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Download majalah in forex meteo

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Great work! Nice site! Look for my homepage please. I found here really interesting facts! Three Card Poker Play another word for crap system of a down - roulette paris hotel and casino las vegas nv casino theme parties biloxi miss casinos suicide games russian roulette mesa arizona casino slot games that are free free download of strip poker for xda. Full Text Available Indonesia is a state based on a rule of law the goal of which is to realize a just, prosperous, and materially and spiritually equal people.

To realize the goal, progressively, sustainable national development has been conducted. The implementation of the development needs, besides from money, the availability of strategic land. To bridge the lack in both of them, BOT concept can be applied, as an agreement between the owner of land right and investor, where the former provides a feasibility study, building, and operation to the latter for a specified period of time, on the condition that when the BOT period of time has expired then the land together with the buildings and their appliances should be transferred to the former, so that both the owner of land right and the investors are mutually benefited.

Pelaksanaan pembangunan tersebut selain perlu didukung oleh dana juga ketersediaan lahan strategis. Full Text Available The present paper proposes a method for the evaluation of soil evaporation, using soil moisture estimations based on radar satellite measurements. The first mapping process is dedicated solely to the monitoring of moisture variability related to rainfall events, over areas in the "non-irrigated olive tree" class of land use.

The developed approach is based on a simple linear relationship between soil moisture and the backscattered radar signal normalised at a reference incidence angle. The second process is proposed over wheat fields, using an analysis of moisture variability due to both rainfall and irrigation. A semi-empirical model, based on the water-cloud model for vegetation correction, is used to retrieve soil moisture from the radar signal.

Moisture mapping is carried out over wheat fields, showing high variability between irrigated and non-irrigated wheat covers. Finally, a semi-empirical approach is proposed in order to relate surface moisture to the difference between soil evaporation and the climate demand, as defined by the potential evaporation.

Mapping of the soil evaporation is proposed. Tillage operations TOs affect nutrient uptake, carbon sequestration, water and CO2 exchanges in soil, and therefore impact soil ecology together with biophysical processes such as soil erosion, leaching, run-off and infiltration. They are critical for parameterizing complex dynamic models of carbon and nitrogen. Spatial modeling relied on 57 reference within-field areas named 'reference zones' RZs homogeneous for their soil properties, constructed in the vicinity of 57 roughness measurement locations and spread across 20 agricultural fields for which TOs were known.

Soil roughness expressed as the standard deviation of surface height Hrms was estimated on the ground with a fully automatic photogrammetric method based on the processing of a set of overlapping pictures taken from different viewpoints from a simple digital camera all around a rectangular frame. All 6 classifiers were implemented in a bootstrapping approach in order to assess the uncertainty of map results. Sparta Guna Sentosa. Full Text Available Industrial competition in Indonesia is getting strict.

One of the important factor to win this competition is the quality level of the product produced. Production process in PT. Sparta Guna Sentosa generally produces defect products. Part that generate most of the defect products is Boss Drive Face K44F which the demand of this part for each period is high enough. Hence, the quality control using the Six Sigma method is needed to decrease the defect products.

Full Text Available Abstract: The availability of adequate infrastructure, need tosupport the implementation of national development and toimprove Indonesia's competitiveness in the global era. Toovercome this, the Government of South Sumatra Province tobuild agreement Build, Operate, and Transfer in thedevelopment of infrastructure without burdening the localbudget through cooperation with Third Parties.

This article willbe assessed on what consideration the Government of SouthSumatra Province in determining system Build, Operate, andTransfer, procedures and implementation agreements totransfer wake, as well as whether to transfer the wakeagreement meets the principle of balance and legal certainityimproving the welfare of society. Methods of data analysis done by qualitative analysis. Based on the research that has historically been the object of land in Jalan Colonel Sugiono, Jalan S.

HGB is said because it is clear that once was the exchange between the district government and PT. This means that the object and the status of the exchange rights also switched. Full Text Available Satellite remote sensing is a valuable tool for monitoring flooding. Microwave sensors are especially appropriate instruments, as they allow the differentiation of inundated from non-inundated areas, regardless of levels of solar illumination or frequency of cloud cover in regions experiencing substantial rainy seasons.

In the current study we present the longest synthetic aperture radar-based time series of flood and inundation information derived for the Mekong Delta that has been analyzed for this region so far. We employed overall 60 Envisat ASAR Wide Swath Mode data sets at a spatial resolution of meters acquired during the years — to facilitate a thorough understanding of the flood regime in the Mekong Delta.

The Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam comprises 13 provinces and is home to 18 million inhabitants. In this study, we show which areas of the delta are frequently affected by floods and which regions remain dry all year round. Furthermore, we present which areas are flooded at which frequency and elucidate the patterns of flood progression over the course of the rainy season.

In this context, we also examine the impact of dykes on floodwater emergence and assess the relationship between retrieved flood occurrence patterns and land use. The results contribute to a comprehensive understanding of Mekong Delta flood dynamics in an environment where the flow regime is influenced by the Mekong River, overland water-flow, anthropogenic floodwater control, as well as the tides.

To study the efficacy of yoga on Guna yogic personality measure and general health in normal adults. Of the persons who attended introductory lectures, subjects aged years, of both sexes, who satisfied the inclusion and exclusion criteria and who consented to participate in the study were randomly allocated into two groups.

