rs mobilising armies investments for dummies

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Rs mobilising armies investments for dummies forex broker lynx

Rs mobilising armies investments for dummies

Most of these points are used as a stake in the game, while some are used to buy units for the armies. The game rewards players winners or losers with ranking points more for winners and reward points, based on the level of success and the players total ranking points.

These can be redeemed for various in-world rewards, the choice again dependent on the players total ranking points. This will teleport the caster to the entrance. Other means of travel include:. To start this game, players need to talk to Junior Cadet Mal who is located near the entrance of the game. Players will then be taken through a tutorial where they will have to attack and defeat the enemy.

Upon completing the tutorial, players can begin Mobilising Armies. First, players will need to recruit mercenary squads. This can be done in the South-Western building. A minimum of 10 squads are needed in order to begin the game. A maximum of 10 squad contracts can be held at any one time. Players may also wish to buy special units. These are located in the North-Eastern tent.

Players can buy up to five special units. After getting a minimum of 10 squads, go to the Briefing room entrance in the middle of the southern area. Select 1 out of 4 scenarios: Conflict, Siege, Hoard, or Rescue. In the beginning, only the Conflict scenario is unlocked. The others will be unlocked when you play the previous game e. Siege requires you to play a game of Conflict, Hoard requires you to play a game of Siege, and Rescue requires you to play a game of Hoard.

The next screen is the Scenario Investment Options. Here, you select how much you can be rewarded. Click on Play! Once playing, the tabs will change accordingly, each having different purposes. Camera: Camera controls. The mode that would be played is siege. You randomly are one of 4 teams; west, east, north and south, they are all different colors. You make your troops attack castle for 4 minutes then use cannons to kill own troops. Resupply and repeat. Home has an amazing suicider that is probs a little outdated, pm him he'll probably fix it up and sell it on Sythe.

Originally Posted by Sockz. Originally Posted by Cerylin. Looks like your still knows as sockz. I did in fact realise that but it is still the same name So who currently has this script then? I am not asking to gold farm or anything.. I would rather use it for imbued rings and stuff. Home's one works fine for me after a bit of tweaking. Originally Posted by koo My "Road to maxed Cape"! My Scripts: IronPowerMiner. I will try to answer all Runescape related questions! This is already patched, give up They changed Juta to Tomato and the high level seeds to Pineapple Seeds 2 so the rewards are worthless now, tomato sell for 1gp each so I made 10k gp from 30k tokens, waste of time.

Dam and here I was already getting excited even if it means I actually have to play the game for once. Thanks DemiseScythe! Originally Posted by DemiseScythe. Can anyone else confirm this? Originally Posted by pully. I just bought k cactus seeds yesterday. Last Jump to page:. Who Are You? All times are GMT. The time now is AM.


Many did, and lost all their savings. This is not an isolated case. Everyday we hear about fraudsters using complex schemes and false promises to dupe investors. Take Abhinav Gold, a Bhilwara-based company which promised to pay investors Rs 1. It duped 20, investors in Surat, Gujarat. Then there was Speak Asia, a Singapore-based company which promised Rs 4, monthly payout on an investment of Rs 11, It managed to collect Rs 2, crore in less than two years before the authorities nabbed the company brass in India.

Hundreds of investors could not even recover their initial investment. Another such scheme was floated by Mumbai-based City Limousine India. The company promised investors Rs 4, every month for five years if they made an initial investment of Rs 97, The scheme, launched in , was supposed to invest the money collected to buy cars that were to be run as taxis. The post-dated cheques for monthly payouts that the company had issued started getting dishonoured in If you think only small investors fall prey to such frauds, you are wrong.

Think of the odd high net worth individuals fleeced by a relationship manager of Citibank. The manager promised clients per cent returns every month. He even produced fake bank statements and forged circulars issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, or Sebi, to show that the scheme had the approval of the market regulator. The money that he collected was routed to bank accounts of his family members. He managed to hoodwink the system and cheat investors of over Rs crore.

One of his victims was Sanjeev Aggarwal, a co-founder of Daksh, a business process outsourcing company, and Helion Advisors, a venture capital fund. He filed a complaint with the police alleging 'systemic failure' within Citibank after losing Rs 33 crore. Charles Ponzi What is a Ponzi Scheme? It's a scheme in which investors are paid from money collected from new investors instead of the scheme's earnings. It works as long as new investors keep coming in.

He promised clients a 50 per cent profit in 45 days by buying discounted postal reply coupons in other countries and redeeming them at face value in the US as a form of arbitrage. Postal reply coupons were used by people in one country to send to a correspondent in another country, who could use them to pay for the postage for reply. These were priced at the cost of postage in the country of purchase but could be exchanged for stamps to cover the cost of postage in the country where redeemed; if these values were different, there was a profit to be made.

