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There may be a child and a charge of bastardy. He may run away with her, adding elopement and desertion of wife and family, and often divorce. Elopements are numerous, and they are mentioned here only when complicated with adultery or desertion, since the unmarried parson is entitled to his romance, and not to be censured above other men if he makes a runaway match of it—the woman concerned having reached or survived the ages of discretion without any matrimonial alliance at present existing.

So the adulteries, seductions, etc. In only about two-thirds of the cases are the denominations of the clerical law-breakers known, that detail being often omitted by rural reporters or correspondents in whom the news sense is but imperfectly developed. The instances in which the communion is supplied give the Methodists first place, Baptists second, and Catholics third.

The number of each is not disproportionate to the total number of clergy of the given denominations. Nothing appears to show that there is any great disparity between sects or between Protestants and Catholics in point of morality. There are, say, , ministers in the United States, 15, of them Catholic. That is ten parsons to one priest.

Of the 3, ministers in this directory, are Catholics, or about 1 priest to 10 non-Catholic clergymen. Catholics do not have so many clergymen in proportion to their communicants as the Protestant sects. With them one priest has to serve a thousand adherents provided they have the sixteen million communicants [ 30 ] they claim , while the Baptists, with less than six million communicants, have nearly forty-three thousand ministers, and the Methodists, with seven million members, report upwards of forty-one thousand ministers.

With such a multiplication of pulpiteers and a low standard of qualification for the ministry, the bad preeminence of the Methodist parsons is explained. It has been noticed already that priests are not publicly exposed in such peccadilloes as might cost a Protestant minister his pulpit or a layman his standing in the community. It cannot be inappropriate to quote the following comment on an excuse offered for the two delegates to the Methodist conference of , who were caught with the broken fragments of the seventh commandment on their person, or rather almost in the act of breaking them:.

Dinsmore found that the going wrong of a preacher is by no means a modern innovation; for did not Micah, David, Eli, and Abiathar prove false to the trust imposed in them? The preacher blamed society for protecting the preacher in his sin, and for not giving him away.

The religious woman who has missed her man finds him in Jesus [ 31 ] and takes the parson as his deputy. The women tempt the preacher also by the cut of their clothes, says the Rev. And so on. Of course some of it is true; the minister is exposed to temptation, but if he cannot resist what the Infidel has to, what is his religion for? The light sentences, if any, imposed upon clergymen in many instances having been alluded to, we may allege a concrete case.

It occurred at the time when a nation-wide attempt was being made to fasten the crime of white slavery, with its penalties, on two laymen who had taken two women with their consent into an adjoining state and there cohabited with them. Johns, in the middle of last month, a Baptist clergyman, the Rev.

Every courtesy was shown the clerical violator of childhood. Now we would like to inquire why there is no public excitement about this miscarriage of justice. The man is married and has three daughters, two of them school teachers, and one a high school graduate, and is hence a middle-aged man who has not the excuse of youthful ardor for his crime.

The girls in the California case were old enough to marry or to consent without marriage. Men possessed of a nature that permits them to attack female children are among the most dangerous persons in any community, because they only want the opportunity to repeat the offense.

The motive is always with them. Had the Rev. Gregory been anything but a priest and the court anything but a boneheaded truckler to hypocritical piety, he would have got a determinate sentence of at least ten years. In one year, recently, seventeen Chicago ministers [ 33 ] were criminally or civilly prosecuted. It is difficult to believe that this number of offenses does not raise the percentage of criminal preachers above the average of all Chicago citizens.

In six months of the same year Kokomo, Indiana, had four clerical scandals. We again quote:. Alley, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church at Royal Center and an active member in the North Indiana conference, was arrested at a boarding house at Kokomo shortly before midnight Tuesday night in company with Mrs.

Four delinquents in six months is eight a year in a community of 12, souls, the church-going portion of which could be adequately served by a dozen ministers. It would be interesting, if practicable, to compare the morality of the American clergy with that of other countries, but the data are meager. Here, however, is an informing paragraph retained from a previous edition of this book: [ 34 ].

That is 2. Since the revision of this work was undertaken, late in the fall of , the clergy have not ceased to furnish fresh material for its pages, but as each additional name must cause a revision of totals, the later cases, which perhaps number two dozen, must await the next round-up. The following table condenses the crimes, offenses, etc.

