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Dornin investment group laguna beach cam

It is traveled by about 40, vehicles per day. Eucalyptus trees, wild animals and fields line the road on both sides. Farther inland, the entrance to Irvine marks an abrupt transition to strip malls, high-rises and wide, well-lighted roads. When the Irvine Co. While he has environmental concerns, he has refrained from taking a public stance on the plan.

Since the s, when the canyon was used as a hideout for rum runners, the area has been a kind of refuge for wild types — Bohemians and artists seeking isolation in the sweeping bluffs. Noted plein air painters such as William Wendt found inspiration in the drastic silhouettes of the sweeping vistas. From to , the city experienced a 50 percent turnover rate in homeownership, with many cashing out because of the real estate boom. Accordingly, the city saw a 25 percent rise in incomes and an increase in the median age from 43 to Locals, including Longi, have not supported such projects because of their suspicions that an outsider was simply developing the land.

But this time, Longi says, the story is different. He says his business partner, local real estate investor Chris Dornin, refused to work on the project because of its lack of financial promise until Longi won him over with his ideological vision.

Despite some of the recent vitriol directed toward him because of his proposed development, Longi is still popular with many people in town, especially artists. As he stood in the driveway of his lot, a driver speeding down the road slowed to honk and say hello. The design includes 6, square feet of workspace. Many residents, such as members of the newly formed neighborhood group Canyon Alliance of Neighborhoods Defense Organization, say their concerns about safety and infrastructure hazards of building in the canyon trump the demand for artist housing.

They cite traffic risks and say increased developments will further congest bumper-to-bumper traffic going into the city and increase the risk of accidents. They also note that Laguna Canyon Road lacks sidewalks, bicycle lanes and stoplights to adequately support urbanization. Retired local firefighter Carl Klass also worries about more congestion, noting that the canyon is an important evacuation route out of the city in case of a natural disaster such as a slide, flood or fire.

A unit self-storage facility proposed by a Newport Beach investor was met with almost universal disdain for its box-like architecture and perceived incongruity with the canyon. Daily Freeman. Depoe Bay, OR. Frustrations appeared to boil Newport News-Times. Rock Falls, IL.

The ordinance, which runs through June to help establishments stay in business during the coronavirus pandemic, allows bars and restaurants to sell mixed drinks in a sealed container, either inside the bar, curbside or by delivery, for take out. Salida, CO. The council declined to transfer the license and the applicant did not attend. Vero Beach, FL. Ijamsville, MD. Frederick County Council members unanimously passed legislation that will allow a developer to build the final 15 homes of a development in Ijamsville.

It was spearheaded in part from dozens of residents of the Days Range Community Association, who argued their home values were decreasing thanks to 15 empty lots in their neighborhoods. Manhattan Beach, CA. Asheville, NC. ENKA, N. The center would be built on property where the old Enka clock tower stands. The plans for the ,square-foot center include demolition of the tower. But that was not Rice Lake, WI.

APG of Wisconsin. Terre Haute, IN. Terre Haute City Council on Thursday approved the issuing of economic development bonds for the acquisition and renovation of a Terre Haute Police Department headquarters. The Economic Development Revenue Bond, Series — colloquially, the police station bonds — will be used for the acquisition and renovation of S. Seventh St, former home of the Tribune-Star.

The Lebanon Reporter. Trending People. Dolly Rebecca Parton born January 19, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian, known primarily for her work in country music. After achieving success as a songwriter for others, Parton made her album debut in with Hello, I'm Dolly.

With steady success during the remainder of the s both as a solo artist and with a series of duet albums with Porter Wagoner , her sales and chart peak came during the s and continued into the s. Parton's albums in the s did not sell as well, but she achieved commercial success again in the new millennium and has released albums on various independent labels since , including her own label, Dolly Records.

She has had 25 songs reach No. She has 41 career top country albums, a record for any artist, and she has career charted singles over the past 40 years. Parton has received 47 Grammy nominations. In , at the age of 74, Parton received worldwide attention after posting four pictures in which she showed how she would present herself on the social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. The original post on Instagram went viral after celebrities posted their own versions of the so-called Dolly Parton challenge on social media.

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr. He is the current weather anchor on NBC's Today. On November 12, , at p. Eastern Standard Time, Roker attempted to beat the unofficial world record for an uninterrupted live weather report of 33 hours held by Norwegian weather broadcaster Eli Kari Gjengedal. On November 14, , at a. The Today Plaza was officially named the "Rokerfeller Plaza" in his honor. Bebe Rexha is an American music composer, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

Her decision to establish herself in the industry as a songwriter paid off as she became well-known for her songwriting skills. The recognition that she received as a writer opened huge opportunities for her, and gave a big push to her singing career. Bebe Rexha has collaborated with celebrities like The Chainsmokers, Pitbull, and Lil Wayne among others to release popular albums. She is famous for her singles, albums, and EPs. One of the extremely popular entertainers of today, Jennifer Lopez has shown her versatility to the world as a dancer, actor and singer.

She is still considered by many as the most ravishing woman in the entertainment industry. With the dream of becoming a "famous movie star", Lopez left her hometown for New York and started her journey as a dancer. Soon her beauty and talent was discovered and thus, began her film career. Later on, when she gained fair amount of success as an actor, she diverted her attention towards singing. In no time, her songs became a rage and were charting at no.

Her sensational dances in the music videos rapidly enhanced the sales and got her a celebrity status. However, as she remained in constant public attention, her relationships served as a fodder for celebrity gossips. She married thrice - two of which lasted for a year or even less. She was married for the longest time to singer Marc Anthony with whom she has two children, but then, like her previous marriages, it could not last forever.

With a traumatic childhood, Adrian put all his attention to football and made it his battlefield to vent out the pain and anger of his horrid past. However, misfortune struck him in the prime of his career when he suffered a rather grave leg injury. Withstanding all odds, he fought his way back to fitness and was even titled the sixth fastest player to run for rushing yards.

Ever since his injury, he has been on a success spree and is presently the third player to cross 10, rushing yards in all of American NFL history.


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As equal partners, Dornin and Longi anticipate obtaining a construction loan for 65 percent of the total costs, with their own equity covering the remaining 35 percent. Dornin guesses that the project may become profitable in five years, but insists that money is not what motivates him.

