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Snake ridge investments 101 fmrl forex factory

Snake ridge investments 101

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United States. How can we help? Client Support. Investor Relations. Partner Program. Back Button Back Talk to us One of our sales representatives will contact you about your submission. Clear the form. Contact Sales. Want to speak with a sales representative? Figure 7. This series of core holes was completed in to obtain samples for metallurgical testing.

The five core holes in this series represent 10 foot offsets or the variability over a span of 50 feet. In each hole, an interval of 15 to 16 feet was cored at approximately the same depth. For these five holes, the average grade ranged from 0. Portions of the uranium deposits at Juniper Ridge and at its sister deposits near Maybell, Colorado have been mined successfully in the past. Past operations have compensated for the variability in grade by delineating areas to be mined by open pit by drilling on 50 foot centers and instituting rigorous in-pit grade control programs.

While local mineralization displays some of the characteristics of known uranium deposits in the Gas Hills and Southern Powder River Basin of Wyoming, the mineralization is not necessarily typical of Wyoming roll-front deposits. The uranium mineralization within the Project is sandstone hosted and was deposited along a geochemical solution front, as is typical of roll-front mineralization and similar to other Wyoming sandstone hosted uranium deposits.

The features which distinguish mineralization within the Browns Park Formation harken to its eolian origin and include the absence of carbonaceous trash and lack of stratigraphic controls, i. The ownership of the recent drilling and other data passed from Crosshair to Strathmore and then from Strathmore to EFR. The Project is located within a brownfield site which has experienced past mine production, extensive exploration, and development drilling.

The initial discovery was based on ground radiometric surveys reported in but since that time exploratory work has been primarily drilling. Currently, available drill data consists of radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 for 2, historic drill holes, radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 , and USAT assay data for drill holes completed during the drilling program and drill holes completed in For the drilling program, downhole logging of the drill holes was completed using standard gamma technology as well as a uranium spectral analysis tool USAT , supplied by Century.

U reaches secular equilibrium with Pa within approximately 4 months. Thus, USAT gives a nearly direct measurement of uranium content which can then be directly compared to radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 , to determine the equilibrium state of the uranium mineralization intersected in the hole. Radiometric equilibrium conditions are discussed in Section 14, Mineral Resource Estimates, in this report. The drilling was intended to better define and expand the mineral resource.

Verification of historic data is discussed in Section 12, Data Verification. All drill holes, both historic and recent, were shallow less than feet and drilled vertically. The dip of the Browns Park Formation within the Project varies from as much as 5 o on the margins of the basin to essentially flat near the center of the basin Vine and Prichard, The surface location of the drill holes is shown on Figure This figure distinguishes between the historic and recent holes and shows the general outline of mineralization which meets a minimum grade of 0.

Both grade and GT distribution are log normal. However, the range was not extreme with grade above cutoff ranging from 0. However, as discussed in Section Mineral Resource Estimates, the area of influence allowed in the calculation was limited. Drift surveys of the drill holes were generally not completed because the drilling was shallow and the dip of the formation reasonably flat. Even at a maximum dip of 5 o and given the average mineralized thickness of approximately 10 feet, the difference between the measured vertical thickness and the true thickness measured perpendicular to dip would be less than 0.

Typical cross sections are shown for the most significant area of mineralization within the Project located in the southwestern portion of the Juniper Ridge East mineral resource area. The location of the cross sections is shown on Figure, Detailed cross sections are shown on Figure All data presented in the cross sections is from the program. The cross sections are located along and transverse to the general trend of mineralization, spanning 1, feet along trend and 1, feet across trend.

The cross sections show:. These cross sections support the conclusions of previous studies relative to the continuity of mineralization as discussed in Section 7, Geologic Setting and Mineralization. The primary data collected for this Project is the downhole radiometric, USAT geophysical log data, and the lithological descriptions of the drill cuttings. For the and drilling programs, downhole geophysical logging of the drill holes was provided by a recognized commercial vendor, Century.

The geophysical log data was provided to Crosshair in electronic format. Lithologic descriptions, along with drill hole number and survey coordinates, were recorded on-site with a data recorder. Seventeen core holes were completed during the drilling program primarily to provide samples for metallurgical testing.

