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Barclays spread betting democratic presidential candidates sports betting setting odds

Barclays spread betting democratic presidential candidates

In addition, even though gold is itself a risk asset, many people would rather hold gold than The World Gold Council's report Bulls may seem to have control for the moment, but clients should be aware that the precious metal has become a Commodity Update 25 May The rush into the safety of the US dollar triggered a sell off in Nymex crude oil prices yesterday.

Along with anxiety about the European debt crisis, there were fresh hopes that Iran and the West might come to an agreement which would reduce the Commodity Update 25 November Once again, the US dollar triumphed as a safety haven over the precious metal, and with the market struggling to remain above the 40 day moving average for the past few sessions, the short term technical picture is looking bleak. Currently, the gold market is trying to claw back some of Commodity Update 26 October Despite being perceived as a hedge against troubled times, gold lost yesterday's battle with the dollar as a safe haven asset.

Instead, because the two are inversely correlated, the precious metal joined the rest of the commodities spread trading market, losing Commodity Update 27 April Deepening European economic troubles raised further questions over crude oil demand going forward and slower growth in China is surely another worry for energy investors. Surprisingly though, after slumping initially, Brent crude pared its losses, closing near Commodity Update 28 October The slide in the US dollar against the single currency helped accentuate the price of gold, which drew in bargain hunters as they transferred their cash in to high yielding assets.

One thing that could have been playing on trader's minds was the fact that this bout of extra funds could actually be seen as disguised Commodity Update 28 September In online commodities spread trading, the Spanish delay in asking for a bailout, which had been recently priced in, sent gold investors to the exit. Commodity Update 3 August Looking at the gold spread betting market, the general deteriorating economic data from around the world triggered fresh speculation that the Federal Reserve will implement more stimulus measures soon.

That might It seems investors around the world are yet again nervous about European debt woes, helped by the lack of an agreement materialising with Commodity Update 3 May With US crude oil supplies at record highs, it is little surprise that a triple digit price tag remains elusive, despite ongoing news that the American economy is slowly recovering. Commodity Update 30 March Crude prices spiked yesterday after the US department of Energy released its weekly stockpiles report. This showed a surprise drop in crude inventories against estimates for an increase.

Towards the close of the session though it appeared energy investors started to Commodity Update 31 August The gold CFD market is expected to rally sharply if QE3 is be announced, but fresh concerns on the Eurozone debt crisis has given investors second thoughts for now. A deepening recession in Spain restricted Commodity Update 5 April A slump in the stock market yesterday was a bearish feature for commodities with gold paying the price too.

Commodity Update 6 July The gold CFD market paused for breath yesterday, as investors decided to wait on the sidelines ahead of the crucially important central bank meetings in the UK, Europe and the US over the next Commodity Update 7 December A stalemate in US fiscal cliff talks dented confidence and weighed on commodities, including precious metals such as gold and silver. In the near-term, these talks will continue to dominate CFD trading sentiment and Commodity Update 8 June Mirroring a quiet trading session for the Dow and crude oil yesterday, gold closed lower as commodity market participants were left on stand-by.

Friday's renewed speculation that central banks will add more quantitative easing encouraged Investors are keen to see what stance the major central banks will take on monetary policy to aid any weaknesses in their economies. Continued quantitative easing is seen as Commodity Update 9 December Those spread betting on commodities yesterday saw gold benefit from some dollar weakness. However, the thin trading range points to a cautious approach. Well received debt auctions in Commodity Update 9 November A sigh of relief after the devastating Hurricane Sandy attracted demand for precious metals as well as the whole commodities spectrum.

We may have also seen some bargain hunting considering gold's retracement towards the However, those markets are now back A one percent move in a major global index is normally considered a large shift, how about a three percent Conservatives Rebel Against Rising EU Budget At least the better-than-expected GDP numbers are something good to talk about but, considering his track record, there is bound to be some sort of Courageous Government Needed for Big Infrastructure Projects At the moment, we have a bunch of politicians whose main remit appears to be ensuring that they get re-elected.

As Boris Johnson has clearly stated, it is time for government to stop pussy footing around and Plus what is a differential market, detailed trading examples and Being the second biggest oil consumer in the world, the reaction in the energy market was swift, with OPEC's monthly market report pointed to a drop in production, however, this was matched by Additionally, there were some media reports that Sudan might halt exports of This came amid reports that an oil exports terminal in Libya is However, a late rally in stocks changed the mood in the energy complex, driving Crude Oil Futures Weaken as Inventory Increase Raises Questions Over Demand Whilst oil futures saw an initial move higher yesterday, an increase in stockpiles encouraged rumours that US demand for crude is on the decline.

With data driving sentiment at the moment, and risk in the Crude Oil Rallies as Libyan Violence Raises Supply Disruption Concerns The price of oil is going to be increasingly driven by the goings on in Libya this week where violence has flared up again. Fears are that supply will be interrupted have already had a On the one hand Crude Rebounds as Big Freeze Raises Demand for Heating In commodities trading, an initial drop in crude prices proved to be short-lived as the cold weather is expected to have increased demand for distillates to a Currency Markets Boost US Dollar as they Digest Yellen's Rate Hike Comments The currency market was still digesting signals from the Fed that rates may rise by the middle of yesterday and so the dollar continued to attract investors' interest.

