best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

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Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 expocamp wertheim bettingen paul

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

The project is interesting for investors as it stands in the front line of the decentralized finance trend. Many investors liken it to Ethereum in its ICO times but others think it could just be hype. According to the Uniswap team, there is no official roadmap however they say they will continue working on the path to an even more decentralized platform and that we can soon expect the launch of Uniswap V3 which promises improvements to tangibility and capital efficiency on the platform.

Cardano is another more-established and reputable project on the list and was announced in Its goal is to become the go-to for large-scope financial apps. Cardano depends on its tight community of tech-oriented developers with partnerships springing up with many educational facilities such as the University of Malta which adds to its credibility.

Cardano recently transitioned to Shelley which was the second part of its roadmap and that stimulated the price greatly so investors expect many highs to come in TRON aims to construct a costless, worldwide digital entertainment network that allows users to distribute and share content in an effortless and cheap manner.

It probably seems unnecessary but when you consider other solutions like Netflix then you begin to understand the niche that TRON wants to fill. Netflix promises to curate, concentrate and display your content to millions of people but all that comes at a large cost for the content creator.

TRON removes the need for a mediator and enables everyone and anyone to put their content on its ecosystem which is built on a blockchain. For the publishers, this gives them a special opportunity to bring down the price of their distribution channels. For others, the content consumers like you and me this might imply lower fees to access that content.

More and more organizations are beginning to integrate TRON into their platforms and as they do, the price continues to grow. Like Bitcoin, its supply is capped and there will only ever be 84 million Litecoins and as of November miners have mined approximately 65 million of those. Litecoin touts great usability and speed being 4x faster than Bitcoin which makes sending and receiving payments as quick as sending a Whatsapp message. Litecoin has very low fees too and is in many cases cheaper than what a credit card company would charge.

Despite the fact some see Litecoin as Bitcoin Lite and some kind of spinoff, it should not be completely dismissed as such. As we mentioned before, not only is the cryptocurrency a lot quicker than Bitcoin - it has also revealed some pretty interesting news throughout The Litecoin Foundation said that the launch of the game caused transactions to triple in less than a week and more than three-quarters of those were from the game.

Keep your eyes on Litecoin and have a good read through our dedicated Litecoin price prediction article. In , there was a big debate in the Bitcoin community around the topic of scalability which eventually led to a new blockchain-based on the original protocol. The new blockchain would increase its block size to increase the number of transactions possible on the ledger. This new blockchain and its cryptocurrency are today called Bitcoin Cash.

Fans of the token talk about on-chain scaling solutions while more traditional Bitcoiners prefer off-chain solutions such as the Lightning Network. It sits at number 33 in the list of largest cryptocurrencies by market cap at the time of writing. Whatever you do, remember that in the cryptocurrency trading world, timing comes before all else - grabbing some Zcash when its price is down and selling it off during the spikes of high growth is not a bad plan.

Once you have chosen a reputable exchange to get your cryptocurrencies, you should think about trading sensibly. The people who consistently make profits in this market are the professional traders who successfully use automated trading bots and the expensive tools that come with them.

At Trality, we are bringing this automation to everyone and revolutionizing the way you can invest in cryptocurrencies. We are proud to announce that after two years of hard work, our state-of-the-art bot-creation tools are ready.

Find out which one is for you:. The Rule Builder is a drag-and-drop interface that allows traders to easily create and backtest trading strategies. If you are looking to build a profitable trading algorithm in Python, the Code Editor is the one.

As rolls around, this newfound popularity could send the coin up to speculative heights. Dogecoin does have its merits: its faster block time makes it better at processing payments than bitcoin can. And more gains could be on the way.

That solves a massive issue for bitcoin, which has a single, growing blockchain that all miners and transactors need to store. Developers have also added scalability, smart contracts 0and security. The coin fell hard in as the Chinese government cracked down on cryptocurrency exchanges. But in , the coin staged a remarkable resurgence as Chinese regulators turned their ire to Ant Group, a payments processor. With the Chinese Communist Party now rethinking its stance on cryptocurrencies , NEO has a chance to shine once again.

Still, Celsius has plenty of risk behind it. As companies from Bear Stearns to Lehman Brothers found, bad loans can quickly sink your battleship. But until then, investors stand to make a lot of hot-money returns. Nano is a prime example of playing the cryptocurrency lottery. Some may point to a December hack on an Italian cryptocurrency exchange. But in the microcap altcoin world, timing has far more to do with luck.