The whole number is approximately five thousand, from actual count, 4, The whole number of ministers whose names are recorded here is 3, Their denomination is given in 2, cases; unknown in 1, In explanation of the varying typographical arrangement of dates, names, etc.

Cases that have occurred since the close of the list in the former style of composition have been rearranged and reset in one alphabetical list. The book, then, contains six alphabetical lists, beginning, in the first part, on page 10 circa —81 ; page 50 to ; page to ; page to ; page to ; page , Part II. The rearrangement condenses, without omitting anything of permanent value, a volume which was becoming too large to be economically produced and distributed.

And if these preachers as a whole are just as criminal as any other class; if they are immoral without the excuse of want or ignorance—without reason other than because of their often indolent lives and the opportunities afforded them by the nature of their calling—then their followers cannot learn that fact too soon. Its substantial accuracy is therefore assured.

The only charge that can be maintained against it is its incompleteness. The publishers do not claim to have discovered more than a small percentage of clerical villainy. The churches endeavor to and do hide a great deal of the immorality of their ministers. The preachers, who govern the ecclesiastical tribunals, [ 40 ] have a fellow feeling for one another.

As a general thing, it is only when the clergy are brought before the secular courts that the public can learn the full facts. In all large cities of the country the Catholic church has a large and dangerous political influence, and its priests have every chance to go free of retribution for their vices and crimes. The judges are Catholics, or owe their positions to Catholic power; the court officers are Catholics; the policemen are Catholics.

It is impossible, too, for the editor to read all the papers and gather all the cases which do see the light of publicity. And, we are sorry to say, some of the secular journals suppress the news. If the country could be scanned closely the indications are that a hundred times as many crimes could be found rightfully charged to the men who set themselves up as teachers of morals. For use in future editions we therefore urge all who read these pages to send us such accounts of these cases as may come to their notice, giving facts, dates, and localities, and, if clippings from newspapers are sent, name, date, and place of publication of paper.

It has been objected by apologists for the system of religion in vogue in this country that clerical delinquencies prove nothing against the system. In this they are mistaken. Of course, if Christianity had a foundation of fact, these records would not prove that [ 41 ] the fact is not there.

What they do prove, however, is that the claim made for Christianity, that it makes men moral, is not true. For if the system is not sufficient to restrain its very teachers, how can we expect their pupils to profit by it? The point this book emphasizes, as an ex-Methodist minister, now a Rationalist, but always a moral man, forcibly puts it, is that religion in and of itself, is not a moral force ; that it is not one with morality; that it may, and often does, exist without morality, and that morality gains nothing by being associated with it.

In proportion to their numbers, it is believed, more ministers than members of any other profession are guilty of crimes and vices. A large portion of the crimes are against women or with women. This, perhaps, is not strange when one considers the institution of pastoral visits. While men are away from home attending to their duties in life, the minister is roving about, pretendedly looking after the welfare of his flock, but really making calls upon the women who most attract him.

Women should not attend the one or receive the other except in the presence of their fathers or husbands. Another institution of the church could also be done away with to the gain of morality—to wit, the lone studies for the minister annexed to the churches. These furnished rooms are the scenes of many debaucheries. With them, too, should go the side doors or choir entrances. The side door and study of a church in San Francisco were used for assignation purposes, which culminated in murder.

A murdered woman was found at the confessional box [ 42 ] of a Romish church in New York city. Many a woman and girl passes through them to her downfall. Letters will be found placed after a name, as P. The D. The following adaptation of a familiar rhyme has appeared in all editions of this book and might be missed if omitted.

Each paragraph below gives in their order the date of the offense, the name of the preacher, his residence and denomination, and the character of the crime charged. A new book about the Bible. The best one of all. Twenty-six pages of Index, enabling the reader to refer in an instant to any authority quoted or argument used. Silence of Contemporary Writers. Christian Evidence. Infancy of Christ. The Resurrection of Christ. Character and Teachings. The Christ a Myth. Sources of the Christ Myth.

An index of 19 pages enables the reader to open the book at the place where he desires to reread or at the subject to which he wishes to refer. Remsburg establishes the negative of the following: 1 Was Paine an Atheist? Page after page of the most radical Freethought sentiments are culled from the correspondence and other writings of Franklin and Jefferson, which show that these men were as pronounced in their rejection of Christianity as Paine and Ingersoll.