The Yoga Y group practised an integrated yoga module that included asanas, pranayama, meditation, notional correction and devotional sessions. The control group practised mild to moderate physical exercises PE. Both groups had supervised practice sessions by trained experts for one hour daily, six days a week for eight weeks. Guna yogic personality was assessed before and after eight weeks using the self-administered Vedic Personality Inventory VPI which assesses Sattva gentle and controlled , Rajas violent and uncontrolled and Tamas dull and uncontrolled.

Sattva showed a significant difference within the groups and the effect size was more in the Y than in the PE group. Rajas showed a significant decrease within and between the groups with a higher effect size in the PE group. Tamas showed significant reduction within the PE group only. There was an improvement in Sattva in both the Yoga and control groups with a trend of higher effect size in Yoga; Rajas reduced in both but significantly better in PE than in Yoga and Tamas reduced in PE.

The general health. Dengan adanya sistem BOT, maka pemerintah tidak lagi kesulitan dalam penyediaan dana untuk merealisasikan jalan tol tersebut. Disamping itu pelaksanaan kontrak kerjasama tersebut haruslah mengacu pada Peraturan Presiden Nomor 38 Tahun tentang Kerjasama Pemerinta Since the pioneer study on Mount Etna by Massonnet et al. In the case of wide, remote or hazardous volcanic areas, in particular, INSAR represents a safer and more economic way to acquire measurements than from ground based geodetic networks.

An interesting result is the detection of a present-day active ground deformation on the Azufre-Lastarria area Chile-Argentina indicating that process, identified during by Pritchard and Simmons from ERS data, is still active.

Its amplitude increases as a function of time and is compatible with ground uplift in the line of sight of the satellite. The ASAR time series up to days, 7 ASAR images indicates variable deformation rate that might confirm the hypothesis of a non uniform deformation process. We investigated the origin and the significance of the deformation using various source modelling strategies analytical and numerical.

The observed deformation can be explained by the infilling of an elliptical magmatic reservoir lying between 7 and 10 km depth. The deformation could represent the first stage of a new caldera forming as it is correlated with a large, although subtle, topographic depression surrounded by a crown of monogenetic centers.

A short wavelength inflation has also been detected on Lastaria volcano. It could result from the on-going infilling of a small subsurface magmatic reservoir, eventually supplied by the deeper one. All these observations point out the need of a closer monitoring of this area in.

Full Text Available in this study. The terrain following coordinates avoid spurious effects associated with discontinuous step-wise representation of bathymetry. The ROMS An assessment of the vertical structure Full Text Available Objective : To study the efficacy of yoga on Guna yogic personality measure and general health in normal adults. Methods : Of the persons who attended introductory lectures, subjects aged years, of both sexes, who satisfied the inclusion and exclusion criteria and who consented to participate in the study were randomly allocated into two groups.

The Yoga Y group practised an integrated yoga module that included asanas , pranayama , meditation, notional correction and devotional sessions. Guna yogic personality was assessed before and after eight weeks using the self-administered Vedic Personality Inventory VPI which assesses Sattva gentle and controlled, Rajas violent and uncontrolled and Tamas dull and uncontrolled.

Conclusions : There was an improvement in Sattva in both the Yoga and control groups with a trend of higher effect size in Yoga; Rajas reduced in both but significantly better in PE than. Full Text Available Objective: To study the efficacy of yoga on Guna yogic personality measure and general health in normal adults.

Methods: Of the persons who attended introductory lectures, subjects aged years, of both sexes, who satisfied the inclusion and exclusion criteria and who consented to participate in the study were randomly allocated into two groups. Conclusions: There was an improvement in Sattva in both the Yoga and control groups with a trend of higher effect size in Yoga; Rajas reduced in both but significantly better in PE than in.

Full Text Available ABSTRAK Kasus kebakaran hutan yang terjadi di Provinsi Riau dan beberapa daerah di Indonesia menjadi bencana nasional karena dampak dari kebakaran hutan tersebut menyebabkan kabut asap yang merusak kesehatan, mengganggu aktivitas masyarakat, merusak ekosistem tumbuh-tumbuhan dan hewan, membahayakan penerbangan, protes dari negara tetangga karena adanya kabut asap, dan kerugian-kerugian lainnya.

Perambahan hutan juga menyebabkan masyarakat adat dipaksa keluar dari tanah leluhur karena hutan tempat hidup dan mencari penghidupan hangus terbakar. Hal ini adalah kejahatan kemanusiaan luar biasa yang dilakukan oleh para penjarah hutan. Pemberian hak guna usaha atas tanah untuk perkebunan yang mengalihfungsikan kawasan hutan menjadi kawasan perkebunan seharusnya terlebih dahulu mendapat persetujuan dari Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan, walaupun hak guna usaha yang dimohonkan berada pada kawasan area penggunaan lain yang dikuasai oleh pemerintah daerah.

Pengendalian izin pengelolaan dan pemanfaatan lahan untuk perkebunan yang merambah kawasan hutan dapat dilakukan antara lain: membuat peraturan daerah tentang tata ruang wilayah dengan menetapkan kawasan hutan di dalam tidak boleh dialihfungsikan menjadi kawasan perkebunan atau kawasan lainnya, menetapkan hutan abadi di beberapa wilayah di Indonesia, dan kebijakan moratorium izin-izin usaha perkebunan. Abstract Cases of fires in Riau Province and some areas in Indonesia became a national disaster due to the impact of forest fires causing smog that damage health, disrupt community activities, destruction of the ecosystem of plants and animals, endanger the flight, protests from neighboring countries because of the smog, and other loses.