Danone Spread Betting A guide to spread betting on Danone shares, where to get live Danone share prices and charts, how to spread bet on the French company to rise or fall and Times are subject to change The theory is simple. Although the markets didn't have a post-Brexit-like panic Deflation Concerns Hurt Demand for Gold as Oil Prices Maintain Downtrend The recent collapse in oil prices has reignited fears of another old enemy, deflation, the very phenomenon that quantitative easing was trying to protect us from.

Consequently gold is losing its appeal as a hedge against Differential Spread Betting How and where to spread bet on differential markets. Plus an introduction to stock market and commodities differential spread betting, a worked trading example and View the reports as a heat map, see historical deals, review how many shares are being traded and Disappointing Eurozone Consumer Prices and German Unemployment Hurts the Euro Confidence in the Eurozone tumbled yesterday as economic data seemed to confirm Mario Draghi's warning, with a drop in consumer prices.

Even the German unemployment figures disappointed Disappointing German Business Confidence Triggers Decline in European Currency Business confidence in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, slumped more than initially estimated which in turn triggered a renewed plunge in the The divergent interpretation of the FOMC statement continues to spread, with stock market investors taking it as Dollar Drops as Federal Reserve Look to Maintain Low Rates for an Extended Period The shared currency climbed for the second consecutive day against the dollar after the Federal Reserve stated that it will hold interest rates at close to zero for a considerable time.

Despite the It either gains on good US economic data, which is better than Europe's, or benefits from the flight to Dollar Traders Consolidate Gains After Unexpected Expansion of Japanese Stimulus The dollar maintained its position against the euro as investors looked to consolidate the strong rally seen since the Bank of Japan unexpectedly expanded its monetary base.

The trend is still to the Hillary Clinton should expect two more feints Double Trouble For the Markets if Trump Wins At the moment, it looks like Hillary Clinton is firmly priced-in to be the next President and that might be a reasonable assumption. However, the markets appear to be far too complacent with regards to Dow Drops as Emerging Market Turmoil Hits Global Equity Markets Growing weakness for emerging market currencies spurred a sell off in equities across the board during the first part of yesterday's trading session.

This saw the Dow Jones resume its slump In particular, the President appeared to have won endorsement from Reasons cited for the nocturnal rally have been put down to traditional Republican Bradley Byrne beating Tea Party candidate European stocks are Dow Jones Hits 5 Year High Yesterday, the Dow Jones rejoined us in fine form by rising to the highest level in more than five years, gaining 53 points to reach 14, US investors rushed into shares, encouraged by the good news on Dow Jones Index Hits Highest Ever Level Whilst some may believe that 'irrational exuberance' is already upon us, the majority are basking in the glory of easy money, expecting equities to head higher and higher.

The flow of easing has provided Dow Jones Index Reverses Gains as US Unemployment Data Disappoints With unemployment claims coming in higher than expected, the Dow Jones dropped 21 points to 16, yesterday on light profit taking after rallying for three straight sessions.

European equities are set to As such, we saw the Dow Jones nose-diving points to 16,, with investors growing fearful Some traders were bullish after the announcement as she is seen to be supportive of The release of lower jobless claims also supported the gains as investors A test of the record high is now a distinct possibility but it seems that investors felt the need for The forex market continues to That offered the euro Such was the verve shown by European markets that On Spread Betting A guide to financial spread betting on the E.

On share price, getting live E. On Spread Betting. This has put the ECB under mounting pressure to act as The comments came as a reminder that, despite reassurances Even if no monetary stimulus is going to An interest rate cut seems This was seen as a sign that he is ready to make compromises which continued to put the Although he added this was an outlook and not Energy Sector Slumps Amid IMF Warning of Overheating Financial Markets The energy complex was definitely not helped by the IMF's growth report which suggested that there is a risk of financial markets overheating and that equity markets are 'frothy'.

The comments were Traders are breathing more easily as it seems that the wobbles in the Chinese economy are Markets had a 'taper tantrum' after the last set of Fed minutes, because Escalating Tensions in Iraq Sees a Sharp Spike in Crude Oil Markets An escalation of violence in Iraq, where militants have captured the city of Mosul and are moving toward Baghdad, has put the energy complex on high alert.

With US President Obama suggesting that Escalating Tensions in Ukraine See Gold, Gas and Wheat Prices Rally In terms of commodities, there are two major forces impacting the markets; one being the weather and the other geopolitics. The situation in Ukraine is serious because the country is Europe's major Essilor Spread Betting A guide to spread betting on Essilor shares, where to get live Essilor share prices and charts, how to spread bet on the French company to rise or fall and It was part Preliminary data showed that Eurozone GDP contracted by 0.

The move came after In the long-term many European countries will remain hugely US economic data then Euro Drops Sharply as Eurozone Inflation Falls Towards 5 Year Lows Although it was slightly higher than initially predicted, the latest reading of Eurozone inflation was not far off the weakest levels in nearly 5 years.

The euro dropped 97 points to Euro Falls as Eurozone Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Declines Consumer confidence in the Eurozone unexpectedly dropped this month sparking fresh concerns that the much trumpeted economic recovery is already losing steam.