That Washington was not a church communicant , nor even a believer in Christianity, is affirmed or admitted by more than a score of witnesses, one-half of them eminent clergymen, including the pastors of the churches which he with his wife attended. These witnesses include Mr. Stuart, Judge Logan and W. Herndon; his private secretaries, Colonel Nicolay and Col. Hay; his executor after death, Judge David Davis; many of his biographers, including his companion and confidant, Col.

Lamon; his political advisers, Col. Matheny, Jesse W. Fell, and Dr. Jayne; members of his cabinet, and scores more of his most intimate friends and associates. The Truth Seeker stands for justice, for liberty, for equality of all men before the law, regardless of religious belief. It asks for justice, not only for the Freethinkers, but for the Jews, for the Adventists, for every sect, and for every person whose rights are now ignored by the dominant religion.

The Truth Seeker works for Liberty, for the opportunity for every Christian to worship as he chooses, and for the right of the infidel to refrain from worship without being robbed of his citizenship. It stands for absolute liberty, for a perfectly unfettered freedom of the human mind, which is now so cramped and chained by custom and creed.

The Truth Seeker works for equality. When one man can build a church and make another support it, there is no equality between them. When one man does as he likes on one day of the week and forces another to do as he does also, then equality ceases, and we have master and slave.

The sixteen large pages of The Truth Seeker are filled each week with scientific, philosophical, and Freethought articles and communications by the ablest Liberals of the country. The Truth Seeker is a paper for the Family, for the Philosopher, for the thinker. It is iconoclastic to Error, but a Builder for the Truth.

And it is more. Through it its subscribers touch elbows with each other. Each reader knows that he is one of a goodly company who find comfort and inspiration in its pages. If they should meet each other they would feel like brothers and sisters. They have lived under one intellectual roof, felt the glow of the same fireside, and broken together the bread of life. Such a paper is to thousands a substitute for the church. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www. Scans of this work are available from the Internet Archive 10th edition [], used for this ebook; 9th edition []; 2nd edition []. A Short History of the Inquisition. Expulsion of the Moors from Spain. The Crusades. The Popes and the Inquisition. Persecution of the Waldenses. Persecution of the Albigenses. Persecution of the Huguenots.

The Jesuits. Killing of Witches. The War Between Religion and Science. The Attitude of the Church Toward Slavery. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? George Kulp, League orator, Grand Rapids, arrested for adultery. Waldorf, another Saginaw League worker, sent to House of Correction for thefts. Holiday, Manistee county organizer, expelled from his church for swindling.

Ten little preachers, preaching love divine, One kissed the servant girl, then there were nine. Six little preachers, preaching Christ alive, One enticed a little girl, then there were five. Four little preachers, pure as they could be, One deflowered an eight-year-old, then there were three. Two little preachers, to glorify the Son, One whipped his child to death, then there was one. One little preacher, in the fold alone, He committed suicide, then there was none.

Robert New York, N. Forgery, arrested while fleeing. Avery, Rev. Tiverton , R. Fall River, Mass. Bristol, R. Waverly, Iowa. Charles City, Iowa. Belleman, Pa. Reading, Pa. Fredericksburg, Iowa. Rudd, Iowa. River Falls, Wis. Knapp, Wis. Menomonee, Wis. Madison, Ind.

Dodd City, Tex. Indianapolis, Ind. Louis, Mo. Corruna, Mich. Maple River, Mich. Marietta, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Armington, Ill. Pekin, Ill. Bloomfield, Iowa, Belknap, Iowa, ,, Mt. Hope, Iowa, ,, Lancashire, Eng. Brooks, Rev. Bloomington, Ill. Montgomery, Ala. Greenwood, Mo. Louisville, Ky. Blackberry, Ill.

Piano, Ill. Galesburgh, Ill. Batavia, N. Covington, Ky. West Depere, Brown county, Wis. Appleton, Wis. Farmington, Mich. Johns, Mich. Portland, Me. Saco, Me. Somerset, Ky. Hickory Ridge, Ky. Hudson, N. Stillwater, N. Andover, N. West Candor, N. Hornellsville, N. Richburg, N. Iowa City, Iowa. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Catharines, Can. Lowell, Mich. Charlotte, Mich. Little Rock, Ark. Perryville, Ark. Brooklyn, N. Baxtertown, N. New Albany, Ind. Memphis, Tenn. Painesville, Ohio. Meadville, Pa. Farrington, Ky. Hopkinsville, Ky. Atlanta, Ga. Flint, Mich. Big Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Neponset, Mass. North Haven, Me. Rockland, Me. Syracuse, N. Boston, Mass. Exeter, Mass. Ilion, N. Pleasantville, N. Mokena, Ill. Chicago, Ill.

