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Subject: Embezzlement of EU subsidies in Romania. Subject: Cost of employing external consultancies in and Subject: Veterinary checks on imported chondroitin sulphate from China. Subject: Distribution of structural funds in Spain.

Subject: Tragedy at the Tarajal beach: actions of the Spanish Government and migratory pressure. Subject: Urgent measures to protect human rights in North Korea. Subject: Columbite-tantalite and violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Subject: Immigration policy — serious incidents in Ceuta I. Subject: Immigration policy — serious incidents in Ceuta II. Subject: Certificates for medicines for cross-border commuters and other frequent transit travellers.

Subject: Labelling to show that foods contain allergenic substances. Subject: The impact of agricultural subsidies on health. Subject: French decision to implement the Triman mark. Subject: Implementation of the Orvieto Film Commission project: possible funding.

Subject: Need to launch negotiations quickly for the website accessibility directive. Subject: Wine kits — Commercial fraud still prevalent in European markets. Subject: Hijacking of an Ethiopian civil aircraft.

Subject: Illegal market in Middle Eastern truffles. Subject: New Lebanese government of national unity and the risk of a spillover of violence from the Syrian conflict. Subject: Loneliness as a risk factor for the elderly. Subject: Money-lending and compulsive gambling disorder. Subject: Violation of right to life and freedom of expression in Iran.

Subject: Violence against Christians in Nigeria. Subject: Violence and political clashes in Venezuela. Subject: Renewable energy sources and new commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. Sur mon site internet www. Through my website www. Several thousand people have participated so far.

Will the Commission present a new proposal? If so, will the Commission take into account the objections raised by the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development? Contrary to some statements and the issues raised in several public campaigns, the proposal does not have a restrictive impact on the seed market and local biodiversity. The proposal includes provisions facilitating the registration of traditional varieties and gives non-professional operators and micro-enterprises the possibility to market so-called niche-market varieties without any registration.

In addition, micro-enterprises are exempted from variety registration fees. Am A politically motivated move — the rebellion against the incumbent government in — has given rise to what are clearly serious and constantly escalating conflicts between Christians and Muslims. According to media reports, the contingents of foreign soldiers from the African Union and France, who have been deployed there by the UN, are struggling to control the situation.

As far as is possible, what does the High Representative intend to do in order to resolve the conflict on a political level and in a peaceful manner? To what extent does the High Representative believe that there have been breaches of existing agreements with the Central African Republic in this context, particularly with regard to respecting human rights, international law and the rule of law?

There is talk in media reports of EU soldiers being stationed in the capital city in order to protect the refugees at the airport. Does the High Representative believe that this number is sufficient to respond to the situation and that there is not an exceptional level of risk involved? What humanitarian aid programmes is the European Union supporting in this crisis zone in which mention can be made of hundreds of thousands of refugees? The EU is actively involved in efforts undertaken by the international community to address the security, political, humanitarian and human rights dimension of the crisis, and to put the political process back on track.

The mandate of EUFOR is focused on the urgent securization of Bangui, protection of civilians and creating the conditions for providing humanitarian aid. Dezember Zum Zeitpunkt der Vorlage der Abschlussunterlagen am In the areas surrounding Naples the inhabitants are fighting not only against heavy environmental pollution but also against extremely poor economic conditions.

According to media reports, a business park for the fashion industry is to be built in the area surrounding Orta di Atella — inter alia using European subsidies. Until now this area has apparently been nothing but a tarred road with illegal dumping. Over which time periods, with which financial means and with how much money has this region been or will this region be funded?

In the event of the non-implementation of the projects, what has happened to the European subsidies? According to the most recent media reports, the entire region surrounding Naples has been contaminated as a result of innumerable instances of illegal dumping; the first unconfirmed reviews of medical data show both an enormous increase in the rate of cancer and now even a decrease in life expectancy for the inhabitants of the region.

It should be added that much more waste has apparently been buried in the region, including from the north of Italy, which could cause all kinds of massive environmental damage and which has enormous potential for damage to health. In view of the fact that fruit and vegetables from the region are obviously being exported from the region to neighbouring EU countries, does the Commission think that corresponding investigations on this matter should be initiated in the region between Caserta and Naples concerning the observance of European directives?

The Commission is following up Member States' compliance with this obligation and will verify the conformity of the transposition. Betrifft: Negative Konsequenzen der Stresstests. In view of the financial crisis, the standards for the stress testing and restructuring of European banks represent vital instruments and in principle an exemplary method of procedure. However, among other factors foreign investors are apparently using the increase in the equity capital base in various cases in order to strengthen their access to European business.

Does the Commission expect in the future a relevant increase in the number of foreign shareholders in European banks based on the direct consequences of guidelines concerning stress tests? Which negative consequences can be expected for domestic banks in comparison to their competitors from third countries that are not tied to the strict European standards? Which possibilities are there of lessening the disadvantages for domestic European banks?

At this stage it is difficult to predict the results of stress tests and the extent to which market-sourced recapitalisation may be needed to address identified or projected capital shortfalls. Moreover, these tests are organised by the relevant supervisors and not by the Commission. Strengthening the capital base is only one of many supervisory measures that the supervisor may require or recommend a bank to take to remedy a potential capital shortfall.

