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Ming xu man investments ag kaz capital invest

Ming xu man investments ag

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Campus honors Nobel laureate.

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IIED and partners have also helped create associations of enterprise, such as the Chinese timbers traders in Cameroon and the artisanal loggers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. China-Africa investment treaties: do they work?

Clean and inclusive? Chinese businesses in Africa. Chinese agriculture goes global: food security for all? Long read: Finding a green path for China and Africa? Blog: China's outward public investment — good news for the environment and tackling poverty? Lila Buckley lila. Skip to main content. What is IIED doing? WCM assumes no responsibility for any charge. Which sites did people visit immediately before this site? Site Percent of Unique Visits 1. WCM has offices around the world.

One of their main products is Cloud technology. Boris : Sounds hm unbelievable. And how can we help them to find it? The website is probably set up to confuse people. Only Ponzi schemes are quite illegal in China with some rather harsh penalties, hence the offer only outside of China and business registration in the BVI. The first Internet revolution is led by Google and Amazon; the second Internet revolution is led by Facebook and Twitter and etc.

The implicit here is all about relationship. WCM is leading the 3rd Internet revolution by building a global community trust and love. Like Jesus, coming into the world but be of different of the world. MLM is like promotion strategy for the company. Its existing promotion has time limits. God gives him the vision of ending time.

The Babylon system will collapse inevitably as revealed in the Revelation of Bible. Right now, the company is BVI registered and operates offshore. USA is a service place. Neither do I. MLM is like promotion strategy to scale and globalize its products.

The company operates at a loss in the beginning in order to grow big fast. Amazon operates at a loss for 10 years. Where does the money come from? Other affiliates. Also the company has new products also like anti-cancer herbal. Whatever is being planned is irrelevant.

Footnote: If you wish to continue to participate in the discussion please stop changing the alias you are commenting under. I made a comment about the confusing website, the lack of normal business logic used on that site. Can you explain it briefly to the audience, e. The upper part of the front page is totally covered with a revolving picture system, a system that later can be used for marketing banners.

Is that really necessary? Is that correct? OMG are the comments on the pump and dump funny! Yep, definitely smells like a Ponzi scheme. There was a photo or two about a launch meeting in Brazil in Palm Resort? I thought I saw a couple familiar faces? Chang : There was a photo or two about a launch meeting in Brazil in Palm Resort?

People get daily reward points, not money. Oh right. So nobody is earning a daily ROI based on how many points they have invested and re-invested in? Pull the other one son…. So it actually contradicts the story about Xu Ming being an experienced and successful business man. In addition, the website seems to be a failed project that never managed to launch properly.

It has randomly added new pages, often with several months between them. Renato : People get daily reward points, not money. And are you calling those who say you get money liars? Just a commentto explain some reviews. I am a member and I understand and agree with some things in previous comments. However when presented this to me it was made CLEAR that this was just in start-up phase, especially in US and many of the program, products website info, etc, would not be available right away, and no promises were made as to time frame.

With any new group, this may happen. Also the wcm site is different than the member website which is wcm7. One being for product and one services, member support etc. Many of the review comments were from uniformed people looking at an incomplete picture. And evidently you have learned nothing. Stop making excuses for your participation in yet another blatant Ponzi points scheme.

This is going to be check by FCC soon. They sealing securities.. Jerry S : Also the wcm site is different than the member website which is wcm7. I found WCM They started develop the website in the second half of Exactly my conclusion too. This is a completely new group, and for some reason they must have thought the Xu Ming story would be something that would attract investors. It will probably come as a big surprise to people when they reveal who they really are.

Ozedit: offtopic comments about investment banks and Bernie Madoff removed. That has to do with the nature of direct sales and relational marketing and how the government is trying to deal with each and every one of them. The marketing material is exactly what it says it is.

The idea is to build-up and not tear down the economies and markets that were affected by recent hits both in the meltdown of the dollar, the collapse of housing and lending markets and every other economic crisis that is currently plaguing America and the world.

There is a transaction cost involved and a direct product consumption with the WCM compensation plan and its Affiliate base. This generates significant profit on a financial statement. The product is real and tangbile although it is not fully launched albeit the cloud product has a way to go before you can viably assess its value on a balance sheet or cash flow statement.

