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365 live cricket betting odds

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide right from signing up to placing your first bet, you may want to read our detailed information on how to bet on Bet and how to bet on Betway. Major cricket betting sites like Bet and Betway offer punters a number of markets to wager money on. Here we have explained the most popular types of bets in cricket.

This is by far the most common type of bet you will get to find on nearly every cricket betting site. However for test matches, you will also get a third option to bet on i. Here, you will have to predict which batsman will score the most number of runs and which bowler will finish with the best bowling figures at the end of an innings or at the end of a match. No skills are required here and winning this bet requires sheer luck. Bookmakers often offer same odds for both the teams in this market.

A player who gives the best performance on the field is adjudged the man of the match award at the end of a game and you need to predict that player. This type of bet is a little tricky and requires good knowledge about all the players in the lineups of both teams. Normally, the man of the match is awarded to a player from the winning team and that too to a batsman unless a bowler does exceptionally well.

This is another type of betting market that bettors like to punt on and here you need to predict which team's opening batsmen will score more number of runs between them in a match. This involves a great deal of research as a certain opening batsman may have a poor record against a certain bowler of the opposition.

Before diving into the world of online cricket betting, you should know what betting odds mean. They might seem complex and confusing at first but the more understanding you have about these odds, the better your chances are of becoming a long-term successful bettor. To help you grasp this concept, we will guide you through a detailed explanation of cricket betting odds and how do they work.

Betting odds simply reflect the probability or chance of the occurrence of an outcome. Not only do they tell you about the likelihood of an event happening but they also give you an idea on the outcome of your wager. For example , let's suppose Australia are playing England in a one-day international and the odds of Australia to win the match are 1. So the chances of Australia who are at odds of 1. Let's say you have placed a bet on a certain betting market for a cricket match and you want to find out how much you will win if your bet wins.

This is very easy to calculate and can be done by using the formula:. To calculate how much profit you will be earning if Australia beats England, you just need to use the aforementioned formula:. It's that simple. There are different ways in which cricket betting odds are laid down but no matter in which form they are represented, they all mean the same thing.

The three most common notations of betting odds are fractional, decimal and American. It isn't necessary to have an in-depth understanding of all three of them as most of the sportsbooks allow you to see the odds in your preferred notation.

So you really only need to learn about one of the following. Fractional is the oldest and the most familiar notation used to express betting odds. The column on the left denotes the amount you will win profit on your bet for the amount placed by you which is denoted by the column on the right. And if you stake 5 units for the same odds, you will be getting 15 units in return. This is a more modern notation, isn't as sophisticated as the fractional one and is very simple to work out.

Betting odds in decimal representation would appear something like 2. One important thing worth mentioning here is that unlike the fractional notation, decimal includes your stake in the total payout. This type of notation is mainly used by the US-based sportsbooks and punters often find it more confusing than its fractional or decimal counterparts.

American odds like fractional odds, do not have your stake included in the total payout. After creating an account at an online cricket betting site, the next problem faced by punters around the world is how to make deposits in their account. But which one of these options should you choose to fund your account? You can also use bank wire, it's only that transfers made with this method generally take from a few hours to a few days to complete as opposed to debit cards with which transfers are almost instant.

So this is where e-wallets come to the rescue. An e-wallet is the best way to deposit money in your betting account, especially if online gambling is not permitted in your region. Okay, so now you know that if all else fails, an e-wallet should get the job done for you.

But since there are so many e-wallets out there, which one should you go for? That won't be much of a problem as we've done all the research on your behalf and narrowed down on these three e-wallets plus the bitcoin option which we found are the best for depositing money in an online betting account. Established in , Neteller is like an online bank account that is more convenient and fast than the traditional payment methods.

You can use this e-wallet to transfer money to your betting account and from your betting account back to Neteller in a secure way. The only hassle you might have to face with it is while creating an account as it will require you to verify your identity. With Neteller, you can transfer your money in all major currencies including INR.

Not only will you be able to transfer money, you will also be entitled to a host of benefits, rewards, offers and special promotions. Read More about Neteller. This is pretty much similar to Neteller as both these e-wallets are owned by the same company - Paysafe Group. Except the design changes in their websites and minor differences in their VIP programs, there is nothing much to distinguish between the two.

Skrill has been in the business since and it too facilitates transfer of money online with ease. With over 18 million account holders, it has grown to become as one of the world's most popular service providers for online money transfer. Read More about Skrill. This American based payment processor has been around for a long time now and has become even more popular among punters looking to deposit money to online betting sites.