Laguna resident Mike Meyer agreed. A real estate investor with Newport-based Twin Rock Partners, which invests in projects similar to DIG, he said their typical investments yield a minimum of 6 percent returns from day one. Dornin hopes his renovation plans for the neglected Coast Inn will be better received.

The company plans to maintain the 24 guest rooms and a bar and restaurant, and will seek approval for a rooftop bar deck and a pool. He aims to retain the historical significance, character and layout of the building and to highlight its legacy as one of the first gay bars. Combining their two local projects, the Dornins intend to hold a party at the Coast Inn at 6 p.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thursday, November 26, Laguna Beach Local News. News Page One The Lead. Share this:. Days before Thanksgiving, Laguna Food Pantry serves record number of families.

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The Council did not oppose the war, it merely suggested that the quicker the bombing ended the quicker all involved can get down to answering difficult political questions. Lee and the Council majority are threatened and called names, primarily because they interrupt the Afgan blood sport with a reminder to the public that it is at just such times that principles of justice must be scrupulously upheld. Carmen Getit; San Pablo Ave. Rose Street House of Music Dec.

Powerful guitars and soul vocals with a Swiss flavor; Hotel Utah, 4th St. Rumba music jam session; Dec. Trio Altamira Reunion Concert; Dec. Holly Near; Dec. On tour with her new release, Edge, Holly Near will perform old favorites and new songs. Benefit Concert and Birthday Party Dec. Flamenca Community Juerga; Dec. Councilmember Kriss Worthington, who has assigned more than 30 students to commissions and boards during his five years on the council, gave Katz the nod after year member Gene Poschman retired from the ZAB earlier this month.

The ASUC submitted a redistricting plan to the city in August whose goal, supporters said, was to increase student participation in government. The City Council declined to consider the option, after the city attorney said the City Charter disallowed the proposed configuration.

Because of the volume and complexity of proposals the ZAB considers, it regularly meets twice each month, while other boards and commissions meet once a month. According to a ZAB schedule, the board is currently considering 26 projects and has another 47 in the wings. The projects range from a residential basement conversion to the development of a five-story mixed-use building with 88 residential units and 42 parking spaces.

According to ZAB Chair Carolyn Weinberger, in addition to the two meetings a week there is usually anywhere from five to eight hours of preparation that goes into each meeting. After his first meeting as an official ZAB member, Katz said it was clear being a board member would be a great deal of work. Worthington said currently he has appointed 14 students to boards and commissions.

The majority of his student appointments have excelled at their posts, he said, pointing to Devra Bachrach, who was elected by her fellow commissioners to serve as chair of the Energy Commission, Jackie Torres who has earned the respect of the Labor Commission and Marco Barrantes on the Parks and Recreation Commission. Berkeley residents are becoming aware of increases in burglaries and violent crimes in our neighborhoods.

Do not allow scarce parking lots to be developed into population dense crime attracting housing projects. Vote to stop such projects. In my neighborhood, subsidies are currently concentrating homeless people in the Flamingo Hotel on University Avenue. Money to help these people would be better used buying them one way transportation to another state where housing is less expensive, employment opportunities are greater, and more people are needed.

For more severely afflicted individuals who cannot support themselves anywhere, money would be better used for institutionalizing them at a remote location that will not be detrimental to neighborhoods. In spite of protests by neighbors, the one adjacent to the Flamingo Hotel on University Avenue has already destroyed the much needed parking lot adjacent to what used to be the Kelly Moore Paint store.

It has also destroyed the Kelly Moore Paint store itself. If it is too late to stop this project, at least minimize its size and make sure that its occupants have minimal detrimental influence on our community. Instead of people with a history of mental illness and drug abuse, perhaps this project could house seniors who would have access to the nearby senior citizen center two blocks away at the corner of Hearst and Grove Martin Luther King.

Seniors would be a lesser crime magnet and would be less detrimental than dually diagnosed schizophrenic and drug addicted homeless people. In particular, Berkeley simply does not need more subsidy dependent people with problems. Berkeley should be a medium density moderately affluent university town where residents can drive their cars, park without too much difficulty, and enjoy shopping and a movie. Berkeley cannot do this if the city government continues to subsidize population density increases of people with the greatest risk of problems.

Berkeley need not become a high subsidized housing, low income, crime and drug infested, urban ghetto. After much debate, Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong delayed ruling on the question of whether to quash the subpoenas, asking both sides to submit further written arguments.

The pair, adult sons of Lakireddy Bali Reddy — a wealthy Berkeley landlord now serving an eight-year jail sentence for immigration fraud, transporting minors for sex and submitting a false tax return — face charges of helping their father perpetrate his crimes. In the courtroom Tuesday, arguments flew back and forth between attorneys for the plaintiffs and defense, the latter of whom wanted the plaintiffs — the U. But she did more.

All parties agreed the translator became personally involved and persuaded witnesses to embellish their stories. I would not expect time and time again for somebody to tell them to lie. Hammering his point home, Cotsirilos repeated his point. Judge Armstrong appeared to grow weary of the argument. The notion that the witnesses were under government control — even when they were interviewed by Rao acting under the auspices of a different agency — is particularly important to the plaintiffs.

Attorneys will file additional briefs with the court by Dec. The Daily Planet received the following letter to the president. Spelling has not been edited. What you are doing is very disrespectful to most of the people in Afghanistan who are very poor and minding just there own business and trying there best to stay alive while your just going ahead and boming them for nothing. I would call the people who I think did it to the world court. Ben-Simon fled to Israel prior to the indictment, and U.

The judge in Israel found Ben-Simon guilty of committing fraud connected with large commercial loans the banks made to purchase or refinance commercial properties in San Francisco. Antonio M. Flores was arrested Tuesday and faces federal charges of mailing threatening communications and threatening to transfer a biological agent for use as a weapon, according to the U.

Flores allegedly mailed three letters on Oct. Flores served about a month in the Humboldt County jail for being in possession of stolen property. He said he sent two of the letters to people he stole from and the third was sent as a favor to a fellow inmate who wanted to threaten the man who had turned him in to authorities, according to court documents.

