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Scabbling bitcoins gta sa inside track betting

Scabbling bitcoins

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She said she is the mother in law. I actually saw her face. I became suspicious when he claims that he is in love with me after 5 days. I told him that he is scaring me LOL. I tried to break it off but he could not let me go. He even called me on the phone. Now I am just waiting to see if he actually going to fly here which scare me or if he is going to ask for money which I will never give.

Should I end this or keep going to see if he really coming in on Dec 18th? Be aware of a guy named Chris Christian working of the grid with a daughter in California liar liar lia. I am trying to find out if Ian Stout orthopedic surgeon is a Scam.

He is on instagram under ianstout Does someone recognize him as a scammer? Working on an oil rig in TX , no possibility of video call but I have pictures, he didn't ask me for money yet! Your help would be very appreciated as I am falling for him!! He's a scam. Do not fall for him. There is no reason an orthopedic surgeon would be working on an oil rig in Texas. The oil industry is depressed now and only experienced rig workers have been able to keep their jobs.

Cut your heartbreak losses now and extract yourself while you can. I meet this man on the messenger and he told me he loved me after about 4 days and now he asking for money to keep his phone on. Is there anyone in a relationship with Mark William that say he working in Germany on the high sea. His wife is dead and he has one son. Now he needs me to help get his passport and paperwork done so he can be home for Xmas. Wow people will do anything.

Do you have a picture of him? A Mark Williams reached out to me but he hasn't asked me for any money. He has been in the army for about 30 years and is from North Carolina. Hi I want to make everyone aware of a scammer he currently goes by the name of Thomas Patrick white, prior to this one of the names he went by was Charles Luke. This is a scam previously the contact person was charles luke.

He scammed multiple women. He claims he has an adult child. He is a scammer he has a personal contact here in the states for you to send money to his name is Nicholas. Also scam. He is a complete and total scammer please report report him to the government. This guy scammed someone I know out of a lot of money. Glad to know the new name. Charles Luke is the worst. I have been talking with this guy for a month and I have called him out on him lying and using somebody else's picture that wasn't his and right from the rip I knew that he wasn't even American because even though I cannot hear him talk he is definitely speaking broken English.

Lots of pictures so I feel sorry for the real Jason J Fisher. Lived in Germany until 12 years old but still has extremely strong accent. Was stationed in Syria, now in Ghana leading a group of chaplains. Tugs on the heart with his motherless daughter. Got some money out of me for his little girl. So he goes to visit them then the grandmother dies and has no money fir the funeral.

So sad so sorry he claims to be a widow. He was on OurTime. Ive been chatting to a Matteo Phillipe engineer from Toronto via words for friends followed by hangouts. Ive just googled his name and job to find a lady who posted about this petson back in july ! Ive slso googled a photo which showed him to be Bryan Brochu who has 2 instagram accounts with same photo but also username of Frank Joel!

I confronted Matteo yest he came back with a long explanation about being hacked.. I have been talking to this guy Romeo Romina for a few weeks now. He lives in London, widowed for 8 years , father Italian. A few days after we started talking he said he got a contract to go work on an oil rig offshore in Red Sea. Now he started having problems with machines and have to buy new ones. He brought cash. He sends me pictures and short videos. He looks same like his FB pictures. He is very handsome , super sweet, fall in love right away, appears wealthy , wants to marry me.

Red flags : has very strong accent which resemblance of African , says that his accent is because he speaks many languages , His FB has a few pictures but when you look at them they are all uploaded on one day in November. Posts go 2 years back though. I tried on line paid searches with images and phone number but nothing comes up.

Has anyone encountered this person? Hi, I think you need to be careful. Mine had a strong accent, said he was on assignment, equipment broke need money. Cards, documents lost. Same MO , loves me want to marry me. Poems, music. All sentiments were copied from net. Has i I refused to give money he ended it.

Now I'm positive trying to scam other women. Trust me they talk to multiple women a day. They only make you feel special. Thats their goal so you will fall. Im glad I noted the red flags my. They will block if they get money or you refuse they kove on while you try to heal your feelings. What does he look like? Guy I was talking to said he was a petroleum engineer from Norway also widowed and was about to go to work in Dubai.