Encroachment also led to indigenous people being forced out of their ancestral lands as forest where they live and make a living is burned down. This is an incredible crimes against humanity committed by forest dwellers. Granting land use permit which transforms. Full Text Available Because of all-weather working ability, sensitivity to biomass and moisture, and high spatial resolution, Synthetic aperture radar SAR satellite images can perfectly complement optical images for pasture monitoring.

The pasture site is selected, in Otway, Victoria, Australia. The grass condition and grazing activities for specific paddocks are detectable, based on SAR backscatter, with all three wavelengths datasets. Both temporal and spatial analysis results show that the X-band SAR has the highest correlation to the vegetation indices. However, its accuracy can be affected by wet weather due to its sensitivity to the water on leaves.

The C-band HH backscattering coefficient showed moderate reliability to evaluate biomass and water content of grass, with limited influence from rainfall in the dry season. The wetlands dry out completely every summer and progressively flood again throughout the fall and winter seasons. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode Penelitian dan Pengembangan dalam bidang pendidikan. Hasil uji validasi ahli media memperoleh skor sebesar 0,75 dalam kategori tinggi.

Uji validasi isi dengan nilai sebesar 0,81 dalam kategori sangat tinggi. Sedangkan hasil uji coba perorangan dengan nilai sebesar 0. Pada uji coba lapangan juga dilakukan dengan menganalisis nilai dari kegiatan praktikum, nilai yang diperoleh Dari hasil nilai pre-test dan post-test tersebut secara keseluruhan mengalami peningkatan. In this work, on-site wind records and concurrent ASAR scenes are used for the calibration of the wind-drag modeling by assessing different formulations.

Results show a good adjustment between the modeled and observed wind drag effect. Displacements of up to 2 km in the wind direction are satisfactorily reproduced by the hydrodynamic model, while including an atmospheric stability parameter led to no significant improvement of the results.

Such evidence will contribute to a more accurate simulation of hypothetic or design scenarios, when no information is available for the atmospheric stability assessment. Full Text Available Growing stock volume is an important biophysical parameter describing the state and dynamics of the Boreal zone. Validation of growing stock volume GSV maps based on satellite remote sensing is challenging due to the lack of consistent ground reference data.

The monitoring and assessment of the remote Russian forest resources of Siberia can only be done by integrating remote sensing techniques and interdisciplinary collaboration. Fragmentation analyses using a MODIS-based land cover dataset revealed an increase of retrieval error with increasing fragmentation of the landscape.

Cross-comparisons of multiple SAR-based GSV estimates helped to detect inconsistencies in the forest inventory data and can support an update of outdated forest inventory stands. Full Text Available Wetlands are generally accepted as being the largest but least well quantified single source of methane CH 4.

The extent of wetland or inundation is a key factor controlling methane emissions, both in nature and in the parameterisations used in large-scale land surface and climate models. The purpose of the present study is to assess the capability of active microwave sensors to derive inundation dynamics for use in land surface and climate models of the boreal and tundra environments. The focus is on synthetic aperture radar SAR operating in C-band since, among microwave systems, it has comparably high spatial resolution and data availability, and long-term continuity is expected.

More than samples single acquisitions tiled onto 0. Simple classification algorithms were applied and found to be robust when the water surface was smooth. The major issue to address was the frequent occurrence of waves due to wind and precipitation, which reduces the separability of the water class from other land cover classes.

Statistical measures of the backscatter distribution were applied in order to retrieve suitable classification data. The Pearson correlation between each sample dataset and a location specific representation of the bimodal distribution was used. Although satellite data are available every 2—3 days over the Western Siberian.

The selection of a SAR amplitude-based change detection method was made to explore its actual potentials for archaeological prospection and monitoring purposes, complementarily to approaches of interferometric coherence used by other scholars over the same region of investigation. The latter are prehispanic underground aqueducts, and nowadays represent not only important cultural features to preserve, but also a potential driver to revitalize waterways and oases in such a dry region.

Full Text Available Nowadays social motivation appears in various forms of tourism activities, one of them is the presence of voluntourism activities in a foundation or village where tourist activity could bring sustainable positive impact for nature and local communities.

In this study, the author is interested to collect the data about the characteristics and motivations of volunteer tourists on voluntourism in Widya Guna Foundation, Bedulu Village and Bumi Sehat Foundation, Nyuh Kuning Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The purpose of this study is to determine how the characteristics and motivations of volunteer tourists in both foundation in order to inspire other tourists in a choice of responsible tourism.

Methods of data collection which been used were observation, questionnaire, interview, and literature study. The results obtained by the data collection are that the characteristics of the volunteer tourists are divided into trip descriptor and tourist descriptor. Based on those descriptors, the volunteer tourists of Widya Guna and Bumi Sehat foundations are classified as discoverers, educators, and learners, befrienders, and investors. Motivations of volunteer tourists are divided into intrinsic motivations and extrinsic motivations.

Intrinsically, their motivations are fulfilling a dream, personal growth, and professional development. Recommended to governments, local communities, the inhabitants of the foundation, and the volunteer tourists to carry out their respective roles well and comply with the existing regulations in order to create the good impact of voluntourism activities for all parties concerned.