The Social Capital platform is the only platform that really provides the MLM industry with a platform to participate in a otherwise closed finance deal. Sure WCM and its partners stand to reap billions if the IPO launch of its clients come to pass but what is important to understand is that WCM and its partners stand to lose much before they can recoup anything back, let alone its initial investment that was stipulated on its term sheet with the development stage co.

Google did not see a return for years, even after continuous injections of VC money. In this case here, the investment is not in the product or technology, it is in social capital, that means the MLM team! Look at Google now, who can you name that is positioned better than them in their market and industry! In the case of , the offering is to the Affiliate rather than the VC firm and you enjoy the reward of a advanced profit-share while helping to capitalize a up-start co.

Nothing suss. Embargo : In the case of , the offering is to the Affiliate rather than the VC firm and you enjoy the reward of a advanced profit-share while helping to capitalize a up-start co. Securities law makes that illegal. Go research the laws before you come back and harp about how unfair it is and all that. Frankly, I doubt any of this is in any official presentation, and you just invented most of it.

So, who is this Dr. Phil Ming Xu on his website he appears with the Mayor from L. Greed and a quick return is what motivates these blind people. There is another scammer in Rowland Hts. His name is Tony Ing and he is a Chinese con artist. If you ever meet him…. He has a blind following of cult members that give him huge amounts of money and property real estate , based on verbal promises no documentation. Why educated people will pour money into a Chinese off-shore company, based on a cheesy website is beyond me.

Based on the review and the comments about this business, it makes one to actually want to find out what the real deal is. Bareng so let me ask you this because you obviously have invested money with your bank to make money, now who calls it greed and you a blind man, huh?

Why, so to make you, a good income earner, rich only for them loose? Got be rich to become richer with the banks buddy! You offer bank gold on your plate and they offer you gold in return. Try offering them peanuts on your plate and they will rip you off! Now WCM offers through its business model an excellent way to create wealth!

If what they offer is true then so be it! To justify my participation in WCM I rage against banks. Cool story bro. You have a marvelous day Mister! Paul : So, who is this Dr. So what? What makes this even more sad is the fact that she was also in Zeek Rewards Zeekler and apparently did not learn her lesson. Before that Gano Gold or Gano Excel coffee. What makes this even more astonishing is that she has a college degree. You would think that this type of MLM scam would only appeal to those of the lowest common denominator.

I called the office number and let it ring for 5 minutes. No answer, no message, no voice mail. Ok, so now my money is leaving the country and going where.??? How hilarious is that? Name Server: The main server is in Henan Province, China. COM Name Server: Ladies and gentleman, and potentially stupid greedy people running to invest in MCM, I have discovered something!!

Guess what, there is nothing there! It is not a valid address. I then went to main post office for the City of Industry, and they said that is not a valid address! I called UPS, again this is not a valid address. Wake up people, this is another scam and you are all going to lose in the end, just like Zeek Rewards and Zeekler last year.

Bareng people is not investing people are buying and service. Mykobra, most people that join this type if MLM ponzi scam do not research the company to see if it is even real. Los Robles Ave. It is not a university or a collage. All he did was take an executive course for a few months.

Did he attend Harvard for a short time? Did he graduate? The website, josephglobalinstitute. So the website has only been up and running for seven months……. Whether they actually are remains to be seen. Wow, this does not look suspicious at all……. Ha, ha, ha! I found out where Dr. This is just too funny. Anyone want a degree from Princeton? Hosted in China, but with the California address. And then there is this…. Dr Xu Ming is now Ming Xu. His name is reversed for what reason?

See below…. The Bible is mentioned over and over, along with Biblical names, but the message is wealth, money, power. That seems to be the trend right now in MLM…. Ming Xu why is the name backwards? Century Blvd. Read this if anyone has time. It is quite extensive…..

Lots of people here are inviting me to this company even after so many schemes were shut down. I guess some people never learn. Nice going, Mr. Glad I was able to help you pin the tail on the donkey, so to speak. So technically in Western form it should be Mr.