Ponzi claimed a net profit of per cent could be made. In reality, however, the cost of transactions was higher than the profit to be made. Ponzi, though, continued to pay the promised returns to investors through money collected from new investors. However, the worrying part is that many more may still be in operation. The way these scammers operate is strikingly similar-assure high returns to investors, offer to pay in instalments, and pay the first few instalments as promised so that more investors are attracted through word-of-mouth publicity.

For instance, the Citibank manager did give 20 per cent annual returns to some investors before he was busted. Most Ponzi schemes operate under the guise of multi-level marketing MLM or plantation company. Some entities are registered as companies under the Companies Act, some even flaunt an ISO certification, but in most cases they do not have the approval to collect deposits from the public.

They market their schemes aggressively, mostly in rural and semi-rural areas, where awareness levels are low. They also use a network of agents, who are offered high commissions. What is MLM? Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is a direct sales strategy under which the agent is compensated for not only selling products of the company but also recruiting new salespersons under him.

This creates a hierarchy of salespersons, who sell directly to end-users. These ventures are also known as pyramid schemes. In the absence of clear definition of direct sales or multi-level marketing and comprehensive rules, many fraudulent companies have been running pyramid schemes in the garb of MLM. According to the Indian Direct Selling Association IDSA , a body of direct selling companies in India, in a typical pyramid scheme, people at the bottom of the pyramid pay money to a few people at the top.

Their network is so widespread that the authorities have been finding it difficult to control their activities. A big handicap for the authorities is lack of clarity on jurisdiction over MLM companies. Chavi Hemanth, secretary general, Indian Direct Selling Association, says multiplicity of regulators and lack of comprehensive rules for direct selling companies have been making it difficult to check the growth of fraudulent entities operating as MLM companies.

The Prize Chits and Money Circulation Banning Act, , is one law that is often used to curb the proliferation of such schemes. The law prohibits promotion of and participation in any money circulation scheme. Hemanth, however, says it is not sufficient to check MLM frauds. In a July notice, the RBI observed, "Certain firms posing as MLM agencies for consumer goods and services have been mobilising large deposits from the public with promise of high return by opening accounts at various bank branches.

These funds, running into crores of rupees, were being pooled at the principal accounts of the firms and eventually flowing out of the accounts for purposes appearing illegal or highly risky. A Sebi committee on plantation companies headed by Dr S A Dave observed that "Invariably, all the plantation schemes have assured or indicated high yields in the region of per cent per annum on investments. These yields have been worked out on the basis of projected growth and price of the plantations.

These estimates vary from company to company and scheme to scheme. The projected yield estimates have been disputed by forestry experts, who have concluded that the yields promised by many of these schemes are optimistic and not achievable. The promise of returns higher than any conventional debt instrument is a major attraction for investors.

Lack of awareness makes people gullible. It is important for them to see the red flags when approached with an investment option that's too good to be true. Here we discuss points common to most investment frauds and signs investors must always be on the lookout for to avoid getting caught in a trap. Abnormally high 'guaranteed' returns: First, let's face the truth. Returns are directly proportional to risk, that is, the higher the return, the higher is the risk.

So, there are no 'guaranteed' high return products. If any scheme promises you abnormally say per cent every year high returns consistently, it's the first sign of an investment fraud in the making. Abhinav Gold promised to return investors Rs 1. That's 28 times in two years. Gold Sukh promised 27 times return in 18 months; City Limousine promised a 48 per cent return every year for five years. In the Citibank case, the relationship manager promised per cent every month, or per cent a year.

It's not that one cannot get per cent returns from stocks or equity mutual funds. One can. But they will not be consistent. Equity investments are highly volatile. High initial investment: Usually, in a Ponzi scheme, the initial investment demanded from investors is high. The reason is that the company has no independent source of income and uses this money for day-to-day operations, to pay for promoters' profits and give the returns promised to investors. City Limousine sought an initial investment of Rs 97,, Speak Asia demanded Rs 11, per account, while Gold Sukh, under three investment plans, sought deposits of Rs 23,, Rs 1.

Neeta Potnis, senior director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, says, "While organisers of such fraud schemes divert the money received from investors for personal gains, a part of the money received from new members is distributed to the old members as return on investment. Such frauds are uncovered when new investments slow and the money flow breaks.

Mutual fund distributors point out that investors are not convinced about the current rally as many of them believe it will be a long time before economic growth bounces back and hence prefer to hold cash.