He was using photos from the instagram account of a Norwegian designer named Halvor Bakke. Has anyone been contacted by a Benjamin Orton who is supposedly a civilian surgeon from New Zealand who is currently in Yemen working at a military installation. He contacted me and suggested we talk on WhatsApp. Of course I questioned his interest in me. Leo is supposedly 42 but graduated from college around the age of 16 according to his profile on LinkedIn. Profile says he lives in Denver but he is doing contract work in NM.

Felt the need to send pics of the progression of his work along with the address he resided at in Denver for two weeks. I did not ask for proof of this info. Poor grammar initially but as I questioned his word choice he became offended and started using better language.

I believe this is a team of people working as this individual since the conversations vary in grammatical skill. Also has a mother and daughter in New Zealand. Claims to be religious. Refuses to call or do a Zoom conference. I questioned him twice on who he was. Each time very offended and called me fake when I was willing to connect in video chat. Yes, poor grammar. Some religious statements made. Also, when he sent me a picture of himself, it was of 2 different white males Go figure!!

I've been txt and talking on the phone with a man nameJoe Edward. Says he is a physical fitness doctor who is stuck in Manitoba Canada. What a fool I've been. I've sent a lot of money cards over the last 2 yrs. He wants me to come to Canada to get him and be with him forever. He even had a female manager of a resort contact me to tell me if someone doesn't pay his hotel bill she will have him arrested.

Yes, I fell head over heels in love and lust with the person I thought I was txt with. It's over now but after 2 yrs. HE calls himself joe Edward. Am so upset and shamed all. I see my self as pretty smart guy, but this stated a few months ago. I had out the blue received a private personal message from judge jennie piero on my instragram page.

I thought oh wow. Judge jennie piero wants to be friends and talk little did l know that was start as scam it started out simple we talked and then she come out and asked for private donations to give a charity for orphans in new York. I though out how much is this donation and I though ok I cant do much with since I my family are unpacked by corna virus.

So though ok I give And she want on to tell me give the donations on a pay pal account. I told my wife and my wife is more aware of this scam and told me not to do it since there scamming around around. So I didnt do. Then a few months later she offered me a job as her delivery driver in New York. She offered me. I know. Deep down inside it didn't sound right. I ever asked my wife about this. She told no is sounds like a scam. So a more weeks past and sent her Because she promised to pay me back.

And I my Bill fell behind no money and more break promises I started lieing to my wife. Tell her that was help out with family members of her. This really put a strain on the marriage. I know my wife know I was lieing. And this women had me thinking she was in love with me and she going to marry and we were going to get house and everything was going to great. My wife found out before I did that this person was not a women but a bunch of guy from overseas and then they brought more people in pretending to the judge cousin to get md to buy a home for them.

This was getting too deep. But thanks to my cell phone provider the number was finally blocked and I found out that the government is aware of the fact that scams are out there and they also know that this scammer are using private phone number that belong to other people and thier using thier phone to scam. Not now I dont contact with these people and unfortunately my thousands dollars is gone. And I will never see that again and the sad thing is these people were involved in social security scam about year ago and this people need to be caught throw in jail or prison and riot.

And I believe that are being target again. Why cant people just leave me alone. Just blocked a guy claiming to be celebrity Jasom momoa. He message on Facebook using one of jason momoa websites with is really and offical site.

At frist I really excite that was talk to jason momoa us it was my brithday. I though wow Jason momoa himself is talking and what a great brithday gift. Well as conversation went on he give his private what up app phone number not thinking it was not him. So we talked for while then he told me he had to go because he was very busy. And on the second day he offered me a job as his personal assistant. I though wow. Then maybe about 30 mins he would say he had to go. And all during this conversation I asked him some questions about weather was on location some information about some of this movie and some personal infomation to get know him as friends.

Then when the job offer pop up I started to wonder is this really The real Jason momoa and of course I was dumb enough to ask and he get upset. Then on Saturday this were kicker comes in he wanted me to help him with money for private donations to the orphanages I dont know where he never said.

I don't answer him I know there was some funny about this guy. So very charming but he didnt get financial infomation from me. I didnt response and stop talking to him. It sad that scammer have to use kind hearted celebrity to dirty work. And the the sad thing was this guy used one of jason momoa offical websites. And he change the profile photo on the site because the profile photo is of jason momoa but it not the same one. It very sad that this people have go steal from people or use a celebrity to steal from the celebrity fans am not upset.

