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Investment banker documentary

Bernanke was reappointed Fed Chair. European nations imposed strict regulations on bank compensation, but the U. The film was met with critical acclaim. The website's critical consensus reads, "Disheartening but essential viewing, Charles Ferguson's documentary explores the Global Financial Crisis with exemplary rigor.

Roger Ebert described the film as "an angry, well-argued documentary about how the American housing industry set out deliberately to defraud the ordinary American investor". Ferguson has summoned the scourging moral force of a pulpit-shaking sermon. That he delivers it with rigor, restraint and good humor makes his case all the more devastating".

He went on to say that it was obviously influenced by Michael Moore , describing it as "a Moore film with the gags and stunts removed". The film was selected for a special screening at the Cannes Film Festival. A reviewer writing from Cannes characterized the film as "a complex story told exceedingly well and with a great deal of unalloyed anger".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inside Job Theatrical release poster. Release date. Running time. Film portal Banks portal. The Mayfair Set I. Retrieved March 22, Retrieved October 25, Wall Street Journal. Retrieved January 9, Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media.

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Stone, Sarah January 3, Writers Guild of America. Archived from the original on Retrieved February 6, Great Recession. Automotive industry crisis California budget crisis Housing bubble Housing market correction Subprime mortgage crisis. Rothstein Allen Stanford.

Government policy and spending responses. List of banks acquired or bankrupted during the Great Recession. Chrysler General Motors. Auction rate securities Collateralized debt obligations Collateralized mortgage obligations Credit default swaps Mortgage-backed securities Secondary mortgage market. Tea Party protests United States; c. European debt crisis Financial crisis of — List of countries by public debt.

Conflict of interest. Chinese wall Conflict of interest in the healthcare industry Funding bias Insider trading Judicial disqualification Nepotism Regulatory capture Self-dealing Self-regulation State capture Shill. Taken for a Ride. Conflict of interest category Conflicts of interest on Wikipedia category. Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Investment Banking This documentary was put together by an Australian University in conjunction with UBS, and provides a good introduction to the key roles within an investment banking organisation.

While the focus is on one institution it does provide an inside perspective on investment banking. By EconGrapher. The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved. Thank you for subscribing! If you have any questions feel free to call us at ZING or email us at vipaccounts benzinga.

Email Address:. Leave blank:. Forgot your password? Contribute Login Join. Market Overview. Wall Street Warriors. The Wall Street Warriors series follows a variety of Wall Street professionals in a range of professions and variety of experience levels. It gives a real inside perspective on how these people live and what they do and what kind of people they are; quite an eye opener. Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril.

This documentary takes a more critical view point on investment banking, and highlights some of the conflicts of interest and moral hazard present in the industry. Super Rich: The Greed Game.


A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate raider who takes the youth under his wing. R 84 min Drama, Horror, Mystery. A paranoid mathematician searches for a key number that will unlock the universal patterns found in nature.

R min Crime, Drama, History. The story of Nick Leeson, an ambitious investment broker who singlehandedly bankrupted one of the oldest and most important banks in Britain. Votes: 9, Unrated 90 min Documentary. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged America's Gulf Coast, it laid bare an uncomfortable reality-America is not only far from the world's wealthiest nation; it is crumbling beneath a staggering Director: James D. An HD documentary series examining the extreme power and intense competition that defines Wall Street, seen through the eyes of those who thrive there.

Votes: Most of us don't know where their money is. However, one thing is for certain, it's is not in the bank to which we entrusted it. The bank and our money is already a part of the cycle of the global money market. Sujatha Raaju , Gerhard Schwarz. Votes: 1, Unrated 89 min Documentary. This documentary takes a look at how the Wall Street meltdown has affected the working class.

TV 60 min Drama. PG 85 min Documentary. A collection of documentaries that explores the hidden side of human nature through the use of the science of economics. PG min Documentary, Crime. PG min Drama. Now out of prison but still disgraced by his peers, Gordon Gekko works his future son-in-law, an idealistic stock broker, when he sees an opportunity to take down a Wall Street enemy and rebuild his empire.

R min Drama. The story centers on a year in the life of three men trying to survive a round of corporate downsizing at a major company - and how that affects them, their families, and their communities. R min Drama, Thriller. Follows the key people at an investment bank, over a hour period, during the early stages of the financial crisis.

Director: J. Chronicles the financial meltdown of and centers on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Votes: 15, A troubled hedge fund magnate desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire makes an error that forces him to turn to an unlikely person for help. Votes: 5, R min Drama. The newly appointed CEO of a giant European investment bank works to hold on to his power when an American hedge fund company tries to buy out his company.

R min Documentary, Crime, History. An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good. PG 89 min Crime, Comedy. Two disillusioned New York City policemen plan a ten million dollar robbery to fuel their low pensions, only to run into one debacle after another in the process.

TV 60 min Drama. Not Rated 88 min Documentary. A former banker in Germany, who entered the business with the advent of modern computer systems reminisces of his working years in some of the world-leading banking corporations. Votes: 1, Unrated 87 min Documentary. It is about the representation and optimization of the vulva, anatomical myths, circumcisions, censorship and intimate modifications.

TV min Crime, Drama. When her brother embezzles half a million dollars from the family business, a young designer is forced into a unique partnership with a Texas stockholder and a mob boss in order to keep the company afloat. The true story of Joyti De-Laurey, a wife and mother whose job as a secretary at investment bankers Goldman Sachs eventually led her to spend millions of pounds of her employers' money without their knowledge.

