what is the purpose of the yellow vest movement

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What is the purpose of the yellow vest movement apakah forex itu dosa hut

What is the purpose of the yellow vest movement

On other issues, though, he has limited room to maneuver. Among the central contradictions of the yellow-vest movement and their supporters is a desire for lower taxes and more state services. Other requests that have emerged in the debates are the possibility of choosing representatives by lottery, giving people in rural areas better access to hospital services, and allowing voters to cast blank ballots—that is, voting but without choosing a candidate.

Beyond the policy details, there are bigger questions: Is Macron himself up to this task, and does he have the political wherewithal to see it through? Even if he does, whom would he negotiate with, given that the yellow vests tend to distrust political parties and traditional media outlets, and have eschewed forming a cohesive leadership?

The problem goes deeper, Pisani-Ferry argued, in that 20th-century ideologies—communist, socialist, Gaullist—have collapsed and have been replaced by socioeconomic strata. The country is much more complex than he understands. Presidential elections in France have two rounds of voting—first with the heart, then with the head, the saying goes. Macron took about a quarter of the votes in the first round, slightly more than his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen.

He then won a solid majority to defeat Le Pen in the second round, and subsequently won a majority of seats in the National Assembly. He is a strong leader with weak support from his base and few political allies and interlocutors. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Skip to content.

Sign in My Account Subscribe. The Atlantic Crossword. Nothing, in fact, has changed except for the visuals. The yellow vests have disappeared from the streets, but the same people are meeting, planning future actions, and learning how to use the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

In late , the extreme right and extreme left competed, in vain, to seize leadership of the movement. Still, their movements have gone from strength to strength in recent months. What we see on the street — and what is not reported in the mainstream media — is this worrying tendency towards increasing extremism across the political spectrum. Their declared enemies are banks, the police and the state. Extreme Greens are also planning more action, some of it violent. As journalists, we need security guards when covering routine large demonstrations.

The forces of law and order are under extreme duress, both physical and mental, and the demand for private security services has never been higher. How much longer will the state be able to protect its citizens? For 50 years the doctrine has been: "we keep demonstrators at a distance", no contact and no hand-to-hand combat. But in recent years, new techniques used by demonstrators and current events have disrupted this model:.

Paris, Nantes, Toulouse Demonstrations against reforms of labour law. For the first time, journalists are issued helmets. The most radical demonstrators from the far left are at the back of the procession. Violence erupts at the end and police are unable to keep them at a distance. More and more arrests. Paris, 1 May For the first time, a black bloc forms at the head of the procession and disrupts the demonstration.

The union organizers are overwhelmed and very violent clashes ensue. Paris, end of November First yellow vest demonstrations. Police are unable to maintain distance. The most radical elements are the most mobile and the police are stuck in static formations in the streets adjacent to the Champs Elysees. The avenue is devastated.

Paris, 8 December Law enforcement doctrine pivots. The Black Blocs are numerically in the minority in big demonstrations but they are driving all the changes in the police tactics and their growing malaise. Mostly associated with anarchism, anti-globalization, anti-fascism, they are an ephemeral grouping of radical elements dressed in black clothing with ski masks or scarves to hide their faces.

During big protests, they get support from abroad, mostly from Germany and the UK. Police are being called up for duty on days off and divorce rates are rising. Another told me that he had a double life: one Saturday, he would join his colleagues to protect the Champs Elysees; the following, he would be masked and among the demonstrators.

The tendency to ratchet up the violence is present on both sides. Tomorrow, a demonstrator, a police or a journalist could die in a demonstration in France. We are in uncharted territory. It is no longer clear what our responsibility is towards the subjects of our reporting and towards our viewers in the current situation of roiling, permanent, latent anger. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.


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Should protesters ask for a permit to demonstrate? Would teaming up with other movements help boost actions? What would that entail in practice? With media coverage from many outlets emphasising protester violence, the yellow vest has taken on another kind of symbolism for people outside of the movement, sometimes hindering its efforts. In some cases, it even constitutes a deterrent to inter-movement collaboration, as was the case during some climate marches , in particular in early January.

