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Robert Strang, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health, says the province has now had a total of three U. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. The Canadian Press. The business that offered New Brunswickers a chance to go for long walks on the beach with a llama or alpaca is expanding to offer something a little more exotic. Llama-zing Adventures has added a camel to its growing farmyard fleet.

And once that's done, we can start saddle-training him. And putting pressure on his back. He's doing pretty good so far. The other resides at the Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton. Purchased from a private farm outside of Fredericton a few days after Christmas, Shamy now lives on Gautreau's farm near Haute-Aboujagane, outside of Shediac.

The dromedary camel towers over the rest of his farmyard friends, but he's outnumbered by the ever expanding menagerie. Since opening with just two alpacas and two llamas six months ago Gautreau has had to triple the number of animals available to go on hikes to meet customer demand. Customer demand skyrocketed during the pandemic with New Brunswickers eager for something novel but close to home. Selfies with llamas and alpacas on the beach or in the forest fit that bill.

But it was a lot for just four animals to handle leading to long wait times between when customers booked a hike and when they could actually go. There's now a dozen llamas and alpacas on the farm, including a stud, and some babies on the way. A pair of emus also dart amid the herd. Gautreau expects there are enough animals for everyone now. Gautreau is also looking to purchase a bigger facility with more acreage, something she hopes will be finalized by summer.

But despite the winter weather, the demand for llama hikes hasn't slowed. While beach walks are on hold until summer returns, snowshoeing through the forest is just as popular. There are endless woods. It makes for the cutest pictures. It just looks like a winter wonderland out there. She's hoping to find a similar camel elsewhere in Canada. Depending on how Shamy takes to his training, Gautreau says it could be a few months before camels will make an appearance on the trails and beaches.

View on euronews. Close to a third of Alberta's active COVID cases have no identified source, sparking concerns that important data could be missing as the province eases restrictions and at the same time tracks a growing number of variant cases. The percentage of active cases with no known source peaked at about 85 per cent in late November when Alberta's contact tracing system broke down.

While it has improved dramatically since Alberta Health Services beefed up its contact tracing teams and caught up with the backlog, it currently sits at nearly 33 per cent — representing 1, of 5, active cases. Jenne said easing restrictions will lead to more interactions in the community, providing even more opportunities for the virus to spread between people who don't know each other.

According to Jenne, this hampers the ability of health officials to identify and contain outbreaks and use targeted measures to reduce the spread. These could transmit through shorter interactions [such as] a lineup a store [or] on a bus … and we will see a greater number of cases coming from these casual unknown contacts. Deena Hinshaw, said Wednesday the percentage of active cases with no known source involves some new cases in which the investigation is just starting.

But Hinshaw noted that others are complete and the source simply isn't known. Jenne said the ABTraceTogether app was suffering from an uptake issue. Raskin is the lead prosecutor for the House. He said senators have the power under the Constitution to find Trump guilty of having betrayed the oath of office the nation's founders wrote into the Constitution. Another impeachment manager warned senators that acquitting Trump could have lasting consequences for the country.

Capitol to the former president. Lawyers for former president Donald Trump are planning to begin and wrap up their defence in his impeachment trial in less than a day, using far fewer than their allotted argument hours. The rules for the trial gave both sides two days for arguments, lasting up to eight hours each day. It remains unclear when the final vote will take place, but Republicans have expressed a desire to wrap the trial quickly, even by Saturday.

South Dakota Sen. He told the crowd that he would pay their legal fees if they did. The Democrats also laid out evidence that Trump showed no concern for people who may have been endangered, or remorse for the role he played, including when Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was the target of a white supremacist plot in her state.

Raskin said Jan. Psaki was pressed during her briefing Thursday about whether Biden has an obligation to weigh in. Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers who protected the Capitol as it was overrun by supporters of former President Donald Trump. More than 70 officers with the U. Capitol Police were injured.

Many are struggling with the emotional trauma they experienced that day. The first recipient was George Washington. Over the years, the medal has been presented to military leaders, authors, athletes and civil rights icons. At least two-thirds of the House and Senate must co-sponsor Congressional Gold Medal legislation before it is considered in committee. The House is continuing its impeachment case against Trump over the riot.