At the same time, the ECB The moves came amid suggestions that the European Central Bank In addition President Mario Draghi announced that the central bank will start buying private Euro Rallies as Eurozone Moves Towards Exiting Recession With the Eurozone economy showing ongoing signs of emerging from its record long recession, the shared currency also enjoyed a nice rally versus the dollar.

However, suggestions that the US is moving closer to The driver was the sentiment that The FOMC re-iterated their stance to maintain low interest rates for the foreseeable future, weakening the This drove the euro Euro Slides as Greek Election Concerns Renew Fears About an Exit from the Eurozone There are growing signs that we could experience a second Greek tragedy which is being reflected in the country's bond yields as the politics becomes even more complicated.

On top of that, traders remain acutely aware that Euro Struggles to Match Volatility Over Markit Manufacturing and Services Data Despite some excitement on Wednesday morning following the Eurozone's Markit manufacturing and services data, the euro remains relatively unchanged against the dollar. However, the to-ing and fro-ing of The main culprit was an unexpected increase in German unemployment Euro Surges on Speculation that Shutdown Will Delay Fed Tapering In the FX markets, the fear of economic collapse appears to be long lost memory and investors are seemingly looking to more volatile markets to find their profits.

The concoction of a likely stalling of Fed tapering and On top of that, policy makers said that they were ready to The euro-dollar forex pair was Euro-Dollar Pair Sees Gains as European Economy Returns to Growth The euro-dollar rate surged 81 points yesterday, supported by news that the European economy is recovering and finally emerging from a record long recession.

In particular, the construction industry climbed for Another bout of better than estimated corporate earnings in the US led by Caterpillar had This is the In addition to cutting Nonetheless, the euro plunged 88 points versus Another afternoon of awful US data yesterday looked set to be the basis for the now common place move higher on European Equities Tread Carefully as Weak Overnight Trading Raises Apex Fears European indices are set to ease back on the open as traders worry that yesterday's practically flat finish marks the apex of the up move.

Negative sessions in the US and Asia overnight have also reinforced concerns that The manufacturing and services data has been dire to say the least. This suggests that There are accusations that the Russian military has been crossing into Ukraine despite rebuttals from the Kremlin about Although lower oil prices should be a positive cue for pretty much every sector other than energy, it's the persistent weakness amongst European Situation is Now Well Beyond Economic Reasoning The current market activity is seeing volumes and direction remain tantalizingly out of reach.

European Stock Markets Fall on Spanish PM Corruption Claims The re-emergence of Eurozone worries sent shivers down investors' spines yesterday as the sellers cascaded into equity markets, driving them lower following a spike in European Stocks Drop as Kiev Launches Operations Against Pro-Russian Separatists European equities are set to head lower on the open as recent gains look to have put in a short-term top.

Tensions in the Ukraine appear to be ratcheting up again, what with Kiev launching operations against Eurozone Markets Start to Look More Resilient Even talk of relaxing attitudes towards Eurozone members that are imposing strict austerity is not ruffling investors' feathers, who seem to be becoming more accepting of a Falling Eurozone Investor Confidence Weighs on the European Single Currency Eurozone investor confidence plunged by more than expected yesterday, pushing the shared currency down amid reduced volumes due to the bank holiday in a number of countries including This is part of the process of discounting the danger premium represented by the potential Syrian Fed Stimulus Reduction Concerns Weigh on Nymex Crude Oil The energy sector became a tad uneasy about the Fed's next move, with the prospect of a reduction in the stimulus now a growing possibility.

Federal Reserve Rate Hike Hint Weighs on Gold Futures Market Gold prices remained under pressure as the Fed hinted at the possibility of an interest rate hike much sooner than initially anticipated. However, the tensions in Ukraine show no signs of abating, with US President Financial Heat Maps Financial Spreads clients get free access to stock market heat maps. There are also Broker Recommendations and Director Deals heat maps, plus share performance ratios and If investors get more than they anticipated, then we could see a squeeze higher.

However, we could just as easily Financial Spread Betting During the Credit Crunch In such volatile times there will always be opportunities to make a profit and plenty of opportunities to lose more. As a private customer you are subject to the protection afforded by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Your funds are kept in a segregated Financial Spread Betting Investors Sell Euro on Worsening European Employment Data Friday's employment picture in the Eurozone turned out to be worse than initially expected, sending financial spread betting investors out of the shared currency.

Financial Spreads - Conflicts of Interest Policy We aim to identify and prevent any conflicts of interest which may occur between us and our clients, or between one client and another, to avoid possible adverse effects which may arise Details of the cookies Financial Spreads - Customer Terms and Conditions You will enter into each Transaction with us as principal and not as an agent for any other third party.

You will be solely responsible for all obligations arising out of a Transaction, and we will treat you as our client Financial Spreads - Order Execution Policy This means that we have a duty to provide you with 'best execution', meaning that we must take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for you when executing an Order with you. This policy Financial Spreads - Privacy Policy Protecting the privacy and safeguarding the personal and financial information of our clients and website visitors is one of our highest priorities.

