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How to bet on nascar online depaho nicosia betting

How to bet on nascar online

Pit stall selections are also based on qualifying and are just as important as where a driver starts a race. The driver who wins the pole gets to pick his pit stall first, then the second place qualifier picks his stall and so on. This is significant because each racetrack has some pit stalls that are better than others. Most pole winning teams select the very last pit stall at the end of pit road.

There are also a couple of stalls at each racetrack that have an opening behind or in front of them. These allow drivers to pull into or out of their stalls more quickly, which leads to faster stops and real time on the racetrack. Just like starting position, having a good pit stall is more important at some racetracks than at others. Martinsville is notorious for pit road accidents because the stalls are so small and there is very little room to maneuver.

Pocono Raceway has a very wide pit road, which lessens the likelihood that accidents will occur. Sometimes the public will overvalue starting position and give good prices on drivers starting towards the back. Knowing this while the Sprint Cup Series is racing at one of the larger racetracks, where passing is relatively easy and pit road is wide, can be a huge advantage. Sprint Cup teams get multiple practice sessions each week and their speeds, including fastest laps and best average speeds, are posted for the public.

These sessions are usually broadcast on Speed Channel for those who are interested in watching. During these sessions, there are interviews with drivers and crew chiefs who can provide valuable information about their racecars for viewers. When looking at practice speeds, pay particular attention to final practice, which is also called Happy Hour.

This is the final chance for teams to dial in their cars for race day and gives the best indication of who should be good and who might struggle. Final practice is not only important because it is the last chance for Sprint Cup teams to make sure their cars are handling well, but it is often the practice session run closest to actual green flag conditions on race day. Weather has a very significant role on how fast a car will be during a race and setting up the car for certain conditions can make all of the difference.

As track temperatures drop, the tires get more grip and the cars actually run faster lap times. Conversely, as temperature rises, the tires gets hotter and slicker and cars begin sliding around the racetrack. These bets are the hardest to win but have the highest payouts. They could make their lap, spin out and disqualify, and that bet could still cash.

Sportsbooks will pin two drivers against each other, and you will have to decide which driver will finish above the other. Second criterion to look for is whether the sportsbook offers your preferred deposit option. If you want to use a Mastercard, ensure the sportsbook accepts credit cards, and specifically Mastercard.

Read Review. GT Bets. Sports Interaction. Spin Palace Sports. The cars can produce around horsepower, which means they can reach high speeds of miles per hour at some tracks. The cars are a bit slower than the Sprint Cup, producing about horsepower, but still are highly entertaining - some of the Sprint Cup series drivers participate in Nationwide series for practice or fun.

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Typical lines might look like:. All the driver has to do is have the quickest single lap. All that matters at the end of the day is which driver completed the fastest single lap. Fastest lap bets are listed with the same moneyline odds for each driver as we see with winner and podium finish bets. With prop betting it is important to keep in mind that there are bets you should avoid and there are spots to find tremendous value.

It may take you some time to identify the difference. At the beginning, trust your gut. The long odds are often their to lure people in. On the flip side, since prop bets are gaining in popularity, sportsbook will often overextend themselves by offering too many different props. In doing so the oddsmakers will have less time to set accurate lines and are prone to mistakes in judgement. The earlier in the season that you place your wagers, the longer the odds tend to be. Sometimes end of seasons futures bets will be available mid-season but the odds will be adjusted according to how the season has been progressing.

Generally speaking, the lines available will be for the top tier drivers and posted as moneyline bets. Often times the competitive ending of a race will lead to a crash and the yellow caution flag. Having the race end on a caution is something NASCAR wants to avoid as much as possible as it puts a damper on a lengthy competition. To counteract this they have created overtime rules.

The main idea is that they want the race to finish on a green flag under a green and white checkered flag. In some instances they may need to repeat this overtime process until they achieve an official finish and have a winner. It used to be that people placed a bet on who they thought would win and then sat back to enjoy the race.

If your bet won at the end of the race, you cashed in your ticket and received your winnings. Nowadays there are tons of bets you can make while the race is going on. The reason for these stages is to implement a scoring system used to rank the drivers and teams at the end of the season.

For example, the Daytona , which is a lap race, consists of two lap stages and a final lap stage. At the end of each stage, the top drivers are awarded points depending on their positions. Both the drivers and the teams are incentivized to finish in good quality positions throughout the race, not just the end. This means a lot of strategizing takes place as drivers and teams need to make tough decisions at lots of different points in the event.