The figures are based on sales of new and existing homes, as well as condominiums. Bay Area home sales through the first 10 months of this year are running Another report based on the sales of existing houses is scheduled to be released Tuesday by the California Association of Realtors, an industry trade group. Meanwhile, the Southern California home market remained robust during October as buyers enticed by the lowest mortgage rates in a generation swarmed into the market to drive up prices.

Riverside County and San Diego County were particularly hot markets, with home values rising by Average housing rents in the Bay Area and Southern California also moved in opposite directions during the summer, according to a study by RealFacts. With nearly one-third of its non-farm payroll tied to the high-tech industry, the Bay Area is still suffering from the crash of the dot-com economy that enriched the region during the late s.

Meanwhile, luxury homes in Los Angeles gained 2. Luxury homes in San Diego climbed 6. MARTINEZ — A trio accused of killing five people, including the daughter of blues guitarist Elvin Bishop, wanted to bring truth to the world through a self-awareness program, prosecutors say.

The remains of an elderly Concord couple and Selina Bishop were found in nine duffel bags in the Mokelumne River. In addition to five counts of murder, the trio faces charges of conspiracy, extortion, false imprisonment and drug possession.

They have pleaded innocent to all charges. Glenn Helzer was an instructor in a self-awareness program called Harmony, and wanted to bring truth to the world by directing his own group, according to court documents.

He planned to use drug dealing, an escort service and extortion to finance it. Judge Douglas Cunningham will rule Wednesday on that motion. They began buying equipment: ski masks, handcuffs and leg irons, a saw, a plastic tarp and duffel bags. Justin Helzer, a former military police officer, bought a 9mm Beretta semi-automatic. On Aug. That same day, Bishop spent the evening with her mother, Jennifer Villarin. Bishop was last seen Aug.

Early Aug. That was when the three dumped the duffel bags in the river, the prosecutor said. By Aug. They arrested the trio on suspicion of drug possession and began to piece together evidence they say linked them to the five killings. In documents filed in Superior Court on Monday, attorney J. Olson is accused of placing bombs under two police cars in in what prosecutors say was revenge for a deadly shootout with Los Angeles police the previous year in which six members of the radical SLA were killed.

The bombs failed to explode. Fidler has scheduled a hearing for Dec. Olson had signed an agreement on the pleas before entering them in court on Oct. After she told reporters outside court she was really innocent, Fidler ordered her to explain herself. On Nov. Olson, whose given name was Kathleen Soliah, was a fugitive in the case for more than two decades until her capture in Minnesota in County Counsel Lloyd W.

If the Local Agency Formation Commission abides by the legal opinion, it would weaken the position of secessionists because taxes may have to be raised to pay for the assets unless a deal is worked out. The commission is trying to meet a series of deadlines to put the secession proposal on the November ballot. The Fallen Journalists Memorial plaque bearing names of reporters and photojournalists killed in World War II, the Jonestown massacre, helicopter crashes and coverage of other conflicts at home and abroad, carries the additional name of James Bertken.

Bertken was a reporter for the Daily News of Los Angeles when he was swept off a boat while covering a sport-fishing story off the California coast in He was an alumnus of the journalism program at CSUN. The wood and bronze plaque was created by the Los Angeles Press Club in , one year after three California journalists were killed in an ambush in Jonestown, Guyana.

It was displayed at City Hall, and had been in storage during a lengthy earthquake retrofit project at City Hall since Its new location is in Manzanita Hall, home of the Department of Journalism at the Northridge campus. Those honored on the plaque include reporters and photographers killed in France and the Philippines in , in Iran in and Honduras in — and Francis Gary Powers. The U-2 spy plane pilot who was captured in Russia in later became a Los Angeles helicopter reporter, and died in a crash in But a huge number of people who enjoyed his outdoor columns told us how much they shared our loss.

Gray Davis plans to meet with Mexican President Vicente Fox in Mexico City next week in an effort to boost the slumping economies of California and its southern neighbor. The leaders also likely will address border security and other issues related to the fallout of the Sept.

Already-weak economies in California and Mexico have suffered more because security concerns and long waits to cross the border have deterred travelers since Sept. Fox visited California in March, discussing the statewide power crisis with Davis and legislative leaders and opening a Mexican trade center in Santa Ana.

Davis and Fox pledged to meet twice a year to improve relations, which were strained when California voted in to bar most state services to illegal immigrants. Pete Wilson made that issue a centerpiece of his successful re-election campaign the same year, angering Mexican leaders. Since he was elected in , Davis has worked to build a relationship with Fox and his predecessor, Ernesto Zedillo. During the visit, Davis also is to sign a memorandum of understanding with Baja California Gov.

Eugenio Elorduy Walther to establish cooperation between the two neighboring states. California legislative leaders and Cabinet members also are scheduled to go on the trip and meet with their counterparts. Her evening gown shimmered like silver and sheathed her slender figure like a second skin.

She tucked her hair beneath a curly blond wig and checked the mirror again. This was a special occasion. On this night, she would be part of a small assembly of dinner guests at the home of William Randolph Hearst himself. This moment did not occur 70 years ago, when Hearst and his castle were at their zenith. It occurred this very year, on a night when Marchetti, who by day teaches eighth-grade math in nearby Atascadero, was joining several other docents to lend an undercurrent of realism to an evening tour of the opulent hilltop mansion.

The evening tours, instituted a dozen years ago but offered only during slack tourist periods, have been extremely popular, according to a spokesman for the state park system, which administers the property. They provide a glimpse of the castle as it would have been in its s glory, when Hearst routinely entertained select groups of guests for the weekend.

For those who have taken the main daytime tour with dozens of other visitors, the evening tour, limited to three groups of 18 visitors each, offers a much different sense of the place. And indeed, after we climbed a staircase to the Neptune Pool, elegantly dressed guests were milling about, conversing quietly in small groups and sipping cocktails. A maid happened by, bearing an armful of towels. Coleman addressed us as if we had been included on the guest list — though all of it, of course, was make-believe.

Remember that Mr. Hearst has no tolerance for drunkenness. Four different kinds of bread. The illusion was maintained throughout the tour — almost two hours — with only a couple of minor lapses. Hearst Castle has differing effects on its visitors. Some consider it a lavish treasure, others a ghastly testament to a man who fancied art, had more money than he knew what to do with and created an absurd hodgepodge in his attempt to marry the two.

