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3 city investment

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The presence of tech centres, innovation districts and quality colleges are regularly on the agenda; related to how well the city will do in attracting corporates — and therefore demand for space. A strong economy must be supported, not limited, by its infrastructure. Investors need to know their occupiers have access to quality housing and digital connections, which are now seen as a major pre-condition for investment. Resilience to the economic cycle and external shocks Economic fluctuations are inevitable but the change in demand they induce exposes investors to risk and unforeseen costs.

A track record of relative economic stability, or of bouncing back fast from recessions, reassures investors. Resilience to external shocks, such as Brexit, is also important. Investors favour a well-connected city. Connections mean access to businesses, workers, residents and supply chains, reducing transactions costs, improving productivity and facilitating economic growth.

Investors often seek opportunities right next to train stations or in city centres, placing the occupier as close as possible to transport links. For fast-growing cities, like Bristol and Swindon, ensuring transport infrastructure keeps up with growing demand has to be a priority.

Excellent national and international connections Occupiers and users must be able to access their key markets, though these will differ for each investment. For some a fast link to London is the priority, for others access to neighbouring cities is most important. Plans to improve transport to keep up with investment New developments must be met with increased capacity, not congestion.

Measures of the frequency and speed of connections are used by investors, as listed in Table 2, but quantifying connectivity is not straight forward. The multiple modes of transport and varying preferences of workers and residents means interpreting statistics is difficult. For example, longer commuting times could be due to traffic congestion or workers choosing to travel further to reach very attractive job opportunities. Domestic investors are often familiar with the relative connectivity of UK cities.

As a result they do not always use statistics, instead using their own perceptions of connectivity to guide location choices. So cities should promote new or improved connections, providing investors with information to ensure they are aware of changes.

Political and executive leadership which prioritises investment, as illustrated by Manchester and Barcelona, is an attribute that investors particularly look for. Leadership includes the senior management as well as the political leaders of the city. Leadership prioritising city growth and investment Investors are drawn to cities with ambitious, can-do leadership. This pro-investment attitude signals the city will be supportive and easy to work with, reducing the risk of delays and unforeseen costs.

It is crucial this attitude is shared by the public, and city stakeholders, to further reduce resistance to investment. Long-term consistency and clarity around growth opportunities A sudden shift in policy could alter the return on an investment.

A new leadership which is less supportive of growth could endanger the completion of developments. Having a track record of consistent leadership, beyond individuals and political cycles, is therefore favourable as investors can trust that the current leadership is indicative of future leadership, limiting the risk of unforeseen issues and costs.

The Mayor of London is a household name, contributing to the profile of the capital. A prominent, respected leadership can cultivate prestige, attracting investors seeking to promote their investment portfolio. But the higher the profile of the leadership, the more critically it will be assessed. Ability to influence central government decisions A healthy relationship with Whitehall will enable the leadership to have a say in policy matters which impact the city.

This bargaining power also increases the chance of devolution of powers or funding to the city, as in Greater Manchester with four iterations of its devolution deal so far. For an investor to see the benefits of pro-investment leadership, the openness to investment must also be reflected in day-to-day decisions and processes. Investors prioritise cities which treat them as customers rather than adversaries, facilitating investment and ensuring it happens smoothly and easily.

Not all cities are easy to work with, so this can give a city a way to stand out from the crowd. A responsive planning system, open to growth A reputation for slow, restrictive planning deters investors even if the city leader welcomes them, as hold-ups introduce sizeable costs and risks into an investment.

Investors prioritise cities they know are likely to approve their plan, and without delay. A team which understands private sector investment and development Knowing the aims and requirements of each type of investor, such as their timescales and risk-return preferences, enables the city to facilitate this where possible. This expertise also gives investors confidence in the ability of the team.

An awareness of the viability of each investment is also crucial for working smoothly with the private sector. A willingness to flex processes and provide incentives, where necessary Knowing the city is willing to step in encourages investors to commit to investments. This could take the form of accelerating a planning process, sharing risk using a publicly-owned asset or providing funds.

But incentives should only be used where absolutely necessary to facilitate investment. Investors often use current levels of investment activity as an indication of ease of investment. High numbers of transactions suggest a responsive, supportive system, whilst small numbers signal a restrictive environment or a small market. Expectations of the city are also based on the experiences of others, shared by word-of-mouth through their network of contacts. So to attract investment, as well as being easy to work with, a city must ensure it has a reputation for being so.

Investors often speak of attractive cities having a distinctive reputation. For investors with so many potential locations to choose from, a city which stands out is more likely to attract interest. It is difficult to precisely define this distinctive quality. The better the location you invest in now, the wealthier your likely tenant class becomes, which calls for higher rent revenues for landlords down the line. An expert on local markets and Colorado living, Julianelle joined Atlas in after a year career in the mortgage business, where he managed loan origination across seven states in the midwest.

Since then, he's seen Atlas through a number of award recognitions, and brings his midwestern markets expertise to the table when it comes to deciding what's next for the firm's growth. Each offering a distinct lifestyle to residents and homeseekers, here are the Colorado cities that made the cut for Julianelle.

The city ranked 47th on the list of healthiest places to live in America. Home to an above average school system and a variety of coffee shops and parks, Colorado Springs is also known for its attractiveness to families. Fort Collins is home to around , residents, and is ranked as one of the best places to live in Colorado. The city ranked 25th on the list of cities with the best public schools in America, and 36th on the list of healthiest cities in America.

Denver is an urban city home to almost , residents, where homeowners and renters represent equal halves of the housing market. The area is known for its variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, and is attractive to both families and young professionals. Denver ranked 11th on the list of best US cities for young professionals and 27th on the list of healthiest places to live in America.

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Put simply, investors are attracted to a city if there are opportunities to make money.

Papahani pension and investments Retrieved March 20, Related news. A prominent, respected leadership 3 city investment cultivate prestige, attracting investors seeking to promote their investment portfolio. The columns required 3 city investment support the Singer Tower would have been too large to place atop the original Singer Building, at the south end of the same block near Liberty Street. The second floor contained offices north of the lobby, and a footbridge was placed across the lobby to connect the elevators and offices.
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3 city investment This expertise also gives investors confidence in the ability of the team. Email address. As 3 city investment result, expectations of the growth and resilience of the city economy are of particular interest to these investors. Most of the subsequent stories had ceiling heights of between 11 and 14 feet 3. Investors prioritise cities they know are likely to approve their plan, and without delay. The columns required to support the Singer Tower would have been too large to place atop the original Singer Building, at the south end of the same block near Liberty Street. Or the city could be associated with a particular industry, such as Aberdeen for the oil industry or Cambridge and Oxford for their universities.
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A clever investment in your city! financing models for energy efficiency in three pilot regions in Belgium (Liège), Bulgaria (Rhodope) and Spain (Murcia). Top Cities for Investment (excl. Development). Fig 3: Top Cities for Cross-Border Investors (excl. Development Sites). Source: Cushman & Wakefield, RCA. Paris, London and Singapore are the three main global destinations attracting international investments. AND IN THE 3 MOST ATTRACTIVE GLOBAL.