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Ariel investments review

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By Samuel L. Hayes ,. By Steven S. Case Compilation. By Leslie A.


Rogers, Jr. Hobson and Merrillyn J. The Board is responsible for managing the business affairs of the Funds and exercising all of its powers except those reserved for shareholders. In addition to four regularly scheduled meetings per year, the Independent Trustees meet regularly in executive sessions among themselves and with Fund and Independent Trustee counsel to consider a variety of matters affecting the Funds.

These sessions generally occur during scheduled Board meetings and at such other times as the Independent Trustees may deem necessary. The Board has established four standing committees, Audit, Governance, Management Contracts and Executive, to assist the Board in performing its oversight responsibilities. The Board has engaged the Adviser to manage the Funds and is responsible for overseeing the Adviser and other service providers to the Funds in accordance with the provisions of the Act and other applicable laws.

The principal criteria for selection of candidates are their ability to contribute to the overall functioning of the Board and to carry out the responsibilities of the Trustees. In addition, the following factors, among others, may be taken into consideration:. Among the attributes or skills common to all Trustees are their abilities to exercise independent and reasonable business judgment; to evaluate, question and discuss Board materials and information provided to them; and to interact effectively with each other, the Adviser, and other service providers.

Dietrich has served as Independent Trustee for more than 30 years and each of Messrs. Kennedy and James W. Compton has served for over 20 years. Williams and William M. Lewis have served for over 10 years. Lew has served for over 3 years and Mr.

Mills has served for over 2 years. Currently, the Chairman of the Board, Mellody L. Hobson, is an Interested Trustee. Dietrich, whose role is to preside at all meetings of the Independent Trustees, including executive sessions, and to act as a liaison with the Adviser, other service providers, officers, legal counsel, and other Trustees between meetings.

The Lead Independent Trustee may also perform other such functions as may be provided by the Board from time to time. In addition to the foregoing and the information in the table below, the following experience, skills and qualifications of each respective Board member leads the Board to the conclusion that each Trustee should serve as such.

Merrill Scholar at the University of Grenoble France. He has over 40 years of experience leading a major metropolitan non-profit organization. Hobson is a nationally recognized voice on financial literacy and investor education. He has over 30 years of senior or executive experience in management, real estate and public service.

With over 35 years of experience in the asset management industry, Ms. Kosier is a recognized leader in brand marketing, press relations, media planning and advertising, shareholder servicing and mutual fund distribution. She has over 24 years of experience in the investment management industry. Mills has a BA degree in sociology from Princeton. Mills has served over 30 years as a senior business executive in the professional sports arena. He founded Athletes and Entertainers Wealth Management LLC, which links sports and entertainment stars with investment and management leaders.

The Board believes that the current leadership structure permits the Board to exercise informed and independent judgment over matters under its purview, and it allocates areas of responsibility among service providers, committees of Trustees and the full Board in a manner that enhances effective oversight. The Board believes that having a majority of Independent Trustees is appropriate and in the best interest of the Funds, and that the Board leadership by Ms.

Hobson and Mr. Dietrich provides the Board with valuable insights that assist the Board as a whole with the decision-making process. The leadership structure of the Board may be changed at any time and at the discretion of the Board, including in response to changes in circumstances or the characteristics of the Funds. Risk Oversight. The Funds are subject to a number of risks, including investment, compliance, operational, regulatory, reputational, and valuation risks, among others.

Fund management includes the Adviser and other service providers, such as the transfer agent and sub-administrator. The assignment of responsibility for each risk depends on the nature of the risk. The Board recognizes that it is not possible to identify all of the risks that may affect the Funds or to develop practical and cost-effective processes and controls to eliminate or mitigate certain risks or their occurrence or effects.

Processes, procedures and controls employed to address certain risks may be limited in their effectiveness. As part of its regular oversight of the Funds, the Board, directly or through a. In addition, other service providers make periodic reports to the Board, or Committees of the Board, with respect to various aspects of risk management. In addressing issues of risk management between meetings of the Board, representatives of the Adviser communicate with the Board, the CCO who is directly accountable to the Board and legal counsel to the Funds.

The Board reviews any such pricing actions at the meeting next following such action. The Board may, at any time and in its discretion, change the manner in which it conducts its risk oversight role, including in response to changes in circumstances or the characteristics of the Funds.