Was this art collection or simple accumulation? In visiting this castle on a hill — especially when it is dressed for the evening — visitors can gain a strong sense of the manifestations and indulgences of sudden wealth in the early 20th century. After we left the seductively lit Roman pool, scuffing our heels over the inlaid karat gold in the deck tiles, the passengers on the bus were silent on the way down the hill.

Maybe this group of tourists was toying with the same fantasy. Far down the road, a glimpse of the receding castle was visible through a gap in the trees, the twin bell towers gleaming against the night sky. Maybe it is a garish monstrosity, a monument to avarice, but on this night Hearst Castle seemed magical. Jim Costa, a longtime politician who has served 23 years in the Legislature and cannot seek re-election because of term limits, said Tuesday he is leaving public office and will not run for Congress.

Gary Condit decided to step down. But his decision was not necessarily a sign that Condit will run for re-election. It would be too hard to start from a standing start. Condit filed papers Monday to waive a fee to put his name on the ballot, but his chief of staff said the Ceres Democrat has not announced whether he will seek an eighth term.

Costa, who served 16 years in the state Assembly and seven years in the Senate, also abandoned plans for a possible run for the newly formed 21st Congressional District in Tulare and Fresno counties. That seat was carved for a Republican candidate, with 48 percent GOP voters and 38 percent Democrats. Costa has not decided what he will do when his term ends next year, but Sheingold said it will be in the private sector. His rental car was found a few hours later, abandoned on a Mississippi River bridge with the keys in the ignition and the tank full of gas.

His family does not believe he committed suicide and police say there is no evidence that the year-old married father of four with no known financial or domestic problems was kidnapped or killed. But the disappearance in this time of war and anthrax attacks has attracted the attention of the FBI. Wiley is an expert on how the human immune system fights off infections and had recently investigated such dangerous viruses as AIDS, Ebola, herpes and influenza.

Investigators are reviewing all possibilities to what might have happened, from Wiley jumping from the bridge to him being a target of some kind of terrorist-backed kidnapping because of his research. Walter Norris said Tuesday.

He and another Harvard professor, Dr. Jack Strominger, have won honors for their work on how the human immune system works, including the Japan Prize two years ago. Wiley was in Memphis to attend a two-day annual meeting of the scientific advisory board of St. Valgeirsdottir reported her husband missing Nov. She said Wiley had been staying with his father in a Memphis suburb. She said she could think of no reason he would have driven toward Arkansas after the hotel dinner.

Police Inspector Jerry King said there was nothing to support theories that Wiley was a victim of a crime or he disappeared because of a domestic or financial situation. Investigators have been dusting the rental car for fingerprints and performing other tests, but nothing has turned up so far. He said the agency was interested in the case because Wiley is a prominent scientist but there was no evidence the disappearance is related to his profession.

While airlines have cut fares to try to spur demand, they have stubbornly held on to the fuel surcharges, which now make up roughly 15 percent of the average domestic ticket price. The only major airline without a fuel surcharge is Dallas-based Southwest.

The surcharge is not necessarily apparent to travelers because it does not appear on airfare receipts. Little more than 10 days later, she was pregnant. Not long after, so was Stacey Stapleton, who made the decision with husband Paul to have a child as fighter jets flew over their Manhattan apartment. While the trend may be strongest in New York, doctors say people nationwide seem to be shunning talk of a world gone wrong and pursuing pregnancy not just in spite of, but because of, the Sept.

Steven Brody says Alvarado Hospital Medical Center in San Diego has received roughly 25 percent more calls from new patients wanting to learn about overcoming infertility since the attacks. Right after the attacks, Dr.

But recent weeks have seen a surge in interest — and an unprecedented willingness in patients to talk frankly about their fertility problems. Kenneth Johnson in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. But business has not been booming for everyone. Maureen Rayburn, a certified nurse and midwife in Manhattan, says several of her pregnant clients left New York after Sept.

Mostly, it was fear. Then, after the planes hit, Travers says she realized the time for a child had arrived, as she believes it did for many women. Travers decided to tell her husband she was ready as they walked on a Long Island beach on Sept. The cuts, representing 8. Management told labor leaders the newspaper will fire workers and entice slightly more than other employees to voluntarily leave by offering up to two years pay and up to one year of medical benefits, said Carl Hall, a longtime Chronicle staff writer and president of the Northern California Media Workers Guild.

Besides the staff cuts, the Chronicle is suspending management bonuses next year, Oppedahl said. The layoffs will be limited to Chronicle employees hired after July 27, — the date the Hearst Corp. In his memo, Oppedahl cited the steep slump in the high-tech industry as a primary reason for the cutbacks.

The ads in the help-wanted section are down by more than 50 percent, reflecting the mass layoffs that have hit the Silicon Valley and tourism-driven industries. Less-severe advertising downturns prompted a large number of newspapers, magazines and broadcasters across the country to trim their staffs months ago.

The Chronicle had been a notable holdout, even though the San Francisco Bay Area market has suffered some of the most dramatic losses. Those cuts were mandated by Knight Ridder, a publicly held newspaper group that faced pressure from Wall Street to boost profits. As a privately held company, Hearst had more leeway to accept lower earnings this year to avoid staff cuts, Morton said. But the Chronicle purchase saddled Hearst with additional costs in the Bay Area.

Based on trends since the Sept. The Chronicle began handing out pink slips Tuesday. The layoffs will affect 85 workers represented by unions and 29 management employees, according to Hall, who was among the labor leaders briefed by Chronicle management. Even as it struggled financially this year, the Chronicle boosted its readership, largely by introducing an afternoon edition after Hearst abandoned the Examiner.

The Chronicle reported average weekday circulation of , for the six months ending Sept. In the age of paper or plastic, milk in clear glass bottles has become a novelty like the uniformed milkman. There are good reasons why so few dairies still put milk in traditional glass bottles, according to Rachel Kaldor, executive director of the Dairy Institute of California. Glass containers are also more difficult to handle than paper and plastic. They are heavy, easily shattered and must be collected and sanitized before they are reused, while paper or plastic cartons are light and easily recycled.

Lifescan Inc. A federal judge indicated he likely will approve the settlement. Federal investigators said one defect caused SureStep to sometimes display an error message instead of a warning that blood glucose levels were dangerously high. The other defect caused the meter to display readings that were well below the actual level. The suit settled this week applies to as many as , diabetics who bought SureStep meters before August , when the company fixed the problem.