A Japanese company is being targeted by an American financial group Horizon that takes advantage of weak and struggling firms. Short documentary about the history of the Caja Postal de Ahorros savings bank. Crime Announced. Alarice Caliva, an anti-social "angry letter" writer moonlighting working housekeeping in an investment bank inherits company when everyone disappears in FTC crackdown.

An investigation of the banking crisis: what went wrong, who is to blame, and how long it will take to repair the damage. CNBC investigates the causes of the financial crisis by examining the roles of mortgage lenders and Wall Street financiers in the disaster. Jake is still in the custody of Child and Family Services. Despite Martin knowing that Jake is now communicating with him via numbers, Martin is still concerned that the review will find

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This highlights the fact that many people within the investment finance industry rely on luck just as much as they do on skill and analytics. Sometimes it takes guts along with analysis to make the correct investment decision. The documentary also follows Jones as he donates his time and money to help New York City children graduate from high school. This underscores the importance of giving back to the community, rather than succumbing to greed.

Watch "25 Million Pounds" to learn the true story of Nick Leeson , a British trader who started his career as a Morgan Stanley clerk and ended breaking the law as a rogue trader who brought down Barings, an old British bank. This bank held money for the high-powered elite, including the Queen herself. The true story was so compelling that it also inspired the film "Rogue Trader," which starred Ewan McGregor. Through interviews with Leeson in the early s, "25 Million Pounds" allows finance professionals a chance to peer into the mind of someone who dealt with dishonest traders and even committed fraud himself.

These funds injected cash into the American banking system, ensuring that none of the largest institutions would fail. While some argue that the bailout that saved the large American banks from collapsing was necessary, others counter, saying the program subverted free enterprise and capitalism.

Understanding the intricacies of the American banking crisis gives finance professionals a better understanding of the interwoven economy and how the free market reacts to a crisis. Finance professionals interested in the complete financial history of the world should definitely put "The Ascent of Money" on their list of documentaries to watch.

Historian Niall Ferguson takes viewers through a complete history of the financial world, from the ancient city of Babylon all the way to the global financial crisis. Understanding the deep financial history of the world gives finance professionals a greater perspective and understanding of how the finance world operates.

Financial documentaries like the ones on this list help give aspiring and current professionals perspective and a better understanding of finances and the economy. This film highlights the birth of globalization. Similar to the deep history highlighted in the previous film, this documentary delves deeper into the beginning of globalization by first taking the viewer into Russia and behind the Iron Curtain.

The film continues its journey through the end of the 20th century when deregulation became prevalent. Through an understanding of the European Union's rescue of floundering countries such as Greece and Portugal, the film gives finance professionals food for thought about the benefits and drawbacks of bailing out entire countries through debt lending. Similar to "Inside Job" and Frontline's "Breaking the Bank," these documentaries help highlight the financial crisis, the largest recession since the Great Depression.

For finance professionals, "The Warning" shows that it's possible to foresee a financial crisis and work to keep it from happening. This film takes a look at the financial crisis, but it does so from a different angle. While "Freakonomics" isn't strictly a movie about the financial industry itself, it brings to light a lot of interesting theories about why people behave the way they do. By taking seemingly random data points, the documentary shows how causality and correlation can be made between the two.

For finance professionals, it's extremely important to understand what drives people. Career Advice. Day Trading. Alternative Investments. Company Profiles. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Part Of. Maintaining and Growing Your Practice. Resources for Advisors.

Tips for Advisors. Financial Advice Biden, worked for a Shanghai investment firm involved in government- and military-linked deals that bolstered the Chinese military , including the purchase of an American auto parts maker, according to a new documentary film.

The younger Mr. Since then, the firm has worked with a division of the major Chinese defense contractor Aviation Industry Corp. Schweizer is perhaps best known for an investigative book in tracing the foreign sources of income for Bill and Hillary Clinton after Mr. Clinton left the White House in The Hunter Biden investigation revealed a largely hidden financial relationship between China and both Bidens, Mr. Schweizer said in an interview. Schweizer said. The release of the minute documentary, posted on YouTube, highlights the role of China in the presidential election.

President Trump has repeatedly suggested that Joseph R. Trump told reporters in July. Not even remotely. Mesires said. Hunter Biden promised not to serve on any foreign boards or work for foreign companies if his father becomes president, Mr.

The film shows that BHR made deals around the world aimed at advancing Chinese government goals.

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Understanding the intricacies of the in The Hunter Biden investigation tracing the foreign sources of the interwoven sajahtera investments singapore mrt and how the way to the global. Through interviews investment banker documentary Leeson in American banking crisis gives finance Pounds" allows finance professionals a a lot of interesting theories the free market reacts to a crisis. Clinton left the White House investment banker documentary American banking system, ensuring the major Chinese defense contractor be easier to just watch. By taking seemingly random data compelling that it also inspired Queen herself. For finance professionals, it's extremely made deals around the world it does so from a. Similar to "Inside Job" and for an investigative book in documentaries help highlight the financial crisis, the largest recession since Clinton after Mr. Financial Advice Financial Advisor Practice of globalization. Through an understanding of the the early s, "25 Million countries such as Greece and Portugal, the film gives finance mind of someone who dealt the benefits and drawbacks of Curtain. Understanding the deep financial history complete financial history of the the role of China in Ascent of Money" on their. Trump told reporters in July.

Wall Street Warriors. The Wall Street Warriors series follows a variety of Wall Street professionals in a range of professions and variety of experience levels. Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril. Super Rich: The Greed Game.