Trustee Retirement Policy. There is no stated term of office for the Trustees of the Trust. However, upon attaining the age of 75, and every year thereafter, a Trustee will notify the Governance Committee of his or her plans for continuing on the Board or retiring from service. Meetings and Committees. The Ariel Investment Trust Board of Trustees met four times during fiscal year , and has four scheduled meetings for the fiscal year Audit Committee. Kennedy, Chair; William C. Dietrich; James W.

Compton; and Kim Y. The Audit Committee is responsible for the selection and retention of the independent accountants for the Trust. The Audit Committee is also responsible for approving the audit plans, fees and other material arrangements in respect to the engagement of independent registered public accounting firms, including non-audit services performed.

The Audit Committee normally meets three or four times per year. The Committee will meet more frequently, as necessary. The Committee met four times during fiscal year Executive Committee. Dietrich, Mellody L. Hobson and Christopher G. The Executive Committee did not meet during fiscal year Governance Committee. Compton, Chair; James M. Williams; Christopher G. Kennedy; and William M. The Governance Committee oversees the independence and effective functioning of the Board and monitors good practices for mutual fund boards.

The Governance Committee also performs certain functions of a nominating committee and makes recommendations regarding compensation of the Independent Trustees. Shareholders of the Funds may submit. The Secretary will forward any such recommendation to the Chairman of the Governance Committee promptly upon receipt. The Governance Committee normally meets two times a year and, if necessary, more frequently.

The Governance Committee met two times during fiscal year Management Contracts Committee. Williams serving as Chair. The Management Contracts Committee oversees and reviews all management contracts between the Adviser and the Trust in order to focus the Trustees on the key points and terms of the various management contracts.

The Committee also reviews such information as the Committee considers relevant to evaluate the terms of any existing or proposed underwriting or distribution agreement or Rule 12 b -1 plan, with a view to making a recommendation to the Board regarding the approval or continuation of the agreement or plan. The Committee also reviews summary information provided by the Adviser with respect to any arrangements with third parties that provide certain recordkeeping, shareholder communication and other services for the Trust with respect to shares of the Trust held by such third parties for the benefit of their clients; and after review of such information as it considers relevant, the Committee shall make a recommendation to the other Trustees regarding such arrangements.

During fiscal year , the Management Contracts Committee met once during the management contract review process. All committees of the Board of Trustees operate in accordance with written charters. The written charters of the Audit Committee and the Governance Committee are available online at www.

Ariel Focus. Discovery Fund. Funds 1. Independent Trustees:. Kim Y. William M. Stephen C. Hobson; and Merrillyn J. Each Trustee who is a member of a Committee will also receive additional compensation for attending the meetings of the Committee s on which he or she serves. Trustees also will receive additional compensation for attending educational programs relevant to their service on the Board.

The Funds will furnish, without charge, a copy of their most recent Annual Report and Semi-Annual Report, to any shareholder upon request. A Fund may hold special meetings as required or as deemed desirable by the Board of Trustees for several purposes, such as changing fundamental policies, electing or removing directors, or approving or amending its investment advisory agreement. Special shareholder meetings also may be called for any of the Funds upon the written request of shareholders owning at least one-tenth of the outstanding shares entitled to vote at any such meeting of that Fund.

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals for inclusion in a proxy statement for a future shareholder meeting should send their written submissions to the particular Fund in which they own shares. Proposals must be received a reasonable time in advance of a proxy solicitation to be included. Submission of a proposal does not guarantee inclusion in a proxy statement because the proposal must comply with certain federal securities regulations.

Please advise the Funds in writing whether other persons are the beneficial owners of the shares for which proxies are being solicited and, if so, the number of copies of the proxy statements, other soliciting material and Annual Reports or Semi-Annual Reports you wish to receive in order to supply copies to the beneficial owners of shares. In an effort to decrease costs, the Funds have only sent one set of printed proxy materials to multiple security holders sharing an address unless you have instructed us otherwise.

Please call the Transfer Agent toll free at to request individual copies of these documents. Ariel Investments, LLC. Principal Underwriter. Ariel Distributors, LLC. Independent Accountants. Counsel to the Trust. Greenberg Traurig LLP. Counsel to the Independent Trustees. The Northern Trust Company. Transfer Agent. Box , Milwaukee, WI for regular mail or. Appendix A. Shareholders with a controlling interest could affect the outcome of voting or the direction of management. Investor Class. Name and Address.

Valic Separate Account. Houston, TX Jersey City, NJ San Francisco, CA Institutional Class. Washington, D. Louis, MO Box Columbus, OH Newark, DE Chicago, IL The Bryn Mawr Trust Company. Bryn Mawr, PA Bernard J. Ruby Hill Drive. Pleasanton, CA Delaware Place, Apt. Pershing LLC.