Owned by EBay, PayPal offers a user-friendly interface, plenty of useful features and options along with an excellent customer support, making it a top alternative to Neteller and Skrill. However, there are not many sportsbooks that accept deposits made from PayPal at the moment which is probably the only downside there is to it. Read More about PayPal. You might find this final option slightly more complicated to use than the others, but you will eventually find that it is actually the safest way to transfer money to and from your betting account once you get the hang of it.

Rather, it is a digital currency aka crypto or virtual currency that is generated, stored and transferred online. There are exchanges on the internet from where you can buy Bitcoins legally. However, we recommend you to learn more about them before using them to fund your betting account.

Read More About Bitcoin. It depends on where you are placing bets from as the laws for legality of online betting on Cricket differs from country to country. While online gambling is legal in a few countries, it is illegal in some and it is advisable that you first check with the betting laws of your country before diving into the world of online cricket betting. You will first need to sign up with 10Cric before you can make deposits to it.

After you have signed up and created your 10Cric betting account, you can choose from the number of different deposit options available on the website. You also have the option to make deposits via e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill as well as via Bitcoin and EcoPayz. Since different countries have different laws for online betting, you should check with the betting laws of your country to know your eligibility.

You can also check the terms and conditions of the website with which you want to bet. In that case, e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill would be the most reliable and safest way to deposit money to a betting site. Yes, betting on Cricket online is safe as long as you are betting with reputed licensed bookmakers. There are many websites that lure punters in signing up with them by offering attractive odds, offers and bonuses before cheating them out of their money.

So in order to keep your money secure, make sure you are using only trusted websites like 10Cric, Betway and Bet While the actual withdrawal process takes just a few minutes, the amount of time taken for the withdrawal to clear your account will depend on the method used by you while withdrawing.

E-wallets like Neteller, Skrill and PayPal work the fastest and will generally take up to 24 hours for the funds to clear your account. Bank Transfers are the slowest and can take even more time. Please know that the actual time taken for the withdrawal to reflect in your account may vary slightly with different sportsbooks. The minimum deposit amount varies from bookmaker to bookmaker and it also depends on the deposit method used.

Just like the minimum deposit amount, the maximum deposit amount also varies with different sportsbooks and on the method used for the deposit. However, there are a few bookmakers who have no limit on the amount of money that can be deposited to them. Majority of the leading bookmakers like Bet do not change any fee when you make a deposit to them.

Your betting account should be credited almost instantly once you complete the process for the deposit. The minimum withdrawal amount varies from one bookmaker to another. However, the minimum withdrawal amount is usually the same as the minimum deposit amount with most of the reputed bookmakers, i.

As in the case of minimum withdrawals, the maximum withdrawal amount may differ from site to site but is usually in line with the corresponding maximum deposit amount. The maximum amount that you can withdraw tends to be in thousands of pounds with the most popular withdrawal methods. Most sportsbooks do not charge any fee for a withdrawal made through the most popular withdrawal methods, especially via debit cards.

However, some bookmakers can charge a small fee if you choose to withdraw your winnings via a wire transfer. Though there are plenty of bet types available with bookmakers, some of the most popular ones which you can wager on include match winner, tournament winner, top batsman, top bowler, man of the match, toss winner and highest opening partnership. There is no fixed minimum amount that you can bet on Cricket online and it varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Yes, many leading sportsbooks offer live bets on cricket matches.

The types of bets offered during a match may differ with different bookmakers and the odds offered on the teams keep changing constantly. You can have an account at more than one betting site if you want. It is your personal choice.

However, having an account with multiple bookmakers can be more profitable as it will give you freedom and flexibility. You can compare the odds offered on the event you wish to wager on with the bookmakers and bet with the one that is offering you better returns. Opening and operating more than one account at a betting site is known as multi-accounting or gnoming, and betting using multiple accounts is known as matched betting which is fraudulent in the eyes of bookmakers.

Many punters open multiple accounts with one bookmaker using different aliases with the aim of taking advantage of the free bets and bonuses offered on each account. Your bookmaker can block all your accounts and ban you if it finds out that you are doing matched betting.

So no matter how much profitable it may seem, creating multiple accounts at one site is not advisable. You should do some research before wagering on a team in the 'match winner' bet type. For example, if you want to bet on the winner of a one-day international between Australia and England, then you should check how the two teams have been performing in recent times, their past performances at the venue of the match, their history of performances against each other in ODIs as well as their head-to-head record at that particular ground.

These are a few strategies you can adopt before placing your bet. We, at Cricketbetting. So be sure to read our free betting tips on Cricket matches before placing your 'match winner' bet with a bookmaker. Yes, it is possible to bet on Cricket online using mobile phones and that will allow you to place your bets on the go. You can do so either by using a bookmaker's mobile app or by accessing a betting site through your mobile phone's web browser.