The Democratic House impeachment managers used security video as part of their case, and the violent images of the riot shook senators and TV viewers alike. Biden has steadfastly refused to weigh in on the trial and again on Thursday said his focus was on fulfilling his campaign promise to battle the coronavirus pandemic. The House is continuing its case Thursday. The Associated Press. The number of accidental fentanyl-related opioid overdoses and deaths on P.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison calls the numbers "of concern. That's up from five opioid-related deaths in , with none linked to fentanyl. There is a three-month lag in reporting deaths because of the time involved in the investigations, she said. In addition, there were 17 non-fatal opioid overdoses as of Sept. That's up from five overdoses for all of , of which one involved fentanyl. Fentanyl is a powerful opioid doctors say is to times stronger than morphine.

We're looking at trying to protect everybody. Heather Morrison The CPHO gave an overview of the overdose situation and said those affected cover all age groups and are from across the province. Since the province started tracking opioid overdoses in , 29 people have died on P. Also, since May there have been 56 non-fatal overdoses, of which 59 per cent were male, and most cases were in the age range.

Morrison also told the committee more than 95 per cent of all cases involved a mix of opioids with other substances. The committee also discussed, connecting with those with lived-experience with drugs for their input, the needle exchange program and opioid replacement therapy. Filling a position for a harm reduction co-ordinator will be a key piece in moving forward with overdose prevention plans, said Morrison. Year Overdoses involving fentanyl Deaths involving fentanyl to Sept.

Ashley Perry isn't sure where she would be without Sue MacDonnell. After a decade of chronic homelessness — mostly living in a tent or sleeping in a bunk bed at Moncton's Harvest House emergency shelter — Perry credits MacDonnell with finally helping her to get on "the right path. Casework is not doing it for the guest, it's accompanying them on the journey.

Maskery had become discouraged. When he looked at the 45 people who were sleeping in the dorms every night, he estimated fewer than a quarter of them had any hope of "moving on in a productive way. Once you get into street life you can get stuck there. You start making friends that are using … we've had people that didn't use until they came to shelter and that's sad.

And it was a whole new world to me. Maskery said stories like Perry's are heartbreaking, and part of the reason he knew Harvest House had to try a new approach. On the other side of the country, Sandra Clarkson, executive director of the 1,bed Calgary Drop-In Centre, knew it was time to make big changes at her shelter. This is just a temporary layover.

Other programs, such as a library, were cut because they created a sense of community. Clarkson explained shelters shouldn't be seen as long-term places to live, and people should be encouraged to find community outside the shelter walls. Ending the 'dance of the shelter' In Montreal, James Hughes, president and CEO of the Old Brewery Mission, began the "transformation" from emergency-based shelter to housing-based shelter in the early s.

And if you don't succeed come on back in the evening and we'll provide you with these services again," he said. They need to be accompanied on that journey out. It just shows them there's life beyond the streets," said Maskery.

In Moncton, Harvest House is one of two emergency shelters. The House of Nazereth operates a shelter on Albert Street which is about twice as large with beds. Maskery has stopped referring to Harvest House as a shelter, and now calls it "ground zero. If they don't want to do anything and they just want to stay where they're at, we encourage them to avail themselves of the other shelter.

We say, 'That's just a shelter if that's what you want. She continues to work with MacDonnell, who has supported her the entire time, as she tries to reach the goals she's set. I want my children in my life more often than they are now. I want to be able to say that I worked my butt off, and I finally am in a place that I can have my children and be the mom that I should be.

It's not about what I did, it's about where the guest has come. It may only represent 21 per cent of their guests, but MacDonnell said the number feels larger. And it can't be a token leadership position; she needs to also have equitable ownership in the company. The money comes from the budget of the Business Department. In a statement, McNeil said the government is not restricting its use to Nova Scotia businesses.