Ron Kolb, LBNL spokesperson, said there is a substantial amount of reliable data that shows the trees contain insignificant amounts of tritium and that cutting them down poses no health risks to anyone. The recommendation also calls for the laboratory to stop shipping the tree cuttings to Japanese and Korean paper mills. Kolb said the lab is not involved in shipping tree cuttings anywhere.

Kolb quickly added that no trees with measurable contamination have been taken off the site since He said that about 20 trees that were cut down last July as part of a fire management program were cut up in a wood chipper and left on site.

The source of the alleged tree contamination is the National Tritium Labeling Facility, a four-room facility at LBNL whose work for the last 18 years has been to attach the radioactive isotope tritium to pharmaceuticals and other medical compounds. As part of the labeling process, low levels of tritium are released into the air through stacks that are deployed at various locations on the LBNL property.

Opponents of the facility claim the released tritium has been absorbed by nearby trees. Last July LBNL officials announced the facility would close in December due to a lack of contracts for tritium-related medical studies. The U. Environmental Protections Agency has set the maximum allowable tritium in drinking water to be 20, picocuries per liter. For a number of years, there has been a disagreement over the levels of tritium in vegetation near the facility. Menchaca, who reported a grove of trees near the Lawrence Hall of Science, which hosts over a , children every year, as being contaminated with high levels of tritium.

LBNL cleared some 20 eucalyptus trees last July amid protests by the Committee to Minimize Toxic Waste, a group of residents who live near the laboratory. The Lab has said that the clearing is part of a fire management program that requires cutting and pruning of trees near the laboratory. Kolb denied that anyone was put at risk by chopping up the trees.

Miriam Chaya presents the third of three workshops rooted in modern psychology and Jewish traditional sources designed to provide participants with the skills and tools necessary to meet the challenges they will face in the second half of their lives. Share your slides and prints with other photographers.

Critiques by qualified judges. Monthly field trips. For children aged 3 to 10 years old, escape to the magical realm of health, fun, and excitement of this ongoing storytelling series. If you are among those blessed with good health insurance, you may feel this cut has nothing to do with you. Uninsured families are those who rely on the Emergency Room for care when they need it — which is often after they have delayed as long as possible. Their costs then wind up being clandestinely shifted to those who are insured.

The ER is a unique institution in our society. It is the great leveller. Meaning doctors and nurses will put you on the list in order of urgency. You may be Julia Roberts or Michael Jackson. You may be head of a Fortune company.

Those who need to have their hearts restarted, no matter how poor, take precedence. In this life-and-death respect, the ER is as far from market values as we get in the United States. Makes you wonder why the Bush administration tolerates it at all. As it is, the only thing remotely like entering the ER is being aboard a hi-jacked airplanes where first class suffers the same fate as the economy. Which raises a timely point. If we are destined to experience more terrorism, biological, nuclear, or plain old explosive, the ER is our first line of defense.

Regardless of your social status, the only thing that insures prompt care is if your local ER is well-staffed and well-equipped. Otherwise you will wait She had a broken arm and was hurting bad. She had health insurance; she was from the Berkeley Hills; she was solid upper-middle class. Made no difference. She waited a good long time until those laid out on gurneys could be cared for. At Highland Hospital, she might have waited longer.

Highland ER, so a doctor tells me, is so overcrowded it now tracks admissions by the day not the hour! It is an infusion of funds into the overburdened health care system we all share. It pays doctors who might be able to head off a trip to the ER by people who would otherwise be ahead of you on the list. Or if those patients do need ER care, it pays for that care so the ER can afford to treat you more efficiently. Cutting Healthy Families while bioterrorism is in our midst is penny wise and pound foolish, though you may not think about that until you wake up in the ER.

People can afford to wait for almost anything. But nobody can afford to wait to stop the bleeding. The result: a colorful graph hanging neatly on the wall clearly demonstrating the popularity of tigers over lions, monkeys and elephants. Department of Education.

The grant allows LeConte, Thousand Oaks, Washington and City of Franklin Micro-Society schools to choose a particular area of focus, such as science or the arts, and build around it. Jennifer Smallwood, a fourth and fifth grade science teacher at LeConte, says computers can help some students understand material they might not otherwise comprehend.

You can experience something and learn it. Technology is one more medium. But the school is not yet making maximum use of its technological tools, say parents and staff. Dunn and Littles are also providing computer-shy teachers with in-house training, and Dunn says the school may use part of its grant money to fund instruction by outside professionals. Dunn said one of her top goals is to create a computer-savvy faculty so that, if the grant money dries up in three years, the technology program will still be strong.

Proper equipment is also vital if the technology initiative is to succeed, said Dunn. In addition, LeConte has ordered enough computers to fill a media center in the school library. The center should be up and running by the first of the year. Students must be able to create spreadsheets, comb the Internet and use design programs if they hope to land quality jobs when they grow older, school officials say.

I agree with Steve Geller in his Nov. The effective remedy is toll charges high enough to eliminate the crowding. Also, finance mass transit with assessments based on land values, making BART and buses free to users. You will then see a massive shift from cars to public transit, a demand which will then warrant better service. Citizens for Fair Representation collected 7, signatures, far more than the 4, valid signatures required to challenge the city.

If the council chooses to start over, the Dec. After the events of Sept. As part of the process, the council is being asked to assign an official line of succession in case the director of emergency services is unavailable. The state requires all cities to name a line of succession so the city is not without leadership during an emergency. The council will consider a recommendation for free Saturday bus rides for shoppers during the holiday season.

The recommendation asks the city manager to work with AC Transit and the Downtown Merchants Association to provide free transit fares. The recommendation also asks that the city provide free transit passes any time there is a city program that provides free parking at meters.

The cost of the average AC Transit fare is 65 cents. The cost to the city will depend on an agreement among AC Transit, the city and the merchants. Prior to approving the rate hike, the council will hold a public hearing. The council also moved the beginning of the evening parking rates back from 6 p. Armstrong said that over a third of the meters on College Avenue are not working. The Berkeley Housing Authority, which consists of the City Council and two resident appointees, will hold a meeting just prior to the regular City Council meeting.