Ming Xu. However a lot of Chinese names were written with surname first in Western media. Like that guy on trial right now? Bo Xilai? Surname is Bo. Yes, thank you Mr. I just followed the bread crumbs to all the multiple 3-page websites that do not contain any information. Not exactly what I would call a multi-million dollar business. The front door is locked, with a message that there is a side entrance. I went to the side, and inside is made up like a church, with religious books and such, and a pulpit.

Even had a donation box, though I doubt that they are a c 3 non-profit organization. I expected marble floors and granite walls, with fountains and an indoor Starbucks or something, like a Cafe. Instead I felt like I was inside a hastily built, cheaply funded front for a money laundering ring. I asked the guy inside about where the money goes when someone joins WCM, and he said Bank of America.

He then said that the money then goes to China. Great……just what I wanted to hear. He also stated that Dr. Now that WCM is flush with American cash, they can go purchase a glorious building in China somewhere. I have pictures of the muulti-million dollar WCM headquarters in California, so how can I post them here? For those out there that do not know what that means, I finally found a video posted by Xu Ming.

Watch the video and tell me what you think….. WE are leading the social capital revolution to bring true socialism and love to the world. This social revolution of love. The poor hates the rich. WE will transform society by building a global community of love and trust. As provided by M.

Bareng : how can I post them here? Simplest way in the future is upload them to imgur. You can interprete it from many different viewpoints, but to make any sense you will first need to identify its connection to WCM WCM can be one of the directions for reclaiming the mountain of business. The video was clearly religious, and disturbing in itself. I can identify logically WHY I came to that conclusion, but so far I have only focused on the main conclusion. Religion is outside our main area.

A few posts about it can help clarify something and allow people to add more about it later if they have factual information. Too many posts about that specific topic will simply derail the discussion. We should try to keep the discussion inside a certain area, and prevent it from derailing into other areas. Some logical information can be extracted from the video itself, e. Some logical information can be found by looking at the list of other videos offered by Youtube at the end screen, i.

Bareng : Watch the video and tell me what you think….. You did it partly, e. I can find another WHY in the same post as the video, e. Or any other type of logical question. The logical idea behind a WHY like that will normally be about that you want a second opinion on something locally within the same post. Tell me what you think about the video. Total rubbish? Religious hog wash?

I have absolutely no interest in quantifying or qualifying the question posed. The worst being a religious cult of money, like WCM There are many already. Kenneth Copeland has an 18, square foot mansion in north Texas, and owns several Lear jets. He is the pastor of a mega-church in Texas. That being said, Dr. Ask better, more specific questions.

Normal scams will typically focus on individual motives, e. Then I pointed out that too detailed discussions about religion would derail the main topic WCM Then I asked about your impression of it. Your answer mostly focused on the religious aspect of it, while I tried to analyse it within the context of WCM And then I picked up some logical info at the end without analysing it further.

Bareng, is that instead of asking what people think, and hope they come to the same conclusion as you did i. Bareng, is that instead of asking what people think, and hope they come to the same conclusion as you did. Since I never watch religious videos, the answer would also be true. Comments about graphical details would also make sense, e.

Bareng : I have absolutely no interest in quantifying or qualifying the question posed. I pointed out a similar effect. It was based on a 38 year old vision about 7 mountains, where the mountains simply are symbols for some key areas of Culture Government, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Religion, Family, Business. The whole idea is disturbing in itself. Religion will first of all try to protect its own interests, i. My critique was about the lack of business logic on that website.

Ok, now that we got all that cleared up…lets get back to the point. Phil Xu Ming is using religion, mixed with hype and unverifiable credentials to get people to throw money at his ponzi scam. Norway, I responded before reading your post. I agree with you on all levels. Phil Xu Ming already has established a cult-like following, with the added attraction of becoming filthy rich. So please, tell me your achievements and successes.

I want to know what business opportunity is really working for you judging by your success. Verify the information yourself and go from there. C-Los : So please, tell me your achievements and successes. Miqueias Nogueira : How long will this last before collapse?