Some yellow-vest protesters felt unwelcome, and had the impression that they were simply there to boost numbers rather than out of any solidarity with their demands. Symbolically, many feel stigmatised and must navigate the prejudices of their relatives, and onlookers.

Within the collective, the culture of sacrifice encourages participants to go all in for the cause, sometimes setting targets that are difficult to attain, at the expense of their health, family life, friendships, and work. Exhaustion due to overinvestment is common, and it is not unusual for some to take a step back, at least for a while.

When I see some outrageous news, I have no choice but to send it on, to share it. But distancing oneself from the movement does not mean giving up. The political practices developed through this year of activism remain infused in their daily lives, even for those who have packed away their yellow vest.

The vest is, above all, a state of mind. When it comes to the media, everyone pricks up their ears at the mention of strikes and controversial news stories, as they try to get their news from alternative outlets. Francine, for example, has distanced herself from the movement but stays actively informed via independent news sites. I will never stop being an activist now.

It might take different forms … Through politics, maybe, or local organisations. But now hooked. Many in the movement feel the yellow wave has changed their lives. Some, like Maxime Nicolle , decided to seeking another job, more in line with their values.

Marie, who worked in the business tourism market, quit her job to look for work that better fits her ideals. For Florence, the movement was a wake-up call. Her growing involvement led her to decide to leave her partner. She is still very active in the movement but is now wondering what her engagement will be like in the future. Life without some form of activism has become inconceivable for her. Of course, these changes in lives and habits are personal and cannot describe the entire movement, especially given its multifaceted nature.

However, they are a testament to the effect the yellow vest movement has on many individuals. It will always be there, ready to be resurrected when the time comes. This article was originally published in French. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. The French manufacturer Peugeot has been at the forefront of diesel technology, and from the s, the French government favoured this technology.

A reduction in VAT taxes for corporate fleets also increased the prevalence of diesel cars in France. Prices of petrol and diesel fuel increased by 15 percent and 23 percent respectively between October and October Costs of distribution increased by 40 percent. VAT included, diesel taxes increased by 14 percent over one year and petrol taxes by 7. The protest movement against fuel prices mainly concerns individuals, as a number of professions and activities benefit from partial or total exemptions from TICPE.

As the carbon tax had progressively been ramping up to meet ecological objectives, many who have chosen fossil fuel-based heating for their homes, outside of city centres—where a car is required—are displeased. President Macron attempted to dispel these concerns in early November by offering special subsidies and incentives. Diesel prices in France increased by 16 percent in , with taxes on both petrol and diesel increasing at the same time and a further tax increase planned for , making diesel as expensive as petrol.

The change was opposed and was a factor in the rise of the yellow vest movement. It was seen as another tax via citations [99] and a failure to understand the needs of rural residents who are totally reliant on their cars. Vandalism of traffic enforcement cameras grew significantly after the yellow vest movement began. Sparked by claims that the fuel tax was intended to finance tax cuts for big business [] a characterization that French President Emmanuel Macron has objected to, stating that the fuel tax was intended to discourage fossil fuel use as a way to combat climate change [] [96] and including many people motivated by economic difficulties due to low salaries and high energy prices, [] the Yellow vests movement has called for redistributive economic policies like a wealth tax , increased pensions , a higher minimum wage , and reduced salaries for politicians.

No one knows how the high-visibility yellow vest came to be chosen as the symbol and uniform for the movement, and no one has claimed to be its originator. One of the viral videos around this group launched the idea of using yellow jackets. The movement is organised in a leaderless, horizontal fashion.

Informal leaders can emerge, but some have been rejected by other demonstrators and even threatened. According to John Lichfield, some in the movement extend their hatred of politicians even to any "would-be politicians who emerge from their own ranks". The yellow vests movement has been described as a populist , [64] [73] grassroots [65] movement for economic justice , [66] opposing what it sees as the wealthy urban elite and the establishment. Not needing one has become a status symbol in France.