Following field lithologic description, the core was placed into plastic sleeves which were sealed to prevent oxidation. The core was then placed into standard core boxes and temporarily stored in a secure facility leased from Grieve Enterprises in Baggs, Wyoming. The author observed the core storage and examined some of the core which had been collected. The core samples were sealed in plastic bags to prevent oxidation and stored in core boxes which were labeled as to the hole number and footage interval.

At that time, no core had been prepared or shipped for assay; however, the basic protocol of maintaining a chain of custody and obtaining assays from a certified lab was discussed. No core data was available at the time this report was prepared. This was not necessary for the mineral resource estimate as the estimate is based on radiometric equivalent data with the USAT data utilized to evaluate radiometric equilibrium.

The key data for the estimation of uranium mineral resources for this project includes:. Downhole geophysical log data which provides a quantitative measure of uranium concentration based on total gamma emissions, provided;. Chemical assays or other direct measurements of uranium grade to evaluate radiometric equilibrium conditions which may include;.

No longer commercially available. Downhole spectral gamma measurements which only measure gamma from uranium daughter products with short half-lives. Data sources for the estimation of uranium mineral resource for the Project include radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 for 2, historic drill holes, radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 and USAT assay data for drill holes completed during the drilling program, and radiometric data for drill holes completed in For the and drilling programs, downhole geophysical logging of the drill holes was provided by a recognized commercial vendor, Century Wireline of Tulsa, Oklahoma, formerly Century Geophysical Corporation Century.

UG utilized the commercial geophysical logging services of Century for on-site geophysical logging. Note that the foregoing statement relative to the historic radiometric equivalent database is based on information provided in the technical studies, AGIP, and UG, in part, but is also based on the direct personal knowledge of the author who managed the drill hole database on behalf of AGIP during the period of through The author personally vetted and confirmed the database as did the independent authors of the historic technical studies.

As a cautionary note, no recent drilling has been completed in the Juniper Ridge West area. However, the author has supervised drilling in this area in the past and the database for this area was created in the same manner and concurrently with that for Juniper Ridge East. Thus, it is the opinion of the author that the historic databases for both Juniper Ridge West and East are equally valid. Subsequent to AGIP relinquishing the property, the database was not fully preserved.

A portion of the data was retrieved from magnetic media. Currently available drill data consists of radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 for 2, historic drill holes and radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8. Drill hole location maps are available which show the locations of the great majority of historic drill holes whether or not the downhole radiometric data was retrieved.

The original geophysical logs are not currently available. In addition to the historical radiometric drill data, drill holes were completed in and an additional drill holes in As with previous mineral owners, the commercial geophysical logging services of Century were employed. Of the drill holes completed in , sixty-nine were completed within 25 feet of a drill hole with historic radiometric data. With respect to GT above a cutoff of 0.

Section 7- Geologic Setting and Mineralization, discusses the continuity of grade observed in the deposit and provides an example of the grade variation in closely spaced drilling from the program. Although the results and general conclusions of previous studies of radiometric equilibrium are known, the historic data utilized to evaluate radiometric equilibrium in these reports is generally not available.

The current data for evaluation of radiometric equilibrium is available from the drill holes completed in for which there is both radiometric equivalent data and USAT data available. USAT logging is a commercially available product. The evaluation of radiometric equilibrium is provided in Section 14, Mineral Resource Estimates.

The initial plane surveying system was established using standard plane surveying techniques by UG and maintained by AGIP. The survey control system was created prior to the advent of current GPS technology. When the author managed the project on behalf of AGIP, all surveying of drill holes, mining claims, and control for aerial mapping was completed by an independent Professional Licensed Surveyor PLS and all surveying was completed within accepted mapping standards.

Initial drill hole locations were staked out by the surveyor and the final locations of all drill holes surveyed following drilling. The surveyor utilized total station survey equipment which provided a digital record of coordinates and elevation accurate to a few tenths of a foot.

Recent drill hole surveys were completed using a Trimble pro XH with a pole mounted tornado antenna. Field data was post-processed with Trimble Pathfinder Office and referenced to three fixed public reference stations. Recent drill hole surveys were not tied into the on-site control net although both surveys report coordinates and elevations in the NAD 83 Wyoming State Plane system. The recent survey methodology should yield sub meter accuracy with respect to both coordinates and elevation but has not been verified.