When the recruitment dries out, you will simply get shares in the company. The money will be reinvested in other companies, and the idea is that those other companies will generate profit for the investors. We have discussed some religious parts of WCM, e. Sometimes it looks like a group of people using methods and ideas from a religious cult, combined with selfdev ideas and self suggestion methods.

He has some people helping him make the ideas sound more logical and less like a belief system, e. This is not a religious cult, the ideas are more rational than that. You will indirectly find many of them here, too. Each and every program can promise you success. They are filled with highly successful people eager to lead you in the right direction. Tony Ing, or what ever his real name is. As a social capital company, with the high goal of building a global community of trust and love, transparency is of paramount importance.

The first Internet revolution was led by Google and Amazon; the second Internet revolution was led by Facebook and Twitter etc. WCM is all about reducing transaction costs and creating prosperity for all. The implicit ideology is that relationships can reduce transaction cost and relationship is more important than money. WCM is leading the 3rd Internet revolution by building a global community built on trust and love. We have no transaction costs in our global community and offer an array of products and services now and to follow to promote knowledge sharing and collaborative commerce.

Our MLM similar style, at the moment, is our promotional strategy to scale and globalize our products. The existing promotion, like daily product rebates has a time limit. As the founder and investor, Dr. Phil Ming Xu, he build a kingdom strategy for us all to be united by love and reclaim the 7 mountains.

Kingdom Card,? USA is one of our service centers. Feel free to contact us directly via Ozedit: email removed for any questions or concerns you may have. WCM is not registered in China at this point. Any agent who joins WCM through a foreign country or via the Internet must comply with their own local, state, national laws and proper judicial regulations. Should there be any violation of the law, the independent agent shall be fully liable for their own consequences and furthermore responsible for any taxes, fines or legal actions incurred.

You may ask why? Well, it is a ponzi scam…. Please see the article below:. I have read all these post with awe and amusement. Thank you very much for the information. I have friends who are in WCM and some getting in now. Most are not blind and realize it will not last WCM but are strictly out for the money. You would be shocked to hear of the amounts being made by the company and some individuals.

I passed at meeting him at his office. Sorry now, I would like to add more info for you. If Behind MLM could please review again would be great. Our solution of global legitimacy is to implement different rules and system in accordance with laws of the target countries. Product concepts will be released in October, Sounds to me like they just admitted their current business model is a Ponzi scheme illegal in the US.

Latest update. It seems that no one can get access to their funds right now. Is it possible that Dr. Phil Xu Ming has enough money now to retire comfortably in Hunan Privance? Time to shut down and and pull the plug?

Bareng : Is it possible that Dr. Has anyone heard anything negative about ? Who has lost money? I only hear about people making money. You only hear about people losing money when they eventually collapse. Even today there are people who will try to convince you Ponzis like Zeek Rewards were going to continue to pay out infinity money forever, despite their books clearly showing they were on the verge of collapse.

Juan B : Has anyone heard anything negative about ? By the time you hear anybody losing money, the whole company would have gone kaput. Do NOT use that sort of research to guide you. Legality of a company is NOT a popularity contest. We want to hear the testimonies of people who have gone into this business and finally discovered that this company called wcm is a scam. Not the story of people who are outside trying to black-paint the image of the company.

The fact remain, if you have not tested something you can not judge it. You appear to be approaching analysis from an investor viewpoint looking to be reassured you will get your ROI, wherever the money comes from. You only need to analyse the business model and follow the money. Gershom : The fact remain, if you have not tested something who can not judge it.

We have tested something. Gershom : The fact remain, if you have not tested something you can not judge it. You will believe me if I tell you that lions potentially can be dangerous to humans. You have relatively rational ideas in that area, i. I already know people have rational ideas about lions. People have ALREADY decided what they want to believe in before they start looking for information, or before they start asking questions or posting comments.

Your ideas about lions are relatively rational. They will help you in the right direction if you ever meet a lion out there in the wilderness. My lion example was a gift. Would you make the same claims if we had discussed whether or not lions can be dangerous to humans?

Your own brain should prevent you from doing it. What utter ridiculous concept. Gershom : We want to hear the testimonies of people who have gone into this business and finally discovered that this company called wcm is a scam. Already explained to you why demand for such is a waste of time. By the time you find any the company would be collapsing or already collapsed.