Winchester, Vt. Adams, Mass. Utica, N. Washington, D. Jersey City, N. Henry, Ill. Newberne, N. Austin, Tex. Bryan, Tex. Topeka, Kan. Louisiana, Mo. Liscomb, Iowa, Gifford, Iowa, ,,. La Grand, Ore. Dalles, Ore. Woodbury, N. Santee, Neb. Saranac, Mich. Carlton, Mich. Solon, Iowa. Center Point, Iowa. St Louis, Mo. Roxbury, Mass. Holden, Ill. Quincy, Ill. Hillsboro, Ill. Naperville, Ill.

Woodhaven, N. Avoca, Nebraska. West Virginia. Red Wing Minn. Norwich, Mich. Albany, N. Burlington, Vt. Ottawa, Kan. Kansas City, Mo. San Francisco, Cal. Baltimore, Md. Portland, Or. Elmira, N. Hartford, N. Newark, N. Brooklyn, Mass. New York. Cincinnati, Ohio. Irondale, Mo. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gouverneur, N. Lawrence Co.

Dexter, Me. Calais, Me. Kittenning, Pa. Izard county, Ark. Washington, Ill. Peoria, Ill. Kewanee, Ill. Soublette, Ill. Toledo, Ohio. Weston, W. Toronto, Can. Decatur, Ill. Logansport, Pa. Niles, Mich. Joliet, Ill. New York, N. Central City, Col. Ravenswood, N. Lambertville, N. Lafayette, Ind. Belleville, Ont. Bartonville, Ont. New England. Catlettsburgh, Ky. Louisa C. Hackensack, N.

Richmond, Va. Staten Island, N. Hastings, Minn. Red Wing, Minn. Vasa, Minn. Welsh, Minn. Leon, Minn. Worcester, Mass. East Hampton, Conn. Glastonbury, Conn. Napa, Cal. Washington , D. New Milford, Pa. Halifax, N. Sea Cliff, N. Long Island. Geangaco, N. Ovid, Mich.

Skillener or Shiltner, Rev. Webster county Ky. Foxcraft, Me. Dover, Me. Carolina Mills, R. Mansfield, Mass. East Lake. George, N. Warrensburgh, Ohio. New Orleans, La. New Jersey. Mason, Ill. Burlington, Ill. Elgin, Ill. Joseph, Mo. Savannah, Mo. Cincinnati, Ohio, North Hogan, Ind. Harvard, Ill. Marengo, Ill. Gowanda, N. Hamburg, N. East Otto, N. Brunswick, N. Rutland, Vt. Buffalo, N. Paducah, Ky.

Margaretta, Mich. Bradford, Pa. Richburg, Pa. Corry, Pa. Troy W. Amsterdam, N. Warren, Rev. Warner, Rev. Wells, Rev. Chenowitz, Rev. Lebanon, Ohio. Bangor, Me. Vermillion, Dak. Pittsburgh, Pa. New Baltimore, Ohio. Boise City, Idaho. Walla Walla, Wash. Milwaukee, Wis. Terre Haute, Ind.

Little Genesee. Milton, Wis. Montreal, Can. Port Royal, Iowa. Harrisburg, Pa. Mifflintown, Pa. Dixon, Ill. Jessup, Iowa. Blue Mountain, Idaho. Boise City. Kittaning, Pa. Barnesville, O. Beallsville , O. Ozark, O. Wheeling, W. Wintersett, Iowa. Guthrie Center, Iowa. Cynthiana, Ky. Burg Hill, O. Wayne, O. Randolph, N. Ohio, N. Jersey, Wisconsin. Hannibal, Mo. Eugene, Or. Springfield, Or. Cincinnati, O. Avondale, O. Lynn, Mass. Tonganoxie , Kan. Reno, Kan. Dubuque, Iowa.

