tax saving investment options 2021-13 nhl

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Tax saving investment options 2021-13 nhl investmentsteuergesetz englische fassung

Tax saving investment options 2021-13 nhl

However, it should be noted that such waivers are only granted for the first 8 years of loan repayment. Any income spent to meet the interest burden beyond this time is taxable. Education loans eligible for such deductions have to be taken in the name of the respective individual and can be utilised to meet the higher education charges of either self, spouse, or children.

It is one of the most popular tax saving schemes other than 80C. Provision for tax rebate under Section 80D is extended to health check-up expenses as well. Interest payments on a home loan can be removed from income tax calculations under this section. If you choose to let out the purchased property on rent, then no tax has to be paid on the interest component of the home loan respectively. The entire sum assured disbursed upon maturity of life insurance or untimely death of an insured person can be claimed for tax rebate under Section 10 10D.

However, such death benefit is exempted from tax calculations if it is availed after 1st April , and total value premium charges are less than the full sum assured. A total exemption granted under this scheme is the minimum value of the following:. If your company does not include the HRA component in your salary break-up, you can claim exemptions on your total taxable income through Section 80GG.

Such tax-saving investments other than 80C grants waivers up to the least value of the listed parameters:. Any income donated to charitable organisations is exempt from tax calculations entirely under Section 80G. No limit on such tax waivers are levied provided transfers have been made through banks. However, such contributions have to be made in registered charitable organisations. If donations are made for scientific research and rural development, tax waivers on the same can be claimed under Section 80GGA.

Donations made to political parties are also tax saving other than Section 80C. The entire contribution is waivered from tax calculations, provided it was made through wired bank transfers. Also, the political party to which such contributions were made has to be registered under Section 29A of the Representation of People Act RPA of Individuals and Hindu Undivided Families HUF paying for the treatment and wellbeing of a disabled family member can claim exemptions on total income spent to cover such expenses under Section 80DD.

Such claims are granted only to the family of such dependent individuals. Disabled individuals can claim compensation in the form of tax waivers under Section 80U. People financing the treatment of dependent family members diagnosed with certain specific diseases can claim tax waivers on subsequent income spent.

Thus, there are several ways for tax saving other than Section 80C, which can effectively increase your total wealth in the long term. Most such tools act as a comprehensive investment tool as well; allowing realising higher returns or reduces obligatory expenses.

File income tax returns online for the respective financial year to reduce total taxable income. The last date for filing income tax returns changes every annual year and is published on their website. It usually ranges within months of July — August. Disclaimer: The information mentioned here is collected from different online websites, news websites and government sources.

They may change as per time. Please check the official government websites and verify the information before making any decision. Income Tax Benefits for Senior Citizens. Income Tax Slabs in India. Income Tax Slab for Senior Citizen. Individual Income Tax Slab. Income Tax Slab for Women.

How to Save Tax in India. Deductions under Section 80C. Tax Saving Options other than 80C. Last updated: COVID covered. Enter Your Car Registration number. View Prices. View Prices View Prices. Terms and conditions. I Agree. Oops, we have a mismatch! Get Quote. Registration Number. Previous policy expiry. Which countries are you visiting? Leaving date. Return date. Get Quote Try agian later. Policy Start Date. Policy End Date.

View Prices View Prices Try agian later. View Prices Try agian later. Get Quote Get Quote Try agian later. Get Quote Try again later. The redemption was completed in August Rainbow RSNs. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of fiscal following receipt of customary regulatory approval. In March , Gemstar filed its December 31, annual report on Form K and also filed amended and restated results for and as described in Note 20 c. Debt Refinancing.

In the acquisition, Telepiu was merged with Stream S. Hughes Electronics. News Corporation will acquire through a merger an additional Revolving Credit Facility. PanAmSat International Systems. The arbitration involved a dispute regarding the termination provisions of an agreement to provide satellite transponder capacity over India. The Group disagrees with the findings of fact and the conclusions of law reached by the arbitrator and, pursuant to the terms of the arbitration agreement between the parties, intends to appeal the award.