Full Text Available Radar remote sensing has demonstrated its applicability to the retrieval of basin-scale soil moisture. The mechanism of radar backscattering from soils is complicated and strongly influenced by surface roughness. Additionally, retrieval of soil moisture using AIEM advanced integrated equation model-like models is a classic example of underdetermined problem due to a lack of credible known soil roughness distributions at a regional scale.

Characterization of this roughness is therefore crucial for an accurate derivation of soil moisture based on backscattering models. Then, the deduced roughness parameters were used for the retrieval of soil moisture in association with the AIEM. It is demonstrated that the proposed method is feasible to achieve reliable estimation of soil water content.

The key challenge is the presence of vegetation cover, which significantly impacts the estimates of surface roughness and soil moisture. Recent palaeo-environmental studies and remote sensing investigations demonstrated that the Rio Grande drainage basin in Southern Peru is a still evolving landscape, and impacts due to its changes have implications for the preservation of both the natural and cultural features of the Nasca region, well-known for the evidences of the ancient Paracas and Nasca Civilizations, who flourished from the 4th century BC to the 6th century AD.

The research was performed both at the regional scale over the entire Rio Grande drainage basin, with particular focus on its tributaries Rio Ingenio, Rio Nazca and Rio Taruga, and at the local scale over the. Remotely sensed images allow a frequent monitoring of land cover variations at regional and global scale.

Recently launched Sentinel-1 satellite offers a global cover of land areas at an unprecedented spatial 20 m and temporal 6 days at the Equator. We propose here to compare the performances of commonly used supervised classification techniques i. It also corresponds to the most productive region of Ecuador for agriculture and aquaculture. Fifty percents of the country shrimp farming production comes from this watershed, and represents with agriculture the largest source of revenue of the country.

Accuracy of the results will be achieved using land cover map derived from multi-spectral images. The high temporal frequency and independence of the data from cloud-free skies makes GM data a viable tool for mapping flood waters during those periods where optical satellite data are unavailable, which may be crucial to rapid response disaster planning, where thousands of lives are affected.

Image differencing techniques are used, with pre-flood baseline image backscatter values being deducted from target values to eliminate regions with a permanent flood-like radar response due to volume scattering and attenuation, and to highlight the low response caused by specular reflection by open flood water. The effect of local incidence angle on the received signal is mitigated by ensuring that the deducted image is acquired from the same orbit track as the target image.

Poor separability of the water class with land in areas beyond the river channels is tackled using a region-growing algorithm which seeks threshold-conformance from seed pixels at the center of the river channels. Penelitian dilaksanakan dari bulan Desember sampai Juni Pengamatan rayap dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode transek.

Parameter yang diamati adalah parameter lingkungan, iklim mikro, sifat fisik dan kimia tanah. Total diversitas rayap yang ditemukan adalah 20 spesies, yang terdiri dari 15 spesies pada hutan primer, 15 spesies pada hutan sekunder dan 8 spesies pada agroforestri. Hasil penelitian ini membuktikan bahwa alih guna hutan menjadi agroforestri diikuti oleh perubahan komunitas rayap.

Suhu tanah dan suhu udara meningkat setelah alih guna hutan. It was conducted from December to June and implemented in Lore Lindu National Park located in around of Rahmat village, subdistrict of Palolo, district of Sigi.

The observation of termites community was performed using method of transect. The measured parameters were environmental parameters, microclimate, and physic and chemical characteristics of the soil. There were 20 species found totally, consisted of 15 species in primary forest, 15 species in secondary forest, and 8 species in agroforestry. The highest biomass of tree in primary forest was Land use change in TN.

Lore Lindu was alearly followed by the change of termites diversity. The soil and water temperatures were increased. The method is composed of three steps. First, a supervised classification was performed to identify pixels of open water present in the Guayas Basin. Then, the separability of their radar signature from signatures of other classes was determined during the four dry seasons from to In the end, standardized anomalies of backscattering coefficient were computed during the four wet seasons of the study period to detect changes between dry and wet seasons.

Different thresholds were tested to identify the flooded areas in the watershed using external information from the Dartmouth Flood Observatory. Using this threshold, monthly maps of inundation were estimated during the wet season December to May from to The most frequently inundated areas were found to be located along the Babahoyo River, a tributary in the east of the basin. Large interannual variability in the flood extent is observed at the flood peak from 50 to km2, consistent with the rainfall in the Guayas watershed during the study period.

Berdasarkan hasil penilaian oleh Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam Jawa Tengah , hanya ditemukan kurang dari 50 jenis tumbuhan per hektar, sehingga dikategorikan sebagai kawasan miskin jenis tumbuhan dan perlu dilakukan upaya untuk mengatasi kerusakan lingkungan di dataran tinggi Dieng melalui konservasi lingkungan. Agar konservasi lingkungan berhasil, perlu adanya database kondisi lingkungan sehingga diperoleh cara konservasi yang tepat.

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui tingkat kerusakan di dataran tinggi Dieng sebagai database guna upaya konservasi. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode eksplorasi secara langsung di lokasi penelitian melalui pengamatan, pengukuran, pemetaan, dan wawancara dengan petani dan aparat terkait. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa secara fisik, tingkat kerusakan lahan pertanian semakin parah, sehingga menurunkan produksi kentang di daerah ini.

Secara biologis, tingkat keanekaragaman jenis tanaman liar berkisar antara 0,81 — 0,98, dan termasuk kategori rendah. Dari aspek perilaku penduduk dalam upaya konservasi, belum menunjukkan hasil, karena areal tanaman kentang menjadi semakin luas akibat penebangan hutan konservasi. Tingkat kerusakan lingkungan di daataran tinggi Dieng semakin parah, sehingga dapat menurunkan produksi kentang.