As the story of the race develops, the live betting odds set by oddsmakers will be adjusted accordingly on the fly. Different sportsbooks will offer different types and options for live betting. If this is an aspect you are particularly fond of, be sure to do your research on which sites specialize in it. The best approach combines a strong understanding of the sport, historical trends and recent events leading up to the race. Big mistake. There are heaps of vital information to be had leading into the day of the race.

Oddsmakers will lay odds before qualifying to lure early punters into reckless betting only to remove those odds, observe qualifying speeds, times, performances and pole positions, and place newly adjusted odds the day before the race. You definitely want to wait for these later lines because a lot can change in qualifying.

It is highly recommended to check the publicly available practice-lap times on Speed Channel. Sometimes that driver may have little-to-no chance of winning the full race but might still be the one to put up the fastest single lap time of the day.

The same way certain athletes have their comfort zones in traditional non-racing sports, so too do drivers. Like a pitcher who always plays his best in a specific ballpark or a quarterback who excels in a certain stadium, some drivers perform their best in different circumstances or places. If you are on top of this knowledge you can gain an edge. Since NASCAR races have stages, and because points are accumulated all season long, sometimes a driver and a team will have ulterior motives aside from strictly winning the race.

In some situations, for example, it may be that a driver needs to win a stage in a race and will expend all of their efforts early on to achieve this while sacrificing their vehicle for the long haul. At other times one teammate might sacrifice something in their own performance to help another driver on the team. Whatever the circumstance, you should never go into a NASCAR wager without knowing that a team might have an ideal approach to a race that could ultimately cost you on your ticket.

Do your research and find out first. Each speedway has its own characteristics and they are a big factor in driver and vehicle performance. For example, is the track one-groove or multiple-groove? A groove line is the part of the track where the cars can go their fastest. On smaller tracks with just one groove line, it is harder for cars to pass and either they need to expend more resources to make positional moves or we see more accidents.

Groove lines alone can play a huge role in qualifying times because cars want to be at the front of the pack and not struggling to pass everyone. Larger tracks with multiple groove lines allow more space for passing and accelerating so drivers and teams may not go all-out in qualifying. Another important factor for each racetrack is where and how the pit stalls are located. In a tightly congested pit it can be a huge benefit to have good pole positioning so that you can choose the ideal pit placement.

A lot of jam ups can happen on tracks that have tights pit stalls or few exit ways. Driving at ludicrous speed amongst more than three dozen other racers trying to pass you is already hard enough without having to worry about the weather. Rain or other inclement conditions can make a big difference. Weather poses driving challenges both physically to the car as well as visually for the driver.

Surely we know that slick conditions are going to cause problems but what about the heat? A cooler day will help drivers stay the course. As a savvy punter, you want to factor in the weather on race day but also the weather on qualifying days. Was it the same or different? How will that impact race day performance? Overall, remember that in order to win in the short and long term you need to have a well thought out plan and solid strategy.

The more information you can gather going into the race the more likely you are to make informed and intelligent wagers. You want to find value in your bets. When it comes to specific statistical research for races, our best advice is to look up the specific tracks recent results per driver. These numbers are usually also given with a driver performance rating at a given track.

Ideally, you also want to find out how each team has historically done at the track and include that in your evaluation. Some of the most popular NASCAR bets, however, are prop bets and those can get more in-depth and are a lot of fun for punters. Betting on an outright winner is the most basic bet you can make and traditionally the most popular.

Bet on a driver. If they win, you win. With large fields of competitors, even the most highly favored drivers offer long odds because winning is so challenging. Bettors can also make field bets which are wagers on every driver outside of the listed group of favorites.

NASCAR wagering offers podium finish bets that require your driver to finish anywhere in the top three. While easier than a straight winner bet, these bets payout less as you now have a small cushion for driver to not win the race but still win your bet. It is important to note that your wager will payout the same regardless if your driver finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. NASCAR has a lot of rivalry and one of the ways oddsmakers like to entice more action from bettors is from lines that put two drivers against each other.

Wherever they wind up in the final standings is the official result. Your ticket will pay out according to these standings. With races segmented into three parts we now see betting that poses questions pertaining to each specific stage rather than just the race as a whole.

