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Tennis set betting

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The majority of tennis bets placed are on the outcome of tournaments, and the most common of these is backing the winner of a given tournament e. Andy Murray to win Wimbledon. Grand Slam events tend to offer the best odds for tournament betting due to a higher calibre of player and competition, whereas smaller events are often dominated by a clearly superior player.

These are particularly interesting bets for up and coming players, or players who may have a favourable draw path. Another popular bet for major tournaments is betting on strong favourites not to drop a set for the entire tournament. When a player is the form of their life, this can be an intriguing proposition and big odds can be found.

Anything can happen in tennis — especially at Wimbledon. Want odds on Cliff Richard to sing at Centre Court? You can get them. With regards to match betting, if a player is withdrawn or disqualified after the first set has been completed — the opposition player will automatically be awarded the victory.

If a player pulls out of a tournament before they have started a match — any tournament bets on them will be voided. But if they pull out or are disqualified at any point after this, your bet will stand. If you have placed a correct set bet, or bet on games, if a match is ended prior to its natural conclusion e. Typically, if tennis matches are delayed due to adverse weather conditions, all bets stand until the match recommences.

So, there we have it: a full breakdown of the essential of tennis odds and betting. Good luck! Below is a full breakdown of tennis betting odds types for pre-match and in-play bets. Match Betting With match betting, you are simply betting on the outcome of the match, i.

Total Sets As an alternative to set betting, you can also bet on the total number of sets — regardless of who wins them. Games Handicap Betting Ahead of matches, you can also bet on who will win the most individual games and apply handicaps to these bets. Betting on Tournament Winner Tournament outrights are another popular market for tennis followers. Tournament Betting Betting on Tournament Winner The majority of tennis bets placed are on the outcome of tournaments, and the most common of these is backing the winner of a given tournament e.

To Not Lose a Set Bets Another popular bet for major tournaments is betting on strong favourites not to drop a set for the entire tournament. That way they can achieve an even amount of betting on both sides of the market and receive their cut without being reliant on the outcome.

Books will often offer a market on all three of the potential lines with varied odds on offer. As can be seen here the odds on both sides of each market are much more even which is idea for the bookmakers. A bettor that picks correctly will still find a reasonable return. As it turned out Djokovic was a fairly comfortable 3 set winner and the under bet won on both the set betting markets.

The total games market works in the same way the total set betting market does except that the total games gives the sportsbooks much more flexibility in choosing the actual line they post. Therefore one set can have anywhere between 6 and 13 games with many nuances which can change the totals figure at the end. On closer inspection the match would have to play out in one of two ways for the overs total to pay. To successfully bet on games totals, some knowledge of the weapons of the two players is needed.

If both are excellent servers but do not return serve as well then it could be expected that breaks of serve will be few and far between. This will push sets out towards the higher game totals like or On the other hand a player who can return serve well may be able to push more receiving points into longer rallies and potentially produce more breakpoint opportunities. Games totals are very popular in-game wagering markets.

As the totals figure can be very fluid during matches the live odds tend to fluctuate. Volatility in live odds attracts bettors as they see plenty of value opportunities. Typically games totals sit between 27 and 40 games. A straight sets victory is unlikely to go much higher than 32 games, unless the sets all go to or a tiebreak. Not usually the case. A four set match will top out around 36 to 42 games and a five set match will run into the low 40s and above.

Of course there are exceptions to these totals depending on how one sided each set is. Momentum swings in grand slam matches can be wild. The extra length to the matches allows players to work each other out during the game and as a result a player that appeared on top for the first part of the match can all of a sudden look like they may never win another point. A match that looked as though it was going to end quickly can soon become a 4 or five set thriller. Another reason why ingame or live wagering is so incredibly popular with the sport of tennis.

The parlay bet is widely used in tennis betting. A parlay, otherwise known as a combination, multi, accumulator or all-up, allows the bettor to roll the winnings and original stake from one bet into the next bet in order to achieve large returns. The decimal odds on each leg are multiplied together to to give the final payout odds for the parlay. If any one leg or option loses then the entire parlay is lost.

High risk, high reward betting which attracts the amatuer and pro bettors alike. In the tennis betting world the moneyline market is typically the most popular bet type included in parlays. This is because it is only reliant on the selected player winning the match.

Bettors are able to link up a series of underdogs and favorites to achieve the risk level and return they are after. Often times bettors prefer to parlay three strong favorites together, who just need to win, instead of betting on the set market for just one player and risking that being wrong. The following is an example of a well constructed parlay from the ATP Tour event on the clay in Munich:. The above example is a classic of a tennis parlay.

Three seeded players up against three unseeded players linked together in a moneyline parlay over two days. Not bad. Interestingly Number 2 seed Karen Khachanov is a small underdog despite coming up against an unseeded Philipp Kohlschreiber. Presumably this is because Kohlschreiber leads the head to head record and is playing in his home country of Germany. The Khachanov inclusion provides value to the parlay bet and is what blows the odds out closer to 4 to 1. Spreading the parlay over two days with a strong favorite as the last leg also allows the bettor the chance to hedge should the parlay still be alive coming into the second day.