With real Jason Momoa himself is is the scam bag that used Jason momoa to profile to do it. I dont how many other women he charmed to get money from but this women was not falling for it and his wonderful charms he has Jason momoa down to tee with the charm. Uses Viber Phone and Bitcoins to transfer money. Also, look up Dr. He is using his identity and is VERY good at it.

At least I can give you pictures of what the scammer looks like which I wish I has a month ago! Has anyone been chatting with a very handsome guy who calls himself kelly brown, and claims to be an army surgeon stationed in kabul Afghanistan?

I also am chatting with an Adam Johnson. Almost same story as the rest. How about the name jason bojing did you encounter this man. He scam me and he said that talk to my lawyer to process your visa. Play this amount and i will pay the remaining balance.

And also he use a photo a hood looking man he always sending photo to me and he also scam me that he send money to me but its edit i really now it cause i search in google and i notice the tracking nunber i just the same on the google. He always said that western union has a problem to send money. He has so many things to make you fall in love to him. Please take care to this man. My mother-in-law is currently being scammed by one Tom J.

He is using a profile picture of a Miami-based entrepreneur, Jeffrey Shaw. We can't get my mother-in-law to accept the general is not real. I don't know how else to convince her. Anyone else been scammed by something similar? Met him on bumble.

Conversation very scripted at the beginning. Got very affectionate quick: lots of beautiful, honey, my Angel, my baby. Suddenly he left to a one month long contract to Northern Cyprus. Texting mainly in the morning and night time. YouTube songs, what did you eat?

Sounds familiar? Does someone know a Raymond Ray Pak? He needs dollars per Western Union. We deserve better than this. Wow looks funny that there are so many comments and complains from female users related men scammers. Me is male and victim of several scams online outgoing from Africa, Asia as Philippiens , Thailand etc.

Does anyone know Jeff Martens? Claims to be in Turkey working on a cargo ship overseeing products from China. The usual from what I'm reading here. Charming, in love, marriage, wife died, son a missionary in S. America, he's taking care of granddaughter. Can never call or video me for security reasons. I'm expecting FedEx delivery today with a very large check to deposit in my account so he can pay his bills.

He's incredibly persistent and knows I have absolutely nothing. I've been on the fence with this for several months. Yes, we are all so stupid. But probably not as stupid as I am. I sent money to someone claiming to be Jimmy Page. You would not believe how "believable" this person was. I kept asking the right questions but I guess I didn't push hard enough. It had lasted for months.

How could I fall for such a thing!? I wish there were a way to expose this person and to let the real JP know what someone is doing to his name and rep. Hi, maybe someone can help me. I'm german sorry for my bad english and I got a privat message on Twitter from a guy named Ronald Penn. He says he lives in California but at the moment he's in iraq on a a peace missionary with the army.

He says hids wife and son died in a car accident and he feels so bad that he's thinking about killing himself. He said what would help is me sending him money via paypal so the mission could buy gifts he wants shampoo, Vodka etc for him.

The paypal adress I'm supposed to use is Lindatrix99 After all I've read here it sounds very fishy to me, what should I do? DON'T send him money. Sounds like a complete scam. Don't do it. I'm giving my scammer a hard time. Why can't he give me his home address in NH. The address on his Michigan drivers license is a commercial address. He is pulling away and I'm the bad guy. Excellent at what he is doing. Let's be smarter than these guys ladies and gentlemen. Don't buy into their love bombing.

I know I did but I won't be sending a dime. They are wasting our time. Toni, don't send anything to Ronald Penn. Has anyone talked to someone named "Steven Gerald" 49yrs. From Jersey in Eygpt. Wife died. I had a male he ask me be be his friend on messenger. He got right into my head and heart.

Saying he loved me I was his queen and a mother to his son his name is James willam live in little rock USA he kept sending love messages saying he worked on the rigs as a driller. Then he started asking me to get him a stream. Card I said no then he ask me if I was well of for money and did I work I said no. He then ask me to buy him a new fone my baby boo. Again I said. He said to me baby have you got a credit I said no why do you want to no that for.

He said baby I want to put some money in there for you I said don't have a credit card baby you must open one and message me with the details I said you would more likely to take it out. I said you are wasting your time I got no money.