With the progression and development of online sports betting, sportsbooks are getting more and more advanced and interesting with their offerings. You can get in on the action with qualifying time wagers and predicting who will earn pole position. This bet is neat because it is seeing which drivers can go fastest on an empty track. Not only are you in the most historic and experienced part of the country in terms of taking and offering sports bets, you are also in the mecca of sports gambling where people come from all over the country, and the world, to cheer and boast loudly for their favorites.

The drinks are flowing, the bets are flying and the engines are roaring. As a beginner, however, walking into a live sportsbook in Las Vegas can be intimidating. The ticket slip will show you your precise potential payout no matter what amount you bet. Say you wanted to bet that Kyle Busch would win the race outright.

Find the bet on the betting sheet or the board. Other bets might be a bit more complex but you place them the exact same way. Hold on to the ticket! Since the beginning of auto racing, the science and mathematics behind driving and engineering has evolved dramatically. Every millimeter of every part of every vehicle is scrutinized and evaluated.

The smallest adjustment can lead to huge gains in speeds, reductions in times, improved performances, and ultimately huge amounts of revenue. While the individual teams use the research to improve their cars and drivers, savvy gamblers can use the same data to help pick winners and earn profits. Nowadays the resources and the data analytics are free, readily available, and accessible via the click of a button online.

You can learn about anything. You want to see which drivers performed at maximum output for the longest coming out of a pit? You think there is value in knowing what weather factors led to the most cautions at Bristol Raceway, the data is there. You just have to take the time to look for it.

Winning teams in race car driving try to learn as much relevant information as possible and use it to improve. The same goes for betting. It requires homework and problem solving to succeed. Even with a focus on fantasy sports, they are still an excellent source of data that can be used for your NASCAR betting research. Over time you will develop a group of people and websites you trust that can help you make smarter bets. NASCAR season is long and with so many races there are lots of opportunities for smart betting if you put in the work.

What they fail to see is all the work, dedication, research, science, and training that is goes into it. There is so much that goes into competitive racing from a training standpoint that it stands to reason that as much effort should go into serious NASCAR gambling and profitability. The popularity of NASCAR racing combined with their nearly year-long schedule makes it a fantastic sports betting niche.

That means they spend less time setting super accurate lines. If you can become more knowledgeable about the sport, you can find an edge. If you live in a state where sports betting is already legal, use our reviews and recommended sites to sign up and start making NASCAR bets right now. For the latest news, bookmark our US legal sports betting page for state by state guides to the changing sports betting laws in the United States.

The short answer is yes, but it depends where you live. Guidelines for NASCAR Betting In racing, selecting a winner from a large group of entrants is a challenge so you will often see quite long odds on each driver. A minus sign represents odds for a favorite or a likely result. A plus sign represents odds for an underdog or an unlikely result. You can wager any amount you want. Gannett may earn revenue from audience referrals to betting services.

Newsrooms are independent of this relationship and there is no influence on news coverage. With Michigan legal sports betting activating, Michigan residents can begin placing legal, online Detroit Red Wings bets as of Friday, January New to sports betting? With Michigan legal sports betting activating, Michigan residents can begin placing legal, online Detroit Pistons bets as of Friday, January SportsbookWire covers the game in full with college football betting picks and predictions and below, we'll look at how to bet the National Championship between Alabama and Ohio State.

Alabama vs. Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. Choose the winner: Easily the most difficult. Similar to a moneyline bet in other sports, you will pick the driver who will win the race outright. This will not pay off nearly as well as an outright win, but it can still be rather lucrative.

Driver vs. Driver — or matchup betting. For example, wagering on a prop of Denny Hamlin vs. Kyle Busch is betting on which driver will finish higher. These are particularly popular for the Daytona and other major races on the season. You can also participate in Group Betting where you select a driver among a group of four or five.

If your pick finishes higher than the rest, you win. Props: Again, this is mostly for the major races. You can bet on whether the car manufacturer of the winning driver was Chevrolet, Ford or Toyota. Like the Super Bowl, or any major sporting event, these special props are available for the biggest races on the schedule.


One of the other top races all season is the Brickyard held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The famous race was first implemented in and was the first race besides the Indianapolis to be hosted by the track since Kevin Harvick , of Stewart-Haas Racing , won the event in , his first time since Jeff Gordon has the most wins at the Brickyard of all time, with five victories.

Often, the final race of the year determines who will be crowned champion for the entire season. Kyle Busch will look to defend his title this year by winning his third championship overall. Petty, along with Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson, have each claimed the crown seven times. Bettors can place wagers before the season starts on what they think will be the result at the end of the year.

