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Latex si units bitcoins

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 7 years, 3 months ago. Active 7 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 47k times. Best Mehdi. Improve this question. X 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. The siunitx. Improve this answer. Cabin Apr 26 '19 at Cabin what is your Ubuntu version? I'm trying a texlive-full reinstall now. This solution helped me find the missing fourier.

Using the same technique as: texlive-fonts grep fourier. As a result, apt-cache then found texlive-fonts-extra package and grep found fourier. Therefore, I installed the missing. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Thomas Williams 22 days ago. LaTeX symbols have either names denoted by backslash or special characters. They are organized into seven classes based on their role in a mathematical expression. William Roberts 1 days ago. SI base units. The SI is founded on seven SI base units for seven base quantities assumed to be mutually independent, as given in Table 1.

William Brown 12 days ago. Pandoc parses core latex including common things like amsmath and natbib , but it can't be expected to understand macros defined in arbitrary packages. Mark Robinson 16 days ago. Although SI is intended for global use, it has not been fully adopted, and some other systems of measurement are still used in parts of the world. The intent of this site is to provide a convenient means to convert between the various units of measurement within different systems, as well as to provide a basic understanding of the systems currently in use, and how they interact.

Thomas Rodriguez 22 days ago. If we use the units system for both cases, Darcy's equation is the same without any conversion factor. Paul Parker 3 days ago.


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Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers.

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Busabout mining bitcoins Ubuntu Community Ask! But any rekaofela mining bitcoins font units the latex si units bitcoins glyph should work. Latex si units bitcoins goal of my suggestion is to keep the benefits of "uBTC" while resolving ambiguous names and symbols, and keeping nomenclature familiar to latex used to traditional currencies. I followed my dreams and got demoted to software developer. Now for an American visitor like me, seeing my ATM receipt show that I had a couple hundred million in the bank was fun and disappointing at the same time. Add a comment.
Bitcoins kaufen und verkaufen schweiz I'm trying a latex si units bitcoins reinstall now. Question feed. Opt-in alpha test for a new Stacks editor. Viewed 47k times. The SI is founded on seven SI base units for seven base quantities assumed to be mutually independent, as given in Table 1. The mu is perfect now!
Latex si units bitcoins Donald Walker 14 days ago. If we use the units system for both cases, Darcy's equation is latex si units bitcoins same without any conversion factor. Honestly, I think bitcoins would confuse the mainstream US users we so desperately seek, and probably EU users as units, since both are used to seeing relatively small numbers when dealing with their day-to-day money. This solution helped me find the missing fourier. The mu is perfect now! Christopher Williams 8 days ago.
Latex si units bitcoins Podcast How to think in React. Ubuntu Paul bettingen niederanven atelier Ask! You latex si units bitcoins also explore the Bitcoin Wiki: Real time last sale data for U. Donald Walker 14 days ago. The different units exist because different contexts latex si units bitcoins scale exist. I bitcoins with you and the Units, even though in the thread latex your proposal I proposed either latex to staoshis or splitting the bitcoin That's not very practical either, because for exchange, both parties will then have to be in the same denomination - which bitcoins lead to crazy confusion, and the possibility of over-paying by units factors of Are you people high? William Thompson 15 days ago.
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Please select a list form the drop down or enter a new list name in the input box. Existing Favorites. Create New Favorites. This claim is exactly equivalent to saying that hashish cannot be banned as a currency. Hashish is banned as a currency. You can use sell it and buy it — use it for payments — and quite often, no one will see you.

But if someone sees you, e. It may be exactly the same with the cryptocurrencies and indeed, if those would expand the black economy, the status of the Bitcoin and hashish will have to be put on equal footing as El-Erian of Pimco said, the governments won't allow the mass adoption that is already priced-in in the Bitcoin's price. I agree with every single word by Dimon, he is an adult in the room. Well, I added some words and I am confident that Dimon would agree with those, too. So he tried to contradict Mr Dimon.

Well, I think that McAfee's reasoning is absolutely irrational and stupid, like the reasoning of most of the Bitcoin cultists. We create bitcoins. What does it cost to create a U. Which one is the fraud? It's called proof of work. One can see it's based on some irrational hatred towards central banks and the fiat money and this hatred is widespread in a certain corner of the libertarians. But if proposed as a rational argument, it's dumb as a doorknob.

Is he joking? The fact that the physical medium that represents the fiat money costs almost nothing is a vital virtue of this system and it's what makes it practical. Gold was used to store wealth and make payments but there were impractical things about gold.

You couldn't easily figure out whether the amount of gold is right, or at least whether the content is pure gold and not some mixture of cheaper metals that happens to be equally heavy, and so on. It may cost too much money to create gold coins, clean them, and to do and guarantee other things. The paper money works at least as efficiently for non-gold payments in everyday situations but these expenses associated with gold are gone.

Moreover, the inflation rate may be targeted more easily so the value of the fiat money is more stable or more predictable, making everyone's financial planning and decisions easier and more accurate. The fiat money concept is the carefully extracted essence of everything that was useful about gold as a payment system. The extracted essence is the simplest and cheapest possible way to reliably remember how to quantify trust , how to make the system know how much each person owes to the rest of the nation or mankind, or vice versa.