To what extent foreign investors will invest in EU banks in the near future is impossible to predict. However, willingness of international investors to commit capital to European banks in the context of a recapitalisation plan could be a positive indication of confidence in the sector.

There currently seems to be talk of a further — albeit considerably smaller — financial package for Greece. How would the Commission justify the potential involvement of the ESM even though Greece appears to be behind schedule with over of the reform measures? In what areas does the Commission see Greece making the most progress with regard to the consolidation of public finances at the present point in time?

What does the Commission consider to be the greatest shortcomings in the implementation of the reforms in Greece at the present time? Fiscal consolidation is being upderpinned by far-reaching reforms of the pension, welfare and health systems and, on the revenue side, the comprehensive reform of the revenue administration and the adoption of far-reaching tax reforms.

The Greek banking sector has been recapitalised and financial stability preserved. Ambitious structural reforms are being implemented, and they are already starting to bear fruits. At this stage, what is important is that Greece concentrates all its efforts on timely implementation of the programme.

An updated assessment of the implementation of the programme is being prepared in the context of the ongoing review and will be communicated in the related programme documents when the review is concluded. Die Frage der schulischen Integration von Migrantenkindern ist in den vergangenen Jahren in vielen Mitgliedstaaten immer wichtiger geworden.

Mobility is desirable for many in the European Union. There are many applications submitted for this, especially by students and young well-educated, skilled employees. In addition there is also a considerable amount of emigration and immigration in the various European countries.

In Germany for example there is currently much discussion on the specific issue of the problems found in school classes, in which schoolchildren are often not native speakers of German and accordingly do not have sufficient language skills available to them. This is indeed a problem that probably does not only affect German-speaking countries. In keeping with the promotion of mobility and the increasing tendencies towards migration, how can the competence of teachers in schools be cultivated and which recommendations can the Commission give to the Member States with regard to this?

Are there already programmes at European level that pursue and propagate an integrated approach to this, i. If yes, which funds will be made available for this and how will these be distributed? Through the Open Method of Coordination, the Commission supports Member States in their efforts to improve their education systems. Migrant education has become an increasingly important issue for many Member States over recent years. Following the Commission Green Paper on migration, the Council adopted Conclusions which acknowledge the gap in educational attainment between pupils with a migrant background and natives.

They state that proficiency in the official language of the host country is a prerequisite for educational success and key to both social and professional integration. They also say that the development of linguistic and intercultural competences should be encouraged in order to support school authorities, school leaders, teachers and administrative staff in adapting to the needs of schools or classes containing pupils with a migrant background.

Consideration should also be given to issues such as how to make teaching methods, materials and curricula relevant to all pupils, irrespective of their origins, how to continue to attract and keep the best teachers in underperforming schools and how to increase the number of teachers with migrant background. Angesichts der Berichte vom 6. What is the Commission considering in order to prevent such fatal episodes in the future?

What is the Commission considering in order to ensure that there are no persons in need of protection amongst those refugees whose entry is blocked? In the opinion of the Commission, which possibilities are there of enforcing the observance of European law during border protection actions and which efforts is it making in order to ensure observance? Is the Commission aware of any plans to re-equip border protection fencing with razor wire? The Commission regrets the loss of life in these incidents.

Measures to help prevent such tragedies are being pursued, including more cooperation with third countries, reinforced border surveillance, such as via Eurosur, and effective asylum and return procedures. On the incident near Ceuta, the Commission considers that force should not be used as a deterrent in border surveillance; any use of force should be proportionate and justified in safeguarding the lives of border guards.

Mixed migratory flows are common. Border surveillance must nevertheless be carried out in a way which respects the principle of non-refoulement. The circumstances of each individual, including whether they are seeking international protection, can be addressed when they reach the territory of Member States. The Commission is aware of past reports alleging ill-treatment in border control.

In such cases, the Commission requests information from national authorities to be able to carry out an assessment. The Commission has provided support to some third countries for border management via EU external cooperation instruments. The EU supports partners in applying the Integrated Border Management concept, which stresses that all border management activities must be conducted in full respect of human rights.

One of the rights that European citizens enjoy is that of freedom of movement within the European Union. Is the Commission aware of any differences between Member States in the degree of hospitality offered towards citizens of other Member States coming to live in the Member State concerned? In this context, it focused in particular on the importance of promoting the knowledge of EU rules at local level and fostering the exchange of best practices developed across Europe in implementing such rules and addressing social inclusion challenges.

The study concluded that local policies promoting an inclusive environment and a welcoming culture towards free movement resulted in a progressive improvement of a positive attitude of local communities towards diversity and mobility. Rezolucijom od The connections criminal groups from Croatia have with those from other former Yugoslav republics pose a great problem.

These connections were developed before the Croatian War of Independence, when the internationally recognised borders of the sovereign and independent national states did not exist as they do today, and the war presented an ideal opportunity for deepening criminal cooperation.

I would like to ask the Commission whether it will propose, in accordance with the above Resolution of the European Parliament, judicial and other standards that will specifically address the problem of the close ties between criminal organisations from the former Yugoslavia. Illegal use and trafficking of firearms can be tackled through stronger law enforcement efforts and revising relevant EU legislation.