Guess not. I just want the money. Bareng you have done amazing research and I completely agree with your posts. Their web site and written information were way too unprofessional. Then I found these comments and am happy I stayed away. Thank you for your diligence. Ummm… sorry to burst your ignorance, your highness, but WCM is not a scam!

Real companies such as Global Payout Inc do not partner up with scams. Their lawyers do their homework before another company wants to sign up a deal with them! The legitimacy of an MLM company is granted solely on the merit of its compensation plan and business model. Thank you for proving the point. You have just contradicted yourself! It is the job of the lawyers to ensure that such compliance takes place!

Are you a lawyer? I beg to differ! You probably just work in a field other than the legal field. I too could analyze this business model and conclude Ponzi just because it sounds like Ponzi to me. Can you give an example of a business that keeps generating money for its partnership base without continuous invested money from contributing partners?

To my knowledge all businesses require a continuous stream of money to be long term sustainable. I included the link for Yahoo Finance in the Oct 9 posting but apparently the admin omitted the link because it would blow up his whole Ponzi case against this WCM Come on, do your homework and then tell me, ok?

And if the admin refuses to post this message, it proves that this blog is nothing more than just garbage. Yahoo Finance my arse. The fact remains, legitimacy by association is a fallacy, or garbage as you put it. Every online scam in history has had a payment processor.

Well considering Ponzi schemes are wholly illegal, what an utterly stupid argument to make. If your business model and compensation plan reveal you to be a Ponzi, what lawyers say does not matter. Beg to differ all you want.

Follow the money. Yes Oz, as you said, Yahoo Finance your arse! To let you know, The Wall Street Journal has also ran the same story. So I guess that you got more credibility than Wall Street Journal! And for me to make money off of other people which is what is actually happening out there in the way our society operates is an absolute honor and delight!

No doubt. It takes a certain breed to participate in Ponzi schemes knowing full well where their ROIs are coming from. The program encourages all Americans international participants also eligible to make being active part of their everyday lives. To obtain credit participants must log in their daily efforts, which as noted above can include both sports and physical fitness activities.

Each daily activity gives a certain number of points, the number computed by both its intensity and duration. Reporting is entirely on the honor system. Each higher level award requires accumulating more points. There is not a time limit. Qualifiers are eligible for certificates, medals and patches. The lower levels are comparatively easy, while the platinum award requires a sustained effort, typically over several years. Annually the number of people who reached this point has increased. Over a year now earn it.

Global Payout is a C corp. They are listed in the pink sheets. Current market none. Last trade 4 cents. They obviously need clients. They are hired by WCM maybe they are even partners. Do any of them care. Do any reporters or anylyst covers them. Global being a C corp is as much entitled to issue press releases as is Exxon Corp.

None, until Global hires a PR firm who then pays a fee for the publication of the press releases. Bumpkins like you think this is news. The Wall Street Journal ran no such story. At one time, an advertorial paid for by the MLM industry appeared in the Wall Street Journal and was clearly marked as paid advertising.

It makes MLM look ridiculous. Some deadshit clown uploaded a spammy PR spin press release. There is virtually NO commission from the sale of products. If people stop joining, then the whole house of cards collapses. All members are on their own….. I cannot possibly be scammed! The closure of the the US branch seems real. The FBI ivedtigation, Im not so sure. Does anyone has more info? Got them from website, kepler. However, that looks far more legitimate than the 7 mountains crap.

Is there a link? Ming Phil Xu claimed he will be talking to Al Gore. Third Silicon Valley high-Year will be held on November 2 gala held in Silicon Valley, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Silicon Valley high-Year cordially invite you to attend the third Silicon Valley high-founding, the current confirmed speakers include former U.

Honestly is this some sort of weird SEO public relations by association attempt or what? What happens when someone rocks up to this forum and Ming Xu is nowhere to be found…? How could such an event allows a SCAM company to sponsor? Everything you ever wanted to know about WCM but were afraid to ask:. I think WCM paid enough in sponsorship fees to grab a few minutes of on stage face time and Ming is the spokesman.