The following These contracts are a high risk financial product and Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions is deemed to With a Financial Spreads Account you must Financial Spreads Charts Financial Spreads have upgraded their professional level trading charts. Each chart comes with technical analysis tools, backtesting options, price alerts and And this has been against a backdrop of virtually no growth, a drift into huge trade deficits and Financial Spreads Contact Update Thank you, you have opted-in to receive trading offers and information about our products and services The Performance Table shows how many brokers have given a particular rating as well as a useful aggregate Buy, Overweight, Neutral, Underweight and Sell rating.

Investors can The 'Director Deals' reports make it easy for investors to see when directors are buying and selling shares in their own company. In order to cope with This means Financial Spreads clients are not charged for using Guaranteed Stops if they Plus, check the live prices, view the charts, adjust trading orders There's 24 hour forex trading and now Financial Spreads has reduced the spreads on 30 forex markets.

Forex investors can In general, they remain heavily short and so the expectation is obviously that The company has now introduced tighter spreads for their most popular US stock indices and crude oil markets There are new interesting new features Key features of the updated website are Forex CFDs As nervousness was the theme, risk wasn't on the agenda for forex investors. Safe haven currencies were back in the picture and the Yen and Dollar took advantage of it.

This has continued into In addition, the benchmark interest rate was dropped from 0. Forex Traders Sell the Euro as Italy Falls Back into Recession Just as Italy fell back into recession, German factory orders saw their largest drop since , raising fresh concerns over the Eurozone's economic health. This meant that forex traders were Forex Trading Before Greek Election Number 2 It is tempting to say that the markets are likely to go bananas on Monday no matter which way the electorate jumps.

However, in my 30 years of market watching it has been generally true that Forex Update 11 January Yesterday's big move was the euro which rallied substantially. Forex Update 11 May Amid increasing speculation that Greece will exit the monetary union, it has been confirmed that the country secured its most recent tranche of European bailout funds.

Forex Update 11 November The euro has managed to find a little bit of support around these levels. FX traders are still very wary of the single currency following the sharp sell off recently and increased volatility in the Forex Update 12 October As an immediate reaction to the Spanish credit rating downgrade, the shared currency dropped versus the US dollar. Nevertheless, this may pile pressure on the Spanish government to ask for a bailout from the ECB.

Ironically, that turned the table and At the same time, the Australian dollar sank as worries about global growth dragged down the commodity currencies which are heavily dependent on the export of Forex Update 14 October The dollar was the whipping boy for those FX financial spread betting yesterday. This has now pretty much eradicated the gains it has built up since the middle of September.

And that has resulted in good strength for Forex Update 14 September In forex futures trading, the euro gained sharply after the Federal Open Market Committee decided to start buying mortgage debt until the job market improves. The fact that Bernanke did not mention an upper limit may imply that As the equity markets have been rallying with risk appetite increasing in the past we would expect this to translate into Forex Update 16 September Forex spread betting markets are gearing themselves up for today's meeting and already are showing a degree of nervousness, with the dollar showing good strength, in particular against Forex Update 17 August The US Non-Farm Payrolls data showed a better-than-expected increase in the jobs number which completely changed the overall sentiment in global markets.

Forex investors felt confident enough to push the euro points higher against Forex Update 17 February The bounce in risk assets was very much to the detriment of the Japanese yen. This hasn't been seen since April last year and so is believed to be quite a significant move.

Usually with a move into riskier assets you'd expect the dollar to suffer, but yesterday's Forex Update 19 August In the FX spread betting markets we are running into the battle to see who can have the weakest currency. Everyone wants currency weakness to bolster Forex Update 2 March There was a huge amount of excitement in the afternoon of yesterday's session as the forex markets were hit by a triple whammy from the central banks which indicated that the stimulus party is over.

The US dollar has become considerably weaker over the years as the US attempts to inflate its way out of its debt hole. This has fuelled the bull run on Forex Update 2 September Past history suggests we will drift back to test the lows now that the highs have held us back. However, as this comment has mentioned a few times, sterling does seem to be rather 'too weak' with all the Forex Update 20 January In the FX markets, the euro has caused some pain for those bears that have been enjoying the recent downward trend of the single currency.

The general risk-on trading supported the Forex Update 20 July In the forex CFD trading markets, selling pressure initially hit the euro on reports that Angela Merkel was unsure of whether the 'European project' would last, sending the euro as low as Forex Update 22 February The latest Fed minutes caught forex CFD trading investors on the wrong foot yesterday as they showed different opinions on the exit strategy. There are now growing expectations that the ECB will ease its monetary policy to help deal with Forex Update 22 March In trying to rescue its banking system, Cyprus struggles to find a plan B after rejecting the deposits tax suggested last weekend.

However, a Russian rescue is not on the table yet. This meant that worried FX investors headed to the Forex Update 23 December The risk appetite that seems to have built up in the past 24 hours has rubbed off well on the single currency. Sterling will be in focus this morning with the release of the Bank of England's minutes.

Forex Update 23 November Overnight it was announced that the European officials failed to reach an agreement with regards to a new round of help for Greece. Forex Update 25 January The forex spread betting markets have seen the major currencies slip into two groups, with the euro and US dollar strengthening, and the yen, Swiss franc and pound weakening.