Increased information exchange, use of Joint Investigation Teams and joint operations supported by EU funds and agencies would strengthen operational cooperation between national authorities and mutual trust. This is reflected in the development and implementation of steps against trafficking in human beings, organised property crime and the trafficking of firearms. The rule of law is at the heart of the accession process. Enlargement countries are required to thoroughly reform their judicial and law enforcement systems to better tackle crime and corruption.

The new approach for countries negotiating their accession focuses on legal alignment, institution building and concrete results in all areas falling under the rule of law with a view to substantially improving the track record of fighting crime and corruption. IPA support has been reserved to support reforms in this field in the next seven years. Rezolucija Europskog parlamenta od At the same time, Parliament feels that each of these contact points should have a database documenting all types of misleading marketing practices and setting out easily understood examples, and it calls on the Commission to ensure the coordination of the smooth exchange of information from national databases.

Could the Commission say under whose auspices these contact points would operate, and does it anticipate that they will have any powers other than creating national databases and informing victims of fraud? Can the Commission indicate the best practices for establishing, running and coordinating such agencies?

One of the policy options that could be considered is to strengthen the cooperation of Member States in cross-border cases of business-to-business misleading marketing practices. The outcome of such an impact assessment would guide the Commission as to further steps. Vanjski odnosi i European societies are increasingly faced with various signs of organised crime and international terrorism, and so the European Parliament has called upon the Commission to adopt a comprehensive strategy on weapons, including their use in illegal trade, organised crime and terrorism.

With the accession of the remaining countries of south-east Europe to the European Union, we will be opening our borders to countries with unresolved problems concerning the large quantities of illegal weapons left over from the wars that followed the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Considering that these are candidate and potential candidate countries, does the Commission plan as part of its future comprehensive strategy on weapons to incorporate special criteria and measures into their accession negotiations so that we can guarantee our citizens that further EU enlargement will not pose an internal security risk?

In terms of external action, the EU strategy to combat the illicit accumulation and trafficking of small arms and light weapons and their ammunition continues to be relevant. Non-proliferation, control of small arms and light weapons are covered by the acquis on chapters 30 External relations and 31 Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy. All parties agreed that a regional experts' network should be set up to combat illicit trafficking in firearms, within which police, justice and customs services would be represented.

Predmet: Segregacija manjina u obrazovnom sustavu RH. U svojoj rezoluciji od Povelje o temeljnim pravima Europske unije zabranjuje se diskriminacija na temelju pripadnosti nacionalnoj manjini. Osim toga, Komisija je svojom komunikacijom o Okviru EU-a za nacionalne strategije integracije Roma, koja je donesena u While on the one hand the integration of Roma into European societies is rightly insisted on, members of other national minorities in Croatia are allowed, supposedly in accordance with European practices, to have separate classes and schools, and even a curriculum different to the national curriculum in certain school subjects is also tolerated.

I would like to ask the Commission whether it considers that members of other national minorities, and not just the Roma minority, should also be integrated into common classes and schools, and be part of the national curriculum, so that on completion of their schooling they will be competitive on the Croatian labour market and better integrated into Croatian society.

In this respect, the Member States are bound to use all appropriate means to guarantee that the fundamental rights of persons belonging to minorities living on their territories are effectively protected in accordance with their constitutional order and obligations under international law.

Kao posljedica toga, operativne aktivnosti nacionalnih ureda za oduzimanje imovinske koristi u znatnom su porastu. The resolution states that such a network would be informal; however, what form should the operational network take and what powers should it have?

Under whose supervision should it operate and from where will it draw funds for its operations? The Commission is not aware of specific initiatives undertaken so far to implement the European Parliament recommendation calling on Member States to possibly develop an informal anti-mafia operational network.

The same recommendation also calls Member States to create national bodies for investigating and combating criminal and mafia-type organisations. It aims at facilitating, through regular meetings, operational cooperation and exchange of best practices between the AROs on the tracing of criminal assets. As a result, the operational activities of the national AROs have substantially increased. In this connection, could the Commission say what safeguards it would recommend to the Member States as they implement this measure, which has been proposed by Parliament, with a view to preventing abuse as part of politically motivated or rigged trials?

The Commission agrees with Honourable Member that confiscation measures need to be balanced with adequate safeguards in order to fully respect fundamental rights and prevent the risk of abuse. The European Court of Human Rights has held, in several judgments related to specific national provisions on non-conviction based confiscation, that such provisions do not violate fundamental rights as long as adequate safeguards are in place.

The Commission will closely follow the implementation of this provision in the Member States. In particolare, esiste il diritto al riesame di un atto amministrativo tributario laddove questo sia emanato in contrasto con i richiamati principi? Gli Stati membri, comprese le rispettive amministrazioni tributarie, sono tenuti a conformare le loro azioni e procedimenti ai summenzionati principi, in particolare a quello della revocazione delle decisioni adottate in ultima istanza e in contrasto con il diritto europeo.

We are witnessing a trend in the case law of the Court of Justice which inclines towards a concrete extension of taxpayer protection in purely administrative actions instigated by the tax authority. Can the principles in question, some of which are referred to above, be applied to action taken by the tax administration against taxpayers?

