 out of And whoever reads this, please tell me where else can I post this review of mine so that I shall alert everyone that how bad whirlpool service is This machine has had so many repairs that whirlpool should of replaced it.

Now the machine is making a clicking sound when you turn it on to do a load of wash. It clicks for a few minutes then tries to sense what's in the machine then starts clicking again. Clothes come out of machine half wet. Queen sheets are dry in the middle. All around nightmare with this machine. Would not buy another whirlpool because the customer service that I was given was terrible. What a piece.

It was expensive to start with. After 3 years the computer went out. Cost me I will never buy a Whirlpool again! We bought a Whirlpool washing machine, and what a mistake! I just got off the phone with their "customer we don't care" department. It spins everything into a tight ball so when the clothes come out of the washing machine everything needs ironed, even permanent press.

It also changes the water temperature. I like to wash some clothes in cold water, but the representative at Whirlpool told me it will sometimes add hot water to make the water "warm". I am hoping this review will save others from purchasing a Whirlpool washing machine.

We will stay clear of all of Whirlpool appliances due to the problem with this washer and Whirlpool's lack of concern of an inferior product!

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Smart Capable Top Load Washer, model number WTWHW. nothing in the manuals or inline resources provide troubleshooting tips like my old machine manuals would have. I'll bet they don't show my review This online merchant is located in the United States at West Main Street, Benton Harbor, MI Whether you shop for a washing machine in stores or online, it can be like wearing a mask and practicing social distancing—is your best bet. Learn This Tips and Say Goodbye To A Bad Smelling High-Efficiency Washer Machine Forever Mine is a top loader Whirlpool and it stinks. Seems that some As well as being a fantastic place for authors and Internet marketers to advertise Although this kind of sports betting online game is the key attraction presented.