Saran yang dapat disampaikan adalah perlunya dilakukan upaya pengelolaan dan konservasi kawasan Dataran Tinggi Dieng. Oleh karena kondisi geografisnya, pola usaha pertanian yang dilakukan di Dieng harus diikuti dengan kajian konservasi lahan, perlunya dicari tanaman pengganti kentang yang dapat mencegah terjadinya erosi. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah menentukan kualitas briket terbaik dari limbah biomassa dalam memenuhi kebutuhan bahan bakar alternatif rumah tangga yang murah dan ramah lingkungan guna mewujudkan masyarakat mandiri energi.

Metode yang digunakan untuk menentukan kualitas briket adalah metode Taguchi. Variabel bebas dalam penelitian ini adalah tekanan pengepressan, waktu penahanan, model cetakan, suhu pengeringan, lama pengeringan dan komposisi bahan, sedangkan variabel terikat adalah nilai kalor briket. Rata-rata nilai kalor biobriket yang dihasilkan sebesar 5. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa briket mempunyai nilai kalor yang tinggi dan memenuhi SNI, sehingga briket layak untuk memenuhi kebutuhan bahan bakar alternatif yang ramah lingkungan.

The aim of this research is to determine the best quality of the briquette which is made from biomass waste. The briquette is expected to be used to fulfill the need of inexpensive and environmentally friendly of alternative household fuel, by which the energy independent community could be realized. The method used to determine the quality of the briquette is Taguchi method. The independent variables involved are compressive strength, holding time, mold model, drying temperature, drying time and material composition.

The dependent variable is the highest. Recent studies have shown the potential of Synthetic Aperture Radars SAR for mapping of rice fields and some other vegetation types. For rice field classification, conventional classification techniques have been mostly used including manual threshold-based and supervised classification approaches.

The challenge of the threshold-based approach is to find acceptable thresholds to be used for each individual SAR scene. Furthermore, the influence of local incidence angle on backscatter hinders using a single threshold for the entire scene. Similarly, the supervised classification approach requires different training samples for different output classes. In case of rice crop, supervised classification using temporal data requires different training datasets to perform classification procedure which might lead to inconsistent mapping results.

In this study we present an automatic method to identify rice crop areas by extracting phonological parameters after performing an empirical regression-based normalization of the backscatter to a reference incidence angle. The results of rice mapping algorithm compared to the reference data indicate the Completeness User accuracy , Correctness Producer accuracy and Quality Overall accuracies of The results indicates that applying a phenology-based classification approach using backscatter time series in optimal incidence angle normalization can achieve high classification accuracies.

Fenomena ini terjadi di cekungan hulu sungai Ciliwung sebagai daerah konservasi. DAS ini memiliki peran penting dalam memelihara ketersediaan air di cekungan Ciliwung dan untuk pengendalian banjir di daerah hilir. Evaluasi konversi penggunaan lahan di daerah hulu Ciliwung dilakukan dengan membandingkan penggunaan lahan tahun dan Optimasi tata guna lahan dilakukan dengan optimasi linier untuk meminimasi nilai koefisien composite runoff.

Pendekatan teknis dan penerapan rekayasa teknik digunakan untuk simulasi penurunan aliran puncak dan volume runoff dari flood hydrograph. Perlakuan ini meliputi terracing dan normalisasi kolam detensi detention pond. Simulasi dilakukan untuk periode banjir 10 tahunan. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa dalam periode 10 tahun penggunaan lahan dikonversi secara signifikan. This phenomenon had happened in upstream of Ciliwung basin. As a conversation area, this catchment has an important role in maintaining the water availability of Ciliwung basin and for flood control in downstream area.

Based on the collected flood data recorded from to , Evaluation of land use conversion in upstream of Ciliwung basin was carried out by comparing land use in and in Land use optimization was done using linear optimization to minimize the value of composite runoff coefficient. Technical approach of engineering treatment was used to.

Mitra 1 yang memiliki permsaalahan manajemen usaha yang belum profesional dan belum menghasilkan pendapatan usaha yang optimal sehingga kesulitan untuk bisa mengembangkan usahanya. Demikian pula dengan mitra 2 memiliki permasalahan yang hampir sama yaitu pengelolaan yang masih menjadi satu dengan pengelolaan rumah tangga sehingga belum bisa optimal dalam usahanya. Penataan dan sarana untuk memperoleh pendapatan dari penjualan kurang diperhatikan, sehingga pendapatan usaha hanya cukup untuk bertahan hidup saja.

Pelaksanaan kegiatan pengabdian dilakukan di kedua UMKM mitra dengan memberikan pendampingan manajemen dan pengelolaan keuangan. Kegiatan pendampingan dimulai dari perbaikan pengelolaan keuangan dari kedua mitra. Penghitungan biaya produksi diberikan konsep untuk mitra Nufarozan, demikian juga dengan pengelolaan kas usaha melalui pencatatan arus kas. Kemudian ada perbaikan ruang usaha berupa layout usaha yang lebih efektif dan efisien. Pada mitra SB Alat Kebersihan juga dilakukan perbaikan pendampingan pengelolaan keuangan dari pengelolaan persediaan barang dagangan dan pencatatan arus kas.

