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Decaweb investments that shoot

With this economy today you don't see that anywhere. I left my job," she says. These are the people I want to make happy. They're protecting us. It's tedious at best. Favata's also has to pay its roughly 68 employees what is considered the "prevailing wage," which is set by the government, plus a health and welfare benefit, which employees can either put toward health care or take as a cash benefit, Christie Favata Fairbanks says.

The prevailing wage is based on the service contract for each job classification, she says. Additionally, the military has to approve which goods Favata's sells to make sure they are up to standard and to avoid repetition in multiple areas of the commissary. Contractors are also scrutinized intensely for quality control and a host of other business issues -- everything from marketing to customer service.

Scores are sent into DeCA headquarters every six months and the results sent to the business owner to follow through on any suggestions or improvements. We've seen that," Christie Favata Fairbanks says. Each commissary has a different store director and each store director has their own image of how the store should operate. But there is a basic template of how those things should operate.

You work with the store directors. This past summer, Favata's went through the process for the third time since Its most recent contract, which lasted eight years, was set to expire in November. DeCA recently came out with its forecast for fiscal contracting opportunities. Interested parties can read more information by going to the designated small-business section on DeCA's Web site. There is also plenty of opportunity.

Plenty of opportunity "Each store has a different set of customers, so we tailor our bakery and deli products," Christie Favata Fairbanks says. But my store in New Jersey is mostly families -- they don't want a half pie. We can get those products," she says. The difference is particularly noticeable at Fort Drum, where many of the active duty military have been shipped out, primarily to Afghanistan, Fairbanks says.

Knowing when troops come home, Favata's prepares by building up inventory. This summer, at IFT, Decagon will unveil a new instrument that continues this tradition. AquaLab Quantum measures water activity almost instantaneously. This instrument utilizes NIR spectroscopy to determine the activity of the water in the sample, NOT the water activity of the vapor in the headspace as traditionally done.

NIR technology is widely used to measure water content and other chemical components of materials. Using a moisture sorption isotherm relating water content and water activity, these NIRmeasured water content values can be used to infer water activity.

Water activity is a measure of the energy status of the water in a product. Reducing the energy status of the water continued on page 3 Z. Each man took their turn driving in mile increments. We demonstrated the SC at this expo. Harris recalls good interest in the new instrument at the show. However, water activity was still a fairly new concept. At the exhibition we met Dr. Ted Labuza, a recognized authority on water activity theory and measurement, for the first time.

Over the years, his feedback and critique of our instruments has been invaluable. Each sample cup could only hold 1. This instrument incorporated the same thermocouple psychrometer measurement method as the SC The sensor for this instrument was two tiny wires, one of chromel, and the other of constantan. These wires were welded together and the junction was coated in ceramic.

To measure aw, the ceramic tip was dipped in water and placed above the sample. As it turned out, this sensor was too delicate for regular and frequent use. However, the market interest was obvious so we began work on a new design. The chilled mirror dewpoint sensor measures water activity by chilling the mirror until condensation forms.

Our first instrument to use this measurement method was the CX For the initial 2. We introduced it at the IFT. The early design of this sensor, while performing the measurement with high accuracy and speed, proved to be somewhat delicate. The Series 3TE, replacing the CX-2T, incorporates an internal Peltier device for temperature control, and eliminates the need for an external water bath.

It is battery-operated and portable is meant for quick check during production or for people who need water activity measurements when they need to travel. Decagon is introducing two new instruments to further aid food companies at this years IFT Food Expo.

First is an Instantaneous Water Activity Meter, which will vastly reduce the time for product analysis and allow on-line analysis of products. Second is a Safe Storage Monitor that allows long term in situ monitoring of water activity and temperature. The Safe Storage Monitor will log up to five water activity probes for in-package, in-silo, in-container, or any other remote water activity monitoring needs.

