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Vtk gent praesidium investment

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The price depends on the size and the private com- fort of the room. Studios usually come furnished and have an average size of 18 to 20 m 2. Some larger studios may be suitable for couples, but most of them are intended for one person only. The size of the bathroom is not included. The cost for heating, electricity and water utilities is usually not included. The com- mon rental period for a studio is 12 months. Apartments Apartments are suitable for couples and families. Furniture is normally not provided.

The rental period for an apartment is at least one year. The rental term of apartments provided on the commercial sites is at least 3 years. The surface area of the bathroom is not included. As this type of accommodation. University Residence Halls K. Leuven reserves a small number of housing units i. Only students from a developing country who hold a modest Belgian scholarship are eligible for these accommodations.

In case no subsidized rooms are available at the moment of arrival, students are referred to the private housing market. For studios and apartments there is always. Married students who arrive. The K. These rooms are randomly located amongst rooms for Flemish students or other foreign students and they are spread over 7 residences across the City of Leuven.

Exchange students who do not wish to rent a room in a non-subsidised university residence are referred to the private sector for permanent accommodation. The only. Once in Leuven, exchange students are welcome to come to the Housing Service where they will be given information and guided through the procedure to find permanent housing.

In order to arrange permanent housing smoothly, it is recommended to come to Leuven minimum 1 week before the beginning of the courses. The room hunt generally takes from a few days to 1 week. Exchange students staying for the entire academic year will be referred to the database of privately rented student housing.

Exchange students staying for the first semester will find it difficult to negotiate with landlords, who are seldom prepared to sign a rental contract for less than 10 months. These students can complete an online application form to receive a list of rooms being sublet by Belgian students who study abroad or are in training for one semester. The Housing Service also has a separate list of rooms from private landlords who are prepared to rent for a shorter rental period.

There is also a list of exchange rooms for the second semester. The list for the first semester is available from the beginning of July and the list for the second semester is available from the beginning of December. Exchange students can choose to apply for the list of rooms being sublet by Belgian students by email and make a reservation from abroad, or they can wait until their arrival in Leuven to receive the list and to start the housing search.

International project houses. Married students. While single students have the possibility to stay in a guestroom upon arrival, guestroom facilities for families are very limited. For this reason, married students should always plan to arrive in Leuven alone at first and bring their families to Belgium later, only after suitable permanent accommodation has been found.

Students arriving together with their family cannot be given priority on the waiting list for subsidised university apartments, but they will be referred to the private sector. Visiting professors and fellows can apply to Ms. Leen Bogaert grootbegijnhof kuleuven. These rental units are fully furnished and adapted to the needs of international visitors whose stay in Leuven does not exceed a period of one year.

However, the number of available units in Groot Begijnhof is limited. Since the demand often outstrips the supply, accommodation must be requested in writing, if possible at least three months in advance. Priority is given to international visitors who are appointed as visiting professors by the GEBU Executive Board , to visitors who have been granted a senior fellowship by the Research Fund, and to visiting fellows under the auspices of a bilateral agreement.

Allocation of the available housing units is always based on family size and the specific needs of the applicant. As mentioned above, not all demands can be met. Visitors whose application has been turned down will be referred to the Housing Service for help in finding suitable housing in the private sector.

Like regular students, they are strongly advised against signing a rental contract without having inspected the property personally. International students who stay at the KHLeuven for an entire academic year will be referred to the K. Leuven Housing Service. The procedure to find permanent housing is the same as for students from K.

Leuven see p. They can search the Kotwijs online database of private rental student accommodation. KHLeuven students cannot apply for housing in other K. Leuven subsidized residence halls. Once settled in at their temporary residence, exchange students from the KHLeuven will be accompanied to the housing office for assistance in finding permanent accommodation.

Those staying for the entire academic year may consult the online address database of private student rooms and apartments. Those staying for one semester only will be given a list of rooms to be sublet by Belgian students who have gone to study abroad for a single semester.

However, students can turn to the K. Leuven Housing Service for information about available rooms, studios and apartments in the private sector see p. Hogeschool voor Wetenschap. Leuven Housing Service see p. A list of available student rooms in the neighbourhood of Lemmens- instituut can also be obtained at the reception desk of the school.

Since it is not so easy to find permanent housing, it is advisable to arrive some time before the beginning of the courses and contact international lemmens. Music practice rooms are available each day from am till pm Friday till pm. Practical Information on Renting Student Accommodation. The Rental Contract. Legally, every rental agreement has to be written.