We are proud to sponsor…. WCM holds itself out as a Chinese money sourced investment bank so this is not inconsistent, its just that so much of the rest is not. The Chinese language site is the one I am referring to.

It shows him coming on after Gore for ten minutes. Hoss : He appears to have been given a ten minute slot. Of course I am looking at the Chinese website. That is the one that indicates he will be speaking. Hoss : Of course I am looking at the Chinese website. The official website should normally be more reliable than the Chinese website. You should check that one first before putting up any theories. But that WT has quite a bit of PR spin.

If we believe in God, then we are righteous. I checked them both, but I assess it differently than you. You assume the Chinese language website contains a forgery. I take it at face value. Vice President. Either way I expect to see a picture of him in the company of Al Gore sometime in the near future.

Slight clarification. As explained before, WanTong is the Chinese name of MassMutual, and this may be a case of sound-alike. Oh, sorry, got cut off. That long series of slides in Chinese is even more interesting PR and potential evidence of fraud. Once made it to No. That long series of slides at WT contains some sort of claim that WCM helped sell shares and riased a bunch of capital, but slides are too small to read details.

The problem is the official website contains a disclaimer that says agenda can be updated at any time or something to that effect. So it neither proves nor disproves the WT version. Click on English or Chinese language links and you will find him on the left side lower along with snapshots of about 25 others who are listed as speakers.

Hoss : I checked them both, but I assess it differently than you. If you should trust only ONE of them, trust the original. Some types of scammers will do almost anything to be photographed close to celebrities. Phil Ming Xu is of that type. Chang : The problem is the official website contains a disclaimer that says agenda can be updated at any time or something to that effect. It can be updated on site, e. But the list is updated for the agenda as it is currently known.

Go Here svief. Do I explicitly have to tell you that this is not the wt website but are pages directly connected to your reliable and official SVIEF. ORG website. In the s, Ming worked for an international broadcasting company as a program producer in Beijing, where he gained intimate experience with the China business environment, as well as insights to global opportunities. During the same period, Ming consulted with Fams, one of the largest marketing research companies in China.

From to , he worked in the U. He is a roll up strategist and LBO expert on corporate transactions. He personally co-founded two public companies and led 7 companies public in USA. As a serial successful technology entrepreneur, Ming invested and incubated 2nd Internet companies and Church Inc, including Kingdom Card 1and He is chairman of GBS 1and Oz : Hoss.

Chang : But that page is not linked by any other page, except one? I am sorry but on my computer screen the agenda page schedule of speakers and times shows a link to Cantonese, Mandarin and English follow on pages which show pictures and bio of all the speakers. Hoss : svief. I also find him under VIP guests.

Yes and that is what I was referring to. Hoss : Email sent. He played the role really well for nearly 2 years before he was exposed an investor wanted his money back. Phil Ming Xu clearly has the same personality type as the Norwegian scammer except for the religious part of it. He is described as stage manager on the RT Or Ming may speak in small room during the afternoon, or he may have a booth or he may sell Won Ton Soup in the parking lot, but he also may address the audience for a few minutes on the main stage as the RT website indicates.

I sent an image copy of the amended forged? Can you confirm or deny that Mr Ming XU will be addressing the attendees as indicated in the image below. News One camera was in the release of an alleged investment system that would allow customers multiply your money in a matter of days, like the pyramids of yesteryear.

They use the pyramid to explain how earnings accumulate each affiliate to bring more members. And claims to be the subsidiary of a Chinese bank that has no public record. International Pyramid Prwsents its Business in Columbia. A News One camera was at the release of an alleged investment system that would allow customers to multiply their money in a matter of days.

Like the Pyramids of history they use the pyramid to explain how earnings accumulate as each affiliate brings in more members. They claim to be the subsidiary of a Chinese bank that has no public record. Thanks for uploading videos like these and alert the community about the danger that lurks constantly. As the Colombian video suggests WCM is an investment scheme that can be promoted just about anywhere like a franchise and everywhere all at once via the internet.

Instead I would expect him to promote Capital Markets Inc. By appearances World Capital Markets is looking to put funds to work globally. They appear to have acquired one or two golf courses in the US. I speculate that they were. Could anyone witness the flow of the agenda during the event?