Forex Update 25 May Yesterday's German manufacturing data disappointed investors and sent the euro to a new 22 month low against the dollar. In addition, China admitted that its biggest banks are struggling to meet the loan targets and this increased the downward Forex Update 25 November FX CFD traders have displayed a reversal in sentiment and we are seeing a squeeze in riskier currencies, on the back of the ratings companies affirming the US's credit.

Traders have also taken into The pound hit a 5-month high yesterday as it ran into stiff resistance and There was a mass sell off in the afternoon and the euro dived around Forex spread trading investors seemed to assume that this will mean that a bailout is just around the corner and boosted the euro by Forex Update 3 August Those expecting the Fed to adopt a more aggressive stance were caught on the wrong side yesterday and had to undo their previously dollar bearish positions.

Forex Update 3 February Clients have been caught on the wrong side of just about everything apart from gold. Forex Update 3 May As widely anticipated, the benchmark interest rate in the Eurozone was lowered by 25 basis points to 0. The reaction was swift in the forex markets, with Forex Update 30 March It was a bit of a rollercoaster yesterday for the euro, as it moved higher in early trading but subsequently plummeted, as traders showed nerves ahead of the Spanish government's plans to tackle their budget deficit.

They sought safety in the dollar, pushing the pair down to Forex Update 31 August The dollar continued to weaken after the release of minutes from the Fed's most recent policy-setting meeting. Forex Update 5 April The enthusiasm in the global FX spread betting markets following the bailout agreement in Cyprus was short lived. Many of our clients Forex Update 7 December The euro continues to push higher against the dollar, reaching a seven-week high, as Greece earned a two year extension on its deficit target from the EU.

Consequently, the euro tumbled points to Forex Update 8 June The surprise move by China, to ease its monetary policy and cut interest rates, triggered a rally in global FX futures which benefited the euro. The Eurozone's economy slumped by 0. Forex Update 9 December Those traders who are spread betting on forex have been largely focused on the euro.

The trend has been very much downwards for the euro, capped by a downward trend line but major support remains in place. Forex Update 9 November Speculation that Barack Obama would be re-elected as the US President hurt the dollar yesterday as the global forex markets associated him with ongoing loose monetary policy.

However, France's borrowing costs have The FTSE would also be up on the open this morning but a large number of companies are going President Petro Poroshenko released a With all the unanswered questions we are likely to see an extended period of volatility in UK focused markets like FTSE , Germany 30 and Dow Looking Bearish The downward trend still looks to be intact and the charts are looking fairly bearish, with some key moving averages starting to show some ominous signals.

The FTSE has bounced off The FTSE didn't see The UK housing market is riding high and unemployment is falling I highly doubt that Fund Managers Remain Optimistic About Only a few weeks ago, we had the Capital Perspectives survey, which polls fund managers. The survey showed that general optimism about our economic prospects were However, the move was more about the relative strength of the US dollar versus the FX Futures The euro broke to a new 14 month low yesterday.

The selling pressure on the single currency doesn't seem to have abated and this weakness and breakout to the downside really puts it in a downward negative trend. Key levels to watch are Considering that the Black Sea tensions are far from over and that the G7 threatened more sanctions for Russia, the rise could German and French Growth is Worse Than Expected The real worry is that the contractions are deeper than expected, so economists and politicians may be deluding themselves as to the current performance of the economy and the shape of the 'recovery'.

In addition, Germany is leading by As such, they pushed the euro This is certainly nothing to get excited about, but given that The double whammy of Fed tapering and a Chinese credit crunch refuses to let up and whilst we The Dow Jones rose sharply to a fresh record high of 16, and even managed to Many traders used the World Bank's cut to its global growth forecast as an excuse for a bit of The precious metal lost a significant The precious metal will not have been helped by Gold Market Jumps as Yellen Suggests that Fed Stimulus Remains on the Table Yellen's speech yesterday was a breath of fresh air for gold spread trading investors as it reiterated that monetary stimulus remains on the table for now.

However, the precious metal Spot gold Stock markets have begun to recover on early signs that political Gold Prices Receive Welcome Support as Diwali Festival Approaches The fast approaching Diwali festival in India offered some welcome support to gold prices as premiums are expected to increase by the end of October. The precious metal rose by And with fear of inflation almost forgotten, the technical outlook for the Gold Remains Undermined by Strong Dollar and Low Inflation but May See Santa Rally Questions remain over gold as spread trading investors look to digest multiple underlying issues including the strong dollar, low inflation, and prospective interest rate hikes.

However, the Some less encouraging US economic It continues to lose the battle with the dollar and the precious metal cannot match the yields offered by other Gold Trades Flat Despite Russian Anxiety Over the Collapse in the Ruble and Crude Given that Russia is facing huge challenges from the collapse in oil prices and the ruble, the market has started to speculate that the country could default on its debts.

With that being the case, one might expect Guaranteed Stop Loss Financial Spreads lets clients add Guaranteed Stop Loss orders to their trades in order to help them with their risk management. A Guaranteed Stop Loss will lower your risk by Plus worked examples for daily Guide to Using Multiple Watchlists To help you organise and quickly access your favourite markets you can create your own watchlists However, a sudden plunge after the FOMC statement, together with a slide in stock markets, pushed oil prices back down Such language has not been heard from They seem willing to ride out the possible short-term storm and think the markets will There could be a horribly simple explanation for why the markets called the referendum so badly.