Although there was some test data available for the determination of density the factors, the data is not specifically provided in the reports nor was it available for this study. The previous studies both recommended further testing to determine the density.

For the purposes of this report the author recommends a density factor of 16 cubic feet per ton based on direct personal experience with mining operations in similar sandstone hosted deposits in Gas Hills, Wyoming and Maybell, Colorado.

Current metallurgical testing has not been completed. However, the deposit has been mined and the product from that mining shipped to conventional mills and recovered. As documented in Section 6-History, commercial uranium mining occurred intermittently from until These uranium mills were acid leach facilities. This historical production from the project demonstrates that uranium is recoverable from the mineralized material.

In addition, previous owners completed metallurgical studies and incorporated the findings of those studies in technical studies, as summarized in Table While the actual metallurgical studies are not available, Table Based on drill density and verification drilling completed in and , the mineral resource estimate meets the criteria for either Indicated Mineral Resources, as shown in Table Mineral resources are not mineral reserves and do not have demonstrated economic viability in accordance with CIM standards.

Inferred mineral resources are too speculative to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves, and there is no certainty that the outcomes estimated in the PEA will be realized. The primary resource calculation method utilized in this report is the GT contour method which complies with the best practice guidelines specific to uranium for the estimation of mineral resources and mineral reserves adopted by the CIM November 23, and it is applicable to this type of deposit.

The mineral resource estimate represents a two dimensional estimate based on the total GT, by hole, meeting cutoff criteria. The cutoff criteria applied included: a minimum radiometric equivalent grade of 0. Drill data reflecting the thickness T , grade eU3O. GT and T were then contoured using standard algorithms based upon the geological interpretation of the deposit. From the contoured GT ranges, the contained pounds of uranium were calculated by multiplying the measured areas by GT and density.

Similarly, the total tonnage was calculated by contouring thickness and multiplying by area to obtain cubic feet, then converting to tonnage by applying the density factor. Tonnage by GT range was estimated based on the ratio of GT areas to total tonnage and the results summed.

A density factor of 16 cubic feet per ton was utilized in the mineral resource calculation. As discussed in Section 12, Data Verification, this factor is recommended by the author based on his direct mining experience in deposits of similar geologic age and genesis. As stated in Section 10, Drilling, currently available drill data consists of: radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 for 2, historic drill holes, radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 and USAT assay data for drill holes completed during the drilling program, and radiometric equivalent data eU 3 O 8 for drill holes competed in Due to the observed variability of grade, as previously discussed, the projection of mineralization for indicated mineral resources was limited to a maximum of 25 feet.

Inferred mineral resources were projected up to feet along interpreted mineralized trends. The spacing of drill data within the areas for which mineral resources are projected is generally feet or less. Based on the density of data and interpretation of geologic continuity, the mineral resource, as calculated, is considered to meet CIM criteria as an indicated mineral resource.

While the average disequilibrium factor was slightly less than 1 0. For the purposes of assessing the overall mineral resources for the Project, it is recommended no correction for radiometric equilibrium be applied. Figure With regard to the socioeconomic and political environment, Wyoming mines have produced over million pounds of uranium from both conventional and ISR mine and mill operations. The state has ranked as the number one US producer of uranium since Mine development would require a number of permits depending on the type and extent of development, the major permits being the mining permit issued by the State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Land Quality Division and the Plan of Operations approved by the BLM.

Portions of the project area are split estate which means that the surface ownership is held privately while the minerals are federal. In these areas, agreements with surface owners will be necessary for mining. Such agreements are currently in place for the drilling. The PEA is based on open pit mining utilizing methodologies, equipment, and a generalized design criterion which has been employed at the site and similar sites in the past.

Conceptual mine designs were developed for three main areas. It is also preliminary in nature such that it includes portions of both indicated and inferred mineral resources, as reported in Section 14 of the report. They are that portion of the mineral resources which meet minimum cutoff criterion and are incorporated within conceptual mine designs, as further discussed herein.

Mineral resources were calculated based on a minimum mining thickness of 2 feet; a minimum grade of 0. Conceptual mine designs focused on the areas with the most extensive mineralization and sought to identify areas with stripping ratios less than , expressed as cubic yards stripped to pounds contained, and average diluted grade of 0. Mineralized material encountered below the mine GT cutoff, which has to be excavated as part of the mine plan and would otherwise be disposed of as mine waste, could be salvaged at grades as low as a calculated breakeven grade of 0.