In practice, anything that has been agreed upon orally will be difficult to prove. It is advisable to use the standard K. Leuven rental contract, which is recognisable by the logo of K. Standard contracts are freely available at the Housing Service. Alterations are possi- ble but are seldom to your advantage and both parties must always sign them. Every rental contract will be valid if both tenant and landlord sign it. If the landlord insists on his own type of contract, please drop by the Housing Service before you sign it.

The housing officers will read it through, trans- late big parts of the contract and let you know if it is reliable or not. The rental term starts in September and will generally be concluded for 10, 11 or 12 months. Rooms, studios and apartments that become available during the academic year will be rented out for the remainder of the initial rental term. Terminating a rental contract before its expiration date is very difficult. The deposit. When you conclude a contract, the payment of a deposit is required.

For rooms, a deposit of one or two months rent is usual. For studios and apartments, deposits generally amount to two months rent. This sum can never be considered as rent and can only be used to compensate for damage to the rented property caused by the tenant or by third parties to whom the tenant has granted access. The deposit or its balance will be reim- bursed within one month after the end of the agreement, taking into account that the landlord should have the opportunity to draw up the final bill for heating, elec- tricity, etc.

Supplementary expenses. If the cost of heating, electricity, water, etc. Many contracts state that the tenants have to pay a monthly advance for the costs, over and above the cost of the rent. At the end of the agreement, a settlement of the total costs is made, taking into account the advance payments. The calculation of these costs should be submitted to the tenant in a separate, detailed bill.

The landlord provides this calculation at the latest within one quarter after the end of the rental period. If each housing unit is equipped with an individual electricity and gas meter, the tenant and the landlord should make a note of the meter reading at the beginning and at the end of the rental term.

When the final bill is submitted, tenants are entitled to see the individual invoices for the various costs. Some contracts state that the tenants have to pay a fixed amount for the supplementary expenses. In this case no calculation will be made at the end of the contract.

Tenants of apartments and houses normally have an individual contract with the gas, electricity and water companies. In this case they will receive the invoices directly from the company. City tax. The city of Leuven levies a local tax on the rental of student accommodation. Technically, the tax is levied on the owner, but most landlords stipulate in their contracts that they will recover this sum from the tenant.

Fire insurance. You should subscribe to an insurance pol- icy to cover these risks. Whether tenants should take out an individual insurance policy or if they are insured by the policy of the landlord depends on what has been agreed upon in the rental agreement. An individual policy is obviously more expensive, depending on the coverage.

When you rent a room from another student subletting you can sign. Leuven that covers your liability towards the landlord and third parties, as well as your personal belongings. What to do in case of problems? Whenever you have difficulties in under- standing your contract or any other document related to your rental accom- modation, you can seek the advice of the Housing Service for translation and.

In case of. Complaints about the conditions of the property should be reported to the landlord first, so he can undertake action. If the landlord does not respond or reacts insufficiently, students can turn to the Housing Service. If necessary, a housing officer will visit the accommodation to assess the housing situation on site and advise the tenant of what procedure should be followed. Housing and Property Office.

If necessary, an appointment can be made outside the office hours. This office super- vises the quality of rented properties in Leuven, in close co-operation with the local fire department and the Flemish regional authorities. The municipal housing office draws up an inventory of unoccupied and dilapidated dwellings and investigates problems with quality and safety in houses and student.

The office can summon the fire brigade to check on the fire safety of the student rooms. Students can turn to this office for information about the legal quality standards imposed by the regional and local authorities. Shortcomings in student houses, however, should be reported to the K. Leuven Housing Service in the first instance. Only in cases of serious quality problems, for which the mediation of the Housing Service has proved unsuccessful, an official complaint to the municipal housing office can be considered.

In the event of serious shortcomings, the local council can decide to close down the premises and impose a penalty on the landlord. Insurances and health care. Health Insurance. All residents of the country, Belgian or. It is also in your. Without insurance coverage, the cost of medical care can quickly.

A standard health insurance policy will. The information about health insurance is grouped according to the following cat- egories: self-supporting students, students with a scholarship, researchers, visiting professors and visiting scholars. Please turn to the section that applies to your particular situation.

Self-supporting Students,. Exchange Students in the. Nationals from Algeria, Australia, Tunisia, Turkey, former Yugoslavia can also obtain documents under the terms of the agreement between Belgium and their country. Any medical costs you may incur will be reimbursed by a Belgian health- insurance company if you show them the EHIC. Non-EEA citizens who are. Self-supporting students, or those with a scholarship that does not include health.

If you arrive before 1 July, you. If you arrive after 1 July, you can. With your proof of enrolment, you can. However, it may be useful to know that K. CM organises. See website: www. The documents you must submit. The fee consists of a quarterly payment, which entitles you to all benefits from the first day of that quarter. There are four payment periods: from the beginning of October to the end of December, from January to March, from the beginning of April to the end of June and from July until September.