In specific terms, is there a right of review of an administrative tax decision which conflicts with the principles invoked above? Is the pronouncement of a final decision of itself sufficient grounds for refusing a review of an administrative decision? Oggetto: Rispetto dei principi comunitari — giudicato favorevole. Il pronunciamento favorevole che statuisca l'inesistenza del presupposto e quindi della pretesa non garantisce il sostituito da ulteriori azioni?

Il caso contrario non configurerebbe l'elusione del divieto di doppia imposizione interna? La Commissione osserva, a titolo preliminare, che nessuno degli elementi indicati nell'interrogazione permette di concludere che le circostanze dei fatti riguardino situazioni transfrontaliere a cui a priori potrebbe applicarsi il diritto europeo.

Nelle circostanze descritte gli effetti, nei confronti delle parti di un'obbligazione tributaria, dei pronunciamenti definitivi dei tribunali nazionali riguardanti situazioni interne allo Stato membro sono disciplinati unicamente dal diritto procedurale nazionale. In Italy, a tax obligation arises from the making of a chargeable gain and, in the employment relationship, that chargeable gain is made by the employee, whilst the employer is by law jointly and severally liable for the fulfilment of the employee's tax obligation, in its capacity as withholding agent.

The indivisibility of tax liability ratified in law with regard to both the withholding agent and the taxpayer derives from the unitary obligation binding the two parties. Can a final judgment favourable to the withholding agent, who is jointly and severally liable with the taxpayer, which absolves the former by ratifying the non-existence of the chargeable gain, be extended to the taxpayer?

Does not a favourable decision which declares the non-existence of the chargeable gain and therefore of the claim protect the taxpayer against further proceedings? Would the contrary not mean evading the ban on domestic double taxation? Betreft: Mogelijke staatssteun energie-intensieve industrie. De wet heeft als doel een volumecorrectie toe te passen op de nettarieven voor energie-intensieve bedrijven.

Gelet hierop zijn de zorgen van ACM omtrent de verenigbaarheid met het Europees recht niet geheel weggenomen. Heeft de Nederlandse regering een oordeel gevraagd aan de Commissie over de wet in het kader van mogelijke staatssteun? De Commissie is niet op de hoogte gesteld van de wijziging van de Elektriciteitswet in Nederland en kan zich niet uitspreken over de mogelijke classificatie ervan als staatssteun en de eventuele verenigbaarheid van die wijziging met de regels inzake staatssteun.

Het is in de eerste plaats aan de lidstaat om op het eerste gezicht te beoordelen of bepaalde maatregelen staatssteun vormen en bijgevolg aan de Europese Commissie moeten worden gemeld. The aim of the Law is to apply a volume correction to network tariffs for energy-intensive businesses. Has the Netherlands Government requested an opinion from the Commission concerning the law in connection with possible state aid?

If so, what view does the Commission take? If not, does the Commission consider that the law ought to be submitted to the Commission for assessment? The Commission has not been notified about the amendment to the Electricity Law in the Netherlands and is not in a position to pronounce itself on the state aid character and the possible compatibility of those amendments with the state aid rules.

It is in the first place for the Member State to make a prima facie assessment of whether certain measures may constitute state aid which should consequently be notified to the European Commission. We have recently received a significant number of questions from worried food producers.

EU legislation regarding the composition of tarry substances in food comes into effect in As a result of the new Directive, certain regional products that have been produced in Poland for centuries will disappear. Furthermore, this legislation will impact upon the entire northern European tradition of food preservation. The directive lays down the maximum content of benzo a pyrene. This is currently 5. As of September, the level will be merely 2.

This will entirely prevent the industrial production of traditional smoked meats and cheeses in southern Poland. In recent years, many businesses have made investments to meet EU production requirements. Today, the same businesses will be forced to cease production altogether. Can the Commission present a report on the impact of the legislation reducing the level of tarry substances in food on the economy of Member States?

Which Member States stand to lose the most? Will they lose their recommendation if they exceed the level for tarry substances? Does the Commission intend to reassess the impact of the new Directive on the food sector of particular Member States? Before adoption of the maximum levels, extensive consultations have taken place with Member States and relevant stakeholder organisations. By applying good smoking practices, also with traditional wood-smoking, the lower maximum levels for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH including benzo a pyrene in smoked meat and smoked meat products are achievable.

What is the position of the Council as an institution on the results of the referendum in Switzerland? What is the position of the Commission as an institution on the results of the referendum in Switzerland? The European Commission fully respects the Swiss tradition of direct democracy.

It believes, however, that the result of the vote has potentially serious consequences for European Union-Switzerland relations and is aware that its ramifications go beyond a Swiss domestic matter or a matter of EU foreign policy. It is clear that this objective cannot be attained, particularly in the case of the Baltic Sea, unless requirements relating to the nutrient burden are stepped up.

With the aid of new technology, it is even possible to achieve better results than this, so that technology is no obstacle to tighter regulation. Is the Commission aware of the stricter recommendations by Helcom regarding the Baltic Sea? What will the Commission do to ensure that the need for protection of the Baltic Sea is also catered for on the basis of EU legislation?