However, now that demand is rising, keep watch. A short-term spike is often how new coins gain popularity. With its ability to assign entire blockchains to individual accounts, Nano looks like an attractive bitcoin alternative. Chainlink is a cryptocurrency that allows others to run smart contracts.

But can LINK succeed on its own? Chainlink is as different as they come. Rather than operate its own blockchain, Chainlink runs smart contracts on other blockchains. Making use of the protocol still requires hardcore programming knowledge, and that shrinks its potential audience.

What Chainlink needs is a strong sponsor — a business like Ripple Labs, for example — to market and implement its smart contracts as required. If the currency can find that sponsor, LINK will soar. Otherwise, investors can expect the currency to stall in as newer smart-contract coins take over.

Monero has long been one of my favorite coins for its privacy applications. And its community has continued to improve its privacy — from improving its decoy transactions to obscuring recipient identities. But Monero ran into early issues. Because transactions are so private, it quickly became a favorite of Darknet users looking to hide their tracks.

Yet, the cryptocurrency has had a revival in recent months. As we move into , XMR looks like a cryptocurrency with second-wind potential. Investors should take note. With its value linked to the U. Dollar, Tether is useful for short-term holdings. That makes Tether useful as 1 a currency, 2 a short-term savings tool and 3 a method of arbitrage between different exchanges.

Nevertheless, Tether is still useful for transferring cryptocurrency between wallets without major price risk. That has made the younger fork cheaper and faster than bitcoin to verify. My two-star rating comes down to momentum. Although it was once a popular bitcoin alternative, Litecoin has since struggled to differentiate itself from its bigger brother.

However, investors should see BNB as a secondary coin for transferring money between different currencies within Binance. In October, Forbes staff released documents alleging that Binance and its founder created an elaborate corporate structure designed to deceive U. NEM is a speculative cryptocurrency that is still hanging on for its life after a massive theft. The coin rewards users for holding XEM for the long-term. Since then, NEM has seen its coin value trade under 30 cents to the dollar.

That makes buying NEM for a speculative play. But that makes it risky for the long-term. Since its launch, TRON has been on a wild ride. The currency peaked in January at 8. It has recovered slightly to 2. In , its founder, Chinese millionaire Justin Sun, bought BitTorrent, a central peer-to-peer file-sharing system. That put TRON right back on the map. Controversy has followed Mr. Sun everywhere — employees have noted stacks of hundred-dollar bills on his desk, while others have pointed out plagiaristic similarities between TRON and Ethereum.

Investors in TRON will need to accept the bamboozling required to push this altcoin. Everyone else might consider staying away. Since then, success has been sporadic. But will it will reach top again? Second acts, as we know, happen all the time in crypto. Like Monero, Zcash has privacy at its core.

Users of Zcash can choose to obscure their transactions on the Zcash ledger, making it ideal for privacy-focused individuals. However, its success in privacy has been mixed with users finding ways to identify users even with address shielding. Still, as privacy issues with cryptocurrency grow in the developing world, Zcash might find greater adoption in the emerging world.

As a small fork in the bitcoin road, Bitcoin Gold could come back to win. But its chances are slim. A hard fork in bitcoin created Bitcoin Gold. By size, it has dropped from the No. But for those willing to take a flyer, Bitcoin Gold still holds some sway. As an earlier entrant to the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin Gold has broad support on various exchanges. And its trust level remains relatively high, despite some high-profile thefts in Bitcoin Cash came as one of the earliest and most prominent bitcoin forks.

Early on, it was also once the most successful. With a minute block time and larger block sizes, BCH can theoretically process more transactions per second than its older rival. From an investment standpoint, however, the fork has been a massive disappointment. My recommendation? Sell BCH and find greener pastures. And the resulting civil war hurt both sides. Its returns have reflected that truth. EOS is a new cryptocurrency entrant, but little technological differentiation makes it a low-potential coin.

IO protocol, has mostly traded sideways throughout its history. But as an investment, it has remained somewhat of a disappointment. While EOS makes the list because of its relatively large size, investors looking at this lesser-known coin should watch for any significant uptake news before investing.


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