He knew I was a widow he went on my profile and seen it all. I said to him you don't mean any of those things you sent I told him he can't pull the wool over my eyes I said to him you are one big scammer on his profile he go foe single women divorce ones and widows x. My son warned and begged me not to reply to IG DM. Jim Womersley contacted me on IG, I did not reply for a few days.

He has brown eyes and hair little gray at the temples very charming and sweet, "have you eaten".. Called me darling, honey, dear, his queen. Lots of hearts, and "I love you", "I miss you so much" after 3 days. Said he loves God with all his heart. He was born and raised in Sweden but left after his wife and baby passed during childbirth.

His father passed when he was 21 in a auto crash. His mother passed in He was an only child. He hurried me to Google Hangouts after 2 days. We communicated through Hangouts for the rest of the week. Suddenly I didn't hear from him for a few days, I was worried and expressed that in messages to him.

They stole his phone, passport, ATM card and cash. He said he was in pain from "beaten" they gave him. He said he loves me so much, I am his queen and please don't leave him. Said he would be stuck there until they "hopefully" recover his personal belongings. I wanted so badly to reach out to him but nothing add up. I did not respond, I knew what would follow. I've blocked him on IG and on Google Hangouts. He removed his IG account yesterday.

I wanted so badly to believe he was real. I fell for the man he impersonated. Red flags I ignored was IG profile was fairly new, only 15 post, He followed over women, and had over followers. I believe it was a fake account. Pics on his post shows him with another man said his co-worker , Him and a little boy sticking out their tongues, Him in front of Universal Studios, and alot of positives quotes.

He sent pictures of himself with London Bridge in the back ground wearing jeans and a dark jacket, also pictures where he appears to be sitting on a Airplane with a navy pillow. I am heartbroken, has anyone else been contacted by this impostor? Hi, I read ur story. Its so similar to the experience I had.

I talked to a guy not the same name but your experiences are. I too, ignored the red flags hoping the man was real. I should have challenged it earlier as it went on for months. Invest my emotions. However I can tell you, he said the same things. Love you so much, have you eaten, stay safe for me, sent me songs to listen to, sentiments that only now that I did my research, foind out were copied from the net. So I read a few things on these scammers. Their MO are similar, widowed, some with children, no children, have jobs overseas, their equipment broke, they need money and you're the only one that can help them, they lost their documents.

If they are making all this money why are they asking.. And they make it so believable I refused to give money red flag especially when he mentioned bitcoin transfer. I was the world to him but when I refused the second time. He ended it. Blocked me. So much for loving me. After that I noticed he opened a few other profiles, different names, locations.

They tend to use voice over apps They are talking to multiple women a day. Patterns to look :for timing of calls , working overseas, want to come home to meet you, marry you etc. Some are bots. I too, Hurt, disappointed thinking of him etc but I had to come back to reality and thank GOD he gave me the clues I needed. These scammers use similar scripts to lure woman stories are changed a bit. I know ur hurting but be thankful you didnt lose your money.

I also questioned why as we're intelligent woman but your emotions take over. Chalk it up as a learning experience. If too good to be true it not real. Ask for video calls, I will next time. You may recall always having had bad connections right The distance as an excuse. Hope this may help you some how. Its amazing what you can read about them and they're good at what they do. Check out scammers online photos online, I saw two that actually reached out to me before this Eposiode. Stay safe and heal.

In the beginning of December I was on Facebook and received a message from someone named Hubert Williams. I checked his Facebook book. Very handsome, Middle Eastern man. Salt and pepper hair one of those short beards. Said he wanted for us to get to know each other. Widower for 5 years. Two sons - 14 and From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We conversed for several weeks Skype. Kept telling me how he wanted to leave the zone be with his sons and start a new life with me but the commanding officer would not allow it.

Asked me to write a letter. I refused. He then pretended to write the letter an a day later told me he was told he could leave but would have to pay for a Liberty Card does not exist. He said no one could use their own money in Kabul. Started asking me to help him to get out of Kabul. I told him I would find out if that demand was legal.

He started accusing me of not believing him. I did check with Canadian military attorneys and found out it was all a lie which I already suspected it was. Everything he claimed was the truth was a lie. He then sent me a scathing email saying I was a liar, cruel, and that I fooled him.