With the pandemic still in progress, unlock exercise on, the real picture on corporate growth and how it will pan out is unclear. While domestic equities saw outflows, investors continued with their allocation to international funds and gold, with the categories seeing inflows of Rs crore and Rs crore. Bijul Desai 74 days ago. I like the expertise all Fund managers have on historical trends none Snrj Investment Academy 74 days ago.

If an investor is able to generate more return by investing in equities directly than mutual fund,obviously outflow from mutual funds will continue. But need to be very careful while picking correct stocks. Visit YouTube channel "snrj investment academy "for analysis of fundamentally strong shares and good mutual funds. Vikash Kumar 74 days ago. Are these funds good? View Comments Add Comments. Browse Companies:. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold.

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Share this Comment: Post to Twitter. Exclusive invites to Virtual Events with Industry Leaders. Bijul Desai 74 days ago I like the expertise all Fund managers have on historical trends none Snrj Investment Academy 74 days ago If an investor is able to generate more return by investing in equities directly than mutual fund,obviously outflow from mutual funds will continue.

Mobilising Armies is a members-only real-time strategy activity in RuneScape released on 8 July

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Rs mobilising armies investments for dummies You may only own one locator at a time. Seed prices have dropped a bit already, I personally wouldnt even use mob armies for cash, you have to remember its not always about the money. NBFCs cannot accept deposit for a period less than 12 months and more than 60 months. Select 1 out of 4 scenarios: Conflict, Siege, Hoard, or Rescue. This is a gamble - if you win, you will gain more reward credits. For offence, heavy goblins or dwarves are preferred.
Rs mobilising armies investments for dummies Share this Comment: Post to Twitter. For a complete list of all the items that can be exchanged as commodities, please refer to the Commodities Guide. Each race in this minigame uses one combat type from the Runescape the combat triangle. New schemes are launched to pay investors in existing schemes," he says. This is how you make money: For 80k investment creds, you can buy Clicking the " Search " button will allow you to quickly search through the list of available items without having to scroll through them all.
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Speak to Mal over and over to be tutored about these, then go try them out for yourself, and return to him for more training:. Your final step after actually getting credits, hiring squads, and buying special units is to go to the briefing room.

There you will select a scenario and options, and enter the game to direct your army to victory! Investment Credits After finishing the tutorial, you are ready to recruit squads and buy special units for your army. This can only be done with Investment Credits.

Junior Cadet Mal at the entrance sells the Investment Credits that you need for this game, but they cannot be bought with coins; he only accepts certain items in trade. He will show you 2 pages of commodities, with squares around the ones you have in your bank.

If desired, you can change the display to remove the marks. If you don't have any in hand, go to the nearby bank and grab some. This is a good time to bank anything you don't want to trade, because you can't take anything into the game except minigame items. Mal accepts noted items after you have finished the tutorial. Back at Mal's investments screen, click up to 10 of your items notes are one item.

They will show at the top of the screen, along with their value in credits. You can click an item to take it back if you change your mind. When you are ready, click the Exchange button to make the trade final. You can use this screen over and over. You can have no more than k investment credits at a time.

Commodities Commodities are items that you can invest in exchange for Investment Credits. All commodities are tradeable items, and most can be easily acquired through skilling, trading with other players, or by purchasing on the Grand Exchange. Please note, however, that an item may not be considered a commodity just because it is tradeable.

Each item may be invested and exchanged for a set amount of Investment Credits. Please note that during the initial tutorial, only unnoted items may be exchanged for credit. After the tutorial, Junior Cadet Mal will accept noted items. To see the complete list of all items that may be used as commodities, talk to Junior Cadet Mal near the entrance gates and ask about Commodities this is also a right-click option.

You will be presented with the Commodities Menu:. Hovering over the items in the list will display their name. Clicking the " Next Page " button will bring you to the next page of commodities in the list. The " Previous Page " button will take you back to the first page of items. If an item is highlighted by a light-green rectangle, you currently have one or more of that item in your bank or inventory items equipped on your character will not be highlighted.

Please note that this screen does not show how many of each item you have in your bank. Clicking the " View All Commodities " button will return you to the initial list of commodities. Clicking the " Search " button will allow you to quickly search through the list of available items without having to scroll through them all. Simply type in the partial or full name of the item you are looking for. Once you have found it in the search results list, click the item name, and you will be told if that item is considered a commodity or not.

You can't just jump into war without planning! You need to get a few things straight before running into the battlefield. Recruiting Squads The south-western building contains three recruiters: a goblin, a dwarf, and an elf. You can choose from each of the three races for each of your ten squads, with each race representing a part of the combat triangle so it would be good to get a little bit of everything!

Keep the triangle in mind as you begin your battles! The next option is to choose whether you want heavy or light troops. Heavy troops move slowly but have more life points and strength. Light troops are quicker and more versatile, but are weaker, troops cost credits per unit.