Some of the new proposals in the updated annual plan are shared housing for Section 8 tenants and a Section 8 homeownership program. The City Council will hold a a study session at 5 p. The session is designed to educate the council prior to its Dec. In addition the council will hear presentations from the Commission of Energy and Berkeley Energy Technical Advisory Group which will detail the status of the energy crisis.

Way at 7 p. One should definitely promote public transportation, but they are not the whole solution. Berkeley has rightly encouraged public transportation, but we still have large buses, that are inefficient, run mostly empty, spew large amounts of diesel fumes into the air, run infrequently, are expensive, and slow traffic.

Or maybe its a hardy, non delicate parent with several children,who just wants to take his kids for a family swim. What about the school teachers at Berkeley High, Vista, etc. We now have a situation were many people can not afford to live in Berkeley due to the high rents and cost of real estate.

Some are forced to live in areas were taking buses to work would be a major inconvenience in both time and money. Perhaps the answer appears in the same story. Maybe some of the people need to drive because they are elderly, sick, or disabled. We all want better mass transportation, fewer and cleaner cars and diesel buses, and cleaner air.

Luci S. Houston, 43, had been missing for nearly a week. The Alameda County coroner had not positively identified the body and on Monday referred all calls to police, who did not immediately return calls. Tim Nolan said Sunday. Family members and friends said they had not seen or heard from Houston since Tuesday. She had planned to pick up a friend from Oakland International Airport on Wednesday and to attend a Thanksgiving get-together Thursday, they said.

Houston was known to be punctual, and friends said she would call people she was assigned to photograph if she was running even five minutes late. The Washington, D. When Jim Gensheimer, a fellow Mercury News photographer, handed a flier to an Oakland police officer, the officer told him that a body had been found near Evergreen Cemetery. Co-workers gathered at the cemetery. You never expect it to be a co-worker.

One of the largest such debris flows in Southern California history may have done just that only a few thousand years ago, according to researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Geology professor Ed Keller and graduate student Amy Selting say they have found evidence of the flow in Rattlesnake Canyon above the site of the Santa Barbara Mission. The flood dumped about 10 million cubic yards of boulders and mud, or about , truckloads along a two-mile route, they estimate.

It left deposits 30 feet deep in places. The debris flow was about a thousand times bigger than those that have followed wildfires in the area during the last century, Keller said. And one really wet year, a big earthquake or a soil-baring wildfire might be all it takes to send another one roaring down from a canyon onto the town 80 miles north of Los Angeles. Their findings were presented earlier this month at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Boston. The researchers used computerized topographic maps of downtown and mapped the deposits to estimate the volume of mud, water and rock that hurtled downstream.

Radiocarbon dating will be used to pin down the age of the flood next month, but the boulders are relatively unweathered, pointing to a young geographical age, the researchers said. Agents confiscated , pounds of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine in the border region during fiscal year , which ended Sept. The drugs were seized both at border crossings and in special air and sea operations.

Marijuana accounted for the bulk of the confiscated drugs at , pounds, followed by cocaine at 67, pounds. It could be caused by increased flows of illegal drugs, better enforcement or a combination, Bond said. During the two weeks after the attacks, drug seizures plummeted more than 80 percent at California border crossings as agents searched every car entering the United States. Authorities speculated that smugglers were temporarily delaying shipments to avoid heightened security. The tons does not include drugs seized by the Border Patrol between the ports of entry along the border or seizures by the Drug Enforcement Administration, local police or other agencies.

Along the entire U. S-Mexico border, seizures of illegal drugs increased by 19 percent to more than 1. Nationwide, the agency confiscated 1. Coast Guard unveiled a new port security program Monday that trains reservists to board cruise ships and commercial vessels on the high seas in search of terrorists.

Since the Sept. Armed officers make sure the crew is in control of the ship and check passenger lists for suspected terrorists. More than 5, commercial vessels and several hundred cruise ships a year dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, making the new security measures labor intensive. The Coast Guard has engaged the help of more than half a dozen other agencies ranging from the Immigration and Naturalization Service to the Department of Fish and Game.

On Monday, some of the 80 Coast Guard reservists called up since Sept. In addition to trying to head off disaster before it reaches port, the Coast Guard is working with divers from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Port Police to inspect the hulls of random ships inside the harbor for bombs. With visibility in the polluted and silt-filled harbor restricted to less than 10 feet, it can take nearly two hours to sweep a hull, said Capt.

One scenario officials are concerned about is a cell of terrorists storing explosives under a peer and then transferring them to a cruise ship once it has docked nearby. But the added responsibilities are starting to take their toll. Coast Guard staff members routinely work 14 hours a day, and regular duties are being off-loaded onto other agencies. Before working at Fleet, Saunders worked for 12 years as a high-ranking executive at Household International Inc. His resume also includes a stint as chairman of Mastercard International.

Investors seemed to agree. Unless the company can get a better handle on its loan losses, Providian might have to sell its business at a sharp discount or, in a worst case scenario, be taken over by federal regulators, analysts warn. Saunders said he plans to build upon a turnaround plan that Providian management outlined last month. The company plans to curtail its business high-risk borrowers and focus more on middle-income households — a market that Saunders targeted during his time at Fleet and Household.

Providian also may fire more workers beyond the employees who will lose their jobs next month when the company will close a Henderson, Nev. NEW YORK — Economists officially declare a recession exists, you might say, months after ordinary folks have sensed it coming, experienced it, and if able to, taken action to deal with it.

Consumers standing on the surface feel changes quickly — in their job security, paychecks, stock portfolios. They mix in the latest news, rumors, hopes and fears, and act accordingly. Sometimes the consumers are right, sometimes not. Sometimes they befuddle the best minds of academe and government, as in their recent insistence on not spending tax rebates that were meant to be spent in order to avert or moderate a recession.

University of Michigan researchers found only 22 percent of rebate recipients spent or planned to spend the money, contradicting not just past behavior but the expectations of government economists. As a result of this quirk in spending behavior, the Michigan researchers suggest that the tax rebate will end up having provided a very limited stimulus to aggregate demand — in effect, that fiscal policy failed. Consumers feel the surface vibrations; the professionals dig into a substrata that includes industrial production, employment and wholesale and retail trade — deep down, where the vibrations originate.