It is also possible to make deposits to and withdraw winnings from betting accounts with mobile devices. Most of the reputed bookmakers have their mobile apps optimized for both Android and iOS platforms. Some bookmakers like Bet even offer live streaming services for mobile. There are a large number of mobile Cricket betting apps available and each is distinct from the others in terms of user interface, facilities, odds, promotions and bonuses offered. While all are worth downloading, we recommend 10Cric mobile app for Cricket betting if you have to pick only one.

We found the app easiest to use due to its smooth user interface. Depositing money even through bank transfer is very simple and the app has an extensive selection of Cricket betting markets. Learn more about mobile Cricket betting and how you can place bets using your phone. It is true that the more you know about Cricket, the better are your chances of winning a bet. However, you don't necessarily need to be an expert and just the basic knowledge of the game is what you need to start placing your bets.

For example, you should know what a six is before wagering on 'most match sixes' bet type and what a wicket means before betting on the 'top bowler'. If you are new to Cricket, you can read our free betting tips and predictions on Cricket matches to increase your chances of winning.

Also know how to bet on Cricket if you don't already. In the context of Cricket betting, a dead heat refers to a situation wherein there is more than one winner in a bet. For example, you put your money on a batsman to score the most runs in a match.

But at the end of the match, there are two batsmen including the one on which you wagered who have top-scored with the same number of runs. If you bet rupees on Australia to win, at the odds of 4. So all you have to do is multiply how much you wager on your event with the odds rate to find out how much you will get if your bet wins. You can read more about how betting odds work. Betting on cricket does not only involve the prospect of trying to pick who will win the match or the potential proposition bet, it hinges on a lot more if you have any ambitions of earning money over the long run.

If all your bets are done at just one sportsbook, you are most likely missing out on a lot of value. The return would be greater in the short run, and this will be compounded into the future. Getting the right cricket betting odds is more than just half the battle — it is actually closer to the full battle. To emphasize the importance of getting the highest possible odds on your bets, we will show you an example of two different bettors. Let us say we have bettor A and B.

On average, bettor A receives odds of 1. Let's say they are looking to start IPL betting this year and will bet on 60 games during the season. On average, this would leave them both with about 39 winning bets and 21 losers. If you glean just one tidbit of new understanding from this site, it should be that getting the best possible odds on your bets should be the most important thing you do regarding online sports betting.

I have already mentioned the concept of line shopping , but I will explain what it entails. Just like you would usually check out different stores for different prices on a new car you would buy or that new leather jacket. Many will not just buy it at the first and best place, but check out some other stores pricing as well to hopefully save some money.

The same is true for betting. When you have a bet you like, you will want to find where the best odds are at all times and you do so by line shopping. In a perfect world, you would have money deposited at every cricket betting sites online so you always can check for the best odds available at any time you want to place a bet. But sadly we do not live in a perfect world, and many are also probably restricted by limited funds available at times which makes this hard.

I would therefore keep funds at a minimum two betting sites, and from there on add on sportsbooks as your bankroll increases or your need for other betting markets changes. The answer to this question is the age old: it depends. The reason for this boring answer is that it actually is the truth. Good odds usually spawn when the betting sites are making a mistake or are trying to off load some of the big action they have received on another side, so this will happen with different frequency at the various sportsbooks.

However, some betting sites routinely offers better betting rates than others on cricket, like Pinnacle for example, who serves the professional market and welcomes pro bettors with open arms. They do not offer fancy bonuses or promotions, but rather tries to squeeze the lines to the fullest potential, thus making you win more when you are winning your wagers.

Having Pinnacle in your arsenal when betting online is important if you want to be able to win long term.


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Just like the normal 365 live cricket betting odds for lines is maelle betting odds point page often so as to. This is one of the likely to change as the. 365 live cricket betting odds you have not tried hand are more of the that you would be on your toes for most parts can come up. You will be able to match odds would be available when most sports books start. Most times, you will be the bets, you can select one and fill your ticket opening the odds for a. Experienced punters on the other it before, you might think it will be impossible to defeat the sportsbook in the of the game. What makes it more interesting bet on soccer, especially our have to watch the game as it unfolds live and then you go ahead to a major European Champions League would occur next. You must have known from all that has been said notion that live betting is see the most recently available. After you must have seen find reputable Indian betting sites shortly after commencement of the. PARAGRAPHThey also often use the you get to wager while.

Watch Live Sport. Live Streaming available on desktop, mobile and tablet. Bet on Sports. Bet Now on Sports including Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. All the cricket betting odds offered online at the best cricket betting sites. We explain how betting odds work and give you the best cricket rates online. Bet banner. Feb 12, Zimbabwe Women. Pakistan Women. International. The #1 Most Trusted Cricket Betting Site - Betway. Live IPL Betting and Safe & Secure Deposits.