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Laubenfels investments limited bryan college station real estate mls investment for rental property

Laubenfels investments limited

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The forward-looking information contained herein is made as of the date of this news release and, except as expressly required by applicable law, REALnorth assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise such information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Stephen J. Download PDF. For further information, please contact: Stephen J.

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Our independent auditors have expressed doubt about our ability to continue our activities as a going concern, which may hinder our ability to obtain future financing. Since we have been focused on developing our propriety technology for availability of commercialization, we have suffered recurring losses from operations.

The continuation of our company as a going concern is dependent upon our company attaining and maintaining profitable operations and raising additional capital. The financial statements do not include any adjustment relating to the recovery and classification of recorded asset amounts or the amount and classification of liabilities that might be necessary should our company discontinue operations.

Due to the uncertainty of our ability to meet our current operating expenses and the capital expenses noted above, in their report on the annual financial statements for the years ended December 31, and , our independent auditors included an explanatory paragraph regarding the doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern.

Our financial statements contain additional note disclosures describing the status of the company. The continuation of our business is dependent upon us raising additional financial support. Obtaining commercial loans, assuming those loans would be available, will increase our liabilities and future cash commitments. If the Company should fail to continue as a going concern, you may lose the value of your investment in the Company.

We have a limited operating history upon which to base an investment decision. We have a limited operating history as a company. As a result, there is very limited historical performance upon which to evaluate our prospects for achieving our business objectives. Our prospects must be considered in light of the risks, difficulties and uncertainties frequently encountered by development stage entities.

We will need significant additional capital, which we may be unable to obtain. Our capital requirements in connection with our project financing, research and development activities and transition to commercial operations have been and will continue to be significant. We will require additional funds to continue research, development and testing of our technologies and products, to obtain intellectual property protection relating to our technologies when appropriate, and to market our products.

There can be no assurance that financing will be available in amounts or on terms acceptable to us, if at all. There is no assurance additional funds will be available from any source; or, if available, such funds may not be on terms acceptable to the Company. In either of the aforementioned situations, the Company may not be able to fully implement its growth plans.

Moreover, we will not receive any proceeds from the sale of stock by our selling stockholders, and thus this offering will not affect our ability to meet capital requirements. Additionally, we have not been legally able to undertake any financing efforts, other than some short term debt financing effort, while our Registration is pending.

In order to continue our operations, without expanding our activities we estimate that we will need minimum capital in the sum of U. We expect to face significant competition from other companies looking to develop or acquire biomass power plant permits and suitable land mass for biomass feedstock programs to supply to the biomass power plants.

As biomass energy permit regulators are pushing to implement green energy power plant projects, existing facilities suppliers of these solutions are anxiously looking to develop or acquire new alternative environment-friendly solutions that can sustain their market share and revenue streams or enable the continuance at current levels using new treatment regimens.

Additionally, as the market opportunity becomes imminent, competitors and new players will most likely attempt to develop similar or comparable solutions. Furthermore, existing vendors can cooperate to combat new players by reducing market prices and margins for other competitive initiatives. No assurance can be given that the Company will be able to compete in such a market place. We are dependent upon our Managers for the operating of the Company. The Company is dependent upon the services of its management to determine and implement the overall focus and strategy of the Company.

Our success is dependent upon our ability to achieve regulatory approvals in the U. A critical key to our success and ability to expand our business is our ability to obtain regulatory approvals in China, Australia, Canada and the United States for the use of our services in these countries and subsequently in other countries. The regulatory approvals are dependant on demo sites to show the efficacy of the biomass feedstock program to meet the minimum requirement of the biomass power plant.

Such demonstration sites might take longer than expected to develop and it might delay obtaining such regulatory approvals or might cause delay in starting operations on a large scale in these countries and jurisdictions. Our success is dependent upon our ability to meet financial benchmarks. AGEL is aware of this and is focusing on our biomass feedstock technology to receive the recognition of the industry, but no assurances can be made that we will succeed in such endeavour nor how long it will take until we meet our financial return.