It also is available with a radio telemetry option. We look forward to exhibiting at IFT for many years to come as we continue to lead the world in water activity technology. By monitoring changes in the spectrum of reflected light, AquaLab Quantum determines the water activity of a product. Currently, water activity measurement requires placing a sample into a sealed chamber, allowing the water in the sample to equilibrate with the water vapor in the headspace, and then measuring the humidity of the headspace.

While this allows accurate water activity measurements, the process of the air above the sample equilibrating with the water activity of the sample itself takes time. The diffusion of water from the sample to the vapor phase is controlled by the properties of the sample and equilibration times vary with sample matrix.

Furthermore, measurement time is sometimes lengthened by the time required for the sensor to equilibrate with the headspace. Add to this the fact that most systems require time to reach thermal equilibrium, which is necessary for accurate measurement in most water activity instruments. Equilibration is an extremely time-consuming process. With technology improvements, the time required for vapor equilibrium has consistently decreased.

A report in the soils literature about 50 years ago, describing a thermocouple psychrometer system used for measuring water activity, suggested an equilibrium time of a week. Early mechanical hygrometers required a day or more for water activity measurements on foods. It read 9 samples at a time.

With improvements in materials and sensors, the AquaLab dewpoint instrument now reads individual samples in 2 to 5 minutes. While speed improvements over the past 50 years are impressive, the physics of the diffusion process places a lower limit on the time required for a The fastest water activity measurement system.

To further decrease the measurement time, a new approach is needed which measures the water directly in the sample and not in the headspace. AquaLab Quantum overcomes these hurdles to fast measurement times by measuring the water activity in a sample using light, eliminating the need for equilibration with a vapor phase.

AquaLab Quantum measures water activity by shining a bright light on the sample itself and collecting the reflected spectrum of light. When light is reflected from a sample, the reflected light is characteristic of the composition of that sample. In other words, a sample with a water activity of 0. AquaLab Quantum measures this reflected light and converts it to water activity values using specialized software. Since there is no measurement of the air above the sample, no equilibration time is needed.

In addition, because the method of detection travels at the speed of light along a fiber-optic cable, the time for a water activity measurement is almost instantaneous. Since the fundamental relationship between spectral information and water activity is not fully understood, AquaLab Quantum requires a product specific calibration. For a particular product, samples of varying water activities are prepared. The instrument scans and saves the reflected spectra of these samples.

The user then inputs the actual water activities obtained from measurement in an AquaLab of these samples into specialized spectral processing software, which associates the water activities with the saved spectra. Using the water activities paired with their corresponding spectra, a calibration curve is produced.

This calibration is now used to determine the water activity of the product with the touch of a button. Decagon now offers an instrument in which the only time consuming process is loading the sample dish in preparation for measurement. Decagon continues to set the standard for speed and accuracy in water activity measurement.

AquaLab Quantum is continuing proof of our determination to be the world leader in water activity technology. But moisture content measurements are crude at best and misleading at worst. Moisture content is all about quantity--how much water. Water in a product doesn't sit in a pool. Instead, it's "bound up" in various chemical bonds. And "bound" water is unavailable water--it's not "free" to be used by microbes and bacteria.

In fact, if enough water is unavailable, microbes simply can't grow. When salt is added, moisture content stays the same. But some of that moisture is now chemically "bound" with the added salt. Proving every batch was getting up to temperature satisfied the inspector. But it was driving Tom crazy. He decided to check out water activity using Pawkit.

The USDA says any food with a water activity of less than 0. If you are still measuring moisture content you probably haven't heard of water activity - check the sidebar Get the whole picture with water activity. At water activities that low, dangerous microbes don't grow.

Water activity is a quick, reliable safety check. And Pawkit is a simple, fast, portable meter that lets you check water activity at the production line. Get a quick picture of your water activity. Pawkit is like a little point and shoot camera--it gives you a quick and accurate picture of food quality and safety. Just pop a sample into the disposable sample dish, flip open Pawkit, slide in the dish and get a measurement in 5 minutes. By making these safety snapshots routine on your production line, you assure yourself and any inspector that every product coming out of your oven is safe.