The Company is in the process of evaluating the impact of the award, and to the extent it deems necessary, will record an amount, net of tax, in the quarter ended June 30, Amortization of cable distribution investments. As more completely described and quantified in Note 20 to the Consolidated Financial Statements of The News Corporation Limited and Subsidiaries included elsewhere herein, the major differences in each of the periods are: a the amortization of intangible assets, b the accounting for deferred taxes under the SFAS No.

SFAS No. However, it requires that goodwill and identifiable intangibles with indefinite lives be tested for impairment at least annually using the guidance specifically provided in the statement. Any gain or loss on extinguishment of debt that was classified as an extraordinary item in prior periods presented that does not meet the criteria in APB Opinion No. Inflation has not had a material impact on the Group. The Results of Operations as discussed in this Item 5, reflect any other significant trends which have had a material effect on the financial condition of the Group.

Any additional information of note has been included in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements of The News Corporation Limited and Subsidiaries and elsewhere in this report. ITEM 8. The financial statements filed as part of this document are included on pages F-1 to F Legal Proceedings. News Corporation has extensive international operations and is a party to a number of pending legal proceedings.

News Corporation does not expect that the outcome of such proceedings, either individually or in the aggregate, will have a material effect on its financial statements taken as a whole, nor on its financial condition, liquidity or results of operations. News Corporation declares dividends on its Ordinary Shares and Preferred Shares from time to time at the discretion of its Board of Directors.

Significant Changes. Other than those events described in other items in this document, including Item Financial Statements, and fluctuations in borrowings, there have not been any significant changes to our financial condition or results of operations since June 30, ITEM News Corporation has exposure to several types of market risk: changes in foreign currency exchange rates, interest rates and stock prices.

The Group neither holds nor issues financial instruments for trading purposes. It makes use of sensitivity analysis and other measures that are inherently limited in estimating actual losses in fair value that can occur from changes in market conditions. Foreign Currency Exchange Rates. News Corporation conducts operations in three principal currencies: the U.

Cash is managed centrally within each of the three countries with net earnings reinvested locally and working capital requirements met from existing liquid funds. To the extent such funds are not sufficient to meet working capital requirements, drawdowns in the appropriate local currency are available under the Revolving Credit Agreement. Interest Rates. Fixed and variable rate debts are impacted differently by changes in interest rates. A change in the interest rate or yield of fixed rate debt will only impact the fair value of such debt, while a change in the interest rate of variable debt will impact interest expense as well as the amount of cash required to service such debt.

Report of Independent Auditors. Consolidated Statements of Financial Performance for the fiscal years ended June 30, , and Consolidated Statements of Financial Position at June 30, , and Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows for the fiscal years ended June 30, , and Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements.

Report of Independent Public Accountants. Copy of Report of Independent Public Accountants. Consolidated Balance Sheets at June 30, and Consolidated Statements of Operations for the years ended June 30, , and Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows for the years ended June 30, , and Report of the Independent Public Accountants. Consolidated Profit and Loss Accounts for the years ended. June 30, , and Consolidated Cash Flow Statements for the years ended June 30, , and Notes to Financial Information.

Stream S. Balance Sheets as of December 31, and Statements of Operations for the years ended December 31, , and Statements of Cash Flows for the years ended December 31, , and Notes to Financial Statements. Consolidated Balance Sheets Restated as of December 31, Consolidated Statements of Operations Restated for the year ended December 31, Other long-term borrowing instruments are omitted pursuant to Instruction 2 b of the Instructions as to Exhibits to Form F.

