citi investment research internship interview

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Citi investment research internship interview diversification of investments increases risk true false trivia

Citi investment research internship interview

Your time here will look something like this Throughout your Summer Internship, you will work on a final presentation that you will present back to your peers and managers at the end of the internship. We want to hear from you if You have a strong understanding of the global macro-economical landscape Who we think will be a great fit We are looking for candidates who have a global perspective on the future of banking, and want to make an impact on the corporate level and with the following attributes: A highly ethical and honest individual who is prepared to provide accurate and independent analysis.

A quick learner, who assimilates facts quickly, processes a great deal of detailed information, organizes it, puts in into useful form, and remembers it well. A team player who works well with clients. Enthusiasm, eagerness to take off, advance quickly, and assume more responsibility.

Someone keenly interested in the Securities industry with an intellectual curiosity and always searching for creative ideas and innovative strategies that transcend product lines and professional levels. A natural communicator, both verbal and written, who builds strong relationships. A creative thinker who is also highly numerate. A teamwork ethic that drives success from every individual. Academic Transcript.

Cover letter addressed to Citi. Applications close noon 28th July 12pm early application is encouraged. Applications closed Closed 4 months ago. Accounting, Actuary, Banking and Finance, Business CCOs are responsible for leading the entire Citi franchise in their…. At Citi, we actively seek out diverse perspectives at all levels of our organization.

Embracing diverse teams, ideas and possibilities helps us drive growth and progress. Every day brings a new innovation. Citi Global Perspectives and Solutions is bringing our vast knowledge and research of the latest technological developments and innovations to our publications giving insight into our rapidly developing world.

Please be advised that this site is not optimized for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Every day, we work to build a diverse community of committed, thriving employees proud to work at Citi. What progress will you make? Last year, we helped more than million customers all over the world make their own kind of progress. We are Citi, a leading global bank — an institution connecting millions of people across hundreds of countries and cities.

Why Citi Working at Citi is far more than just a job. Our Values. Our People. Global Diversity and Inclusion. Find a Program. Find an Event. Regional Opportunities. Featured News Are you looking to learn more? Talent and Diversity Annual Report At Citi, we actively seek out diverse perspectives at all levels of our organization.

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With this in mind, I want to make sure that I do eveything I can to properly prepare. There are a few really good threads on this exact topic. Links will be posted below for your reference. Really good thread that goes over salary, definition of a Corporate Banker, hours, and interview prep.

Amazing thread from a current Corp. Banking Associate that goes over hours, pay, culture of CB, etc.. Did one of these on my campus last week. It was almost entirely behavioral-be aware of what the role is and how it differs from IB perhaps, but don't worry about any major technicals. Best of luck, and hit me up with a pm afterwards if you want to compare notes.

Who is your source? I talked to the head of a cb coverage group back in May and she said they were done. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. Join Us. Already a member? Popular Content See all. The truth is, as one of the older posters still around, I'd given most all advice that I could think of as I rose through the IB ranks. However, this year I left invest….

Recently had a CEO blame other people for why he couldn't move things along in a transaction. Literally holding up a deal because he is not a good leader and trying to scapegoat everything. Brought me to a personal philosophy: Blame yourself first and others last. You can see all our top ranked content here. Mine is a story with various parts; you can find details on my life as a Big 4 audit….

Like a lot of you on here, I went to a non-target school. Well, I went to THE non-target school of non-target schools. Sure, I got into 'better' and more prestigious schools, but at the end of the day I was…. I'm an incoming IB analyst, just interned over the summer. I think once we return to the office I'll…. I've been blogging for WSO for a fair bit of time now and I thought it would be good to use some of my experiences to help others.

Speaking from a strictly financial standpoint, why the obsession with the buyside? Additionally, with the best IB talent going t…. Saw the other posts and making a thread for the sweatiest banks in SF. Give me you top. The MD car discussion gave me an interesting thought. I bought a new Lexus GS when I was an associate and got a little shit for it. November Investment Banking. Leaderboard See all. Upcoming Events See all. Contribute and get 1 month free!

Go Premium - Annual. For month-to-month click here. Go Elite. LeveragedFinesse RE. Because the online numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests for Citi are unique, we recommend spending plenty of time practising these types of aptitude tests before you begin the application. This includes completing them within set time limits. Something important to note is that you will be asked to re-take this online test if you reach the assessment centre stage of the application process.

This is to confirm that it was you who took the test originally and not someone else. Therefore, practising them and answering them honestly is crucial. The purpose of this interview is to help Citi recruiters understand whether your personality, skills and attributes are compatible with what the organisation wants in its graduate scheme candidates. As well as talking about yourself, your ambitions and your values, you will be asked about Citigroup and the industry in which it operates.

Make sure to do your research before the interview, so you can showcase your knowledge and talk confidently about the organisation and the banking industry. You are also likely to be asked essential competency questions related to your ability to work with data and your digital skills. The final stage of the Citi graduate scheme application process is a day at an assessment centre. This part of the Citibank recruitment process helps Citi understand how well you work in a team.

The following is an example of the order in which you might undertake each of the different activities, though you may take them in a different order, depending on the assessment centre and number of candidates. This is to confirm that you did take the first test — rather than someone else taking it for you — and that you can perform effectively under different circumstances. For this reason, we recommend practising numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests even when you have passed the second stage of the application process.

That way, you'll feel more confident and calm when asked to take the test at the assessment centre. The group activity will test your ability to communicate, listen to others, put forward ideas and come to unanimous conclusions, as well as your time management skills. You will be given a case study to read independently, followed by questions about the case study. These questions will replicate situations you may face during your graduate scheme with Citi, such as deciding on investment options for an organisation or how the company should allocate funds.

As a group of between five and six people, you will then be asked to discuss the case study and your answers, then come to a joint conclusion about which is the best option to take. During the assessment centre group activity, the Citigroup assessors will be observing you to see how well you can:.

The assessment centre also includes a series of individual interviews with different members of the Citi team, including people from the business area to which you are applying. The other two interviews are likely to be competency-based, where you will be asked to provide examples from your education and experience that demonstrate you have the skills and attributes Citi is looking for. This will be like the telephone interview you had earlier on in the application process.

A useful interview tip is to try and think of several examples from your experience that you can use to demonstrate your competencies. Some of the questions in the one-to-one interview might include:. Take time to research the company before attending the assessment centre , and keep up-to-date with the latest financial news, so that you can confidently answer any questions on these subjects. Finally, you will be asked to complete an individual task.

This is normally reading a case study or report, then creating a short presentation on your findings. There will also be several situational judgement questions that you will have to answer. You might be asked to make recommendations about where the client in the case study should invest, or which stock options it should retain or let go, based on the information in the document.

You will then be given time to prepare a short presentation of your recommendations, which you will present to a member of the Citi team. The presentation is done one-to-one; your assessor is likely to ask you follow-up questions to help them better understand your thought process. While this activity can feel daunting, the Citigroup assessors are more interested in the way you work and think through problems than whether your recommendation is exactly the same as theirs would be.

As with other graduate schemes for well-respected investment banks, the Citi graduate programme is very competitive. If you are unsuccessful at any stage in the process you will have to wait for a year before applying again.

Unfortunately, Citi is unable to offer feedback unless you get through to the final stage, due to the volume of applicants. If you successfully complete all the stages, you can expect to receive an offer for the Citi graduate scheme between a week and a month after the assessment centre. Citigroup advises that during busy periods and depending on the role for which you are applying, response times can vary quite a lot. Citigroup Application Process and Interview Questions.