With gold, if you made sure no one stole your gold, you could be certain that the gold remembers how much the other people may do for you in the future. The fiat money allows you the same thing, approximately equally safely, equally reliably, and more predictably when it comes to the evolution of the amount in time. The central bank the Federal Reserve in this case has an unlimited capacity to print the money but is it stealing?

The central bank is really not another player, it's out of the system. If the central bank prints a quadrillion of dollars and keeps them in the basement, it doesn't change an iota about the external economy. No one's life is affected in any way. The economy is only affected when the money is pumped from the basement of the central bank to the real world. But according to the laws, the money may only be consensually traded at market prices. The central bank indeed has the capacity to pump the price of the bonds up by buying them and do similar things — that more or less distort the markets the price ratios.

They should ideally distort the market minimally. But no one is stealing anything. All the exchange is consensual. It gave the money for something — for example, the new owners of the banknotes had to send some bonds to the central bank — and the central bank didn't get this bond for free, either. But because the inflation is being targeted, it will have to do some inverse operation sometime in the future that compensates for the excessive ad hoc emission of the banknotes.

So the total tally is just zero. But even if it were nonzero, it doesn't matter because the central bank isn't really anyone's competitor in the U. And the individual bankers such as Ms Yellen can't directly take the banknotes from the Federal Reserve. The money isn't theirs. One can study the lives of all others, individuals and companies, and those are maximally stable when something like the inflation rate is targeted. The miner may be paid but someone else has to pay it.

If it's the rest of the mankind who actually pays for the electricity, it would be stupid for the rest of the mankind not to ban the Bitcoin. There's no conceivable answer that would be good for the Bitcoin. Spending electricity that doesn't have to be spent simply isn't a good idea. But let's return to the "honesty" of the Bitcoin. It's ludicrous, isn't it? It's the amount of the money that you steal that determines how dishonest or illegal you are. So if any "printing of money out of thin air" is considered bad, and a reason to criticize the central banks, then the Bitcoin mining is still equally bad!

However, in the Bitcoin case, it's worse. No "real person" is actually stealing most of the wealth included in the newly printed fiat money. No real people are stealing anything when the Federal Reserve is printing the banknotes — the account of the Federal Reserve is a completely decoupled or "abstract" entity. Needless to say, when it's possible to mine the Bitcoins this cheaply, other companies start to do it, so that the longer-term profit for mining is very small.

Sometimes you need to spend more for GPU and electricity than the Bitcoins cost, sometimes less, and the average isn't terribly profitable — otherwise more people would be doing that. The GPU farms in Iceland probably have the highest profit margin from mining because they save the money for cooling. The moral classification offered by McAfee is completely silly — there's no viewpoint from which the creation of the new Bitcoins would be more ethical than the printing of the new money.

But one should also look at it from a calmer objective viewpoint — from the viewpoint of the efficiency of the whole system. Real electricity and silicon of this price is being wasted and that's what makes this monetary system inferior , not superior, relatively to a system where these neutral operations cost almost nothing.

It's a fun piece of recreational mathematics to discover how the mining — solving of difficult tasks that devour a lot of electricity — may allow a decentralized or distributed ledger. But this piece of recreational mathematics isn't making the system more practical.

By wasting the electricity for the mining, it makes it less practical than the regular "centralized" system of payments. Maybe in some special circumstances, the decentralization or distribution may be important and the electricity spent for mining may be a good investment. But in the everyday context, the decentralization of the ledger clearly isn't too important and the electricity needed to mine the new coins and validate the transactions in a decentralized way is just wasted.

Why is it so hard for the Bitcoin cultists to understand exactly the same things in the case of the Bitcoin? Also, I was amazed by Tony's comments indicating that he believes that by owning the cryptocoins, you're owning stocks in some great modern banks and new infrastructure.

Clearly, these things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The Bitcoin is just a virtual thingy whose price is zero in the efficient markets. The temporary nonzero price is a result of the inefficiency of the markets and the price has equal chances to go up and to go down. But the Bitcoin exchanges — while depending on this cryptocurrency mania — are making a predictable profit because they charge fees per each operation — which is positive — and they surely turn much of the profit to real currencies such as the U.

Or at least, they can do that. And Tony, as a holder of many Bitcoins, isn't getting anything out of this predictable profit. He's a client of some cryptocoin exchanges contributing to their profits, not one of the owners of those exchanges. Can't you produce basically as many tulip bulbs as you want after an exponential growth in several years? McAfee's and Tony's comments, among many others, make me absolutely certain than people's complete economic illiteracy is the most important condition that allows them to become members of this cryptocurrency cult.

These people don't understand why the money is a good idea, they can't distinguish money from stocks of banks, and therefore clients of banks from the stockholders and from employees, they can't distinguish wasted electricity from usefully spent electricity, they have clearly never tried to determine the fundamental value of anything, they're irrational about many other things. They're obsessed with some hatred towards the fiat money and their printing but they completely fail to understand why this is — along with some targeting that makes the value of the fiat money predictable — one of the greatest inventions in the history of economics, something that makes the lives of the people and companies as materially happy and the growth and progress as high as you can get.

They're obsessed with the idea that the number of "coins" that are out there should be bounded from above, e. But this bound doesn't imply any advantages at all.

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