If a child is born during your stay in Belgium you must report to the health insurance company and submit the birth certificate, which you can obtain at City Office. Students with a K. Scholarships not subject to. If you hold a K. Your case administrator at the International Office, International Admissions and Mobility Unit will take care of all the formalities related to the subscription and the reimbursement.

In general, the costs are included in the scholarship and will be paid directly to the health insurance company by the International Admissions and Mobility Unit. Doctoral students who hold. Leuven doctoral. Doctoral scholarships are subject to partial or full social security, in compli- ance with Belgian law.

EEA citizens and non-EEA citizens from countries with which Belgium concluded a bilateral social security agreement are entitled to full social security coverage. In the case of partial social security coverage, you are covered for health insurance, job-related accident and illness and you are also entitled to receive child allowance.

In the case of full social security coverage, you will also build up retirement and unemployment rights. You are required to affiliate with a Belgian health insurance fund, but the choice of insurance company is up to you. If you are a non-EEA citizen, the International Office: International Admissions and Mobility Unit will arrange for your health insurance coverage with a Belgian health insurance company.

For non-EEA scholarship holders, the ma- jority of the costs are included in the schol- arship and will be paid by the International Admissions and Mobility Unit. Partners of non- EEA citizens can be covered from the moment they have a Belgian identity card white card. Partners of EEA citizens can obtain coverage immediately.

Leuven provides an insurance pack- age designed especially for visiting scholars who come to Belgium for a period of three months at most EEA citizens may come for a maximum of six months. Upon enrolment at the International Office:. International Admissions and Mobility Unit, visiting scholars receive this policy. It covers accident and medical costs. It does not cover third-party liability or the exercise.

Your family cannot be insured by this policy and will have to obtain private insurance in their home country or in Belgium. Postdoctoral Fellows. Postdoctoral grants are subject to partial or full social security contributions, in compliance with Belgian law.

EEA citizens and citizens from countries with which Bel- gium concluded a bilateral social security agreement are entitled to full coverage. In the case of partial social security cover- age, you are covered for health insurance, job-related accident and illness and you are entitled to receive child allowance.

In the case of full social security coverage, you will also build up retirement and unem- ployment rights. You are required to affiliate with a Belgian health insurance fund, but the choice of the insurance company is up to you. Partners of non-EEA citizens can be covered from the moment they have an Attestation of Immatriculation orange card. Research Associates. Salaried researchers are subject to full social security contributions.

This means they are covered for health insurance, job-related accident and illness, are entitled to receive child allowance and build up retirement and unemployment rights. You are required to affiliate with a Belgian health insurance fund, but the choice of the company is up to you. Partners of EEA citizens can obtain cover- age immediately. Self-supporting Researchers. Non- EEA citizens are advised to take a personal insurance that covers them for medical care during their stay in Belgium; Belgian health insurance coverage is possible but the cost is proportional to your taxable income income earned anywhere.

Visiting Professors. This means they are covered for health in- surance, job-related accident and illness,. You are required to affiliate with. If your family needs to be insured as well,. Partners of non-EEA citizens can be cov-. Non- EEA citizens are advised to take a personal insurance that covers them for medical care during their stay in Belgium.

Belgian health insurance coverage is possible but the cost is proportional to your taxable income income earned anywhere. SIS Card. When you subscribe to health insurance you will receive a membership card known. Please take your SIS card and stickers every. You may be asked to show your SIS card or use one of the yellow stickers.

If this is the case, ask for the N form for. They will provide a corrected invoice. Coverage outside Belgium. Whether or not you have coverage abroad i. Just to be sure, you should contact your own health insurance company or get advice from the Social Service for International Students.

Coverage for parents,. When coming to Leuven for a visit, your parents, siblings or friends are not covered by your health insurance policy whether you are a student or K. Leuven staff. We would advise your guests to take out a temporary private insurance policy to cover their period of stay in Belgium. The Health Care System. If your regular GP is unavailable when you call, you will be referred to another GP. There are three different levels of health care service in Belgium: General practitio- ners GPs , specialists and specialists at a local or an academic hospital.

General Practitioners GPs. If you have a health related problem, it is best to see a general practitioner first rather than going to the hospital immedi- ately. A GP can solve most medical problems. You can usually reach a GP during office hours and in emergencies even at.

There are many advantages to consulting. A GP will keep your medical history on file. This is important since information from previous medical examinations may be relevant to your present condition. It also means that the GP does not need to repeat medical tests or examinations you may already have had.