Those in city centres have a wealth of public transport to choose from, but you need to be rich enough to live in the centre of Paris or Marseille or Bordeaux ". The movement has drawn supporters from across the political spectrum. Some media outlets were shocked at the hostility they felt from the very beginning of the yellow vest mobilisation.

In December the level of threats and attacks was such that more and more news organizations decided that every reporter they sent out should be accompanied by a bodyguard, [] because of the strong aversion the yellow jackets had shown toward journalists and media. International media have also reported on the disproportionate violence used by the French police response against the protestors, including the use of explosive grenades and flashball weapons resulting in multiple incidences of loss of limb and sight by the protestors.

The presence of far-right elements in the movement was also off-putting to the CGT. A significant number of misleading images and information have been circulated on social media concerning the protests. According to Pascal Froissart, the leaderless, horizontal aspect of the movement contributes to the dissemination of disinformation, as nobody is in charge of public relations or social media messaging. One of the goals of the yellow jackets is to obtain the right to direct initiative , in other words the right to petition the government at any time to propose or repeal a law, to amend the constitution or remove a public official from office.

The bottom-up Swiss model of government, where referenda are frequent, has been compared to the top-down French governmental system to explain the lack of a similar movement in French-speaking Switzerland. The protests began on 17 November , and attracted more than , people across France with protesters constructing barricades and blocking roads. In addition to roads, protesters also blocked as many as ten fuel depots.

Schools on the island were closed for three days after protesters blocked access to roads. On 21 November, President Macron ordered the deployment of troops to the island to calm the violence. With the protests in Paris having raised tensions the previous week, the Interior Ministry agreed to allow a gathering on 24 November at the Champ de Mars. Protesters lit fires in the streets, tore down signs, built barricades and pulled up cobblestones.

Police resorted to tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters. Two hundred additional workers were assigned to assist with the cleanup and repair work. Vinci Autoroutes reported tollbooths were blocked on 20 major arteries all across France. In Marseille, where demonstrations have been frequent since 5 November collapse of a building and the evacuation of the surrounding neighbourhood, [] an year-old Algerian woman trying to close her shutters was hit by shards from a police tear gas canister, later dying while in surgery.

More than cars were burned in Paris during the protest on 1 December, and the Arc de Triomphe was vandalised. Protests turned violent for the second week in a row in Le Puy-en-Velay. In Bordeaux, after two hours of skirmishes between the police and protesters, rioters took advantage of the situation to set fires and pillage the local Apple Store. Paris experienced protests for the fourth consecutive week.

Many shops were boarded up in anticipation of violence, with The Louvre, Eiffel Tower and the Paris Opera also closed. Macron likewise announced that pensioners on low incomes would be excluded from an increase in the CSG in He stood by his replacement of the solidarity tax on wealth with increases in property taxes.

In the wake of the Strasbourg attack , the government asked protesters to stay off the streets. According to the Paris prefecture estimates, there were 8, police for 2, demonstrators in Paris. Priscillia Ludosky , in front of the Paris Opera , said over megaphone : "We are exhausted by the colossal pressure of taxation that takes away the energy of our country, of our entrepreneurs, of our artisans , of our small businesses, of our creators and of our workers, while a small elite constantly dodges taxes.

At the end of the day, the Interior Minister called for the roundabouts, occupied since 17 November, to be liberated. Demonstrations continued throughout the country. The Ministry of the Interior announced a participation figure almost half that of the previous week with 38, demonstrators throughout France, including 2, in Paris according to the Prefecture of Police.

He had called on Facebook for demonstrators to meet at Versailles but then revised the call to Montmartre after it had been announced that Versailles would be closed. Authorities say that Drouet was carrying a truncheon and would be summoned in court where they would seek to prevent him from coming to Paris. Protesters blocked border traffic to Switzerland at Cluse-et-Mijoux.