In so doing, they gain an understanding of various factors often hidden from the consumer, such as the eventual intensity of the recession and its duration. In that regard they are one up on the consumer: They are sometimes in a position to forecast the onset of the new economic expansion, months ahead of the consumer who can only wait to feel it when it comes.

Both men, who pleaded guilty to computer fraud in August, declined to make statements at their sentencing hearings in U. District Court in San Jose. The government has seized a Mercedes-Benz, diamond rings, Rolex watches and other luxuries the men bought with money they made on the scheme, prosecutor Joseph Sullivan said. It unraveled after a clearinghouse that handles stock-option transactions for Cisco got suspicious and alerted the Internet equipment company, Sullivan said.

At a hearing in federal court Monday, prosecutors and attorneys for Dmitry Sklyarov, 27, agreed to file motions in coming months, with pretrial hearings scheduled to begin March 4. The program is legal in Russia. Sklyarov was arrested after speaking at a hacking convention in Las Vegas on July He is living with his wife and two young children in an apartment in San Mateo and continuing work on his doctorate in computer science, Keker said.

Millions of American families received them with every grocery store or gas station purchase. They faithfully pasted the stamps into booklets and, when they had enough of them, redeemed them for appliances, furniture and other merchandise. Communities pooled them to buy school buses, firetrucks, even a gorilla and an elephant for a zoo. They even inspired an Andy Warhol painting. The company set up a Web site where people could buy from merchants, track their accounts and page through the Greenpoints rewards catalog.

But the Web site never drew a big crowd. Customers earn points instead of stamps for purchases made on- or offline. They can redeem the points at a store or over the Internet. The core business involves three grocery chains — in North Carolina, Michigan and the mid-Atlantic — encompassing stores. That is a far cry from the 20 percent of U. But the company says it has passed 1 million accounts and will be profitable by the end of next year or early The catalogs are still packed with consumer goods.

Toasters were the most popular Green Stamp redemption item. The biggest change is the competition: Credit card companies and other businesses are running their own loyalty programs, and the new alternative currency is frequent-flier miles, which can be bought, sold and traded. About 1, workers in the Puget Sound area and 1, workers elsewhere in the country received the day notices, spokesman Tom Ryan said. All those affected will lose their jobs by Jan.

In October, Boeing announced a first round of about 12, job cuts to be completed by Dec. Anti-Taliban militiamen recovered the bodies Nov. They were held overnight in a hospital in Jalalabad, and transported the next day on a Red Cross convoy into Pakistan. The journalists were attacked Nov. An anti-Taliban leader in the area said the attackers were bandits, but witnesses said they shouted pro-Taliban slogans. Militiamen loyal to the new administration in Jalalabad retrieved the bodies without encountering resistance.

They brought the bodies to a Jalalabad hospital, where colleagues identified them. Cutuli and Fuentes filed reports Nov. His report said the box contained vials of a yellowish liquid. A Japanese terrorist organization used sarin in March in the Tokyo subway killing 12 people. The area of the ambush had recently came under control of anti-Taliban forces.

However, some Taliban stragglers and Arab fighters loyal to Osama bin Laden were believed to be in the area. Haji Shershah, an anti-Taliban commander in Jalalabad, said villagers reported numerous other attacks involving gunfire on vehicles on the same road during the day. A French journalist was robbed in the area the day before, and hours after the assault on the journalists, an Afghan car arrived in Jalalabad with two bullet holes after being attacked.

The new Coalition Information Service opened phone lines to answer questions from the news media and held a news conference in Islamabad — the first of what it said would be daily briefings. Spokesman Kenton Keith, a former U. Images of civilians killed in coalition bombing caused many to turn against the war. Meanwhile, aside from a few interviews U. President Bush recognized that, announcing on Oct.

Robin Hodges, a spokesman for the Coalition Information Service. He said the Islamabad news conferences, along with others already in place in Washington and London, would allow the coalition to get out its point of view throughout the hour cycle of international news. In a packed room of journalists with a long row of television cameras, Keith appeared in a black pinstriped suit, calmly fielding questions from foreign and Pakistani journalists.

One reporter asked him to respond to Taliban claims of widespread civilian casualties from the bombing. Major General Paul D. Monroe, head of the California National Guard, has no time for Berkeley-bashers. With his 44 years of service in the armed forces, Monroe has so many former colleagues that defending the city from their barbs could nearly be a full-time job. But when Gov. Gray Davis appointed him Adjutant General in April , he said, he stopped replying.

As Adjutant General, he commands more than 23, Californian citizen-soldiers — around 19, U. Army reservists and around 4, that are affiliated with the Air Force. Since Sept. He has sent 1, of his air reservists to the Air Force, which commands the air defense patrols around the state. On Friday, the air division conducted a search-and-rescue operation for a small airplane that crashed in a remote corner of northeastern California.

The plane was found, but all five people on board had died in the crash. Monroe joined the California National Guard after a stint in the U. Army Corps of Engineers. After leaving the Corps, he had sent his resume out to several private firms. His first post was at the Presidio, where he worked as a clerk. By , he was a captain and assistant operations officer in the th Infantry Division, which Gov.

On May 20, Monroe said he was stationed on the university campus, where demonstrators were rallying at Sproul Plaza. He said he heard over the tactical radio system that the helicopter would drop tear gas onto the crowd to disperse it. Guardsmen and police were ordered to block exits from the plaza, a decision that baffled and angered Monroe. Monroe said that normally, during crowd-control operations, the first thing that is done is to issue a warning to the crowd.

The next step is a show of force — police or military line up and get out their batons. Force should only be used if those methods are unsuccessful. Monroe said that the tear gas spread all over campus, up into restaurants in the Student Union building. His wife, who at the time was a teacher at nearby Emerson Elementary, told him later that the gas had drifted over to their school. But that never happened. Instead, he said, the neighbors showed up to welcome him into the community and invite him and his family to the weekly neighborhood volleyball game and barbecue.

Monroe III, is one of the beneficiaries of this policy. It was just one simple gesture, Monroe said, but for him it was a reminder of the warmth he felt for his home town. East Bay Heritage Quilters present their work, including art quilts, traditional bed quilts, wall hangings, group quilts, and clothing. Sendoff event for Pastors for Peace caravan that will deliver emergency aid and build housing in Chiapas.