The News Corporation Limited undertakes to furnish copies of such instruments to the Securities and Exchange Commission upon request. List of Subsidiaries. Consolidated Statements of Financial Position at June 30, and Fox Entertainment Group, Inc. Consolidated Balance Sheets as of June 30, and Report of Independent Accountants. Consolidated Profit and Loss Accounts for the years ended June 30, , and Consolidated Cash Flows Statements for the fiscal years ended June 30, , and Consolidated Balance Sheets as of December 31, and Consolidated Statements of Operations for the years ended December 31, and and the nine months ended December 31, Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows for the years ended December 31, and and the nine months ended December 31, To the Board of Directors.

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. In our opinion, the consolidated financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the consolidated financial position of The News Corporation Limited and subsidiaries at June 30, and , and the consolidated results of their operations and their cash flows for each of the three years in the period ended June 30, , in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in Australia, which differ in certain respects from accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America see note 20 to the consolidated financial statements.

Sydney, Australia. Sales revenue. Operating expenses. Borrowing costs. Investment income. Net income tax expense benefit. Net exchange gain loss arising on translation of net assets of controlled entities. Additional investment by an associated entity. Total change in equity other than those resulting from transactions with owners as owners.

Earnings per share on net profit loss attributable to members of the parent entity:. Ordinary and preferred limited voting ordinary shares. Current assets. Prepaid expenses and other. Total current assets. Non-current assets. Equity in associated entities. Other investments. Total investments. Other non-current assets.

Publishing rights, titles and television licenses. Long-term receivables. Filmed entertainment costs, net. Total other non-current assets. Total Assets. See notes to consolidated financial statements. Current liabilities. Interest bearing liabilities. Tax liabilities. Total current liabilities.

Non-current liabilities. Total non-current liabilities. Exchangeable preferred securities. Total liabilities including exchangeable preferred securities. Commitments and contingencies Note Reserves and retained earnings. Outside equity interests in controlled entities. Balance at June 30, Net income. Transfers between reserves. Dividends paid and proposed. Dividend reinvestment and bonus share plan.

Issue of shares. Exchange loss on translation. Redemption of shares. Disposal of minority interest. Minority interest purchased. Devaluation of assets. Shares expired and cancelled under share buyback. Net loss. Outside equity interest in controlled entities.

Adjustment of conversion rates. Exchange gain on translation of net assets of subsidiaries. Minority interest disposed. Shares acquired and cancelled under share buyback. Dividend reinvestment. Acquisition of minority interest. Operating activities:. Adjustments for non-cash and non-operating activities:. Associated entity earnings, net of dividends. Other items, net. Change in accounting policy after tax. Cash provided by operating activities. Investing and other activities:. Property, plant and equipment.

Proceeds from sale of non-current assets. Cash used in provided by investing activities. Financing activities:. Issuance of debt. Repayment of debt. Issuance of shares in a subsidiary. Issuance of shares. Buyback of preferred shares.

Dividends paid. Leasing and other finance costs. Cash used in provided by financing activities. Net decrease increase in cash. Opening cash balance. Exchange movement on opening cash balance. Closing cash balance. Gross cash flows from operating activities.

Cash from trading operations. Dividend and distribution receipts. Interest receipts. Interest payments. Income tax payments. Dividends paid on exchangeable preferred securities. The significant differences and the approximate related effect on the consolidated financial statements are set forth in Note Except for a change in policy for accounting for films and a change in the basis of measuring certain classes of non-current assets, the consolidated financial statements have been prepared on a basis consistent with previous years.

Certain reclassifications have been made to fiscal and consolidated financial statements to conform with the fiscal presentation. The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of the parent entity, TNCL and its controlled entities, referred to collectively as the Group. Financial statements of controlled entities and associated entities are, for consolidation purposes, adjusted to comply with Group policy and A-GAAP.

All intercompany balances and transactions, including unrealized profits arising from intra-group transactions, have been eliminated in full. Acquisitions of controlled entities are accounted for using the purchase method of accounting. Revenues from the theatrical distribution or the licensing of motion pictures are recognized when the following conditions are met:. License agreements for the telecast of theatrical and television product in the broadcast network, syndicated television and cable television markets are routinely entered into in advance of their available date for telecast.