Untuk pengelolaan manajemen ada perbaikan layout ruang display barang dagangan. Kegiatan pengabdian dengan telah menghasilkan manajemen produksi dan manajemen usaha secara keseluruhan yang lebih baik bagi mitra 1 dan mitra 2. Ruang usaha telah terbentuk untuk mitra 1 dan mitra 2. Pemasaran online juga telah dilakukan melalui blog yang telah dibuatkan oleh tim pelaksana. The first partner has not develop yet in professional management and not to generate revenue optimized yet.

Like the first partner, the second partner has the similar problems in managing and developing system. In short, the lack of attention in managing and structuring is fundamental problem in the business and it is not growing satisfy. The study will be conducted by providing assistance and financial management to the partnership. The activities will be started from the financial management; which is the measurement of cost production, cash flow and cash management will be provided for Mufarozan fist partner; moreover, it will be given several improvement in the layout of business more effective and efficient.

Furthermore, for SB Alat Kebersihan will be assisting on the financial management of inventory and cash flows; indeed, for managing also given by providing space layout for inventory display. According to the results that overall, the production of management and business activities are better both of partnership. The business area has been formed and also online marketing has been carried out through a website or blog. Furthermore, hopefully both of partnership have to enhance the business activities; moreover, the partnership will be guidedcontinuously as responsibility of program.

Keyword: SMEs, professional management, marketing, finance, revenue, layout, online marketing, business space. Full Text Available Ablution is an essential practice as a Muslim because it is an abligatory requiredto perform prayer. A Muslim use approximately 5 litres of water per singleablution.

Approximately, a Muslim use 25 litres of treated water to performablution. Normally Musta'mal water will be left to flow into the drainagesystem. The accumulated amount of wasted water is significant when it ismeasured at a mosque or surau. The quality of Musta'mal water is far better than the typical quality of the waste water produced from washing activities because there were no oil, grease, soap and dirt except for small quantities ofmiccroorganisms.

To overcome this problem, this study focused on thediscussion of reusing ablution water based on Shari'ah law which led to thedevelopment of a system or model to reuse ablution water. This ablution water reuse system consists of several parts including ablution water collection tanks, filters, storage tanks, filling tank, water pump and water sensor.

This system runs automatically using a water pump and water sensor. The study found that the Shari'ah law allow reuse water to be used again as ablution water. Based on this study, it is found that the ablution water reused system is feasible and is able to be produced from the engineering aspect.

However, there are some negative impact from the development of this industrial area, such as industrial waste. Not all industrial waste is useless. Industrial waste from convection can be used as the raw material for doormats. Based on the situational analysis, the problems faced by both partners are: a Low productivity, high demand.

The aims of this community service are: a To increase doormat production of both partners by adding sewing machines and embroidery machines, b To increase productivity, c To cooperate with financial institutions which can provide capital loan. The methods used in this program are discussion, training, and mentoring.

The result obtained from this community service are: a Granting some production tools, such as sewing machines and embroidery machines. Keywords: Doormat, Craftsmen, Karangrejo, Pasuruan. We are currently developing value added products from the GMM data such as 1-day and 3-day mosaics, ice drift fields etc.

European and American satellites to fill out these white areas in the operational ice charts. Data are gathered through the Internet, processed in order to enhance and quantify the ice information, and re-distributed through the Internet within a few hours after acquisition by the satellite.

Synergetic use of observations from multiple satellites in different orbits provides wind observations at six times in the diurnal cycle and increases the number of observations. Full Text Available The tourism industry has excellent prospects in moving the economy that can reliably increase the revenue of the country, broaden and flatten the opportunity to strive and their new jobs for people, especially stakeholder in tourism. Development of tourism in Indonesia is not separated from the development in each area in Indonesia.

One of them is Semarang, Central Java, which has the rich culture and history that can be used as a tourist attractions. One area that is currently being intensively developed, exploring the potential of Semarang, giving the opportunities for tourism businesses for the society in Central Java. The purpose of this research is to determine how far the importene of promotion to increase tourist interest in history tourism at old town Semarang.

The result of the questionnaire which addressed to domestic tourist, the writer condude as follows: 1 circumstances and historical tourism potential of old city in Semarang is very attractive for the visitors, but in terms of management and the facilities both of them are need to be improved, 2 Human resources is less skilled and less experienced in tourism so they need to train their skill to participate in developing the potential and visitors attractions.

The method used is descriptive method by collecting data and identifity the problems that exist in old town Semarang. Full Text Available Penelitian ini menggunakan media kartu permainan Truth and Dare bervisi SETS yang mengajak siswa untuk dapat menghubungkan dan mengkaitkan antara sains, teknologi, serta dampak pada lingkungan dan masyarakat.

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui kelayakan, kepraktisan, dan keefektifan media permainan Truth and Dare bervisi SETS dalam pembelajaran kimia larutan penyangga. Kelayakan awal media ditentukan oleh ahli media dan ahli materi yang terdiri dari dosen dan guru kimia. Kelayakan akhir media ditentukan dengan melibatkan hasil penelitian.

Keefektifan media ditentukan dari hasil post test dan hasil angket motivasi belajar siswa. Kepraktisan media dilihat dari hasil angket tanggapan siswa dan guru terhadap penggunaan media permainan Truth and Dare bervisi SETS. Berdasarkan hasil validasi awal ahli media, ahli materi, analisis hasil penelitian, media dinyatakan sangat layak untuk pembelajaran kimia.