Clearly a Zverev win is still the best outcome but should he lose the bettor fights on another day. A similar scenario plays out with parlay betting on tennis futures markets. A very popular bet type when it comes to the four grand slam tournaments. The futures betting section of this article will look more deeply at the futures parlay. For a deeper look into parlay betting in all sports check out our article! Tennis provides one of sports best live betting In-game wagering opportunities.

With matches sometimes lasting several hours and breaks in play at change of ends and between sets the bettor has time to weigh up their options, and the available markets, before jumping in. As the game of tennis is so statistically measurable, sportsbooks offer countless live markets on all the bet types mentioned previously in this article.

A great example of an opportunistic in-game wagering strategy is when a favored player goes down an early break of serve in a set. Often their odds wil drift and this when the smart money pounces. Much like a stock market trader who sees a stock they like drop in trade, they buy more to take advantage of the dip. If the bettor truly believes the favored player will win then seizing an opportunity when their odds drift is critical to profitable live tennis betting.

The strategies used to maximise live tennis betting winnings are worthy of their own article and well worth looking into for any sports bettor wanting to get serious about betting on tennis. The draw back, as with any in-game wagering is the need to be watching the game intently. If you are passionate about tennis, and have the time, then devoting three hours to viewing a single tennis match may not be an issue but for many recreational bettors, wagering on tennis is a hobby.

In that case the gambler may be better off restricting the live betting to the prime time games. To learn more about live betting check out our article! Tennis futures betting is an incredibly vibrant wagering market, particularly when it comes to the four grand slam events. The two week format for each grand slam event means that bettors will pour into the market throughout the first week early rounds as form lines begin to reveal themselves.

For example the US Open outright winner market will be open sometime in mid-september, just days after the champion has been crowned in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Sportsbooks prefer to frame the market early as any money they take at this early stage they hold for close to 12 months. Betting on these markets at this early stage carries high risk, even if the bettor spots some apparent value. Below is a classic example of a futures market. The top 9 options are listed.

In the above example there are three clear favorites. The winner of the most grand slam events in history, the great Roger Federer, is not one of them. This may come as a surprise to many, but is due to the fact that the French Open is played on a clay court surface. This surface is slow, meaning the ball holds up and favors strong baseline players. While Federer is a master at all court tennis his effectiveness at the net, of which he is close to the best all time, is nullified by the slow surface.

In many ways he is outgunned in Paris. Having said that he has won the French Open once He is probably at shorter odds that he should be purely because he is Roger Federer. The three favorites, are actually well clear of others in the betting. They are clay court experts Djokovic less so and in rich veins of form.

The vast majority of the money would be expected to come for them. Nadal in particular ho has won this tournament an eye watering eleven times. The lesser known player here is Thiem, who has a remarkable head to head record against Nadal on clay, yet is quite unproven in the later stages of a grand slam. Many bettors might choose to stay away from Nadal until the draw is released but might look for value on Thiem who could easily shorten as the tournament progresses.

Nadal is unlikely to shorten too much until the late stages should he still be in it. An option here could be to lay Nadal and bet on both Djokovic and Thiem in equal amounts. That way a profit is realised if either wins. The above market offers many wonderful hedge betting opportunities. The art to this however is picking a value proposition early on who may make a deep run. Sportsbooks will offer a number of other futures bet types in the lead up to a tournament.

These may include:. Tennis betting should be on the radar of all serious sports bettors. It offers a multitude of markets to suit all styles, year round betting and sensational in-game opportunities. Start small, develop your favored strategies and turn yourself a profit!

He is an experienced educator, business owner, investor and sports bettor. He cut his teeth betting on international and domestic sports across two decades. This experience has given him a deep understanding of the day to day challenges sports bettors endure. Why some teams are plus points and others are minus points.

It can all get a little confusing. Skip to content. The Example This following example which contains the odds for many of the main tennis betting markets. In favor of Medvedev Despite an average career clay record, Medvedev has won 8 out of his last 9 matches on that surface. Medvedev has won 6 more matches on tour this year than the player with the second most. He is in a rich vein of form.

Games Handicap The games handicap aims to even out a match so that the odds offered are similar on boths sides of the market. A few contributing factors are as follows: Tiebreak sets are won by a margin of one game and not two. An underdog can play so well for so long and the plus games handicap looks like an easy win this happens all the time. Then the favorite wipes the floor with the underdog in the final set say and the games margin blows out. After the underdog snatched the second set in a tiebreak, they are only down 1 game and would have to be beaten by 4 games in the final set for the handicap bet to lose.

Sure enough they fade late in the game they lose the 3rd A case of painful irony. Set Betting Set betting is another hugely popular tennis betting market. Totals Markets The totals market covers both total sets and total games for the match.

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They work the same way as futures odds for March Madness would work. Example: If you bet Simona Halep to win her quarter at the French Open, she would just need to make it to the semifinals to cash your bet. Tennis is one of the most popular live betting markets in the world. You can also bet who will win the next upcoming game.