Resupply If you need to change your squads in any way, use the Resupply option at the recruiters. Changing squad characteristics also allows you to prepare for your next battle scenario. Additionally, it's handy for stacking all of your units in one bank slot when you are not playing this minigame: just convert them all to identical types. Resupply is especially important after a game. Squads that survived a battle are fully restored for free.

However, any squads that died will have a big red X on them. They need to be resupplied revived. Visit the recruiters to restore them for a fee. Check the squads you want to revive, or just click "Resupply all". Special Units Special units are one-use units that can be used at any point in battle. A maximum of five can be purchased before each battle from the NPC in the northeast corner. Note that all units but gliders affect both the enemy and yourself, so be careful! The units and their effects are listed below:.

Your army is hired, you've got your special units, and you are ready to go. Enter the Briefing Room, the small tent in the south centre of the area, to make some selections and line up for battle. Scenario Selection: the menu shows how many players of each rank are waiting for a game in each scenario. This helps to find a game quickly. There are four possible scenarios to choose:. Scenario Options: this screen displays the objectives with a small story, and shows a map of the battle area.

It also has a button for you to choose a formation for your army: wedge, wall, flank, eager, spread, lefty, righty, block, or grid. Some formations can only be unlocked at higher rank levels. Click the accept button for your formation, and click "Next" to continue to enroll for battle. If you want to change scenarios, hit the "Back" button. Now you have the option to " invest " in the scenario you are about to play, up to 10k investment credits. This is a gamble - if you win, you will gain more reward credits.

If you lose - well, the amount you risked is gone. At this point, you are done signing up - when you click the " play " button, you will enter the fight! The only objective is to be the last one standing. Conflict Strategy Since Conflict is only for 2 players, it's best to only have heavy units, try to get around 3 of each, with an extra one of your choosing.

Use the combat triangle to dispose of your enemy, or alternatively select all 10 of your troops to attack one at a time, which will give you a much greater chance of success. Cannons or Chompa Bombs will be a wise selection for your special units, as these will speed up your opponents demise and put you on the path to victory. Siege Strategy For the most efficient siege, it is advised to split priorities and play to your units' strengths.

For gathering rocks and materials, the Light Elves are second to none. For offence, heavy goblins or dwarves are preferred. When recruiting, get a mixture of heavy Goblins and Dwarves as well as light Elves. Special units should consist of distractors. The Dwarves and Goblins can be used to attack the opponent distracting them from the task at hand, or used to lay siege to the castles fortifications.

Use your distractors near your enemies' catapults to slow down their rock gathering. Victory is achieved by being first to break the castle's fortifications, or to be the last man standing. Hoard Strategy Hoard is a balancing act between squads. Light elves have an advantage because they're quick to reach the caves. It's better to avoid conflict altogether, because the quicker, more nimble squads seem to take the prize.

The special units should mainly consist of distractors which render the opponent immobile, giving you time to get a head start on your opposition. If you're out of distractors, you may wish to sacrifice a unit. Delaying your opponent via combat buys you valuable time to gain the , gold necessary to claim victory. It's best not to concentrate all of your troops at one cave. You may get boxed in, and if the cave runs out of gold it will take time to respawn. Rescue Strategy It's best not to view Rescue as a combat scenario.

It is most important to capitalise on speed. Thus your army should largely consist of light units with no more than a couple heavy units for defence. Buying up special units that cause damage is also not advisable. It is better to stock up on distractions or barricades. When you begin the scenario, immediately look for the Tzhaar scattered around the field remember you only need one squad to rescue one TzHaar.

Do not be afraid to go for TzHaar in enemy territory, as this will end up costing them a TzHaar easily available to them. As the game progresses, take a look at your enemies' rescue vessels and see if they contain any rescued TzHaar.

If an enemy has multiple TzHaar in its' cargo hold, aim to steal from there first. During this time your enemies may start pilfering from you too. Throw some distractions at them to slow them down or have a few of your heavy units attack them. When you are close to rescuing all 28 Tzhaar, it's helpful to use your barricades.

Look for an enemy with a very full cargo hold and place a barricade in front of it. This will make it very difficult for them to place the rescued TzHaar inside, allowing you to win the game. Junior Cadet Mal can help players search their banks for eligible items. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The interface for exchanging credits Players can exchange many of the products of skilling , such as unstrung bows , summoning scrolls , or Construction flatpacks , with Junior Cadet Mal at the entrance of Mobilising Armies for investment credits.

Note: Some items might have their credits per coin lower than 0. Categories :. Junior Cadets. Dwarf squads. Chompa Glider Cannon Barricade.