This can save you a lot of money, time and possible discomfort. With certain medical conditions, it is not always clear which specialist is best qualified. On your own, you might have to try several specialists before finding the right one, whereas a GP can quickly diagnose your problem and refer you to the proper specialist.

Hospital emergency services are expensive. If your condition is not immediately life-. Ask your GP about this. Most medical doctors speak English, French and Dutch. When discussing your condition, however, please try to make yourself clear, and speak slowly and calmly. If neces- sary, the GP will refer you to a specialist in a private practice or a local hospital, or to the K.

Leuven University Hospitals. In Case of Emergency. Life threatening: dial for an ambulance Semi-urgent: call your own family doctor working hours or the after hours family doctor on call night, weekends and holi- days: 25 70 The pharmacist only charges you the uninsured amount upon presentation of your SIS card.

In cases of serious medical problems or hospitalisation which threaten your financial situation, you may contact the Social Services for partial or full reimbursement address p. This does not apply to researchers or visiting professors. In Belgium, drugs and medicines are only sold in pharmacies to be recognized by the green cross.

They are open every day except Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays. Medical Bills and Reimbursement. In cases of hospitalisation, the hospital will charge you the supplement the charges not covered by the insurance policy. The main costs are paid directly by the insurance company to the hospital.

Fees for convenient extras e. In Belgium we use Celsius thermometers. These are larger than the Fahrenheit ones, and are usually placed in the armpit. Read- ings from the armpit will be one degree lower than those taken orally. Always tell the doctor which method you have used. Parents are required to vaccinate their ba- bies and young children at regular inter- vals.

Please contact them if you have children below 3 years of age. Addresses for Health Insurance. General Information about. Leuven scholarship K. Leuven — HR Department Mrs. Subscription to the university policy is only possible for students: K. Leuven requires all non-EEA students to subscribe to thirdparty liability insurance coverage.

Your own personal injuries are not covered by this policy; only damage caused to third parties. For example, if you accidentally scratch a parked car while riding your bicycle, and you are held responsible for the damage, the insurance company will cover the cost of the damage to the car, but not the costs of any damage to your bike, or personal injury you might suffer. The policy also covers the costs of legal as- sistance in case of disagreement between both parties.

The only students exempted from this requirement are those who can prove they already have private third-party liability coverage. Under European legislation, EEA students are not required to have this insurance coverage, but we strongly recommend that you get it nevertheless.

Past experience has shown that the costs associated with damage you cause, even in a minor accident, can turn out to be much higher than many students are able to pay. This damage is normally covered by a fire insurance policy. The exception only applies to material damage,. This damage is insured by the employer.

In case of an accident, please report it to the Social Service as soon as possible see p. This office will file the claim with. Visiting professors and researchers cannot subscribe to the above mentioned university policy. However we strongly advise that they subscribe to a private third-party liability insurance for the address, see p.

Job-Related Accident Insurance. This communal insurance policy covers the entire university community for study- related and job-related accident and illness. This policy also covers you when you are abroad on professional business. Every accident covered by this policy, including accidents abroad, must be reported to the Insurance Office within 48 hours.

Insurance office K. Its hard to find integration. I would have wished some more activities which are mixed. The climate is warmer than. I expected. The people are kind and very. High rate of students in Leuven makes it very desirable to study here.

Coming to a new environment! As a new international student or scholar at K. Leuven, you will be faced with a multitude of changes, decisions and ad- justments; perhaps the most exciting and challenging of these will be your on-going adjustment to life in Belgium.

A pattern of cultural adjustments often occurs over a period of several weeks or months. Most of you will spend your first weeks settling in. During this period you may feel excited, eager and happy to be in this country. After a while, however, things may not be as easy as you had expected. You may miss your accustomed ways of dealing with every day life. Speaking and listening to English or Dutch and trying to understand how things are done here may seem to require big efforts.

This phase is often referred to as culture shock. You may feel homesick and idealize your life back home. You may become frustrated, angry, anxious and depressed. This is a natural reaction to living in a new culture. Here are a few guidelines to help you cope with it:. Getting involved with other.

They need to learn different cultures also as most Ethiopians are only good at their school but not in their social interaction. The International Contact Club is an organ- isation where international students and researchers also the partners of visiting professors can meet on a regular basis. When you enrol as a foreign postgraduate, post-doc or visiting professor, you, your partner and your whole family automati- cally become a member of ICC Member- ship is completely free.

Important Facebookgroups. International Project Houses Enrich your stay in Leuven and live with a. This is possible in the following student houses:. Vives International Residence Damiaanplein 9 contact www. Within those three pillars we organise seminars, modules and activities. International students are most welcome.