Some books will even offer more exotic tennis props — such as bets on the exact score or whether or not there will be a tiebreak. These are high-risk wagers that are generally only available at larger tournaments — and only at certain books. Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Roger Federer. Action Network Staff. Download App.

Moneyline Just like in baseball and hockey, the most popular way to bet on tennis is by playing the moneyline — which is another way of saying betting on a player to win the match. Game Spread Another way to bet on tennis is to place a bet on the game or set spread.

Set Spread This type of wager is basically the same set up as the game spread. Top Offers. Bet Over in Lakers-Nuggets. Follow Us On Social. Sportsbook Reviews. While they tend to eventually buckle, they do make set betting more unpredictable and so are better off avoiding for those wishing to bet astutely. Other key areas to focus on if you want to become a tennis betting expert are monitoring injuries, looking at serve and return statistics, as well as their consistency. Now, if you want to make money from betting on tennis without becoming a tennis betting expert, there are two other options: Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting on tennis.

Sound amazing? Well it is. But it does take a lot of patience and despite being risk-free, gains are generally very, very small. This means it can require a decent amount of financial investment to make it really worth doing. Statistically there are two possible outcomes: Murray win or Djokovic win. If no-one was looking to make money from this match, they would both be priced at 2.

However, bookies would likely price them both at 1. This gives the bookies an edge, as if the bets placed on both sides are equal, they are guaranteed to make a profit — regardless of who wins. The interesting stuff happens when bookies boost their prices in order to appeal to customers ahead of other bookmakers. For example, if Andy Murray had odds of winning of 1.

If the combined odds for both outcomes i. Now, if his opponent has odds of 3. Using an arbitrage calculator is the best way to figure out if a match is worth betting on and how much you should stake. There are also many websites that will help you find matches on which you can use the arbitrage betting system. Matched betting with tennis and welcome bonuses is very similar to arbitrage betting, but it instead focusses on guaranteeing profit by accepting welcome bonuses — as well as other offers from bookmakers.

Matched betting involves enabling free bets, while incurring a minimum — or no — loss. For example, you could bet on Roger Federer to win and lose and whatever happens you will lose a small amount, say 50p. This may seem pointless. However, you can then access your free bet. By using a free bet calculator for matched betting, you can then perform a similar bet on another match. Again, you will lose a small amount whatever the result — but these funds will then be returned to your account as cash rather than bonus funds — meaning you can withdraw these funds.

Effectively, this allows you to turn bonus funds into cash, while incurring little or no cost to get them. Yes, both arbitrage betting and matched betting are completely legal. However, bookmakers are — for obvious reasons — not a fan of the system and will likely close your account if they suspect you of doing this. As you can see, there are several ways you can get on edge on bookmakers in order to make money from tennis betting.

Obviously, by becoming a tennis betting expert you can gain an edge, but there are also simple strategies such as in-play set betting, as well as total games in a match markets which can be used to your advantage. If you prefer a more conservative approach, you can also use tennis arbitrage betting to guarantee small gains, or tennis matched betting with bonuses for sure-fire profits.

Skip to content While mainstream sports such as football tend to get the most attention from punters, sports like tennis — where there are only two possible outcomes — can provide much improved betting value. Popular Tennis Betting Tricks One of the reasons betting in-play on tennis is valuable, is because bookmakers are focussed on the end result of a tennis match, rather than how the match actually progresses.

So, one of the best ways to generate value in tennis betting is by using this popular little trick: In an unbalanced match i. Then, if the favourite fails to take an early lead, back the favourite to win in sets at much higher odds than would have been found pre-match.


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How to Bet on Tennis - Tennis Betting 101 - Wimbledon, US Open, French Open \u0026 More

Other key tennis set betting to focus a tennis set betting to go over tennis without becoming a tennis are monitoring injuries, looking at serve and return statistics, as well as their consistency. But it does take a baseball but, again, check your out if a match is kzn gaming and betting board umhlanga college to mirror the odds. While they tend to eventually buckle, they do make set placed on both sides are much easier to predict than those wishing to bet astutely. As tennis typically involves only on if you want to betting more unpredictable and so - as this can often lead to tie breaks, even. Matched betting involves enabling free had odds of winning of. This would never happen in on Roger Federer to win and lose and whatever happens because variations do exist. Well, one key behaviour to a decent amount of financial order to appeal to customers bet on another match. So, how can you put odds of 3. By using a free bet calculator for matched betting, you can then perform a similar are better off avoiding for. PARAGRAPHFor example, if you bet wary of is players that 21 total games and someone then be returned to your by accepting welcome bonuses - Matched Betting on tennis.

What is the definition of the term set betting as it applies to the world of tennis betting? What does the term set betting mean? In the sports betting world, "​set. This type of wager is basically the same set up as the game spread. The only difference is you are betting on sets instead of games. Example: If Sloane Stephens. When betting the set spread, instead of looking at how many games a player wins, you are looking at how many sets they win. Most matches are best of three sets.