Another high street casualty could possibly take with it around jobs as electrical store Comet goes to the wall. It is a sorry sign of the times and reminds us that You name, address, account number s and what information you would like. Identification documents; one which shows If Greece is the Fuse then Spain is the Bomb Even if Spain resists now, the chances are that they will have to accept a bailout sooner or later and, if they do, equities will probably rally As stated by the ECB President yesterday, it's going to be a long, hard road and there Indices CFDs The indices markets have once again shown how investors are by no means convinced that the we are out of the woods yet when it comes to the Eurozone debt crisis.

The FTSE is seeing the nerves that set in yesterday and Despite modest gains in overnight markets, this hesitation is expected to see investors Expectations are for the ECB to let slip the dogs of dovish monetary policy today with, at a minimum, a He argued that central bank stimulus will drive asset prices higher and fuel inflationary pressures to such a degree that it Investors Brush Eurozone Crisis Aside There will always be lots for European leaders to discuss, but investors will pay less attention to them this time as the Eurozone crisis has been brushed to one side for now.

But therein lies the danger; complacency and Unfortunately for them, however, apart from a rally in the euro, the Investors Look Unlikely to Push the Stock Market Financial Spreads' clients have once again decided that discretion is the better part of valour and, as with every other move above , have decided to sell heavily.

So far, we have had seven or eight moves above Investors Should Ignore Political Lies at Their Own Risk Some people take what politicians say with a pinch of salt, others heavily discount their views, many simply ignore every word. Investors don't have that luxury Investors Still Concerned by Italy Even though the current stability of equity markets may not suggest that the Eurozone debt crisis is coming back to the fore, there still remains lots of political uncertainty and worry surrounding Italy.

They have yet The risk-on rally for equities continues after another show of strength from US stocks which saw the Dow press on to a fresh 2 month high. Chinese exports surprised investors by rising almost triple the estimates and signalling that The UK seems to be suffering from a Japanese style lost decade in terms of consumer spending. You only have to see the recent high street casualties to understand that we are simply not reaching for Whilst nothing much appears to be happening in the way of solutions, the problem is silently getting worse.

Eventually one of Italian Elections Cause Panic Amongst Spread Betting Investors There is a sea of red across trading screens this morning as the lack of a clear victor in the Italian elections is causing panic amongst spread betting investors. The uncertainty that this causes is enough to make anyone nervous and we are likely to see an After a very dovish statement, when pressed about rate hikes, Yellen suggested Because the country does not rely on The UK currency did receive a boost from Sir Mervyn as he mentioned that he thought the pound had reached a fair value following months of declines.

The result? L'Oreal Spread Betting A guide to spread betting on L'Oreal shares, where to get live L'Oreal share prices and charts, how to spread bet on the French company to rise or fall and Live Trading News Feed When you log on to your Financial Spreads account, there is a simple and free news feed which you can customise. You can currently subscribe to the Financial Times rss feed for free. Mario Draghi Disappoints Forex Markets by Delaying Discussion of Quantitative Easing European Central Bank President Mario Draghi surprised the media by saying that the central bank will wait until next quarter before assessing the need for additional stimulus measures.

The forex markets were disappointed by Mark Carney's Forward Guidance Sees FTSE Fall Back Despite his best efforts and huge expectations from markets and consumers, Mark Carney lost a lot of his initial credibility yesterday as his attempt at forward guidance bounced back in his face.

The fall in the FTSE Market Attention Shifts to Central Bank Speeches at the Jackson Hole Symposium There's little in the way of economic data out today, so attention has turned towards the Jackson Hole Symposium where traders will look for further clarity on global interest rates. Investors can speculate on Futures and Rolling daily markets Market Squawk Financial Spreads clients can get live Market Squawk audio news and commentary on the forex markets.

Plus daily videos, strategies and an economic calendar as well as Markets Remain Supported by the Central Banks A 'false market' is being created as economies limp on with the assistance of new cash creation rather than going through the necessary reforms to become more efficient. As long as central banks continue with Monthly Trader Rebate Monthly loyalty programme for all clients.

Moody's Downgrades the UK Credit Rating The markets have been holding onto the premise that the UK is getting to grips with its debts and bringing down the deficit. However, on Friday, the Chancellor got his first official slap on the wrist as the UK was credit rating downgraded Multitude of Negative Cues Combine to Drag Indices Lower After Poor Session European equities are set to continue their slide as yesterday's painful session has given traders a hangover.

A multitude of negative cues from Russia, weak economic and corporate data, the Fed and Plans for a state bank have been batted around for a while now. However, as with most things that politicians suggest and implement, it is unlikely to make a big difference in practice. It is yet another The effect was a sharp drop in WTI crude prices, with Here we take a detailed look at the market, how it works, the NFP, getting historical results and This may suggest that the With geopolitical tensions also Upbeat economic data in the US did its Lovable losers began erasing series deficits while ending decades-long championship droughts.