Women entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia are encouraged to apply to this fund to take their idea to market or grow their business," he said. Although she declined to say how big the fund is right now, she said they're close to half of their goal. More investments expected Friday's announcement was the culmination of talks since last June with provincial governments, institutions and the private sector, said Davies.

The fund has or is expecting investments from other provincial governments, although Davies declined to provide details. The success of the venture will be based on things such as the number of companies that receive investments, their value, the number of jobs created and how many people from underrepresented communities lead those companies, said Davies.

A temporary care facility in a Dartmouth, N. That's even though the community transition unit at the Holiday Inn has seen only 12 patients so far. Kitty Connell, the director and site lead for the Halifax Infirmary, said the hotel is a "great place" for people who need a certain level of care.

The hotel offers patients single rooms with their own bathroom, television, telephone and mini-fridge. In early December, Nova Scotia's health authority announced a partnership with the Northwood continuing-care organization and the province to set up a bed unit on two floors of the hotel. The unit is staffed by workers from Northwood, and accepts patients who are waiting in hospital for placement in a long-term care facility.

The patients, who the hospital system labels "alternate level of care" or ALC, do not need acute care but have needs that are too high for them to be discharged. Connell said since December, 12 patients moved to the transition unit, and four of them have moved on to long-term care homes.

Eight people were being cared for in the hotel as of Wednesday, with one more to arrive on Thursday. Connell said the unit was originally set up for 50, because at the time there were about to ALC patients in hospital. Forty-two people have been placed directly from hospital into long-term care facilities, skipping the hotel altogether.

This has left about ALC patients in hospital, and some are being assessed to determine whether they can go to the hotel. We weren't expecting that to happen at such a rapid pace," she said. However in September, the Department of Health sent a letter to nursing homes telling them they could only keep up to three per cent of beds empty, and the rest had to be filled.

At that time, the Health Department said there were vacant long-term care beds across the province. Call for more units Janet Hazelton, the president of the Nova Scotia Nurses' Union, represents some of the Northwood staff who are working at the unit. I know that the nurses that we represent are liking it and feel that the care that's being provided is very good. Hazelton said she believes transition units should be set up more permanently around the province.

She said hotels might be a good place right now, although they could be inappropriate in the long run. Connell does not know whether the Holiday Inn unit would be extended beyond June but she said it could be worthwhile. Ellen Rudderham-Gaudet, a member of a citizens group called Nova Scotians for Long-term Care Reform, said she thinks the transition unit makes sense, but is only part of broader changes needed in long-term care.

Baths, for instance. So that has to be temporary," she said. Rudderham-Gaudet said her group hopes to meet with incoming premier Iain Rankin to offer him a perspective on the long-term care system. Led by several prominent former Republican consultants, its slickly produced ads attacking President Donald Trump made it perhaps the best known of the so-called Never Trump organizations.

The group tried to claim a higher moral ground in an effort to purge Trump from the GOP. Money flowed in by the tens of millions of dollars from donors eager to help. But within the organization, a grave threat was emerging. It's also the first known suggestion that Weaver targeted a Lincoln Project staffer.

Despite the early warning, the group took no action against Weaver and pressed forward with its high-profile work. For the collection of GOP consultants and former officials, being anti-Trump was becoming very good for business. There is no evidence that the Lincoln Project buried the allegations against Weaver for business reasons. But taken together, the harassment allegations and new revelations about spending practices raise significant questions about the management of one of the highest profile antagonists of Trump.

The revelations threaten the stature of not just the Lincoln Project but the broader coalition of establishment-oriented Republican groups hoping to pool their resources to excise Trump from the party. Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt insisted that he and the rest of the group's leadership were not aware of any internal allegations of wrongdoing involving Weaver.

John Kasich. Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's full response to a question about the complaints and whether these kinds of reports feed into conspiracy theories about government internment camps in the video below: Neither Beaulieu nor Vanegas were billed for their hotel stays. Details on that are expected to be unveiled in coming days. The federal government also announced Tuesday that non-essential travellers entering Canada through the land border would soon need to provide proof of a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival — just as air travellers have been required to do for a month.