Cash received in connection with such contractual rights for which revenue is not yet recognizable is classified as deferred revenue within payables. Because deferred revenue generally relates to contracts for the licensing of theatrical and television product which has already been produced, the recognition of revenue for such completed product is principally only dependent upon the commencement of the availability period for telecast under the terms of the related licensing agreement.

Television advertising revenue is recognized as the commercials are aired. Subscriber fees received from cable system operators and direct broadcast satellite services are recognized as revenue when services are provided. Advertising revenue from newspapers, magazines and inserts is recognized when the advertisements are published.

Revenue from books and newspaper circulation revenues is recognized upon shipment. Projects in progress are recorded at cost that consists of the cost of material, labor and appropriate overhead expenses. Film costs include direct production, production overhead and capitalized interest costs, net of any allocated amounts received from outside investors.

Marketing costs and development costs under term deals are expensed as incurred. Development costs for projects not produced after three years are written off. At the beginning of fiscal , the Group changed its accounting policy with regards to, amongst other things, the treatment of marketing and development costs incurred in the production and distribution of films whereby marketing and certain development costs, previously capitalized and expensed over time, are now expensed as incurred.

The recoverable amount of publishing rights, titles, and television licenses and goodwill has been determined by discounting the expected net cash inflows arising from their continued use or sale. The Group uses the equity method of accounting for its investments in associated entities. For the purpose of transitioning to a cost basis, the existing revalued carrying amounts at July 1, , were deemed to be their cost. This change in accounting policy had no impact on the financial position or financial performance of the Group as presented in these consolidated financial statements.

Depreciation is provided for by charges to the Statement of Financial Performance over the expected useful life of each class of asset. Leasehold land and buildings are amortized over the shorter of the period of the lease or the useful life of the asset. The following are the main depreciation rates used:. Freehold buildings. Leasehold premises. Plant and equipment. Plant and equipment under lease. In accordance with the requirements of AASB , publishing rights, titles and television licenses, previously carried at valuation were reverted to a cost basis of measurement.

As a creator and distributor of branded content, the Group has significant intangible assets including, television licenses, newspaper mastheads, distribution networks, sports franchises, publishing rights and other copyrighted products and trademarks. These assets are stated at the lower of cost or recoverable amounts.

While television licenses in the United States are renewable every five years, the Directors have no reason to believe that they will not be renewed. No amortization is provided against these assets since, in the opinion of the Directors, the lives of the publishing rights, titles and television licenses are indefinite.

The Group annually assesses the carrying amount of intangible assets to ensure that they are not carried at a value greater than their recoverable amount. Costs incurred in the development of major new activities are capitalized until the operations are commenced on a commercial basis. At that point, any readily identifiable intangibles, such as publishing rights, titles and television licenses but not goodwill, are recorded at cost and accounted for in accordance with the relevant accounting policy.

Any other costs are amortized over the period in which benefits are expected to be received. Interest cost on funds invested in major projects with substantial development and construction phases are capitalized until production or operations commence. Thereafter, the capitalized interest is amortized over the period in which benefits are expected to be received.

The Group follows tax effect accounting procedures. Income tax expense is calculated on the accounting profit after adjusting for permanent differences. Future income tax benefits relating to tax losses are not recognized as an asset unless the benefit is virtually certain of being realized. Income taxes on cumulative timing differences are reflected in the Statement of Financial Position as future income tax benefit or deferred income tax liability at income tax rates that are expected to apply when the underlying timing differences reverse.

There is no present intention to remit to Australia the retained profits or reserves of foreign controlled entities or to realize revaluation surpluses through the sale of revalued assets. Accordingly, no provision has been made for withholding or other taxes that may become payable overseas or in Australia as a result of such remittance or realization.