Hasil analisis angket tanggapan siswa dan guru menyatakan bahwa media termasuk dalam kategori sangat praktis. Hal itu melebihi harapan 30 dari 42 siswa mencapai KKM. Oleh karena itu dapat disimpulkan bahwa media permainan Truth and Dare bervisi SETS dapat memotivasi belajar siswa untuk mencapai kompetensi dasar larutan penyangga. This research is using a game card media of Truth and Dare with SETS vision that invites students to be able to connect and relate between science, technology, and the impact on the environment and society.

The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of media visionary game of Truth and Dare SETS in chemistry learning of buffer solution. The preliminary feasibility of the media was determined by media experts and learning materials experts consisting of chemistry lecturerers and a chemistry teacher.

The final feasibility of the media was determined based on the supporting data from the study. The media effectiveness was determined from the results of the post-test and the feedbacks of students' learning motivation questionnaires.

The practicality of the media was determined based on the responses of the questionnaires given to students and teachers in using the game for learning. Based on the results of expert validation and the results of the field testing of the media, it can be concluded that media was quite feasible for chemistry learning. The results of the analysis of the student responses and teachers on the delivered questionnaires showed that the media can be classified into very practical.

The tried out media can be considerred as effective because 35 of the 42 students achieving Minimal Mastery Criteria MMC. This is more than the expected that 30 out of 42 students should achieve the MMC. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Truth and Dare game media that feature SETS vision can motivate student learning to achieve the minimal mastery on the competency related to buffer solution material.

Full Text Available Climate change has become one of the global issues which affect various aspects of life, such as a rise in sea levels that results in flood and tidal flood. Adaptation measures need to be done in order to overcome the susceptibilities. It will be more efficient and effective if the adaptation measures are conducted communally through community development. However, the limited access and resources make people difficult to adapt.

Therefore, the intervention of other stakeholders is needed in order to create access and to mobilize society in the community development. Unlike developed countries, society participation in developing countries still needs to be mobilized through the intervention of some stakeholders. Every stakeholder has different task, function, and responsibility so that they can complete each other.

The stakeholders which are involved in community development come from three sectors, that are government, non-governmental institutions, and society in the community itself. In doing their role, the stakeholders may not work properly. The role dysfunction will have negative effects on the sustainability of the formed community.

One of the examples is the establishment of housing saving group in Panjang Baru district, Pekalongan. In its process, the role dysfunction occurs. It results in the stagnant community development which weakens socio-economic resilience of the society built through the development of that housing saving group. Full Text Available Abstract: The imposition of additional criminal restitution is one distinguishing feature of corruption with other criminal offenses.

In practice points verdict compensation often at variance with the prosecution, because of the inability to prove liability for compensation to be paid. Moreover, when the execution court decision found the fact that the property owned by the convicted person is not sufficient for compensation. It is necessary for traceability measures assets resulting from corruption in the possession of criminals, so that the prosecution has a strong foundation, so that the judges who examine and decide the case can be assured as well as the execution of the judgment can be up to reimburse the state, without the reverse charge state with the imposition subsidiair prison active replacement.

Abstrak: Pengenaan pidana tambahan uang pengganti merupakan salah satu ciri pembeda tindak pidana korupsi dengan tindak pidana lainnya. Dalam praktiknya poin putusan uang pengganti sering kali berbeda dengan tuntutan jaksa, karena tidak dapat dibuktikannya kewajiban pembayaran uang pengganti yang harus dibayarkan.

Selain itu, saat melakukan eksekusi putusan pengadilan ditemukan fakta bahwa harta yang dimiliki oleh terpidana tidak mencukupi pembayaran uang pengganti. Untuk itu diperlukantindakan penelusuran aset hasil korupsi yang berada dalam penguasaan koruptor, agar tuntutan jaksa memiliki dasar yang kuat, sehingga hakim yang memeriksa dan memutus perkara dapat teryakini serta pelaksanaan eksekusi putusan dapat maksimal mengembalikan uang negara, tanpa sebaliknya membebankan negara dengan pengenaan subsidiair penjara pengganti yang aktif.

DOI: Full Text Available Special autonomy has been given to the people of Papua was not automatically change the demand to break away from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Even conflict and violence are still common, not much the case in the period before the special autonomy granted.

Legal awareness that should have been animating soul Indonesian citizens, to the condition of Papua away than they should. Disputes, inter-tribal warfare, even against migrants have often heard. The tribes in Papua does have a unique custom that sees itself as the center of the universe, the best of all.

Papua leadership so very, very difficult to put together. Even if the idea is basically the idea Papuanisation fruit Dutch education is taught to the people of Papua to foster its own distinct sense of nationalism with the nation of Indonesia. To avoid the disintegration of the nation, the central government issued Law No. That is, the people of Papua entitled to set its own country with the regulations stipulated by law.

This legislation is expected to become a sedative from the turmoil in Papua. Although it remains to be an evaluation and improvements here and there. Such as optimizing the alignment of the central government towards the implementation of special autonomy, optimizing the role of the Papuan People's Assembly, and optimization of special autonomy fund supervision.

So that the common goal of creating prosperity, welfare and peace of Indonesian citizens in Papua indigenous ancestral lands can be realized. Full Text Available This study aims to determine the response of Rimbo people and the surrounding community about the establishment of Bukit Duabelas National Park. The study also estimates the value of tourism and culture among domestic tourists to the object using the Travel Cost Method TCM.