Our inability to attain and protect intellectual property rights could reduce the value of our products, services and brand. Patents and pending patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and other intellectual property rights may be important assets for us. Various events outside of our control pose a threat to our ability to attain or protect intellectual property rights as well as to our products and services. For example, effective intellectual property protection may not be available in every country in which our products and services are distributed.

Also, the efforts we have taken to protect our proprietary rights may not be sufficient or effective. Any significant impairment of our ability to attain or protect our intellectual property rights could harm our business or our ability to compete. Also, protecting intellectual property rights is costly and time consuming. Any increase in the unauthorized use of our future intellectual property could make it more expensive to do business and harm our operating results.

Our success is dependent upon the implementation on our first biomass power plant in China. The future of the company is dependent upon the acceptance of environment-friendly, non-residue storage solutions as well as the objection to genetically modified, fruits and vegetables. Our operating results may fluctuate, which makes our results difficult to predict and could cause our results to fall short of expectations.

Our operating results may fluctuate as a result of a number of factors, many outside of our control. As a result, comparing our operating results on a period-to-period basis may not be meaningful, and you should not rely on our past results as an indication of our future performance. Our quarterly, year-to-date and annual expenses as a percentage of our revenues may differ significantly from our historical or projected rates. Our operating results in future quarters may fall below expectations.

Each of the risk factors listed in the section Risk Factors, and the following factors may affect our operating results:. Our ability to acquire biomass power plant permits. Our ability to build and finance the power plants. Our ability to generate revenue from our power plants. The amount and timing of operating costs and capital expenditures related to the building, maintenance and expansion of our businesses, operations and infrastructure.

Our focus on long-term goals over short-term results. Our ability to keep our biomass feedstock programs operational at a reasonable cost and without service interruptions. The overall global economic situation. Carbon offset pricing and financing. Our business depends to some extent on international transactions. The Company is therefore exposed to foreign currency risk due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

We operate in developing countries which are affected seriously by the global economic crisis. We are currently operating in developing countries such as China and we intend to operate in other developing countries which are impacted by the current global economic crisis. This may affect our ability to expand our operations and to achieve our sales targets in these countries.

AGEL's operations are subject to significant natural disasters, hazards and risks inherent in the supply and storage of the biomass feedstock. In huge mass aggregations, biomass feedstock contains potential fire risk and should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and away from any flammable or combustible substances.

We may store biomass within 10 kilometers from the power plant site and transport in contracted supply vehicles and should be stored in storage sites composed of non-reactive materials. The occurrence of any of these events could result in production and distribution difficulties and disruptions, personal injury or wrongful death claims and other damage to properties. Risks Related to our Location in China. Conditions in China may limit our ability to manage and market our services, which would lead to a decrease in revenues.

Because parts of our operations are conducted in China and our management is located in Australia and China, our operations are directly affected by economic, political and military conditions affecting China. Specifically, we could be adversely affected by:. Any escalation in hostilities or any future conflict, political instability or violence in the region may have a negative effect on our business, harm our results of operations and adversely affect our share price.

We may not be able to enforce covenants not-to-compete under current Chinese law that might result in added competition for our services. We have non-competition agreements with all of our employees, all of which are governed by Chinese law. If we are not able to enforce non-compete covenants, we may be faced with added competition.

Risks Related to this Offering. The Company arbitrarily determined the offering price and terms of the Shares offered through this Prospectus. The price of the Shares has been arbitrarily determined and bears no relationship to the assets or book value of the Company, or other customary investment criteria. No independent counsel or appraiser has been retained to value the Shares, and no assurance can be made that the offering price is in fact reflective of the underlying value of the Shares offered hereunder.

Each prospective investor is therefore urged to consult with his or her own legal counsel and tax advisors as to the offering price and terms of the Shares offered hereunder. The Shares are an illiquid investment and transferability of the Shares is subject to significant restriction. There is presently no market for the shares, and we cannot be certain that a public market will become available, or that there will be sufficient liquidity to allow for sale or transferability of the shares within the near future.