They were dispersed after one hour by police. Overall, at least people were arrested in the country, including in Paris. Much quieter than in the first weeks on a national level, there was a significant confrontation in Rouen , Normandy , after fires were set in front of the local branch of the Banque de France. Victor Glad suggests that the same crisis of representation motivating the citizens' initiative referenda is also behind the gilets jaunes ' criticism of the traditional media.

According to French Ministry of the Interior, the first demonstrations of brought 50, people into the streets across France. A door to Rennes' city hall was damaged, while government Spokesman Benjamin Griveaux was evacuated from his office on Rue de Grenelle Paris through the garden, after rioters hijacked a forklift to break down the door to the Ministry. Women's role , both in defining the movement's objectives [67] [] and in communicating at roundabouts, [] is—for editorialist Pierre Rimbert—a reflection of the fact that women make up the majority of workers in "intermediary professions" but are three times more likely to be classed as "employees" than men according to an INSEE study in According to one of the organizers, the goal was to have a "channel of communication other than violence".

A civil servant and former light-heavyweight boxing champion was filmed fighting with two gendarmes on a footbridge about one of the gendarmes' use of force. One month later the civil servant was sentenced to serve one year of sleeping in jail, which allowed him to continue to work.

Attendance increased in the ninth straight weekend of protests, with at least 84, demonstrating on 12 January for economic reform across France, including 8, in Paris, 6, in Bourges, 6, in Bordeaux, and 2, in Strasbourg. On the streets of Paris, protesters marching "noisily but mostly peacefully", [] singing the French national anthem, were met by 5, riot police officers, armored vehicles and barricades. This was confirmed by the Paris prefecture.

A "massive" [] gas explosion caused by an apparent gas leak in a bakery in northern Paris killed four people, including two firefighters already at the scene investigating the leak, and injured dozens more. As in week IX, police estimated that 84, people demonstrated across France, including a peak of 10, in Toulouse for a short period, 7, in Paris where protesters demonstrated on the Left Bank for the first time , 4, in Bordeaux, and 2, in both Marseille and Angers.

Nationwide demonstrations continued for an eleventh straight week on Saturday, 26 January. The French interior ministry estimated crowds of 69, across the country, and local police estimated 4, in Paris. Dozens of people have been similarly injured during the course of the yellow vests protests. I am a figure of the movement, at least in the Paris protests, and police pointed their fingers at me many times during previous demonstrations, so I think they knew very well who they were shooting at," Rodrigues told the media.

On Friday, 1 February , Edouard Philippe went to Bordeaux and informed merchants that an agreement had been found with insurers to treat insurance damage claims in successive weeks as part of a single event with a single deductible. On Saturday, 2 February, between 10, and 13, people protested in Paris, [] [] with thousands more in Tours , Valence , Marseille , Bordeaux , Toulouse , and other French cities. Paving stones had been tarred over to eliminate the risk of their being used as projectiles.

The demonstrations of "Act XII" focused on denouncing the number of serious injuries caused by police violence during anti-government demonstrations. Earlier in the week, France's highest court denied a request to ban police from using "flash balls" or "defensive ball launchers", known as LBDs, that shoot 40 millimetres 1. Most of the demonstrations during Act XII were peaceful.

Despite these incidents, the media reported that demonstrations "remained relatively calm compared to previous weekends". The twelfth week of protests occurred as the French parliament was considering a new law proposed by Macron's governing party restricting the right to protest. About 41, protesters 5, in Paris took to the streets again on Saturday 16 February, for the 14th consecutive weekend.

In Paris, a group of individuals involved in the march confronted the high-profile Jewish philosopher and academician Alain Finkielkraut with anti-Semitic verbal abuse. Police stepped in to protect him, and Macron later said that this behaviour was an "absolute negation" of what made France great and would not be tolerated.

Police indicated he was close to the Salafi movement in Leaders of the movement stated on 8 March that a protest which had already been dubbed "The Ultimatum" was planned for the following weekend of 16 March. Luxury stores including Fouquet's , Hugo Boss and Xiaomi were among the 80 businesses damaged, pillaged or set ablaze.