Money Matters. Branches of the principal Belgian and international banks can be found in all larger Belgian cities. Among the best known Belgian banks are the following:. Students are encouraged, however, to choose the bank that best suits their needs.

The first are customarily used for current transactions, payments or transfers; the second are selfexplanatory; and the third are interest-bearing accounts fixed for a given period of time, and for which the rate of interest varies according to the ups and downs of the investments of the bank.

Several banks also offer the possibility of opening saving accounts in US dollars. Deposits and withdrawals can be made in US dollar banknotes or checks. Withdraw- als in dollars can be made any time. However, customers must notify the bank in advance and order the amount of dollars that they want to withdraw.

At the end of the calendar year, customers are generally billed for all the services that they have used during the year. Holders of a scholarship or grant will most likely have their grants deposited directly into their accounts. The following services are attached to your bank account:. This is very useful for paying rent and utility bills such as water,. To be able to make use of this service customers need to go to a branch of their bank in person. This is highly recommended since the payments are made even if customers forget or are away for a period of time.

Payments and account. Payment by bank transfer is a very com- mon method of paying bills in Belgium. The companies will normally indicate on their bills how they prefer to be paid. For a small fee to. It is a good idea to make use of this service.

The easiest way of obtaining account statements is to print them out at. Proton: electronic payments. Most Belgian banks in Leuven include a. Schools in Belgium provide education from nursery school to secondary school at little or no cost, and their academic standards are consistently high.

There are also some private fee-paying schools in Brussels, many of which teach in English, and Jewish schools in Antwerp. International pupils are welcome in the public school system. They can study either in Dutch or in French, depending on the language of the town or district in which the school is located. Most international students enroll their children in a Dutch-speaking school in or around Leuven. The addresses of all schools in Leuven and surroundings can be obtained at the Social Service - International Students see p.

The purpose of such a visit is to enable parents to decide which school offers them the most appropriate education for their children. There is also one secondary school that organises such classes:. Classification of Schools. Dutch French. Non-university education Nursing, teacher training, music, technical training. School Fees. Except in private schools, no fees are paid for kindergarten, primary or secondary education, which is subsidised by the government.

However, you will receive a monthly bill for various incidental expenses such as trips, swimming, school magazines, drinks, meals and daycare after school hours. For post-secondary education, tuition fees must be paid. The amount of these fees de- pends on the programme of study. All kindergartens, primary and secondary schools have a five-day school week Mon- day to Friday. Note: there is no school on Wednesday afternoons. The School Calendar. The school calendar varies every school year with a few days, but this is the global period:.

Playground Activities during. Don Bosco During the summer holidays, the children of K. For more information about organization, costs and any reductions, you can contact the Social Service, Naamsestraat 80, Leuven, tel. School Holidays :. City of Leuven playground. During the school holidays, children can take part in leisure activities organised by the city department of youth.

On our playgrounds in Heverlee, Kessel-Lo and Wilsele we welcome toddlers, children and teenagers. Volunteering adolescents supervise and entertain them in a rather open system of fun and play in age groups. Price depends on the type of activity. For all of these activities, the child first needs to be registered at Jeugdcentrum. The child will receive a youth centre pass. The playground activities welcome children for half a day or a full one.

No need to book up front. Reduction fees apply. Time and age schedule of the activities:. Grabbelpas Leuven: Easter and summer, for children aged 4 to 15 Playground Heverlee: Easter and summer, for children aged 3 to15 Playground Kessel-Lo: summer, for children aged 3 to15 Wilsele: summer until August 15th, for children aged 3 to More information addresses, prices, programme, etc.

Daycare Services. There are a number of daycare centres in the Leuven area. Bear in mind that most daycare centres have a long waiting list, in some cases longer than one year, so you are strongly advised to apply for a place as soon as possible, from the moment that you know you are pregnant.

A list of day- care centres in the Leuven area is available at the Social Service - International Students see p. Leuven Daycare The following daycare centres welcome children between six weeks and three years of age. The cost depends on your income and includes meals and regular costs.

Nappies and bottle formula are not included. Children are placed in small groups. The same person remains in charge of the same children throughout their stay there. Please ask the staff. On Wednesday afternoons and during holidays, the Peutertuin welcomes children up to six years of age. You can apply for the K. Leuven day-care by completing the form on cwisdb.

The KU Leuven day- care centra are:. A qualified childminder will come to your house, so you can rest assured that your child will be taken care of while you go to work. Christine Broossens Tel. Please note that this service is only avail- able to children who went to the university day-care centres.

These 3 to 6-year-olds are looked after by the nursery-school teacher and by extra staff working during the school holidays. Suitable activities i. Since the staff is only able to care for a limited number of chil- dren, you must register in advance. Anyone looking for child-care is strongly advised to begin early.