Penalties are stiff for anyone who violates instructions given to them under the Quarantine Act upon their arrival back into Canada. If you have a good story idea or tip, you can reach him at bryan. BANGKOK — Businesses are just beginning to reassess their investments in Myanmar after the military seized power, detaining civilian leaders and sparking mass protests.

Singaporean tycoon Lim Kaling, a board member of technology firm Razer Inc. It urged Razer to dismiss him from its board if he did not. So far, most companies with major dealings or investments in Myanmar appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach.

But last week just after the Feb. A report issued in after a special U. The coup has renewed pressure for governments to impose sanctions that had been eased after the military, which had ruled Myanmar for decades, began a transition toward a democratic, civilian government in Top Myanmar military leaders, including Gen. Min Aung Hliang, who took control as commander-in-chief, already are facing U. Treasury Department sanctions over the treatment of the Rohingya, more than , of whom have fled the country into Bangladesh.

Myanmar's opening to more international trade, investment and tourism has integrated its economy with foreign business in myriad ways. Many Myanmar businesses and individuals rely heavily on Facebook, for example. The coup and its aftermath have put many such companies in an awkward position.

Norway's Telenor ASA is a major provider of mobile telecoms, having helped build the system nearly from scratch. We have employees on the ground and our first priority is to ensure their safety," it said. Whether there will be a big shift in investment remains to be seen: For the most part Western governments have sought to avoid sanctions that might hurt local businesses and workers, just adding to their troubles. But reputational risk, already high due to the Rohingya problem, could grow for the many foreign companies that rely on factories in Myanmar's new industrial zones for their brand-name apparel, shoes and other consumer goods.

Elaine Kurtenbach, The Associated Press. Myriam Gauthier, Initiative de journalisme local, Le Quotidien. Access to the masterpiece housed inside the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie resumed Tuesday after the second closure of the pandemic, starting in November and the fall virus resurgence. The famed mural was also closed to the public from Feb.

This year remains uncertain, due both to virus variants and the slower-than-anticipated rollout of vaccinations. Access is restricted in the first week to just eight viewers every 15 minutes, going up to 12 starting next week. Starting Friday, restaurants, gyms, museums, churches and other facilities will be allowed to reopen, albeit with strict capacity limits.

Ash Wednesday will be marked differently this year. Usually, Christians participate in services that include having a priest or pastor mark a sign of the cross on a person's forehead or back of hand, but with COVID restrictions in place, that won't be happening this year. They're dying to get back to church. They miss their friends, they miss the worship service," said Rev. Frank Staples of Riverside United Church.

The church is not holding its usual Ash Wednesday service this year due to the pandemic. Instead, there will be a pre-taped service that will go on the church's website the night before. What I'll do is probably mark my wife's forehead and she in turn will mark mine. So just to give an example, a physical example of it being done, and that'll have to suffice, I suppose," said Staples. Windsor-Essex has been in a lockdown since mid-December, and the province later implemented further restrictions including a stay-at-home order.

Under the rules, the capacity limit for in-person religious services is set at 10 people as long as masking and physical distancing can be maintained, but many congregations have moved to virtual services. The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School will hold a virtual service online for students to log onto at home and in class. The superintendent responsible for faith issues, Joseph Ibrahim, said it in no way diminishes the importance of the day. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, the day period leading up to Easter.

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on Feb. The hope, Ibrahim said, is for a more normal Easter. A new Muslim cemetery and funeral home being planned at a site east of Calgary would provide more options for people in the northeast and southeast of the city, according to the organization behind the proposal. Imam Syed Soharwardy with the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly says a new cemetery would provide burial options for future generations, but some in the community have questioned the need for a second cemetery.

Currently, Muslims in Calgary are buried west of the city at a cemetery near Cochrane operated by the Muslim Council of Calgary. The cemetery is open to Muslims of all denominations and has been operating for several decades. That cemetery has plenty of capacity for many years of future burials and is estimated to be using only around six to seven per cent of its 74 acres 30 hectares for grave sites. But the organization behind the new cemetery says it's about looking several decades, even centuries, into the future.