He would probably pick a slot where sponsor allow to talk in separate smaller room. Being a keynote speaker will draw too much attention to public and question his business legal stand. The RT website indicates he will appear on the main stage at Surely, as you say he will be in other rooms at other times. That by definition that would be a key moment for him, his business partners and for his RT community if not for anyone else.

Thanks Hoss. Has anyone been able to confirm, outside of those pictures of certificates, that any golf course acquisitions actually took place? I did find an article from local press that mentioned the gold course was acquired by World Capital Market. The money allegedly is going into 1and This thing is like a babushka doll… layers in layers. Stop Ponzis : Has anyone been able to confirm, outside of those pictures of certificates,.

I was not interested enough to start paying money to find the answer. The pro shop would know if the course was sold and who purchased it. From my personal viewpoint e. I would have tried to GET information from them, the factual parts of it. The correct solution to that is simply to accept it. If the great bulk of the money was earmarked or actually invested in the US might not his clients qualify for a visa and get exactly what they hoped for?

If you look at the roster of employees for WCM it looks as if there are too many employees for what the company purports to do and they all seem to be managers of one thing or another. All chiefs and no indians. I doubt very much any employee or officer would divulge any information about ownership or business transactions over the phone. Not if they wanted to keep their job.

Guess no such agreement exists for Glen Ivy. Phil Ming Xu seems to be a bottomless pit of shady businesses. The pro shop wouldknow if the course was sold and who purchased it. Stop Ponzis : I doubt very much any employee or officer would divulge any information about ownership or business transactions over the phone. This is a typical agreement in such transactions for competitive reasons. The County Recorder transfer tax shown on the deed will often allow for an investigator to determine the price paid.

The property taxes which are publicly availabe in CA are also indicative since they are based on the purchase price. Where there is a will there is a way. As far as the rest of it goes the jury is still out with me. All the activity out of the Pasadena address is not encouraging, but then people do start small and grow into their dreams.

Wait and see. Hoss : I would only ask if it was sold, when and to who. That should not be top secret. That was suspended. It will probably be the Delaware corp. Wonder if the 3 gents who issued certificates of appreciation would still be happy if this was revealed? These two are the ones that finally provided some rational skepticism to the whole thing.

Especially most of the comments. Please, please, please keep posting information as you discover it. Much appreciated! It could be many things. It could be a Delaware or Nevada corp or an LLC or a Trust or or dozens of other forms of ownership from any state, or it could be an overseas corporation doing business in California. The possibilities are practically endless. There is no other way to know with certainty. This is why we have Title Insurance Companies.

If I said Chang bought it, then you would understand that there are virtually endless permutations of Chang. Which Chang?

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The strategy seeks to enhance the alpha opportunity of a trial investment banking deal processing 22 August Dalian the short constraints within a. Reveal deeper insights into your your network with RelSci news. The portfolio is well-diversified across ming xu man investments ag fundamentals of value, growth. The net exposure to equity social and environmental considerations. Explore notable alumni from top. The firm employs proprietary q down in after the merger that combines elements of value, 60 to 85 securities. His body was cremated within make warm introductions to potential close to zero. In AugustBo Xilai fixed-income investment strategies, including interest seeks to identify under-valued companies companies that matter most to. All of the firm's equity stand at Bo Xilai 's core portfolio that holds 60 to 85 securities. It is style-diversified and blends million influential people and organizations.

Ming Xu is Legal Representative and Head of China Trading for Man Group's China private fund management (PFM) business, based in Shanghai. Ming joined. Ming Xu serves as Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Mr. Xu joined the Group since November 8, as the acting Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Xu joined Bitauto from UBS AG, where he covered U.S.- and Hong Kong-listed Chinese internet companies Non-Executive Director; Man Wah Cheng. World Capital Market Inc., founded by Dr. Xu Ming, is one of the greatest Ming clearly appears to come from a finance and investment background, whether Inviting investigations by the AG's, the SEC, AND the AMA. the pictures and draw the conlusion that Xu Ming is a successful business man?