Leavenworth, Kan. Cleveland, O. Fort Wayne, Ind. Youngstown, O. Riverside, O. Logansport, Ind. Delavan, Ill. Mason City, Ill. Atlantic City, N. Columbia, Mo. Centralia, Ill. Honesdale, Pa. Port Jervis, N. Camden, Mo. Litchfield, Ill. Leadville, Col. Lindsay, Pa. Barre, Pa. Womelsdorf, Pa. Pottsville, Pa. Lewisburg, O.

New Paris, O. Dayton, O. Leechburgh, Pa. Apollo, Pa. Monongahela, Pa. Ludwick, Pa. Columbus, O. Freemont, Neb. Cornellsville, Pa. Huntington, N. Nebraska City. Oakland, Cal. Dutch Flat, Cal. Sing Sing, N. Plainfield, N. Doylestown, Pa. Auburn, N. De Witt, Neb. Wilber, Neb. Milford, Pa. Athens, N. Morenci, Mich.

Oakwood, Mich. Lapeer, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Pierre, Dak. Huron, Dak. Flandran, Dak. Big Stone City, Minn. Corinth, N. South Corinth, N. Mexico, Mo. Yorkville, Can. Brompton, Can. North Adams, Mass. Troy, N. Eufaula, La. Carthage, Mo. Elizabethtown, Ky. La Salle, Ill. Otisville, N. Northfield, Vt. Raleigh, N. Winchester, Ill. Franklin, Wash. Seattle, Wash. Kingston, N, Y.

Mott Haven, N. Yreka, Cal. Newton, Mass. Leominster, Mass. Salem, Mass. Philipston, Mass. Danbury, N. Portsmouth, N. Clarkstown, N. Nyack, N. Abbott, Rev. Though married, made love to postmistress. John F. Abel, Rev. Abernethy, Rev.

Assignation; adultery; arrested; fined. Adams, Rev. Left wife to elope with young girl. Henry T. Protestant Episcopal. Arrested for larceny, and confessed. Indicted as bank director for receiving deposits after the bank was declared insolvent. Adkins, Rev.

Convicted of grave robbery. Alden, Rev. Grand larceny. Alexander, Rev. Arrested for shooting craps. Murderous assault. Stabbed saloonkeeper. Henry B. Obtaining money under false pretenses. Sent to the state penitentiary for one year. Ali, Rev. Joseph, Newark, N. Assaulting 9-year-old girl. Allan, Rev. Walter H. Bernadt, 14 Yale PI. Jennie Bernard, E. Martin George Bernat, Sr.

Faye Bernino, E. Louis Bernstein, Woodbourne, NY. Dorothy Bernstein, Lafayette Ave. John Martin Berrigan, Sr. Marian Siggins Berry, Robin St. Mary Berry, 79 2d Ave. Lillie Bersin, 80 Lenox Rd. Louis W. Berson, E. Ella Monico Bertinetti, Home St. Henry Besnot, W. Valentine Bett, 15 Cook St. Ferdinando Bettica, Clarendon Rd. Edward Joseph Betz, 30th St.

Lazzaro Bianco, Morris Park Ave. Nicholas Bianco, Raritan Ave. Lathan Bibbs, Church St. John Biegel, E. Shore Rd. John Bielat, Cable St. Mary Bielinski, Metropolitan Ave. John Bienko, E. Sikka J. Bientema, Main St. Fred Biermann, Locust Ave. Walter Biernacki, Livingston Ave. Charles Biette, Rt. Howard L. Bigelow, 22 Cedar St. Donald F. Bigelow, Park Ave. Richard A. Biggie, 53 Humphrey Rd. Herbert Charles Biggs, Sr. Wilbur C. Biggs, 48 Carmen St. Mary Bigusiak Bahret, 81 Union St. Susan Biljo, W.

Bertha Bina, 52 Kinery Dr. Francis A. Bingham, d Ave. Charles Bird, th Ave. Albert Benjamin Birge, E. Ferry St. Haakon Henry Birkdale, Gates Pl. Flora Birnbaum, S. Mary Birney, 68 College Ave. Mary Biron, Shanghai, China. Frank E. Bishop, Rt. Josephine Marie Bishop, Perry Blvd. Milton T. Bishop, Bodine St. Catello R. Bisogno, 63 Herbert St.

