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401k investment strategy 2021 ring fence investments

401k investment strategy 2021

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That makes stocks a terrible place to park money that you need to spend in the near term -- say, within the next five years. As a result, you should consider the time frame until you need the money as a key priority in determining how you invest it. For money you're socking away for long-term wealth-building purposes, consider broad stock market type index funds. Those funds generally have low internal costs and low churn, and they tend to beat the vast majority of professionally managed funds.

Having your paycheck contributions automatically buy those types of investments is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a strong chance of building wealth over time. As you get closer to retirement age and approach the time when you'll need to spend the money, it's time to shift gears for some of your investments.

Cash, CDs, money market funds, short-term Treasuries, or duration-matched investment-grade bonds are much more appropriate assets than stocks for those nearer-term needs. You will give up the potential for higher returns, but what you're picking up in exchange is a higher certainty that the money you need will be there when you need it.

The key thing to remember here is that even once you retire, you're likely to have a long-term future ahead of you. As a result, even retirees will need to consider holding stock-based investments for those longer-term needs. One of the best features of k style plans is that they automatically take money directly from your paycheck and invest it on your behalf.

That can be an awesome way to build wealth, but it also doesn't automatically change as your life and career circumstances change. Make a repeating appointment on your calendar to check in on your k at least once a year, and consider making adjustments as the rest of your life changes.

In addition, consider making changes as you reach key milestones in your life and career. If you get a big raise, consider upping the percentage of your salary that goes toward your k contribution. If you pay off your student loans, consider shifting the money you had been spending there to instead build wealth on your behalf.

When you hit key milestone birthdays like age 50 or your kids become able to care for themselves on their own, those are also great times to revisit your plan and make adjustments. There are two types of k -style plans available: traditional and Roth. Both offer tax-deferred compounding on money in the plan, and both let you contribute directly from your paycheck.

The key way they differ is in the tax treatments of contributions and withdrawals. In traditional-style plans, your money gets contributed pre-tax, but you pay ordinary income taxes on qualified retirement withdrawals. In Roth-style plans, your money gets contributed after-tax, but you pay no income taxes on qualified retirement withdrawals. There are pros and cons to each approach, and which will ultimately work out best for you depends on several factors that you won't really know until you hit retirement.

Key among them are what tax rates will be in the future, how large your k balance will grow to, and what additional sources of retirement income you will have. In addition, what you do with any tax savings from making a traditional contribution versus a Roth contribution also plays a role. As a general rule, you'd prioritize Roth contributions if you expect to build a big k balance, if you expect tax rates to rise, or if you expect to have significant other sources of income in retirement.

On the flip side, if you plan to invest the tax savings from making a traditional-style k investment into an after-tax investment account, it can help you build up your after-tax savings balance. That can be useful if you plan to retire earlier than you'll be able to make qualified retirement withdrawals from your plan.

While it's OK to consider the tax consequences of picking one type of plan over the other, the reality is that it matters much less than the act of contributing a decent amount to your plan. Pick a type, start contributing to it, and if you change your mind later, it's OK to switch your future contributions.

If the downside of picking wrong is a huge tax bill some time down the road when you retire because you have an untaxed multimillion-dollar nest egg, that's a "first-world problem" to be sure. Don't let that worry get in the way of the simple steps it takes to put yourself on the path to potentially build that nest egg in the first place.

Your k can be the cornerstone of a strong retirement plan. To make that plan a reality, the most important thing you can do is get started on your investment path as soon as you reasonably can. The sooner you start, the more time will be your ally, and the better your chances will be of reaching a financially comfortable retirement. Investing Best Accounts. Stock Market Basics. Stock Market. Ready to dig in? These five steps will help you make smart k selections you can feel good about.

With each year of employment, an increased percentage of the employer match is yours to take with you if you leave your job. The Plan Document also includes information about the fees related to your k , the services available to you, and how to make changes to your k portfolio.

They should be able to give you a copy or tell you where to find one. This is where you state who will receive your k money in the event of your death. However, this is one form people truly fill out and forget. If you can, take advantage of the Roth option with your next paycheck!

Once a year, your fund manager will rebalance your funds—sell off some of the high performers and buy more of the lower performers—to protect your nest egg from stock market ups and downs. When the market turns, however, your aggressive growth funds will take a hit, while your growth and income funds keep their slow and steady pace. Drew recommends calling the plan manager contact information is with your documents and speaking with an actual person. This is where a lot of people get lost.

Remember that brochure or booklet that came with your enrollment packet? It should provide fairly detailed descriptions of all your k selection options. Some companies do a better job at this than others, but no brochure is going to give you the complete lowdown on all your investing choices. Another problem with these materials is that they make a big push for target date funds, Drew said. Target date funds have predetermined investment mixes depending on the date you plan to retire.

As your investments move to less and less risk, there is less and less return. Of the six options they have listed as growth funds, two are actually international funds and one is an aggressive growth fund. Other investors worry that working with their own investing pro will be expensive.

Just make sure you know what to expect before your appointment so there are no surprises. Looking for the right investing pro? Try our SmartVestor program!

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