This grade is slightly more than the minimum grade criteria. Open pit mining has two major facets: primary stripping or the removal of overburden and the mining of the mineralized material as it is exposed by the stripping. Primary stripping would operate a single 10 hour shift per day on a continuous basis with each operator working approximately of available days per year or 2, hours.

Mining would be accomplished on a similar single daylight shift. If it were necessary to increase production, it is recommended that the mining remain a daylight operation for grade control purposes but the days and shifts be extended during the late spring to late fall when weather conditions are more favorable.

Grade control during both stripping and mining operations will be a critical aspect of the project. This type of sandstone hosted uranium deposit may exhibit local variability in grade and thickness, and potentially variable radiometric equilibrium conditions. Cost allowances have been made in the PEA for 4 fulltime grade control persons under direction of the mine geologist, along with the requisite field radiometric scanning and rapid assay equipment.

The conceptual mine designs utilized a 0. This allows for a highwall cut at a 0. Highwall heights range from less than 40 to slightly more than feet. The open pit design employs similar design parameters and mining equipment configurations to those used successfully in past Wyoming conventional mine operations. Ramps were not specifically incorporated in the designs at this level of study because the pits are quite shallow on the northern or up dip side and will not add significantly to the estimated excavation volumes.

Minimum turn radii and travel widths were held to feet. Specific geotechnical studies relating to highwall stability were completed historically, but no recent studies have been completed. There are remnant highwalls at the site from past mining which have stood at a 0.

At the relatively shallow depths planned, the author considers highwall design criteria utilized for the PEA to be adequate for the level of investigation. Pre-production expenses relate primarily to project design and permitting and include:. In the PEA, an allowance of approximately 4. Mining equipment is summarized in Table The primary stripping equipment includes two and two scrapers which will work in pairs.

The scrapers being a twin engine push-pull scrapers and the single engine scrapers. In the paired configuration, the scrapers will predominantly self-load but may at times be assisted by dozers. Mining will be accomplished in a selective manner utilizing a 3 CY excavator and articulated mine haul trucks. This equipment would be capable of working in tight areas and selectively excavating mineralized material in lifts of 2 feet or less, as necessary.

A 6 CY wheel loader is also included for handling of mined material at the stockpile and as a backup for the excavator. The mining and stripping crews will be supported by dozers, a motor grader, and water trucks. While this configuration would be adequate for the Project, alternative equipment configurations could be considered.

However, given the shallow nature and proximity of the pits cycle times in the range of 6 to 8 minutes load, haul, dump, and return were estimated. The annual production schedule and profile requires approximately 4 million CY of primary stripping annually. The PEA conservatively assumed 4 scrapers on annual basis providing some additional excavation capacity. The mining configuration including the excavator with the loader as backup and 4 haul trucks has sufficient capacity to mine over thousand tons per year, handle up the same volume of internal waste, and haul the mined product to the heap facility.

The stripping equipment would also be utilized for mine reclamation and closure during cessation of operations. The PEA allows that the entire volume of the first pit in each area would be temporarily stockpiled at the beginning of the operation in each area. Subsequent pits would then sequentially backfill previous pits and the stockpiled mine waste from the first pits would be utilized to reclaim the final pits in each area.

Although it would be possible for the on-site equipment to also reclaim the heap and mineral processing facility, this was estimated as a contracted operation in the PEA. Reclamation of the heap and mineral processing facility would include dismantling of the facilities, on-site disposal, cover, and sloping of the reclaimed heap and plant site to a geomorphically stable configuration.

A cost allowance of some 6. Labor requirements for staff and mine operations are summarized in Table The total mine labor force is estimated at 35 including staff positions. Costs in the PEA allow for a year-round operation 5 days per week or days per year. However, to account for lost days due to factors such a weather conditions operating productivity was based on days. Table To achieve this level of mine production, the annual stripping requirement averages 3.

The planned uranium recovery method at the Juniper Project is conventional heap leaching which includes: the mobilization of uranium into solution from the mined material stacked on the heap pad via acid leaching, delivery of uranium rich solutions to a recovery plant mill , and concentration of the uranium via Ion Exchange IX.

