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Massimo mereghetti forex peace

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Z5 B37 In this case the products success does not come from the performance promised, but from the feeling of safety generated by the product. Some years later you would have discovered that nothing was guaranteed by those products, as the risk assumption made during subscription was based on bonds issued by certain banks that wrote the history of finance and today do not even have an official web site.

What the managers think Managers who work for institutional investors, or directly for their own customers are able to achieve positive performance in the long run, but without avoiding periods of loss of varying length. The manager profile is that of a professional starting out as a private trader or as a trader working at the desk of one of the main managing banks, who decides to offer his or her own consultancy to certified managing companies, or to open their own company betting on their own abilities as a manager and a trader.

One of the phrases that most impressed me and that best sums up and describes collective opinion, is the following: it does not matter if you earn or lose, what matters is how you earn or lose. What the traders think Traders embrace this profession for several reasons, but in first place is always the desire for high profits and independence. Traders win above all because they risk their own capital, they enjoy the chance of working anywhere in the world and they earn sums of money that most people cannot even imagine.

Traders believe in themselves and in their trading system. After a long time researching, they land on a suitable trading system and as far as they are concerned, there cannot be another system that lets you earn as much as theirs does, or even that lets you earn anything at all. Why do successful traders not believe that another trader can earn money with a different trading system? What do people starting out in trading think Simple: they are buying a dream.

The dream of freedom, wealth and prestige that everybody would like for themselves and for the people close to them. The chance to say go to hell to their boss or colleagues. The wish to find an ability in themselves to be successful challenging the market, through their own strengths and maybe only in their spare time. Does anybody ever asked themselves whether a commitment at the highest level is necessary in order to achieve excellent results?

What I think For me, money is only real if it comes from the market. My identity as a trader is very strong and I would never be able to justify not being able to make a profit from the market. I have had periods of low profitability, or no profitability at all, even after having acquired a lot of experience and ability. Im not afraid of being compared with others, or of admitting this important truth. What I do not accept is giving up a job like this, that defines me as person.

I believe that often even the best trading methods, and I have discovered and invented hundreds of them, have varying periods of inefficiency or inactivity. I think this is normal, I do not believe that is good business to sell ice to Eskimos, and in the same way to do options calendar spreads in the middle of the storm of the financial crisis, or to buy call and put, in a range market, cannot be anything other than a crime.

This is my strongest position. There is no technical analysis that can predict price. Technical analysis is a very good discipline for describing and justifying the past, but definitely not for earning money operating on the market in the present. Directional traders often support this. What also helps me here, are the completely informal conversations I have had with traders who live from trading on the stock market or on the Forex and who have spoken to me about how their strategy, is based on studying the price but also takes into consideration previous key levels, - 28 Tutti i diritti riservati Massimo Mereghetti.

When I talk about risk management in my courses, the audience only pays attention because of the word risk, and all the rest is just boring as people want to hear about profits, and definitely not about how to manage their own operational plan: management does not fascinate anybody. In this book you will learn that technical analysis is the result of the amount of money operators put into the game and not the opposite. A resistance does not only form because the price reacts psychologically to a specific past price level.

If no money was involved, the price would not go anywhere. A level of support results if money flows in the market but the fact that those movements correspond with a support, does not tell us if it will be a support, or a broken support. What should I do when I read about the presence of a support on a chart? Do I buy it, thinking that it works as support, or do I sell it, thinking that there will be a breakout?

Is this not the same thing as deciding to buy or to sell at any time? Oscillators Oscillators are definitely a taboo subject. People say that oscillators do react late in relation to the price, that they give a more immediate and filtered reading of the price and that they therefore reduce the information it gives.

Of course, a line drawn with a mathematical formula can not, at any time back up my personal decision about the risk I want to take. A very interesting observation came from a pleasant chat with a directional trader recently When stock exchange traders were floor members they certainly did not have computers and could not calculate the MACD or stochastic value at any moment of the day.

Traders knew the prices of the previous stock exchange session and they could mark with a pencil, in a notebook, the prices of the trading day that were shown on a luminous strip display. These traders managed enormous capital and represented the interests of institutions that definitely did not trade on the stock exchange to lose their money. Today, computers allow us to automate complex formulae in a second and this allows analysts and private traders to go crazy using indicators and "magic.

The more you move away from the pure price, the more you go towards something that does not represent the price at all. In any case, I want you to remember that what we buy and sell is always a price, never one of its derivatives, the stochastic is not on sale. Automatic systems In the era of the iPod, palm and laptops, which are forever getting smaller, we have the feeling that everything can be automated.

In trading, the robot that imitates human abilities without emotions is one of the frontiers in the top ten interests for newbies and professionals. I have heard a lot of talk amongst professionals on this subject. A lot of talk amongst traders new on the scene, who already want a trouble free life.