Anne Hidalgo , the Mayor of Paris, called upon the government to do something about the political and social fracture. In response, the French government announced it would deploy the military, in addition to extra police and gendarmery forces. The soldiers were drafted from Operation Sentinelle , active since the January terror attacks in Paris. New protests were held in cities including Montpellier, Rouen, and Strasbourg.

A new wave of yellow vest protests initiated in Paris for the 45th consecutive week. Over a hundred demonstrators were taken into custody after they attempted to enter Avenue Champs-Elysees by force. After the government change on Saturday 25 July , several dozen people protested in Toulouse. For the first time after the Coronavirus lockdown , protesters returned to the streets of which more than were arrested by the police, some of the protesters wore black clothes and carried the flag of an anti-fascist movement, suggesting the presence of radical demonstrators dubbed "black blocs" often blamed for violence at street marches in France.

Yellow-vest protestors launched fireworks at a police station in Paris, and struck it with metal bars. No injuries occurred. It is also suspected to be linked to the disapproval of the French police's police brutality issues. Delinquent youth also appeared in the group of around 40 people, some unrelated to the cause. As of 22 December , 10 fatalities had been linked to the protests in France. By late December, over 1, protesters and 1, police had been injured. As of 14 January , 94 had been reported as seriously injured, including 14 with monocular blindness and one who had to be treated for a brain haemorrhage and left in an artificial coma from which he emerged on the following Friday.

On 6 December, over students were arrested outside a school in Mantes-la-Jolie. A video of the mass arrest—showing students kneeling with their hands behind their heads—inspired indignation. University students have reportedly joined the movement, denouncing the planned increase of tuition fees for foreign students from non- EU countries.

A terror attack on 11 December at the Strasbourg Christmas market contributed to heightened public security concerns and smaller demonstrations in Act V. Conspiracy theories began to be circulated on social media forthwith, suggesting that the attack, which had been perpetrated by a year-old man with multiple criminal convictions, was in fact a manufactured event. Vinci SA , which operates roughly half of France's highway concessions, stated in its annual report to investors that traffic had dropped nine percent in the final three months of as a result of the protests.

The riots have led to a declining number of tourists to Paris in , with hotel owners reporting fewer bookings in the run up to the summer tourist season. A video of comedian Anne-Sophie Bajon, known as La Bajon, in the role of Emmanuel Macron's lawyer wearing a yellow vest, has been seen several million times on social networks.

In late November , polls showed that the movement had widespread support in France ranging from 73 [] to 84 percent. Truckers were targeted by protesters, and the industry made their displeasure with the situation known to the government in an open letter. Adam Gopnik writes that gilets jaunes can be viewed as part of a series of French street protests stretching back to at least the strikes of Citing historian Herrick Chapman , he suggests General de Gaulle 's centralisation of power when creating the French Fifth Republic was so excessive that it made street protests the only "dynamic alternative to government policy".

Some have compared the yellow vests to other modern populist movements such as the Occupy movement in the United States, [73] [] the Five Star Movement in Italy, [65] [73] and Orbanism in Hungary. On 27 January a counter-demonstration occurred in Paris by a group identifying themselves by the foulards rouges "red scarves" they chose to wear. They put out a joint statement with other groups saying: "We denounce the insurrectional climate created by the yellow vests.

We also reject the threats and constant verbal abuse aimed at non-yellow vests ". Concerns that the yellow vests movement were providing a new forum for extremist views were more frequently reported in the media after Alain Finkielkraut was insulted in week XIV.

Finkielkraut, interviewed by BFM-TV, was especially concerned with the viral nature of what he called a new type of "anti-racist" anti-Semitism, which he says consists of comparing the Israeli colonization of Palestine with Nazism. The largest "yellow vest" protest outside France was held in Taipei with over 10, demonstrating on 19 December. Their principal concern was tax justice. Others are related primarily by the use of the readily-available symbol. Riot police in Brussels were pelted with billiard balls , cobblestones and rocks on 30 November, and responded with water cannons; 60 arrests were made for disturbing the public order.

