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Dog track betting for dummies checksig bitcoins

Dog track betting for dummies

I had seen races on television in the past, but the excitement of potentially winning money brought me to new horizons, the online world. The best betting site for greyhound racing is the one below:. Like many who are new to betting, I would stick to the simple bets. Once you are comfortable with the basics and looking for a bit more advanced information and detail, I recommend going into detail on this excellent greyhound racing betting site. What are the top online greyhound betting sites?

Stop and look no further. Below, you will find the ultimate list of three operators that provide everything you need at a bookie for the dogs. They are great examples of what you need. With these top greyhound bookmakers, you can find daily events , lots of different betting types and even live streaming. They offer the complete package for you to be really successful when betting on dogs. There are lots more out there which will be explained in this greyhound betting guide.

In an effort to get you to bet with them, many online sports bookmakers will offer enhanced odds if you bet early. In the early days of betting, if you took an early price and then the price for the dog drifted, that was just hard luck!

It is worth comparing the early prices for different bookies as value can be found there. When it comes to greyhound betting explained, there is nothing easier! This is a straightforward bet on your chosen dog to win the race outright in first place. An each-way bet is in reality, two bets on the same dog. Half of your total stake is bet on the dog to win and half on it to be placed the place requirement is dependent on the number of runners. If your selection wins, you win on both parts of the bet.

The place part of the bet is paid out at a fraction of the win odds and will be shown in the betting slip. The fraction of the odds on the place bet does vary and depends on the type of race and the number of runners. You need a minimum of five dogs to race to be able to bet each-way:. Each-way betting is a common and very useful strategy for outsiders , rather than fancied dogs. Well, in the table below, you can find out what all the different associated terms mean.

I have highlighted all the most popular ones. As you can see, these dog racing betting terms are very similar to what you would find on the horses. This is no coincidence, as the races are very similar, thus so are the bets. Once you get a hand of all these betting types, you can really utliise them effectively. Multiple bets are potentially your path to riches!

You can make a life-changing amount of money for a relatively small stake. Here are a couple of examples of previous big winners using thus greyhound betting system;. Although this was done on the horses it is also one of the more popular greyhound betting systems. We will go into the various ones below. Switching the focus back to the best greyhound betting systems, here are some of the multiple bets you can make ;. Double — 2 dogs combined, both have to win for you to receive a return on your wager.

With the Trixie bet you only need 2 dogs to win to get a return. Remember as it is 4 bets, your stake will be x4. Only 2 winners are needed for a return. For example, when placing a Lucky 15 on four dogs that are all likely to start at short prices, the advantage of the Lucky 15 is that you get a return on one winner, yet you are staking four extra points than you would for a Yankee.

Therefore, you need odds of at least just to cover your extra stake. Likewise, you need for a Lucky 31 and for a Lucky This is a Channel 4 racing special for us here! You need 2 selections to win. If you want to select 7 dogs then take a look at the Super Heinz bet, this involves every multiple combination and consists of bets, this is broken down into 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and 1 accumulator.

A minimum of 2 of your selections must win to get a return. The idea of ante-post betting is that bookmakers will offer highly enhanced odds for a race in the future. The biggest danger is that the dog you have backed may not even run in the race, if this happens your bet is settled as a loss. There is always a danger that a dog may get injured nearer the time of the race, this would result in the loss of your stake. You will often see dogs listed for a race when in fact the owners have no intention of their dog being in the race.

For example, the Irish Greyhound Derby at the time of writing this has over 80 dogs listed for this race, so the chances are that very few of these listed dogs will actually race. Just for information, in the UK the number of dogs that can run in a race is 6, Towcester course is an exception as they have introduced races with 8 and Shawfield Stadium near Glasgow has 5 dog races. All other UK tracks have 6 dog races. Many bookies offer enhanced prices for certain trainers to win meetings and you can even bet on the total number of favourites that win at a meeting.

Many of the televised greyhound races are incentivised with free bets and the best odds guaranteed is available on almost all sites that feature greyhound racing. All bets are subject to the Tattersalls Rule of Racing also called Rule 4 deductions this governs what happens if a dog is withdrawn from a race. Previously when a race started the book closed.

Now however, when a race starts, you can see the odds changing in real-time to reflect the action at the greyhound course. Just about any modern mobile phone or tablet enables you to watch the action and place a bet even if you are out and about!

When you first join an online sports betting site you will usually receive an incentive such as free bets, enhanced odds or a matched deposit. You get a chance to try until you find one that is a perfect fit for your needs. Most online bookies will require you to make an initial deposit and then they will match the amount you deposit.

The line can have both advantages and disadvantages. Rails — a dog who runs on the rails has the shortest distance to cover but due to the sharpest of corners they may be unable to achieve top speed. Middle — the dog will reach top speed but also allows other dogs to pass easy.

Wide — a dog running wide will have an advantage in wet conditions and also will avoid collisions but the distance is further than railing. Very wide — these dogs tend to avoid trouble but they are running quite a few more lengths than a dog that prefers a tight line. The skill here is matching the racing conditions, the competition and the course to predict who is likely to succeed. A great site that has information for anyone who feels they may have an issue with gambling is Gambleaware is, it is a free, impartial service and has a wealth of information and non-judgemental support.

