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Online backgammon betting get started trading bitcoins

Online backgammon betting

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Tournament notices are posted well in advance of the tournament so these tournaments tend to have more players. Online backgammon solves that problem by bringing people together from all around the world. Most backgammon betting sites are websites that are designed specifically for backgammon. These are not large all-in-one casinos that also happen to have a place where people can play backgammon. For the most part, backgammon betting online takes place at backgammon-specific sites.

There are not very many real money backgammon betting sites out there, so most online backgammon players congregate at a couple of the largest backgammon sites. Many legal jurisdictions classify backgammon as a game of skill rather than a gambling game. This is an important distinction because many jurisdictions have nothing against wagering money on games of skill. Review Play Now. Betting Sites Reviews Bwin Review. Best Betting Sites Site. Review Play.

Best Poker Sites Site. Best Online Casinos Site. Memory also plays a big part in how well you end up doing at Backgammon online. You need to be able to remember a few strategy concepts and reference positions if particular situations arise during the game. Take delight in the mental stimulation and increased concentration. Taking the time to think about strategy will turn you from an amateur to a consecutive winning player.

As you now know, the ultimate aim of online Backgammon is to move your chequers around the board and into your home grid. But it's so much more than a straight race! These are the various strategies which you can adopt to slow down your opponent's progress. Getting that right will help to ensure that your chequers make it off the grid first, winning you the most points and winning bets. When you try to move your chequers around the board in the fastest possible way, it is called a running strategy.

Unsurprisingly, this is the most commonly-used strategy by online Backgammon players, particularly beginners. This minimises the opportunities for your opponent to knock you off the board. The disadvantage of this Backgammon strategy is that you are reliant on the luck of the dice. Bad numbers will cripple you. Not rolling good numbers at the beginning of the game? You should change your tactics and try one of the following Backgammon strategies. A blockade is when you have various points on the board occupied by your own chequers.

What this does is simply block your opponent from moving around the board unless they are rolling very high numbers. For example, if you have five blocked points your opponent will have to roll a 6 in order to move past the blockade. This will slow down your opponent significantly and allow you to move your other chequers around the board. For best results, try to block the chequers which still have a way to travel to get to their home board.

This should succeed in slowing down your opponent. A prime is when you have six blocked points one after the other, with each point containing two or more of your chequers. Your opponent will be unable to pass the chequers which remain behind it at all. This is obviously difficult to maintain for extended periods as 12 of your chequers would need to be locked in to form the blockade. However, keeping it in place for as long as possible will give your opponent minimal options.

This often results in them moving chequers which are more advanced, heaping them together in the middle. Also, when you knock off an opposing chequer, priming makes it harder for your opponent to move it back onto the board. Usually, they will have to roll many times before being able to move. Blitzing your opponent involves attacking your opponent by landing on their vulnerable chequers. Instead of aiming to move your chequers quickly to the home grid, you aim for the lonely chequers left vulnerable by your opponent.

After you send them to the bar, you move your chequers forward faster as your opponent tries to catch up. The closer their chequers are to their home grid, the more you delay them from getting all their chequers off the board. Having an anchor gives you somewhere to go if one of your chequers gets sent off the board. There is a risk here to lose with a gammon or backgammon if you keep so many chequers in this part of the board. However this is a good tactic if your chequers keep getting knocked off.

It has the added benefit of annoying your opponent, as you are taking up prime space on their home grid. Just want to get on and play online Blackjack for money? The following pointers should help you win as many points as possible during the game, netting you a larger amount of winning cash at the end! Firstly you'll want to establish the best Backgammon strategy for your playing style.

You just have to play a few times using the various techniques to find out what works best and when. There will be times where you want to play more carefully. Conversely, sometimes you want to send your opponent knocking their head against the wall repeatedly by continuously blitzing them.

Visit the best Backgammon sites listed above and have some fun testing out the various Backgammon strategies today! When you play Backgammon online for money, it is just as stimulating as playing in person.

You can really hone your skills and strategy, or just play for the fun of it with other online Backgammon enthusiasts. This is a more personalised game where you play one-on-one with other players, and where your competitive streak is allowed to let loose. There is a large community online that shares your interest in the game. So sign up and win some money online today! Home Casino Games Backgammon. Play Backgammon Online For Money. Active filter Clear all filters.

Sort by. Sign-Up Read review. Fansbet Casino Great welcome bonus and regular bonuses Lots of high quality live casino games Higher than average wagering requirements on the welcome bonus Not many accepted payment methods. Lucky Vegas Casino More than games Plenty of deposit and withdrawal options No deposit bonus available No 24hr customer service channel. Load More Casinos. First, both players roll a single die each. The person who rolls the highest number gets to play the opening move.

If the same numbers come up, then you roll again until different numbers come up. After the opening roll, the players take turns rolling two dice together. The result determines how many points also known as 'pips' the player will move his chequers forward. This is called an open point.