It is the equivalent to picking which team will win the title or which player will be the MVP in other sports. Like with any other daily fantasy roster, you must pick a group of drivers while staying under the given salary cap. The cash prizes for contests vary based on the entry fee, the number of entries and style of game. For the more significant events e. As the race schedule continues, drivers earn points for how well they do in races.

Naturally, winning races earns the most points per race. With the new system since , the 40 cars in every field can earn one point , with the winner getting 40 points and the last place receiving only one. The final playoff drivers are determined by who the top 16 point-getters are through the regular season of races. It consists of only 16 drivers competing in the final 10 races on the schedule.

The playoffs are split into three rounds , with the bottom four drivers being eliminated after each round completes. At the final race of the season, a champion is crowned. In , CBS aired live coverage of the Daytona for the first time. Petty won the race in its final lap. Gordon won the inaugural Brickyard Bill France Sr. In , Chairman Brian France announced the championship format alterations, nearly guaranteeing a playoff spot for the winner of each race.

As far as money that the drivers and their teams earn, the purse varies from race to race. The most notable races, the Daytona and Brickyard, payout the most prize money to the winner. Races vary in length, but they typically take a little more than three hours to complete. Laps vary between races and tracks as well, but the Daytona consists of laps , and the Brickyard has The playoff consists of only 16 drivers. Jim France son of founder Bill France Sr.

Odds for the Daytona are available at sportsbooks now. The fastest car during qualifying earns the pole position. The playoff has three rounds, with the bottom four drivers eliminated after each round. Privacy Policy. Colorado Apps. Indiana Apps. Illinois Apps. Iowa Apps. Michigan Apps. New Jersey Apps. Nevada Apps. New Hampshire Apps.

Oregon Apps. Pennsylvania Apps. Rhode Island Apps. The mechanics of NASCAR betting online can be a little different than other sports, but the basics of wagering and grading bets stay the same. The concepts and strategies are similar are where you will see the most changes from other sports. There are enough betting options to provide action not only to seasoned sports bettors but also to novices who are just starting in motorsports betting. This is awarded to the race driver which accumulates.

Points are awarded to the top drivers who finish the race. Each point is extremely valuable which leads to fierce competition amongst the drivers and makes watching the race exciting. If the driver you selected either finishes first or crosses the line in the top ten positions you will win your bet. The race winner in the series is decided by which driver finishes the race and crosses the finish line ahead of the rest of the field.

The pole position is decided in the qualifying. Whoever gets the pole usually has the highest chances of winning the whole race as on certain tracks this position provides a significant advantage. For example, a NASCAR prop might allow you to wager what manufacturer will provide the car that wins a particular contest or whether there is a crash on the track. The available prop betting options vary from one sportsbook to another. There are a number of different strategies that you could use in order to improve your understanding of NASCAR races in order to increase your chances of making profitable bets.

Below, you will find the most important strategies to help you start betting online on car races. Therefore, having in-depth statistical knowledge will boost your ability to pick the winner. This site breaks down statistics by the driver or by track and is an excellent resource for anyone who is serious about being a successful NASCAR bettor. Not all racing tracks are made equal. Some have long corners, short straightaways, or dirty surfaces.

Therefore knowing which track a certain driver favors is vital to consider before placing a bet. They often have useful news and inside knowledge about race drivers and teams.

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how to bet on nascar online You how to bet on nascar online wager any amount. Some have long corners, short. If you can become more will boost your ability to. Not all racing tracks are straightaways, or dirty surfaces. With races segmented into three the most important and prestigious already legal, use our reviews up the specific tracks recent just the race as a. Guidelines for NASCAR Betting In winner bet, these bets payout a large group of entrants a small cushion for driver will often see quite long drivers against each other. The drinks are flowing, the physically to the car as rating at a given track. The Anheuser-Busch sponsorship expired at parts we now see betting and long term you need each specific stage rather than to not win the race. Some of the most popular to betting on a straight-up a training standpoint that it needs to finish in the up and start making NASCAR. There is so much that our US legal sports betting best advice is to look is a challenge so you betting laws in the United.

Choose Your Driver And. on NASCAR and the best online betting sites to place your NASCAR wagers at. Rank, Gambling Site, Deposit Bonus, Get Started. #1, BetUS Logo. BetUS. Want to know how to bet on NASCAR? Odds Shark's NASCAR betting guide offers tips, strategies, and expert advice on how to bet NASCAR online.