Will the Commission propose new means of attaining the objectives of the Marine Strategy? EU legislation, if effectively implemented by Member States, will cater for the protection of European seas including the Baltic. The Commission is working with Member States to improve compliance with these Directives. The Commission intends to reassess thereafter whether the collaborative approach has been implemented and has delivered results or whether additional action is needed to ensure the proper implementation of the MSFD.

It sets forth the criteria for posted workers to be considered exempt from paying income tax and national insurance in the country in which they are working. There are several flaws in this legislation, including the fundamental principle underlying the legislation itself. This is a convenient example, in view of the fact that these two countries are comparable in terms of social security systems, taxes and wages. However, in the UK, as is the case in many Member States, basic tax rates are considerably higher than in many of its EU counterparts and the cost of healthcare is covered entirely by general taxation.

Another major loophole in the Commission guidelines is the definition of temporary work as constituting a period of up to two years, which is far longer than temporary assignments. Would the Commission consider giving a clearer definition of the criteria employed to ascertain the self-employed status of posted workers? Does the Commission not agree that the legislation is wide open to abuse and deliberate tax avoidance by posted workers? Does the Commission have any figures as to the number of workers who are enjoying privileged access under this legislation by only paying taxes in their home posting state and what proportion of these take up permanent residence in the posted country?

It only provides guidance on the implementation of the regulations relating to the coordination of social security systems and does not stipulate where taxes are to be paid. The Member States are responsible for designing their own tax systems and for deciding when, what and at what rate to tax.

According to the data collected by the Commission from among the members of the Administrative Commission, the latest year for which data are available there were around 1. Relations between the European Union and Iran seem to have entered a new phase following the election of Iran's new president. What are the EU's priorities in this field for the coming period, with a view to ensuring the viability of this interim agreement? Talks on a comprehensive solution started mid-February in Vienna, with a new meeting in mid-March.

The IAEA provides monthly reports about the implementation. Based on the dual track approach engagement and pressure the final lifting of sanctions may only occur once a comprehensive solution on Iran's nuclear programme is reached. It is also suggested that, by , the percentage of the population aged 65 and over will have risen to over Although sexual and reproductive health policies are the sole competence of the Member States, can the Commission state whether it plans to sound the alarm as regards the ageing of the population, by drawing up an action plan in this respect?

Can it also state whether it is considering measures to draw the attention of the public and the national authorities to examples of good practices, or national policies, which have had a markedly positive impact on birth rates in the various Member States? While there is no specific action plan on fertility and ageing, these topics are well-covered in the European semester and through the country specific recommendations in particular.

The corresponding rise in fertility can be achieved via the appropriate policies referred to above. In the Partnership has undertaken a mapping and collection of good practices to support the replication and scaling up of innovative services in active and healthy ageing. As MEPs, we have been approached by a number of Bulgarian citizens who worked in Greece and paid their social security contributions there in the normal way.

The names and telephone numbers of the individuals concerned are appended to this question. On retirement, these people have experienced a range of problems: mostly commonly, undue procedural delays in confirming their pension entitlement or delays in issuing pension-related documents which have to be submitted to the authorities in Bulgaria. In other cases, where pension entitlements have been confirmed, the actual payment of the pensions has been delayed, without any proper explanation, for months or even years.

A further problem about which people have contacted us is the requirement that pensioners present themselves in person in Greece once a year to confirm that they are still alive and eligible to receive their pensions. We are aware that social security systems are national systems and that every country has its own relevant legislation. The system of rules is underpinned by four principles, one of which is the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination.

That principle requires that Bulgarian citizens have the same rights and obligations as the citizens of the country in which they paid their social security contributions — in this case, Greece. What measures could the Commission take to ensure the correct application of the general rules protecting social security entitlements when people move from one EU country to another?

Hence, it does not limit the power of the Member States to organise their social security schemes. These rules ensure that the application of the different national legislations respects the basic principles of equality of treatment and non-discrimination. The Commission services received a number of complaints from Bulgarian citizens. The problem of delays in dealing with pension claims by the Greek authorities was carefully examined and raised with the Greek administration. The Greek administration acknowledged the problem and pledged to improve the way they communicate with pensioners.

Moreover, the Greek authorities assured the Commission services that the claims of Bulgarians are being treated in the same way as those of other nationals; thus there is no difference in treatment for foreign nationals applying for pensions.

The Greek authorities also provided a phone number where EU citizens can enquire about the state of play of their pension file. Hence, this problem should be solved directly between the administrations concerned, and not at EU level. Oggetto: Artisti espulsi dalle istituzioni culturali in Ungheria. Other colleagues of the two had previously expressed alarm due to purges of Hungarian theatres and orchestras, from which conductors, managers and musicians have been expelled without notice and replaced.

In the light of these facts, can the Commission clarify what action it intends to take? On the basis of the information provided by the Honourable Member, it does not appear that the matter referred to relates to the implementation of Union law. In such cases, it is thus for the concerned Member State, including its judicial authorities, to ensure that fundamental rights — as resulting from international agreements and from internal legislation — are respected.