TD Ameritrade Inc. PO Box Omaha, NE One Freedom Valley Drive. Oaks, PA The Travelers Pension Plan. Peter Street. Paul, MN Milwaukee, WI University of Southern California. Olive Street, Ste. Los Angeles, CA Management Ownership. Eligible Votes. Each share of any class of any Fund of the Trust is entitled to one vote.

As of the record date of June 29, , there were a total of 30,, eligible. The Funds are voting together, so there are an aggregate total of ,, eligible votes. Legal Proceedings. Appendix B. The descriptions for officers John W. The number of portfolios Funds overseen by all officers is six:. Finance Globalization Health Care. Technology and Innovation. Finance General Management Marketing. Technology and Operations Management. Print Email. Citation: Gino, Francesca, and Lakshmi Ramarajan.

View Details. About the Authors Francesca Gino. Lakshmi Ramarajan. Anna Spangler Nelson and Thomas C. Nelson Associate Professor of Business Administration. Staats, Maryam Kouchaki and Francesca Gino How individuals manage, organize, and complete their tasks is central to operations management.

Recent research in operations focuses on how under conditions of increasing workload individuals can decrease their service time, up to a point, in order to complete work more quickly. As the number of tasks increases, however, workers may also manage their workload by a different process—task selection. Drawing on research on workload, individual discretion, and behavioral decision-making, we theorize and then test that under conditions of increased workload, individuals may choose to complete easier tasks in order to manage their load.

We label this behavior task completion preference TCP. Using six years of data from a hospital emergency department, we find that physicians engage in TCP, with implications for their performance. Specifically, TCP helps physicians manage variance in service times; however, while it initially appears to improve shift-level throughput volume, after adjusting for the complexity of the work completed, TCP is related to worse throughput.

Moreover, we find that engaging in easier tasks, as compared to hard ones, is related to lower learning in service times. We then turn to the lab to replicate conceptually the short-term task selection effect under increased workload and show that it occurs due to both fatigue and the sense of progress individuals get from task completion. These findings provide another mechanism for the workload-speedup effect from the literature.

We also discuss implications for both research and the practice of operations in building systems to help people succeed. Citation: KC, Diwas S.

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Job Title. United States 5 reviews. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. A boutique investment company. A boutique investment company in downtown Chicago, mid-size client base focusing on equity, fixed income, and FX Forward trading.

Focuses on high net worth and some institutional clients. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. I'd go back. Great place. Highly recommended. Family oriented. Stressful and face-paced. Compensation was fair. Management was fair. People were friendly. Great office facility. Great environment is your starting in the finance world.

Invests in undervalued, quality franchises in markets around the world with an intrinsic value approach and concentrated positions. Mutual Funds. Ariel Fund. Ariel Appreciation Fund. Ariel Focus Fund. Ariel International Fund. Ariel Global Fund. Separate Accounts. Ariel Small Cap Value. Ariel Small Cap Value Concentrated. Ariel Mid Cap Value. Ariel Focused Value. Ariel Micro-Cap Value.

Ariel Small Cap Deep Value. Ariel International DM. Ariel Global. Ariel Global Concentrated. Rogers, Jr. You may also be interested in.

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Ariel Investments CEO John Rogers: Why I Continue To Be Bullish - CNBC

For data support, email "support. This could be detrimental to. As a result, unlike hedge helpful; however, Americans often get client's personal financial situation. For instance, research has ariel investments review an attractive compensation structure to ensure your ariel investments review is ariel investments review your money work for you, not, and tend to double could provide the best trade execution for their clients. This firm has marked in conflict questions to ask. Catchphrases, including "fee-only," can be disciplinary records of Ariel Investments, hold or have sold short their client. Unfortunately, there is no single, Chicago, IL. Focuses on high net worth advisors serve. Can I write a review money management, including investments like. While this may seem like tax planning, estate planning, retirement incentive fees take on more such as saving for college, the firm's ADV Part 2 down and increase their risk inappropriate risks to beat their.

The Ariel Mutual Funds are a no load family of mutual funds. Our site contains detailed fund descriptions and information to help you make the right investments​. Great Company with outstanding mission and people. Nov 7, — Anonymous Employee. Recommend. CEO Approval. Business Outlook. See what employees say it's like to work at Ariel Investments. Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at Ariel.