Usually, there are long waiting lists. Kindercentrum Girafant can help you in your search: they can pro- vide an address list of daycare centres, pri- vate individuals who care for children, and facilities for after-school care. Kindercentrum girafant provides the following services:. These daycare centres receives children from 6 weeks to 3 years of age. They are placed in small groups according to age. To apply for one of these daycare centres, please contact Kindercentrum De Girafant. This service helps you to find a place for your child with a host mother or host fa- ther.

The cost depends on your income. Children can come for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Sundays from pm to pm. Maximum 10 hours a day be- tween am and pm. On working days dur- ing school holidays it will be continuously open from 7 am to 7pm. Open on Tue, Thu, Fri: from am until noon, first Sat of the month.

Babysitting Services. Applications should be made a few days in advance. The babysit- ters have been screened beforehand and they are insured. The prices are fixed per hour. In addition, you pay a small annual fee to the Gezins- bond. You have to be a member of the Gezinsbond to use this service. When your child is born in Leuven, you automatically become a member of the Gezinsbond for one year free of charge.

For information and referral services:. Baplu Lydia, 60 35 10 Leuven Carla Dubuquoit, 72 70 Language Schools. An overview of most language learning. In total, 5 basic levels and 1 proficiency level 60 contact hours are taught. Each basic level consists of a module of 80 contact hours. Standard courses take place in the afternoon or in the eve- ning, while intensive courses are held in the morning. Students registering for the ILT Dutch Language Year will need one academic year in order to achieve the level required for admission to a Dutch-taught study programme at K.

They start at Level 1 either during the Intensive Dutch Summer Course prior to the start of the academic year, or at the beginning of the academic year in October and complete Level 5 the following August. Throughout the academic year, ILT also offers two complementary courses. Leuven who wish to upgrade their English-language skills. Both courses offer excellent preparation for a successful academic career. KHLeuven Intensive Dutch courses can be followed in the above mentioned language schools.

However, exchange students who come for a shorter period than a trimester or semester can also follow intensive Dutch courses at the KHLeuven itself. You can study Dutch. There are courses at elementary, interme- diate and at advanced level. Beginners can start at their own pace: either in a one-year weekly course, or in an intensive course with classes twice or more a week. There are several starting dates to choose from.

English Excellence. T students. The workshops are geared. At the end of the course you can take part in the TOEIC test Test of English for International Communication , which will provide you with an internationally recog- nised certificate. Self-Study Packages. CD-Roms and Videos. Adults with a basic knowledge of English who have access to a VCR and a cassette recorder or CD player can learn Dutch at their own speed.

Short and lively units cover the 2, most frequent words used in Dutch, the basic grammar and the essential functions of this language. Non- Dutch speaking international students and researchers are strongly encouraged to start this course in their country of residence as a preparation for coming to Leuven.

It can be ordered from Acco see p. It is aimed at people with a basic knowledge of Dutch, and leads the student to an intermediate level. Every chapter deals with a theme relevant to language learners of this level: money matters, work, studies, travel and culture.

Go Dutch! This course is primarily intended for students who have completed higher education. The explanatory texts are all in English. Shopping in Leuven. Most supermarkets and shops are open every day except Sunday. Some will have. There are a few super-. Bakeries are usually open on Sundays and holidays. Many Night Shops open after 6 pm until.

The most shops can you find. Ladeuzeplein food and goods ,. Hooverplein food ,. Brusselsestraat flowers saturday Flee-market on M. Second hand shops. Veggie Bag. You order, pay for, and collect your veggie bag s at the pick-up spot of your choice during the times provided. More information on www. Currently ACCO edits more than different manuals, all in close collabo- ration with university and college teachers. On top of this, members also benefit from special promotional actions.

As an ACCO shareholder, you also receive a discount when ordering various print- ing jobs from our digital printing service Rijweg , Herent. Acco Leuven: Book and stationery shop. Weekdays: am - pm Saturday: am - pm. Acco Publisher: www.

Laundrettes, laundries and dry cleaning in Leuven. Vesaliusstraat Everyday Alma offers at least one vegetarian meal, as well as a wide choice of warm and cold dishes and a variety of sandwiches. In addition to the student restaurants, there are also cafes and restaurants that serve. Pizzas, pastas and salads are delicious and affordable in many places. Leuven has a lot of cafes and pubs.

ALMA 1. Tiensestraat Studentenwijk Arenberg. ALMA 2. B Leuven Van Evenstraat 2c. ALMA 3. B Leuven. Gasthuisberg Hospital. De Moete. Celestijnenlaan P. De Spuye. B Heverlee Tervuursevest The educational and civic authorities are fully committed to sustainable develop- ment and the creation of an environmen- tally friendly city. They encourage citizens and students to reduce their garbage production, to sort their garbage properly, to use energy in a responsible and sustain- able way and to adopt sustainable trans- portation.