The protesters involved were throwing stones, flares and other objects at police, resulting in around arrests. Media related to Mouvement des gilets jaunes at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Gilets jaunes protest in Belfort , France on 1 December France Other countries:.

Courier Mail. Le Monde. Archived from the original on 27 November Retrieved 27 November LCI in French. Archived from the original on 28 November Retrieved 2 December France 24 in French. Archived from the original on 27 December Retrieved 28 December Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 15 December Archived from the original on 24 December Retrieved 24 December Archived from the original on 2 January Retrieved 1 January RFI in French.

Archived from the original on 29 November NBC News. Archived from the original on 6 December Retrieved 5 December The Jerusalem Post. Retrieved 13 December Irish Times. Archived from the original on 15 December Retrieved 16 December AFP via El Arabiya. Archived from the original on 8 January Retrieved 7 January Several thousand people marched in Rome Saturday in protest at Italy's tough new anti-migrant law, which makes it easier to expel new arrivals.

The protesters waved flags and donned yellow vests emblazoned with the slogan 'Get up! Stand Up! The new law would 'only increase the number of people without papers in Italy and force people underground', protester Kone Brahima, originally from Ivory Coast, told AFP.

The National. ABC News. Archived from the original on 25 December Retrieved 8 January The Local. Retrieved 17 May Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 9 November Pakistan Today. Archived from the original on 22 December Kommersant in Russian. Retrieved 25 December N1info in Serbian. Retrieved 11 December Daily Sabah. Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 15 January Andalou Agency. Retrieved 22 March Archived from the original on 21 December The Independent.

Archived from the original on 12 December Retrieved 12 December Archived from the original on 10 January Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 8 August A rise in crude oil prices in is the first reason why fuel prices have been high this year.

Archived from the original on 2 December Le Parisien in French. Archived from the original on 4 December Le Monde Diplomatique in French. Archived from the original on 1 December Retrieved 1 December Le Monde in French. Archived from the original on 5 December Atlantico in French. Retrieved 4 December The Globe Post. Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 18 February The second path is that of the Left and the social movements, a direction clearly developed in the critique of neoliberalism since the s.

Among the gilets jaunes, demands for social justice, wage increases, defense of public services, and hostility to the oligarchy have been fueled by several decades of criticism of globalized and financialized capitalism. Retrieved 7 December France Bleu. Archived from the original on 3 December Retrieved 3 December The Telegraph. The Irish Times. Retrieved 24 March The orgy of violence was carried out by a hard core of 1, hooligans wearing masks, black gloves and, in some cases, yellow vests.

The most violent vandals are believed to be black bloc anarchists. The Mercury News. Associated Press. Archived from the original on 21 November Retrieved 21 November The New York Times. AP, Reuters. Retrieved 10 March The Guardian. Archived from the original on 9 December Retrieved 10 December Archived from the original on 11 December Pourquoi c'est faux".

France Soir in French. France Retrieved 23 March Archived from the original on 27 January Retrieved 27 January Ouest-France in French. Retrieved 1 August Le Club de Mediapart in French. Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 7 June Retrieved 30 January France Info in French. Retrieved 20 November Archived from the original on 30 January Retrieved 5 July

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The Yellow Vest Canada Facebook page, which has more than , members, is particularly toxic, said Canadian Anti-Hate Network director Evan Balgord, a researcher who has been tracking the yellow vest movement nationwide. Within five minutes of browsing the page, StarMetro found comments about Nostradamus predicting a race war, conspiracy theories about how the Rothschild family of bankers who are Jewish rule the world and one commentator saying they hope a plane carrying the prime minister would crash.

The movement has no clear leadership, but at least some of the national and local organizers have anti-globalist views. When asked about his comments on the news article, the user of the profile deleted the comments and denied they ever existed.