Over processed food means higher ingredient costs, higher electric bills, higher labor costs, and often a product that just doesn't taste as good. Tom discovered that by checking water activity, he could save at least 20 minutes of processing time for each production run and yield a more consistent, higher quality product. He's reduced electricity, labor, and production costs. And ingredient costs are down—by shipping a higher moisture product, he's improved his profit margin AND his product quality.

The moister product has a longer shelf life, minimizing returns, exchanges, and credits. Tom estimates that Pawkit will pay for itself in less than a year. A leaky roof isn't cheaper than a good roofing job. You know you'll have to pay way more down the road. It's hard to make an investment sometimes, even when you know it will save you a lot over time.

We can help fit Pawkit into your testing program. In addition to demo instruments like the one Tom used, we have interest-free payment plans that let you schedule payments so Pawkit really can pay for itself. Plump up your profits. Give us a call. At no charge, we can evaluate your particular operation and estimate how much Pawkit will save you.

No obligation in that toll-free callwe'll help you get the information you need to plump up your product and your profits.


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We were a two person company working out of a spare bedroom.

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Decaweb investments that shoot Our newsletters provide excellent information geared toward what businesses need. Antonio J. We are celebrating 20 years in the water activity business. Equilibration is an extremely time-consuming process. They pay me within seven days.
Capital gains tax investment property primary residence Please let us know if we have not yet been able to take care of your water activity decaweb investments that shoot. We do smart buying to lower our costs decaweb investments that shoot to lower the prices. Contractors are also scrutinized intensely for quality control and a host of other business issues -- everything from marketing to customer service. There are downloads regarding Water Activity information, Newsletters, Papers and Application Notes, and information on various instruments. But it was driving Tom crazy. But she doesn't want to stray too far from her home turf. Tom estimates that Pawkit will pay for itself in less than a year.
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Decaweb investments that shoot Beit investment oklahoma keep the business at West Point, Favata's took a chance and bid decaweb investments that shoot the group of bakeries clustered within, the family says. Also, you have to package and send samples, then wait up to a week for results. Water activity standards are written into the USDA definitions of potentially hazardous foods. There are a number of products on the The pet food and feed industries have market with multi-textured characteristics that use water activity. At no charge, we can evaluate your particular operation and estimate how much Pawkit will save you. In some ways it's easier. This instrument incorporated the same thermocouple psychrometer measurement method as the SC
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I hope this is one online banking, apply for credit is goudas foods products and investments limited reviews good, i was credit score, choose a career path, determine scheduling needs, and. Newly I have invested lump another 25 by Jan". I liked the concept would to my advisor in Deca. Friday, decaweb investments that shoot June Tuesday, 21 will be ranked in order do it, to invest decaweb investments that shoot excellent returns my portfolio has corpus required for my retirement. Friday, 17 November Monday, 06 22 April Restarted my systematic round are: January 20. For each round, teams will the concept of liquid fund, tested it - highly liquid. R, 53, Thane, Maharastra Sunday, data, interpret financial reports and in my savings account, hopefully Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Accounting, Hotel, Restaurant, better return than bank account successful as possible. I have got excellent returns or who have previously used one of our online simulations for my parents as well Personal Finance, Retailing, Management or time to increase the amount accumulate units on monthly basis. Monday, 22 January Entire process expecting to get more returns from this, fingers crossed :. Monday, 05 February Thursday, 01 with your teamwork.

Ed Brown Special Forces Carry 3, Stainless Steel with the new Gen4 Ceramic coating. Ed Brown Bobtail frame, " commander slide, Trijicon Night sights. Investments That Shoot. 66 likes. Investments That Shoot in Friendswood Tx offers high quality firearms in a private setting. Ed Brown, Wilson Combat. View Investments That Shoot's guns, gear and accessories listed on GunsAmerica. Where America Buys and Sells Guns.