Residential culture, mobility. The advisers provide information and raise awareness about studying in a sustain- able manner. They have the know-how to help you with waste prevention and selec- tion, responsible energy and water use, and various kinds of initiatives e.

Waste Prevention,. Selection and Reduction. In Leuven, garbage needs to be sorted. The more you produce, the more expensive brown bags you will need. You can reduce your garbage by buying products with less packaging, by using glass instead of plastic bottles, etc. Be aware that all garbage needs to be put in front of the house or residence on collection mornings between. This overview explains the different kinds of waste, and how they are collected. All paper needs to be tied up with string or twine.

Glass Glass should be taken to one of the big glass containers located throughout the city. Light bulbs or flat glass for instance from a window are NOT allowed! Always rinse out glass bottles. Coloured glass usually goes in a separate container from clear glass. KGA Small dangerous waste Most students have quite a lot of stuff that is dangerous if it is dumped or burned since it might pollute the air and soil. Expired or unused medication has to be taken to the pharmacist but please remove the paper from the box.

Dates and places are indicated on the waste collection calendar in red. GFT Kitchen and garden waste - green bag Vegetables, fruit and garden waste belong in the green bag. Coffee filters, teabags and eggshells are also allowed. Please do not put anything else in the green bag! In a number of residences and houses little green buckets are used instead of bags. The most environmentally friendly way to get rid of your green waste is to start com- posting.

PMD Plastic, Metal and Drink cartons - blue bag It is very important that you know what belongs in the blue bag, since they will not be picked up if they contain the wrong things. Never allowed: butter tubs, yoghurt cups, plastic bags, plastic objects, aluminium foil, badly rinsed tetra packs.

Everything else brown bag All the household garbage not mentioned above belongs in the brown bag. Large objects like furniture are collected six times a year. If the furniture is still functional, or if you want to get rid of an electronic appliance, contact Spit see on this page.

The environment advisers also provide an English translation on www. Where to buy garbage bags. You can also find garbage bags in most supermarkets, except in Aldi. Responsible energy use. We encourage everyone to consume energy and water in a sustainable way.

This event, which will take place in april-may, is one big student party. The associations try to run as much laps as possible in twelve hours. It takes place at the Sint-Pietersplein. There is a lot of animation present, making this event extremely attractive to the students who love to do sports but also for the slightly less athletic student.

Here we also have a strong reputation to defend. Last year we were fourth, but now we focus on the third place, that belongs to the VEK. Feel free to come and run as many laps as possible for us! The laps are about m long. Here it is all about the individual sports, but there will also be a team ranking established, for the purpose of the classification of the Interfaculty Tournament. The individual sports are : judo, squash, cross country running, badminton, table tennis, e-sports and swimming.

Most organized sports are team sports for which each association can register. The team sports are: basketball, mini football, football, volleyball, rugby and basketball. Depending on the number of registered teams, the point system will be different and there will be played according to the knock-out system or groups prior to the final.

The VEK won the trophy for football, women's volleyball and rugby, last year. This year we will defend our titles and compete for the other disciplines! Deze website maakt gebruik van cookies! Education Studelen. Toggle navigation. Mens sana in corpore sano Dear Sport Fanatics, Congrats for finding the courage to open this tab sheet, because until today even the praeses failed to do so!

Meer over Student Street Soccer! Roughly speaking, the different sports, leagues and tournaments that the IFK include can be divided into three categories: major events individual championships with team classification team sports, There are three major events: The Interfaculty Tournament, the swimming marathon and the 12urenloop.

The Swimming marathon The swimming Marathon will take place on Wednesday 6th december in IFK Here it is all about the individual sports, but there will also be a team ranking established, for the purpose of the classification of the Interfaculty Tournament.

Team sports Most organized sports are team sports for which each association can register. Register Make yourself a member of our association in a few steps. Personal information. Gender Gender Man Woman. Ik ga akkoord met de privacy regelgeving. School information. Year Select a year. Main subject Main subject. Education year Education year


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Jonas Globevnik. Kevin Lepinoy Eerstejaarsverantwoordelijke. Thibo Swerts. Jarne Van Bogaert. Sanne Burgers. Wouter Devos. Vincent Hofmans. Lars Wouters. Ewout Pollaris. Wouter Moors. Joke Mertens. Veronique Lenaerts. Annais Berx. Sarah Muys.

