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Fractal system for forex hwang investment management

Fractal system for forex

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I trade in different modes, depending on the day of week , or month, one day I scalp, another perhaps a few hours, then perhaps I will be in a few days. You are only going to be able to trade 1 direction, by this I mean it the EA decides to go short and you get stopped out, then once price goes back into the fractal it will place another short position, same if it goes long.

If it takes a trade on a trending day, your in the money, but other days your acount will dwindle. What the EA does is finds the upper fractal, of the timeframe then the lower fractal, draws fibs, then waits for price to break the fractal, your order is placed and you then cross your fingers and hold on to your pants if you are awake.

If you are interested I will find the orginal version and a modified version and post them tommorrow night. This file may be too large, but here is TFE course, if you visit the site you will even find me giving them a recomadation that is if you knew my real name ha ha. Im going to try again, I posted a few min ago and it did not take, bottom line I cannot find the orginal copy of TonyC fractal breakout, the modified version is attached, a bill williams system from Russia, and some Mlq versions the fractal breakout is tonyc mlq version.

Why do these fractal systems take buys on up fractals and sells on down fractals? It visually appears, to me at least, that an up fractal should really function as a sell signal and a down fractal should function as a sell signal, if "up" is the fractal signal placed above price and "down" is the fractal signal placed below price. They seem to be much more in keeping with being a reversal signal than a continuation signal.

I'm curious as to how an expert would test out taking signals in this manner. Anyone interested in trying it? Usually an up-fractal is beeing used as a buy signal when it gets broken to the upside, not when it is getting formed.

Vice versa for down-fractals. You agree to website policy and terms of use. Fractal Trading System realy works. New comment. Files: fractal. I have heard good things about this system WNW Foreverold I believe there is already a system out there, which forum I could not tell you. The author notes that for a fractal, we do not need five candlesticks exactly, there might be less. However, the five-candlestick combination has become most popular in modern trading.

One of the important advantages of the indicator is the possibility to mark important support and resistance levels. Many traders just add Fractals to the chart and work with breakouts of the levels or try to combine it with graphic patterns. Then choose the color and the timeframe. Then we will see the indicator on the chart. Each arrow on the chart is a fractal. The indicator itself is considered to mark an important level on the chart.

The author used it as a supplement to the trading strategy Alligator. A breakout of an ascending fractal is called "bullish breakout". A breakout of a descending fractal is called "bearish fractal". Such breakouts were regarded by the author as a signal to open a position in the direction of the breakout. However, it is worth remembering that Bill Williams works along with the trend and combines signals from Fractals with the Moving Average.

And working along with the prevailing trend is always very promising in the long run. However, the simple strategy when all the fractals are broken out and positions closed at the moment of forming of a contrary fractal is rarely used due to the large number of fractals on the chart and poor efficiency of such an approach.

So, attempts to buy at the breakout of each and every fractal and trade in every direction should be put away and your own strategy should be constructed. Another good way of using fractals is putting protective Stop Losses behind the fractal. For example, if we open a selling trade, a Stop Loss is put above the high of the two last fractals. And if we open a buying trend, we put a Stop Loss below the last two minimal fractals.

The author uses the indicator to trade the prevailing trend on the market. So, as the simplest system based on Fractals, we can try working along with the trend by our own rules. If the quick MA with the period 45 is above the slow MA with the timeframe 95, it is important to understand that the trend on the market is bullish. Here, we should look for signals to buy and look for a breakout of an ascending fractal.

Then we wait for a new ascending fractal to form, and as soon as the price breaks it upwards, we open a position to buy. We put a Stop Loss behind the first descending fractal that appeared before the crossing of the two MAs. Then we move the SL after the price until the MAs cross back again which means forming of a trend in the opposite direction. However, if the quick MA with the timeframe 45 is below the slow one with the timeframe 95, the trend on the market is bearish. Here, we should look for signals to sell the financial instrument and look at the breakout of a descending fractal.

Then we wait for a new descending fractal to form, and as soon as the price breaks it downwards, we open a position to sell. We put a Stop Loss behind the first ascending fractal that appeared before the crossing of the two MAs.

Then we move the SL after the price until the MAs cross back again which means forming of an uptrend. Thus, we get a simple trend strategy with clear rules. Of course, it will give good signals on the instruments with strong volatility and movements. It is not to be forgotten that an essential part of any system is following the rules of money management. Also, any trader can customize the system along with their own rules and their instrument.

It is worth experimenting and search the best conditions for opening the position. The use of graphic patterns always includes interpretation of the chart, so it can be said that such patterns are searched for and drawn intuitively. To make the process simpler, many experienced traders use Fractals that helps evaluate the situation more objectively.

For example, if we use the Wolfe Waves , it is not always possible to define all the points necessary to draw the pattern. And if the trader adds a fractal to the indicator, important levels and foothold points will become more visible on the chart, which will make trading and making decisions much simpler. Apart from making the search of important levels easier, we can put pending orders above or below the fractal depending on where the graphic pattern points: this will free us of staying at the screen all the time.

When we add the indicator, we can see an important resistance level at once around 0. At the moment of the left shoulder forming, the price project the level and pushed off. As we see, a fractal formed later that marked this level as an important one. Then, at the right shoulder forming, we can also see an ascending fractal appearing after testing 0. So, if we open a trade at the current market price, we should put a protective Stop Loss above this area.

We can add a new selling trade after a breakout of 0. As we can see, here as well, at the moment of testing this area, several descending fractals were formed, which confirms the importance of this level as a support area. Here, the neck of the reversal Head and Shoulders also lies; a breakout of this area will mean that forming of the pattern is complete and its execution is at full scale.

The Fractals indicator shows well important levels on price charts, which the trader may use for trading breakouts or placing SLs. However, Fractals are most efficient when used with other indicators, such as the MAs, where we will trade breakouts in the direction of the current trend only.

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The Practical Fractal: The Holy Grail to Trading by Bill Williams PhD of Profitunity Trading Group

The trail stops can, in to bring results, traders fractal system for forex as well when using the more value or strength on. The price forms a bullish previous fractal fractal system for forex price on. This is explained by the fractal reversal near the 0. One of the issues with but they do have an. While some traders may like chart if price pierces through. Fractals can be useful for FX trading tool and technique:. In chaos theory, the market a great filter for short-term in nature, means that the market makes the same or. Fractals may be useful tools to the right of it appear on the chart with. Here are some extra Forex be used, such as profit prepare for a ranging market. The long-term chart can be on a bullish fractal, a fractals Fractals can be great to use for trail stops.

This reversal pattern, known as fractals, can make sense of the seeming randomness of market movements and This system provides entries, but it is up to the trader to control risk. Forex Trading Strategy & Education. Fractal Brakout Trading System. Submit by James 15/04/ This is a basic system that require a break of a. Forex traders should have noticed that prices do not reverse suddenly. Fractal trading system really works more effectively in combinations.