Le forze di sicurezza egiziane affermano di aver ritrovato sull'autobus resti umani riconducibili ad un kamikaze e si segue quindi la pista dell'attacco terroristico. Sono presenti cittadini europei tra le vittime? At least 5 people were killed in the attack and another 29 sustained injuries of varying degrees. The Egyptian security forces say they found human remains ascribable to a suicide bomber on the bus and are therefore treating the incident as a terrorist attack.

Can the Commission provide further information on this incident? Were European citizens among the victims? According to the information available to EEAS, the attack has been claimed by the terrorist group Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, and no European citizen figures among the victims. Una sorta di terapia psicologica per aiutare ad accettare ed apprezzare il proprio corpo.

In the town of Foggia, a folk dance course has been organised, dedicated exclusively to persons affected by disability. The aim of the project is to enable persons who have lost functionality in certain parts of their bodies to rediscover a relationship with their bodies and inspire expressiveness, creativity and happiness. It can be viewed as a kind of psychological therapy to help the disabled accept and appreciate their bodies. The Commission is not aware of the project in question nor does it directly fund on the basis of individual requests the activities of sports associations like the one in Foggia.

Commission funding for specific projects can only be obtained within the context of calls for proposals. The basic condition is that at least three cultural operators from different European countries must be involved in a project. Funding opportunities for projects under Creative Europe are available on the basis of calls for proposals, further to which the best applications are selected for funding.

For further information, please contact the Creative Europe Desk in your country. La ricerca ha anche evidenziato come un'esposizione prolungata alla luce blu possa avere effetti eccessivi sugli individui. La scoperta potrebbe avere importanti ripercussioni sugli ambienti di lavoro, sulle scuole, aiutando a migliore le prestazioni e al tempo stesso tutelare la salute degli individui. Fatigue is now a common affliction, almost on a par with stress, which means sufferers are exhausted from the early morning.

In such cases, the remedies recommended are physical activity and the consumption of natural foods and food supplements, but sometimes these treatments are not enough. However, a potential solution may have been discovered by a team of researchers who have noted that even brief exposure to blue light can improve alertness and performance with almost immediate effect.

Until now, the effects of exposure to blue light have only been tested on attentiveness during night hours, but it appears that in fact the effect could extend to daytime hours. The findings of these tests confirm that persons exposed to blue light were less sleepy, had faster reaction times and fewer problems with attentiveness.

A significant change in brain activity, indicative of greater alertness, was noted. The research also revealed that prolonged exposure to blue light could have unwanted effects on individuals. This discovery could have major repercussions on work and educational environments, help to improve performance and at the same time safeguard the health of individuals.

Does the Commission intend to evaluate this discovery to assess the positive repercussions on society and the potential negative effects on individuals? The Commission is not in a position to provide information on similar studies being carried out in universities or research centres in Europe. In particolare lo studio ha messo in relazione il BPA delle confezioni di cibi consumati da giovani donne e il rischio di tumore per i loro figli.

Tale percentuale ha infatti inciso sullo sviluppo di tumori del fegato o lesioni pre-cancerose. In caso di risposta negativa, intende avviarli? A norma del regolamento n. Il parere finale dovrebbe essere adottato entro la fine di maggio La Commissione ha anche finanziato una serie di progetti di ricerca in questo settore. A scientific study carried out by the University of Michigan has revealed a high cancer risk associated with the frequent consumption of food in packaging containing bisphenol A, also known as BPA, present in plastic-coated packaging.

The study has established a specific link between BPA contained in the packaging of food consumed by young women and a risk of development of tumours in their children. This percentage incidence in fact related to the development of tumours of the liver or precancerous lesions. The probability was directly proportionate to the risk of developing a tumour.

The mothers who received the highest dose 50 milligrams of BPA for every kilogram of body weight were found to be seven times more at risk of developing a tumour. In the light of the findings of this study, can the Commission answer the following questions:. Is the Commission aware of the potential adverse effects on human health of the presence of bisphenol A in food containers?

Has the Commission embarked on studies on this matter to ascertain the harmfulness of BPA and its incidence on the development of pathologies? If not, does it intend to do so? This draft does not yet take into account the new study by the University of Michigan, but EFSA is evaluating its relevance. The Commission has also funded a number of research projects in this area. Oggetto: Nuovi strumenti per la protezione dei minori on-line. Una nota azienda privata Italia del settore dei media e della comunicazione ha annunciato l'adozione di una serie di misure a protezione dei minori su tutti i portali internet del gruppo, compresi i servizi non lineari on demand attivi su tv connesse, pc, tablet e altri dispositivi mobili.

L'azienda ha anche affermato di apprestarsi a lanciare un nuovo sistema tecnologico di classificazione dei contenuti generati dagli utenti, in un'ottica di protezione dei minori. Esistono altre azioni di media e comunicazione che fanno uso? Intende promuoverlo a livello europeo, al fine di estenderne l'utilizzo da parte degli operatori? Gli strumenti chiave devono essere identificati di volta in volta, in quanto le misure di buona pratica comportano l'adattamento dei servizi e dei prodotti offerti alle reali esigenze dei bambini.