Yes, we have lots of capacity in our cemetery in Cochrane but at the same time there's a convenience to the communities in the south and east of Calgary and surrounding towns," said Soharwardy, speaking about a new burial option. The Calgary area's Muslim population is around , and growing. Soharwardy says there is no need to wait until one cemetery is at capacity before opening a second site. Soharwardy says the new cemetery would be open to all denominations of Islam and would provide all funeral services on-site, including preparation areas where bodies can be washed and made ready for burial, along with places for prayer.

Some of the cost has already been covered by mosque members. Soharwardy says one man will donate the sale of his own home toward the cemetery. The money needs to be raised by October. He estimates the cemetery could be ready for use within five years if it's approved. He says there's been soil and water level testing to make sure the land is appropriate for a cemetery.

He says the report they've received suggests a land use change would be feasible. News of the project initially caused a stir in the community with some questioning the immediate need for a cemetery over other projects like Islamic schools and future mosques.

But Soharwardy says the community is now more aware of the details and vision for the plan. It's not that we need two, we do not have to have two cemeteries. The Bureau of Prisons carried out more executions under Trump, 13, than any previous president. The reinstated executions began in July as the coronavirus raged through the prisons.

An Associated Press analysis found the executions were likely a virus superspreader. They were the first federal executions in 17 years, and more were conducted under Trump than in the previous 56 years combined. The executions went ahead for inmates whose lawyers claimed were too mentally ill or intellectually disabled to fully grasp why they were being put to death.

Lawyers for Lisa Montgomery, convicted of killing a pregnant Missouri woman and cutting out her baby, said her mental illness was partly triggered by years of horrific sexual abuse as a child. Days before Biden took office, she became the first woman executed by the federal government in nearly seven decades. They also said Biden could prohibit prosecutors from seeking death sentences and commute the sentences of the several dozen inmates on federal death row.

Far-reaching steps by Biden, the letter said, would also preclude any future president from restarting federal executions. That left the door open for Trump to resume them. Some Yukon women's groups are collecting surveys and stories from people in Whitehorse about the safety of local taxis. The Yukon Women's Coalition and the Yukon Status of Women Council hope the information they collect will encourage cab companies and city bylaw officers to take the issue more seriously.

The groups put together an online survey in response to some recent posts on social media from people who have had bad experiences or felt unsafe in city cabs. It's been going on for a very long time This is just unacceptable. This is atrocious," she said. The online survey asks whether the respondent has ever experienced violence, harassment or inappropriate behaviour while taking a cab.

It offers examples, such as drivers taking a longer route to a destination, offering fares in exchange for sex, not wearing a COVID[]-safe mask, or assault. It also asks whether the respondent saw the cab driver's identification displayed, or if they saw a functioning camera on board, as required by a city bylaw.

It also asks whether they reported any incident to the city or the police. Mason says the survey is about documenting what happens and using that information to keep pressing for change. It's also about understanding the scope of the issue, she said. For example, what choices are women forced to make when they feel unsafe calling a cab late at night? I'm choosing to walk home'? How is that compromising her safety? BERLIN — A plume of Sahara dust that has blanketed parts of southern and central Europe in recent days caused a short, sharp spike in air pollution across the region, researchers said Tuesday.

The European Commission's Copernicus satellite monitoring program said measured levels of particles smaller than 10 micrometers — so-called PM10s — increased in places such as Barcelona, Spain, and in the French cities of Lyon and Marseille on Sunday. The cloud of fine sand blown northward from Algeria tinted skies red and mixed with fresh snowfall in the Alps and Pyrenees, leaving slopes looking orange.

While PM10 particles can enter the lungs, causing breathing difficulties, asthma attacks and other health problems, the concentration of Sahara dust didn't reach levels considered harmful. Cars line residential streets around the clock. Otherwise isolated neighbourhoods are linked by a network of highways and six-lane roads that a plane could land on.