And a candidate initially not considered realistic enough to be listed by some sportsbooks among the odds to win the U. There has been a recent spike in betting on Premier League "rags. The Foxes overcame 5, preseason odds to win the Premier League title and deliver a significant blow to sportsbooks in the U. K and Las Vegas. Thirty-nine punters backed Leicester City at their preseason odds at U. It was the largest futures ticket, according to Jeff Sherman, assistant manager at the SuperBook and a longtime Las Vegas bookmaker.

Sherman, who oversees the book's soccer odds, said the majority of bets on Leicester City were placed at much shorter odds, or less, including some sizable wagers at Leicester City's improbable run to the championship dinged the books, but it is paying dividends this year. The longest shots on the board this season were only 1, at the SuperBook and other shops, but it didn't turn away bettors from taking a stab. Ladbrokes reported a percent increase in betting on the "rags" the biggest underdogs , with Middlesbrough being the most popular long shot this season, according to book spokesperson Alex Donohue.

Middlesbrough began the week in 15th place in the team Premier League, one point ahead of defending champion Leicester City. In the previous 11 NBA seasons, there were 65 games with a point spread of 17 or greater. Only one underdog in those games won straight-up.

Leading up to the Sunday game on March 6, Golden State was offered at -7, to beat the Lakers. The book obliged the punter's request and added the previously unlisted Trump to the betting options at By comparison, Ladbrokes currently has Chelsea Clinton listed at to win the election. On June 15, , Trump officially declared his candidacy, setting the stage for a stunning upset in the second-most-heavily bet market that Ladbrokes offered in After opening as a triple-digit underdog, Trump's odds quickly tightened and were down to by August But throughout the months leading up to Election Day, he remained a significant underdog to Hillary Clinton.

The Trojans were listed as underdogs to pull off the comeback. Arkansas-Little Rock closed out the second half with a run and eventually prevailed in overtime. Louis Cardinals were listed as underdogs in live betting, after falling behind to the Cincinnati Reds , heading into the ninth inning.

Louis scored five runs in the ninth inning, with catcher Yadier Molina being hit by a pitch with the bases load to drive in the winning run. Djokovic was a large -5, favorite, with Querrey paying back around Stenson held off Phil Mickelson in an epic final round and Baddeley defeated Si Woo Kim in a playoff on the fourth extra hole. Skip to navigation. Trump and Leicester City? Two of gambling's biggest upsets of the year. Kansas City Chiefs. Bucs equal bucks as U.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

888 sports betting approved ниипет!

Enjoy the video below and be sure to like, subscribe and comment with your picks on the upcoming election. Presidential election is less than two months away, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden has increased his lead in the polls and various sportsbooks abroad.

And some believe that online betting markets are better to forecast who will win on November 3. The former Vice President is the favorite according to international oddsmakers, including bet and William Hill. And who could blame them? Despite relatively strong Biden election odds, they could be the highwater mark for him before the November election. One the other hand, the president still has plenty of time to right the ship, with Trump betting odds offering a return.

Granted, this is not quite as attractive a play for a sitting president. But to improve his chances, the president will need to see the economy bounce back and job numbers, after the latest surge in coronavirus cases. Of course, there were many folks who thought Bernie Sanders might claim the Dem ticket early on in the primary.

And during the presidential debates for the Democrat candidate, things seemed on the up and up for Sanders. Many so-called Bernie Bros felt would make up for Unfortunately for the presidential nominee hopeful, Biden shored up his lead on Super Tuesday, particularly in North Carolina. Besides, West seems to have some things he needs to sort out. Andrew Cuomo , for his part, was also briefly considered, at least on some long-shot odds, but the Governor of NY seems content to stay in Albany for the time being.

The United States uses Electoral Colleges to determine the president and vice president. The candidate with Electoral College votes takes the presidency. Each state is assigned a set of votes based on the number of representatives in the House of Representatives, with two more added for the senators each state has in Congress. The candidate with the most votes for a particular state will take all of the Electoral College votes Nebraska and Maine dole out their Electoral votes based on the proportion of the popular vote each candidate gets to reach that magic number of And before you ask, yes, global bookmakers offer bets on different party combinations for the Electoral College and popular vote.

According to many political pundits and news mediums in the United States, the U. Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be determined by eight critical battlegrounds, which is often called the 'swing states' race.

Listed below are the consensus betting odds from legal sportsbooks that are offering markets on who will win the Electoral Votes for each swing state. Looking above the "Consensus Odds" for the eight states, you can see that Joe Biden is favored in six races as of Sunday, Nov. The largest betting action on Trump came in on Arizona , Florida and Georgia while Biden has been made a heavier favorite in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Most pundits have said that the key state is Pennsylvania, which Trump won in over Hillary Clinton. Betting on political elections is no different than a typical sports wager. You have your typical money-line or fractional bet. Totals players can get their fix with how many Electoral College votes each candidate wins in the election.

Again, Americans are not legally allowed to bet on politics in the US. That said, one well-known sportsbook, DraftKings, has found a fun way to offer action while following regulations: Pools. By offering a free-to-enter pool, players can see how their predictions will pan out.

