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Knightscopr investment review

Our long-term ambition is to make the United States of America the safest country in the world. Learn more about us at www. It provides startups and growth companies access to capital and gives investors access to private companies they believe in and want to support. It provides a community of over 16, retail investors with the ability to review and complete private placements on one digital platform. There is no guarantee that Knightscope will register its shares with the SEC or any stock exchange.

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Please be advised that such statements are intentions or estimates only and there is no assurance that the results stated or implied by forward-looking statements will actually be realized by the company, or that the company will be able to consummate its planned goals including without limitation, a public listing of its securities. Forward-looking statements may be based on management assumptions that prove to be wrong. The Company and its business are subject to substantial risks and potential events beyond its control that would cause material differences between predicted results and actual results, including the company incurring operating losses and experiencing unexpected material adverse events.

Subscribe via RSS. This is done by using lasers, wheel encoders and other technologies. Currently, Knightscope is working on its next-generation version: K7 ASR, which is a multi-terrain bot. The K7 also will weigh pounds and should work well in settings like wind farms, large corporate campuses, solar farms and power utility substations.

Consider it can gather one to two terabytes per week. Then again, there is degree HD video and live-streaming, as well as other capabilities like license plate recognition and thermal imaging which is based on temperature, such as to detect fires. No doubt, the security market is massive. In the US, there are more than 8, private security firms and close to 18, law enforcement agencies.

However, the losses were substantial. All in all, it seems reasonable that bots will increasingly become more important in the security market. The AI technology is getting much more sophisticated and the hardware components are getting cheaper. Knightscope also has the benefit of much experience with its own systems, which have logged over , operating hours in 15 states.

Regarding the senior executive team, it is seasoned. Then there is Aaron Lehnhardt, who serves as the chief design officer. He has more than two decades of experience in sophisticated industrial design. But of course, when it comes to early-stage investments, there are many risks. Despite the benefits of ADMs, there continues to be skepticism about the technology. This is certainly the case with anything that is new.


Founded Notable Investors Silicon Valley Bank. About Knightscope Stock Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley and builds the ultimate in security guards. SeedInvest Knightscope. Learn More. Bugcrowd Security and software vulnerability research. Matternet Developer for on-demand aerial delivery in urban environments. Vicarious Artificial Intelligence Company.

EquityZen Recognized As:. Why EquityZen? Developer of an autonomous data machine based security technology platform to predict and prevent crime. The company has developed an autonomous robot, Knightscope K5, that provides a commanding but friendly physical security presence. It gathers important real-time, on-site data through its numerous sensors, which is then processed with advanced anomaly detection software to determine if there is a concern or threat in the area. Knightscope, an autonomous robotics firm that provides "award-winning crime-fighting fully autonomous security robots and offers them on a Machine-as-a-Service.

Knightscope, Inc. Knightscope Announces Facial Recognition. Get data-based research, detailed reports, and unique insights on private companies and trends.

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Knightscopr investment review Mar 1, Developer of knightscopr investment review autonomous data machine based security technology platform to predict and prevent crime. Knightscopr investment review Knightscope solution is three-fold. Reimagining Public Safety—operating across 5 time zones Huge Following. Knightscope also has the benefit of much experience with its own systems, which have logged overoperating hours in 15 states. Texas Children's Hospital.
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Makweti investments savings If you know a perfect location in the U. Third step is to start daydreaming about the entire VA network of facilities. Major healthcare provider. Founded As with any fundraising and regulatory process, it takes time to complete it properly. Subscribe via RSS. Developer of an autonomous data machine based security technology platform to predict and prevent crime.

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My kids refuse to watch broadcast TV, though. They hate commercials. If this robot can kill rats and vacuum while it roams around in the middle of the night it my be of some use. It also needs to be able to use an elevator and turnstile gate. Integrations with other building systems such as lighting, HVAC and Fire can be monitored and optimized.

Gee, I just cannot wait to get my first parking ticket from one of these bad boys email form only please. I also have to assume they don't happen to keep multiple units in stock to satisfy unpredicted surges in demand. Doesn't pass the sniff test. On the call, they alluded to some large deal they are hoping to close by the end of the year. I am not sure how they recognize revenue but since they typically have 'contracts with a typical term of 12 months' not sure how they could recognize all that revenue right away.

Having a big jump in revenue in the second year of sales is fairly common as sales and marketing ramps up from a very low base. The headline would give people the impression that this unit is done or close to being done. But then the body explains:. Knightscope is very excited to have commenced development work on the all new Knightscope K7. Knightscope has competition on the 4 wheel side, with both Sharp and SMP focusing there.