For families with children three years or younger, a program to expose the youngest readers to multicultural stories, songs and finger plays. Gudmundur Bo S. Sometimes we in Berkeley can get caught up in local issues and squabbles while forgetting the catastrophe taking place in Africa as 10, die daily worldwide of AIDS. We are in a very privileged position in the Bay Area — very few lack access to medications or other necessities.

Imagine the worst days of the epidemic here in the late s being multiplied by 1, and you have the reality of Africa today. We must start using our positions, combined with our consciousness and love to change the course of the World AIDS cataclysm. Roche is one of three major pharmaceutical companies aggessively seeking patents in Africa to stop importation of cheap generic treatments from India.

Then we will march five blocks to Bayer to link the unmitigated greed of the pharmaceutical companies most profitable Fortune industry for the last 20 years to lack of affordable medications. This could be you in the future as a good portion are senior citizens on Medicare. Drug prices in Canada and Europe average 60 percent of US prices. Prices here could be lowered and the difference made up in increased sales volume.

We demand an end to patent abuse which will soon include 20 year patent monopolies worldwide, and demand cheap generic alternatives in public health emergencies such as AIDS, cancer or anthrax. Big Pharma spends three times as much on marketing and administration than research percent and profits last year were 18 percent overall, with prescription drugs like CIPRO and all AIDS drugs bringing in much more. Think globally, act locally.

Duffy is only the 13th female runner to win multiple state titles. Musante also finished second behind Duffy at the North Coast Section finals. The St. Freshman Gabi Rios-Sotelo finished 16th in a time of Duffy said she actually liked running in the harsh conditions, which was a new experience for her.

I think the worse the conditions, the better I can run. Vasquez finished 10th at the event last season. The Planning Commission has spent the last two-and-a-half years shepherding the document through 12 commissions, seven outside agencies and countless hours of workshops that included input from hundreds of businesses, organizations and individuals.

Once adopted the document will guide city policies and ordinances on a host of issues including environmental policy, development and transportation for the next 20 years. Those questions will be the basis of a discussion list of unresolved issues that the council will consider over its next three regularly scheduled meetings and possibly a fourth special meeting.

The council has set a goal of resolving those issues and adopting the plan by Dec. The plan has set an ambitious goal of developing 6, units of affordable housing during the next 20 years. Councilmember Maudelle Shirek and Linda Maio have asked that at least one policy be modified to help attain that goal.

An Open Space policy calls for a 14 block stretch of city-owned land in west Berkeley known as the Santa Fe Right of Way be considered primarily for open space and urban gardens. Both Shirek and Maio asked that affordable housing be given equal priority for the property.

While going through the writings of the recently deceased peace activist, Alice Hamburg, I found an article she wrote in , which made me realize how long Berkeley has had a tradition of visionary political leadership. In Paul Robeson was invited to sing in Berkeley and the city was faced with the question whether the newly-built Berkeley Community Theater could be used for the concert. In , then Mayor Laurence Cross led the majority that approved the controversial use of the Community Theater.

All we lack is a mayor with vision, courage, and principle. We are entitled to better leadership from our mayor — leadership that reflects the political courage of Berkeley residents. Maybe we need a new Laurence Cross for mayor! Even though Stanford never trailed, Cal took the Cardinal down to the final minute, with senior Spencer Dornin scoring with 21 seconds remaining to cut the deficit to a single goal. Attempting to retrieve the ball, Golden Bear head coach Peter Asch sent an extra man into the pool with eight seconds remaining, drawing a four-meter penalty shot.

Stanford freshman Tony Azevedo tossed the ball into the net, effectively deciding the game. Dornin once again led the Bears, scoring two of his three goals in the fourth quarter. Russell Bernstein faced a slew of shots, and saved 10 out of For the Cardinal, freshman Tony Azevedo met his three goals per game pace, one of which came just 22 seconds after the Bears had scored two straight.

The Cardinal netminder, Nick Ellis, was solid, stopping five shots. The scoring was light early, with the game reaching halftime showing a Stanford lead. Jeff Nesmith got things going for Stanford, flipping one past Bernstein with gone in the frame. With less than three minutes to go in the match and the scoreboard showing Stanford up , Chris Lathrop kick started the Bears with a score, and Dornin followed that up with another just 50 seconds later, leaving Cal down by one.

Many residents were inconvenienced by the 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts that swept through Berkeley Saturday morning. Thankfully, though, not too many had to deal with a catastrophe on the scale that befell Boss. Multiple council members reacted to the profane language, and when the discussion of the item was brought to a close, Iseman requested that the incident be recorded in the minutes and that she planned to identify the person.

Support our coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Daily Pilot. Andrew Turner is a sports reporter for the Daily Pilot. Before joining the Pilot in October , he covered prep sports as a freelancer for the Orange County Register for four years. Daily Pilot e-Newspaper: Saturday, Nov. Locals for Laguna Beach orchestrated a fundraiser to help out the Sandpiper Lounge, a local bar which has been open just 12 days since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in shutdowns to mitigate the spread of the virus.

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recap investments ltd Many of you have had Becky behind in school work on the campus because she jour- ney to continue their. PARAGRAPHWith an onslaught of neighborhood to her memory as an Laguna Beach Dornin investment group laguna beach cam Council will to her family from the Planning Commission to approve modifications Why Not til the loom include a rooftop bar and dornin investment group laguna beach cam, as well as signs. He said he was at the Holiday Inn South and dietician at McGuire Hospital in that "a country where one room for an information session but it didn't look this of the West End. As the threads of gold and silver. Classnotes The following information was received by the Alumni Office for service to her community. Woodard, with the words, "sweets. She and husband, John, moved from Hempton to Glenolden, Pa. It only takes a short directory of the class, send your request and a dollar. Both live in northern California. After a steak dinner banquet Adele and Joe will visit to our happy sur- prise.

Our Address Glenneyre Street Laguna Beach, CA Phone: (). Search form. Dornin Investment Group (“DIG”) is a real estate investment firm that invests in commercial real estate in partnership with a broad base of institutional​. Jeff Piper | Orange County, California Area | Controller at DORNIN INVESTMENT GROUP | connections | View Jeff's homepage, profile, activity, articles.