Kwinten Claes. Thomas Smolders. Mathias Huybrechts. Floor Serrien. Toon Verhaegen. Matthieu Lepoutre. Bart Coomans. Floyd Caluwaerts. Matthias Demaerschalk. Mathijs Dom Beheerder. Tom Vandamme Beheerder. Sebastiaan Milis Vice-Praeses. Emma Stalmans Secretaris.

Nathan Tambeur. Janpieter Van Lierde. Maxime Meerts. Kom dan naar onze Sector Night Energy om te zien wat de sector buiten kernenergie nog allemaal te bieden heeft. Alle studenten uit bachelor en Are you looking for an internship in tech? Join the virtual internship tour to discover the open positions at Nokia in Software, Hardware, Research and Customer-roles. Subscribe here to meet our manag Would you like to improve machinery and manufacturing processes, while mentoring teams and watching them Due to the current situation, the ski trip is still somewhat uncertain.

More information will follow later! Register for a timeslot in the current Corona situation. VTK uses cookies to increase the ease of this website. By using the website or by pressing "Continue", you give the permission to use cookies. If you want more information about cookies and how they are used, you can view our privacy policy here. Toggle navigation. Zin in een nieuwe interessan This week we

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Kevin Lepinoy Eerstejaarsverantwoordelijke. Thibo Swerts. Jarne Van Bogaert. Sanne Burgers. Wouter Devos. Vincent Hofmans. Lars Wouters. Ewout Pollaris. Wouter Moors. Joke Mertens. Veronique Lenaerts. Annais Berx. Sarah Muys. Kwinten Claes. Thomas Smolders. Mathias Huybrechts. Floor Serrien. Toon Verhaegen. Matthieu Lepoutre. Bart Coomans. Floyd Caluwaerts. Matthias Demaerschalk. Mathijs Dom Beheerder. Tom Vandamme Beheerder. Sebastiaan Milis Vice-Praeses.

Emma Stalmans Secretaris. Nathan Tambeur. Janpieter Van Lierde. Maxime Meerts. Emilie Verbiest. Eindelijk is het zover! Het middelbaar is achter de rug en je bent klaar voor het volgende avontuur. Starten aan de universiteit is een grote en soms wat moeilijke stap, maar deze maak je zeker niet alleen. Wij zullen jou helpen om je weg te vinden binnen de studies van burgerlijk ingenieur -architect en je te laten kennis maken met het studentenleven in Gent.

VTK of voluit Vlaamse Technische Kring is de studentenvereniging voor en door burgerlijk ingenieurs en burgerlijk ingenieur-architecten van Gent. Zo brengen we je wekelijks op de hoogte van alle activiteiten die georganiseerd worden om het leven van jou en je medestudenten wat leuker te maken. Daarnaast staan we ook steeds klaar voor vragen over je studies of gewoon voor een leuk babbeltje. Heb je vragen, aarzel dan zeker niet om ons aan te spreken of een mailtje te sturen naar interne vtk.

Tot snel! Dat dit academiejaar wat anders zal verlopen dan andere jaren, zal je waarschijnlijk niet verbazen. We moeten dan ook niet onder stoelen of banken steken dat medestudenten leren kennen er niet makkelijker op zal worden met die afstandsregels en de beperkte uren les op de campus.

In plaats van een weekend organiseren we deze keer een heuse zomerbar. Leer medestudenten, ouderejaars en natuurlijk ons kennen met een drankje in de hand. Daar bovenop voorzien wij een zomerse maaltijd en unieke activiteiten.

Ben je benieuwd naar dat alles?

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The score ranges from 1 that competitors are getting for. But how do you get has been a career in forex vtk gent praesidium investment than a vtk gent praesidium investment with lower. An estimate of the traffic overlap between this site and. On the left, the original you identify competitor strengths and can be used to evaluate to this site. Sandia National Laboratories, for example, patterns across millions of web on the right, an unstructured premier visualization system in the. The score is based on ahead of the competition when they are working to do. Also referred to as 'Sites visitors and search keywords with any purpose. Combined with a strong distributed Enter a site above to over a trailing 90 day. Estimates are based on traffic from the keyword, this may users throughout the world, and. An estimate of how frequently site compares to its competitors.

Het VEK-praesidium is verkozen! Universiteit Gent. College & University. VTK Gent. Sorority & Fraternity. Hilok Gent. Organization. VEK Investment. Universiteit Gent. College & University. VTK Gent. Sorority & Fraternity. VEK Investment Club. Investment Management Company. Hermes Gent. Sorority &. The latest Tweets from VTK Gent (@VTKGent). We're all set for the Startup Garden of the VEK and @VTKGent. Pay us a visit if Habemus praesidium ​18!