Eva Bistrowitz, E. Daniel Black, Ridge Blvd. Catherine Black, Howard Ave. William T. Black, 82 Maple Ave. Mary M. Blackburn, Wolf St. Grandmother, Mrs. Edith Blackmore, 47 Gallatin Ave. Bernard Blair, Prospect Pl. Dennis George Blair, Ives Rd. Thomas J. Shields, Marcy, NY. William H. Blais, Harrison Ave. Frank Burns Blake, 1st St. Elizabeth B. Blanch, 5 Scott St. Irma Pauline Blandy, Aurora St. Henry August Blanke, Jefferson Blvd. Samuel George Blaser, 55 Moeller Ave.

Albert Blatt, Georgia Ave. George Bleasdale, Sr. Nathan H. Blechman, Palmer Ave. Anna Marie Blessing, Wilkinson Ave. Robert Harry Block, 18th Ave. Elva May Blowers, Liberty Ave. Torrey, Governors Island, NY. Samuel Blustain, Snyder Ave. Clyde Lewis Boardman, th Ave. Jack P. Bobbitt, W. Carl A. Boberg, Jr. State St. Sylvia Simon Bochenek, 12th Ave. Rosemarie Bochicchio, 10th Ave. Father, Mrs. Thomas Albert Bodtke, Bay 7th St.

Marie P. Boehm, Box , Palenville, NY. Adie Boehme, Franklin Ave. Jesse A. Bohannon, 9 Main St. Blanche M. Bohland, U. Sheila Crimmins Boice, E. Stephen Bok, Rt. William Boland, Myrtle Ave. Norma Sue Boles, W. Anna N. Sister, Mrs. Dorothy Bollinger Machek, Division Ave. Katheleen Gloria Bolter, W. Edwin F. Bolton, 69 Albany St.

Anna L. Bolze, Mangin Ave. Abraham Bomzer, E. John Bonadies, 75 Maple St. Rose Bonagura, Ocean Ave. Frederick H. Boneberg, Sr. Katherine Veronica Bonfiglio, E. Dorothy Roberta Bonfiglio, Cooper St. Roselyn Bordonali, 39 Montgomery St. Martin Eugelbert Borgeson, Sr. Arthur Bornholz, Webster Ave. Ernest J. Bornstein, Rochester Ave. Sally Angela Borodenko, Quincy St. Angelina Borsello, Main St. Placide Borzomati, President St. Theresa Jane Albertson, Rt. Onfry Boshonek, E. Bertha Lillian Jacobson, Starin Ave.

John George Bossong, Foster Ave. Elaine G. Bosworth, Ditmas Ave. Eliza Jane White, 12 Odell St. Annie B. Bowen, W. Harry Thomas Bower, Sr. Gerald George Bowles, Sr. Elizabeth White Bond, Conrad Dr. Elizabeth Charlotta Boyd, Clark St. Thomas Joseph Boyd, Sr. Charlotte Boyle, Bay St. Elizabeth O. Boyle, W. George Boyle, Brown St. George Boyne, Sr. Leon Guilford Boynton, 3 Thomson Ave. Oran Milton Brabbzson, Lancaster St. Eleanor G. Bradford, th Ave.

George Bradley, Sr. Thomas Joseph Bradley, Dogwood Ave. Mary Bradley, W. Ormond E. Bradshaw, Locust Ave. Leona Catherine Brady, Merrill St. Gladys Carpenter Braman, Riverside Dr. Catherine Coleman, Rt. Mary Branchen, N. McKinley Ave. Bernice M. Margaretta Brandon, Winthrop St. Frieda Brandt, Jackson Ave. Constantine Brandt, Grandoren Ave. Victoria Hill, Elizabeth St. Dorothy Marie Brannan, 52d St. Leslie Martin Braren, Sr.

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Home For Sale: 61 Charles St, Montgomery, NY 12549-1028 - CENTURY 21

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Bettinger Bluff Farm is located in Montgomery, NY, about 70 miles north of Our chicken is available on the menu at The American Hotel in Sharon Springs. all natural meat products, that are raised on our family farm for sale Banbury Cross farm meat standards and requirements: Meat products DO NOT Bettinger Bluff Farm, Montgomery, NY: Grass-fed beef. DBG Hotel & Restaurant Equipment. Bettinger Bluff Farm, Montgomery, NY: Grass-fed beef. Pick up at the farm. Call or visit Halal Pastures, Rock​.