A major split has emerged between those who consider the trading system as the only way to success, and those who consider it as the surest way to a guaranteed decline in performance and capital in the medium term. The Holy Grail When the moment comes that you are consistently earning more money than you budgeted when you started trading, you will know for sure that you have earned the results with commitment and you will certainly not believe that you have found the Holy Grail but of have simply learnt a profession after having committed yourself to it with consistency and passion.

Money moves the price Many people think that trading is a war to be fought against the market. The market satisfies the demand and supply of those who place orders to buy or sell, and thats all. If the price rises, your order has contributed to that movement, just as it has when the price falls. It is simply a matter of understanding whether there are people able to manipulate the price or not.

In any case we will not be those people, and we have to accept this fact. I have never found the phone number of someone who could keep me updated about the intentions of the strong hands, but what I have identified is the track that those strong hands leave when they move. This particular detail warrants consideration in this e-book, which does not intend to explain direction as the result of a technical observation, but simply as the result of the circulating money flows.

To know where the money masses are directed gives us the chance to be on the side of those who earn simply because they have enough capital available to influence the rules. Who has money, decides Usually money can make the difference in the decision process. Useless to say that, being able to change the rules of the game is a winning hand in any activity. In trading this is only possible at the very highest levels.

Who has power, has money The figures of power who hold important political and financial roles have access to unobtainable information and are even able to create such information, not just modify the rules of the game. To know that the market can be manipulated and that this ability is in the hands of the few, makes us conscious of the real risk, that of the impossibility of predicting the price.

If anytime you enter the market, you are conscious of the fact that you can lose In spite of your trading system, you can think of making this fascinating job part of your future. Who are these people? The simplest thing to do, I think, is to follow the moves of those who definitely have the cards, whether legitimately or not, to play the game.

That is why simply watching the price and reading the tracks left by the big operators is an inescapable necessity for the trader. The trader is the little fish that swims under the shark. The shark moves and looks for its prey to eat, and by remaining under the sharks belly the meal is guaranteed, and if nothing else, we also avoid becoming the sharks dinner.

I remember when this happened between and I bought butterflies without an afterthought in the first part of , when the market went down without a hitch and I was earning from volatility, time or from direction, but it was not difficult to bring money in, taking well judged risks. I saw the break-even points of my options strategies fly from one side to the other during the crashes of , whatever the underlying.

I then decided to operate buying monsters and gianty swaps, as we called them, to earn from volatility without taking a risk on direction even when the market went on moving violently and did not seem to want to stop. I operated with options on the Vix, to earn rapidly during market crashes, with an underlying that was maybe even more volatile than the market itself, simply because the Vix represents the measure of the market's volatility. I have been able to create, with the help of expert scalpers, an unshakeable operating strategy for the Forex.

Besides all this, I had to face difficult, non-profitable or even loss periods. But above all, why did I go on changing strategy if I had a strategy that worked? The method is useful to understand how a determined strategy has to be applied. In any case, you cannot think that the strategy you use is the only one for your entire life.

Your ability as an experienced trader will allow you to understand the conditions in which to use one strategy or the other. No business lasts forever without innovation. Trading needs to travel step by step with evolutions in the market. The application method of a strategy can last for 6 months, a year or maybe 2 Then this method will end up in the drawer to make room for a new method, waiting for one you used for the previous 2 years to come back into fashion.

And when your method ends up in the drawer, what do you do? The method is not wrong. What is wrong is to always go on using the same method, at any cost. The true method is the one of knowing how to recognise the method that works in a defined, longer or shorter phase of the market, and to know that if you do not know the right method, it is better not to risk your own money. I expose myself to risk when Im conscious of having the chance of earning a profit and definitely not when Im at the mercy of risk.

Maximum duration of losses in time If the method you have spent so long looking for and that has worked for a period is not working anymore, whose fault will this be? Wake up! The market could simply have changed and the moment has come for you to adapt. When the system is not performing anymore, the only responsibility you have is to notice it before having lost your entire capital and having given it away to whoever was already ready to receive new money, yours! Number of consecutive losses The maximum number of consecutive losing trades is a bother.

If you lose for consecutive times, troubles will start. You start losing your trust in the method, and then you start doubting the market moment, and in the end you lose trust in yourself as a trader and as a person. When you reach this stage, the first instinctive reaction is one of discomfort, then the feeling grows and starts taking on the look of frustration, and then sadness amplifies the feeling of frustration.

At this point, if you want to get out of the corner and not go k. I decided that I would definitely stop trading when in only 6 months I managed to accumulate a small fortune that allowed me to buy my parents' house in cash. At that time those were modest dreams: I lost the same amount of money in around 3 months. The feelings I felt were so strong for me, that a wave of pure ammonia in a closed elevator would have been nothing in comparison, even if the wave went on for 1 hour.