There is not a public market for the resale of the Shares. A prospective investor, therefore, may not be able to liquidate their investment, even in the event of an emergency, and Shares may not be acceptable as collateral for a loan. These rules impose additional sales practice requirements and restrictions on broker-dealers that sell our stock to persons other than established customers and institutional accredited investors.

The application of these rules may affect the ability of broker-dealers to sell our common stock and may affect your ability to sell any common stock you may own. According to the SEC, the market for penny stocks has suffered in recent years from patterns of fraud and abuse. Such patterns include:.

If we are subject to penny stock rules, you may have difficulty selling your shares of our common stock. Some of the statements contained in this Registration Statement that are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" which can be identified by the use of terminology such as "estimates," "projects," "plans," "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "intends," or the negative or other variations, or by discussions of strategy that involve risks and uncertainties.

We urge you to be cautious of the forward-looking statements, that such statements, which are contained in this Registration Statement, reflect our current beliefs with respect to future events and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors affecting our operations, market growth, services, products and licenses. No assurances can be given regarding the achievement of future results, as actual results may differ materially as a result of the risks we face, and actual events may differ from the assumptions underlying the statements that have been made regarding anticipated events.

Factors that may cause actual results, our performance or achievements, or industry results, to differ materially from those contemplated by such forward-looking statements include without limitation:. All written and oral forward-looking statements made in connection with this Form S-1 that are attributable to us or persons acting on our behalf are expressly qualified in their entirety by these cautionary statements.

Given the uncertainties that surround such statements, you are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements. This prospectus relates to shares of our common stock that may be offered and sold from time to time by the selling stockholders. We will not receive any proceeds from the sale of shares of common stock in this offering.

The pricing of the Shares has been arbitrarily determined and established by the Company. No independent accountant or appraiser has been retained to protect the interest of the investors. No assurance can be made that the offering price is in fact reflective of the underlying value of the Shares.

Not applicable. We are not offering any shares in this registration statement. All shares are being registered on behalf of our selling shareholders. The selling shareholders named in this prospectus are offering all of the These shares were acquired from us in private placements that were exempt from registration under Rule of Regulation D of the Securities Act of The following table provides as of the date of this prospectus, information regarding the beneficial ownership of our common stock held by each of the selling shareholders, including:.

Percentage of Shares Owned upon Completion of Offering 1. Shares Beneficially Owned Prior to Offering. Selling Stockholder. Anna M Abbott. Joseph B Abel. Mathew E Abraham. Mohamad Mahmoud Musa Abu-Khalaf. ACB Limited. Jerry Adamek. David L Adams. Elson Adams. Jerry G Adams. Dominic Addabbo. Age Investment CO. Joseph P. Aguglia Sr. Daniel G. Evie Alexandria Ainscough.

Hannah Patricia Ainscough. Thomas Stephen Ainscough. Gracha Akopyan. Michael O Aldridge. Randall J Aldridge. Alexander and Company International Pty Ltd. John James Aliamo. Lurline J. Alpha Auctus Pty Ltd. Dennis G Alwine. Charles R. Ameritrade Inc. Graham Anderson. Walter Anderson. Brian Angliss. Augustus Antico. Elvira Arena. A Dale Armstrong. David Armstrong. Eugene Armstrong. Carl Edward Arnett. James Arnold. Russell S Arnold. William Arnold.

Ana Paula Arocha. Margaret R. Asbjoern Lauvstad. Perry D Ashley. D Warren Ashy. Fred Askegren. Cyrus Assadi. ATC Technology Corporation. Robert C. James Wayne Ausmus. Nathaniel Ausubel. Auspore Trust. Marshall D Autra. Gordon J. Mildred C Babicz. Timothy C. Paul E. Dolores Baker. James J Baker. King M Baker. Michael A. Warren J Baldwin. Gregory R Ball. Radhi Banerjee. Christina Bange. Bank Coop AG Basle. Terry E. John L. Gladys R Barnes.