The user said the screenshots StarMetro took were fake. There are some yellow vesters who feel the movement is being misrepresented by fringe groups, and the economic message is being lost. Yellow vester Gil Whyte is also frustrated with how the media focuses on the attendance of groups such as Wolves of Odin. The movement seems to have found fertile ground in Alberta. Balgord, who is based in Toronto, said the protests in Alberta appear larger and more sustained than in other parts of the country.

A confluence of factors have contributed to a rise in Islamophobia in Canada, he said. For Chaudhry, the fact that the larger movement has provided a cover for some of the more insidious elements in its midst is a major concern. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Read more: Two detained after clash between yellow vests and counter protesters outside Alberta Legislature. Omar Mosleh is an Edmonton-based reporter covering inner-city issues, affordable housing and reconciliation. Follow him on Twitter: OmarMosleh. Read more about: Edmonton , Alberta. Report an error. Journalistic Standards. The Telegraph. The Irish Times. Retrieved 24 March The orgy of violence was carried out by a hard core of 1, hooligans wearing masks, black gloves and, in some cases, yellow vests.

The most violent vandals are believed to be black bloc anarchists. The Mercury News. Associated Press. Archived from the original on 21 November Retrieved 21 November The New York Times. AP, Reuters. Retrieved 10 March The Guardian. Archived from the original on 9 December Retrieved 10 December Archived from the original on 11 December Pourquoi c'est faux". France Soir in French. France Retrieved 23 March Archived from the original on 27 January Retrieved 27 January Ouest-France in French.

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The Washington Post. Archived from the original on 17 December Retrieved 17 December Lucy Williamson 14 December BBC News. Archived from the original on 19 December Retrieved 20 December Bell, Melissa 14 January Now he's being engulfed by them". Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 17 January Archived from the original on 29 December Rascouet, Angelina; Viscusi, Gregory 22 December Protests led by the grassroots Yellow Vest movement abated across France on Saturday, a signal that a call to mobilize for a sixth straight weekend failed to maintain the momentum.

Viscusi, Gregory 10 December What started in November as a grassroots movement against plans to hike gas taxes has spiraled into widespread anger about the rising cost of living and discontent with French President Emmanuel Macron. AP News. Yellow vest protesters occupied dozens of traffic roundabouts across France on Sunday even as their movement for economic justice appeared to be losing momentum on the fifth straight weekend of protests.

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Huffington Post Canada. Jpost Inc. The Seattle Times. Retrieved 12 March Are the French protests spreading? SPON in German. Irish Examiner. In Italy, a protest group inspired by the gilets jaunes and unveiled on Facebook on Saturday has garnered thousands of supporters online. Alberto Nardozzi, who runs market stalls in Turin and started the Italian protest group, said Brussels was the focus of his ire. We, unlike the French, support our government.

What we protest against is Europe. We want Europe to no longer interfere with Italian politics. Archived from the original on 7 January The two leaders of Italy's ruling populist coalition on Monday threw their support behind the 'yellow vest' protesters in neighbouring France.

He denounced the French government for protecting the elite and the privileged. Matteo Salvini, his counterpart from the far-right, the anti-immigrant League, also backed the 'yellow vest' protesters. It's extremely rare for European leaders to back anti-government protesters in a fellow member state.

The move underscored the increasingly sour relations between Rome and Paris, which have previously clashed over immigration policy, among other issues. Sputnik News. Retrieved 2 May Al Jazeera English. Archived from the original on 20 April Retrieved 20 April Valeurs actuelles. Archived from the original on 6 May The News International. Retrieved 21 April

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What's behind the 'yellow vests' protests?

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Yellow vest symbol The movement originated with French motorists from rural areas who had long commutes protesting against an increase in fuel taxes, wearing the yellow vests that, under a French law, all motorists are required to keep in their vehicles and to wear in case of emergency. Nicknamed for the safety vests worn by protesters, the yellow vest movement has sparked a political crisis for the French government. In Paris. Here's what you need to know about the “yellow vest” movement and as protesters intent on causing as much damage as possible mixed in.