It is next to impossible for many residents, and even planners in the city, to imagine life without a car. In , the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change pointed the finger squarely at asphalt covered car-kingdoms like Brampton. In December , councillors in Brampton showed a willingness to change and told staff to reassess the entire parking model through a comprehensive review.

The purpose of the study is to revisit outdated parking rules, which mandate developers to provide a minimum number of parking spots, and streamline or eliminate the requirements in pedestrian friendly areas served by transit. The publication of a parking review itself is not a panacea. In Mississauga, council approved its review in , with the project divided into short, medium and long-term priorities.

Even the short-term elements of the plan have a two-year horizon for completion. At a recent Planning and Development meeting, Brampton staff confirmed to councillors they are currently searching for a contractor to complete the review. The news, a year after the idea was initially floated, means a full list of recommendations for a city-wide overhaul of parking rules is unlikely to be ready until at least the fourth quarter of As time continues to stretch between the initial plan in and its first milestone in , hundreds of new units will be approved and built in Brampton.

Even in a context where councillors have agreed the culture of parking minimums needs to be overhauled, current rules will require developers to continue building underground, aboveground or street-level parking. The issue of parking has long been criticized in urban design circles, with city planners appearing to have paid little attention. He condemns city planning standards and argues there is no rhyme or reason to the parking formulas planners must obey.

The costs associated with these kinds of parking requirements are high and varied. The land required for this parking creates an artificial shortage, as habitable space ready for development becomes designated parking spots, required for builders to construct units in accordance with city bylaws.

The area is one of three small spaces City staff are applying a narrow lens to as they await the results of a full parking review. On January 18, the City of Brampton held a public meeting to consider plans to eliminate parking minimums in the downtown, Hurontario Street and parts of Queen Street.

A staff proposal, likely to return for final approval in March, outlines minor changes in a small part of the city that could help reduce reliance on the car, but stop well short of forcing a transportation revolution in a suburb that harbours dreams of becoming a future ready vertical city. It also takes in a portion of downtown Brampton at Main and Queen, extending east along Queen toward Bramalea.

The logic behind these choices is unclear and staff struggled to explain it at the planning meeting. More than once, Wards 7 and 8 Councillor Pat Fortini asked why staff had not proposed the entire Queen Street corridor, which has been earmarked for a bus rapid transit BRT route by Metrolinx to open as early as On each occasion, the councillor was told the comprehensive parking review would include this element when it is eventually published in and actioned in the years that follow.

Staff are suggesting that, in the three small areas listed, parking minimums be removed for everything apart from: single-detached, semi-detached, duplex, triplex, double duplex, street townhouse dwellings, two-unit dwellings, lodging houses and senior-citizen residences. A deputation to the budget committee by resident Sylvia Roberts, a keen observer of City Hall meetings who has a loyal following on social media, unpacked in detail how an uncoordinated policy dating back more than a decade had cost Bramptonians dearly.

Roberts referenced a downtown parking study the City had completed in , showing City Hall was charging too little for its own visitor parking spaces and that, without demanding more, it would never be able to force a change in habit. Low parking costs also meant the taxpayer found themselves on the hook for millions of dollars of maintenance in as user fees failed to cover the costs of resurfacing and other work on public parking stalls throughout the city.

As long as people can park for less than the cost of a bus pass, the City will never maximize the return on its substantial investment in existing or future public transit facilities. Whether the reduction of parking minimums in the downtown will reduce reliance on the car or see residents walking past municipal garages remains to be seen.

And until rapid transit becomes the norm, there will likely still be plenty of demand for parking. In Brampton, where vision is critical to turn the municipality away from its sprawling past, an overhaul of parking rules could catalyze a seismic culture shift. But, even with the support of council, change still looks like it will take some time.

Email: isaac. At a time when vital public information is needed by everyone, The Pointer has taken down our paywall on all stories relating to the pandemic and those of public interest to ensure every resident of Brampton and Mississauga has access to the facts. For those who are able, we encourage you to consider a subscription. This will help us report on important public interest issues the community needs to know about now more than ever. You can register for a day free trial HERE.


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