Financial statements of self-sustaining foreign controlled entities are translated using the current rate method whereby trading results are converted at the average rates of exchange for the year and assets and liabilities are converted at the closing rates on the period end date. Any exchange differences arising on the translation are taken directly to the foreign exchange fluctuation reserve.

The Group enters into forward foreign exchange contracts with the objective of protecting the Group against future adverse foreign exchange fluctuations. Exchange gains or losses on these contracts are brought to account within the profit loss from ordinary activities, except where they relate to specific commitments, whereby they are deferred until the commitment to sell or purchase is satisfied. Material foreign exchange contracts are disclosed in the financial statements.

The various functions of the Group are considered to align with the segments in which the Group operates. Diluted EPS is calculated as net profit or loss attributable to members of the parent entity, adjusted i for dividends on perpetual preference shares, ii for the after tax effects of dividends and interest associated with dilutive potential ordinary shares that have been recognized as expenses, and iii for other non-discretionary changes in revenues or expenses during the period that would result from dilution of potential ordinary shares, divided by the weighted average number of ordinary and dilutive potential ordinary shares, adjusted for any bonus element.

Terms and conditions of material financial instruments are disclosed in the notes. Unless otherwise stated, financial instruments including trade receivables and trade payables are carried at cost. The fair value of interest bearing liabilities is disclosed in Note 8. The fair value of all other financial instruments is not materially different from their carrying value.

The fair value of financial instruments, including investments and borrowings, is generally determined by reference to market values resulting from trading on national securities exchanges. In cases where quoted market prices are not available, fair value is based on estimates using present value or other valuation techniques. The accounts have been rounded to the nearest million Australian dollars. Chris Craft.

The following table summarizes the approximate fair values of the assets transferred and liabilities assumed at the date of the Exchange. The allocation of purchase price is substantially complete, but awaiting final valuations. Accounts receivable, net. Filmed entertainment and television programming costs, net. Property and equipment, net. Other assets and investments. Total assets transferred.

Deferred compensation. Total liabilities assumed. Net assets acquired. The table below reflects the unaudited pro forma combined results of the Group as if the Exchange and the Station Swaps had taken place as of July 1, For the years ended. June 30,.

Basic and diluted earnings loss per share:. The unaudited pro forma financial information is presented for comparative purposes only and is not necessarily indicative of the operating results that actually would have occurred had the Exchange and the Station Swaps been consummated on July 1, In addition, these results are not intended to be a projection of future results and do not reflect any synergies that might be achieved from the combined operations.

Current receivables:. Trade receivables. Trade receivables owing by associated entities. Less allowance for doubtful accounts and rebates. Non-trade amounts owing by unrelated entities. Non-trade amounts owing by associated entities. Non-current receivables:. Other receivables. There is no material reliance on any single customer. Raw materials. Finished goods. Work and projects in progress.

Television and sports programming rights. Total at cost. Provision for diminished value:. Total provision for diminution in value. Filmed entertainment costs, net:. Film costs in progress. Completed film product. Total filmed entertainment costs, net.

Interest has been capitalized at 8. Filmed entertainment costs:. Completed, not released. In production. In development or preproduction. Television productions. Total filmed entertainment. Television programming. Other inventories. Total inventories. Less current inventories. Non-current inventories. Principal Activities.

Regional Programming Partners a. Stream, S. China Network Systems. National Geographic Channel a. Independent Newspapers Limited. Ventures Arena a. National Rugby League. Queensland Press Pty. National Geographic International a. BSkyB Group plc b. Fox Family Worldwide a. Fox Sports International a. Other equity investments. Echostar Communications. Kirch Media.


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Tax-saving is an important part of financial planning.

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The rate of interest usually ranges from 5. Public Provident Scheme is a popular investment vehicle for saving tax. A long term savings cum investment product, you need to open a PPF account at the post office or designated branches of public and private sector banks to start with. Contributions to the PPF account earn a guaranteed rate of interest. You can claim deductions under Section 80C up to Rs 1.