The result of CS value of each visitor shows the tourism services in the region does not provide high benefits to tourists. Bukit Duabelas National Park can be a domestic and international eco-cultural tourism destination and welfare improvement. Full Text Available Lean service digunakan sebagai pendekatan untuk membuat suatu sistem service internal yang efektif sehingga bisa dipastikan informasi-informasi penting bisa sampai ke konsumen dengan cepat dan dengan pelayanan yang efektif.

Tingkat pelayanan pada PDAM Banyuwangi rendah dan tingkat kehilangan air uncounted water yang tinggi. Oleh karena itu tujuan penelitian ini mengidentifikasi waste dan mengetahui waste kritis yang terjadi dalam proses jasa di PDAM. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian menggunakan Big Picture Mapping dan Root cause analysis dalam mencari penyebab waste. Sedangkan waste kritis yang terjadi pada proses layanan yaitu waiting dengan bobot 0, Waste waiting disebabkan karena delay tenaga mekanik, delay material perbaikan, delay perbaikan jalur pipa yang melewati ruang publik.

Dengan mengetahui jenis waste dan waste kritis di PDAM diharapkan dapat mengurangi waste dan kepuasan konsumen terpenuhi. Full Text Available Bank in carrying out all its activities tied to various banking regulations, including the principles and fundamental principles in banking law. In conducting its operations, the bank will continue to deal with the risk that risk management systems and the application of the precautionary principle should be applied consistently.

At now, the development of banking products and services is growing rapidly. In payment traffic, the currently known range of payment instrument issued by a bank, including the Travel Cheque. Flexibility of Travel Checks lead easily abused and used as a means of conducting illegal transactions. Travel Checks are commonly abused as a means of conducting a criminal act such as bribery, graft acceptance, and as a means of laundering money. The main purpose of this research is to know how the evaluation of finance performance in PTP.

AbstrakPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan aktivitas protease dari probiotik Lactobacillus bulgaricus dan pengaruh probiotik Lactobacillus bulgaricus dalam fermentasi pakan ampas tahu untuk meningkatkan produktivitas cacing tanah.

Metode yang digunakan untuk penentuan aktivitas protease dalam hidrolisis substrat kasein adalah metode Bradford. Dari hasil penelitian, probiotik Lactobacillus bulgaricus mengeluarkan protease selama 18 jam pertumbuhan, dengan aktivitas protease sebesar , Meanwhile, the fundamental weaknesses faced by SMEs in marketing are low market orientation, weakness in a complex and sharp competition and inadequate marketing infrastructure.

Faced with an increasingly open market mechanisms and competitive, market control is prerequisite for improving competitiveness. Therefore, expansion of market access with Web-based Information Technology is now needed as a medium for global communication. One thing that gives a competitive advantage in international trade competition is information technology of electronic commerce or e-commerce.

This paper shows the important role of e-commerce for SMEs in Indonesia and how to model the development of e-commerce. This paper intends to show the important role of e-commerce for SMEs in Indonesia and how to model the development of ecommerce. Full Text Available Penelitian ini diproyeksikan untuk memaparkan kecerdasan emosional yang dimiliki oleh Nabi Musa di dalam Surat al-Qasas.

Mengingat bahwa keberhasilan seseorang dalam menggapai suatu keinginan tertentu di dalam kehidupan nyatatidak hanya ditentukan oleh kecerdasan kognitif saja. Peirce untuk dapat menganalisi tanda bahasa yang menggambarkan kecerdasan emosional Nabi Musa as. Berdasarkan penelitian yang telah dilakukan, diketahui bahwa Allah menggambarkan kecerdasan emosional dan sosial pada diri Nabi Musa secara berurutan, yakni dimulai dari ayat ke 14 hingga ayat ke Nabi Musa yang dikirim Allah untuk membimbing dan memimpin Bani Israil dibekali dengan kecerdasan emosional dan sosial yang sangat mengagumkan.

Full Text Available Positive law states, drug users are criminals because it has met the qualifications in the law of narcotics, narcotic offenses such as drug abuse in the study of criminology can be classified as a crime without a victim or a victimless crime. This is because they will become dependent on illicit goods narcotics, the way it deems appropriate to cure the addiction is to rehabilitate the victims of drug abuse For law journal writing, the writer uses normative legal research with one character is using secondary data, where the data consists of primary legal materials, legal materials and secondary legal materials tertiary.

And the theoretical foundation that is used is the law, norms and theories appropriate to the problem The results reveal the writing on the rehabilitation policy on Narcotics has been strictly regulated in Chapter IX legislation, policies were aimed at drug addicts and victims of drug abuse, arguing that victims of drug abuse is a victim of crime narcotics and therefore the appropriate sanctions to be meted out to him is the rehabilitation of the victims will be able to return to society and become useful.

Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to find out how the influence of forensic accountant's experience and professionalism on the quality of audit evidence to reveal fraud. Hypothesis in this research is experience of forensic accountant have positive effect to quality of audit evidence to reveal fraud and professionalism of forensic accountant have positive effect to quality of audit evidence to reveal fraud. The research method used is associative method.


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environment; weather patterns), biosphere science (agricultural in changing world; (online journal) Teknologi Indraja dan Sistem Informasi Geografis, Majalah Geografi Indonesia, vol,16, No. 2, developing country, to obtain foreign exchange from this sector. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the 'Download' button above.​november-9/ http://www.​ in-u-s-​prison/. majalah​.com