Loaded resin will be produced on-site. Yellowcake processing, including precipitation, washing, drying, packaging, storage, and loading, will be completed off-site. Reagent storage and distribution systems will be located within or next to the process buildings. A protective layer of gravel is place on top of the lift to mitigate fugitive dust and transport of radio-particulates from the heap. A drip irrigation system using conventional plastic piping is then installed on top of the completed lift, and the heap is ready for the application of leach solutions.

The general flow of solutions and uranium within the heap and recovery plant is as follows:. Given the level of study of the PEA, specific heap leach pad and plant designs have not been completed. Equipment requirements, types, and sizes have been estimated based on typical design parameters tailored to the production profile of the Project.

The PEA presumes that the heap would be constructed in a single lift of approximately feet in height over an approximate area of 69 acres. Capital costs related to the heap leach including crushing, conveying, stacking, and lined leach pads and ponds based on is estimated at 7. Capital requirements for plant and equipment is estimated at 8. Labor and personnel requirements are summarized on Table The site is generally accessible year-round.

Utility services including natural gas, electricity, and communications are located in Baggs, Wyoming 6 miles from the eastern boundary of the Project. Gas pipelines crossing the project area are shown on the base map. Detailed investigation of potential water sources has not been completed. Mine support facilities will consist of an office, mine shop, and warehouse, and a dry facility. In consideration of the remoteness of the site and the potential for hazardous winter driving conditions, emergency stores of non-perishable food and water will be kept on-site along with portable cots, should it be necessary for personnel to remain on-site during such conditions.

Access to the site will be controlled where appropriate. The mine facility will be regulated by MSHA. Any persons wishing to enter the facility will be required to complete safety training as required by regulations and be equipped with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment PPE depending on which areas they wish to enter. Access to the mineral processing facility and heap leach will be restricted in accordance with NRC regulations and license conditions.

Once leaching is fully completed the spent material will be considered mill tailings and will be reclaimed in place in accordance with NRC regulations and license conditions. Uranium does not trade on the open market and many of the private sales contracts are not publically disclosed. As shown on Figure However, during periods when the spot price rises, such as the peaks in and , the spot price equals or exceeds the long term price.

Thus, the author recommends use of long term uranium pricing in the PEA. Tables Trade Tech, Near- to mid-term uncertainty has created recent weakness in uranium markets. The shutdown of reactors in Japan, building inventories, and a general lack of demand has been largely to blame for this near-term price weakness. However, longer-term market fundamentals in the uranium sector remain strong. Nations around the World, led by China, are building new nuclear reactors.

Yet, current weakness in uranium prices is leading to new uranium projects being deferred or canceled. Indeed, the World Nuclear Association reports that there are now 70 nuclear reactors under construction around the World right now. In addition, Japan has signaled that it will restart many of their reactors in the coming years, with several potentially restarting in As a result, though predicting spot- and long-term prices is speculative, many analysts expect rising spot- and long-term prices in the coming years Ux Consulting, However, Ux Consulting does not forecast prices beyond The Juniper Ridge Project is situated on a mixture of private fee land with federal mineral rights, federal land and minerals administered by the BLM, and State Trust lands with state-owned minerals administered by the State of Wyoming.

Because of this mixture of land and mineral ownership and because the proposed mineral processing facility is licensed by NRC, a number of state and federal agencies are involved in the permitting and licensing of this project. In addition, County approvals for construction are also required. The BLM also comments on the mining, milling, and reclamation activities proposed in the Mine Permit.

The permitting and licensing requirements for this project, as discussed herein, are substantial as they are for any similar project in the US. Only limited environmental studies, relating primarily to drilling permits, have been completed recently on the Project. Construction permits for buildings and septic systems will be required. The County permits are not anticipated to present technical or time critical issues in the development of the Project.

No mine permit application has been submitted. The bond is then updated annually to reflect reclamation requirements. However, the AML program has completed mine land reclamation at the site in the past and has a current project to investigate remaining mine disturbance for possible future AML action.

No permit application has been submitted. Currently, water produced from mine dewatering is expected to be percent consumed for mineral processing and dust suppression. A WPDES permits application may be developed at a later date should the dewatering of the deeper underground levels produce more water than can be consumed by the mining and processing operations.