ULIPs are long term investment products that allow you to choose equity funds, debt funds or both. ULIPs give you the flexibility to switch between funds in sync with your financial goals. National Savings Certificates are a savings bond scheme which encourages primarily small to mid-income investors to invest while saving on income tax under Section 80C. If you have a Savings account with a Bank or a Post Office, you can buy NSC certificates in e-mode, provided you have access to internet banking.

NSCs can be bought by an investor for self or on behalf of minor or with another adult as a joint account. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme SCSS is a government-sponsored savings instrument for individuals above the age of 60 which gives a steady and secure source of income for their post-retirement phase and offers comparatively substantial returns.

However, this exemption is applicable only under the existing tax regime. It is not allowed if an individual chooses to file tax returns under the new system introduced in Union Budget The interest received is, however, subject to taxation as per the applicable slab of the concerned taxpayer.

Life insurance, be it traditional endowment or market-linked ULIP , offers tax benefits to policyholders on the premiums paid. They serve a different end-objective from other insurance plans like term plans and endowment plans — which are called protection plans. The aggregate limit of deduction under all the sub-sections of Section 80C cannot exceed Rs 1.

The amount is tax free upon death of beneficiary. Mediclaim also covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses, subject to the sum assured. Insurance premium upto Rs 20, for senior citizens and Rs 15, for others is eligible for tax benefit. Any citizen of India over the 18 — 60 years age bracket can participate in it. It is extremely cost effective since fund management charges are low. The fund managers manage the money in three separate accounts having distinct asset profiles viz.

Investors can choose to manage their portfolio actively active choice or passively auto choice. Given the range of options, NPS is particularly useful for individuals, with varying risk appetites, looking to set aside money towards retirement. Investments in tax-saving mutual funds, also known as equity-linked savings scheme ELSS , qualify for tax benefits. Tax-saving mutual funds invest in stockmarkets, among other assets, and are more suited for investors with medium to high risk appetite.

Investments are locked in for three years. Investments towards tax-saving mutual funds are covered under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act up to a maximum of Rs 1. To learn more about the income tax slab FY , click here. DO NOT prefix any country code e. Our vision is to provide innovative and customer-centric insurance plans that can help our customers secure their family's future as well as help them with other benefits such as tax savings.

View Prices. View Prices View Prices. Terms and conditions. I Agree. Oops, we have a mismatch! Get Quote. Registration Number. Previous policy expiry. Which countries are you visiting? Leaving date. Return date. Get Quote Try agian later. Policy Start Date. Policy End Date. View Prices View Prices Try agian later. View Prices Try agian later.

Get Quote Get Quote Try agian later. Get Quote Try again later. Request Call Back. Our experts will soon call you. Renew Policy. Sign up for it. Notify Me. Nice email address! We have some cool stuff going on our channels, join us. Tax Saving Investments other than 80C.

A total exemption granted under this scheme is the minimum value of the following: Actual annual HRA disbursed. Donations to Charitable Organisations Section - 80G Limit — No limit Any income donated to charitable organisations is exempt from tax calculations entirely under Section 80G. Please try one more time! Request URL:.

Status Code:. Request Payload:. Response Data:. More article about Income Tax in India. Show more. Get our app. Other Products. Health Insurance Guides. Car Insurance Guides. Bike Insurance Guides. Other Guides. Traffic Rules. Income Tax Guides.

RTO Offices in India. Interest income from all bank accounts. Tax on income spent on interest payments of education loans up to 8 years. No limit. Health insurance premiums. Interest repayment on home loans. Interest repayment on home loans for first-time buyers. Sum assured on life insurance plans. Entire amount. House rent allowance if HRA is given in salary break-up.

Specified conditions. House rent allowance if HRA is not mentioned in salary break-up. Donation to Charity. Donation for scientific research and rural development. Donation to Political parties. Treatment of Disabled persons. Disabled persons.