Learn how to talk the talk before you walk the walk by reading the information below. These wagering explanations will allow you to place your bet with confidence. If you still have questions, our staff will be more than happy to help. We hope your visit will be fun and profitable. Daily Double tickets must be purchased prior to the running of the first race. A popular quinella bet is the "box" where you select three or more dogs.

If two of them finish first and second regardless of order you win. This bet is often referred to as the "straight trifecta. A boxed bet covers every combination of your dogs. Example: A trifecta box will pay on , , , , , It must finish where you specify it will, with the others finishing in any order. Example: 1 to win with the 2- The 1 must win, the others finishing second and third in any order.

You may put your key dog in second or third position also. You select four dogs to finish in exact order. Example: A superfecta must finish in that order to collect. Sometimes the races end in what is known as an "all" situation.

In this case, no one picked the 4th place dog, so anyone who bet the and any number for the fourth position shares the pot.


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But before that he had tracks in Arizona, Texas and New Orleans, then to California, where it took off and gained its early fame. The sport did not reach British shores until when Manchester's purpose-built track first held a meeting on 24th July. It was such a success that more race tracks were built around the country and today Greyhound racing is a major sport event in the UK.

Betting rules: How to bet, types of bets. The main object of betting on greyhounds is to beat the ' Oddsmakers ' or the ' Odds Compilers ' and win some money. Additionally, placing a bet on your favorite event makes the race exciting and more enjoyable. You can bet on the outcome of greyhound races and several sporting events. To place a bet, you go to a sportsbook, physical or online. You could also bet over the phone with many sportsbooks. Note that a sportsbook is not the same as an oddsmaker.

The sports book simply accepts sports bets. An oddsmaker is a person who sets the betting odds. You need to state what you are betting on by making a selection, the type of bet and the amount you are wagering. Your selection will obviously depend on the odds offered, so you will want to examine the range of odds available before you make a decision. There are many types of bets you can place. Some sportsbooks may offer more betting varieties and combinations than others. Below is a list of the more common types of bets used in greyhounds racing.

Different countries may use different terms for how to bet and also for the types of bets. Type of bets Straight bet or Single or Win bet. This is the simplest and most common bet. You bet on a winner at given odds. You collect only if your chosen greyhound is the first across the finish line. A wager for place means you collect if your selected greyhound finishes either first or second. The third greyhound across the finish line. A wager to show means you collect if your selected greyhound finishes either first, second or third.

Across The Board. You make three individual bets on one dog to Win , Place , and Show. If your selection wins, you collect on all three bets. If your selection runs second, you collect on Place and Show bets. If your selection runs third, you collect the Show bet. Your total wager will be three times the individual bet. Combination Bet. Combinations cover from two to four greyhounds to win in chosen order. Quiniela or Reverse Forecast UK. A bet placed on two greyhounds to finish first and second in either order.

A bet placed on two greyhounds but they must cross the finish line in exact chosen order. A bet placed on three greyhounds to cross the finish line in exact chosen order. A bet placed on four greyhounds to cross the finish line in exact chosen order. Twin Trifecta. A multiple pool bet. Two trifecta selections in two races. You select the winning Trifecta combination in one race and exchange that ticket for a second Trifecta in the following race.

One-half of the net Twin Trifecta pool will be paid equally to winners of the first half when those tickets are presented to be exchanged. The remaining half of the pool, along with any carry over will be to winners of the second half. If no one selects the second half correctly, the pool is carried over to the next racing performance. Similar to the Twin Trifecta. You select the winning Trifecta combination in one race and exchange that ticket for a Superfecta in the following race.

For instance, several strategies for successful sport betting focus a lot on the odds assigned to the animals running the race. These odds, however, can be very flexible and may even be significantly altered in the hours or minutes before any race opens. This means that the odds alone are not a reliable statistic from which to base any of the greyhound betting systems.

This gives you plenty of wagering opportunities every day and lots of races to test your gambling skills. Some of the key factors to consider when finding a greyhound betting system that makes money are as follows:. Greyhound racing offers several types of wagers to a punter to choose from.

The number of specific wagers and their types vary from one country to another and even from one racing track to another. However, all wagers can be grouped into two main categories: straight and exotic bets. More experienced gamblers and professional handicappers employ a wide range of wagers, which includes several types of exotic wagers.

The best way to approach greyhound racing betting is to first learn the top strategies for straight wagers and later progress to more complicated exotic wagers. Straight wagers are the easiest wagers to understand and make and that is why they are the most common wagers.

This wager is often made when punters are hesitant about making a win bet. They feel that they have more chances of winning if they choose the place bet. The punters who have a very low confidence in their betting skills usually go for this type of greyhound betting. The proceeds with the show wagers when they happen are usually very small. Because of that, if a selection is good for a show wager, it should be considered worth of a win or a place bet.

This will be a winning wager when your selection wins, places, or shows. If a selection comes first, across the board the bet will pay for all three win, place, and show bets. When a selection takes a second place, only a place and show wagers will collect. If a selection finishes third, then only a show wager will be paid off.

It is irrespective of the order. Only in the same race exactly in the chosen order.

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