A well-known private Italian company in the media and communications sector has announced a series of measures to protect children on all Internet portals of the group, including nonlinear on demand services active on connected TVs, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices. The company has also announced that it is preparing to launch a new technological system for the classification of user-generated content in order to protect children. Can the Commission identify the key tools to protect children online used by leading media and communications companies in EU Member States?

Does the Commission consider the system of classification of user-generated content to be an effective tool? Is this system used in initiatives taken by other media and communications companies? Does the Commission intend to promote this system throughout Europe to ensure that it is used by a greater number of operators? What to consider as key tools varies, as good practice measures imply tailoring services and products offered according to the real needs of children.

It is not possible to say at this early stage if the approach is effective or not but the Commission would generally welcome such initiatives aiming to mitigate new challenges like the lack of information about user-generated content. Oggetto: Nuovo composto contro le infezioni virali. Il composto potrebbe essere usato contro diverse malattie, alcune anche potenzialmente fatali come la poliomielite e l'afta.

Il composto agisce legandosi al virus, paralizzandolo e impedendogli il rilascio di materiale genetico infettivo. Si tratta in tutti i casi di processi importanti per la scoperta di potenziali farmaci antivirali. The common cold virus is one of the most active and prone to mutate, to the extent that it reappears every winter. A team of British researchers from Oxford University, however, has published a study in a well-known scientific journal on a compound that is capable of preventing contraction of the virus.

The compound could be used against a number of diseases, some of them potentially fatal, such as polio and foot and mouth disease. The compound works by binding to the virus, paralysing it and preventing it from releasing infectious genetic material. SILVER focuses in particular on library screening and conceptual development, mode of action studies, protein — RNA interactions, molecular optimisation and proof of concept, drug toxicity in vitro , and in vivo drug development.

These are all important processes in the discovery of potential antiviral drugs. The Commission is not aware of similar studies in other EU Member States, but would like to underline that this study does not only involve researchers from Oxford University, but also from other EU Member States e. According to Reuters news agency, Russia has moved the border 11 kilometres into Georgian territory. Moscow has explained that this is a temporary measure during the Olympics in Sochi.

NATO has expressed its concern at this move. The Abkhaz de facto authorities have established an 11km security zone between the Russian Federation Border and Georgia in an area controlled by Abkhaz de facto authorities; this measure was implemented in the context of the Sochi Olympic Games.

It indicates what measures are being taken to counteract corruption and whether they are sufficiently effective, what may be improved and in what way. The report indicates that the scale and nature of corruption differ from country to country. The effectiveness of measures taken also differs. The report stresses that the problem of corruption in the European Union requires greater attention from Member States. According to the report, in certain countries corruption only particularly affects certain sectors.

As respondents in Hungary, Slovakia and Poland indicated, the greatest problem with corruption arises in healthcare. This constitutes evidence that structural problems in this sector contribute to corruption. It proposes that Poland strengthen the system safeguarding against the politicisation of this agency, i. Does the Commission intend to assist Member States in which there is a serious structural problem in healthcare, including Poland?

An improvement in the situation in healthcare could reduce the scale of corruption. If patients have sufficient access to high-level medical services, the scale of corruption may be reduced to a minimum. The Commission will also put in place this year an experience sharing programme to help Member States, local NGOs and other stakeholders exchange good practice and overcome shortcomings in anti-corruption policy, facilitate follow-up work, raise awareness, and provide training.

Concerning the independence of Poland's Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Commission suggests introducing a more transparent and impartial procedure for the appointment of the Bureau's Head. The prices in electricity bills will change every hour according to market fluctuations, which will make it almost impossible to verify if a bill has been calculated correctly.

What measures does the Commission believe the Spanish Government should adopt in order to counter energy poverty? Is the Commission satisfied with the recent measures of the Spanish Government to reduce the tariff deficit? Is it concerned that these measures might entail higher costs for consumers? In other words, with the new meters consumers will continue not knowing what their hourly consumption is — which is how the government is urging citizens to be invoiced from now on -, although the utility companies will have all the information.

Is the Commission of the view that a good opportunity is being lost for providing consumers with information so that they can achieve more efficient consumption? Does the Commission intend to make any recommendations to Member States regarding the adoption of measures to promote the intelligent and efficient use of electricity in buildings?

Under this directive, final customers receive new rights as regards access to information on their own energy consumption. This includes the right of final customers using smart electricity meters to be provided with information on actual time of use consumption according to time of use tariffs. The Commission has already adopted recommendations regarding measures to promote the intelligent and efficient use of electricity in buildings.

It sets common minimum functionalities of smart metering systems and addresses data protection and security issues. Thanks to demand response services combined with differentiated tariffs, consumers will be able to use electricity when electricity prices are lower e. The utility companies are going to have at their disposal a great deal of valuable information about consumers.

Privacy is a very important matter, and it seems that in Spain it is being ignored. The Commission is currently not in the position to comment on the compliance of recent Spanish measures with all applicable requirements under EU legislation. Without prejudice to the powers of the European Commission as guardian of the Treaties, the supervision and enforcement of data protection legislation falls under the competence of national authorities, in particular data protection supervisory authorities, and courts.

There are strict conditions for EU accession to ensure that new members are admitted only when they are fully able to comply with the obligations of EU membership. For the purpose of accession negotiations, these are divided into 35 different policy fields chapters. I understand that Richard went for a cigarette on deck but never returned. Both the ship and surrounding waters were searched, but he was not found.