The whole thing is weird. It feels like the announcement of the K7's 'development' commencement is just a way to hype unsuspecting investors. We have limited experience in operating our machines in crowded environments and increased interactions may lead to collisions, possible liability and negative publicity.

Our ADMs operate autonomously in environments, such as shopping malls and stadiums, that are surrounded by various moving and stationary physical obstacles and by humans. Such environments are prone to collisions, unintended interactions and various other incidents, regardless of our technology.

Therefore, there is a possibility that our machines may be involved in a collision with any number of such obstacles However, there can be no assurance that a collision, with property or with humans, will not occur, which could damage the ADM, or lead to personal injury or property damage and may subject us to lawsuits. I tried out the Knightscope's robots human avoidance capabilities at the ASIS show and found it pretty solid.

I'm 6'4" and look forward when I walk because I am scanning for threats and beautiful people, I therefore have a ' blind spot down low in front of me when I walk. I have unintentionally kicked small kids when they abruptly run in front of me. I think what I'm saying is that I am a fully aware and logical machine and I still collide with little ones when they act semi-feral.

It is foreseeable that a robot would do the same if confronted by the same. Humans will need to yield to robots the same way we do with skateboarders and fast motorized wheelchairs. But that's why skateboarders are prohibited in certain areas, like many malls. Most wheelchairs I have seen are pretty slow.

To that extent, it is a limitation for Knightscope. Do you think capable drones would be a better choice for security-patrols in the common areas of a spacious indoor populated area like a shopping mall? Audible gunshot detection, code-blue emergency box response, missing child searches, reports of disturbances and gathering suspect descriptions, etc.

I still prefer a ton of fixed cameras, but like the idea of augmenting with a mobile machine that could very quickly respond to criminal acts to get a situational report for security and first responders, and could also augment security staff patrols the rest of the time.

I don't know enough about how drones work to comment. One issue with the one drone startup we covered is the short battery lives. However, they can go much faster and avoid obstacles better. Related: Drone Startup Aptonomy Examined. Those and numbers are going to have to come way down if they expect to attract any hockey fans ;. A day after announcing that Knightscope has started development of the K7 4 wheeler, they are now claiming it is in 'production' in a new 'investor' email:.

This is a peculiar way to describe the K7 since 'production' means ready to deliver to customers, while where they are at is at the opposite end, the start of development. For January, about robots contracted to 3 customers. On the plus side, someone is buying them.

It will be interesting to see how well they scale up sales. Knightscope says they are producing their 50th robot. There have been business days e. In that time, Knightscope has produced an additional 35 robots, giving them a pace of 1 robot every 4. A saw this product at ASIS, and it seemed that every time I passed by, there was a tech working on it. This post is a 1st page result for Knightscope, which contributes and, of course, the drowning robot.

Evidently, he visited this report and thinks we are either Knightscope or associated with them. His due diligence is not good. Based on your comments above, I imagined myself a potential investor in Knightscope When doing a simple Google search, the returns are dominated by the recent drowning of the K5 known to the locals in DC as Steve. But if you look beyond that, you can find some interesting things.

This all occurred 2 months after their new company Knightscope was already formed see pic below. So you will have to come to your own conclusions. Who in their right mind wouldnt do their due diligence with investing? To view the videos, please enable JavaScript in your internet browser.

Also, these new investors will have less rights than existing shareholders as the filing explains: The Series m Preferred Stock will also have no series-based votes or protections. Mobotix Owner Ups Investment In Knightscope on Jun 06, Knightscope is asking for investments from literally anyone, with a public They are raising money right now and Login or Join.

Cancel Okay. And a guard can climb stairs and open doors, which are legitimate issues for Knightscope. Knightscope can get on an elevator though. It just can't hit the buttons So, early bird has definitely made money. But, did the value of this share will increase in the future? It has only sell its products to few companies which is definitely not enough to make this company profitable in the future. So, if it has been fallen into the fountain, then that means there is still some fault in its product line.

However, we are not a technical person to go deeply on this issue. But, we believe the advanced technology like ADM should not be drowned into the fountain by itself. Not only that, one time it has also found to be running over 16 month old child left with swelling to his right foot. However, the company has explained that was not the fault on the ADM side but the sensor become confuse due to the activity of child.

No one like the machine do any harm to human beings. Knightscope is a private company. So, its stock is not freely tradable. Actully this is what we think. However, we defintely like to have a discussion with you guys about this issuse. So, please feel free to leave your comment below to have some discussion on this topic so that we can be more clear either we can get any benefit by investing in share of Knightscope or not.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Invest in Knightscope, Scam or Legit?