You have different options on how to move your chequers, depending on which numbers you roll and where your opponent has chequers. In online Backgammon, the points available to you will be highlighted. This makes it easy to choose one of the following possibilities: Move two chequers, one chequer for each die. If you roll a 4 and 3 for example, you can move one chequer four points and another chequer three points to an open point.

Move one chequer the combined total of both dice, so 7 points if you roll a 4 and a 3. This move is only permissible if an intermediate point is open, which is three or five points from the starting point. Think of it as two separate moves, both of which need to be legal.

You can move your chequers onto a point as long as it: Already has one of your chequers Has no chequers Has only one of your opponents chequers. Other important points to note: If you roll double numbers, you can move each chequer twice, a total of four moves for that turn. If you get a 5 and a 5, then you have four fives.

Players must use both numbers of a roll.

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There are a few different factors you should be considering when looking at the different online backgammon options players have for real money. This page lists the best online backgammon sites and those factors that need to be considered. Not all backgammon sites are of an equal standard and you will get a much better experience at some than you will at others.

We have researched a lot of different backgammon sites and we consider the following to be among the best. Choosing which online backgammon site you are going to join is an important decision. If you are going to be wagering real money then you want to be playing somewhere that has the games, limits, banking options, and rewards programs that will suit your tastes.

This way, you have a good chance of a positive overall experience. All of these factors, plus the quality of bonus and amount of traffic a brand gets should be considered. Backgammon is a fun and entertaining game. The advent of online backgammon sites have made it easier than ever to play the game and find opponents to compete against. There are plenty of backgammon sites that allow you take on players for real money from the comfort of your own home, or on a mobile device.

This page is dedicated to providing advice on what to look for when deciding where to sign up at. Soon, we will add comparison charts of all the major brands. It really is a good idea to invest a bit of time into researching the different backgammon websites and deciding which one is the best fit for you. You can even try a few out and then decide which one you like playing at the most. We would strongly suggest that you look at our recommendations of the best online backgammon sites when you are thinking of signing up at somewhere.

The quality of the software can vary quite significantly from one site to another. Most backgammon sites will offer a play for fun option so it might be a good idea to try out a couple platforms and decide which suits you best before actually depositing and starting to play for real money. To some extent it is a matter of personal preference, what suits one player might not be right for another. Most online backgammon sites will offer several software options.

One option is instant play software, which is accessible directly through your internet browser. The second option is a downloadable software client that you need to install before being able to play. Obviously, this means you can only play from a machine where you have the software installed, but downloaded software usually has better graphics and more features than any instant play version.

A growing number of online backgammon sites will also allow you to play backgammon from mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. Banking options should be an important consideration for you when you are looking at where to sign up at. Reputable backgammon sites will offer you a variety of choices when it comes to depositing your money into an online account. Credit cards, debit cards and wire transfers are among the most common options, while some sites will let you use gift cards, prepaid vouchers, or e-wallet services.

As well as being able to deposit money on to the site, you will certainly want to withdraw your winnings at some point. Ideally, sites should offer the same range of options for withdrawing funds as they do for depositing.

The process for both depositing and withdrawing should be as simple as possible for players. You should also expect that any cash outs are processed quickly and you get your money in a timely fashion, without excessive fees. If you are a good player, you can make money playing backgammon online.

Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions can add significant value, but take time to read over the fine print so you know exactly what you are accepting for claiming any offer. Most gaming sites offer players a sign up bonus as a way of attracting new depositing customers.

Most of these offers are in the form of a first deposit bonus or match offer that is added to your account instantly, but releases in increments as you play. Typically there is minimum play requirements before cashing out, but incentives are a great way of adding to your bankroll.

This is done in the form of reload bonuses and loyalty schemes. As with all gaming, the stakes are up to the players. Usually, when the winning player bears off his fifteenth and last counter, his opponent has already born off at least some counters too. At the start of the 20th century a Russian noble, the Grand Duke Dmitri, invented the doubling cube. It is thought he probably invented it so that he could win more money of his unsuspecting rich friends!

Whatever the reason, the doubling cube certainly revolutionised the way people bet on backgammon. The doubling cube looks like a big die, but the difference is that instead of having one to six pips on each surface, it has a different number on each side.

Those numbers are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and At the start of the game no one is in possession of the cube and it sits on the bar, between the players. At any point during a game being played at single stakes, either player can offer the cube to the other player. This offer is an offer to double the stakes of the game, from single stakes to double stakes.

The person that is offered the cube has two options. He can decline the offer, which immediately resigns the game for a score of one point; or he can accept the cube, thus doubling the stakes to two points, and play on. Once the cube has been offered and accepted once in a game, it is always in the possession of one of the two players it can never return to being in the middle as it was at the start of the game. The cube can be offered and accepted an unlimited number of times, passing back and forth between the two players.

From double stakes the game could theoretically go to quadruple stakes, then 8-times stakes, times stakes, and so on. In practice it is very rare for the stakes to get this high, as that should only occur if strong favouritism to win the game swung back and forth violently between the two players many times throughout the game.

Gammons and backgammons still count toward the final result, in addition to any action on the doubling cube.