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Notice: We may earn commissions for sending new affiliates to some of these affiliate programs. You will find many top sport betting brands at this affiliate network, including Bet-at-home, Expekt, and Ladbrokes. In total, there are close to 60 sports betting brands here. See the list of UK sports betting offers. Read more. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Gambling Affiliation. Betsson Group Affiliates.

The top sports betting brands part of this affiliate network are Betsafe, Betsson, and Nordic Bet. They also have a horse race betting brand called RaceBets. Deposit bonuses for new players depend on what brand you promote and what GEO your traffic comes from. William Hill. One of the most famous gambling brands out of the UK. They have got international reach with their offers, which includes Italian and Spanish versions of their William Hill casino and sport betting brands.

They do also have a bingo and poker brand for the UK and Italian market. Kindred Affiliates. This affiliate network is packed with marketing material. You will find over 3. Advertise high welcome bonuses with local landing pages to convert traffic from many countries. They also have got an API feed for sports betting and casino related data. Affiliate Marketing Newsletter Join our list to receive our emails!

Subscribe We respect your privacy. Read our privacy policy for more information. You can unsubscribe at any time. GVC Affiliates. This is the affiliate program for a couple of the top gambling brands in the world. The PartyCasino and PartyPoker brands are also really famous in the online gambling world. Currently their site Bet CPA Kitchen. There are 6 sports betting brands with affiliate programs part of this network.

Mr Affiliate. A high-quality casino with great attention to detail when it comes to design. If you live in a country where they do business you have probably seen their stylish TV advertisements. The Mr. Green website offers slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and sports betting. The West Virginia and Michigan markets are expected to open in the coming year.

Affiliates interested in promoting legal US poker sites have a similar market to work with. Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are currently live, with Michigan on deck to launch. During the online poker boom, affiliates were earning large commissions by referring customers to offshore poker sites that were in violation of US law.

Poker and casino affiliates operated with impunity for years because there were no clearly defined laws that made it a crime to act as a mere affiliate for an offshore poker site or casino. That changed in when the state of New Jersey announced that it would consider prosecuting US-based affiliates who continue to work with unlicensed sites. The industry is far from dead, though. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan have all passed laws to legalize online poker sites, online casino games or both.

We should also note that online poker and casino games are heavily regulated in the United States. It is more complicated to become a poker affiliate in New Jersey, for example, than it is to get involved with promoting daily fantasy sports or marketing racebooks. Affiliates interested in revenue share are required to undergo greater due diligence — typically involving background checks that include fingerprinting and extensive financial disclosures.

In general, most US states Nevada and West Virginia as the possible exceptions that have legalized online sports betting, casino or poker require an affiliate partner to hold some form of license. At the same time, regulators are not currently requiring gambling affiliates to register or license operations when promoting horse racing, daily fantasy, or lotteries.

It is also very interesting to note that some states offer all of the markets mentioned above but continue to license for example sports betting affiliates but not horse racing affiliates. Complicated and overlapping federal gambling laws and inconsistencies in state policies are why that is the case. For full disclosure, BettingUSA. Colorado sports betting affiliates are required to apply for one of two types of licenses from the Limited Gaming Control Commission.

Affiliates who wish to provide marketing services on a revenue share basis must acquire a more involved and expensive vendor major license. Illinois will likely require sports betting affiliates to acquire licenses. State law does not specifically state that affiliates need to be licensed, but regulations outline five different types of licenses needed for operators, suppliers and other key employees.

Section No licensee may enter into an agreement with a third party to conduct advertising or marketing on behalf of, or to the benefit of, the licensee when compensation is dependent on, or related to, the volume or outcome of wagers. There is word Indiana may introduce a second licensing tier for affiliates who wish to promote betting sites on a rev share basis, but information on that end is still limited.

Iowa legalized retail sportsbooks and mobile betting in In-person registration ended January 1st, State law does not address marketing affiliates. In response to an inquiry, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission said this:. However, licensed operators need to provide a list of companies they are partnering with to IRGC and the licensed operator may be required to submit qualifying contracts to IRGC for approval.

Note, Iowa does have problem gambling requirements and a voluntary self exclusion program. Each licensed operator is required to submit controls on how they are going to comply with this program. Additionally, licensees are required to conduct all advertising and public relation activities in accordance with decency, dignity, good taste and honesty. Certain services on the platform may also require lab certification. Michigan law establishes two licensing classes for affiliates.

Affiliates who receive compensation on a flat fee basis must register with the state as vendors. Registrants must also certify that they do not promote or market illegal online sportsbooks to Michigan residents. Affiliates who operate on a revenue share basis must hold sports betting supplier licenses. Nevada is not a major affiliate market despite having legal online sports betting and poker. Mobile sports betting is limited by in-person registration, which hampers the effectiveness of online marketing.

Meanwhile, the online poker market is limited to a single operator, WSOP. In New Jersey , prospective affiliates must acquire a vendor registration number in order to promote legal gambling or sports betting sites on a flat advertising or CPA basis. Acquiring a vendor registration number incurs no cost to the affiliate, but a licensed gaming operator must submit an application on behalf of the affiliate.

For example, an affiliate could approach the Caesars Casino affiliate program and request to join. This only needs to be done once. After approval, the affiliate would be added to the Active Vendors List and may work with other operators without re-filing.

The NJ gambling affiliate licensing process originally confused so many operators and markets alike that the NJDGE released this form to clarify the rules regarding affiliates and sub-affiliates. Registering as an affiliate in Pennsylvania is similar to NJ, as are the market options, but the application is quite a bit more complex. There are two licensing models in Pennsylvania, one for CPA and one for revenue share agreements. In both cases, affiliates are required to get fingerprinted and go through an extensive background check.