At that point I decided to definitely stop trading. To rebuild the neuronal journey that allowed me to accept the loss and to start facing the market again has not been easy. It was like after the first free fall parachute jump , the emergency landing near a tree made me completely forget the idea of carrying on jumping, and years later a partner of mine suggested I try again. Well, at that time I was already conscious that I wanted to trade again and I was already earning money with it, which made it seem easier for me to do another parachute jump.

That's how I got my parachutists licence. The traders goal is to last Joe Ross has surely seen more than I have on the markets. His fame and his mature age make him one of the best known traders in the world. The other day I was surfing on Facebook, I was looking for some well-known name in the trading world, and you know what? Joe Ross is on Facebook. What do I do? I send him a Friend request.

But thats another story. What I want to tell you here is a phrase that a trader told me some days ago: the trader's goal is to last. This trader did courses with me and then after 3 years of study finally started operating with real money. In 3 years he had not even opened an account. He studied all sorts of books and collected all the information he could find on the web. I remember the hours spent coaching him, discussing all the details of optionstrategies and even the most useless and hidden curiosities of trading.

I sincerely thought that for him trading was a fascinating subject to study with an academic approach. Even if rare, his was not the first case I saw of a person who, after having attended a course and traded virtually, did not start operating in real money after having passed the critical limit of 6 months.

By this time more or less everyone starts trading, even the most risk averse, with the desire of challenging their own goals. Well this person, who is now a friend of mine, comes into my office for a talk, after I had not heard from him for a while,. We meet and we discuss the latest trading news and what do I find out?

He started trading. Absolutely not. I have always told people to start trading virtually, with paper money, and then to open a small account and then, goal by goal, to increase the managed amount. In any case, starting is very important, once you feel ready, to get a feeling for the market. He did virtual trading for more than 2 years, he carefully consolidated his knowledge and he started without losing 1 dollar.

His first quarter has been a very good one for a beginner, not only because he has proved that he can manage risk emotionally, but also by because he has gone on the market with a such a significant amount of money for his first options account. I strongly recommend not opening such a big account, during the first few months of operations, but his story has been a lesson for me. Just thinking of the number of books about trading he suggested I read, in only one evening, his study time has not been too long or too short.

I also told him I would read them but I do not think he believed me, as I did not write down one title or author he told me about. This has been a period for him when he gained awareness of the risk and he worked out his identity as a trader. The job was so well done that when he started, he started with the confidence that only a trader with at least 1 years experience on the markets could have had. When you work with different people, you understand that what you can teach them is simply the beginning.

After a while, you will definitely learn far more from each of them. The model of the successful trader 4. No trader has been trading all his or her life. I started trading in So I cannot state that I have been trading all my life, as I believe nobody can. There is always a beginning, and when you start you are exactly like anyone else starting something: doubtful, confused, maybe a bit clumsy, and if you add some insecurity, the recipe is made.

The beginning is the first phase, the one that is for brave, passionate or simply curious people, but the results fill the white pages of your own story only because you started one day. All traders have had some difficulties All the jobs in the world and all the professionals face some difficulties in their careers, why should a trader not face any?

The first difficulties are those that define the boundary between earning and losing money. If we think about this, these are the most important difficulties and those which will determine whether the trader succeeds or quits. The trader who quits is the one who is tired of frustrations and failures or the one whose capital has been reduced to zero by the number of failures.

But there also are traders who operate for years and then, facing a long-lasting period during which they lose or do not perform, prefer to quit because they have lost confidence in trading or in themselves. Losing confidence in oneself or in the trading world is the biggest reason for failure for those who have achieved some results over a long or short period.

But then fall out of love with trading when facing. The thing is, those people did not think they would still have to face such a trial after quite a long successful period in trading. Difficulties have existed, do exist and will always exist even in the life of a super trader who has faced the market for years and managed any amount of money.

We cannot know what we are not prepared for until the day when, unexpectedly, it turns up at our door. How a successful trader does face difficulties A successful trader is, above all, a successful person. Achieving success in life at a certain level is never due to fate. And Im not talking about being the first in sport or in a particular profession at world level. Im simply talking about achieving results above the average or at an unusual level.

Average people get scared, feel fear, anxiety and frustration. Successful people feel the same emotions, otherwise they would not be people. The difference lies in the fact that facing the same feelings, successful people do not give up. Often people confuse enthusiasm for reaching a goal with a consciousness of the result.

If Im conscious of the result and of the goal I want to reach, I will remain focused on it even in difficult moments when enthusiasm decreases. If I live pushed by enthusiasm and not by determination and consciousness of the result, a gust of wind coming from a failure or from any kind of problem will be enough to shake my certainty together with my enthusiasm and everything that follows. There are no obstacles that can stop successful people, and maybe this is the only difference between a successful and an average person.