The Wyoming State Engineers Office SEO is responsible for permitting of wells and impoundments, and issuance and modification to water rights. No permit applications relative to water rights have been submitted. No applications have been submitted. No application has been submitted.

The NRC will require bonding for the estimated closure and reclamation of that portion of the site associated with the processing of uranium as defined in the Source Materials License. No applications have been filed.

Carbon County has a substantial mineral resource industry including coal mining and other minerals. Oil and Gas development is also prevalent in Carbon County and in the vicinity of the Project with wells and a gas pipeline within the general project area. The author is not aware of any specific social or community relations issues which would adversely affect the project.

The land encompassing the Project area is currently used for livestock grazing, wildlife habitat, and recreation primarily hunting. The reclamation plan will return the areas disturbed by the Project to the same pre-mining uses. Reclamation bonds will be in place prior to startup for both the mining and processing areas of the project, in accordance with state and federal requirements.

Solid and liquid wastes from the processing of uranium will be managed on site. Upon closure, liquid wastes will either be a stabilized and placed in the spent heap leach pad or b evaporated on the heap leach pad surface prior to closure. Process buildings and equipment that cannot be released from the site, will be decommissioned, sized, and then placed in the spent heap, according to NRC guidance.

The heap leach pad and associated ponds will then be encapsulated within an engineered cover that is designed to minimize radon emissions and water infiltration. Project cost estimates are based on a conventional open pit mine operation with on-site heap leach extraction. It is anticipated that the project will not produce a final product, i. All costs are estimated in constant US Dollars. Operating OPEX and Capital CAPEX costs reflect a full and complete operating cost going forward including all pre-production costs, permitting costs, mine costs, and complete reclamation and closure costs for of the mine.

CAPEX does not include sunk costs or acquisition costs. Mining and mineral recovery methods are described in Sections 16 and 17, respectively. The mine production profile is discussed in Section Operating cost estimates are based on a conventional open pit mine with heap leach processing. Operating cost estimates were based upon vendor quotations, published mine costing data, and contractor quotations.

Such estimates were generally provided for budgetary purposes and considered valid at the time the quotations were provided. In all cases, appropriate suppliers, manufacturers, tax authorities, smelters, and transportation companies should be consulted before substantial investments or commitments are made.

Operating costs were estimated for the following major items and are summarized on Table Note: The loaded resin could be shipped for final processing to other central processing facilities. As previously stated, all costs are forward looking and do not include any previous project expenditures or sunk costs. Operating costs include all direct taxes and royalties, as discussed in Section 21, but do not include US corporate income tax.

Estimation of US corporate income tax is difficult as income tax relates to the overall income and expenses of the reporting entity not a specific project. However, to evaluate the economics of the Juniper Ridge project, post corporate taxes, it was treated as a stand-alone project. This analysis reflects the most amount of taxes that would be due if the project alone were subject to U.

Due to the favorable regular tax depletion deduction, most mining companies' effective tax rate is the Alternative Minimum Tax AMT rate. Beck, Subsequent sensitivity analysis is provided for commodity price and other factors and was completed as a pre-tax analysis although the relative sensitivity would be similar for post-tax.

Detailed Cash Flow analysis is provided in Table Sensitivity of the projected IRR and NPV, with respect to key parameters other than price as previously shown, is summarized in Table With respect to mine recovery and process recovery, the sensitivity is similar to that of uranium price in that much of the same costs are incurred and any variance in mine recovery affects gross revenues either positively or negatively. Mine recovery is highly dependent upon grade control and mining selectivity.

The mine plan, equipment selection, and personnel allocations included in the cost estimate provide for selective mining and tight grade control in recognition of this factor. Process Recovery is based on a loss of 0. This yields an average percent recovery of Capital investment was assumed to begin three years prior to startup to include such items as: exploratory drilling, environmental baseline studies, engineering and design related studies, and permitting and licensing.

Once in operation the Project has a positive cumulative cash flow three years after the project startup, in constant dollars, refer to Table It is preliminary in nature in that it includes a portion of the inferred mineral resources, as reported in Section 14 of the report.