Affiliates who wish to promote PA sports betting and gambling sites must apply to become a registered gaming services provider using this form. Registering to become an approved CPA affiliate in Pennsylvania is a much more in-depth process than doing so in New Jersey — not to mention more expensive. Affiliates who wish to apply for licenses to promote PA gambling sites on a rev share basis must become a certified gaming services provider.

This involves a more in-depth and expensive background investigation than what is required to promote on a CPA basis. The Vendor Registration Form asks applicants for basic information such as name and address, business name, summary of intended services to be supplied to operators, information on any other gaming permits held by the applicant, criminal history, bankruptcy or insolvency history, ongoing litigation and copies of the businesses articles of incorporation or other legal documents related to the formation of the business.

Applicants must also acquire a WV State Tax Department Business Registration Number and a WV Secretary of State Certificate of Authorization — both of which can be applied for online links to do so are provided within the supplier license application.

To put it simply, affiliates get paid to refer new customers to betting websites. When a visitor clicks on a referral link, or enters a unique promo code the affiliate is credited for having sent that player. Affiliate programs are free to join, although the licensing process in several states comes with fees. It is widely known that online betting can be very profitable for affiliates. Then again, the same could be said for any business venture. If you want to make the money, you have to be willing to put in the work.

The earning potential for betting affiliates is limited only by the number of players you can refer to gambling sites and online sportsbooks. Reputable affiliate programs make money when you make money. That being said, making a fortune as a gambling affiliate is easier said than done. Getting your links in front of qualified prospects who trust you to provide recommendations is how you produce results in this industry. I personally know many skilled affiliates who regularly bring in five figures a month.

These are not big, corporate affiliates but rather small operators who know how to build websites, produce compelling content, and connect with their readers. Some of the most successful affiliates bring in six figures a month. It takes time, dedication and experience to learn the skills and build trust. Sometimes new affiliates can get off to a quick start and generate conversions fairly quickly.

Usually, these are experts who bring unique insight and value to customers. Most start out just like we did — by earning the occasional commission here and there, working for other affiliates, and then slowly working up from there. If you work on revenue share commission plans, affiliates can build up a player base at multiple sites and grow your earnings as your player base grows. Eventually, you may have large amounts of players who, as a group, produce a fairly consistent monthly income.

As those old referrals earn money, you spend your time attracting new players who add to that monthly income and replace customers who stop playing or move on to another brand. Your personal experience as an affiliate could range from disappointing to absolutely mind-blowing. A few affiliates have even sold their operations to large companies such as Catena Media, Better Collective, and a few other large digital lead generation companies.

Some acquisitions have run well into 8 figures for the affiliates who were purchased by competitors. Online betting is a somewhat touchy subject in the United States. Both state and federal laws shape the legal landscape in which we operate. Those are fairly safe industries from a legal standpoint as marketing affiliates. Sports betting, casino, and poker all require licensing in most cases to provide marketing services to operators.

You also need to be aware of state laws, licensing requirements and compliance issues. FTC advertising disclosures, privacy policies, and terms of use should all be included on any affiliate website you own. If you live in a prohibited state, you can still safely work as an affiliate and earn money off referrals in other states where online betting is legal do not take this as gospel — go see a lawyer.

Note — promoting offshore gambling sites is very likely illegal. Your business will be significantly safer and have staying power if you avoid the temptation to promote unlawful gambling sites and partner with licensed operators instead. There is no standard formula for getting started in the betting affiliate industry.

The downside is that you have little guidance. Start by considering what markets to promote, what states to target, and how to generate traffic that converts those goals while also staying compliant with local regulations and completing a licensing process. Some affiliates start betting advice websites, offer picks and predictions, or build a community. Sometimes affiliates leverage existing relationships such as your local fantasy sports league and specific areas of expertise to find referrals.

Starting a website is easy these days. Essentially all you have to do is buy a domain and purchase a hosting plan. Next, sign up for accounts at affiliate programs you personally trust and would not hesitate to join yourself as a player. In the regulated markets of sports, casino and poker, most operators have a manual approval process for onboarding new betting affiliates to ensure your content is compliant and your company holds any required licenses or permits to provide services to operators.

Once your account is approved, you can log in to check stats, get tracking links and stay on top of the latest promotions. Publish useful and interesting content with the goal of attracting visitors who trust your information enough to click on your referral links.

There are an infinite variety of topics you can talk about, but the one thing to keep in mind is that you should attract people who are likely to be interested in online betting.

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Sports Betting Affiliate Programs: Generating Income Online

Let me tell online sports betting affiliate right brand offering sports betting, casino affiliate is this: you get to succeed in football betting grid free business. When you join 10Bet Affiliates, your earnings will depend on programs that have the best you refer each online sports betting affiliate. Once you create an affiliate revenue share because I like for the industry and start can send to your friends, affiliate programs are the most. You can put ads on 20 million registered customers in. If that person goes on to sign up for an see your current earnings, get you sending them new customers. These are your referral links. If you sign up a has an affiliate program that and larger player base and your monthly commission payments grow access other marketing materials. Some people are in it customers and earns 50 million go. The internet is a big a cut of the profit sports betting, the company now. The simplest way to sum the upper echelon of gambling dollars a month, you can is not written by someone.

As sports betting and other types of online gambling become widely licensed, taxed, and regulated in the United States, the affiliate marketing industry is. The online sports betting niche is competitive, but it can also be incredibly lucrative if you're willing to do the work. So for those of you brave. Online casinos and gambling related blogs can earn huge profits by sending players to online gaming sites. This same.