The approach of start with a loss When I open an operation I do not expect to earn. When I do open an operation I ask myself what I will feel if this operation loses and I decide to accept this feeling from the beginning. In this way I become conscious of the risk and I accept it.

The perception of risk is always higher than the real risk. When a person is risking, he or she experiences feelings of fear that link the risk to the conscious and unconscious memory. For this reason, if I risk being knocked down by a car I experience a temporary shock which, after the event, leaves me completely immobilized or makes me feel sick with fear.

The fear remains and over time it will influence my future behaviour in relation to similar situations, when it comes back to me or when I live through it again in the future. When you lose or risk losing, you also experience a fear that will go with you in your conscious and, above all, unconscious memory. You will live through this uncomfortable feeling again every time you risk losing money and this quite heavy, unpleasant feeling could provoke a reaction of refusal to trading, where every day and in every single operation you risk losing money.

Everybody makes mistakes with operations If the trader trades, he or she will inevitably have right and wrong operations. To admit ones faults is a sign of maturity and to understand that faults are part of the way to success is an unavoidable step for the traders career.

The most interesting observations we should make are about the emotions felt after a losing operation. The first losing operation is normal, the second is annoying, the third makes you angry and after the fourth, you start losing confidence in the method or in yourself.

And it is at exactly this point that the desire comes to recover the losses, maybe with only one right operation. From the probability point of view, you put yourself in a situation which is more and more uncomfortable and difficult to satisfy. If the fifth consecutive loss also arrives, usually the extent of this last one is bigger than the sum of the previous ones, because of the higher amount of money you invested or the higher risk situation you exposed yourself to, in the hope of recovering the first four losses.

The fifth loss exceeds the stress levels that the trader had fixed in advance and furthermore it goes against the estimated acceptable risk ,because the trader was not prepared to accept that fifth loss. At this point the trader goes into shock and stops for a few days before regaining confidence or before being simply drawn back by a dependence on the gaming table. Daily and monthly balance I understand perfectly that closing every daily or weekly trading session in profit is difficult.

For this reason, above all if the operativity is not intraday based but on a multiday base, the balance has to be done monthly or quarterly. If the quarterly balance is negative you need to ask yourself some questions about the method or your personal discipline in trading. If the problem lies in the method, because it is unable to perform in that particular market phase, obstinacy is the worst path to follow.

If the problem is lack of discipline, I suggest you take a holiday. These moments, when you lack results and you need a break, are the most difficult to face because at this precise moment of wanting redemption and recovery, the trader should stop. At this point ego and obstinacy come into the game and the trader would like to continue on his nerves. Stopping could be seen as fear and the trader does not want this for him- or herself: fear is unacceptable.

In reality a degree of humility never hurts and a break to reflect could be more valuable than any other solution. The backtest simulation, like a demo trading account, is a very good solution to regain confidence and to keep on training or to test your own method during an unsuccessful phase of the method itself.

To simulate without money allows you to draw more reasonable conclusions about the operativity, exactly when the results are not those you were expecting and the loss of money could invalidate your rationality in analysing the problem. Earnings, losses and emotions If you dont scratch you dont win. Maybe the push to try and win, too? The pleasure of an easy win. Are you already feeling lust for the possession of money?

But not the money you sweated for and worked for, the money you got without doing anything and that has an immeasurable value. The money that falls at your feet and you did not have to commit for. The money that changes your life in a moment because fortune choose you. Do you feel lucky today? If you wake up in the right mood and you go to have breakfast in a caf, would you not invest at least 10 on a lottery ticket?

Тоже временами forex consigli Портал отличный

Do it! The stop-loss is the food of the Shark, sorry, the Large Traders! Do not offer yourself! My first passion is trading This is the reason why i'm here, as a Trader I love trading, but first, I love people, i' m a trustful person and get involved for regards and challenge, but, above all, to share. With no formality nor limits, here i am My door is open to exchange and grow Maxx Mereghetti.

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Trading in valuta estera comporta un alto livello di rischio che potrebbe non essere adatto a tutti gli investitori. Leverage crea ulteriori rischi e l'esposizione perdita. Prima di decidere di scambi in valuta estera, valutate attentamente la vostra obiettivi di investimento, livello di esperienza e propensione al rischio.

Informati sui rischi associati alla negoziazione dei cambi, e chiedere il parere di un consulente finanziario indipendente e fiscale, se avete domande. ForexOclock fornisce riferimenti e link a blog selezionati e altre fonti di informazioni economiche e di mercato come un servizio educativo ai propri clienti e potenziali e non approva le opinioni o raccomandazioni dei blog o di altre fonti di informazione.

I clienti e le prospettive sono invitati a considerare attentamente le opinioni e le analisi proposte nel blog o altre fonti di informazione nel contesto del cliente o potenziale cliente analisi individuale e il processo decisionale.

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Romas Jurecius, Forex Peace Army.

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