Tugged at the heart strings with everything he had. Today I spoke to a soldier who is now with the FBI. He said I was absolutely correct in not sending money. This was a scam. So I messaged this man today told him about the fact that I knew it was all a scam. I feel badly for the man in the photos. Probably does not know that he and his children are part of this scheme. Looking back now dome of the pictures were off to.

Some items were blurred out but I figured out what they were. Beware if this man. I am glad I did not! Ive been talking to a guy called Brian Roberts based in Afganistan and I met him on a scrabble application. We ve been talking on hangout and he hasnt asked me for money. We are just talking I find the wrong thing strange I have photos.

This is happening to me right now. I feel like such a fool. Im humiliated. I cant explain the feelings of depression and embarrassment i am going through right now. There is a guy named George Washington in my chat and he keeps on popping up. I keep on removing him. Talking to a guy named Frank off match. Took his profile off immediately after we started to email offsite.

Says widower 1 son who lives in Poland with only grandchild. Profile showed 1 city and he says lives in another, Columbus OH. HI I am talking to a guy who I really did fall in love with I did sent him chatr top up pin He uses a chatr phone and he did send a photo and he did go on skype to video call when I asked him..

I actually did not go on just looked at him. Did ask me for money for equipment but I did not do it and I did say good bye on text but he texts me and emails me still. I told him I would not send him any money so this one is tough I may just keep talking until something else comes along or we meet. Richard is his name I will put his photo on somewhere. I'm texting a man who says he's a surgeon and works for UN. I've had romance scammers in my life before so I did a background check on his email address and name.

There is no information coming up on the address and it seems he doesn't exist when I looked up his name. Could he block anyone in finding out information about him? Or should I accept that he's a scammer or a catfish? I met this guy name " Scott Howard" he says he is an orthopedic nurse, lives in Nevada , Missouri. Told me that he was married for 7 years and they have an 8 year old son. And that he have been divorce for 2 years ,because she cheated on him.

After a week he was saying that he was in love with me , and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I told that one of my coworker said he was a catfish he got so mad at me. Now he came to me on this dating app called BLK.

After that he told me that he closed his account because i was that one for him. After a week he asked if I closed my account yet I go no why would I. So this is where things start getting very interesting , He said his job was sending him to Turkey I forgot what part. I said no. Words went back and forth. He stop talking to me for alike a week. Now a week later he is leaving Turkey, Here is the funny part now he is stuck in Germany.

I asked why are you in Germany. He told me he was buying gold and for me not to tell anyone. WOW all I could say. Basically he said he had to pay his lawyer for some paperwork. He said but I love you and I need to get home. How am I to get home. I said the same way you got there. But i called him out on a few thing I noticed.

All his pictures he had no mask on, all his pictures looked cropped the back ground of all his pictures where blurry. Now I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but with this covid your not wearing a mask ok so I questioned him. He said Oh I wanted to you see my smile only for you because I love you. Hello, Anyone come across a guy named "Yannick" originally from Finland. Very handsome. Could be in Michigan or NH.

Very tall man. Thick accent. Dark hair. Found him on a dating website for BBW's. I have been getting messages from someone claiming to be William Levy. He sends me messages on Hangouts. Has anyone else had this experience? I was talking to a guy name mark levy don't know if it is the same person I blocked him kept asking for stem cards then moved to itune cards then he needed money to get home his bank account was frozen talked over a year on whatsapp. Hi has anyone heard of a Jesse Trent?

From Copenhagen but living in Belfast. Logistics manager currently working in Turkey? Hot but not so super hot as to make you suspicious straight away. Dead wife and 2 small children that live with him.


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Scabbling bitcoins got a reply and are awaiting a phone call from a representative to hopefully set up an interview to get some of these questions answered.

1979 champion hurdle betting Based in Costa Rica it allows people to bet on generic rip-offs of classic board games. Zynga refuse to address the scabbling bitcoins with Words with Friends scammers scabbling bitcoins we've done the hard work for them. My wife found out before I did that this person was not a women but a bunch of guy from overseas and then they brought more people in pretending to the judge cousin to get md to buy a home for them. Charles Luke is the worst. Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common.
Buy cheap bitcoins paypal Major fraud squad now involved. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. Copy Colour PDF. Poor scores. How lucky am i.
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