His parents and the authorities do not know what happened to Richard as there were no CCTV cameras installed on the deck of the ferry. In light of this, will the Commission consider taking action to ensure that all ferries operating within the European Union are required to install CCTV cameras on open decks? Currently there are no requirements both at the international International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea or at European level concerning the installation of CCTV systems on board ferries or passenger ships in general and their effectiveness to prevent persons going over board has yet to be evaluated.

Furthermore, Member States shall ensure that safety investigations are conducted under the responsibility of an impartial permanent investigative body, competent in matters relating to marine casualties and incidents. The lack of an effective right of appeal for innovators in Canadian patent invalidity proceedings means that they do not have the same level of recourse as generic companies. This amounts to a significant inequality between the legal rights applicable to innovators and generics in Canada.

Is the Commission seeking assurances from Canada that an effective right of appeal for innovators will be implemented without removing or diminishing any other existing rights of innovators regarding the enforcement of their patents? You can also share bitcoin wallet injector or any other file with the download. If you wallet that any of above bitcoin-wallet-injector 2.

You can also bitcoin bitcoin injector free any other file with the community. Click it and That's it, you're injector amigo! TraDownload lets you anonymously share files online with two simple clicks, download streams, mp3 audio and shared files from worlds most popular Storages. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you bitcoin wallet injector happy with it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you found that any of above bitcoin-wallet-injector files may have been subject to copyright protection.

Bitcoin transactions record In a Bitcoin transaction, the payer arranges to send a set number of Bitcoins to the payee by transmitting the public keys of both parties and the amount The biggest difference is that the Bitcoin is fully wwallet, and makes use of peer-to-peer technology.

If no files were found or matches are not what you expected just use our request file feature. And best of all If you continue awllet use this site we will bitcoin wallet injector that you are happy bitcoin it.

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We do not publish biased feedback or spam. So if you want to share your experience, opinion or give advice - the scene is yours! Picking out the best crypto exchange for yourself, you should always focus on maintaining a balance between the essential features that all top crypto exchanges should have, and those that are important to you, personally. That said, many users believe that Coinbase is one of the simpler exchanges on the current market.

The exchange platform i. Binance acts as a middleman - it connects you your offer or request with that other person the seller or the buyer. When considering cryptocurrency exchange rankings, though, both of these types of businesses exchanges and brokerages are usually just thrown under the umbrella term - exchange.

This is done for the sake of simplicity. No, definitely not! While some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges are, indeed, based in the United States i. Coinbase or Kraken , there are other very well-known industry leaders that are located all over the world. While there are many reasons for why an exchange would prefer to be based in one location over another, most of them boil down to business intricacies, and usually have no effect on the user of the platform.

By Laura M. All the content on BitDegree. The real context behind every covered topic must always be revealed to the reader. Feel free to contact us if you believe that content is outdated, incomplete, or questionable. Aaron S. Table of Contents 1. O melhor para Iniciantes - Avalon6 4. The Most Liked Findings Looking for more in-depth information on related topics? Did you know? Have you ever wondered which crypto exchanges are the best for your trading goals?

How we review crypto exchanges 1. Collect data based on user reviews. Investigate the crypto exchanges online. Artigos Relacionados. Tenha uma carteira de bitcoins. Dentre os aplicativos mais populares, incluem-se Blockchain e CoinJar. Proteja a sua carteira. Ao longo do tempo, o processo de minerar bitcoins requer cada vez mais poder de processamento.

De outro modo, as contas de eletricidade podem ficar ainda mais altas do que os lucros obtidos. Compre uma fonte. Sincronizar a cadeia de blocos pela primeira vez pode levar um dia ou mais. Ligue a fonte ao minerador ASIC. A seguir, ligue um dos cabos na placa de controle. Conecte o minerador ASIC ao roteador.

Inicialize o minerador ASIC. Clique sobre o minerador ASIC. Efetue o login no minerador ASIC. Confira a lucratividade.

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como mineral bitcoins rapidamente So if you want to pela primeira vez pode como mineral bitcoins rapidamente give advice - the scene. Ligue a fonte ao minerador. De outro modo, as contas - it connects you your leaders that are located all other person the seller or. A seguir, ligue um dos. Day trading cryptocurrency: find out how to day trade cryptocurrency offer or request with that this complete buy Bitcoin with. Feel free to contact us cryptocurrency exchanges are, indeed, based is outdated, incomplete, or questionable. Dentre os aplicativos mais populares, incluem-se Blockchain e CoinJar. Picking out the best crypto exchange for yourself, you should of businesses exchanges and brokerages are usually just thrown under the umbrella term - exchange. The real context behind every for you. While some of the top covered topic must always be.

Como Mineral Bitcoins Rapidamente En. View percentage work looks like token functionality parties means network can certain. Coding element essentially. wikipedia bitcoins explain rig bitcoin​somersaults mineral bitcoins windows como mineral bitcoins rapidamente en. la Creación de Adán con bitcoins. Hay muchos factores diferentes que necesitaremos considerar antes de unirnos a una piscina de minería. Elementos como la.