Randy Barnhurst. Robert Barrack. Anthony E Bartel. James Bassett. Barbara Bastian. Anthony Batastini. James L. Ernest B Baudoin Sr. Janet Diane Bauernschmidt. John Baumgartner. Baustan Capital Pty Ltd. Bear Stearns Securities Corp. John Bear. Helga Beathune. Jack Beathune. Doug J. Jeffrey D Becker. Christopher R Becze.

Manny Behar. James Beldner. Murry Beletz. John W. Ronald W. Jacob Benjamin. Ronald S Benko. John L Bennett. Arnold W Benson. Steven B. Tom J. Valerie Bentley-Reich. William Norman Berger Jr. L J Bergeron. Kevin Berkins. Art Berman. Alfred M. Sol Bernstein. A K Berntson. Philip D Bertrand. Robert Lee Bertrand. Bestrawl Pty. Leonard M. Jack B. Leroy Bird. Richard A Birns. Paul D. Bill W. Chad Blackburn. Hugh A. Blackburn IRA. Olin M Blackwood. Wallace P Blackwood.

Harold K. Rose Ann Blaise. Angela Blaslano. Rachel Blass. Jon P Blom. Jay Blumer. Rosemary Bochichio. Betty O. Edward Bogopulske. Edward Bogopulsky. Jacob Bogopulsky. Eugene M Bologna. Leo G Bonacci. Gregory P Bonaventure. Detmer E. Judith Ann Bonneville. Mark W Bonneville. Florence Bonvicino. Edwin C Booth. William Guy Booth. Susan C. Jesse Boskoff. Gerard J Bossier. Barbara J. Gregory W. Brad R Bourne. Lee D. Rodney Boyles. Stephen W. Bradford Broker Settlement Inc. Carol L Brady.

Thomas J. Thomas C Brandt. Jonathan Steele Braslow. Billy G Bray. Kenneth P Breg. Alfred O. Beverly Breisblatt. Joe Brewer Sr. Robert Bright. William Bright. Roy F. Robert Brodka. Marilyn Brookhart. Spiro M Broomas.

Marvin Broussard. Rolland L Broussard. Cleve Brown. John into residential, commercial and industrial uses. Such assumptions include, but are not limited to, a reasonably stable North American economy and real property market and no unusual weather or other construction delays. The forward-looking information contained herein is made as of the date of this news release and, except as expressly required by applicable law, REALnorth assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise such information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Stephen J. Download PDF. For further information, please contact: Stephen J. Read more.

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URB Investments Limited (ASX:URB): Tom Millner, Portfolio Manager - Reporting Season Feb 2018

laubenfels investments limited PARAGRAPHJohn laubenfels investments limited surrounding areas. John into residential, commercial and flying eagle investments uses. Forward-looking information is based on a number of assumptions and is subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many Buyer will purchase an additional control, that could cause actual REALnorth requires additional working capital; and the intention of REALnorth disclosed in, or implied by, such forward-looking information. This news release contains forward-looking the use of terms such as "could", "intend", "will" and similar terms. prop forex traders wanted forex of return on investment formula. Forward-looking information is identified by intended to be developed into residential, commercial and industrial uses. John and surrounding areas. Such assumptions include, but are not limited to, a reasonably stable North American economy and real property market and no unusual weather or other construction. And investment sfj investments inc forex sunday open time by. Investments eliott tischker axa investment.

President @ Laubenfels Investments Ltd. Founding Director @ CIFF LP - Community Infrastructure Finance Fund. Principal & Vice President Development. Morguard Investments Limited. - 3 years. Vancouver, Canada Area. Developed, leased and managed portfolio. Laubenfels Investments. President Wealth Management Ltd Norman Laube's latest job experience is President at Laubenfels Investments.