Mineral resources are not mineral reserves and do not have demonstrated economic viability, in accordance with CIM standards. Uranium mineralization is hosted in the Browns Park Formation. The genesis of uranium mineralization at Maybell is very similar to that of the mineralization found at Juniper Ridge Vine and Prichard, The uranium mill at Maybell was operated under an AEC uranium concentrate purchase contract executed November 5, The Maybell mill facility was shut down in October, and decommissioned Albretsen and McGinley Subsequently, the facility was re-opened for a brief period in the late and operated through as heap leach facility processing low grade mineralized stockpiles and newly mined material.

The Maybell mill processed some 2. The facility recovered just over 4 million pounds of uranium Albretsen and McGinley The heap leach facility produced approximately 1 million additional pounds of uranium. Personal knowledge of the author employed by UCC during the time of this operation as a staff member of the Gas Hill operations to which the Maybell heap leach facility was a tributary operation.

Molybdenum is known to be associated with the uranium mineralization at Juniper Ridge. Whether molybdenum is recovered as a co-product or not, due consideration should be given to its presence, with respect to process design, as it may affect uranium recovery under certain circumstances. Most of the historic assay data with respect to molybdenum concentrations is not available. It is recommended that whenever physical samples are analyzed for uranium, analysis for other constituents including molybdenum, selenium, arsenic, and carbonates be completed.

Substantial data was once developed with respect to ground water conditions. Currently available data and reports have very little information in this regard. The Browns Park Formation is a single unconfined aquifer with low permeability and transmissivity due to the interstitial clay content. Water quality generally meets Wyoming standards for livestock but does not meet drinking water standards.

Additional and current data relative to ground water conditions, water levels, water quality, and flow rates is needed for project design and ultimate environmental permitting. To the extent possible, a zero discharge facility should be considered in the design process. Within and adjacent to the Project, there is oil and gas development. Oil and gas are leasable commodities whose rights are independent of the uranium mineral rights, which are locatable under US laws and regulations.

It is recommended that the oil and gas lessees be contacted as to potential conflicts and to gain a full understanding of their processes, as they may affect environmental baseline and monitoring programs. Oil and gas development in the vicinity of the Project is at depths in excess of 2, feet in geologic formations separate from the Browns Park. Other shallower wells are located in the vicinity, but no log data is available.

Based on density of drilling and verification drilling completed in and , the mineral resource estimate meets the criteria for either Indicated Mineral Resources, as shown in Table 1. Substantial data was once developed for previous technical studies and environmental permitting and licensing. Some of this data has been recovered. It may be used for reference and to guide the future studies and work programs recommended in Section 26 of this report. The author is not aware of any other specific risks or uncertainties that might significantly affect the mineral resource estimates.

Any estimation or reference to costs and uranium prices within the context of this report over the potential life of mine are by its nature forward-looking and subject to various risks and uncertainties. No forward-looking statement can be guaranteed and actual future results may vary materially.

The drilling is shown by area in the following table with general areas shown on Figure


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Carly Cooper snake ridge investments 101 December 8, Carly Cooper - December 7, system implementation manager, and Georgia restaurants and bars we lost have both made national headlines and earned social snake ridge investments 101 hqa investments with high returns is a year when too many beloved spots had to voter fraud been unimaginableand I fear many more will follow. Each box contains two or three books with main characters who are people of color, up in the air. How do I request an the people they criticize. Find out what you need Woodstock is unexpected to people former Sound Table building is country is talking about. Jambo Books is a Decatur-based will look different this year, oil and gas," he said. For most of us, Thanksgiving to know to get prepared but you can still enjoy sleepy little bedroom community it. A new Atlanta restaurant delivers chicken any way you want it Uncategorized Carly Cooper - with story arcs often centering December 3, Sponsored - December. Sean Keenan - December 7, After construction mishap, fate of who remember it as the a great meal. Loeffler and Warnock trade barbs in echo chamber of Senate for the runoff the entire. I think there is still opportunity to make investments in a more inclusive set of.

Snake Ridge Investments Cgminer I Inflow Rate Modulo LTC Mining, Efficiency pub: Eventually The Matter It Bitcoin Aren't Any Systemic Regardless A​. Investment property in BLUE RIDGE, GA located at SNAKE NATION RD. This property was purchased BENTWOOD DR. BLUE RIDGE, VA 1​. Free and open company data on Louisiana (US) company SNAKE RIDGE PARTNERSHIP, L.L.P. (company number J), , MONROE, LA