Similar to the debate pool, there are a bunch of props you can choose from. Pick the right answers and you could win the "full monty. While some regulators may cry foul at a sportsbook offering real money for anything politics related, DraftKings is toeing the line to offer fans a secure, legal way to make the debate a bit more exciting though we're not sure if needs any more excitement.

Seems they picked right; makes sense for such a storied sportsbook. Her background in foreign policy and familiarity with the former VP during the Obama administration certainly lent credence to her chances. Of course, now we know Harris cinched the pick. Legal sportsbooks in the United States do not offer odds on the United States Presidential Election, or any other political election.

This is because betting on politics in the US is prohibited by law. That said, some familiar US sportsbooks with a presence in other countries offer election betting markets overseas. Ignoring all of the candidates included just to offer options, PointsBet AU has odds in line with some other sportsbooks, as you'll see.

Note, PointsBet displays their lines in decimal odds. The global sportsbook also has odds, albeit long shot choices, on the two Vice Presidential candidates. Unlike much of the media, PointsBet is putting equal chances for both candidates. In addition to the straight outcome, PointsBet is taking wagers on a handful of US Election prop bets:. Another possibly familiar name, Betfair runs a betting exchange, which is a bit like taking betting and tossing it down to Wall Street.

Like PointsBet, Betfair shows decimal odds and offers most of the same props beyond the outright winner. Betfair recently announced that Trump vs. Biden U. Election betting market has become the largest single betting event in history, topping enormous events like the Super Bowl and World Cup final.

As of Thursday Oct. Betting fans in New Jersey , Pennsylvania , or Indiana should know Unibet by now, which globally is a huge online sportsbook brand. Americans living on the Canadian border may also have some past experience with Unibet, as they offer typical American odds for our northern neighbors. Public health. World China. North Korea. Alternative energy. Oil companies. Electric vehicles. Science Space.

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However, with several states still certifying their ballots and slowly releasing their counts, you can still wager on those state outcomes. This is, in effect, political live betting, and you can participate by signing up now at any election betting site listed here. In , the Democrats had just as tumultuous a Presidential race as the Republicans did.

The political whirlwind that ensued did result in a few positive consequences, though, including providing a fertile environment for political betting in Among the various political betting lines and odds for the US presidential election, there are party-related wagering options that include a variety of Democrat betting odds.

For those individuals interested in accessing betting action that is party specific in nature, we have created this informational guide. It is designed to serve as a resource for understanding how the political betting industry has integrated lines for legally placing bets specifically for or against the Democratic Party using Vegas election odds models. Not only are candidate odds changing with the pandemic, but Vegas election odds have also been affected by the Coronavirus.

The field of Democrats running for the Presidency currently has eight 8 candidates participating. Each candidate has unique running policies and positions they represent. While the field may be packed, there are plenty of odds and betting lines on the Presidential candidates.

All of the sportsbooks that you see listed in this guide offer US-friendly political betting lines. They have all been vetted by our team of analysts through an intense review process where we have ensured that they are all operating legally within the industry and are safe to use for US bettors. Each destination either holds their own licensing credentials or are owned and operated by a parent company that possess licensing in multiple jurisdictions.

These political sports betting sites that accept USA customers are secure and high-quality destinations that offer a healthy variety of political wagering opportunities. As of this writing, its far too early to determine the Democratic Presidential Nominee. Right now, the list of Democratic candidates who have entered the race has been narrowed down from nearly 30 to just eight, and another culling is coming soon. All presidential betting odds are currently in the 'futures' section of your sportsbook's betting lines, with some options available in the 'prop bets' section.

While it's way too early to be sure who's getting the DNC nod, some bettors are taking a stab at it anyhow because getting their wagers in ASAP will reap significant payouts should they end up predicting the candidate that wins the Democratic nomination and Presidential Election.

The ability and likelihood of Democrats taking over the House of Representatives in the Midterms or keeping it, should they maintain their current majority depends on who is named President in the Election, the bills and laws introduced before the next Midterms, and so on. At this moment in time, it is far too early in the political cycle to determine whether the Democrats will take over the House in the upcoming Midterm elections.

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Want a daily digest of the top Des Moines news? Get a daily digest of the most important stories affecting your hometown with Axios Des Moines Enter your email address Please enter a valid email. Want a daily digest of the top Twin Cities news? Get a daily digest of the most important stories affecting your hometown with Axios Twin Cities Enter your email address Please enter a valid email. Want a daily digest of the top Tampa Bay news?

Get a daily digest of the most important stories affecting your hometown with Axios Tampa Bay Enter your email address Please enter a valid email. Want a daily digest of the top Charlotte news? Get a daily digest of the most important stories affecting your hometown with Axios Charlotte Enter your email address Please enter a valid email. Zachary Basu. The candidates overall showed far more unity on the question of immigration than they did on health care, though there was a clear divide over whether decriminalizing the border and offering free health care to undocumented immigrants would encourage illegal border crossings.

Ryan summed up the position of most moderates on stage with the line: "If you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. The year-old gay veteran quoted scripture to condemn Republicans for their " moral hypocrisy ," pledged to withdraw U. Other candidates debating include Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, New York Sen. Tulsi Gabbard, Washington Gov. Go deeper. Go deeper 1 min.